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Here are some Lynx (get it? ......oh, not funny? You say that one's old? Well what do you expect from an ancient devil priest? Mortals... bah). These are links to other TCat sites.
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NOTE: This page had become horribly out-of-date. I un-linked all the pages that were listed here that are now gone. I'll leave their names on the site for a while as a tribute to some great sites of the past. I'll rebuild this section soon, so stay tuned.

- Return to Thundera
Purrsia's site is one of the better TCats sites - loads of fan-fiction, and RPG, and more. A definite must-see for any TCat fan!

- Lefty's Thundercat House
Hilarious TCat stories and lots to do here. All the humorous opinions on the show and the characters will keep you coming back for more!

- Cheezey's ThunderderCat Zone
More humorous stories and an all-around fun site. One of the best TCats pages out there. You'll never look at the Tcats the same way again.

- Official TCats Fan Club Website
There's tons of info but also fun stuff to read and do! Good multimedia- unique movies and images. Definitely a good fanclub to be in.

- ThunderGate
A fun site with interesting features. Don't miss the evil episode guide, complete with markers at every place where Snarf gets electrocuted!

- Lady Bast's Pleasure Palace
She has her own ancient Egyptian city... with lists of fanfiction all over the net and interesting opinions into some of the quirks of the show. Always a good read.

- Demonprist's Shrine of Mumm-Ra Worship (down)
Has lots of info on... Mumm-Ra!!!! Lots of unique things to do, and some good stories are there too.

- The Ultimate Thundercats Homepage
The pictures these guys do are amazing. Only a little info here, but the digitally enhanced pics are worth the price of admission.

Other Great Sites
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- Mitten's ThunderCats Domain
Fanfic, Fanart, and more interactive TCats related stuff to read and do here. Well put together site.

- Paws Off!
A site run by Badoona, who is producing a ThunderCats PC game! Follow the status of the game as it is developed!

- David's ThunderCats Domain
This site is one to watch- with series information, downloads, forums, and a host of other TCats stuff, be sure to visit!

- World Collision: ThunderCats
Still under construction, this looks like a promising site. Stay tuned...

- The MUMM-RA Zone
It's a page dedicated to Mumm-Ra and the rest of the show... Check it out!

- ThunderCats Forever
More information about the series, multimedia, comics, and more!

- AV's TCats Page
Has some downloads, pics, and series info.

- My ThunderCats Page
Still under construction, but shaping up to be a pretty decent site!

- BlindLynxo's ThunderCats Page
More humor that's anything but politically correct. Just look at the webmaster's name!

- Snarf Respect Page
Check out the "lost episode."

- Black Hole: Thundercats
Lots of pics and info, with a good layout. I never knew a black hole could be so informative. (NOT UPDATED)

- Jarrod's Thundercats Page
Original Images and more character bios, if mine don't give you your fill.

- Grantos's ThunderCats Webpage
Under Construction... CodeName: The Thunderian Syndicate. Sounds interesting, so stay tuned.

- CybertOOn's Cartoon Campaign
In keeping with the 80's spirit, this site promotes bringing back more old cartoons like Transformers, GI Joe, and more.

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