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The Good Guys

On this page you will find out the 4-1-1 on all the main heroes of the show. Let's find out Mumm-Ra's (cough) unbiased (ahem) opinions on his enemies... here we go!
Weapons and Bases
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The Cat's Lair
Cats Lair
Cat's Lair is the home base of the Thundercats. When their ship crash landed on Third Earth, the Thundercats used the remains of the ship to build the Lair. It is almost an exact replica of the Lair that existed on their former planet, Thundera. The Lair can shoot lasers from it's eyes and has a high-tech defense/radar system.

[Another View of the Lair]

The Thundertank
Panthro's "baby" as he calls it, the Thundertank is the TCats' major mode of transportation. It can even drive under water. Panthro built the Tank even before the Lair was built. It seems to have endless storage areas for lasers, cannons, and any other weapons that may be useful.
-Thundertank theme coming soon!

More vehicle summaries (Feliner, Thunderstrike, etc.) coming soon!

The Original ThunderCats
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(pic courtesy of The Ultimate Thundercats Homepage)
Jaga was the oldest Thundercat. On the voyage from Thundera to Third Earth, the Thundercats' ship was damaged, and Jaga was the one who piloted the ship to Third Earth. Unfortunately, he didn't survive the trip. He can still appear to Lion-O as a spirit, and he gives Lion-O advice about being the lord of the Thundercats.

[Jaga tells Lion-O about his responsibilities]

Lion-O with Sword of Omens
The Leader of the Thundercats, Lion-O wields the mighty Sword of Omens. Embedded into it is the Eye of Thundera, the source of the Thundercats' power. Lion-O knows the meaning of teamwork. When he is in trouble, he can call the other Thundercats with the sword, by getting it to shoot the Thundercat Signal high in the sky. The sword can also give him "sight beyond sight," where he can see where danger is happening. Lion-O is NOT Jaga's son. His father's name was Claudus.

[Hear the command for the TCat Signal]
[Sight beyond sight Command]
[Sight beyond sight Pic]

Panthro with Nunchucks
Panthro is the technical wizard/mechanic of the Thundercats. He built the Thundertank and constantly repairs it and the other Thundercats' weapons. His weapon is a pair of Nunchucks that can store things inside. He is very strong and quick to the point.

["Not so fast, mutants!"]
[Panthro makes fun of the Mutants]

Cheetara has super speed that makes her lightning fast. Her weapon is a power staff that can shoot people and also get longer if she needs it to. Cheetara also has a sixth sense that lets her see into the future or into the past.

["I am a woman, you hold no mystery to me."]
["The Thundercat Signal! ..."]
[See her with her Staff]

Tygra with Whip
Tygra is clever and strong. He was the one who designed the Cats Lair. He has a bolo-whip which can shoot fireballs and other projectiles. His whip can also make him invisible. Another skill that he has is his mind power. He can make things seem there that really aren't.

["The Code of Thundera..."]
[Tygra talks about rules...]

Wiley Kit
Wiley Kat
The Thunderkittens always seem to be getting into trouble. Both have special pellets that can turn into bombs, monsters, or anything else that might be useful. They also each have a rope that they use to catch bad guys.

[Hear Kit] [Hear Kat]
[Hear them having fun]
[Another pic of them]

Snarf (Osbert) spends most of his time cooking and cleaning Cats Lair. In a few episodes, Snarf actually saves the other TCats when they're in trouble. He can talk to the other creatures of Third Earth.
Snarfer is Snarf's nephew. He is one of the "newer" TCats. He mainly helps with maintenance at the Tower of Omens. He can also fly the Feliner.

[Hear Snarfer] [Hear Snarf]
[Another pic of Snarf, with Lion-O]

The "Newer" Thundercats
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On Thundera, Ben-Gali was a blacksmith. His weapon is called the Hammer of Thundera and it shoots laser beams out of it. When Thundera was on its verge of destruction, Ben-Gali, Pumyra and Lynx-O were almost left behind, but they were saved. Ben-Gali is one of the Thundercats that usually stays at the Tower of Omens. He has a cool voice too.

[Another pic of Bengali with his hammer]
["Snarfer's Right- Maybe we should check it out!"]

On Thundera, she was what we would call a nurse. She was almost killed on Thundera with Ben-Gali and Lynx-O when it was erupting. Her weapon is a lasso that she uses to throw bombs similar to Wilykit and Wilykat. She also stays at the Tower of Omens.

["Let's hope we've seen the last of Mumm-Ra for a while!"]

Linx-O is blind. He was blinded while escaping from Thundera. Since he is blind, some of the tricks Mumm-Ra, the Mutants, and the Lunatacs play on the other Thundercats don't work on him. His weapon is a shield that is on his arm and it shoots lasers and reflects things. Panthro built him a brail board which he uses to see what is going around in the outside world. Since he is blind, his other senses have become a lot stronger. He runs the tower of Omens and can fly the Thunderstrike with his brail board.

[Another pic of Lynx-O]
["We'll follow the beam, then play it by ear...]

ThunderCat Allies
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Ro-Bear Berbils
Ro-Bear Berbils are a peaceful race of robot bears that have set up their home on Third Earth. The leader of the Berbils is Rober-Bill. The Berbils quickly befreinded the Thundercats and helped them build Cat's Lair. The Thundercats usually buy fruits and other foods from the Berbil village.

["Ro-Bear Berbils, from the planet Ro-Bear."]

A few more ally bios coming soon...

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