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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Gojira Arise!
By Pat "Ma-Mutt" Kelly


	Mumm-Ra was in his pyramid, anxiously awaiting the arival of some
audience. "Soon Ma-Mutt, the object I need to destroy the Thundercats, Mutants
and the Lunatacs will be in my grasp.". Suddenly a shadowed figure approached
the cauldron. In a whisper tone he spoke. "Mumm-Ra, here is the key to your
immortallity. Use it carefully and your dreams of conquest will come true.".
"Bah, I know this merchant, give me the Medallion.". The merchant tosses it
across the the cauldron. Mumm-Ra catches it and holds, the merchant vanishes.
"At last, the Medallion of Life is mine, now to the Mumm-Raft."
	At Cat's Lair, Lion-O ,Pumyra, Panthro, and Snarf were getting ready
for a visit to Third Earth. The mission is to obtain any left over equiptment
from the old lair and Tower of Omens. "Cheetara, I am leaving you in charge
until our return.". "Yes Lion-O, I'll make you proud.". They get on the Feliner
and fly off minutes later.
	Mumm-Ra was already on Third Earth. He had brought his old pyramid in
the desert back. "It feels good to be home, doesn't it Ma-Mutt". Ma-Mutt nods
his head. "Now that the Medallion is mine, I  have the power to bring back any
demons, evil beings, and monsters back to life, the only thing is who do I
bring back?". "The Ancient Spirits will tell me.". Mumm-Ra approched his old
cauldron. "Oh mighty ones, choose for me the destroyers that will destroy the
planet the known as Third Earth." The eyes on the spirit statues glowed red
course, I will bring back the Thundercats enemies like, Grune the Destroyer,
the Inflamer, and my other evil creations." "NO MUMM-RA, HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN
yes, I remember. It was my evil plotting that caused the creation of many
monsters to destroy the dominating civilazation of the planet. Come Ma-Mutt
we must go, the Black Waters await us."
	Lion-O and the others arrived on Third Earth. Before stopping by the
lair, they took time to visit the Berbils. "Lets see how Ro Bear Bill is
doing." Pumyra said. "Wait there he is, snarf snarf, he looks nervous.". Snarf
yelled. Bill was nervous he was running around, then he noticed the Thundercats.
Lord Lion-O. "Lion-O, your back.". "Only for a while Ro Bear Bill, but tell me
what is the matter.". "It is terrible Lion-O, The Warrior Maidens have informed
us that The Black Pyramid has reappeared.". Pumyra spoke up. "But Mumm-Ra is
on New Thundera.". Panthro spoke to. "We don't know that, he does have that
stupid Mumm-Raft of his.". "Snarf Snarf, what is he doing back here anyway."
"Do you think maybe he gave up fighting us?" "I don't think so Pumyra, I have
fought Mumm-Ra many times and he never quits." Lion-O said. "Well lets go to
the Pyramid and find out what Mumm-Ra is up to.".
	Mumm-Ra had arrived at a small beach like area. "Ah look Ma-Mutt, the
Black Waters, where evil souls lie, my demons, my monsters but also the Sea
Devil lies here.". Mumm-Ra held the mysterious Medallion of Life up and began
speaking unholy incantations. "NOW MEDALLION OF LIFE BRING THE SEA DEVIL, THE
SEA DEVIL NAMED GODZILLA!" A tremor started. Ma-Mutt got scared and hid behind
his master. "Watch Ma-Mutt, here he comes.". Godzilla, an 100 meter tall
monster aros from the waters. He let out a viscious roar. The monster was
dinosaur like with spines in his back and was a charcoal grey color. "Yes I
did it. Now Godzilla will spread fear thoughout the world, and the Thundercats
will be stop him. Then I may carry out my true plans. Ma-Mutt, we have other
places to go, and other monsters to bring forth.". Godzilla stepped out of
the ocean and made his way toward Hook Mountain. "The Thundercats will be
powerless to stop Godzilla and any other monsters I summon."
	The Thundercats were on the Feliner headed for the Pyramid, but
noticed a huge object headed for Snow Castle. "Snarf, Snarf, what is that?"
"I don't know Snarf, but lets find out. Panthro, Pumyra you two jump out and
go to the Pyramid on foot, Snarf and I will follow that thing to Hook
	Mumm-Ra was now in Darkside, where he claimed more monster's remains
are buried. "Now Medallion of Life, bring me The Flying Terror, Rodan, bring
back The Oxygen Destroyer, Destryah, The Space Demon, Spacegodzilla, and the
Three Headed Terror, King Ghidorah. The four monsters arose from the mouth of
a volcano. Rodan, a flying dinosaur, showed of his flying skills. Destroyah
spread his wings from his massive body and took to the air in an opposite
direction of Rodan. Spacegodzilla was the next to arise. He quickly flew in
the air, via telepathy, and dissapeared over the mountains. Lastly, King
Ghidora came from the ground and flew away. Mumm-Ra watched approvingly.
"Excellent, the Thundercats can't handle Godzilla, but with four others to
deal with, Lion-O and his Sword of Omens don't stand a chance."
	Lion-O and Snarf had arrived at Hook Mountain, only to find Godzilla
smashing everything in his way. "What in Thundera is that Lion-O, snarf
snarf." "I don't know Snarf, but its huge." Lion-O began to use the Feliner's
weapons on Godzilla, to no effect. "The lasers aren't even scratching him."
Godzilla started to slash at the Feliner. He emitted his mighty energy ray
from his mouth. The ray struck the Feliner, forcing Lion-O and Snarf to bail
the ship. As the Feliner crashed, Godzilla towered over Lion-O. "I don't know
what you are lizard, but I know you will fall before the Eye of Thundera."
Lion-O pointed the Sword of Omens at Godzilla's head. "HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" With
the command, a beam of energy struck Godzilla's head. Godzilla jerked his
head as if it stung, but over all the sword had no effect. "What, the sword
doesn't work either." Godzilla became annoyed with Lion-O and tried to stomp
him with his huge foot. Lion-O and Snarf dodged. Lion-O tucked Snarf under his
arm and began to run away. "Snarf Snarf, where do you think that thing came
from Lion-O?" "I don't know Snarf, but I have a feeling Mumm-Ra is up to this
monstrosity." Lion-O ran with Snarf tucked in his arm. While running from the
monster, Godzilla steps on the burning Feliner. Godzilla folows Lion-O and
Snarf until Lion-O hides himself from vision. Godzilla looks around for a
while, but when he can't find them, he goes away.
	Pumyra and Panthro have arrived at the Pyramid. "I don't like this
Panthro, Mumm-Ra has to be here somewhere." "Well lets go to the main chamber,
if he is anywhere, he will be in his casket." The two cautious Thundercats
quietly approached the casket of Mumm-Ra. They discovered it was empty. "Well
Panthro, I guess Mumm-Ra isn't..." Suddenly Mumm-Ra's laughter could be heard
throughout the Pyramid. Then his famous spell. "ANCIENT SPIRITS OF EVIL,
warrior form, swooped down from the rafters to attck the Thundercats. "Pumyra
try and knock him down.". Pumyra tried to sling her pellets at him, but he
was too fast. He quickly shot the Thundercats down. Mumm-Ra then approached
them. "HA HA HA, Ma-Mutt, take these fallen Thundercats to my lab, I'll have
the perfect thing I can do with them."
	The 5 monsters are causing chaos throughout Third Earth. King Ghidorah
had destroyed all of the Berbil village. Rodan swooped in and leveled the
abandoned Tower of Omens. Spacegodzilla had flown over Darkside, via his mental
telepathy, and destroyed everything in sight, including the remains of Skytomb.
Destroyah had also ripped the old Castle Plundarr to shreads. Godzilla spent
his time trampeling through the forests, and causing trouble for the warrior
maidens. Lion-O had noticed some of these destructive incidents and was very
confused. "Snarf, these monsters were never on Third Earth before when we
where here." "I know Lion-O, snarf snarf, but you have to admit, these things
did appear once we found Mumm-Ra's Pyramid, was back.". "I know Snarf, lets
go there and see what's up, maybe, Pumyra and Panthro have found something".
	While on Thundera, The Mutants are planning their invasion on the whole
planet. Drag-Ron was setting up the whole attack plan. "Now, I say that we
attack Cat's Lair first, kill the Thudercats, and take their weaponary, then
move on to...". He was interupted by Vultureman. "Cawww, you fool, why do we
need to soil our hands killing people when we can do it right here with my
inventions." "Because its more fun that way, bird brain. Mutants, I have sent
a spy to Mumm-Ra's Pyramid to find out what he is up to.". Slythe spoke up.
"Drag-Ron, who is the spy that you sent." "Monkian." Suddenly Monkian's
whaling could be heard coming up the stairs. "Drag-Ron, bad news, bad news
Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo." Monkian stumbles into the room and trips. "Stupid hairy
fang bag, what is so urgent." "Mighty Drag-Ron, I searched Mumm-Ra's Pyramid,
I went through it many times, and it was empty, no Mumm-Ra, Ma-Mutt, Mumm-Raft
it was totally abandoned Hoo-Hoo" "Mumm-Ra is up to something. He worries me,
he is more of a threat than the Thundercats are. Slythe, where would the
mummy go?" "The only place I could think of would be Third Earth, yes-s-s-s"
"Monkian, Slythe, Beeman, Porkus, board the Rat Star. We leave for Third
Earth immediatly" Vultureman crept out of the room as all the comotion went
on. He entered his lab down the hall. "Those fools, all of them. Drag-Ron
thinks he is so smart, but he underestimates me, Vultureman Cawww." I better
get to the Space Drill fast. Mumm-Ra is awaiting my special gift to him."
	Vultureman loaded something on the Space Drill shortly after the Rat
Star left. "Bye Bye Thundera, Cawwww." The Mutant got on the ship and left
for space. Jacklyman and Wolfor, the only Mutants left, ran outside to see
what was going on. "Where is Vultureman going, Jacklyman?" "I-I-I don't know
but I know one thing, we are all alone."
	On Third Earth, the monsters were still causing choas in seperate
parts of the world. Mumm-Ra watched from his cauldorn in delight. "Ha Ha Ha,
Lion-O is running scared and I have two Thundercat prisoners. Now, when
Vultureman gets here with his weapon, nothing can stop me." Ma-Mutt then ran
into his master. "What is it Ma-Mutt?" Ma-Mutt began to growl. "You saw some
thing, what was it?" Mumm-Ra listened to it some more. "LION-O, here near the
	"Snarf Snarf, are you sure its a good idea to go here Lion-O." "Panthro
and Pumyra are in there, and I have a bad feeling Mumm-Ra is near by."
	Mumm-Ra was watching them. "Closer than you think Thundercat." Mumm
Ra then raised his arms in the air. "ANCIENT SPIRITS OF EVIL, TRANSFORM THIS
DECAYED FORM TO MUMM-RA, THE EVERLIVING!" Mumm-Ra was quickly Transformed to
his warrior form. He flew out of the Pyramid to confront Lion-O. "Lion-O, how
nice to see you back on Third Earth." "Mumm-Ra, I knew you were responsible for
these monsters destroying the planet, and where are Panthro and Pumyra." "Oh
they are safe, for now, but other friends from this planet are not. Godzilla
and the other monsters will destroy them all. And as long as I have the
of Life, I can bring forth as many monsters as I want." "I will foil your plans
Mumm-Ra" "That is normal heroic jibberish.". As Mumm-Ra and Lion-O are about
to fight, Snarf turns around and sees something flying in the air. "Uhh Lion
O." "Not now Snarf." "But Lion-O..." "If you were smart Thundercat you would
turn around." Mumm-Ra pointed to the sky. Lion-O turned to see the hideous
King Ghidorah. "By Jaga, what is that?" "It is King Ghidorah, the three headed
terror." King Ghidorah let out a powerful roar and landed on his feet. "What
is it doing?" "It is only resting Lion-O, resting for the final attack. And
there is nothing you can do to stop me." Mumm-Ra then fired a laser from his
hand, striking Lion-O in the back.". Snarf bent over to Lion-O. "Oh Snarf Snarf,
Lion-O are you alright, speak to me.". Mumm-Ra approached Snarf. "Run creature,
inform your friends, that I Mumm-Ra shall rule Third Earth." In terror, Snarf
ran away. "Pathetic creature." Little did Mumm-Ra know, is that Snarf took the
Sword of Omens with him. Mumm-Ra then took Lion-O inside the Pyramid.
	The Rat Star had arrived on Third Earth, with Vultureman close behind.
They landed the ship near the old Tower of Omens. Drag-Ron was the first to
exit. "What happened here, the Tower of Omens has been totally destroyed." Drag
Ron and the other Mutants looked in awe. Slythe made an observation. "Such
destruction could be caused by our weaponary, yes-s-s." Beeman stood in shock.
"Nothing could be so powerful that it could rip a Thundercat fortress like
tissue paper." Suddenly, the monster Rodan flew over head. Drag-Ron saw the
amazing creature. "What is that, Slythe?" "I don't know, but I've never seen
anything like it." Rodan flew in circles for while, then swooped down to attack
the Rat Star. "What the...?" Porkus yelled as Rodan lifted the Rat Star up with
his talons. Rodan flew away with the ship. He put it on the ground and used his
massive beak to peck inside of it. Rodan let out a roar then flew away, leaving
a hole on the top of the Rat Star. "I knew Mumm-Ra was up to something." Drag
Ron said in frustration. "Porkus, Monkian, stay hear and do what you can to
fix the Rat Star. The rest of us are to pay a little to Mumm-Ra." Drag-Ron
raised his arms in the air. Using his magic, he was surrounded by blue light.
Slythe and Beeman became covered as well, and in a flash they dissapeared.
	Snarf was running away from the Pyramid. He stopped at teh ruins up
a head of it. "Oh Snarf Snarf, I am such a coward. I left Lion-O alone and
defenseless. Some Thundercat I turned out to be.". Suddenly, Snarf could hear
singing coming from behind him. Snarf got scared. "AHHH, who is there." From
behind a rock, two faries appeared. "Don't worry Snarf, we will not hurt you."
Snarf looked down on the two tiny faries. "Who are you two." "We are the Cosmos,
I am Moll and this is my sister Lora." "Uhhh, hi." Snarf was confused. "We
have lived on this planet for milleniums now, we have seen all of these monsters
before." "So you two know what is going on here." "Yes, infact we know how to
defeat them." "You do, tell me." Lora spoke. "Long ago, in the year 1944, this
planet was inhabited by intellegent human beings. The evil Mumm-Ra, who lived
in his tomb for centuries, feared they might discover him and maybe even
destroy him. Instead of handling it himself, Mumm-Ra made sure the humans would
destroy themselves." "How?" "Nuclear energy, which does not exist now, was a
tested on oceans and islands throughout the world. Mumm-Ra used the energy to
mutate and create monsters that ravaged this planet. In 1954, Godzilla was
born." "Snarf Snarf, Is Godzilla one of those monsters?" Both faries spoke at
the same time. "Unfortunately, yes. Godzilla was by far the most powerful
monster created by Mumm-Ra, and now the monster is reborn to destroy the world"
"How do we stop the monsters." "The Medallion Mumm-Ra was taking about, gave
him the ability to recreate life. Take it from him, and bring back the monster
Mothra. " "Who is Mothra?" "In 1992, The mighty Mothra defeated Godzilla in
a grueling fight. Mothra can beat him and the other monsters now." "Alright,
I'll do it. Thank you Lora, Moll, Snarf Snarf." Snarf waved good bye and ran
to Mumm-Ra's Pyramid.
	During Snarf's talk witht he Cosmos, Vultureman arrived at the pyramid
with a special cargo for Mumm-Ra. "Mumm-Ra! I have it for you." "Good
come this way." Mumm-Ra lead the mutant to his secret laboratory (Note: remember
Spitting Image) Vultureman looked in amazement. "Mumm-Ra, I didn't know you
had an interest in Science." "Off course Vultureman. I may look old fashoned,
but I have to keep with the times you know." Mumm-Ra lead Vultureman to the
three captured Thundercats tied to three tables. "Now Vultureman, what is that
special cargo you brought me." "Here Mumm-Ra, the TROC" Vultureman pulled the
sheet of off a silver robot with a cat head. "TROC?" "Yes, it stands for,
Thundercat Robot Operations Clone. I made it so you can copy the powers of
these Thundercats here and put them in the robot. TROC will then use the
Thundercats powers against them." Good work Vultureman, the TROC will be put
into action now."
	Of all the problems the Thundercats have now, the monsters have
destroyed the villanges of Third Earth, forcing the Berbils, Wollows, Warrior
Maidens, and the rest to live in underground caverns. Godzilla, Rodan, Space
Godzilla, Destroyer, and King Ghidorah will destroy all of Third Earth, much
to the delight of Mumm-Ra. But little does Mumm-Ra know, is that he can not
control the monsters himself.


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