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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Journey for the Sword
By Pat Kelly (Ma-Mutt)

"Uhh Sorceress.". "Yes Lion-O.". "I'll go to Etheria and help out the rebellion. "That is very brave of you Lion-O. Now He-Man, who can you get to join you two?". "Well Teela and Man-At Arms are busy, but Ram Man and Orko would be willing.". "and Snarf will be joining us.". "Okay, now I'll will send you all soon.". Drag-Ron and Slithe were still watching the brutal battle at Cat's Lair. "I am loving every moment of this, Slithe.". "So am I.". Luna was also excited. "The Thundercats are crumbling before us.". The only remaining Thundercats who weren't either frozen by Chilla, or working on the new Tower of Omens were Cheetara, Panthro, and Lynx-O. Panthro was very angry. "I wish I could take those Lunatacs and beat them all myself.". "What veichels are functioning, Cheetara?". "Only the Thunderstrike and the Hovercat are.". Lynx-O was operating the Cat's Eyes. "Those Luna Tacs are putting more of an effort than I thought, but if I can take out Chilla with the heat ray we might stand a chance.". Lynx-O aimed the ray at the Ice Runner. The beam stuck her dead on. "Ahhh, my ice is wearing off.". Chilla then crashed in a desert near by. "The Lunatac that was winning the battle is out Drag-Ron.". "The've still got five more to deal with Slithe." The group had been asembled to enter Etheria. Ram Man was a short guy armored almost everywhere, and with extendable legs. "We're gonna bash some baddies, hey He-Man". "You'll get your chance Ram Man.". The Sorceress then waved her hand which summoned a portal infront of the warriors. "Now go, and may Grayskull protect you all.". "Oh Snarf Snarf, I don't like the sound of the Horde.". "Oh Snarf, the Horde is evil, and evil always fails in the end.". Lion-O was still trying to comfort Snarf. Lion-O was not aware of the danger that awaited ahead. At Snake Mountain, Mumm-Ra and Skeletor are arguing. "You bandaged fool, why didn't you take care of that Thundercat when you had the chance.". "I told you Skull face, I had to recharge my powers. Even one as powerful as I has limitations". "We had them at our mercy, but you bungled things up, Mumm-Ra.". "But we may have another chance. Ma-Mutt discovered that Lion-O and He-Man headed to Etheria, we can ambush them there.". "No way Mummy, I won't go there as long as Hordak is still in command.". "Hordak, he is the villian Ma-Mutt told me about. Do you know him.". "Know him, that fool trained me in the ways of evil, and left me stranded here.". "Now get out of my sight Mumm-Ra. Mer-Man, Tri-Klops, escort him of the premisis.". As the two evil warriors approached Mumm-Ra, the evil mummy disspeared. "Where did he go, Tri-Klops.". "I don't know fish." Skeletor then spoke out while sitting on his throne. "Don't worry, he is gone.". Mumm-Ra appeared at the Mumm-Raft. "Ma-Mutt, set the course for Etheria. I think Hordak would make the perfect ally". The crew arrive on Etheria to see an entire forest being blasted by tanks and flying ships. Lion-O was the first to speak. "This is terrible, but we'll fix it.". Lion-O drew out his sword and blasted the ships out of the air. "What are those He-Man?". "Those are Batmecks, be careful they are deadly.". He-Man and Lion-O fought of as many of the ground troopers as they until they were countered. "Put your hands in the air!" one of the troopers said. Then a laser blast took the trooper out. It was Adora who took out the trooper. Then some rebels helped them out. "Hello He-Man, who is this?". "This is Lion-O, he has decided to help us out here.". "Nice to meet you Lion-O, I'll take you're group to Castle Brightmoon, the Horde has not adavanced over there yet. Lion-O was confused, but went along. On the way there, Lion-O and Adora got to talking. "So your the King and Queen's daughter from Eternia.". "Right, I am Adam's twin sister, I'm sure you met him.". "Actually no I didn't. But if you are from Eternia, why are you here.". "Well I was kiddnapped when I was just a baby by Hordak, and I was raised to be a member of the Horde, but both He-Man and my brother turned me around. I stay here, because it is where I belong for now, while the Rebellion is still in need.". "Tell me more about this Hordak. Is he alot like Skeletor?". "Close, but Hordak lives with his generals in the Fright Zone, where he thinks up his evil plans.". Then the group arrived at the golden castle called Brightmoon. "Here we are. Lion-O, I'll introduce you to the Rebels.". While entering, Lion-O saw a purple skined women flying on a Broom. She crashed into the wall. "What was that?". "Don't worry Lion-O, it was only Madame Razz and Broom.". To the amazement of Lion-O, the broom stood up with Madame Razz and walked over to Lion-O. Razz was the first to say something. "Hi Adora sweetie, who is this new face.". "I am Lion-O, I have come to help your Rebellion.". The Broom then talked. "That's good, Queen Angela just discovered the Horde moving their army this way.". Deep into the forests and to the lands of Etheria, stood the evil Fright Zone. In the central room sat Hordak, with his pet Imp perched on his shoulder. "Is the army adavncing toward Brightmoon, Shadow Weaver.". The a robed women with her face hidden approched the throne. "Lord Hordak, I will assure you that Brightmoon will be ours in just a few short hours.". Then the Mumm-Raft appeared right before Hordak's eyes. "In the name of Horde Prime, what is it?". Mumm-Ra dressed in bandages and his hood sttepped out with Ma-Mutt close behind. Hordak was rather displeased. "Who are you and what are you doing in the Fright Zone?". "Cool down Hordak.". "How do you know my name? Are you some kind of sorcerer?". "You might say that, but let me introduce myself. I am Mumm-Ra, the Everliving, and I come proposing a partnership.". "You mean just because I know your name I'm going to trust you, keep dreaming.". "An enemy of mine has landed on Etheria, and he plans on making things bad for the Horde, but if you trust me, I'll eliminate him.". "One man can't possiblly pose any threat against my army.". "Yes, but his sword is of great power, and could even defeat you Hordak, but I shall make sure it doesn't happen.". Hordak stroked his chin in thought, when his Imp spoke up. "Master, I don't like this guy. I say we blow him away.". "and I say different Imp.". Hordak then knocked the Imp of his shoulder. "Mumm-Ra, you destroy this enemy and any rebels with him and you shall be rewarded.". Mumm-Ra then dissapeared with the Mumm-Raft. Shadow Weaver was in shock. "Where did he go?" Lion-O had met the other Rebels, the leader of the Rebellion Queen Angela, her daughter Glimmer, Bow, and his companion Kowl. Orko and He-Man then spotted Horde tanks headed for the castle. "Sound the alarms, we'ra under attack." Orko yelled. Ram Man put a grin on his face. "Oh goodie, some bad guys for me to bash." The Horde Generals, Mantenna, Grizzlor, and Tounge Lashor were on their way to the castle. "I Grizzlor will be pleased to serve lord Hordak.". "Those rebels shall fall before my power." Mantenna yelled. "What power would thta be you idiot.". Toung Lashor and Mantenna then started to argue. Grizzlor then tried to stop the fight. "Don't fight now, the Rebels must be our main focus.". Inside the castle, He-Man, Madame Razz, Kowl, and Adora huddled up. "Adora, I think we need She-Ra, and fast.". "Alright He-Man.". Adora then ran downstairs to the stable were she saw her horse Spirit. "Okay, Spirit. It's time for She-Ra and Swift Wind.". Adora then drew a sword from her back simillar to Adam. "FOR THE HONOR OF GRAYSKULL!". Adora was then surronded by bolts of energy until she transformed into the female warrior, She-Ra. Then she pointed the sword at Spirit and he bacame Swift Wind, the winged horse. She-Ra then made her way into Brightmoon's throne room. "Hello, I heard of the invasion and I stopped by.". "Welcome She-Ra, we could use your help." The Rebels, Eternians, Lion-O, and Snarf stood infront of Castle Brightmoon awaiting the army. "Oh Snarf Snarf, I have a bad feeling about this.". Then a group of Horde tanks with an army of ground troops led by Grizzlor and the other generals made it over the horizon. Tounge Lashor then pointed toward the castle. "DESTROY THEM!.". He-Man, She-Ra and Lion-O them formed a battle plan. "Okay, She Ra, you and Swift Wind take some of those Batmecks headed this way, and Lion-O you and I will take out the generals.". As Lion-O and He-Man ran towards Mantenna, Tounge Lashor and Grizzlor, the Mumm-Raft materialized right infront of them. Mumm-Ra stepped out. "Lion-O, prepare to die. ANCEINT SPIRITS OF EVIL, TRANSFORM THIS DECAYED FORM TO MUMM-RA THE EVERLIVING!". Mumm-Ra then trransformed. "He-Man, take out the generals, I'll handle Mumm-Ra. While Queen Angela was in the air helping She-Ra, she noticed Mumm-Ra fighting Lion-O. "I'll help you Lion-O.". Angela swooped down behind Mumm-Ra. "It looks like Hordak has found a new servent.". Mumm-Ra snapped around. Angela used some of her magic on Mumm-Ra. It stunned him a little bit. "You have power Angela, now feel my power.". Mumm-Ra focused his power on Angela. "ahhhhh, I can't repel this power.". Angela then fell to the ground. He-Man had encountered the Horde leaders. "Come on Grizzlor, let's see what you've got.". Grizzlor them charged at He-Man, but He-Man dodged. Tounge Lashor then fired his tounge at He-Man. He Man cought it and tied it to a near by tree. "I can't get myself loose.". Mantenna then fired lasers from his eyes, causing He-Man to fall. Behind Mantenna, She-Ra and Swift Wind swooped down on top of the four legged Horde member. "Ouch, you dumb horse, you hurt me.". Bow was shooting his arrows at the attacking troopers when he saw Grizzlor sneaking up behind She-Ra. He fired an arrow which hit the ground exposing a sleep gas. Grizzlor then fell unconscience. "Not even the mighty Grizzlor can take on my arrows.". Lion-O and Queen Angela were still fighting Mumm-Ra. "Lion-O, this evil being has more power than I have seen in a long time, what is he.". "I'll tell you late, but I have soemthing to do.". Lion-O then raised the Sword of Omens. "HOOOOOOO!". The bolt of theunder that came from the sword hit Mumm-Ra right in the eyes, causing him to fall. "AHHHHH, MY EYES!". "Angela, use those wings of yours and see if you can find more help for us.". "Off course Lion-O, the Widgets live near by.". Angela then took off to the air. At the Fright Zone, both Hordak and Shadow Weaver noticed that the fight was not going well for their army. "How can we lose to those rebels. Shadow Weaver, go there immediately and see what you can do.". "Off course my master.". The mystrious sorceress then disspeared into thin air. "Imp, you will come with me, we must go to the Horde World.". "But Hordak, the Horde World is where that scary Horde Prime lives.". Imp trembled in fear. "Yes you retched creature, my master will provide us with the weaponry we need to crush the rebellion, He-Man, She-Ra, and that Feline menace.". She-Ra, on Swift Wind, was taking care of the flying Batmecks pretty easily. Orko and Snarf were fighting one Horde Trooper. "Oh Snarf Snarf, take this.". Snarf then bite the troopers foot. "OW, you will pay for that ugly one.". Orko then hovered over the two. "Oh yeah take this.". Orko then started to spin that messed up magic of his. He turned the Trooper into a soup can. "Alright Orko.". Snarf then gave Orko a high five. Madame Razz was also making some magic when she accidently turned some tanks into wood. "Whoops, well I guess that mistake was okay.". He-Man was also taking out some tanks with his bare fists. Ram Man put his hard head to good use as well. "Everyone out of the way.". All the Rebels cleared the area and Ram Man rammed a boulder near by. The fragments were big enough to destroy some of the enemy tanks. Hordak had warped himself to the Horde World, a planet of pure evil. Hodak, with Imp on his shoulder, stood on a floating platform. "Master Horde Prime, your servent needs your help.". In the skys above, two glowing red eyes appeared. "WHAT IS IT HORDAK, THIS BETTER BE IMPORTANT!". "It is my master, I request a battle weapon powerful enough to destroy the Rebels.". "HA, I NEEDED A GOOD LAUGH, DO YOU THINK AFTER THE DESTRUCTION OF THE VELVET GLOVE AND THE MONSTRON, I WILL LEND YOU ANOTHER SHIP, YOU ARE A BOLD ONE HORDAK!". Even the seemingly fearless Hordak trembled before his master. "Well, um, their is a new rebel, and uhh...". "THERE ARE NEW REBELS JOINING EVERYDAY, AND YOU STILL HAVE CONTROL OVER ETHERIA, SO WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL!". "But Master, according to a source, this new rebel has powers that can even challenge my own.". "VERY WELL HORDAK, TAKE MY MEGATANK, IT WILL SERVE YOUR PURPOSES!". Lion-O may have thought the Thundercats would hold out, but they couldn't. The Lunatacs were just too strong. Even without Alluro and Chilla having to return to the base due to injuries, the remaining Lunatcs went on a rampage, and Drag-Ron watched the whole thing with laughter. "Watching those Thundercats crumble slowly makes me want to shout out in joy.". "Drag-Ron, when do you want me to call our forces here.". "When the LUnatcs conquer the Lair.". "Yes-s-s, Drag-Ron, Yes-s-s.". Panthro was not the least bit happy with this. "Great, the Thunderkittens, Ben Gali and Pumyra are out, Tygra and Snarfer are at the tower, Lion-O left, and Snarf has dissapeared. We can't last too much longer.". Lynx-O then thought up of something. "I've got it, let's see if we can take out the Lunatacs in hand to hand combat, rather than using technology.". The three remaining Thundercats then stepped out of the lair. Cheetara then used he staff to jump on top of the Lunattcker. "Red Eye, take Cheetara out.". "With pleasure Luna.". Red Eye exited the Lunattacked and begun his assualt. He fired various weapons from his chest plate, but Cheetra dodged them all. Lynx-O did the same thing with Tugg Mugg. Panthro then punched his way into the Lunattacker. "Amuck, bash him.". Amuck tried to do as told but Panthro dodged, and Amuck's huge fist hit soem of the machinary, causing the veichel to short out. Luna and Amuck then ran out as fast as they could. "Lunatcs, retreat, now quick at once.". As the Luna tacs ran away, Drag-Ron watched in horror. "No you fools, come back and fight. Slithe, take us to the base as fast as possible.". The Flying Machine then zoomed off into the distance. She-Ra, Lion-O, and He-Man, took out dozens of troopers with their combined powers, while the comical team of Orko, Snarf, and Kowl subdued a few. After a long time, the whole army was vanquished except for Mumm-Ra. She-Ra was the first to confront him. "Evil Monster, you will now return to the darkness you came from.". "Ha Ha Ha, you can't beat Mumm-Ra the Everliving that easily, female.". Mumm unleashed a whole lot of his dark magic, causing Lion-O, He-Man, Bow, and all the others to fall, except for one of the Widgets, Snarf, Orko, Madame Razz, Broom, and Kowl. "Oh Snarf Snarf, Mumm-Ra has never been this angry before.". Kowl turned to Snarf. "You know alot about this Mumm-Ra creature, how do we defeat it.". "I don't know, Lion-O normally does all the work.". "Well I, Orko the Great, will find some sort of spell that can fix this mess.". "I'll help you there Orko.". One of the Widgets then spoke up. "Hey, how about if I use one of my sneezing powder arrows, it always works.". "Snarf Snarf, go ahead.". The tiny elf aimed for Mumm-Ra with his bow. He let go, and the arrow hit Mumm-Ra in the chest, and it exploded with the powder. "What in the name of all the ancients is.. ACHOO ACHOO.". "Snarf Snarf, CHARGE!". Orko, Snarf, a widget, and Kowl strated to gang up on Mumm-Ra. Kowl pulled his helmet over his eyes, devoiding him of sight. Snarf grabbed his foot and started to bite it. The Widget was trying to knocke him down, while Orko was pounding on his helmet, and Mumm-Ra was sneezing the whole time. The other heroes then stood up. Lion-O spoke. "Well will you look at that.". "Quick, while he is distracted, lets see if the combined powers of our swords can take him out.". As She-Ra ordered, the three heroes rasied their swords and pointed them at Mumm-Ra. "HOOOOO!", "I HAVE THE POWER!", "I AM SHE-RA!". The laser blasts fired from their swords as their companions moved out of the way. The three beams combined as one powerful one. "AHHHHHH, this power is too much for me, I must get back to the Mumm-Raft.". Mumm-Ra then dissapeared, but as they started to celebrate, the Megatank rolled over the hill, containing Shadow Weaver, Imp, and Hordak. "Mumm-Ra may have failed, but I will not, DIE REBELS!". The tank fired many blasts which alerted the Rebels. Glimmer stood tall. "Maybe some of my magic can stop it.". "I will help you daughter.". Queen Angela and Glimmer focused their powers on the but the could not destroy it, and decided to try something else. A beam from the laser then hit Orko which caused some sort of poison in side of him. "ORKO!". He-Man rushed over to help his friend. "How can I help you, this looks fatal.". Lion-O started to grieve when he remembered what Lynx-O gave him. "He-Man, I've go this, it's suppose to cure poison, but I don't know if it works.". Lion-O gave the bottle to He-man who poured it over Orko's covered face. Orko seemed to regain conscienceness, but was still weak. "Bow, take Orko back into the castle and let him rest for a while.".He-man then turned his attention to the tank. Lion-O then came up with something. "Wait, what if Ram Man takes care of it.". "Oh goodie.". Ram man then rammed his hard head into the front of the tank, nearly destroying it. Hordak then stood up from the reckage. "You've won this fight rebels, but I will destroy you all.". Hordak then transformed into a rocket and flew off towards the Fright zone. Shadow Weaver and Imp then arose. "Hordak, wait for us.". Shadow Weaver then cast a speel which made both her an Imp dissapear. As Lion-O and the Eternians were ready to return, Lion-O got a danger signal from the sword. "Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight.". Lion-O saw images of the Rat Star with added weaponry added being driven by Slithe, Vultureman, Jackylman and Drag-Ron, and headed for the lair. "Oh no, I have to get back home, fast.". She-Ra then approached Lion-O. "Lion-O, on behalf of the Rebellion, we all wish you luck that you and your noble Thundercats keep your code of honor.". "Farewell She-Ra." He-Man and She-Ra exchanged hugs and then the Eternian group went back to Greyskull. "Okay Lion-O, I better be going now, but if you ever need my help, you'll know where to go.". He-Man then walked out of the Castle. Everything was prepared and the Feliner was ready to leave. Snarf was already on board while Lion-O talked with Teela, Orko, and Prince Adam. "I'm sorry I didn't get to know you more Lion-O.". Adam said. "Well i've gotta go, my people need me. As Lion-O flew off into the sky, he waved to his new found friends. As Lion-O was entering space, a huge portal, opened by the Sorceress, took the Feliner back to Thundera. "Alright, now let's get to the lair.". The Rat Star had already launched it's attack. "Cawwww, now we will do what the Lunatacs could not, Cawww.". "Don't squabble bird and keep firing, Yes-s-s.". Ben Gali, now recovered, watched on the screen. "Ohh, we can't take another attack like this.". Wily Kit then noticed something far in the distance. "What is that?". ily Kat was the first to discover who it was. "IT'S THE FELINER, LION-O IS BACK!". Lion-O then put the ship on auto pilot and stood on top of the ship. "THUNDER THUNDER THUNDER, THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOOO!". A huge blast from the sword of Omens struck the Rat Star's engine. "Ahh, were hit." Jacklyman yelled. "Blast, Lion-O found the Sword, Mumm-Ra failed.". Drag-Ron then rose his fists in anger. "I told you to destroy him when you had the chance, Caawwww.". "Shut up, Vultureman and get the ship back to Castle Plundarr, Yes-s-s.". The Rat Star then turned and flew away. After the huge battle, The Thundercats went to look at the new Tower of Omens. "Snarfer Snarfer, what do you think Lion-O.". "Very good Snarfer, you and Tygra did a bang up job.". "Snarf Snarf, you have out done yourself Snarfer.". "Oh, by the way Lion-O how did you get your sword back.". "Help, from a friend Snarfer.". Drag-Ron was rather upset with Mumm-Ra and went to tell him so back at the Pyramid. "You fool, how could you let this great happening slip by you.". "I don't need to explain anything to you Mutant.". The bandaged Mumm-Ra walked up to his couldron. "Remember Mumm-Ra, i beat you once, i can do it again.". "Bah, I underestimated your powers the last time, why don't we give another whack at it.". Drag-Ron was about to draw his sword but decided not to, and he exited the Pyramid. The End

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