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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Thundercats in the WWF
By Pat "Ma-Mutt" Kelly

(This fan fic is purely for comedy and does not effect th time line of my other stories.)

This Fan Fiction is dedicated to the memory of WWF superstar Owen Hart

Matches for the Wrestling event

WWF Heavyweight Title Triple Threat
(ch) The Undertaker vs. Drag-Ron vs. The Rock

One On One, winner gets a shot at the title
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. Mumm-Ra

8 man tag Survivor Rules Match

The Mutants vs. The Lunatacs(Alluro, Amuck, Tugg Mugg, and Red Eye)

Women's Tag Match

Cheetara and Pumyra vs. Chilla and Chyna

WWF Intercontinental Title

(ch)Jeff Jarrent vs. Panthro

WWF Tag Title Match

Tygra, and Ben-Gali vs. The Acolytes

Six Man Tag

Kane and D-Generation-X vs. The Super Mutants

one on one

Mankind vs. Triple H

Your Brodcast Announcers for tonight are "Good Ol' JR" Jim Ross, and Ro-Bear Bill

JR - Hello Everbody, I'm Jim Ross and this is the WWF at it's best tonight. 
Beloved Characters from Thundera have joined the talent roster and and other
positions in the WWF. And here is one of them next to me, Ro-Bear Bill

Bill- Thanks for the introduction JR

JR - Why your welcome, my pleasure is all mine. Now Lets get to the ring. Our
first match tonight is the loveable Mankind vs. The Corporate Ministry 
Memeber Triple H with his valet Chyna. Now let's go to our ring announcer, 
Howard Finkel, or the Fink

The Fink - This Match is for one fall. About to make his appearence, with the
9th wonder of the world Chyna, representing the Corporte Ministry, Triple H

:Triple H and Chyna make their way to the ring.

Bill - WOW! That Chyna is really big for a women.

JR - She is no lady Bill, she is your everyday witch. and Triple H is no
different. His mean streak has gotten worse eveyday.

The Fink - Now, making his entrance, representing the Union, the one and only
Mick floey in his Mankind persona

:Mankind then makes his way down to the ring

JR - Oh Mankind is certainly a favorite here in the federation, and his love
for pain is what has pushed him in the WWF

Bill - Love for pain?

JR - I remember last year, Mankind was in a Hell in the Cell match with The
Undertaker, and was thrown right off the top of the cell and on to the 
announcers table.

Bill - WOW!

:Ding Ding, the match begins. Mankind starts by punching Triple H in the 
head a few times. Then he rams his head into turnbuckle several times. Triple
H reacts with a kick to Mankinds knee

Bill - That had to hurt Mankind

JR - I think that is the knee Mankind just had surgery on.

:Mankind is now on the ground with Triple H kicking him in his leg. Mankind
is having trouble getting up to his feet. Then Mankind tries to climb the top
rope to perform an aerial manuver. But Triple H distracts the Referee, Chyna
climbs up and gives Mankind a low blow. 

JR and Bill - OUCH!

:Mankind then falls to the ring apron where Triple H rams him right off. 
Mankind flies over to the spanish announce table, breaking it in half

Bill - Oh my god he's dead

JR - No he's not. No matter what you do to Mankind, he always gets up for

:Triple H then climbs to the outside, grabs a chair and waits for Mankind 
to get up. When he does get up, Triple H nails him in the back of the leg 
with the chair. 

Bill - Oh come on, the've gotta stop this.

JR - I think Mankind returned to the ring to early. That knee is not fully

: Triple H then rolled Mankind into the ring. Mankind some how gets to his 
feet and gives Triple H a double arm DDT. 

JR - Mankind needed that. It will give him time to recover a little bit

: Mankind then reached into his tights where he pulled out Mr. Socko.

JR - It's Socko. Give it to him Mankind.

: Mankind then put Socko on his hand and jammed it down Triple H's throat

Bill - What is he doing JR?

JR - He is giving Triple H the Mandible Claw, a paralyzing move.

: Triple H can't take it anymore and then passes out. Ding Ding, the match is
over and the winner is Mankind.

Fink - The winner of the match, Mankind


Bill - Good, I don't like Triple H that much

: Then other Corporate Ministry Members Viscera and Midian run down to the
ring and start to stomp on Mankind. Triple H then joins in the slaughter.

JR - Wait a second, here comes the Union.

: The rest of the Union (Paul Wight, Ken Shamrock, and Test) run in to help
their fallen comrad. Carrying their 2X4's, they start to nail the three 
corporate Ministry members and force them to run.

Bill - Good thing the Union came down

JR - But the damage has been done and Mankind may be out for a while

Bill - The second match is about to start, it is a survivor rules match 
involving the Mutants and the Lunatacs. 

JR - Who's your pick for that one, Ro Bear Bill

Bill - I'm going to have to go with The Lunatacs, but we'll just wait and

Fink - This mathc is survivor rules. Meaning that one when one member of 
a team is eliminated, he will return to the locker room area. When only 
one team remains, the match will end. About to make their appearence, 
from Darkside, with their manager Luna. Alluro, Amuck, Tugg-Mugg, and Red Eye, 
the Lunatacs

JR - look at all that power

Bill - Yes the lunatacs have impressive powers, but they are obviously not 
fan favorites.

JR - Well the Mutants aren't popular with the crowd either, but are amazing

: Amuck sets up a chair for Luna to sit in

Fink - Now, about to make their entrance to the ring, from Castle Plundarr,
Slithe, Monkian, Jackylman, Vultureman, The Mutants

:Mayhem begins in the ring before the bell rings, but Slithe and Vultureman
wrestle Red Eye, Alluro, and Tugg-Mugg to the outside. Jackylman and Monkian
then start to punch Amuck as the bell rings. The two Mutants beat Amuck 
senceless. Then the both of them run into the ropes and clothesline Amuck,
which sends him to the outside. The Lunatacs relize this and try to get Amuck
back into the ring before he gets counted out. But the three of them could
not lift the heavy Lunatac and he is counted out. The Mutants celebrate in 
the ring.

Fink - Amuck has been eliminated

JR - WOW! that is a major loss for the Lunatac team. 

Bill - Now it is 4 on 3

: Amuck then carries Luna back to the locker room. Meanwhile, Jackylman takes
on Alluro in the ring. Alluro quickly wrestles Jacklyman to the ground with
an armbar submission move. Jacklyman is in the move for 5 minutes until he

Fink - Jacklyman has been eliminated.

JR - I always thought he was a coward

Bill - Darn right

: But Slithe runs into the ring and tackles Alluro. Alluro gets to his feet,
and turns to Slithe. Slithe whips him across the face with his tail. Alluro
falls into his corner where he makes the tag to Red Eye. Red Eye then grabs 
Slithe and gives him a bear hug. Slithe starts to lose his air when Red Eye
rams him into the turnbuckle post.

JR - OW, I heard that from here. 

: Slithe rolled in pain on the mat. Red Eye then made the tag to Tugg-Mugg.
Tugg-Mugg then clothslined Slithe when he got to his feet. Slithe crawled
over to his corner where he tagged Monkian. Monkian then tried to charge at
Tugg-Mugg. Tugg-Mugg just grabbed him and oick him up over his head and 
slammed the Mutants down to the mat head first. Tugg Mugg then pins Monkian.
123, Tugg-Mugg gets the win.

Fink - Monkian has been eliminated. 

: Vultureman then ran into the ring and kicked Tugg-Mugg in the jaw. Tugg
Mugg rolled on the ground in pain. Vultureman then climbed onto the top rope
and nailed Tugg-Mugg with a flying elbow. 123, Vultureman pins Tugg-Mugg

Fink - Tugg-Mugg has been eliminated.

Bill - you know, the Mutants might pull this off.

: Red Eye runs in to get Vultureman, but the bird starts to land a few punces
on his adversary. Vultureman then hits Red Eye with the Bulldog and makes the
tag to Slithe. Slithe then knocks Red Eye down again and hits the Legdrop on 
the Lunatac. 12, kickout. But Slithe then does a 450 splash on Red Eye's 
chest. 123, Red Eye is out and Alluro is all alone.

Fink - Red Eye has been eliminated.

: Alluro then ran in, but Slithe lands a clothesline and tags Vultureman. 
Vultureman climbs the top rope and drop kicks Alluro. While Alluro is down, 
Slithe climbs up to the top rope and...

JR - I didn't think the turnbuckle could support Slithe's weight.

:Slithe jumps up and hits a splash off the top. 123, The Mutants win.

Fink - Here are your winners, Vultureman and Slithe.

JR - I don't believe it.

Bill - That has to be an upset. I thought the Lunatacs would win.

JR - Now we have to leave you, and the rest off the show will be continued...
wait, what is Vince McMahon coming down to the ring for. Vince as we all know, 
Mr. McMahon is the leader of the Corporate Ministry and revieled himself as
the Undertaker's Master a few weeks ago on one of our shows.

:Vince McMahon made his way down to the ring, and grabs a microphone.

Vince - Now I think we all know that I would not like Steve Austin to become
the WWF Champion again, but he has to go through Mumm-Ra to get that shot, 
but that isn't good enough for you Austin. It is bad enough you are CEO of
this company, but to have you the champion would make me sick. So I am making
the mtach between you and Mumm-Ra a triple threat match.

Bill - So who will the other opponent be?

: The other opponent will come down to the ring right now, The Lord of the 
Thundercats, LION-O. 

JR and Bill - OH MY GOD!

:Lion-O made his way to the ring. And took a microphone.

Lion O - Now it's about time I got my shot, and I promise I will beat Austin
and Mumm-Ra, but not for you Vince. I'm doing it so I can prove myself a 

: Vince was very upset over this.

Vince - Now listen you. I don't give a damn if you are Lord of Thundercats.
You will win that match for me so Austin don't become the champ.

:Suddenly Steve Austin made his way down to the ring.

Austin - Now listen here you idiot, I don't care if you throw twenty SOB's
in my path, I will be the WWF champ, and you are going to have your Ass 
kicked Vince

Vince- remember Austin, you can't hit me unless it is a match and if you do
you will be fired. 

Austin - Oh I'm not going to be the one to hit you Vince.

Vince - Well who is it Austin?

:Lion-O put on his claw sheild behind McMahon and as Vince turned around, he
got nailed. 

JR - Vince is out. 

Then austin got two cans of beer and tossed one too Lion-O. They both drank
the "Stevewiesers" as they exited the ring when Vince stood up. 

Vince - Austin, Lion-O. The match is going to be 4 corners and I won't reveil
the 4th man until the match.

JR - Well whomever the 4th man is, the match is going to be a Slobbeknocker.
I am Jim Ross. 

Bill- And I am Ro Bear Bill

JR - Goodnight everyone

        To Be Continued...

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