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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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The Dark Half
By Sylvia "Saturn9" Son

The Dark Half by Sylvia "Saturn9" Son


Okay don't hold this against me

Some of the relationships and background information I constructed, I based it 
from Mummraa and Jesse Morgan and synthesized what I needed. If this 
conflicts or steps over with other people's continuity, I apologize in advance. So 
if you want to blame someone...blame soap operas, anime and TV. ^ _ ^

Okay, if you think about, the idea that Thundera was always happy and 
cooperating makes me gag because storylines don't develop out of it. Come on, 
if Grune rebelled, then there must have been others, which is what I've based 
this premise on. Particularly that sometimes the problems of the past always 
comes back to bite you on the ass if you don't deal with it.

And so I based the premise originating from 15 years before the destruction of 
Thundera when the planet had just finished a civil war with a rebel faction called 
the Thunderclaw that comes back to the present for either revenge or 
redemption. It also deals with lost treasures like the Amulet of Omens (the last 
one) and lost places like the Onyx Chamber a hidden temple/moon base.

The Thunderclaw clan: A collective of noble and common citizens who rejected 
the code of the Thundercats as the only way and the desire to go back to the 
old ways without being tied to the treasure of Omens or the clearly defined lines 
of who was a Thundercat noble and who was a Thunderian common citizen. 
Thinking that they don't need to be loyal to the Royal House and looked upon 
with suspicion because they refuse to pledge allegiance, civil war broke out. 
And after the war ended the council decided to exile them to the other side of 
the galaxy with the help of their spatial gate in the Onyx Chamber on their 
orbiting moon base. Despite Clawdus' suggestion of keeping the children, the 
children were sent with the adults as well, fearing they would grow up to exact 
revenge. The place they were sent to was on the other side of the galaxy. And 
then they returned...

Thunderians: (15 years before the end of Thundera)

Clawdus: The Lion Lord of the Thundercats (son of Lyvia the previous Lord of 
the Thundercats). Despite being blinded, he survived the end of the civil war 
that lasted three years and an assassination attempt and a private meeting with 
the oracle Elektra that predicted the end of their world.

Lyta (the elder): The Lynx. Historian, engineer and council member. Widowed 
and carrying her son (Four months pregnant). She confirmed the oracle's 
prediction from her scientific report.

Jaga: Jaguar warrior and Clawdus' s trusted friend. He was entrusted to take 
care of Lion-O and the sword. He is one of the few who still holds the code 
true to his heart.

Elektra: The Caracal Oracle. She gave her "eyes" that can see beyond time and 
space and placed them into the Sword and Amulet of Omens.

The "Lost" Colony

-the children of the rebels who grew up on the other side of the galaxy.

These are the children of the exiled members from the last civil war on 
Thundera (approximately 15/17 years before Thundera was destroyed and 
even before Lion-O was born)

Tyro: Tiger clan/ late 30's to early 40's

height: tall as Lion-O

weapon: Energy Claw Gauntlets

hair: short with tufts of hair growing along the jaw line.

Tiger clan. He was in his 20's (around Lion-O's age when Lion-O became 
leader of the Thundercats) when he was banished with the others. And he spent 
a few years on the other side of the galaxy and then slept in a sleep capsule. His 
plan only worked if the ones who he vowed to destroy were still alive when he 

Tall as Lion-O and now older (late 30's to early 40's) He has the Amulet of 
Omens which can see with limited accuracy just like the sword.

Thunderians from other colonies:

Lyta (the younger) or "Lylia" the lynx. She is the spitting image of her 
grandmother Lyta the elder except her eyes were golden compared to her 
grandmother's green eyes.

Age: 27. Height: 5'8". weapon of choice: Tonfa staffs attached to her arms and 
Sais on her leg holster.

She is a computer specialist for the interplanetary police and her hobby is 
history especially when it deals with data tracks and computer hacking. As 
grand daughter of the former Lyta (who had diaries) she plans to one day 
compile the history of Thundera before the destruction and rebirth.

When her grandmother died, she was left a cryptic message "Go with Lion-o, 
and make sure HE is protected" (she just assumes that Lion-o is the fourth key 
holder) Since she never grew up on Thundera, her experience with the 
Thunderian code is limited but she has established her own code of honour and 
believes in adapting to change.


The Onyx Chamber

A moon orbiting Thundera, it's never seen clearly since it is overshadowed by 
the other moons and therefore hidden. Before the civil war and before even the 
creation of their code of honour the moon base was designed as a base of 
security against invaders. Eventually after the code they only used it as a 
research base and record storage. The inside of the moon is a large computer 
system that has collected information of their world and history. It is also 
equipped with every destructive weapon possible which includes the stargate 
that was mistaken by Lion-O and the others as a platform that executes people, 
it is actually a device that creates a wormhole to other side of the galaxy. It has 
not been used because it drains alot of energy and the programming is very 
unstable that could caused an explosion. When the moon becomes in plain sight 
(once every 10 years)

The weapons and restricted information are sealed with an encryption code and 
only accessed through a bio-electric "key" carrier (the last "key" carrier was 
Clawdus). It was also one of the reasons the Thunderclaw wanted to win the 
war, they wanted the moonbase.

Lion-O decides to arrange an exploration party wondering if it has a treasure of 
Omens or information. This is where Tyro and Lyta come into the story with 
totally different motives.



The Dark Half by Saturn9

Prologue "The Ties that Bind and Hold Us"

On a distant planet far from Thundera or even Third Earth, Lyta of Thundera 
was dying. It started off normally. She finished updating her journals and 
prepared her lecture notes for the engineering students when she suddenly felt 
an intense pain in her chest. At first she thought it was exhaustion and then she 
felt herself getting worse and the doctor told her it was not going to get better 
and she was bedridden for a week.

She felt so tired now that it would be so easy to fall back to sleep and finally let 
go. But she couldn't, not just yet. She must wait for Lylia and tell her what she 
had to finish what they had started. She needed to see Clawdus' son before the 

She lifted her journal which was dated 15 years before the destruction of Old 
Thundera...After the Last Civil War and her thoughts drifted back. Clawdus 
had finally ended the Thunderclaw rebellion and now the task of what to do 
with them.

The Great Council Chamber was silent. All the rebels were subdued or crushed 
and now the leaders were brought before them to pass judgement. Treason was 
punishable by death but there were always alternatives. Lyta suggested 
banishment but also wanted the children to stay since it wasn't their fault in the 
first place. Serval wanted them executed.

Clawdus didn't want it to end this way. There was enough death and pain on 
both sides. To him there was no clear winner. The war went on for years with 
both sides suffering casualties, and now more than ever both sides must work 
together if there was any chance to heal. And yet here they were. He and the 
council including Jaga and Lyta sitting and now passing judgement over their 
own, and the thought of even sentencing them to death sickened his soul.

He had survived Anointment Trials, the death of his mother by a mutant attack, 
being blinded, the civil war and an assassination attempt. He had survived it all, 
but will his world survive this?

As usual the youth chose to stand with the leaders, still silent and defiant and 
refused to be treated like a stripling cub. He was 22 years old and considered 
himself already a man. If his clan was going to be destroyed, he would face 
them without fear.

Stubborn Pride, Clawdus thought to himself. But the boy had spirit. Clawdus 
wondered if his son or daughter would be that spirited, and he realized he 
wouldn't mind that at all.

Councillor Serval spoke. "You have been found guilty of treason. That is the 
only crime that warrants death. But we will consider leniency if..."

"If," the young man cut in, "We threw ourselves to the mercy of the court? 
Spare us your false sincerities."

Serval glared at the youth's impertinence. "Katar," Serval spoke to the 
Thunderclaw leader. "Control your minions." The youth was about to leap at 
him and tear his throat out but a look from Katar silenced him. "This will not 
help your situation. We will reconvene tomorrow. " He banged on the gavel and 
the prisoners were escorted away. Lyta turned to face Serval. "Why didn't you 
tell them we are choosing between death and banishment?"

"I didn't think it was necessary to keep their hopes up." Serval said with bland 

"Not necessary? These are our countrymen how can you calmly send them to 
their death? Even the children?"

"Don't overstep yourself even in your condition."

"My condition? I'm pregnant not mentally damaged. And making them into 
martyrs will cause more complications in the future."

"Why do you care whether they live or die?"

"Enough!" Clawdus slammed his fist onto the table and silenced them both. 
"Serval my old friend, I know you want them executed because you blame them 
for the death of your wife and daughter." A small spasm of pain twitched slightly 
onto Serval's face. "But if the other members of the council make their own 
decision and choose banishment will you live with that? Because I need you 
clear headed and not off on some bloodhunt."

Serval threw his hands up in frustration. If they were foolish enough to be 
merciful, it's their own downfall. "I will not contest it, you have my word." Then 
he stood up and stormed out of the Chambers. "But whatever happens after 
that will not be my responsibility. I hope I'm dead and buried before I have the 
misfortune of ever seeing them or their ilk again." And he slammed the door 
leaving Clawdus alone with Jaga and Lyta.

Clawdus sighed heavily. Serval had been friends for so many years and he was 
there at the funeral ceremony when Serval's wife and daughter were killed by 
the Thunderclaw clan. From the sound of Serval's voice during this hearing he 
knew that Serval had become hard inside.

"Don't let it disturb you, Clawdus." Lyta said her own anger cleared. She 
wanted to remember the gentle and patient Serval before the war. "He needs 
time. He never really had a chance to really mourn their deaths." Then she 
paused and wondered if now was the right time to bring it up. "Do you believe 
that the rest of the council will choose banishment as the oracle Elektra said?" 
Clawdus didn't know. Elektra not only predicted their banishment but also the 
end of their world and its eventual rebirth.

Three days later, Clawdus requested to see the young man from the court 
hearing in his cell. He wanted to explain to him.

The prisoner sat cross legged with his back to the door. He didn't seem to mind 
being alone, it allowed him to meditate. Granted the cell was dark and damp 
but being on the run most of the time living in fields and caves he's had worse. 
What was on his mind was the traitor, and what he was going to do with him.

The door opened but he didn't even bother to turn around. He knew who it 

"Hello.," Clawdus said.


"For what it's worth. I'm sorry about the outcome." Making reference to the 
banishment decree that the council agreed upon while they told the rest of the 
planet that they were executed which would satisfy everyone except Serval. "I'll 
see you at the transport platform before you leave." Clawdus moved to the 
door. The young man opened his eyes.

"How is my cousin? I only saw him once before the trial."

Clawdus paused at the doorway. "He's fine now. He'll be staying at the hospital 
for awhile before going back to the academy. He's a good boy."

"He's a coward and a traitor."

Some words were exchanged about the civil war and then family. He finally got 
a chance to congratulate Clawdus for his marriage with the Lady K'ara. Then 
he turned around and faced Clawdus. "I hope one day, I'll live long enough to 
see him again." Referring to his cousin.

"And then what?"

The young man said nothing and went back to his meditation. He would not 
speak to Clawdus or to anyone after that. His leaders accepted their fate, but 
he did not.

"Grandmother?" Lylia stood by the door and broke the memory away from 

Lyta struggled to see her granddaughter. With the exception of Lylia's eyes 
which were golden compared to her own green, she looked exactly like Lyta 
when she was that age.

"You called me?" She had just finished an assignment at the Interplanetary 
Police Station when she received the news about her grandmother. When Lylia 
was growing up she never saw her grandmother look so frail. She was named 
after her and when her parents died Lyta took over to raise her with strength 
and love and now seeing her like this she knew for sure it was the end.

Lyta nodded and beckoned her to come closer. Lylia sat by the bedside.

"You know," she said. "That you are my favourite grandchild."

Lylia smiled. "I'm your only grandchild. And I think you're going to ask 
something really big out of me."

"You were always able to see through me. You know I'm going to die." Lylia 
nodded. "And I guess you'll be able to answer to your own name again instead 
of 'Lylia'. But before I die, I need you to do something for me."

"What is it? You know I'll do it for you."

"I need to see Lion-O."

"Lion-O? You mean the current Lord of the Thundercats? I don't know why 
you want to see him. You never seemed to be interested in resettling back to 

"I like it here," Her home had a pleasant climate and a view of the ocean and 
her garden. She raised her son here and then her granddaughter. "And I guess I 
intend to die here as well. But before I leave and join my mate, your grandfather 
and your parents, I would like to see Lion-O. It's important."

to be continued...

"Death, Rebirth and Returns"

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