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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Instant Darwinism - Part 4
By Lucifer Daimaou

Mumm-Ra raised his arms into the air. “So hard to find good help these days,” He muttered, “Ancient Spirits of Evil, Transform this decayed Mumm-Ra, The Ever Living!!!” Lightning clapped and sparks flew as Mumm-Ra changed from a weak, hooded mummy into a gigantic creature, ready for battle. Cowering beneath him, the four super-charged mutant generals waited in anticipation. Slythe glared at Mumm-Ra with rage and hatred unsurpassed by anything the mummy felt. “Sssso, Mumm-Ra,” Hissed Slythe, “What is your plan now?” Mumm-Ra grinned, baring his broken and sharpened teeth. “Well, Slythe, I am planning on destroying the Thundercats!” Mumm-Ra said bluntly, “Since you obviously are unable to do so. Come, follow me, and do everything I tell you to, or you will be destroyed!” With that, he flew through the room of the pyramid. The mutants followed suite, Slythe grabbed Monkian and Jackalman and flew after Mumm-Ra, with Vultureman close behind. Lion-o watched as the Mutant prisoners boarded the newly-forged ship. Herding them in was Panthro, Bengali, and TugMug, who looked ready to fire his gravity carbine at any second. “Move it, you stupid mutant wretch!!” Growled the gravity-race lunatac. “Easy there, TugMug,” Lion-o said, “No need to be rough with them.” TugMug glared at him. “I beg to deeefer, Lion-o,” TugMug snapped, “These wretches are reeesponsible for the destruction of the only place we ever called home.” Indeed, they had seen what remained of Sky Tomb, and it was certainly beyond repair. Little more than a pile of ashes and charred metal lay where the once powerful battleship lay. Lion-o put his hand on the Lunatac’s shoulder, a gesture that only a few days ago would have seemed strange. “The Thundercats promise to help you build a new home, TugMug,” He said, “But for now, we’ve got to get these guys moving and try not to make them mad at the same time, or we could still be in real trouble.” “Rowr, oh ye of little faith,” Bengali said, “Those manacles I have them in are indestructable, Rowr, Mumm-Ra himself couldn’t break through, so it doesn’t matter how angry they are.” As if on cue, one of the Reptilians snapped his chains off and lunged at Lion-o, but was met with a blast from the Sword of Omens, and then pinned to the ground by TugMug’s gravity carbine. “I’d laugh if this weren’t so grave,” Lion-o grinned, “Indestructable, huh?” Bengali, a bit sheepish, examined the broken chains. “They’ve been melted,” He announced, “We’ll need to make Muzzles it would seem.” Once all of the Mutants finnaly boarded the gigantic ship, the doors closed behind them. “So explain to me how this is going to work, Panthro.” Lion-o said. “Well, The Exiler is going to fly up just high enough to penetrate the atmosphere, then it will go out fan enough that it won’t be pulled in by the gravity of this planet,” Panthro explained, “In the Exiler is a synthesizing food machine.” “Why don’t we have one of those?” Bengali asked. Panthro grinned. “Because the food, though nutritous, tastes like crap.” He said bluntly. On the roof of Cat’s Lair, Mumm-Ra and the Mutants watched quietly. “I will deal with the Sword of Omens,” Mumm-Ra said, “You four destroy this base and all inside of it.” They nodded, and climbed in four seperate directions. Pulling out the Sword of Plundarr, Mumm-Ra grinned, and lept down at the unsuspecting Thundercats. “Mumm-Ra!” Lion-o shouted in surprise, as he was alerted of danger by the Sword of Omens seconds before the actual attack. Barely managing to pull the sword out before the jagged Sword of Plundarr came down on him, Lion-o tried desperately to push the giant mummy off. “Take this, you boneless wimp!” TugMug snarled, firing the gravity carbine at Mumm-Ra. Mumm-Ra turned, blasted TugMug off the cliff on which New Cat’s Lair was perched, and then turned back to resume the battle with Lion-o. However, the Thundercat quikely flipped around, kicked Mumm-Ra in the face, and rushed to the cliff where TugMug had fallen. The form of TugMug seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, and Lion-o realized that the gravity-race lunatac’s springs had saved him. Mumm-Ra flew at Lion-o, who jumped out of the way as TugMug was hurled up- right into the mummy’s gut. Joining the other Thundercats, Lion-o, Panthro, Bengali and TugMug prepared to attack-when Mumm-Ra vanished. Suddenly, a scream from New Cat’s Lair drew the four warriors within. WilyKit and WilyKat had been reprogramming the Exiler for it’s takeoff when Slythe burst through the roof. “What the heck?!” WilyKat shouted. Slythe swatted him to the side, and unleashed a blast of flames at WilyKit. “Oh no you don’t!” sohuted the cub, who dodged the fire, and then tossed some pellets at Slythe. The pellets hit, exploded, and...Slythe remained untainted. WilyKat, who had gotten up, attempted the itch-pellets, but Slythe did not so much as scratch his arm. “Umm....I think we might have a problem, Kit...” WilyKat said, his grasp of the obvious as good as ever. Alluro sat next to Chilla’s bed, where she lay, hooked up to several IVs and unconcious. Her hand was in his, though he knew that were she to wake up, she’d be plenty angry about it. “Well, Chilla, who’d a thought that you’d end up being the martyr of this group?” Alluro said, more to himself than to the unconcious form before him, “And here I thought you could only care for the rest of us, of course. But no, you’ve gone out and decided to be different. Can’t say I’m any better, I mean, look at where we are, for crying out loud.” Alluro stopped as Chilla’s eyes opened slowly. She gave him a drowsy look. “Alluro?” She asked in a weak voice, “Where are we?” “Chilla! You’re...awake!!!” Was all the psychic could manage. Chilla gave him a look of impatience. “Of course I’m awake, bone head,” She snapped, “Now tell me what is going on, I remember the explosion...what happened after that?” “We found your body near the site,” Alluro explained happily, “And the Thundercats offered to bring us to New Cat’s Lair, and well, here we are.” “What about the mutants, hsss?” She asked, letting out a gust of condensed air. “Defeated and in exile, except for the four generals, who managed to escape.” Alluro answered, “The mutants did not stand a chance against the likes of us, oh, the Thundercats helped some, I suppose.” “Your ego hasn’t lessened any,” Chilla said, almost smiling. “Hoo Hoo, it certainly hasn’t!” Growled someone from outside the door. Alluro snapped to attention as Monkian burst through the door. “And now, it’s time for you to die!” growled the simian mutant. Alluro laughed. “You shouldn’t have come,” Alluro laughed, “You should have sent the reptilian, at least he would stand a chance,” Alluro hurled his crystal above Monkian, “But you certainly don’t stand a chance.” “You can’” Monkian gasped, struggling to attack the psychic. “Hah, You don’t stand a chance! Give it up, I’m stronger than you, faster than you...” Alluro insisted. “Don’t stand...a chance...” Monkian gulped, trying to break free of the psychic’s hold. “Without Slythe, you are nothing, and you will always be nothing to me...” Alluro continued. Monkian sank to his knees. “You’ve still got the touch, Alluro,” Chilla muttered, pulling herself out of the bed and slipping her cape back on, “But it would seem that we’re under attack.” Alluro glared at her. “You’re in no condition to fight, lie down.” He told her. “No..condition to fight...” Monkian repeated, lieing down. Chilla burst out laughing. “Don’t worry about me, Alluro,” She said, “Now, where are the others?” “Nya-ha-ha, well, here’s one of us!” Jackalman shouted suddenly, breaking through the roof and smashing Alluro’s crystal, “Now, it’s time for you to die, Lunatacs!” “Chill out, Jackalman, HSSSSS!!!!” Chilla shouted, creating a wall of ice between them and the mutants. “Come on,” she ordered Alluro, “We’ve got to get some better weaponry.” Alluro smiled, glad to see that she was still to proud to admit that they’d need a lot more than better weaponry. Breaking down a wall, the two climbed out just before the two mutants broke free. “Snarfer, Snarfer, that’s odd...” Snarfer said. “What is it?” Snarf asked. “Well, it seems that the bottom level is being torn apart...all over the place.” Snarfer said. “I’ll check it out.” Snarf said, rushing down to the bottom level. Vultureman smiled. Flying was something he had come to enjoy, especialy when used to harm to Thundercats. The vulture was flying through every machine and wall he could find on the bottom floor, attempting to cause the entire structure to collapse. His new thick skin made it so that it didn’t hurt to bash his head through walls, and his talons made it easier to tear things apart. Seeing the trouble, Snarf, being the brave creature he was, ran off to tell the others. “I don’t see Mumm-Ra anywhere, Lion-o.” Bengali said, as the four of them searched, “Nor do I hear any more screaming. Do you think it was a trick?” “What’s that?” TugMug asked, pointing to the small tiger-race girl in front of them. Lion-o kneeled down to her. “Little girl, what’s your name?” He asked, “Where did you come from.” the girl looked away shyly. “You won’t like my name, it’s a bad name.” She said. “I’m sure it’s a beautiful name, but we have to know it if you want us to help you.” Lion-o explained. “But’s that just it,” The girl said, now making eye contact with the Lord of the Thundercats, “I don’t want you to help me...I want you to DIE!” The little girl suddenly exploded into the form of Mumm-Ra, who began to brutally beat the startled Lion-o. Panthro gave Mumm-Ra a whack on the jaw with his weapon. The mummy blasted Panthro with a painful red energy bolt, giving Lion-o the time he needed to kick Mumm-Ra off. Drawing his sword, Lion-o blasted at Mumm-Ra, a move which Mumm-Ra countered by spinning the Sword of Plundarr in his defense. Mumm-Ra then burst out laughing. “Even if you defeat me, Thundercat,” he laughed, “You are too late to save your friends! Perhaps you should go and see what your failure has led to!” With that, he dissapeared again. “Blast it! I hate it when he does that!” Panthro growled. “You deeedn’t have to put up with an alliance to heeem,” TugMug grumbled, “He wasn’t much better then eeeeiiither.” “He must have brought the mutants,” Bengali pointed out, “The others will need our help, come on!” Jumping and flipping, the twins made a desperate attempt to save their own lives. “This is ridiculous,” WilyKat shouted, “We’re not doing any damage!” “We can’t stop moving!” His twin shouted back, “Or we’ll be fried!” WilyKit then narrowly avoided a stream of fire that came her way. “Yessss! You are all doomed, Thundercatssss!” Slythe laughed. His smile then turned to a bewildered look, as his legs squeezed togethar and he fell down face first. Behind him, a grinning Luna and Amok stood. “I never get tired of doing that.” Luna told the twins, who had rushed to the door, “Come on, Thunderkittens, let’s give this repulsive creature a run for his money!” Climbing down the side of New Cat’s Lair, Alluro started to complain. “You know how frustrating it is when they break my crystal?” He asked rhetoricly, “It’s a headache to regenerate it! Why must they go for the crystal, can’t they attack me instead?” “Maybe they should go for your big mouth instead!” Chilla hissed, “We’ve got company!” Looking up, Alluro saw what she meant. Monkian and Jackalman were climbing down after them, and gaining at a disturbingly fast rate. “Chilla, dearest?” Alluro asked, “I don’t think they’re comming down fast enough, what do you think?” “Maybe I should help them down, HSSSSS!” The Lunatac fired her breath and froze the wall that the unfortunate mutants were clinging onto, making them slip and fall into the canyon below. “What a pity, they left without saying good bye,” Alluro said, pretending to be insulted, “Some people can be so rude.” Snarf sniffed the air, and found Lion-o’s scent. Rushing over to him, Snarf started shouting long and fast explanations. “Whoa! Whoa! Slow down!” Lion-o laughed, “What’s going on?” Snarf took a breath. “Vultureman is on the bottom level, destroying everything and trying to make the whole place collapse!” Snarf repeated. Dropping his friend, Lion-o rushed down, the others following closely behind. Vultureman’s keen eyesight spotted them before then spotted him, and he slashed Panthro’s chest with his talons, then flipped and turned the other way. “Let’s get heeeeem!” TugMug shouted, lunging at the mutant. Vultureman dodged the Lunatac, but was unable to dodge to blue fireball from Bengali’s hammer, which put him enough offcourse to send him reeling into a wall, back-first. The wall crumbled, and Vultureman got back up, angered. He was met, however, by a blast from the Sword of Omens, which lifted him into the air. TugMug then blasted him with the gravity carbine, pinning him to the ground. Taking his sword, Lion-o commanded. “Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight!” Lion-o suddenly grinned. “What? What is it?” Panthro asked, wrapping some clothe on his wound. Putting down his sword, Lion-o explained; “It seems that our friends are taking care of themselves.” He said, motioning for the others to follow. They walked into the control center, where the thunderkittens and a very proud looking Luna stood over Slythe, who had been pinned to the ground by manacles that had been slammed over his arms and legs. “Courtesy of Amok,” Luna explained, “Now who’s laughing?” As if on cue, laughter erupted outside of the lair, from an all too familiar voice. “Mumm-Ra!” The Thunderkittens cried togethar. Eveyone in the Lair raced outside, where a laughing Mumm-Ra stood, with Jackalman and Monkian at his feet. Lion-o, Bengali, the Thunderkittens, Panthro, TugMug, and Luna suddenly met his gaze, and Alluro and Chilla lept down from the side of the Lair. “So much company,” Mumm-Ra said, “Perhaps I should bring some friends of my own!” blasting a blue energy bolt, Vultureman and Slythe suddenly appeared before him. “Destroy them!!” He ordered. Growling, the mutants turned to Mumm-Ra. “No.” Slythe said. “WHAT?!” Mumm-Ra demanded. The Mutants lunged at him. They beat him, threw him, and Slythe blasted him with fire. Leaping into the air, and quite furious, Mumm-Ra pulled out his double-headed Talisman. “Then you will be banished from here, FOREVER!!!!!” The talisman began to glow, and the mutants tried to run, but one by one, they were sucked in. Slythe, the last to go, let out a gulf of fire, and growled, “WE’LL BE BACK FOR YOU, MUMM-RA.....” before dissapearing into the talisman. Looking at the Thundercats, Mumm-Ra sneered. “And I will be back for you, Thundercats. Lunatacs.” Before flying off towords his pyramid. Staring at each other, the Thundercats and Lunatacs had trouble comprehending what had just occured. Then they started cheering. “It’s over!! It’s really over!!” The Thunderkittens cheered. Alluro looked at Chilla. “You know, you had us worried for a while, Chilla.” He said, “Glad to see you pulled through.” “Why Alluro, I didn’t know you cared.” Chilla said. She suddenly took the tall psychic, swooned him down, and kissed him. The cheering stopped, and all eyes fell on them. Alluro stood back up, and attempted, and failed, to regain his composure. “Well...then...” He said, startled, “Maybe it’s just beginning.”

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