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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Journey for the Sword
By Pat Kelly (Ma-Mutt)

At the newly built Castle Plundarr, Drag-Ron and his cousin Slithe try to think up a way to defeat Lion-O and his army of Thundercats. "I tell you Drag-Ron, the Sword of Omens is invincible, and can not be beaten." Slithe yelled across the table. Drag-Ron just stroke his scaly chin. "hmmmm, Maybe we can't destroy the power of the sword, but...". "But what?". Slithe was excited to hear what Drag-Ron had come up with. "then we will get rid of it.". Slithe seemed disspointed, as he thought that made no sence. "What do you mean get rid of it?". "I will show you my cousin, bring Vultureman and Wolfor here and the Space Drill for take off.". "Yes-s-s-s-s Drag-Ron". A while later at a forest near the Cat's Lair, Lion-O, Snarf and Panthro were scouting the area in the Thundertank. "I sure hope those Mutants don't try anything today, we've had enough of them lately, snarf snarf.". Snarf continued to whine. "Panthro, what is that on the scanner?" Lion-O asked. "MUTANTS! and there headed in our direction!". As quickly as he could, Panthro leaped out of the Thundertank and whipped out his nunchucks. "Cawww, a small group of Thundercats are near by Drag-Ron, cawww" Vultureman yelled. "Is Lion-O with them?". The Space Drill then zoomed over the Thundercats. "Yes he is, cawww". "and when there is Lion-O, there is that blasted sword of his, all according to plan.". "Did you hear Drag-Ron, Vultureman. You can land the tank now, Yes-s-s-s-s" Slithe ordered. As the Space Drill landed, the four evil Mutants stepped out. "What do you want, Mutants?" Lion-O asked. 'What do I want? I want you all to suffer the power of my claws." Wolfor screamed. Then Drag-Ron waved his hand in the air. "ATTACK!". "If you don't mind me, I'll stay in the tank, Snarf Snarf.". The mutants then attacked their adversaries. Drag-Ron and Lion-O drew their swords and clashed in battle. "You Sword of Evil is no match for the Sword of Omens, lizard.". "We'll just see about that, you miserable cub.". While the sword duel was going on, Panthro had the misfortune of holding off the other three. "Cawwww, I'll blast him.". Vulture -man then aimed his rifle at Panthro, but the Thundercat was to swift for the blasts. "Feel my power feline.". Wolfor then charged at Panthro and tried to slash him with his huge claws. Panthro retaliated with a kick to the jaw. As that was all going on, Lion-O and Drag-Ron continued their fight. "I summon the powers of my sword to destroy the Thundercat." The Sword of Evil then exploded with a bolt of energy headed right for Lion-O. "HOOOOOOO!". Lion-O's mighty battle cry helped his sword block the incoming beam. "You can handle a sword pretty well cat, but how do you handle this.". Drag-Ron then put his sword in one hand, and used the other to blast a near by tree. The tree knocked Lion-O down causing him to drop his sword. Then Drag-Ron bent over to pick it up. "So, this is what you have depended on for so long. Well now take a long look, because you will never see it again.". Then two beams from Drag Ron's eyes hit the mystical Sword of Omens and it dissapeared in his hand.". 'OH NO, BY JAGA NOOOO!". "Yes Thundercat, the Sword of Omens is no longer yours". "Mutants, you may stop your attack, we better be getting back to Castle Plundarr.". "Cawww, but we have the advantage.". Drag-Ron then grabbed Vultureman's beak. "There will be other times to destroy those fools, now everyone on board.". As the Space Drill took off, Snarf approached his fallen friend. "Don't worry Lion-O, we'll get the sword back, snarf". "But how, I don't know where it is." At Castle Plundarr, Vultureman still argued over not destroying Panthro and Lion-O. "cawww, for once we had Lion-O at his mercy without the sword.". Drag-Ron just sat and rubbed his forehead in annoyance of what Vultureman was saying. "I told you Vultureman that there would be other times.". "But we had the perfect chance, without Panthro and Lion-O, the Thundercats would have fallen to our knees.". Then Drag-Ron in a fit of anger shouted. "YOU BAD EXCUSE FOR A FEATHER DUSTER, IF YOU EVER DISAGREE WITH ME AGAIN, YOU WILL BE LUCKY IF I DON'T BOIL YOU IN THE COOK'S SOUP POT!". Vultureman cowered in the corner near by. "But Drag Ron, without the sword, the Thundercats are weakened, shouldn't we launch some sort of an attack on the lair, Yes-s-s-s?" Slithe asked. Drag-Ron turned his attention to Slithe. "Oh the Lunatacs shall do that for us.". Both Vultureman and Slithe spoke up at the same time "What?". "I sent a message to Sky Tomb informing them of the sword's disspearence". "and if I know the Lunatacs, they will plan a full assault on the lair.". "cawwww, but why should we let those fools conquer the lair, cawwww". "Once they do, their army will be tired and exhausted, that is when we take the lair.". "We are in deept trouble without my sword.". At the counsel room of the lair, the Thundercats are worrying of future events without there guiding light. Pumyra then spoke up. "I am sure there is some way we can get the Eye of Thundera back.". "The chances of that are very slim" Tygra said. "Where that mutant placed the sword is unknown.". Then all the Thunder cats started to panic and talk loudly. Lynx-O then yelled out. "Now we all need to calm down, there must be some way to find out where that sword is.". Lion-O walkedthe darkways of Cat's Lair that night. "We are doomed without the Eye of Thundera to protect us.". Then the ghostly vision of Jaga appeared before Lion-O's eyes. Lion O. "LION-O, THE SWORD OF OMENS IS ON ANOTHER PLANET, ON ETERNIA.". "Eternia, but that planet is on the other side of the galaxy, and we we Thundercats have never explored it before.". "YOU WILL FIND IT THERE, BUT YOU CAN NOT CALL IT TO YOU BECAUSE OF A STRANGE EVIL POWER COMING FROM THE PLANET THAT BLOCKS THE SWORD'S POWERS.". With those final words, Jaga dissapeared. That morning, the other Thundercats tried to convince Lion-O not to go to Eternia on his own. Cheetara was the first to speak "Lion-O, you can't go by yourself, who knows what dangers you might encounter". "I have to do this by myself, we need as many Thundercats here as possible, the Mutants, Lunatacs, and even Mumm-Ra may strike at anytime.". "Lion-O take this." Lynx-O handed Lion-O a container. "It is the cure I have been working on for Beeman's poison, it could help you if you encounter poison on Eternia.". Lion-O started up the Feliner but he hadn't suspected Snarf sneaking on board as the ship took off. As the Feliner left New Thundera, The Lunatacs hid in the bushes near by in their veichals. "The Cat's Lair will soon by ours Luna." Alluro said while hovering in his jet pack. Luna then "I guess Drag-Ron isn't so bad after all.". The Mutants had detected the Feliner leaving. "Where is that Thundercat ship going?" Drag-Ron asked. "cawwww, It is too hard to say now, but it must be a far away course.". Vultureman scanned the ship as it flew in space. "Slithe, gather Monkian, Porkus, and Beeman and ride the Space Drill.". "Don't destroy the Feliner, just find out where it is going and send me a message.". "Off course cous-s-sin, I'll get right on it.". Mumm-Ra had also discovered Lion-O's mission. "So, that Thundercat is in search of his sword. He must not get it back. Ma-Mutt, prepare the Mumm-Raft for take off.". Ma-Mutt growled all the way over to the Mumm-Raft. "Now before we leave, I want to do one thing.". The evil mummy then approached his couldron. "Yes, Ancient Spirits of Evil, you are the ones who rebuilt this pyramid after those Mutants messed things up, and you are the ones who will grant me my power.". Mumm-Ra then raised his hands in the air. "ANCIENT SPIRITS OF EVIL TRANSFORM THIS DECAYED FORM TO MUMM-RA, THE EVERLIVING!". In a flash, Mumm-Ra became his powerful warrior form. "Now is the Mumm-Raft ready, Ma-Mutt?". "Grrr, ruff ruff.". "Good, Lion-O is going to have the biggest suprise of his lif, ha ha ha ha ha ha." "This is one long trip, I think I will have one of those rashins.". Lion-O opened the box containing the rashins. In the box he was suprised to see Snarf curled up and asleep inside. "Snarf, what are you doing in there.". Snarf awoke. "Ummm well, I thought you would get hurt if you went by yourself and I thought you would need help, snarf snarf.". "Well I know you had good intentions Snarf, but you should have stayed behind like I ordered.". "I know Lion-O, but you know how I worry about you.". "Well we are almost at Eternia and it's too late to send you back now.". Lion-O was still not aware that The Mutants were following him."Space Drill to Plundarr, Space Drill to Plundarr, are you there Drag-Ron.". Slithe was reporting Lion-O's destination to Drag-Ron. "What do you have to report Slithe?". "The Feliner is headed for Eternia, Drag-Ron.". "How did he find out where I sent the sword?". "Wait there is more for you to know, Lion-O has no one with him, except for the Snarf.". "Slithe, shoot the cat into oblivion.". "With pleasure, Drag-Ron. Porkus, open fire, Yes-s-s-s.". "oink oink, this is going to fun.". Porkus pressed a button which fired to lasers at the Feliner. Both lasers hit the Feliner. "Ahhhh, what was that?". "Look Lion-O, the Mutants are right behind us, snarf snarf.". "ZZZZZZ, this shot is mine Slithe.". Beeman then fired two missles at the the Feliner. "We won't be able to last much longer Lion-O, snarf snarf.". "Monkian, activate the drills up front and ram the Feliner, Yes-s-s-s.". "ooo ooo ooo, I'll destroy the flying piece of garbage.". "There going to ram us, Snarf.". The Space Drill was then driven into the Feliner. At that time both ships had entered the planet Eternia.". "Oh, were going to crash, snarf snarf.". "Wait, maybe the claw shield will help us." Lion-O then stood on top of the damaged ship. "Whay is Lion-O doing, that is pure suicide, Yes-s-s.". "ooo ooo ooo, Don't worry Slithe. I'll blast that Lion-O out of the sky.". Monkian then fired a laser at Lion-O. But Lion-O blocked the laser with his claw shied. "zzzzzz, the beam is coming back at us.". The laser stuck the Space Drill and forced it back into space. "We have to go back for repairs, Yes-s-s. We will get that Thundercat later.". Once the ship regained control, it headed back for New Thundera. "LION-O! we're going to crash, snarf snarf.". The Feliner then crashed in a dark desert like place. "snarf snarf, where are we Lion-?". "I don't know Snarf, but look at that over there. That looks as if it has a snake head spouting out of it.". "I don't like the looks of that place, Lion-O.". "Well, let's check it out, Snarf.". Lion-O and Snarf approached the mountain with extreme causion, but they did not know that the mountain was Snake Mountain, home of Eternia's evil warriors led by the powerful Skeletor. "Hey, there is an entrance. Over there Snarf.". Lion-O pointed the way to his furry companion. Two guards, one a cyborg with a metal jaw and a gun for an arm, and the other a orange beast like creature, both stood at the doorway. Before Lion-O could say anything, the cyborg shot Lion-O with a stun beam. "SNARF SNARF, I've gotta get help.". Snarf ran away as the cyborg was shotting at him. "Trap Jaw, how could you miss him." The beast said. "Oh don't worry Beastman, I got this one.". "Let's take him to Skeletor." Beastman then picked up the fallen Lion-O. Back at the Cat's Lair on Thundera, the Lunatacs have begun their attack on the Thundercats. "We are in trouble, Tygra and Snarfer are of working on the new Tower of Omens with the Snarfs, Lion-O and the sword are gone, and Snarf has dissapeared, and now the Lunatacs are attacking.". Wily Kat went on with his complaining. "I'll ready the Thundertank , those Lunatacs won't know what hit them.". Panthro then ran to the hanger to do that. As the Thunder Tank zoomed out of the hanger, it was shot at by the Ice Runner, Lunattacker, and Alluro's jet pack. "I'll show them who's the boss.". The cannons on the Thundertank almost instantly took out Alluro, and the Ice Runner. Tugg-Mugg, Red Eye, Luna, and Amuck were still inside the Lunattacker. Luna started to bark out orders again. "Tugg-Mugg, destroy Panthro and his toy.". Tugg-Mugg then hoped out of the Lunattacker and right on top of the tank. "You are going down Panthro.". Tugg-Mugg over powered Panthro and threw him out of the tank with ease. "I think it's time to think up a new strategy.". The Lunatacs continued the assualt. "Skeletor, we've brought you a gift.". Beastman entered carrying Lion-O over his shoulder, with Trap Jaw right behind him. Skeletor sat on his skeletal throne rubbing his skinless face. "Is he some sort of spy?". "We believe he was sent by King Randor to keep an eye on us.". Then Trap Jaw spoke up. "But his furry pet got away, Skeletor. "Normally, I would yell your heads off, you morons, but if the animal goes for help, He-Man will coem to rescue this spy.". Skeletor then kicked Lion-O to the ground. "Now, we may have the perfect chance to destroy that muscle bound, goodie tooshoos once and for all.". "Now leave the room you two, I wish to speak with this spy myself.". As Beastman and Trap Jaw left the room, Skeletor stood, holding his havoc staff. Lion-O laid on the floor tied up and helpless. "Now who are you and who sent you here.". "I am Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats, and I have come to your planet in search of my powerful sword.". Skeletor just stared. "Do you think I am going to believe that, I know you were sent by King Randor, don't deny it.". "Skeletor, I do not know who King Randor is at all, I have just come looking for The Sword of Omens.". "I think you need to spend some time in the dungeon. Maybe then you will cooperate." Off course not all is dark and evil as Snake Mountain on Eternia. The royal palace is the home of Eternia's royal family. In the kitchen, Prince Adam, with his pet tiger Cringer, and the trollan Orko, are making themselves a snack. Orko hovered over to the fridge. "hmmm, lets see, a little of that, and oh some of that, and maybe some of these.". Orko continued to pick foods out of the fridge. "Take it easy Orko, it's just a snack, not a whole dinner." Prince Adam said. "What about me, Adam? I am starving.". Cringer rolledon the floor begging Adam to fill his dish. "Okay, Okay, here is a fish for you.". Adam threw the un cooked fish on to the plate. "Thanks Adam, that looks delicious.". Then a buzzer went off. "Orko, someone is at the door, could you get it?". "No prob Adam.". "Orko went over to the screen to see what it was.". Orko discovered little Snarf banging on the door. "Please, open up, I need help, Snarf Snarf.". Orko opened the door. "Who are you?". "I am Snarf, and I need help.". Orko was amazed with Snarf, as he has never seen one before. "Tell me, where are you from.". "Oh, Snarf Snarf, I'll have to tell the whole story.". "Come inside, Snarf. You can tell the King and Queen what happened. I am sure they will help you.". orko then escorted Snarf to the throne room, where King Randor and Queen Marlena were. In the desert, the Mumm-Raft appears next to the Feliner. "I see tracks, Lion-O headed toward that mountain.". Mumm-Ra pointed at Snake mountain in the distance. "I think I will pay Lion-O a visit.". Mumm-Ra made his way to Snake Mountain. He entered through the entrance and made his way to Skeletor's throne room. Skeletor was not in the room at the time. "I looks as if someone was some sort of ruler here.". Skeletor entered the room behind Mumm-Ra. "Who are you, and what are you doing in my throne room?". "I should be asking you that question, skull head.". "No one talks to me that way.". "Look bone brain, I am Mumm-Ra the Everliving source of Evil, and I am looking for someone who landed on this planet.". Skeletor became interested. "Was this traveler a cat like man?". "Yes, his name is Lion-O and want to destroy him.". "That fool came here, and he is in my dungeon now.". "Then lead the way to him.". "No way Mumm-Ra. I am using him as bait to capture an old enemy of mine, but if you help me defeat this enemy, I promise you will get your prisoner.". Mumm-Ra had to think about this for a few seconds. "Alright it is a good deal, oh and tell me, what is your name." "I am Skeletor, the master of evil on Eternia.". "Well then Skeletor, I guess we are partners now.". "Oh Skeletor, Lion-O said he was looking for the Sword of Omens. Did you find it?". "One of my men found a sword. Maybe this is your Sword of Omens.". Skeletor pressed a button on the wall to reveil a rack of weapons. In middle is the Sword of Omens. "That is the one, Skeletor.". "Oh what a glorious day it will be, the elimination of He-man and the destruction of another so called hero.". Both evil villians began to cackle which echoed through the halls of Snake Mountain. Snarf had just finished telling the whole story to the King, Queen, and Prince. "So can you help me, snarf snarf.". "We will do all we can. We will have to call He-Man.". "Ummm, excuse me for asking, but who is He-Man?". The King looked amazed of what Snarf had said. "Why He-man is the defender of Eternia and the most powerful man in the universe. He draws his power from the mystical powers of the great Castle Grayskull, which is guarded by the Sorceress of Grayskull.". Prince Adam then whispered into Cringers ear. "I think it's time for He-man and Battlecat to make an appearence.". "Oh Adam, do you rally need me for this. You know how I can't stand the vicious cat.". Adam just ignored the tiger. "Father, I need to do something, I'll be right back.". Adam and Cringer then walked into the hallway and into Adam's room. "Where is Adam going, snarf snarf?". "Oh you'll have to excuse my son, he is not the prince figure that I wish he would be.". In the hallway, Adam removed a sword from his back and rasied it in the air. "BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!". With those words, Adam was surronded by blinding light, and became the mighty warrior He-Man. Cringer cowered in the corner. "Ohh, this is the part I hate.". Then He-Man aimed the sword at Cringer. A bolt of energy changed Cringer into the couragous Battle Cat, He-Man's trusty steed. He-Man and Battlecat then made their way to the throne room. "King Randor, I hear someone is in need of help.". Queen Marlena then spoke up. "Oh He-Man, it is so good that you are here. Snarf here is in need of your assistance.". He-Man then bent over to Snarf. "Hello Snarf, what is it you need?". "Well, my master Lion-O is in trouble. He is being held captive at Snake Mountain where I hear horrible things go on, snarf snarf.". "Now don't worry Snarf, I'll rescue Lion-O as fast as I can.". The Cat's Lair is still not fairing well against the Lunatacs. Pumyra and Ben-Gali in the Thunderclaw and Cheetara, Panthro, and Lynx-O in the Thunderstrike is no match for the Lunatacs forces. Luna turned her attention to Red Eye. "Red Eye, use that sidewinder of yours to take down the Thunderclaw.". Red Eye then stood up. "See if you can handle this, Thunder cats.". Red Eye threw the disc at the Thunderclaw. "It has struck our engine, we'll have to land, Pumyra.". "They are all going to freeze.". Chilla then froze Pumyra and Ben-Gali as they landed. Drag-Ron watched near by in Vultureman's Flying Machine with Slithe. "Sorry we could not destroy Lion, Drag-Ron.". "Don't panic Slithe, I have discovered that Mumm-Ra has left his pyramid. He must have gone after Lion-O, and he will show no mercy.". Drag-Ron then smiled as the Thundercats were being slaughtered. "This is good entertainment, Yes-s-s.". "I don't think I've seen anything this good since the first invasion of Thundera.". He-Man, along with Snarf, Battlecat, Orko, the royal captian of the guards Teela, and her father Man-At-Arms have arived at Snake Mountain. "Oh snarf snarf, this place looks scarier than the last time.".Orko then hovered over to Snarf. "If Lion-O is anywhere, he is in Skeletor's dungeon.". He-Man then arranged the battle plan. "Okay Teela, Man-At-Arms, you will distract any of Skeletor's soilders that may be lurking around.". Teela agreed. "Okay He Man.". "The rest of you will come with me to the dungeon.". "The group of heros then entered Snake Mountain. Shortly after entering, two of Skeletor's men, Whiplash and Clawful appear. "Whiplash, let's get them.". "Okay, let's go to the dungeon.". As He-Man and his group went down the stairs near by, Teela and Man-At-Arms took on the two monsters. Orko tried to comfort Snarf. "Don't worry Snarf, Lion-O should be in one of these cells.". As they walked down the hallway, Skeletor's pet Panthor jumped out of the darkness. He-Man then spoke to Battlecat. "Battlecat, take care of him while we look for Lion-O.". As the two cats clawed each other, the rest of the group ran down the hallway. Snarf then spotted Lion-O sitting in a cell. "THERE HE IS, snarf snarf.". Lion-O then noticed Snarf with He-Man and Orko. "Snarf, I knew you would come. Who are they?". "Why I am He-Man.". "and I am Orko the Great.". "Now let me help you out Lion-O.". He-Man then used his bare hands to rip the bars right off of Lion-o's cell. "Thank you He-Man. I owe my freedom to you.". Before He-Man could respond, an evil laughter came from the shadows ahead. He-Man was the first to recognize the laugh. "I know that laugh, it's Skeletor!". Skeletor then appeared from the shadows. "Right you are hero.". He-Man then drew his sword. "I'll take you out like I have many times before Skeletor." . "Oh you have beaten me He-Man, but can you handle my partner.". Then two laser blasts came from the darkness behind Skeletor. The blasts hit He-Man, and knockd the mighty warrior down. Then Mumm-Ra stepped out from the darkness. Then Lion-O yelled out. "MUMM-RA!". "That's right miserable fool, and now you will fall before me.". "Don't worry Lion-O, Orko and I will help you out, snarf snarf.". Mumm-Ra then yelled into the shadows. "MA-MUTT!". The evil dog then appeared to handle Orko and Snarf. Then the two ran away trying to avoid Ma-Mutt. "Now it is just the four of us, and you without your sword, Lion-O.". Lion-O then tackled Mumm-Ra to the ground, but the evil one reversed it quickly and he pinned Lion=O to the ground. He-Man had just recovered, and turned his attention to Skeletor. "Ha Ha Ha Ha, He-Man, you will perish today.". "That's what you think Skeletor.". Skeletor then shot a beam from his Havoc Staff, but He-Man blocked it with his sword. Mumm-Ra still had Lion-O down. "You will lose Thunder cat.". "It's not over yet, Mumm-Ra.". Lion-O used his strength to psh Mumm-Ra off of him. Mumm-Ra then whipped out the Sword of Plundarr. He swung the double bladed weapon at Lion-O several times, but Lion-O avoided every time. He-Man was still having trouble with Skeletor. "You are no match for my Havoc Staff, you fool.". "Wanna bet, Skeletor.". He-Man then swung his sword at the staff which broke it in half. "NOOOO, my staff.". Meanwhile, Snarf and Orko were being chased by Ma-Mutt. Orko then stopped. "Wait, I have a spell that will stop that mongrel.". "Use it know Orko, he's getting very angry.". "Magic Powers, turn this dog to stone.". Then a brick appeared right above Ma-Mutt's head and drop right on top of it, knock -ing the evil dog unconscience. "Well, it isn't what I wanted, but I worked well anyway.". Mumm-Ra was still swinging his sword at Lion-O. "Give up Lion-O you can't win.". "Watch this mummy.". Lion-O then jumped in the air and kicked Mumm-Ra in the chest. Mumm-Ra dropped his sword, but stood up quickly. "I'll finish you Lion-O.". Mumm-Ra tried to zap beams from his hands, but it wouldn't work. "I haven't replentished my power in a long time. I am running out of energy.". Mumm-Ra then dissapeared along with Ma-Mutt and the Sword of Plundarr. Mumm Ra's partner was not pleased with this. "Come back here you coward.". He-man then spoke. "It is just you against the two of us. Admit defeat now Skeletor.". Skeeltor then ran back into the darkness from whence he came. Teela and Man-At-Arms had defeated Clawful and Whiplash, and were ready to leave when Lion-O senced something. "We can't go now, I fell something.". Man-At-Arms said something first. "What is it Lion-O?". "I feel the presence of the Sword of Omens. In that room.". "But Lion-O that is Skeletor's throne room." Orko said with fear. Lion-O and He-Man then entered the room. "The sword is obviously not hear Lion-O.". "Wait, what is that button on the wall?" Lion-O pressed the button on the weapon rack, and in the middle was the Sword of Omens. "IT'S HERE. I FOUND IT!" Lion-O said with excitement. "Lion-O, I'll have Man-At-Arms repair your ship, and then I will have the Sorceress teleport you and the ship back to to your world.". After a few hours, the Feliner was completly repaired, and Lion-O, along with He-Man were at Castle Grayskull. They stopped at the entrance with the huge drawbirdge. "He-Man, I think we should ask the Sorceress to open the bridge for us.". "Don't worry Lion-O, I have a special way to get us in.". He-Man then rasied his sword in the air. "BY THE POWER OF GRAY SKULL, I COMMAND THE DRAW BRIDGE OPEN!". Lion-O looked on in amazement as the draw bridge opened in an instant. "Let's go, the Sorceress will help you get back to Thundera very fast.". After exploring through the hallways of Grayskull, a women figure wearing a falcon like outfit appeared before their eyes. "Hello Sorceress, my friend here needs help.". "Let me introduce myself, I am Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats.". "and I am the Sorceress of the powerful Castle Grayskull. What do you need, Lord Lion-O?". "Well He-man tells me you can teleport my ship to my homeworld very quickly. I need to get home as fast as possible.". "Yes I can help you Lion O, and...". The Sorceress was interupted by an emergency signal that she detected. "Excuse me for a second.". Lion-O and He-Man followed the Sorceress to a wall were a vision of a girl was shown. "Who is that He-Man?". "That is Princess Adora, she is daughter of King Randor, but she stays on Etheria where she helps out the Rebellion against the evil rulers of that planet the Horde, led by the evil Hordak.". Adora's started to speak. "Sorceress, we need help here. The Horde has invaded the rebel camp and...". The transmission was ended. Suddenly the Sword of Omens then detected danger. "What is going on?". Lion-O then lifted the Sword to his face. "Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight.". Lion-O then saw the visions of the Cat's Lair being decimated by the Lunatacs. "Oh no, my people are in trouble.". "Then you must go back to them, Lion-O. I'll go to Etheria to help the Rebellion. "But they are in more danger than the Thundercats are on Thundera, maybe I can help you.". "No Lion-O, I can't ask you to do that.". Then the Sorceress walked up to them. "You have a choice Lion-O, will you help Adora, or go back to your world and save your people." To Be Continued...

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