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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Gojira Arise!  (Part 2)
By Pat "Ma-Mutt" Kelly

       Mumm-Ra and his new partner Vulturman celebrate their victory over
the Thundercats. "Cawwwww, The Thundercats can't stop these monsters, even if
all the Thundercats were here" Mumm-Ra spoke up. "Now all we have to do is 
wipe out the rest of those mangy Mutants." "Cawww, most of them are here on
the planet now." "Vultureman, send your robot to kill them. Drag-Ron's army
will die at TROC's hands." "Yes Mumm-Ra, Cawwwwww, I will send him now."
        Meanwhile, Drag-Ron, Slythe and Beeman had appeared infront of the 
pyramid. "Slythe, you lead the way to Mumm-Ra's main chamber, you are familliar
with Mumm-Ra's Third Earth pyramid." "Yes-s-s-s Drag-Ron." Then Vultureman
emerged from the entrance. "Welcome, Mutants, welcome o your doom Cawwwww." 
"What are you doing here Vultureman?" Drag-Ron asked in anger. "It's quite
simple really, I'm going to destroy by command of Mumm-Ra. Cawwww" "You filthy
traitor I ought to grind your beak up into sawdust, Yes-s-s-s" "Enough talk
Slythe, lets the bird now" Beeman yelled. "TROC, attack!" The robot appeared
from the top of the pyramid and landed infront of the Mutants. He drew his
weapon, which was a duplicate of Panthro's nunchucks. Suddenly, TROC attacked
with his laser beam eyes. The Mutants dodged and drew their weapons. Drag-Ron
then held his hand up. "Mutants, stand back, I will destroy this tin can with
my sword." He drew the Sword of Evil and attacked. TROC jumped in the air to
aviod the slice of the sword. "Give it up Drag-Ron, he is too fast and agile 
for you." Drag-Ron ignored Vultureman's warning and still attacked. Out of 
TROC's nunchucks came gas which is used to blind his enemies. In the cloud of 
smoke, Drag-Ron disspeared. "Now kill him TROC, cawwwww" The robot shot lasers
from his eyes again at the cloud until it faded. When the smoke cleared up, 
Drag-Ron was nowhere in sight. "Where is is he?" Slythe wondered to himself. 
Drag-Ron then appeared behind TROC. "CAWWW, watch out, he is behind you." 
TROC turned around and pushed Drag-Ron away. TROC then transformed his 
nunchucks into a duplicate of the Sword of Omens. TROC then spoke his first
words to the Mutant sorceror. "Prepare to die, Mutant. HOOOOOO" A beam from 
the sword came out and almost hit Drag-Ron but he dodged it. "Heh Heh, finally
I have a real challenge." said Drag-Ron as he attacked again.
        While all of that was going on, Snarf was watching the whole thing near 
by. "Ohhh Snarf Snarf, how am I ever going to get inside the pyramid now."
The little Snarf thought to himself for awhile. "I don't know what to do. Hey
wait a second, I remember their was secret entrance on the side of the pyramid."
        On Thundera, the other Thundercats were getting worried. "I don't 
like this, the other Thundercats should have been back by now." Cheetara said.
Ben Gali spoke up, "Should we send some more Thundercats to Third Earh and look
for them?" "Yes, I'll go alone Ben-Gali. You stay here and guard the lair."
"but Cheetara, it may be too dangerous to go yourself." "We can't spare any
more Thundercats. The Lunatacs or The Mutants could attack at anytime, we need
as many Thundercats here as possible."
        Snarf did find sneak past the Mutants and found the secret passage to
the inside of the pyramid. "Snarf Snarf, I hope this plan works"
        Mumm-Ra, instead of resting, was watching Drag-Ron fight the TROC in
vision of his cauldron. "It looks as if Vultureman's little machine worked 
after all." The bandaged Mumm-Ra walked towards his lab. "I'll go show those
Thundercats what is in store for them." Snarf appeared and quietly followed
Mumm-Ra to his lab.
        King Ghidorah was now terrorizing the Unicorn forest. The unicorns
ran in fright of the flying three headed demon. Dead unicorns lay where King
Ghidorah had attacked. Warrior Maidens, led by Willa, came otu from the trees
and attacked the monster. Each maiden fired arrows at him, but it had no 
effect on Ghidorah. Willa yelled out. "Warrior Maidens, defeat it, we can't 
defeat it"
        Drag-Ron was still having a sword battle with TROC. "Your tough for a
robot." Vultureman was starting to get frightened, as the robot appeared to
be slowing down. "Cawwwww, his energy is running out." However, instead of
waiting for TROC's energy to run out, Drag-Ron steps back and slices the arm
holding the sword. TROC could not fight back with out a weapon and was cut 
down by Drag-Ron. The Mutant then turned his attention to Vultureman. "Now 
you infested maggot, explain yourself." Instead of answering, Vultureman runs
inside the pyramid. 
        Vultureman went into Mumm-Ra's main chamber calling to his new master.
"MUMM-RA! CAWWW, MUMM-RA!" Mumm-Ra emerged from his lab. "What is it, are 
Drag-Ron and the Mutants destroyed?" "No, Drag-Ron trashed the TROC and is 
Vultureman started to step away from the very angry mummy. "I-I-I'm sorry
Mumm-Ra, I did my best." Mumm-Ra pointed at him. "AND YOU STILL FAILED!" 
        Snarf had been waiting for Mumm-Ra to leave so he could free the 
others."Snarf Snarf, this place is scary." Snarf then noticed Lion-O, Pumyra
and Panthro all chained to a wall. "Lion-O, don't worry, Snarf's here, I'll
get you out of here." "SNARF, are we glad to see you." Pumyra spoke. "Snarf
go see if you can find something that could break these chains." Snarf then
pulled out the Sword of Omens. "Will this do?" Snarf then used the sword to 
cut Lion-O free. He gives the sword to Lion-O, and he frees the other Thunder
Cats. "Lion-O, I am sorry I ran away on you back there." "It's okay Snarf, 
the important thing is that you came back." "Snarf Snarf, but I've got something
to tell you Lion-O." Snarf then proceeds to the tell the Thundercats of how
they must get the medallion from Mumm-Ra and why.
        In the main chamber, Mumm-Ra was awaiting Drag-Ron and the Mutants. 
"To prepare for there arrival..." Mumm-Ra raised his arms in the air. "ANCIENT 
was then transformed into his mighty warrior form. "Now Drag-Ron, just bring 
it on." Drag-Ron, with Beeman and Slythe ran in the chamber. "Now Mumm-Ra, 
call off your monsters and hand us the traitor." "You mean Vultureman, hahaha
we had a deal." "What deal?" "He sold his soul to me and the spirits in exchange
for immortality." Drag-Ron then looked at Vultureman. "Is this true?" "Yes
Drag-Ron, but to prove I was worthy of immortality I had to destroy you." 
Drag-Ron then pulled out the handle of the Sword of Evil. The end of the 
handle with a dragon head on it then opened and a blade zoomed out. "Now Mumm
Ra this is our rematch that you requested." Drag-Ron used his skill to leap
over the cauldron and attacked Mumm-Ra. Mumm-Ra pulled out the Sword of Plundarr
and the two got into a sword fight. 
        Lion-O and the other Thundercats watched this. "Oh Snarf Snarf, how 
are we going to get the medallion from Mumm-Ra now." Lion-O then drew the
Sword of Omens and interupted the fight. "Get away cub, this is none of your
concern." "Wrong Mutant!"  The three warriors then began to clash their swords
with the Thundercats and Mutants serving as spectators. Then a rumble in the
Earth sent everyone down off their feet. "CAWWW, What was that?" Everyone 
left the Pyramid only to see the gargantuans Godzilla and King Ghidorah in
a blood fest against each other. 
        Drag-Ron was the first to speak. "Mumm-Ra, call them off before they
destroy us all!" "I can't control them, they are too berserk." "Cawwww, you
fool you'll get us all killed." Then the Rat Star, with Monkian and Wolfor
piloting it, landed near by. Monkian stepped out. "Hoo Hoo, Mutants get on
board, we got it fixed." Drag-Ron then called out. "Mutants, retreat to the
ship." All the Mutants got on, and Vultureman followed them. "Let me on Drag
Ron, let me come with you." Drag-Ron then turned to face him. "I don't think
so Vultureman. You can stay here with your new master." Drag-Ron then kicked
Vultureman away and entered the ship. The Rat Star then took off. Inside the
ship, Slythe celebrated. "At last, we have rid ourselves of that retched 
Vultureman, yes-s-s-s"
        Down on Third Earth, Lion-O and the others watched the two monsters
battle each other. Godzilla took two swipes at King Ghidorah. Godzilla then
turned his body around and gave Ghidorah a tail whip. Lion-O watched until he
noticed the Medallion of Life around Mumm-Ra's neck. The Thundercat lord then
took then chance and approached him quietly. Lion-O then grabbed the medallion
from around Mumm-Ra's neck and ran with it. "Hey, bring back that relic Lion
O." The other Thundercats followed their lord. "Vultureman, you want to prove
that you are worthy of immortality. Bring back the medallion." "Uhhh Yes
mighty Mumm-Ra, Cawwwwwww" Vultureman ran after the four Thundercats, while
Godzilla and his enemy battled. 
        In the fight, Godzilla used his radioactive fire breath weapon on his
three headed adversary. King Ghidorah backed off and used his electrcity beams
from each off his heads on Godzilla. Godzilla forced his way through them and
attacked Ghidorah, knocking him down. Godzilla used his fire breath on Ghidorah
while he was down. Ghidorah screamed and moved in pain. Godzilla's force got
stronger and stronger, and Ghidorah could not hold out for much longer. The
mighty three headed monster died, and Godzilla stood victorious.
        Lion-O and the Thundercats had watched the entire fight. Panthro
spoke first. "Well at least thats only four monstrosities we have to deal with
and not five" "Snarf Snarf, now Lion-O call for Mothra. That's what the Cosmos
said." "Are you sure about this Snarf?" "Yes, off course I am." Lion-O then 
held up the medallion and was about to call Mothra, but stopped and threw the
medallion down. Pumyra spoke. "Lion-O, why did you do that?" "No person should
have the power to control life. I can't do it." "Snarf Snarf, but we need 
Mothra to fight those monsters." "One monster can't defeat four." "We must 
wait for the other monsters to fight each other." "But that will take forever."
"Many lives could be destroyed doing that." Pumyra argued. "But, I can lead
the other monsters to us. From what I have seen, the monsters are attracted
to energy. By using the Sword of Omens' powers, I can lead them here." 
Vultureman had watched the entire thing. "Now here is my chance to get the
medallion, cawwww" Vultureman crawled over to the medallion on the ground, 
where Lion-O threw it. As he grabbed it, Snarf turned around to see him. 
"Hey Vultureman's taking the medallion, Snarf Snarf." "Thundercats, get him."
Pantrho and Pumyra captured Vultureman before he could get up. The Mutant 
dropped the ancient relic. Lion-O took one slash of his sword, and broke the
medallion in half. Vultureman ran away in fear of the Thundercats.
        Godzilla was ripping his Ghidorah's dead body to shreads. His blood
was scattered in large puddles. Godzilla roareds boomed throughout the dessert.
Mumm-Ra watcched this violent act. "I must make a note of this. The monsters
can not work together. I must keep them apart as long as I can." Vultureman
ran towards Mumm-Ra. "Mumm-Ra, Lion-O has destroyed the medallion. It is no
longer of any use, Cawwwwww." Vultureman was expecting Mumm-Ra to burst out 
of anger, but the demon priest actually looked happy. "That fool Lion-O has
destroyed his only chance to defeat me. I have won."
        Lion-O stood in the open holding up the sword. "I hope this works 
Lion-O." "I hope so too Panthro." Lion-O held up the Sword of Omens and called
symbol appeared from the Eye of Thundera and glowed in the sky. Mumm-Ra saw 
the symbol in the sky. "Who could Lion-O be calling, no other Thundercats are
even on Third Earth." 
        In other locatins of Third Earth, then bright symbol could be seen
and its mighty roar could be heard. Rodan, Space Godzilla, and Destroyah 
could also see and were drawn to its power. They headed towards it.
        Being the fastest flyer, Rodan was the first to arrive. The winged
reptile met Godzilla where King Ghidorah was being ripped apart. Godzilla 
stopped and turned to see his friend Rodan. Shortly after that, Spacegodzilla
soon arrived. He landed on the ground, and immediatly Rodan and Godzilla 
teamed up on the space creature.
        "It's working Lion-O, the monsters are all here but one." Panthro 
said in excitement. "Snarf Snarf, but what happens when there is only one 
monster left? How are we going to destroy that one?" "I don't know yet, Snarf."
        Spacegodzilla had his hands full with his two enemies. Using his mental
powers, he rose large crystal towers from underneath the ground, which encircled
Mumm-Ra's Pyramid. "Cawwwww, We must get the monsters to stop fighting, Mumm
Ra." "And how do you propose to do that Vultureman?" "I don't know Mumm-Ra."
"Lot of help you are." Godzilla used his radioactive fire on Spacegodzilla, 
but the demon used his magic shiled to protect him. Rodan swooped in for an
attack, but Spacegodzilla slashed him, and tore his wings. Rodan fell to the
ground.  Godzilla went to go check on his fallen friend. Rodan then died. The
King of Monsters became furious and charged at Spacegodzilla. Using his fire
weapon, Godzila destroyed the two crystals on Spacegodzilla shoulders, the 
source of his power. Godzilla let out a roar as he picked up Spacegodzilla 
by the tail and threw him down. Soon, all of the space monster's energy was
gone and he faded away into nothing more than tiny particles. Godzilla appeared
to be victorious. That is until Destroyah flew in. 
        "Well Lion-O, only two monsters remain." "I must use the Sword of Omens
to defeat them" "Snarf Snarf, but that didn't work the first time." "Yes, but
with the power of the Thundercats, I might be able to take them." Lion-O then
pointed the Sword of Omens at the two fighting monsters. "Panthro and Pumyra
lend me your strength and power to add to the sword's." Panthro and Pumyra both 
touched the Sword of Omens. "SWORD OF OMENS, GIVE ME POWER BEYOND POWER. 
THUNDER  THUNDER THUNDER THUNDERCATS...." At the same time the three Thundercats
yelled "HOOOOOO!" A huge bolt of lightning came from the sword and struck the
mighty Destroyer. He screamed and wailed in pain as the Sword became stronger.
Mumm-Ra was aghast. "Where is that energy coming from?" "Cawwww, the Sword of
Omens" Destroyah could no longer stand the pain and eventually evaporated. 
"Snarf Snarf, you did it Thundercats." Panthro looked down. "Not yet, we still
that huge lizard to deal with." "Ok lets try it again." Pumyra said. The 
Thundercats again yelled "HOOOOOOO!" and another bolt shot out. Godzilla was hit
but did not seem to be affected. "More Power." Godzilla then tired to reverse
it back at the Thundercats. "Yes, Godzilla will destroy them." Then a Thundarian
ship was seen flying in the background. It was Cheetara. She distracted Godzilla
and the beast followed her ship. "Where is the monster going, Lion-O?" "He
is headed for the Land of Sinking Sands." Godzilla was about to attack the
ship, when he started to sink into the ground. Mumm-Ra was shocked. "Nooooo, 
not Godzilla. Its not possible." Godzilla roared and screamed as he sank further 
into the ground.  Before he sank completely, Godzilla used his fire weapon 
for the last time, but he struck the Black Pyramid, destroying it completely.
"Ma-Mutt, prepare the Mumm-Raft and lets go." Vultureman tried to sneak away,
but Mumm-Ra caught him. "Your my slave now Mutant, you follow me!" Mumm-Ra, 
Ma-Mutt and Vultureman entered the Mumm-Raft and it dissapeared. Cheetara then
picked up the Thundercats and prepared to tak ethem home after they helped o
out there friends throughout Third Earth. 
        Afterwards, the Thundercats were on their way home. Cheetara was 
being told the whole story about what happened. "So Lion-O, why didn't summon
Mothra?" "If there is anything I have learned from this it is that no mortal
can play a god, and should be able to restore life." " I guess your right,
Lion-O." "Snarf Snarf, besides we did just fine as a team." Lion-O thought to
himself some more "It is amazing how Mumm-Ra made such horrific beasts. They
have to have been our toughest challenge yet." The Feliner soon arrived back
on New Thundera
        While the Feliner landed, Mumm-Ra's Pyramid was filled with shouting 
and anger, all directed to Vultureman. "It is your fault we failed. If your 
robot was as powerful as you boasted, I would be supreme ruler of Third Earth
.." "Cawwww, Mumm-Ra please spare me I promise I won't fail again." "Bah! and 
you think that you are worthy of immortality, Vultureman." Mumm-Ra then thought
to himself. "hmmmm, maybe I should give the bird just what he asked for, heh 
heh." "Vultureman, I will keep my promise. I will grant you the immortal life
that you desire." Vultureman's fear was replaced with joy. "Thank you Mumm-Ra
you will never regret this." "I know I won't." Mumm-Ra then raised his arms
PLEASE DON'T SEND ME THERE!" "You get what you deserve, Vultureman." Glowing
lights shot out from the cauldron and claws, hands, and horrid yells came from
inside. Ma-Mutt then forced Vultureman into it. Vultureman was screaming for 
help. The hands were pulling him down. "CAWWWWWWW, SOMEONE HELP ME, I NEED 
HELP, CAWWWWWWWWWWW!" "Don't worry Vultureman. In the Land of Fire and Demons 
you live an eternity of torture HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!". Vultureman
could no longer struggle, and was pulled down into the cauldron. His loud
screaming then went into dead silence and the demons in the cauldron died 

The End 

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