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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Thundarian - Cybertronian Wars part 2 (The Wrath of Predaking)
By Pat "Ma-Mutt" Kelly


        "Destroy him Grimlock! Crush him now!" "Hey wait a minute, if you Mumm
Ra so good then why you want to cause destruction.""Don't ask questions you
moronic beast. You do what I Mumm-Ra tell you to do." Grimlcok snapped his 
head. "No, Dinobots no do what you say. Dinobots transform to robots modes."
The Dinobots stopped their assualt and did just that. "Now Dinobots, shoot the
ugly mummy." Mumm-Ra decided to fly away, but the Dinobots fired their laser
weapons at him. Mumm-Ra was barely able to escape. "I'll get you Thundercats, 
and robotic allies will be destroyed." Grimlock turned to Lion-O. "Me Grimlock
sorry Dinobots cause so much trouble." Kup approached Grimlock. "Yeah well you
oughta be sorry." "Don't be to hard on them Kup. Mumm-Ra is a master of deception."
Panthro and Cheetara walked over. "I hope the Dinobots are willing to help us 
fix the wall they knocked down." Panthro said. "Don't worry Thundercat. Me 
Grimlock willing to help. Me go round up other Dinobots." Grimlcok walked away.
Rodmisu spoke with the Thundercats. "You'll have to excuse the Dinobots. They
have primitive brains, but they are valued warriors." Cheetara answered. "It's
alright Rodimus." "Cheetara, I want you to warn the Thundercats at the Tower
of Omens. Rodimus, can you send some of the Autobots there to help out? With
the Decepticons here who knows if they have alligned themselves with our various
enemies." "Alright Lion-O." "Ultra Magnus, Swoop, Sludge, Kup, go with Cheetara
to the Tower of Omens." Cheetara was ready to go. "I'll lead the way, I hope 
you can keep up." Cheetara then dashed away as fast as she could. "Wow, Me 
Sludge never see a creature move so fast before." The Autobots followed her by
the dust trail she was leaving.
        The Decepticons brought the Lunatac prisoners to Castle Plundarr. 
Because they were to big, they could not fit into the Castle and dropped off
the Lunatacs infront of it. Drag-Ron and Slythe was there to greet them. "Hello
Lunatacs, welcome to Castle Plundarr." The Lunatacs (with excepticon of Red
Eye) could see becuase the castle was in the Jungles of Darkness. "Where are
we I can't see." Drag-Ron laughted. "Off course not Luna, heh heh, unlike us
Mutants, you can not combat the dangers of New Thundera, but I will give you
that ability on one condition." "Do you really think we will trust you Mutants.
You hate us as much as we Lunatacs despise you." Slythe stepped up. "Off course
Alluro, but if you don't want the Decepticons to destroy you right now, you 
will do as we say, yes-s-s." Luna had to think about it for a second. "Oh all
right. We combine forces." Drag-Ron was pleased. "Good Luna. Looks like with
your tiny body their is a brain attached. I the great sorceror Drag-Ron will
cast the spell to allow you sight in this forest." Drag-Ron held his scaly hands
up as they began to glow blue.
        At the Tower of Omens, Cheetara and the Autobots had explained everything
to the Thundercats living their (Tygra, Lynx-O, Thunderkittens, Snarfer) "This
is a problem. If the the Decepticons have allied themselves with one of our
enemies who knows what could happen." "Snarfer Snarfer, it could start a war."
Tygra shook his head. "Maybe worse, world wide armmageddon. We will need our 
new friends to help us out." Ultra Magnus knelt down to Tygra. "Don't worry
Tygra. We Autobots are here to help." "Uhhh Me Sludge love to bash Decepticons."
        The Lunatacs had gone back to Sky Tomb with Dirge, Cyclonus, and 
Scourge to watch them to make sure they don't try to plot treason. Drag-Ron 
and Galvatron discussed what they should do. "If the Autobots did infact survive
that crash Galvatron, then we must find them before they reach the Cat's Lair."
"I will send a spy to do that. Soundwave!" Soundwave approched. "Yes Galvatron."
"Send Laserbeak to this location." "As you command." Soundwave pressed the 
button on his shoulder and Laserbeak came out and transformed. "Laserbeak,
travel the following coordinates, look for Autobot activity." Laserbeak obeyed
and flew off. 
        Laserbeak arrived at Cat's Lair perched himself on a ledge near by. He
activated the camera in his head. He saw Rodmius talking with Lion-O. "Lion
O, other than Mumm-Ra what other enemies could the Decepticons allied themselves
with?" "The Mutants who dwell in the Jungles of Darkness, and the Lunatacs 
who live in Sky Tomb, normally in the Thundarian Mosslands.  I am goign to send 
Panthro and Ben-Gali to check it out." Laserbeak recorded the conversation
and flew off. 
        Laserbeak came back to Castle Plundarr and found the Decepticons' 
spaceship near by. He flew inside to find Galvatron, Soundwave, Drag-Ron, and
the Super Mutants inside. Drag-Ron pointed upwards. "It looks like your little
spy has returned." Laserbeak transformed to cassette mode and slipped into
Soundwave's chest cavity. Galvatron gave his commands. "Soundwave, play recording."
Soundwave did so. Galvatron and the others then heard the conversation between
Lion-O and Rodimus. "I'll send Panthro and Ben-Gali to check it out." Galvatron
gave more orders to Soundwave. "Soundwave, I need a visual representation." 
"As you command Galvatron." Soundwave transformed to his tape recorder mode
and hooked into the computer. Rodmius and Lion-O appeared on the monitor. 
Galvatron was angered. "RODIMUS AND HIS AUTOBOTS LIVE!" Using his arm cannon
Galvatron blasted the monitor. "WE MUST CRUSH THEM!" Drag-Ron tried to calm 
him down. "Calm yourself, we will capture the Thundercats that are being spent
to spy on us. Super Mutants, capture the Thundercat who comes here, Soundwave
send a transmission to Cyclonus and Sky Tomb and tell them to be on guard."
"Then we will crush the Autobots and those who ally themselves with them." 
"Yes Galvatron, but I suggest we get reinforcements before our major attack."
"What reinforcements?" "Unlike the Thundercats, they are stuck with the number
of Autobots they have. I on the other hand can bring as many Decepticons to
Thundera as I please." Soundwave in his robot mode gave his input. "Laserbeak
reprots that Dinobots were present at Cat's Lair. We must bring more Decepticons 
that can match their brute strength." Drag-Ron stroked his chin with interest.
"What Decepticons, Soundwave?" "May I suggest the Predacons." "Who are the
Predacons?" "Five animal Decepticons  who rely on thier animal instict and 
thier wits and skill." Drag-Ron wanted to know more. "What else?" "Unlike the
Dinobots, the Predacons have the power to merge into one giant robot." "Good
I will bring the Predacons here. Where were they located at the time I brought
you here?" "The Predacons location was Charr at Decepticon headquarters before
we were brought here. I shall send Ratbat to retrieve them"
        At the Black Pyramid, Mumm-Ra was pacing in anger ove rhis defeat. 
"Those retched Thundercats and those miserable Autobots. As long as the Thundercats
have them on their side they are invincable." The robed mummy got angrier and
more irritated everytime he thought about it. "The Mutants and Lunatacs are 
allied with thier pwn robots. This will cause war beyond immagination. If my
powers are to survive, I must find away to get on the Mutants side. After we
have crushed the Thundercats, I will take over." Mumm-Ra then looked over at Ma
Mutt. "Ma-Mutt, watch the Pyramid. I am going to pay a visit to Castle Plundarr."
Mumm-Ra then vanished in mid air. 
        Ben-Gali on the Thunderclaw had landed in the Jungles of Darkness.
He put on the Cat's Eyes and turned them on. "Now to see what those Mutants
are up to." Ben Gali for a while in the Jungle when he spotted The Super Mutants
Jacklyman and Monkian. Each Mutant was armed. Beeman spoke first. "So good of
you to drop in Ben Gali. Now we are going to crush you." Ben Gali drew out the
Hammer of Thundera quickly. "Heh Heh Heh, lets get him Monkian." "Hoo Hoo Hoo,
I'm gonna pound Ben Gali into pancakes." Monkian started to whirl his mace
around, but Ben-Gali blocked it with his hammer and threw Monkian to the ground.
Jacklyman tried the samething and ended up like his comrad. The Super Mutants
then surronded the Thundercat. Wolfor spoke. "I say you guys step back and let 
me finish him. Using his huge claws, Wolfor tried to slice Ben-Gali. Ben-Gali 
did his beat to dodge the strikes. Porkus, using the noxious gas from his mouth
tried to knock Ben-Gali out. Knowing that he would last much longer, Ben Gali
decided to run for the Thunderclaw. Ben Gali flew back to Cat's Lair. 
        Panthro was spying on Sky Tomb. He was off in the distance. He saw
Dirge, Cyclonus and Scourge. "I think I just found the Decepticons, and they 
are allied with the Lunatacs! Maybe I should listen for a little longer." The
Decepticons were guarding Sky Tomb. Panthro tried to make out what they were 
saying to each other. "I just got a message from Galvatron." "What Cyclonus?"
"He told us to be on guard, a Thundercat may be around here spying on us."
"Oh we can handle one Thundercat Cyclnous, we are three of the best warriors
the Decepticons have." "Never under estimate an enemy Dirge. We can not offord
to make mistakes." Scourge stepped up. "Cyclonus, why should we worry, with the
Mutants and the Lunatacs and their weaponary on our side how can we lose." 
Panthro was shocked. "The Mutants ar ein on this too. This isn't good, I better
get back to the Lair."
        At Castle Plundarr, Drag-Ron was celebrating with his fellow Mutants. 
"Oh yes, my power has more than doubled since teaming with the Decepticons, we
are unbeatable, and we will show our power once we attack Cat's Lair and the 
Tower of Omens."  "Heh heh heh, yes Drag-Ron this is your greatest plan yet." 
Jacklyman yelled. "Hoo Hoo Hoo, and after we smash the Thundercats into oblivian
we will make slaves out of the Thundarians." Slythe spoek up. "Off course 
Monkian, and then we will destory that acursed Mumm-Ra Yes-s-s." Suddenly a 
bright red light appeared in the room and Mumm-Ra's figure came into sight. 
Drag-Ron wasn't happy. He stood up and drew the Sword of Evil. "MUMM-RA! You
miserable fool I'm going to destroy you for coming here!" He was about to strike
at the mummy, but Mumm-Ra held his hand up. "Stop Drag-Ron. I do not come here 
as an enemy. I am fully aware off what you have been doing and I was thinking."
"What?" "The Thundercats and Autobots might still defeat you, but I will give
you somethign that could help you in your assualt." "What is it?" Mumm-Ra then
held up what appeared to be a scroll. "What is that Mumm-Ra?" "This is the 
blueprints to a new Plundarian Spacestation. Before selling his soul to me, 
Vultureman gave me this. I was helping him construct it. Right now I can tell 
you were it is where you can locate it. The spacestation is in mid compleation."
Drag-Ron looked interested. "Take me to it Mumm-Ra. I'll bring the Super Mutants
and Galvatron to help us complete it." "Vultureman had a remote control he used
to control several drones used for constructing it." Slythe didn't trust Mumm
Ra, but didn't question Drag-Ron's decesion to go along with him. 
        At Cat's Lair, Ben Gali and Panthro arrived where Lion-O and Rodmius 
could greet them. "Any information Thundercats. Ben-Gali spoke first. "I was 
ambushed by the Mutants before I could get anything." "How about you Panthro?"
"I saw three huge robots infront of Sky Tomb and I overheard them taking about
joining up with the Mutants as well. The Mutants and Lunatacs have formed an 
alliance." Rodimus then spoke. "And with the Decepticons on their side their 
        At Sky Tomb, Luna had received a message from Slythe on the Communicator.
While on top of Amuck she answered. "Yes Slythe what do you want?" "Drag-Ron
gives orders for Sky Tomb to attack the Tower of Omens. Take the Decepticons
with you." "Will you be there to assist us?" "No, we will be busy attacking
Cat's Lair. Oh Luna one more thing." "What Slythe?" "Don't mess up!" Slythe 
then ended the transmission. "Oh those Mutants, how I hate them. Lunatacs 
prepare for battle, the Thundercats are about to meet their doom."
        The Mutants were getting prepared to attack the Cat's Lair. Slythe
was going to lead the attack. He rode the Nosediver, while Jacklyman and 
Monkian piloted the Sky Cutters. Soundwave and his cassettes were also ready
for battle. "Soundwave, are the Predacons ready." "Yes Slythe, Predacons are
assembled." From the shadows, 5 robots appeared. The leader of the Predacons,
Razorclaw gave his commands. "Predacons, transform." Razorclaw transformed
into a lion. The Predacons, Divebomb into an eagle, Headstrong into a rhino,
Tantrum into a buffalo, and Rampager into a tiger. "Decepticons, Mutants now
we go and destroy The Thundercats." Headstrong yelled out. "And crush the 
Autobots into powder." The amry then took off.
        Elsewhere, the Rat Star and Galvatron landed right infront of this
Spacestation. Out of the Rat Star stepped out Mumm-Ra, Drag-Ron, and the 
Super Mutants. "Wow, that Vultureman sure was smart." Drag-Ron spoke. "Why 
that diabolical bird. His deceptions still irritate me even arfter his demise.
Mumm-Ra how were the scanners of Castle Plundarr unable to find this thing"
"Vultureman used a jammer to make sure it would not be found. I have the 
remote control to activate the drones, Drag-Ron. Shall I activate them?" Mumm
Ra held up a device with a dial and a few other buttons. "Yes." Mumm-Ra pushed 
a button on the control and several pod like robots appeared from within the 
ship and aroung the area. "Drones, complete contruction." Using several tools 
attached to their body, the drones did as they were told. "This station should 
be ready in just a short amount of time." Drag-Ron then spoke up. "Mumm-Ra I 
have to ask. Given the weponary and power of this machine, why would you give 
to me?" "I felt for once I should be on the winning side." Mumm-Ra then walked 
close to the huge station. Drag-Ron spoke with Galvatron. "Galvatron, be on
guard. I don't trust Mumm-Ra at all." Galvatron then pointed his arm cannon at
Mumm-Ra. "I shall exterminate him!" "No Galvatron, we will use him to our 
advantage. When he is no longer useful we get rid of him." 
        Sky Tomb had landed infront of The Tower of Omens along with Cyclonus
Dirge and Scourge. Cyclonus gave the first command. "Decepticons! Attack!" 
The three transformed to their aerial modes and began to open fire on the 
Tower. The Autobots noticed this and decided to fight back. Kup started firing
on Scourge and Swoop flew after Dirge. Cyclonus Transformed into his robot
mode and got into a fist fight with Ultra Magnus. "I will crush you Magnus
in honor of Galvatron." Cyclonus then through another punch at Magnus. The
Thunderstike with Lynx-O at the controls and Tygra and Cheetara in the pods
flew out from the Tower and begun its attack. The Whisker with the Thunderkittens
and Snarfer riding it. Out of Sky Tomb came the Lunattacker with all Lunatacs
except Chilla and Tugg-Mugg who were on board the Ice Runner. Sludge approached
the Lunattacker. Luna gave her orders. "Red Eye, destroy that beast." The 
Lunattacker unleashed all wepons on Sludge, but the Dinobot felt nothing. 
"Me Sludge gonna shake things up." Sludge stomped one of his front feet which
caused the ground to rumble and the Lunattacker to flip on its back. The 
Thunderstrike was being chased by the Ice Runner. Lynx-O came up with a way to
get out of it. "Tygra, Cheetara, seperate the pods and manuever, I will try
and make on my own." "We are going to blast those Thundercats clear out of the
sky, hey Chilla." "Yes Tugg-Mugg, and I am going to love it." The pods seperated
from the Thundertrike and flipped behind the Ice Runner. "What?" "Reday Cheetara?"
"Yes Tygra." The pods then shot the Ice Runner causing it to crash. The two
Lunatacs screamed as they crashed. The Autobots with help from the Whisker 
got into a fire fight with the Decepiticons. "Decepticons, leave these Lunatacs
we must retreat." The three robots retreated. The Thundercat then rounded up
the Lunatacs. "Me Swoop want to know what you do with Lunatacs?" "Snarfer Snarfer,
We goign to send them back to Capt. Bragg's circus train, yep." Lynx-O then
spoke up. "But for now Snarfer we must have them kept in the tower. We'll call
Mandora and she will take them to Wayoutback." Luna then whispered to herself.
"This is a lousy way to end the day." Swoop and Sludge then looked over at Sky
Tomb. "Me Swoop no like Sky Tomb." "Me no like either Swoop, so me smash Sky
Tomb." The huge brontosauras stomped his foot again, this time it caused a 
crack in the ground to appear. The tremor opens under Sky Tomb, causing the 
mighty fortress to crumble to the ground. Tygra then looked over at Sludge.
"Uh you know Sludge, we could have used the weapons on Sky Tomb to our advantage."
"Uhhh, Me Sludge sorry." Ultra Magnus then spoke over everyone. "Now look everyone
now I know it looks like we've won, but the Decepticons have probably attacked
Cat's Lair as well." "We must send reinforcements over to help out." "Well what 
are we waiting for Magnus, lets go help out." Lynx-O spoke next. "I suggest
Tygra, Snarfer, and the Thunderkittens stay and help repair the damages done
to the Tower." The Thunderkittens moaned because they knew they were going to 
miss the action again, but didn't say anything. Ultra Magnus and Kup transformed
into their vehicle modes and Dinobots followed them as they drove away. Lynx-O
and Cheetara got on the Thunderstrike and followed them. 
        The Mutants and Decepticons were ready to start. Before the attack 
started, Slythe on the Nosediver told them what to do. "I just got message
from Cyclonus, he and the other Decepticons will be joining us. Drag-Ron and
Galvatron will also be hear shortly. We have to keep fighting until they get 
hear. Now it is time to end the reign of the Thundercats yes-s-s." Slythe and
the others swooped down and began their assualt. The Skycutters and Nosediver
flew around the lair blasting it form different directions. Soundwave, his 
cassettes and the Predacons were in the distance fireing random shots at the 
fortress. Lion-O saw this and gave commands. "Panthro and Pumyra get on the 
Thundertank, Ben-Gali you ride the Thunderclaw, I'll take the Hovercat, Snarf
you watch over the lair." "Snarf Snarf, thats ok with me."
        Outside the lair, Rodmius noticed the Predacons. "Oh no, if they combine
we can kiss this battle goodbye. Grimlock, Slag, Snarl transform to dino modes
and try to take out the Predacons." The Dinobots did as they were told. "Yes
Rodmius, Me Grimlock gonna smash Predacons." The Dinobots ran through the 
battlefield. Grimlock tackled Razorclaw. Rampage dove on Grimlock's back tried
to slash him. Slag rammed his hard head into Tantrum's side and knocked him
off his feet. Snarl fought with Headstrong. Meanwhile Laserbeak, Rumble, Ratbat
and Divebomb had joined the Mutants in trying to destroy the lair. The Thundertank
then rolled out Pumyra was at the cannon. She fired at the various enemies in
sight. Lion-O and Ben-Gali also joined the battle. Rodmius got a fierce fight
with Soundwave which ended in Rodmius picking up Soundwave and throwing him
to the ground. The Dinobots, even though out numbered, were fairing quite well
against the Predacons. The Dinobots were able to throw the Predacons aside. 
Divebomb flew back to help out his comrads, but was kicked away by Snarl. "Me
Grimlock think this easy, me not remember why Predacons such a problem." 
Razorclaw was then able to climb up to his four legs. "Predacons! Merge into
Predaking." Headstrong and Tantrum transformed into what appeared to be legs,
and Razorclaw transformed into a torso. Divebomb and Rampage then transformed
into arms. Divebombs wings detached and moute don the back. A head then appeared
on the shoulders of the robot. The massive robot then spoke. "Behold Dinobots,
I am the mighty Predaking." Grimlock then looked upward as Predaking was much
larger than him. "Uhh Me Grimlock now remember what is horrible about Predacons."
Grimlock's height only reached Predakings kneecap. Grimlock then started to
bite his leg, only to be kicked away. Snarl used his flame breath on him. 
Predaking felt nothing and drew his sword. He tried to slash Snarl, but the 
Dinobot was able to avoid it. Rodmius looked over at the battle. "Oh no, I 
was worried about this." Predaking stepped over the Dinobots and approched the
lair. Lion-O looked in horror. "By Jaga what is that! Thundercats focus all
power on that thing." The Thunderclaw, Thunder Tank and Hovercat fired all
weapons at Predaking to no effect. Suddenly, Cyclonus, Dirge, and Scourge
flew into join the fight, but so did Ultra Magnus and the other Autobots.  
Cheetara and Lynx-O followed close behind and focused their weapons at Predaking 
as well. Slythe looked over at this. "Ha ha ha, the Thundercats are no match 
for Predaking, yes-s-s." Predaking was about to trounce the lair when Grimlock,
Snarl, and Slag rammed their hard heads into the back of Predaking's legs. Predaking 
was unable to keep his balance and fell on his back. Rodimus "Dinobots, keep
Predaking down!" Grimlock tried to hold down Predaking's leg, but the mighty
robot kept shaking his leg trying to knock Grimnlock off. "Me Grimlock trying
Rodmius, but he tough nut to crack." Predaking had no choice, but to seperate 
into the Predacons. The mechanic animals then ran backwards. The 5 Dinobots
now reunited chased after them. The Thundercats and Autobots were able to subdue
their enemies. The Dinobots stopped and began to celebrate. "Hooray, Autobots
and Thundercats smash them!" Sludge yelled. Lion-O landed the Hovercat and got
off. "We haven't won yet Dinobots, where are Drag-Ron and the Super Mutants?"
Rodmius made an observation. "I don't see Galvatron anywhere either." 
        Suddenly a large object appeared in the skies. Its dark shadow covered 
the Cat's Lair. Panthro looked at it harder. "What is it Lion-O?" "I think it is some
kind of spacestation." It was infact the large spacecraft that Mumm-Ra and Drag-Ron
were working on finishing." Close behind it was the Decepticon spaceship which was
almost as large. Suddenly a blue beam shot out form the bottom of the large ship.
The beam hit the fallen Mutants and their vehicles and they dissapeared onto the
ship. The Decepticon ship did the same with the Decepticons. Suddenly, Drag-Ron's
voice could be heard. "Thundercats, Autobots. I present to you my new fortress
Space Plundarr. If you are foolish enough to try and stop us, then you will be
destroyed." Lion-O stood tall. "Thundercats don't surrender to Mutants." Rodmius
spoke as well "And Autobots don't give in to Decepticreeps." "Hahahaha, I expected
such nonsence from those as stupid as you. If you do not surrender to me, then I
will unleash the full power of this station on your pitiful planet of New Thundera.
The choice is yours, you have 12 Thundarian hours to respond." Lion-O and Rodmius
were baffled as they didn't know what to do. "Maybe we should attack." "No Rodimus,
we don't have the wepons to match up that thing." 
        Inside the Space Plundarr, Drag-Ron and Mumm-Ra were laughing. "Those
fools are finished Drag-Ron. Nothing can destroy us." "With the Decepticons 
and the might of this fortress on our side we are invincable. Super Mutants,
take the ship upward. We will give the feline and their bolt bucket friends to
decide their own fate." Wolfor who was at the controls noticed something on
the monitor. "Drag-Ron, I have just received a message from Cyclonus. The Lunatacs
have been captured and Sky Tomb destroyed." "A small loss in this war. We don't
need them anymore."
        The Thundercats and Autobots assembled infront of Cat's Lair. "Well
what do we do?" Asked Pumyra. "We've got 12 hours to decide or that scaly 
peice of trash will destory us." Lion-O looked up at the sky. "Jaga please 
guide us with your wisdom in our hour of need, we need all the help we can get."
Rodimus started to feel sorry for himself thinking he wasn't a good enough leader.
The Autobot thought to himself. "Optimus Prime, if only I had the wisdom you had,
you could have lead the Autobots out of this mess."
        On Space Plundarr, Slythewas speaking with Drag-Ron. "Drag-Ron what will
happen if The Thundercats and Autobots do not surrender?" "If Lion-O is stupid
enought to not give into my demands, then large mines will be shot down to 
the planet. The mines will send out large electrical shocks streight to the
core of the planet." "The Gyroscope, yes-s-s." "Yes Slythe, the electrical shocks
will then damage the Gyroscope beyond repair and that means..." "Total destruction
of Thundera, yes-s-s"

To Be Continued...

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