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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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The New Terror
By Max Davidson

This is not writen nessecarily in story format. But the story is full
and there. I like it (I wrote it). I like to think of this as theatre
quality (it is), but I know that that day will never be. enjoy. (PS,
forgive the name screw-ups, and Tygra, is named Tigro because O is

The New Terror

Use the song El Phantasmo and the Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama of Super
Sexy (by White Zombie) for the theme song.

During the opening/credits, show Mumm-Ra preparing his spell. No
words, just music, not fast, more of slave-drum beat.
(the characters are aged some 10-15 years, Cheetara took the least of
age's cruel hand)
Panthero- he is like the picture I drew of him, he has crows feet and
an age line from his nostrils around his lips. The spikes on his vest
are large and he is bulging with muscle...the most ferocious of the T.
Cats. He now uses the Three-stick nunchuckus instead of the two-stick.
He is the mechanic, the engineer and is teaching Willy Kat the trade. He
is against the creation of large-scale weapons of destruction and guns.
He is very humorous and does not let things get to him.
Tigro- he has aged the most, but it has only made him look wise and
powerful. His clothing is loose and he wears a breech cloth along with
the side clothes (which cover the sides of the legs, next to the breech
clothes). He uses a long chain which extends and is headed with a
double-scythe. His hair is shoulder length, gray, and barely poofy.
Tigro takes his position as second in command serious, and is in a way
Liono's advisor. He is completely faithful and loyal to Liono. He takes
part in Panthero's humor as it is a good way to relieve stress. He and
Cheetara are lovers.
Liono- has aged well, his hair is dread locked. His golden glove is
more rigid and looks more powerful. It is studded with colored gems. He
wears a long cape and loose garments which resemble a sleeveless
cassock. The eye of Thundera has three sections, flat spikes jut out
from the hand guard. The loop of the hand guard is always long and to
the form of Liono's eyes. He is stressed with the weight of authority
and often lacks his sense of humor. But he still thinks his way out of
battle and holds honor before glory.
Cheetara- has grown to be strikingly beautiful (she will have the feel
of Japanimation) and has a full body. She is like a mother to Willy Kit
and Kat. She still holds her speed, though Willy Kit tries her hardest
to defeat Cheetara's record. She loves Tigro with all of her heart, and
they still find themselves staring into one another's eyes for long
periods of time. She wears a tight garment like the one I drew, she has
spots all over her body and her hair is slightly wavy and long. She
wields the Bo, it is carved intricately and the center is wrapped in
cloth for grip with the eye of Thundera as decoration in its center.
Willy Kit- is also growing to look beautiful, she (is Japanimated as
well) and Kat are around 19 and she is curvaceous. She wears shorts and
V-necked shirt with net-type hose on her legs (kinda like torn, see
through lingerie). NEITHER ONE WEARs SHOES. She still uses her array of
"many-things-balls" which rest in her belt which hangs higher on the
right side of her hip. She and Kat are always practicing their
acrobatics and while Kat loves to flip in his jumps without curling, she
curls and spins madly, often spinning to gain momentum on a drop kick.
She is trying her hardest to become faster than Cheetara.
Willy Kat- is apprenticing under Panthero. And while Panthero does not
like to use projectile weaponry in hand-to-hand combat, Kat wields a
medium weight crossbow and puts different kinds of effects balls on the
tips of his arrows, most explosive. He and Kit are constantly trying to
outdo one another in acrobatics. Kat is also well-defined as he trains
under Panthero, But he is thinner than bulky. He wears loose pants and
a tunic-type shirt with a cloak.
Felicia- is a long haired limir cat. She is serious in mood. She is
about 19 and full-bodied, her and Kat have a thing for each other but
have never said anything, and usually argue, fun loving argue. She wears
a skirt and long-sleeved shirt. Her ears have pointed hair like a
claws as weapons, and has specialized gloves for the task.
Feral is Felicia's sister, she too is lymir. They are twins and Feral
and Derilos are together. She is gothic in appearance, with slightly
spiked black hair and spiked-leather bracelets with earrings (like the
ones on my addict drawing). She is quiet and speaks only when necessary.
She also likes to use a spear which is a two-foot long grip (bar) in the
middle and three foot long, double-blades on either end.
Snarf is an old cat now. He is grey and slow but wise, still weak. He
still worries about Liono but understands that he is grown.
Snarl is Snarf's son. Snarl is ferocious and loves to hunt and has
found his way by Liono's side as they both love the hunt. Snarl may look
weak as his father did, but his claws are razors and his teeth needles.
He is quick and fragile, the grace of any cat.
Derilos is Feral's mate. He is a master in many weapons but prefers his
chain (which resembles Tigro's but does not have the power) or battle
axe depending on the situation. He always carries these weapons and
resembles a cross between a ninja and a barbarian or warrior. He wears
light chain mail and black robes, a cloth belt. He is slightly younger
than Liono and the others, about 27 (they average about 30). He is quiet
like Feral and they resemble one another in personality.


Slithe- is the same in attitude, he is Panthero's match in strength but
not skill or speed. He looks like my drawing of him. He uses a broad axe

Vulturion- is a scavenger, always remember that. He takes any advantage
against anyone that he can get, and he was trying to form a mutiny
against Mum-ra...until Mum-ra apparently dies. He is scared by the new
Tigra: Tigrath. He was the leader of the mutants. He uses his ability to
fly and a specialized weapon (I need to design on paper) which resembles
a spear.
Dingo is a very back-stabbing person and has a personal grudge against
Cheetara...he wants her as his slave. Uses three-foot blades that extend
from the top of his hands (not from his body, just strapped on).
Munkion- Still has a grudge against Willy Kit and Kat. Uses his shield
and short sword.
Dogma- is a rotwiler, he is black and brown. He uses his teeth and
brute strength. His has a barbed tail.
Grot- is a lizard. He uses his camouflage as well as daggers.
Teenra- is a female human type creature. She is tall and extremely thin
with extended appendages. Her dress is black with a red hour glass. She
uses specialized whips which are sticky. She can string web but no one
knows how.
Dethrin- is a straight up human who is bulky but agile. He is the
intelligence who becomes Tigrath's advisor.
Mum-ra- least, that is what the ThunderCats think. He knew he
could not defeat Liono and the Sword of Omens, but he needed to be
released from his body to unleash his plan. The power of the Eye of
Thundera was merged with him by his dark powers and that is how Tigrath
came about. Mum-ra's entity (evil) possesses Tigro's body.
Tigrath (Trigro)- Mum-ra in an eternally youthful body. Now he cannot
be repelled by the magic of the Eye or the Sword. But he still has to
possess the sword. He wears robes similar to Mum-ra's but has no need of
his rags. He uses his magic along with the extending chain. His magic is
weaker though and in battle he usually prefers to defeat his opponents
in melee.


Show scenes of the ThunderCats battling the Mutants in front of slave
wagons while flashing the credits. Lots of smoke, lots of fire. Lots of
flash. Then fade to black and show white subtitles:

[For years the valiant ThunderCats have waged in constant war with the
evil of Mum-Ra and his minions.]

Mum-Ra the aged, stands with his devil dog beside him around his vile
pool of foresight. "Ancient Sprits of Evil, the time is now. grant
Mum-Ra the ever living, give him his eternal youth." he then proceeded
to growl some mnemonics of unknown tongue. The Pool of Foresight bubbles
over and mist swarms the temple, drowning the devil dog from view. The
statues of the spirits begin to spark from the eyes. Within the Pool is
the image of the sleeping Tigro.

(fade to black, subtitle) [.And now, the age old struggle of good and
evil is thrown into one of its greatest battles.]

The land surrounding the ThunderCat's lair was beautiful, a huge,
metallic cat which scanned over the surroundings of lush and thick
growth and a deep canyon at its foot, bridged by a metal suspension
bridge, out to the dark mountains themselves. (<-- that will be played
on the screen in the lair.) The sky was blue and the small suns bright.
Birds flew by in "V" formations and animals scurried within brush.
The Thunder Cats were in their lair, Tigro, Panthero, Cheetara, Willy
Kit and Kat, Felicia, Feral, Snarf and Derilos all sat in the large,
comfort room. Willy Kit and Willy Kat practiced their martial arts,
they seemed to be dancing more than fighting but the blows were real.
Tigro and Cheetara sleep on a sofa, nestled together in a seemingly
absolute bliss.
A small cloud of dust within the distance invades the screen along with
red lights. Panthero looks toward the screen and jumps up to the
computer. He zooms the eye in and discovers that it is a slave cargo
headed from the Mutant's lair.
"We got a slave cruiser comin' this way... inform Liono that we are on
our way to intercept... (give cordinents)."
"That makes the third this week!" Tigro raises from his slumber.
"these damned mutants don't know when to stop." Cheetara raises as well.

"Sure thing, Panthero," Willy Kat says as he presses a small button and
puts his other hand to his forehead.
"Come on Thunder Cats lets get moving..." Tigro announces as he stands.
They all leave the room. Panthero, Willy Kat, Tigro, and Felicia go to
the ThunderTank, while Ferl, Willy Kit, Cheetara, and Derilos take to

[Zoom in on the treetops and go through them. Liono and Snarl sit
crouched over a recent kill. Liono's head pops up as the camera zooms in
on him. His fur around his mouth is stained pink and red and he holds a
chunk of raw flesh in his hands. His eyes glaze over then flash red as
Willy Kat's voice echoes "Liono" and he sees the T. Cat symbol amidst
the clouds.] "Come on Snarl, the Thunder Cats are in need," He does not
hesitate as he stands and begins to run. Snarl is surprised and quickly
follows closely behind Liono.
[The camera follows behind for a few seconds as it fades out, it
finally goes black when they run through brush.]
[Top view of the T. Tank.] dust flies up behind the tank and it's
hauling balls. Cheetara runs beside the tank. [Close in on Cheetara and
the tank] Willy Kit is beside Cheetara. Show the side scenery flying by,
a few sticks and whatever going between her and the tank. Panthero nods
to her and says "We'll round'em up, you four ambush'em" she lifts her
hand then bolts 100Xs faster than the tank. Willy Kit is left in her
dust, but still faster than the tank.
The others are a short distance behind. Willy Kit falls behind to the
others and informs them.
[the camera blinks:] The slave wagon is creeping along, (those ox
creatures) are pulling it and Dogma sits at the top of the front in a
small, railed seat with Slithe. They are yelling at the ox's and
whipping absurdly. They are drinking and seem drunk. [the camera again
zooms into this from the sky as the wagon clears some shady woods.]
following the wagon is another of the same style but a lot larger and
more grandeur. The top is flat and railed and four people sit up there
(Vulturion and Munkion drive the slave ship), Mum-ra is in his feeble
form, sitting on a throne (USE SONG #4 FROM SUPER SEXY BY W. ZOMBIE)
with three women tied to the legs of the throne by chains. They serve
him food and drink handed from slaves below through a small door within
the floor. Mum-ra speaks: "Slithe, speed up...we want to be close
enough to the lair for Liono to find us...before we kill them. I want
him to watch his dear followers die by my magic. Mum-ra is crouched down
as if old and weak. he lifts a hand and the two slave wagons and their
driver-slaves lift slightly into the air and the wagons speed up.
[Show side view of Cheetara running, sweat dripping from her brow] she
makes her way through trees and brush until coming upon the floating
wagons. She slows to a sprint, running alongside the wagons, hidden in
the under brush. Mum-ra is speaking.
"When they think that they have guided us into their trap I will
capture them with my magic..."
Vulturion speaks, "But what about the magic of the Eye of Thundera?"
Cheetara whispers, "Yah, what about the Eye?"
Mum-ra, "You are a fool... listen, their are eyes upon us..."
Cheetara, "Shit," she cuts back and begins away from the wagons. Mum-ra
smiles as he again raises his hand. Dark clouds filled with sparks of
blue that resemble lightning rise from the shadows around Cheetara and
Mum-ra. She screams as mist wraps around her legs and she is thrown to
the ground face first. She breaks free of the mist with the velocity of
her roll, until she slams into a tree. The mist again covers her and her
face and body is bloody and bruised, a rib broken, and an arm broken.
(Show close up of her face, as the mist swarms around it like shadow,
lightning sparking and the mist bubbling and fizzing as it comes in
contact with her blood.) The mist picks her up and she is floated to
Mum-ra. He is laughing as she is dropped in front of him. One of the
slave women looks with horror, it is the amazon (who is in a lot of the
cartoons). "Now look what you have accomplished my dear
lady...ahahahahaha..." Mum-ra snaps his fingers and Munkion comes up
through the hatch. He is laughing his annoying laugh as his grabs
Cheetara by her arms. She screams as her broken arm is moved. "A-Awe,
poor Cheetara, does your arm hurt? Ha-h-hahahahaha, I'm gonna make you
scream louder than that Thunder C-cat. huh-huh-hahahaha." He drags her
down the hatch and the camera follows.
It is dark and only torch light fills the room. small holes are in
various places along the ceiling to let the smoke out. He throws her on
the floor near a table filled with food and drink. No one else is in the
room and there are two doors. Munkion is laughing as he steps over
Cheetara and rips her clothing, not completely off but almost. She was
in a dazed state until this, her eyes pop open, wide and she starts to
get up.
Munkion back hands her hard as he laughs, she falls back to the floor
and slides a little. Her head turns to the side, her eyes closed, she is
[Camera fades out and switches to Liono] He and Snarl are still
running. He stops and pulls his sword from the gold glove. "Thunder,
thunder, thunder, thunder, thundercats! HO!" (the camera is circling
Liono as he is swinging the sword to enlarge it. Sparks fly with each
extend. The camera stops in a frontal view to show Liono's entire body
and Snarl sitting up like a squirrel looking at Liono. He holds the
sword straight in front of him and the camera zooms in on his face as he
looks into the eye of Thundera. "Eye of me Sight Beyond
Sight," the camera circles him rapidly, flashing between his eyes and
the circling, then an image of Cheetara, naked and lying on the floor
slowly fades in over the image of Liono. Munkion is standing over her
laughing, undoing his belt. Liono's eyes fade back in over the image,
they grow wide and screams as he throws the extended sword into the air.
It twirls end over end. And Liono yells, "Sword of Thundera...strike
through the veil to conceal Cheetara's weakest moment." A ripple strikes
through the air, originating from the sword. Then lightning flashes from
the sky to strike the sword. It explodes and as the screen turns white
from the bright light, it fades back in to Cheetara. As the lightening
surges around the sword and as Liono throws it into the air, choreograph
it with song #7 of Super Sexy (the mixing where it
goes-stops-goes-stops) and when Rob says (this will go well with him and
Snarf hunting, but play it quietly) "Drive" where it sounds like die, is
when the sword pops out the back of Munkion. Or have the sword pop out
when he says "power to another hell let the death bird ride".
She is trying to struggle as Munkion ascends atop her. She is yelling
and screaming, but too weak to resist. She knees him in the nuts and he
screams and backs off, he snarls at her and surges forward as if to slap
her (the view is from behind him) and as he is crouching down he screams
and the sword pops out of his back. His body falls limp onto Cheetara
then to the side and she slowly pulls the sword out, too weak to get up.
She lays on her back with the sword sticking straight up, holding it at
her stomach and whispers, "Thank you Liono," tears fall from her eyes.
[the camera goes to the Thunder Tank, Panthero and Willy Kat drive and
Felicia and Trigro take watch. "There they are," Felicia says as she
readies the cannons, cocking them.
Willy Kat stands and says" take my place Tigro" as he cocks and readies
his crossbow. They trade places.
[top view of the wagons and the tank nearing each other in a field of
sparse grass and a few bushes] They meet. "It's the mutants all right,
Dogma and Slithe are driving the wagon" Tigro says
"Look!" Panthero shouts, "It's Mum-ra! Take careful shots...this is for
real girl," as the other wagon drives up beside the first. Mum-ra sits
with his legs crossed and the three women sit in front of him like guard
dogs. They take the tank behind the wagons, firing real shots instead of
directing shots. Willy Kat holds his bow and fires, striking Slithe in
the shoulder. Smoke pours from the wound and Slithe thrashes about
badly, causing the ox-men to move in different directions and stopping
the slave wagon. The other wagon stops a little in front of the first.
Mum-ra stays in his seat and snaps the fingers of his left hand as his
right sways (like someone filling the rhythm of the music). The thunder
Tank's wheels and treads turn red with heat and slowly melt. this causes
the tank to power slide and such and the T-Cats jump out, brandishing
their weapons. The mutants are swarming out to meet them, all sneering
and saying some remark about the T-Cats going down.
Mum-ra tilts his head from side to side, his elbows resting on his
crossed legs, his fingers intertwined just below his chin. His robes
flow outward in every direction to his side and back.
Tigro speaks, "Let the slaves go Mum-ra! They deserve the right to be
free too..." Panthero again signals Liono along with the others waiting
for the caravans to fall into the ambush.
"Awe and now where is the great leader of the pack? You see, I want him
to know that the Cats are not free either. We have played this foolish
game for far too long...and now it will end...Mutants! Kill them
all...." Sparks circle all of the mutants as they step out of the
wagons, then their shadows twist and turn weirdly.
The two parties clash. All fighting with extreme skill. Willy Kat sits
back at first, shooting the mutants, as does Dogma sit back and take
shots at the T. Cats. Then they focus on each other and the battle
becomes hand-to-hand. Dogma looks like a war general, and he fights
like it. Though Willy Kat gets his hits in, Dogma is "beating him like
a red-headed step-child". And Kat must use his fancy little (few) bombs
of smoke and fire and such. He gets away long enough for Dogma to
concentrate on another; Kat falls to the ground, his face and body
swollen, black and blue.
Dogma grabs his crossbow and fires at Panthero just before he bludgeons
Slithe to death. The bolt hits Panthero in the right shoulder and he
falls to one knee, Slithe punches him over the head.
The other T. Cats arrive. Tigro wonders where Cheetara is. All are
busy fighting while Tigro works his way to Mumm-Ra. "Where is
Cheetara?!" he begins to climb the slave wagon which Mumm-Ra is on.
"Oh, your sweet little mate is having fun right now... though your fate
will be much swifter than hers my dear cat...." He stands and throws
his robes off.
"Fight me like a man!!" He swings his chain and blade at Mumm-Ra, but
the weapon only bounces off of the electric field wrapping around
Mumm-Ra while he transforms. The transformation is complete.
"So you want me to fight you hand to hand..." He is slowly walking
toward Tigro, Tigro attacks again but Mumm-Ra side-steps and lunges,
wrapping his hands around Tigro's throat and plunging them both over the
side of the slave wagon.
They wrestle around for a while, Tigro manages to kick Mumm-Ra off of
him and slash his eye with his hook... then Mumm-Ra sends a force of air
which crashes into Tigro, breaking a rib.
Tigro lays on the ground for seconds then rolls from Mumm-Ra's foot
trying to smash his head.
Liono and Snarl come running out of the brush. Every one is engaged in
a chaos of fighting. Liono runs into the first wagon, looking for
Cheetara and his sword. She lies on the floor with Munkion's dead body
next to her, the sword plunging through his back. She is not covered,
her clothes ripped mostly all the way off. "Cheetara," Liono says
quietly as he rushes to her side and lays pieces of her torn outfit back
over her. Her eyes open, they are swollen and black, blood trickles
from her head.
"Save your strength Cheetara... stay here and rest. I'll put an end to
this carnage." He gently slides his hand down the side of her face and
she grabs it,
"Thank you care-"
"I will," he stands and grabs his sword, then hauls himself and
Munkion's dead body outside the caravan, through the wall.
Tigro and Mumm-Ra swing at each other a few times Liono screams for
Tigro to back off, then Mumm-Ra grabs Tigro by the throat again and
surges his hand deep into Tigro's gut. "Just, in, time Liono!
Myahahahaha!" He drops the body to the ground [the camera shows a close
up of the upper torso hitting the ground, lifeless and bloody, eyes
rolled back. Then Liono's face go to pure horror and rage.] Liono
yells louder than he ever has in his life. "Aaaaaggghgghhhh!!!"
"You son of a bitch!!" Liono begins advancing with a slow pace, his
head lowered and his sword to his side, the shadows hit him enough to
hide most of him and give him a sinister appeal. Mumm-Ra's eyes get
wide at Liono's approach. He tries to use his magic but Liono deflects
it with his sword. "This has gone on long enough! You have invaded out
land..." Everyone who is still alive has stopped fighting and grouped
with their own, staring at the new confrontation. "You have constantly
tried to strip us of our freedom and steel from me...and from my friends" Liono stands face-to-face with Mumm-Ra, Mumm-Ra
seems to be cowering as they are slowly moving back, "I hoped that we
would never hear or see you again Mumm-Ra... you are gone from bothering
us for so many years and now you come back. And now you come back and
KILL my friend...and now you come back to find that I am no longer a
child..." [goes from a close up from Liono's eyes, to Mumm-Ra's eyes as
Liono says kill in next sent. to show the fear within Mumm-Ra's eyes]
"And now you come back so that I can finally kill you...."
Liono growls wildly as his sword cuts through the air and into
Mumm-Ra's blocking fore arm. Liono thrashes Mumm-Ra. He slices him all
over and cuts several fingers off. Finally Mumm-Ra falls on his side
and raises to his hands and knees. Liono closes in for the kill.
"You have grown weak Messenger of Darkness..."
"Y-you...knnoww" Mumm-Ra's face looks surprised, "...yyou...have
grrrown...strrronnng..." he is weezing and gasping for breath.
"Nothing would please me more than to watch you suffer before you
die... but I have fallen for your tricks in the past and will never
again... Die! You Son Of A Bitch!!" as he yells those last words as the
sword of Omens comes down on Mumm-Ra's neck and slices his head from his
" is over..." He begins walking to Tigro, as do the other T.
Cats. Cheetara appears from the slave caravan, her clothes ripped and
torn, tied back on, her arm obviously broken within the cradle of her
other arm. "Cheetara..." Liono says quietly, his head low as he
crouches beside Tigro. The others are around him as well. The living
Mutants Ran as soon as Mumm-Ra fell.
Cheetara's eyes get wide, her voice cracked and broken with tears
"Ty...oh my god, Tigro, No..." She begins to stumble forward and clutch
her gut instead of her arm. Willy Kit and Kat rush to her side to help
her before she falls...she falls into their arms.
They guide her to Tigro's body where she kneels, her tears falling down
her cheeks and off her chin onto him, she rubs his face with her hand
and puts her face onto his, cheek to cheek. Cheetara cannot quit saying
"No, god no," and "I love you," All of the Cats have tears in their
eyes, but none are hit as hard as Cheetara.
Electricity (blue, red and black) begins to spark from Liono's sword as
his tears fall onto it. He stands and backs up a little. Grabs the
sword with both hands. The light illuminates the circle around Tigro.
Then it leaps from the sword to Tigro's eyes. As it surges through his
body it makes his bones half-way seeable through the skin.
Black mist spews from the body of Mumm-Ra. Tigro's eyes begin
twitching but the shadow wraps around him, head down.
"No," Liono says quietly... the shadow works its way down Tigro and
begins to merge with the electricity, creating little boil bubbles where
the two touch. "No," he says a little louder, his face twisted with the
look of craziness, the other Cats stare in horror, "NO!!!" Liono shouts
as he turns, the lightning following. He runs to the body of Mumm-Ra
and demolishes it with his sword, bursting it into flames from the
electricity. "You can't take this son of a bitch, you
can' can't take Tigro away from me!!" Liono repeats over and
over as he hacks at the fried body.
Blood bubbles pop from Tigro's mouth and his eyes blink. Liono stares
down at him in hope and shock. The T. Cat's are backed away, watching
with the same expressions (screen should be flashing between the T.
Cats, Liono, and Tigro; close and far views. Also flash views of the
dead mutants, covered in the same black mist. The last flash will be
Munkion rising.).
Tigro begins coughing and slowly sits up. "Can't take what away from
you Liono?" his voice is different and he has a strange smile on his
face. The hole in his stomach coughs up a bunch of blood then begins to
heal with a layer of black, burnt-looking skin. He has his chain in his
"Tigro!?" Liono shouts happily with disbelief. as do all the others.
"Tigro?" he says and then begins to laugh the same laugh as Mumm-Ra
had. He swings his chain quick and the blade slashes the side of
Liono's face, scarring it. "Tigro is dead foolish cat... Mumm-Ra is
dead... but in there place I have risen... Tigrath!" and he swings the
chain again at Liono. Liono dodge blocks and his arms are slashed, but
he cannot move. The other T Cats stare in shock. As he slowly walks
backward, crouched and holding his gut, the undead mutants group up
behind him, all wearing blank expressions, seeming to be waiting for
orders. Tigrath begins to whirl the chain around himself, and as he is
turning invisible he says "follow me my undead warriors... The battle is
not over my dear friend, no it is far from over... we will meet again,"
and he is invisible.

The whole time, A white glow is formed around the living thundercats,
this is the power of Thundera. It is protecting them for a short time.

Liono can only stare as he falls to his knees (the camera circling
around him madly) and screams "TIGRO!!??" as his head falls into his
hands...his eyes filled with tears. The undead slowly walk away. (every
once and a while show a picture adding the ox-men and how they just
stand there, chained and waiting.). Cheetara is on the ground (add her
falling to the shots of Liono's distress and falling) twitching and
unconscious in her own puke. Panthero and Willy Kit hold her and
attempt to clean her. The others just stare with tear filled eyes.
The screen goes black.

Scene Two: The Scar of vulnerability...

Show scenes of the Temple, with lightning flashing constantly, then the
screen changes when it goes black from a bolt to white words.
"In their entire existence in the Land of Third Earth, the ThunderCats
have never before faced such a trying moment. Only the annihilation of
Thundera can compare, and even then, only by a thread."
Narrate this as the scene fades to the T. Cats base: In their entire
existence in the Lands of Third Earth, the invulnerable ThunderCats have
never before had to face Death...and now Death grips each of their brave
souls with its cold fingers rejecting them from their short-lived time
of peace and tranquility, leaving them vulnerable for the first
The last scene where Liono has to kill Tigrath (in forgiveness):
choreograph it with the entire song #7, then switch to the ending
All the main scenes of the mutants and the undead mutants and their (not
the temple) castle Plunn-Dar will be narrated with song #8 off Super
Sexy, as well as the caravan scene.
Camera starts zooming in on an eye of the T-Cats lair, Then
blacks/flashes to show the inside with Liono and the others planning.
They will need help and the amazon woman so popular in the cartoons will
be a necessity.

Liono-- "My sword." it is dark grey and lifeless. "It will not respond
to my commands. the Energy is no longer there."
"I...I don't know what to do..."
Cheetara-- "We've got to get Tigro back-"
Derilos-- "Be prepared Cheetara, Tigro might be dead, Mumm-Ra might be
all that is left inside,"
Cheetara-- "No, don't say that. Their is always hope, Tigro is not
Derilos-- "I don't want him to be dead either, but do not be fooled.
We cannot ignore the truth when it comes, no matter how convenient."
Panthero-- "We need to end this Liono, you said yourself that it's gone
too far. This could have been over years ago and we all know it."
Willy Kat-- "Well, we need back up, the nine of us cannot storm both
castle Plunn-Dar and the temple where Mumm-Ra resides. We need a small
army to get past all the minions and slaves of Mumm-Ra."
Panthero-- "The kid's right, we'll need to find the last of the
Amazons, they will be eager to regain their captured."
Derilos-- "So what will it be Liono?"
Liono-- "You are all right, we need to make the first strike and we
need to finish with it. I'll get the alliances ready tonight, me and
Snarl can handle that. Panthero, you and Derilos get the battle plans
ready, I want an in and out strategy, we have the whole area of Darr
mapped out, it should be done when I get back. You can touch up after I
know how many will be sided with us. Willy Kit and Kat, you two, Feral
and Felicia get our supplies ready and fuel up the vehicles. We'll keep
post for the night and watch for any surprises, We'll attack the first
light as soon as I return. The Mutants are nocturnal for the most part
and so we'll have that to our advantage. Snarf, I want you to prepare
some herbs and ointments, we'll have little sleep but that should not
depreciate our strength the least bit. I must seek the wisdom of Jaga,
then I will be on my way to speak with the Amazons."
Cheetara-- "But how will you find them?"
Liono-- "I won't...they will find me." He puts his hand out in the
middle of the circle, "ThunderCats..."
All-- "...Ho" it is not as pumped as when they say it in the series,
but more serious in tone.
Go to a small clearing in a circle of trees outside... Liono kneels in
front of a tombstone, Jaga's tombstone. He thrusts the sword of omens
into the ground next to the tombstone and lays the glove to the other
side. He draws a symbol into the ground in front of him and begins to
meditate. His eyes will stay closed for the entire session.
"Jaga" he finally says as the screen brightens slightly blue with
Jaga's presence. "Jaga, I seek your wisdom and guidance."
"Liono, I have always been proud of you... I trust that your best
judgement will prevail, what do you seek?"
"I am in a dilemma, Jaga. Tigro..."
"Yes I know child, he is here with me."
"Please, can he be brought back? Mumm-Ra's magic must be reversed, he
must be expelled from Tigro's body..."
"Liono, the balance is disturbed. Mumm-Ra does not possess Tigro's
body, Mumm-Ra is here in the spirit realm with us. His magic has
succeeded in securing his place in eternal rest within this realm,
something far worse has used the old body of Tigro. Tigrath..."
"Yes Liono, he is loose, the prophecies have come to pass. though it
is on this planet which they will pass, they are still living
prophecies. Liono, this beast known as Tigrath is different, he never
traveled to the spirit world which we know of. He was able to exist
within the dark, untouched crevices of the Energy...he was able to
sustain his life force within magic until the time was right. Mumm-Ra
knew this would grant him the peace he so wished for, Mumm-Ra has taken
the place of Tigrath in the afterlife, and Tigrath has taken the curse
bestowed upon Mumm-Ra in the living world, as well as the body of
"So...he is..."
"Immortal... though he does not possess the frail, old, and weak body
which Mumm-Ra possessed. Liono..."
"Yes, Jaga. And what of the Sword of Omens?? The Energy was consumed as
it protected us at the end of our fight.."
"The balance is must set it right."
"But how... how will I kill Tigrath if he is immortal... and I do not
have the Sword?" "Jaga..?" "Jaga..?" The blue is still there but the
pale white which every so often reveals Jaga's face is gone. Liono
opens his eyes and breaks the connection. "Jaga!"
"I must be off." Liono grabs Snarl who is eating on the remains of a
bird, "Come on little buddy," he is at full run and Snarl joins. They
run out into the dark, vanishing.

Show the rest of the ThunderCats getting prepared.

Liono and Snarl run, breathing hard. Then Snarl yells in a wavy voice,
"Liono!" he replies, "I know Snarl." and they are snatched up into a
net. The remainder of the Amazons charge upon the net with spears in
hands. The leader cuts Liono free and speaks, "I am so glad it is you
Liono," she is in tears, "They took nearly all of my sisters..."
"Lacey," Liono reaches out his hand and wipes a tear from her cheek.
"They took (?the leaders name), we are so few Liono. the things they do
to us. They use my companions as slaves and. and.." She is crying and
cannot finish.
"We need your help Lacey, you and the rest of the amazons. I do not
know what will happen but we must do something. The mutants killed
Tigro, and now Tigrath possesses his dead body. Look, I have a plan. Go
to the Burbles and the Ox men, tell them. We need all the help we can
get. When you are done recruiting, head back to the Cat's Lair. I will
explain there. Expect me back in two day's light. But if I do not
return, tell the other cats to go as planned. have faith, Lacey."
"No time Lacy."
"Liono, may god's speed be with you."

Close in on slave caravans pulling into Castle Plunn-Dar. Give scenes
of the dark woods surrounding and the weird animals and their glowing
eyes within foliage.
Inside the courtyard, Tigrath gets off of the first caravan. He summons
Vulturion and Slithe and Jackal and Grot (Grot is still a living being).
The rest round the captured into their pins and holing cells. They have
beast as well as man-like.
Switch to torch-lit hallway, Tigrath in lead. He has a long black cape.
They walk to the palace room, four small, well armed creatures guard the

[creatures]- they are thin with long appendages. They have cloths over
their long rat-like heads that their ears stick out of. They have cloth
over their mids, like barbarians, armlets and earrings. They each hold
spears but have crossbows and short swords as well as daggers.

"Wwho are yoouu?" one asks and looks to Vulturion.
Vulturion begins to reply but Tigrath interrupts. "I am your new leader
rat." He grabs the rat by the throat (rat drops spear) and slams him
against the wall. "You will fear my wrath, rat!"
The Mutants glance at each other, confused. Another rat yells. "It's a
trick. this is a ThunderCat and he has the Mutants under his control.
Kill him!" he surges on Tigrath and Tigrath spins the rat in his hand, a
spear slams through the rat's gut. Tigrath drops the body and smiles.
Another rat strikes Tigrath, his spear erupting through Tigrath's chest.
Tigrath turns, and steps toward the rat, spear in his chest. He pulls
the spear out, slowly, he holds the spear horizontally low, between his
arm and body. Tigrath jams the spear into the rat's skull and pins the
corpse high on the wall.
"Will there be any further objections?" the other two rats back up into
the corners. "Good, now clean up these bodies."
The rats first open the doors for Tigrath and the mutants, then scurry
around to clean the bodies of their fallen comrades.
The room is huge. And trashed. Blood and body pieces lie on the floor
and the furniture is stained with vile. A few amazons are chained to the
floor. Tigrath turns to the door after reaching the center of the room,
standing by a huge table. "Rat! Come unchain these slaves!"
Slithe, Jackal, Vulturion, and Grot walk to the table. The rats unchain
the slaves and the slaves advance to the mutants and Tigrath. They are
scantly dressed.
One begins to rub on Tigrath. "Thank you master," she says and Tigrath
back hands her, sending her to the ground.
"Take these wenches to the cells." The rats grab the chains and lead
the women.
The doors close and the Mutants sit at the table, Tigrath stands and
speaks. "I need the child"
Vulturion raises brow, "infant?"
"Yes, the ThunderCat baby."
Slithe, "But your highness, we cannot infiltrate the Cat's Lair. Most
of us would surely die."
"Most of you would," Tigrath's eyes are thin, brow creased.
"They would kill the infant before they let us take him," Grot says.
"We would have to sneak into the lair and that is a futile attempt,
master." Jackal says.
"That is why you infidels will not capture the infant. Instead, you
will guide another slave caravan to the village of Amazons to capture
the rest of them. my servants will take care of the rest."
"But master, why do you wish the child so?" Grot asks.
"Do not display your ignorance again, Grot. Or you too will know the
wrath the rats so sought."
Grot nods and turns. "I will get the caravans ready for departure
The mutants leave. Tigrath's eyes glow as he watches the shadows. "Wait
for them to strike, the bring me the child." The shadows begin to move
and form demon-like sillhouets that glide through the window.

Liono has a long sword at his hip now. He turns to Snarl, "Look buddy,
you go tell the other Cats to wait two days light for my return. No
longer. The grace of the spirits are with them. no matter what happens,
they must have faith. I must go beyond the Frozen Mountains to the
"But Liono, you'll need help."
"I will keep you and all the others hear" Liono taps his chest.
"I must go Liono-"
"No! You will go to the Lair, you will help me by telling the cats. in
case the amazons don't make it. Farewell Snarl." Liono pets him on the
head, Snarl is crying.
"Fair thee well, Liono."
They both run their separate ways. But Snarl does follow Liono, from a

A single amazon runs, in the middle of the night to the Cat's Lair. I
spot light shines on her and a siren sounds. "ThunderCats!" She yells
and yells.
All but Cheetara go outside to meet the amazon. "What is it child?
Where is Liono and Snarl?" Panthero asks.
"They came again, the undead mutants captured the rest of my people."
she is in tears. "We were supposed to find the Burbles and the Ox-men
and return here to the Cat's Lair. but they are gone! All of my people
are now slaves!"
"Where is Liono, dear?" Felecia asks.
"He said he would be back in two day's light, he had to do something
but would not say what. He and Snarl. He said that the plan must take
course in two days light whether he returns or not. to have faith."
Lacey is hyperventilating.
As they are speaking, show the silhouettes of the demon shadows going
up the wall. And one which is on a flying horse.
Zoom in on the shadows (playing I'm your Boogie Man) and go to the
infants room where he his mother sleep. They slide in through the
window. Cheetara's sleep is uneasy. The shadows slip beneath the infant
and pick him up. He begins to cry. Cheetara is woken and sees her baby
floating on shadow.
The other cats here her scream and look up to the window to see shadows
carrying the infant into the night sky.
"What in the hell?" Panthro's mouth is wide open.
"NO!!" Cheetara comes barreling out of the front of the lair and down
the stairs. "My baby!"
"Cheetara! Wait!" several say at the same time as the know it is too
late. Lacey's eyes are wide open in shock.
Cheetara is running full speed, in a daze. Wily Kit starts after her.
Show a top view of them, the shadows in the distance, two dust trails
on the ground. Wily Kit cannot catch up with Cheetara. Show them running
through all sorts of terrain, from side view, to front view, to back
view. Finally go back to the top view to show the shadows flying over a
cliff. Cheetara is oblivious.
Go to a side-ish view, show the huge plume of dust behind the blurred
Cheetara and one in the distance. Show her eyes get wide at the last
second and zoom out to watch her disappear as she falls off the cliff
and the shadows fade into the night sky.
Slow things down a little, Wily Kit reaches the edge of the cliff,
scared to look down, tears in her eyes. The dust is catching up.
"Cheetara." she says in a low voice.
She falls to her knees and begins to look over the cliff (back-side
view). "Cheetara!" she yells and the camera pulls above her and over the
cliff to show Cheetara caught on a rock by her brace for her broken arm.
"Wily Kit." Cheetara's voice is weak. "Let me lie, Wily Kit.."
"Cheetara!" Wily Kit says again. "Hold on, I'll get you up."
"No Wily Kit."
"Yes Cheetara, that way we can get your baby back together. If you die,
who'll save Tigerson?" Cheetara smiles. Wily Kit rips a vine off of a
tree and pulls Cheetara up with it.

Liono is walking through a snow covered forest. Slashing through
foliage. He breathes hard and it is morning light. The sky is a pinkish
Snarl is not far behind, he is trying to stay on the path that Liono is
creating but far enough not to be spotted. Show him trudging through the
high grass Liono leaves behind.
Show a swamp, steam is rising from it and it is snowing. At the edge of
the swamp is a thicket of trees and vines, foliage. Show Liono burst
through it, still breathing hard, his breath steaming. Bubbles rise in
the middle of the swamp. Things (snake-like) swim through it. Liono
takes a deep breath and growls as he trudges through the water.
He is growling and grunting. Showing from the same frontal view, Snarl
comes rushing up from behind and almost falls into the pool. Fear shows
on his face, he shakes his head and with a deep breath dives into the
Liono is dragging the tip of his long sword in water, he turns after
hearing snarl jump into the water, but sees only what's left in Snarl's
wake: waves and bubbles. The central bubbles in the water begin to move
toward Liono. The snake like things all around begin to central in as
Liono creases his brow, his eyes narrow as his attention is peaked.
Snake-like moves behind Liono, he follows it with his eyes and sees it
attack. Snarl flies out of the water before the snake-like can attack.
Liono jumps back in shock as a wet snarl lands on him.
"Uh, Liono."
A huge beast (of course) emerges in front of the two. It has many
tentacles running the length of its back (from the back of the head to
its end). They sprawl out in a chaotic fashion into the steamy water to
skim the top. "Get ready Snarl."
Tentacles erupt the water and fly from all direction toward their prey.
Liono jumps the first one and Snarl leaps off of him toward the
creature. Liono slices away at tentacle after tentacle while in mid air,
but is quickly overwhelmed. While Snarl lands in the middle of the
creatures face, biting deep into the creature and clawing wildly.
"Snarl!" Liono yells as a tentacle flies toward Snarl, Snarl jumps up
to the middle of the creature's head, in the center of the base of
tentacles, his claws never leaving the creatures face, but instead
slicing upward. The creature is screeching madly, and the tentacle
misses. Snarl lunges his razor claws downward into the creatures
many-faceted eyes, drawing a grey ooz. Liono splashes into the water as
the creature drops him, covered in tiny cuts and blisters.
The creature is thrashing madly about, blind. Snarl is getting wrapped
in tentacle. Liono lunges at the beast, his sword as his tip, and
thrusts it through the beast's mid section, Liono's arms sinking to the
elbows and the sword emerging from the creatures back.
Liono howls and the creature falls to the side as he pulls his arms and
sword out of its mid section. Liono stands, posed huffing and puffing.
Both hands are holding the sword at his side, arms extended full length,
he is squatted, bending at his knees. Chest heaving.
"Snarl," he huffs, "what did I tell you?"
Snarl is wiggling through the mass of dead tentacles. He emerges on top
of the creature. "Liono, it was the will of the spirits that brought
"Snarl! I gave you an order and you failed to see that order through!
This was not a will of the spirits but your insaboardanence and
"But, you did probably save my life by blinding the creature. Thank you
Snarl. Lets go."
Show them trudging through a barren plain of snow and ice, during a
blizzard. Top view, their foot prints disappearing shortly behind them.
"Liono, it's so cold." Snarl is shaking and voice is quivering from the
"I know, friend. I know."

Show a white tiger making way through the snow also. He raises his head
and hears Liono and Snarl. "Where are we going Liono?"
"Beyond the mountains, Snarl."
The tiger begins to run. When they are in sight, he howls.
Liono and Snarl look to the distance where they heard the howl. "It is
Snow-meow" Liono says. As he sees a small dot get bigger.
The tiger runs up to them and is purring (Tiger purr, sounds like a
growl.) "Snow-meow, how fare you friend?" Snarl hides behind Liono.
"Where is (its owner's name)?"
The tiger runs toward the mountains and they follow.
Liono, Snarl and the tiger walk into a cave at the foot of the
mountains. It is getting dark. The sky is orange and it has not stopped
Moans come from within the cave. Snow-meow leads them to his master.
He is trapped in ice and rock.
"Snowman! (whatever his name is)" Liono shouts as he runs to him and
begins to dig away. "What happened?"
"Some strange looking mutants and shadow men trapped me in here. I sent
Snow-meow to get you. I don't know what they were looking for, but they
were intent."
Liono frees him. "Then it is so. They are seeking the relic."
"The relic?"
"It is an ancient artifact spoken of in the prophecies of my world.
Within it, is the Energy, and through this energy a gateway can be
opened. or so the prophecy says."
"But who were they?"
"Snowman, you must go to your nations and gather up an army. You MUST
unite them all under this cause. if you do not, all is lost."
"Liono, you're speaking madly."
"The spirit of Tigrath has been invoked into the body of Tigro. You
must do this."
"Tigrath!? But, but he was."
"And he is in the living world again."
"I will do it Liono. What about you?"
"I must go into the caves on the other side of the mountain. I must
find the relic before Tigrath's henchmen do."
"Liono, follow me." He leads Liono through the caves as he is, "these
passages lead to the other side of the mountain. They were created for
mining, but used mainly during the great war that split these lands into
many kingdoms, as an escape route and attack advantage."
They go deep into the mountain. They pass a huge spider, Snowman tells
them to pay no heed and walks passed. He warns to not get caught in the
web. "It feeds not on the blood of men, but on there souls. During the
war, many were caught in its web," he points to the cocooned bodies,
"enough to keep it alive through the generations."
The stop at an intersection. "Follow the breeze. It will lead outside.
I must go to the kingdoms."
"Fare well, Snowman."
"May the spirit's be with you Liono."

Show Castle Plunn-Dar from the sky again. Night time. Two Shadows go
into a window.
"Tigrath, we still search the ruins of the ancients."
"You insolent demons! Find this relic before the full moon! Or your
souls will be devoured." Tigrath yells.
An Amazonian woman in shackles takes care of the infant. "Come wench,
we are leaving this place. Rat! Tell them to prepare my carriage."
In the courtyard a shadow leads the wench into the rear of the
carriage. Tigrath enters the front and shadow steeds drive it.

In front of the Cat's Lair, hundreds of people are camped. As well as
the thundercats.
"We must wait for Liono, he is our leader, he'll return." Wily Kat
"We can't go without Liono," Cheetara adds.
"No, in the morning we make our attack on castle Plunn-Dar. Liono
ordered it and so we will obey. As next in command, I am proceeding as
Liono wished." Panthero states. "We must prepare for morning."
"I suppose we must," Cheetara acknowledges.
Men and women of all races make weapons from branches and metal. Some
sit and meditate while others sharpen their skills in toned-down combat.

"In and out, that is our strategy. That will get the least number of us
hurt possible. At sun up, we will go in three waves, from quickest to
slowest. Wily Kit, you will lead the first wave, Wily Kat, you the
second, and Derilos and I will lead the third."
"But Panthero, I should lead the first, I have more experience and am
still the fastest." Cheetara, already knowing the answer, states.
"Your arm is broken Cheetara. You need rest. And we need someone here
in case Liono returns."
"They have my child Panthero. I will not sit here, idle." She stares at
Panthero hard and long.
"I suppose you won't, Cheetara. Very well, you will accompany Wily Kit
in the first wave. In and out Cheetara. We cannot infiltrate until we
have cut down there forces. Once that has been done, Wily Kat, myself
and Derilos will infiltrate the castle and find Tigerson." Panthero
looks to Wily Kat, "I want you to rest Wily Kat, while the third wave
attacks. But do not stray far. When we are ready, I will fire a flare.
The rest of the people will again charge, all at once and attempt to
take the castle entrance from the courtyard. During this time, us three
will go in through the drainage channel underwater."
"And who will make up the three waves Panthero?"
Panthero stands. "Attention all!" everyone shuts up instantly and gives
him their full attention. Two students stop in the middle of their bout.

"We will make three formations, and attack in waves. From fastest to
strongest. The first two waves must take out their fire power, that is
your mission. But be swift. Wily Kit and Cheetara will head the first
wave along with Feral, a troupe of Ox-men will accompany them to break
the way into the courtyard. I want the Semites in this first troupe, I
want two lines, fighters and archers. And I want archers in the trees
where they will not make easy targets.

The Semites are a small people. Very fast with brutally sharp claws and
teeth, covered with fur and mains.

"The second wave will be headed by Wily Kat and Felecia. Lacey, I want
you in this wave along with all the human archers. That is the last of
our archers so you stay in the trees. I want the few telesents left in
this wave

The Telesents are human like creatures with telekinetic powers. Most
are bald.

"as well as the Time Mongers.

The Time Mongers are a small but quick people who see everything in
slow motion. All actions to them go by at half their real speed. Giving
them a better reaction. Most have long hair and wear loose fitting

"Myself and Derilos will head the third wave of assault. I want the
Ox-men to follow through in this wave. You are of a great number and
are of great power and strength. I want the Burbles near the whole
time. You all will heal the wounded that come back. Once we make our
strike, I will shoot a flare into the sky and all will come again at
once. This is when we storm into the castle through the main entrance in
the courtyard. Any questions?"
Everyone remains silent. "Good, we will leave in a few hours and attack
just after sunrise. In the Meantime, rest well."

Snowman runs, Snow-meow by his side, through the tunnels of the
mountain. Then he slows. "Yes, Snow-meow, this is where we must have
"So snowman, you escaped the avalanche? Where is the relic?" 5 demons
appear from the shadows behind him.
"Damn it, run Snow-meow!" they begin to run again.
"Kill them this time." The demons disappear into the shadow and one
Snow-meow takes the lead and runs fast and steady into the dark. A
glint appears in front of Snowman as he's running and his eyes get wide
with horror. The demon appears behind him, slicing the tendon at the
back of Snowman's leg. He falls hard and smile fills his face as he
crawls forward. The demon walks after the crawling man.
"Now you die, snowman." The blue slit of the demon's mouth curls to a
smile as he rushes forward.
"What the." and suddenly he is caught in the glint. Snowman turns,
pointing his torch to the demon caught in a massive spider web which
covers the entirety of the hallway except the small corner Snowman
crawled through. "What the Hell?? I. can't AAAHHHH!" it screams as it
sees a massive spider descend upon it.
"Now, you loose your soul demon!" Snowman yells in a laugh. The spider
covers the demon and sinks its fangs into it. Blue steam fills the
Snowman growls a cat's call loudly, echoing through the hallway. The
cat returns. "Hello good buddy." He points to the back of his leg then
gets on the cat.
Show a city against the mountain side. Zoom over the city to the
mountain where Snowman rides his cat out of the caverns.
Men walk from the city walls to meet the snowman. They are dwarves
dressed in furs, with long hair. Each one massively muscled and wielding
axes and swords.
"What is it, snowman?" they do not look peaceful.
"Tigrath." their faces all drop and they put their weapons at ease.

"These caves give me the chills. I don't know what's worse, the cold
wet outside or the dark, dry cold in here." Snarl says.
"Yes, it is dreary in here," Liono swings a torch in front of him. "The
tomb is around here."
"How do you know, Liono?"
"I can feel it Snarl. The dreary empty, you pointed it out yourself."
"This way Snarl," Liono quickly turns down a corridor Snarl did not
It leads to a room too big for the light to touch two walls or the
ceiling. "Here," Liono reaches against the wall and grabs a torch,
lights it and hands it to snarl, "look for a tomb."
They search around for a little while, showing off the massive room
under faint torch light. Cobwebbed cobble stone to ancient bodies and
"This one Liono?" Snarl asks, looking around a small coffin.
"You'll know it when you see it," Liono doesn't bother to look. But
continues searching. He finds a huge memorial, with writing
(hieroglyphics) he can't read. They are brilliantly colored. "I think I
found it." Liono says, mesmerized. A statue of a man with an eagle mask
carved into the wall, connecting to its feet is a coffin with a man's
body carved into it.
"Liono, this is. the temple of the ancients."
"Yes, it is, Snarl." Liono reaches down to the feline. "Here, I'm going
to boost you up, there should be a switch somewhere."
He throws Snarl up onto the hands of the statue. Snarl sets his torch
down in the hands and begins to climb. His tail is singed as flames from
the torch rise high and Snarl yelps. Then all of the torches in the room
light up to show it off in full. Most everything is made of gold. It is
a place of grandeur.
"Wow." both say at once. "It is magnificent," Snarl says.
Then the coffin opens to reveal a stair way. "There!" Snarl yells in
excitement and jumps down, aiming for the stairs.
"No, Snarl!" Liono catches him before he can go down. "Look" Liono
points to the last set of hieroglyphs. The last one means curse. A man
dying and blades and smoke surrounding him. "Remember the prophecy, this
one is a trap for thieves. And these," He points again to the
hieroglyphs, "are curses of some sort."
Liono finds a huge dish made of gold. "Watch." He throws the dish into
the coffin and the lid flies shut as a step crumbles beneath the weight
of the dish. Strange noises emit from inside the passageway.
"We must find the one we were meant to find."
Liono heads to the coffin Snarl was at earlier. "The light helps," he
admits. "Come help me." They open the lid of the coffin, a mummy rests
"It's uglier then Mumm-Ra." Snarl says. "Wrong one."
"Wait, look." The mummies hands point to another coffin.
"Remember Liono, the ancients didn't want thieves."
"Yes, but they knew the time would come that the relic must again
resurface. And thieves knew that they were not welcome." Liono walks to
the coffin that the mummy pointed, "Help me" they move the lid. Inside
is another stairway. Unlit and cold.
Liono finds another heavy object and throws it down. Nothing happens.
"Lets go."
They grab torches and begin down. Show a dark room with two dots of
light getting bigger, footsteps. When they enter, cobwebs along the
walls catch fire and the flames rush to the ceiling. The entire ceiling
sets fire, lighting the room.
The two are in awe. "It's the sky of fire." Snarl says. Screeches sound
and huge, burnt spiders fall lifeless to the ground.
"It seems that the sky of fire did save our souls from being lost
forever in the maze of ancients." Liono smiles at their luck.
The room is much smaller than the last. Against the far wall is a
shrine, in which sits the relic. Two half circles that form an "X",
holing a brilliant blue and purple flame/glow.
"And it seems that those of Thunderian blood would find the relic."
Shadows move from the walls to form the demon silhouettes.
"Tigrath's demons," Liono draws his sword.
"And thanks to you we may retrieve the item we seek." They walk toward
it. "Although we could have slipped down here, we never could have got
the relic beyond the lid of the coffin." Blue slits form there mouths
when they speak. And blue slits form their eyes.
"Stay away from the Relic, Demons!" Liono shouts.
"If you turn now, we will let you live thundercat."
Liono throws the sword at the silhouette. It goes right through it and
strikes the wall, taking a large chunk of stone with it.
"Haha, you cannot harm us thundercat. Leave."
"Never, I will not let you take the relic!" Liono puts his glove on and
draws the sword of omens and charges the demons.
They move quickly out of the way and circle around Liono. Snarl heads
for the relic. "Look, the Sword has no power!" They close in. Liono
slashes and punches right through them, they begin to beat him down.
Snarl grabs the relic from its shrine and begins to run for the stairs.
Liono lays bloody on the ground as the demons turn to Snarl. "Give us
the relic, cat!"
"N-no!" he begins to run, "Sorry Liono."
Liono gets to his knees and with a loud howl hurdles the sword of omens
at the demons. It passes right through them and shatters a step in front
of Snarl, bouncing back to knock Snarl down. The sword lands on the
relic and it shatters against the ground.
All of the demons stop. Red, blue, and purple light swarms from the
shattered relic and flows on the ground like water, pouring down the
steps. "No!" one of the demons hisses. "The Sword!" But it is too late.
The light pours over the sword and envelopes it. Flows into it. In a
weak voice Snarl says, "Liono, the sword."
The light fades and again the sword is returned to its original color
of steel.
Liono stands, weak, dripping blood. "Kill the thundercat before he gets
the sword!" one of the demons shouts and all but one go for Liono. The
other goes for snarl. Snarl grabs the sword and lunges at the beast. A
bright blue streak opens where the sword cuts the demon and blue steam
bleeds from the wound. Snarl is knocked back and the sword sails behind
the howling demon.
"Sword. of Omens. come to. my. hand." Liono reaches out a weak, shaky
hand as he barely manages the words.
The sword shakes on the ground and lifts, flying toward Liono. It
slices a demon's arm and sails right through another's neck. The demon
falls to the ground, clutching his neck, blue steam rising. Two demons
remain, one injured. The sword lands in Liono's hand.
"Retreat. retreat now!" the demon hisses and turns to see the blue
imprints of the two dead demons.
"No you don't!" Liono shouts, "Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thundercats,
Ho!" The sword again grows long, one piece sliding out of the next.
Liono jumps up and in one fluid motion, two strikes from down to up,
takes both of the fleeing demons heads. Slicing through the wall of
stone as they were forming into shadow to move swifter.
"Liono!" Snarl yells happily as Liono falls to his knees and hands.
Snarl runs to Liono and sits in front of him, putting a hand on his
shoulder. "You did it Liono!"
"We. did it. friend." Liono raises his head. "Now, we must get to the.
other. thundercats." He falls completely to the floor from exhaustion.
The sky of fire still burning bright.
It is almost morning. Still dark but a glow rests in the horizon and
the moon is low. Liono and Snarl exit the Caverns and face the barren
"I need food Snarl," Liono sits. Snarl begins to cover himself in mud.
Liono questions him.
"The moist dirt will catch the snow better."
"Very well, I'll know how it worked when you return. We must hurry
Snarl, do not venture far."
"I'll be right back, Liono." Snarl hops off through the snow.
Liono again stands, wielding his fully extended Sword of Omens. He
takes a deep breath, "Thunder, thunder, thunder, thundercats, Ho!" He
holds the sword to the sky, the red symbol erupting onto the clouds.

Show the outskirts of Castle Plunn-Dar. All of the thundercats and
their companions conform in the brush.
Panthero whispers, "We will wait a half an hour for the sun to rise a
bit. They will be at their weakest." he shuts up as he looks to the sky
to see the thundercat symbol.
"Panthero-" Wily Kat says.
"I see it, child."
"We should form a party to go and help Liono-"
"No, we stay. We will need everyone. The sword is with the Energy
again. I think Liono is telling us he is O.K."
The sun rises in the distance, blurring the view of the castle.
"First wave now!" Panthero commands.
The troupe of Ox-men rush forward with a huge battering ram and smash
through the doors into the courtyard, and retreat. The first wave
follows. Yelling and screaming the charge in.
Inside the courtyard, all is in the shadow of the castle. A few
caravans are parked and quickly catch fire. Archers appear from lookout
points and are quickly taken out. Rat men and mindless, malformed slaves
pour out. The first line retreats, too fast for the enemy to quite
follow. But a few Semites and an archer are dropped.
"Second Wave, now!" Panthero yells.
Wily Kat and Felicia lead it in. More archers are on the walls but they
are quickly taken care of by a few well placed bolts. Rat-man after
rat-man are torn down and fires are blazing everywhere. Felecia tears
them down with her claws one after the other. She dances about madly.
Wily Kat is showing off his aerobic ability.

Inside the castle, the undead mutants and Grot talk, watching the chaos
"They've gone mad!" Grot yells "They are destroying everything!"
"And so we must destroy them, Grot. Tigrath ordered their deaths, and so
they will die." Slithe says. And he and the rest of the mutants head for
the battle.
"But we'll die!" Grot realizes what he has just said and for the first
time, understands what it means to be undead.
"No, you will die Grot." Jackal says calmly and they head out the door,
shouting at cowards to go down and fight.
"You are all crazy." Grot says quietly as he blends himself in with the
castle environment.
Zoom out of the window to show the fight below. Smoke raises to the sky.

The second wave still fights, having no casualties. Panthero yells
loudly, "Second Wave, pull back!" and finally runs in the middle of the
battle, yelling to pull back. But as he sees the progress of his men,
and realizes he cannot be heard under the commotion of battle, he fires
the flare into the sky.
Both the first and third waves storm in. Hundreds of Rat-men and slaves
pour from the castle. Then the undead mutants come out.
Lacey runs over to a grate in the ground near the base of the castle,
she pries it open jumps in.
Vulturion, Munkion, Jackal and Slithe begin to tear through ranks of
thundercat allies. The telesents are all dead. And the Time Mongers are
falling fast. The Ox-Men continue to plow through Rat-men, but fall each
time they near the undead mutants.
About 20 amazons rush up from the grate Lacey snuck into. They quickly
grab fallen weapons and begin to slice through opponent. But they too
fall prey to the undead.
Rat-men and mindless slaves begin to fall to an invisible opponent.
"Panthero, the mutants can't be stopped, look!" Wily Kat says.
"I know, I know. We must defeat them."
"You cannot thundercat," a voice says from behind Panthero. And Grot
materializes, his color shifting back to its normal grey-brown.
"Do not worry thundercat, I do not wish to end up as my fallen comrades.
I do know a way to subdue them."
"Fire. Surround them in flame. They cannot enter the pure light."
"That is why they stay near the shadows?"
"Yes, had you attacked at night, all would be lost already." Grot
slashes backward to bludgeon a rat-man that steps too close to him.
"What about my child, mutant?" Cheetara asks harshly.
"Your infant son is with Tigrath in the Mumm-Ra's temple."
"We must go there Panthero."
"No, you will die. Tigrath cannot be stopped. And your son is safe until
the full moon. I overheard him speaking to his demon shadows. It is then
that he must perform his spell to enter the child's body and obtain an
immortal body."
"So he can be stopped." Panthero says.
"I know only what I have said."
"Wily Kit, Kat, you heard Grot, surround the undead in flame. kill the

In Mumm-Ra's temple. Tigrath has the baby on a sacrificial altar. He is
surrounded by his demon shadows. In the eye of the pool, the battle
rages on.
"So, Grot helps the thundercats. I should have killed him while I had
the chance. Go. Kill them all. And bring the undead back to me."
"Yes, master." They say as one.

Liono runs, full speed, Snarl at his heels. He is almost there. "Sword
of Omens" he holds his sword in front of himself. "Give me sight beyond
sight." Show the battle field through the sight beyond sight vision. The
undead mutants surrounded by flame, and the battle coming to an end as
the last of Tigrath's minions is slaughtered. His vision shifts to the
shadow demons, flying to the battle scene. Thousands of them. The sky is
dark from their sheer number.
Liono stops. "I must do something, Snarl. thousands of those demons are
headed to castle Plunn-Dar. The thundercats won't have a chance."
"Use the sword Liono."
"I can't defeat them al-" Liono looks down at Snarl. "If they hold faith
in there hearts, it just might work old friend.
Show a flashy scene, spinning around Liono, lightening striking down
from the sky and surrounding him. "Sword of Omens, turn faith into form,
heaven into hell, give life beyond life!" the sky flashes and a red
charge erupts from Liono.

The demons are coming on the army that Snowman has gathered. "Kill them
all!" one on a horse yells. And they all begin to swoop down onto the
"What the hell!?" Snowman yells as the sky grows black. "More of those
devils!" "Take their souls men! Let none survive!" he yells as he
charges toward the swooping demons, Snow-meow jumping up at them to give
snowman a hit. The sky flashes red and energy swirls around most of the
men, making their weapons glow.
A lot fall, but they begin to slash into the army of demons.
Dust raises in large plumes in the distance. Castle Plunn-Dar is not
The thundercats and their surviving allies charge into the scene. Each
with glowing weapons and eyes. Battle cries soar high and loud. But some
do not share the glow of faith, and they fall as quickly as they come.
Show Liono looking down at the battlefield, still running.
Show from the battlefield, the thundercats looking to Liono in the
distance. He raises the extended Sword of Omens and howls out.
"He made it thundercats! Our leader returns!" Panthero shouts as he goes
about with renewed energy, slaughtering demon shadows as if they were
puppets on twisted strings.
Liono runs down to the field, taking a few demons on the way. He reaches
Panthero and the rest. Derilos is dancing the war dance like never
before. Frenzying in the slaughter of demon shadows. His huge glowing
axe taking head after head, soul after soul.
"Thundercats," and all as one "Ho!"
"I must face Tigrath, I must go to the pyramid."
"We will all go."
"No, I must do this alone."
"Liono, use your-"
In the sky, a chariot headed by two winged demon horses flies in. The
sky begins to suddenly turn dark and rain falls.
"Tigrath." out of the chariot, Tigrath falls gently to the ground, in
the middle of the battlefield.
He stands gracefully and scans about. As quickly as they come near,
Tigrath slaughters them in swift, unattentive blows. He walks slowly to
the thundercats who all stand weary.
"Cheetara, I'm. I'm sorry dear," he holds a hand out.
Cheetara walks forward, her face brightened suddenly. "Tigro? Is that
"Of course my dear. I've been fighting Tigrath, trying to get him out of
my body. He's still here but I have him subdued." Tigrath smiles as he
continues to walk forward.
Liono reaches out and grabs Cheetara, "It's a trap Cheetara, do not fall
for it so easily." He grabs her broken arm and she yells in pain and
stares angrily at Liono.
"You've always been jealous of him! You don't want Tigro back, do you?!"
but she does not move.
"Cheetara, listen to yourself."
"I. don't have long dear, I can't hold him forever. You must do
something." And she runs to him.
"Cheetara, No!" they all yell as one. But she is in his arms.
"Tigro. I love you."
"And, I will love to watch you scream as I twist your soul in eternal
pain, wench!" Tigrath smiles devilishly.
"No, Tigro!" she cannot break free of his grasp.
"Let her go Tigrath, I will do whatever I have to to kill you." Liono
states as he steps forward, posed for battle.
"Put the sword down, Thundercat. Or I will kill her, too."
"Liono, don't do it!"
"No, I won't let you die too, Cheetara." Liono holds the sword out by
its tip. "Let her go, Tigrath."
"The sword."
"Hold her by a hair and I will throw you the sword."
Tigrath lets go and Cheetara tries to run, stopped by a small fist full
of hair.
Liono mumbles. "sword of omens,"
He tosses the sword and Tigrath half lets go, ripping Cheetara's hair as
she surges forward with godspeed.
Tigrath smiles wide as he prepares to catch the sword. It twirls, slow
motion, in the air. And Liono yells.
"Return to my hand!" the sword stops in mid air, Tigrath's eyes get
wide, and the sword lunges back, into Liono's hand.
"Your impudence will cost you all your souls" Tigrath hisses as he
charges Liono, pulling his chain and twirling it around, then striking
It wraps around Liono's feet, tripping him. The other cats back up and
Liono holds Wily Kat back, "Only Liono and the sword of omens can stop
this monster, child."
Liono jumps to his feet and grabs the chain as it comes around again,
twisting toward his back to bring the sword around in a backhand,
slicing Tigrath's mid section. Blood oozes and blue steam rises.
They fight a while, dramatic blows. Tigrath swings his chain. Liono
raises his left arm and the chain wraps around the glove. He brings the
sword down with his other arm and cuts the chain in half. Tigrath
punches Liono, sending him back a few feet and drops the chain. He
lunges at the fallen Liono. Liono raises his sword and it juts up
through Tigrath's liver. Tigrath screams and gets up.
"This can't be. you will not defeat me, thundercat!" Tigrath turns and
runs for his chariot. Liono drops the back of his head to the ground and
"Liono!" Panthero shouts. Liono's eyes get wide and he jumps and chases
after Tigrath.
Tigrath makes it to his chariot and flies off. "No! You won't get away
"Over here, thundercat!" Grot yells from over a loud noise. He flies in
on Vulturion's flying machine.
"Grot!" Liono shouts happily. He jumps up on the machine. Cheetara does
as well. "Cheetara, I must do this myself!"
Snarl jumps in as well.
"I am getting my son back." She points to the sky, the sun is setting.
It is still raining.
"Very well."

They fly to Tigrath's pyramid. Following close behind. Tigrath jumps out
and runs in.
Show from the sacrifice table where the baby cries. Tigrath stands,
hands outstretched toward the door.
Liono bursts in and the devil dog of mum-ra leaps at him. Snarl jumps in
the way, tackling the devil dog and begins to claw away.
"Your time has come demon." Liono closes in, circling.
Tigrath yells and streams of black shoot out toward Liono. He dodges the
first but lands in the middle of the second. It throws him against the
wall and he drops the sword. Cheetara runs in and goes for her child. An
odd shape of color moves across the wall, almost unnoticeable. Tigrath
slaps Cheetara down. Knocking her out cold.
Liono groans. The sword a few feet away from him. Tigrath grabs a highly
decorated dagger from next to the baby. He looks up to the ceiling, the
moon can almost be seen in full through a circular hole. He begins to
mumble, the light of the full moon runs across the table. Tigrath waits.

A yelp sounds as snarl comes up with a chunk of meat in his mouth. He
spits it out and gives a sour face. The dog's throat is gone. He is
bloody beyond belief. Snarl grabs the sword and throws it to Liono. Then
he runs and lunges at Tigrath. Managing to knock the blade out of his
hands as the light touches the infants feet. But gets slapped to the
ground and knocked out as well.
Liono raises, "Thunder, thunder, thunder, thundercats, Ho!" the blade
extends to full length again.
Tigrath picks up the dagger and growls. It also grows to the length of a
full blade. The moonlight is at the child's knees.
Liono charges. And they engage in battle once again. Cheetara gets up
and grabs her child. She kneels by Snarl and wakes him. "come on snarl."

"Get out of here!" Liono yells, teeth gritted. "And take the body of the
devil dog with you!"
They run, grabbing the dog's lifeless body, out of the temple.
Finally, Liono slices three times and stabs. Once through the neck,
through the chest, the stomach and puts the blade through Tigrath's
head. The demon yells as it dies and slides off of the blade. Blue mist
erupts from the wounds and old, half-clotted blood clumps out. The mist
whirls above the body, a face forming in the middle. "You. cannot kill.
the undying."
"No." Liono says, his head low. He holds the sword in front of him,
vertical. "Sword of Omens, take strength to seal this demon with its
peers!" the red eye of Thundera flies out and covers the mist. Red light
peering through the mist almost magically.
With a loud thud, the blue mist slams into the nearest statue and is
absorbed. Liono takes a deep breath and walk over to the statue. "May
there always be thundercats to stop you if you ever escape demon." his
head lowers and he yells and lifts the sword, then slams it into the
base of the statue. The eye glows and red suddenly surrounds the statue,
only to vanish instantly.
Liono turns, grabs Tigro's mutilated and drags it out the door. He takes
the cape off of Tigro and covers him with it. "It is over." Liono puts
his head on Tigro's chest and cries.
The camera zooms out on the three and the pyramid begins to crumble
under lightening strikes.
It flashes to over the battlefield where the fighters gather bodies and
throw them into flames, and following the plume of smoke into the sky,
it fades to the credits.

the end.

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