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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Thundarian - Cybertronian Wars part 1 (Warriors of the Past)
By Pat "Ma-Mutt" Kelly

(Remember, Thundercats takes place around the year 3000, long before the 
Transforemrs., Also, all Transfromers characters in this story are set before
the Return of Optimus Prime two parter)

        Many years ago, long before the first destruction of Thundera, there was a
planet named Cybertron, This planets was inhabbited by peaceful robots who 
ruled the planet called the Autobots. However, a new breed of robots led by
the evil Megatron tied to conquer the planet. Megatron tried to take over 
Cybertron with his army of Dcepticons. The Autobots had no choice but to 
fight back using a new technology that helped them to Transform into weapons
and vehicles. The Decepticons were also able to develope this ability and a 
vicious war broke out because of it. During the war, Cybertron's once rich 
supply of energy had faded. Led by Optimus Prime, the Autobots went into 
space in search of more energy. Megatron and his Decepticons followed them.
During a space battle, both Autobots and Decepticons crashed on Earth, where
they continued the war there. The Autobots eventually won the war and drove 
the Decepticons away from Cybertron, but not after losing their leader Optimus
.. Under leadership of Rodmius Prime, the Autobots tried to restore Cybertron,
 but the new Decepticon leader Galvatron planned to take what he feels is 
rightfully his, the planet of Cybertron.
        Drag-Ron had read about these robots before in history books, and he
was very interested in them. He thought about his Thundercat problem and how
nice it would be if he had the Decepticons working for him.  "Suc mighty 
warriors would destroy the Thundercats instantly." Slythe stuck his head in 
the room wher ehe saw his cousin meditating. Slythe brought his head back into
the hallway where Monkian and Jacklyman were waiting for him. "Well Slythe
how is he?" asked Jacklyman. "He is-s-s still meditating. I sware since our
last loss to the Thundercats he has been in a foul mood." "Hoo Hoo, He could 
snap at any moment, Slythe. He could even destroy all of us." "Shhhh. keep
it down Monkian he could hear us, yes-s-s." "Well Slythe, what do we do if 
he does go crazy on us. His temper is as bad as Mumm-Ra's" "If I know my 
cousin as well as I think, he will not destroy us because he knows he can 
not succeed without us, yes-s-s."
        Little did the Mutants know is that Drag-Ron could hear everything 
they said. "Hmmmm, If the Mutants rebel against me my plans are ruined." "I
must win back their favor." An idea then came to the evil one. "I know away
in which I will get my Decepticon army and keep the Mutants on my side." 
"SLYTHE, COME FORTH!" Outside the room, Slythe gulped in fear of what his 
cousin might do. "Yes-s-s Drag-Ron." "Take me to the highest mountain on 
Thundera, I must go there." "Can't you use your powers to get there yourself."
"Oh I need all my powers for something big, heh heh, now prepare the Space 
        Later, the two reptilians got to the highest mountain. "Now why are 
we here Drag-Ron?" "You shall see Slythe." Drag-Ron then raise dhis arms in
the air. He spoke some strange ancient incantations. Then a violent storm 
started and the winds became stronger. A huge blue hole then appeared in the
red sky of New Thundera. "Now bring forth the mightiest warriors of the past
bring the Decepticons!" Slythe stared in amazement. Suddenly two huge ships
shot out from the hole. One was a large orange shuttle and the was purple and 
was shooting at the other ship. Eventually the orange ship crashed into the
forests near by and the darker more sinister ship landed near the mountain. 
"Come Slythe let us mett our guests." "What is it?" "Its a Cybertronian war 
ship and it contains the thing that will rid ourselves of our enemies." 
        At Cat's Lair, Panthro had detected the large ship that crashed. 
"Lion-O, something huge just landed in the forest." "Hmmm, lets go check it
out, Panthro."
        The two Thundercats in the Whisker approached and saw the amazingly 
huge ship. "Do you think someone was on that thing when it crashed?" Lion-O
asked. "Only one way to find out Lion-O." Lion-O was amazed of how big the 
ship was, as big as the Cat's Lair, maybe even bigger. They slowly approached 
the ship not knowing what would happen.
        Drag-Ron and Slythe had seen the other ship land as well. "What is-s-s
your plan Drag-Ron now that you have this warship." "Its not the warship I'm 
after, but the army inside." "You mean both ships contain a mighty army for 
us to control." "No the other ship was a possible enemy, but I believe it has 
been destroyed, so pay of no mind." The two reptilians approched the ship. 
Slythe then pointed a sinister looking purple symbol on the ship. "What is-s-s
that." "It is the symbol of the Decepticon forces who will help conquer the
entire universe." "Decepticons?"
        Inside the ship, Decepticon robots were inside. The Decepticons were
Soundwave, Dirge, Onslaught, Scourge, Cyclonus, and the Decepticon leader 
Galvatron. Second in Command Cyclonus spoke first. "Soundwave, where have we
landed." Soundwave worked on the computer for a while and answered. "I can
not compute, location is unknown." Galvatron then gave his commands. "We will
plunder this entire planet, Decepticons exit the ship. 
        The Decepticons did exit the ship at Galvatron's command. Slythe and 
Drag-Ron saw them. "Decepticons, I am Drag-Ron leader of the Mutants of Plundarr
welcome to this world." The robots were huge, about 20 ft tall each. Galvatron
had a large red cannon mounted on his arm and pointed it at Drag-Ron. "I am
Galvatron, and I will be your destruction!" "No need to be hostle Galvatron, 
I brought you here myself becasue I am need of your services." "I don't deal 
with organic scums like you reptile." Drag-Ron became angered, but held it 
back. "I need your help to destroy my enemies the Thundercats." "Your petty
concerns are none of my buisseness, now I demand that you return me to Charr."
"Ah you live at Charr now, but I bet you would like to rule Cybertron instead."
Galvatron stopped to listen. "If you and your Decepticons help us destroy our
enemies, I will then help you conquer Cybertron." Galvatroen thought about it
for a little bit. "Alright we have a deal, but if you betray me I will destroy
        Lion-O and Panthro had approached the wreckage. They also saw huge 
robots. Three of them appeared. Lion-O tried to speak to them. "Hello, I am
Lion-O Lord of the Thundercats, who are all of you?" The leader of these robots
Rodimus Prime spoke. "I am Rodmius Prime, leader of the Autobots. This is Ultra
Magnus and Kup. Now could you please tell us where the heck we are." "Uhhh,
Thundera." Panthro said. Kup spoke up. "Well uhh do you knwo how we got here?"
"I don't know, we just noticed your ship crash here." Rodimus spoke up. "One
more question, there are five more of out number, have you seen them?" "No
we don't know them." Panthro said. Lion-O trusts the Autobots and believes that
they ar enot malicious beings. "Hey Rodmius, you can bring your Autobots to the
Cat's Lair and we will offer you shelter. There you can tell us the story, maybe
we can find your comrads." "Sounds good to me." "Alright, but you might have
to walk for a while." "Oh uh we don't walk let me show you. Autobots, transform
and roll out." Kup transformed into a truck and Ultra Magnus transformed
himself into a loading truck. Rodmius then transformed into a vehicle as well.
"Thats amazing!" Lion-O and Panthro got on the Whisker and drove away with the
        The missing Autobots were the 5 mighty Dinobots who bailed out of the
ship before it crashed. The leader of the Dinobots, Grimlock, led the others
into an ancient ruin area. The Dinobots weren't very intellegent and got lost
very easy. "Me Grimlock not sure where we are." Another Dinobot, Slag, argued
with his leader. "Me Slag say you not know very much anyway." 
        The ruins the primitive Dinobots were wandering around in were close
to Mumm-Ra's Pyramid, and the demonic creature was watching them through his
couldron. "Just look at them Ma-Mutt, warriors that size could destroy my 
pyramid easily..." Mumm-Ra then thought to himself. "... or help me destroy 
my enemies, heh heh heh." Mumm-Ra then noticed the red symbols on their chests.
"I don't believe it. I thought I was rid of them." Ma-Mutt looked confused. 
"Ma-Mutt these are Autobots. Thanks to them and their war with the Decepticons 
a thousand years ago on Third Earth, I had to stay in hiding in my pyramid. 
Maybe I can use these Autobots to my advantage." Mumm-Ra then raised his 
FORM TO MUMM-RA THE EVERLIVING!" Mumm-Ra was then granted his warrior form by
the spirits. "Now I go to great our visitors."
        Outside the Cat's Lair, The Autobots were introduced to the other 
Thundercats. The Autobots then told their story to the Thundercats. "Rodmius
if you got your alternate modes from Earthlike vehicles, that means you must
have come from the past, when the planet was inhabitted by humans." "Good
conclusion Lion-O, but how did we get here." "I don't knwo, but Panthro will
try his best to repair your shuttl eand maybe get you back."
        Drag-Ron and the Mutants had taken their Decepticon allies to Thundera's
mosslands, where The Lunatac's Sky Tomb was. Drag-Ron pointed at Sky Tomb. 
"Galvatron, their is the enemy destroy them." Galvatron turned to his Decepticons.
"Cyclonus, Scourge, Dirge, Transform and destroy Sky Tomb." Cyclonus spoke.
"Yes mighty Galvatron." Dirge and Cyclonus Transformed into large jet vehicles
and Scourge Transformed into a hovercraft. Cyclonus gave the commands. "Decepticons
attack and destroy." They began to open fire around Sky Tomb.
        Inside Sky Tomb the Lunatacs were trying to fight off the Decepticons,
but could not. "Luna, all of Sky Tomb's defenses have shutdown. Red Eye yelled.
"Tugg-Mugg, Alluro, Red Eye, get on the Lunattacker and destory those flying peices 
of junk." The Lunatacs obeyed Luna's orders. The Lunattcker wasa toy compared
to the Decepticons. Galvatron gave more orders. "Soundwave, dispose of that 
scrap heap." "As you command Galvatron." Soundwave then pressed a button on 
his shoulder. "Rumble eject operation earthquake." Soundwave's chest cavity 
opened and a small blue cassette came out. It landed on the ground and transformed 
into a robot named Rumble. Soundwave gave more orders to Rumble. "Rumble, 
activate piledrivers." Rumble then bent down and transformed his arms into 
pounding devices that whne used can cause tremors. "Its time to shake and quake." 
Rumble started pounding and caused the ground to crack. "Lunatacs, we must 
head back to Sky Tomb before we are destroyed." Tugg-Mugg yelled. "We'll be 
destroyed if we go back to Sky Tomb, Tugg-Mugg." "Don't worry Red Eye, I Alluro 
will have our attackers at our mercy. Alluro stepped out of the damaged Lunattacker 
and held up his Pysch Club. He aimmed for Galvatron and Soundwave. The glowing 
orb floated above the two Decepticons' heads. "I am Alluro and you can not beat 
me, so just give up while you still can, and I might spare you." Soundwave 
tried his best to resist. "Power ove rme to strong, can not hold out for much 
longer." Alluro continued. "You see, your friend has already given in now call
of your army. Galvatron just screamed and shook it off. Then the glowing orb
exploded. Tugg-Mugg was confused. "What happened Alluro?" "His mind is too 
deranged, not even I can control him." The Lunatacs abandoned the Lunattacker
and ran away. "No one and I mean no one tries to control Galvatron NO ONE!" 
Galvatorn then transformed into a cannon and destoryed the Lunattacker with
a single blast. "Soundwave, send Ratbat and Laserbeak to get them." Soundwave
pressed the button on his shoulder again and two more cassettes came out. The
red one transformed into Laserbeak the condor and the purple one transformed
into Ratbat the bat. They two took to the skies and swooped down to capture 
the three Lunatacs using their claws. Cyclonus, Scourge and Dirge then 
transformed into their robot modes. "Success Galvatron, we have taken the base
and the Lunatacs are our prisoners. "Good, Drag-Ron will now have ot hold his
end of the bargain."
        Mumm-Ra had now approached the Dinobots. "Hello friends. I am Mumm-Ra
Everliving source off good and all that is just and righteous." Grimlock 
responded "Uhh, Me Grimlcok, me Dinobot leader, them are other Dinobots." 
Grimlock then pointed to each one. "Him Slag, Him Swoop, Him Snarl, and Him
Sludge." "Dinobots, what is a Dinobot?" "Me Grimlcok show you... Dinobots 
transform." The five robots took the forms of Earth's ancient creatures the
Dinosaurs. Slag transformed into a Triceratops. Snarl transformed into a 
Stegosauras, Swoop a Pterodactyl, Sludge a Brontosauras, and Grimlock the 
mighty T-Rex. Mumm-Ra then thought to himself. "Heh heh, with these massive 
beings on my side I am invincible." Mumm-Ra then spoke to the Dinobots. 
"Dinobots, I am in need of your assistance. Evil beings known as the Thundercats
threaten to destroy my planet. Will you help me?" "Me Grimlock not sure, how
we know you tell truth." "Friends off yours, I believe they were called the
Autobots." "Me Sludge want to know where Autobots are." "They are at Cat's 
Lair, but I warn you. The Autobots you speak ar eno longer you friends. The
evil Thundercats have placed them under an evil spell, and now the Autobots 
are their slaves." Grimlock got upset. "WHERE THUNDERCATS, ME GRIMLOCK CRUSH
THEM!" "Me Swoop hurt Thundercats." "Me Snarl destroy Thundercats." "I will 
show you the way to Cat's Lair, where you might be able to free your friends
from the Thundercats evil. Come Dinobots." 
        The Dinobots made their way to Cat's Lair. "Now Dinobots, you must 
destroy the Thundercats in order to save the planet and your friends." Rodimus
spotted the Dinobots. "Dinobots, your here. Now you can help us out." "Me 
Grimlock say you wrong Rodimus Prime, Me Grimlock save you." "What are you 
talking about?" "DINOBOTS, SMASH EVIL THUNDERCATS!" Lion-O and the other Thundercats
saw this and drew their weapons. "Rodmius, are these your missing comrads?" 
"Yes Lion-O, but something is wrong with them." Kup gave his comments. "Oh 
you just noticed that." Ultra Magnus tried to stop the fight. "Dinobots, come
to your senses. These are our friends." "Me Grimlock say you need to come to
your senses Ultra Magnus. You under control of evil Thundercats." "What are 
you talking about?" The Dinobots were able to push back the Autobots. Grimlock
had Rodimus pinned down. Mumm-Ra then gave more commands. "Grimlock, destory
all of them." Panthro spotted Mumm-Ra. "It is Mumm-Ra." He then ran towards
him whirling his nunchucks. "I'm going to take you out for good." "I don't 
think so Thundercat." Mumm-Ra easily whipped Panthro away. Mumm-Ra then made 
his way through all the other Thundercats except Lion-O. "Slag, Swoop, dispose
of Lion-O." Slag tried to use his ramming powers on Lion-O, but the Thundercat
lord dodged it and Slag hit the side of the lair, knocking a hole in the wall.
"Me Slag have headache." Swoop tried to attack Lion-O from the sky. "Dinobots
listen to me. Mumm-Ra is lying to you do not listen to him." Swoop did not 
listen and continued his assault. Grimlock defeated Rodimus Prime and held him
down. "What wrong with you Rodmius? Me Grimlock can help." "Grimlock stop this.
There is nothing wrong with me." "Grimlock, there is no way to save your friend
you must destroy him." "But uhh, him friend of Grimlock, me no can hurt him."
"But you must free his spirit and to do that you must destory him!" Grimlock
then turned to the fallen Rodimus Prime. "Grimlock, don't do this!"

To Be Continued...

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