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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Instant Darwinism - Part 3
By Lucifer Daimaou

Alluro sat where he had been sitting for the past eight hours; next to Chilla’s bed, where the ice-race lunatac remained in a coma. Pumyra and RedEye walked in, and Alluro stood up. “What’s the word?” He asked. “Not good.” RedEye told his fellow Lunatac. “We can keep her alive, but-” Pumyra started. “You can’t wake her up.” Alluro said bitterly. Despite their differences in the past, Pumyra felt sorry for the obviously suffering lunatac. “Lion-o and Luna have called a meeting of war, perhaps it would be best if you...” She started. “No, I’ll go,” Alluro said, a little heatedly, “I want to get those filthy mutants back for what they did to us.” “-And so, united, we stand a chance.” Lion-o concluded. The setting was a mind boggling one, Lion-o at one end of the table, Luna at the other. On one side, Lunatacs, on the other, Thundercats. “No need for speeches, Thundercat,” Luna said, “We have already agreed to an alliance, we have very little choice as it is.” “Did the mutants disarm you?” Tygra asked. Luna smiled icily. “My weapon sits in front of you, strong as ever.” She said, a little arrogantly. “They didn’t take this from me,” Alluro said, taking out the wooden staff of his psyche club, “because they figured it harmless, but-”suddenly, energy began to be sucked into the top of the psyche club, and, in a flash, a crystal appeared, “-it is still quite useful. At least when it’s not against the reptilians.” he added, “The yellow coating on their eyes seems to act as a psychic-block.” “My weapon is attached to me.” RedEye pointed out. “Mine was not,” TugMug said bitterly, “And they have it.” “So, two out of three isn’t so bad, and TugMug’s gravity ability already gives him the speed advantage.” Tygra said, “I think that with your help, and with the delay caused by Slythe’s...acident, we should be able to get a few of your weapons from the wrekage.” “Like the Lunatacker!” TugMug said, “And we could get back my gravity carbine!” “Well, if we’re gonna do it...” Panthro started. “Let’s do it!” Put in the other Thundercats. Flapping his wings in impatience, Slythe hissed, “Hurry up! We need to get to that Lunatacker, yessss!” “Caaaw! Calm down, Slythe, as you yourself have said, we have plenty of time!” Vultureman pointed out. “Not anymore, Vultureman,” The scaly leader sneered, “With the lunatacs on their side now, they will start building up their defenses even more. The more time we give them, the stronger they will become.” “Hoo hoo! They are no match for our armies, no matter how strong they become!” Monkian laughed, “They are puny, not even Amok and Lion-o stand a chance against us, togethar!” Slythe lunged at Monkian, grabbed him by the collar, then flew up into the air with him. “Do not underesssstimate the Sword of Omens, Monkian,” Slythe hissed, “If we let our guards down, Lion-o might find a way to change us back, yessss!” “Hoo Hoo! Forgive me, Slythe, just, put me down!” Monkian whined. A bad choice of words, as the Simian found himself plummating to the ground. Slythe heard a dull “Ow!” that notified him that the general was fine. Lion-o, Tygra, TugMug, Luna and Amok crept silently towords the wreckage. They could hear the mutants nearby, and did not want to attract their attention. “Now, where would it be?” Tygra asked. “Right by the engines.” Luna whispered, pointing to the very end of the wreckage. Tygra twirled his whip around himself and dissapeared. They heard the carefuly calculated sound of his footsteps as he sneaked to the end of the rubble. He noticed a large mound, and, quietly as possible, he pushed aside the rubble. Sure enough, directly underneath was the Lunatacker. “Phase one complete,” Lion-o whipered, “Now, phase two.” TugMug and Luna prepared themselves. Tygra crawled into the Lunatacker, now visible, and sealed the top from inside. Then the mighty machine burst from the rubble and started blasting flame all over the place. As anticipated, the swarm of nearby mutants rushed at it, but completely to their surprise, Slythe was still in the lead. But how could he have survived?! Lion-o thought in dismay, can nothing defeat this creature? Tygra, however, proceeded without any sign of dismay, turning the machine and leading the mutants on a chase. TugMug and Luna rushed towords Castle Plundarr, TugMug leaping up to where he believed the weapons lay. “Now where is that...” The pony-tail haired lunatac wondered out loud. When he saw it, he loud out a gasp. “Damn...” He muttered. Lion-o saw TugMug leap down, but the cannon he held was far larger than the gravity carbine he had come to recognize, and black, a completely different color. As TugMug and Luna rushed by, Lion-o decided it was time to get out of there. “Thunder,” He said, pulling out his sword, “Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats! HO!!!” And the eye of Thundera was sent out, lifting up the Lunatacker and moving it to Cat’s Lair. Sword of Omens sure does have a lot of uses Lion-o thought to himself. He then decided to get out of there himself, running to catch up with Luna and TugMug. However, Slythe was too fast for, him, leaping in front of the Thundercat. Lion-o aimed the sword at Slythe, but the gigantic mutant swatted it out of his hands. “Take thisss, meddeling Thundercat!!” Slythe shouted, raising his fist threateningly. Suddenly, a huge explosion erupted behind Slythe, and the Mutant fell to the ground. Oddly, Slythe seemed concious, but unable to move. “Filthy lunatac....” He growled. Lion-o looked to see TugMug’s newly enlarged gravity carbine smoking, along with a grinning lunatac. “Come on, Thundercat,” TugMug said, grinning, “I don’t want to have to save your ass the whole way, let’s get going.” Lion-o, a bit suprised, grinned and ran off with his unlikely partner. Once they arrived at New Cat’s Lair, the others were shocked to see Lion-o and TugMug, walking side by side, laughing and talking as if they had been friends for years. “They must have been infected with something.” Cheetara suggested. “Or forced-fed poison.” Luna added. Tygra, however, watched them and smiled to himself. Amazing what a mutual enemy can do to people, he thought, I just hope that if and when we defeat the mutants, this alliance continues, then all we’d have to worry about was Mumm-Ra and quite frankly, I don’t think he’s nearly as much as a problem. “You should have seen the look on the Thundercat’s face, Luna,” TugMug laughed, “He looked like he was sure Slythe was going to crush him right there.” “But TugMug is getting soft it would seem,” Lion-o said, grinning, “He saved my fur. Come on, everyone inside for a meeting. We got the weapons back, so we can start to prepare for battle.” “And so, this is our stategy, Lion-o,” Tygra began, “In the air, Bengali, Lynx-o, and Cheetara will pilot the Feliner, while Pumyra and I take the other two flying vehicles. On the ground, Panthro and you will be in the Thundertank, while Alluro and RedEye will pilot the Lunatacker. In our base, the thunderkittens, Snarf, and Snarfer will control the weapons. Our infantry will consist of Luna, who will use Amok to try and trip the Mutants down, and TugMug, who’s upgraded Gravity Carbine can hold down the mutants. Panthro and Bengali designed special nets I think you should hear about from them.” Panthro put a diagram on the table. “This is our secret weapon, everyone,” Panthro declared. “It’s made from the same alloys we used to construct this building.” Bengali explained. “It has powerful weights on the ends, and, when activated, it will attach itself to the ground with long, powerful drills.” Panthro continued, “Now, we have exactly two of these nets, stored in the jaw of the Cat’s head here. It is several miles in diameter, so the idea is to get the mutants in one place, then trap them.” Panthro touched a button, and a four-sided screen lowered for all parties to see. “This is the cat’s head,” He continued, pointing it out on the screen. On the screen, a net shot out from the cat’s head, and was attached still be a long cable, “That cable is used to electricute the mutants into unconciousness,” Panthro explained, “If the first try fails, you can cut off the first cable and fire the second net.” The scenario was displayed on the screen. Panthro touched the button again, and the screen went back into the ceiling. “So then, we are to wait for them to attack?” Luna asked, still not quite enjoying having to follow a plan made by the Thundercats. Tygra nodded. “We...accept your plan,” She said grudgedly, “But those nets had better be strong enough, or we’ll all be done for.” “WilyKit, wait up!” WilyKat called after his sibling. “WilyKat, I know I saw something crash here, and I want to found out...Aaaah!!!! WilyKatcome quike!!!” WilyKit shouted, after dissapearing into a patch of bushes. WilyKat rushed in after her. “WilyKit, what” WilyKat stammered. In front of them, a crashed circus train lay. A few feet in front of it layed the charred but unmistakable form of Captain Bragg. Tears welled up in WilyKat’s eyes. “Those-those barbarians!!” He shouted, “I can’t believe they would do this to someone as kind as Captain Bragg!” “They must have wanted revenge,” WilyKit said softly, “For being locked up.” “They didn’t used to be so...brutal...” WilyKat said, rage replaced quikely with fear, “Will we ever be able to defeat them now?” “Well, if we do, we’ll only do it if we make it to New Cat’s Lair.” WilyKit said, “Let’s go.” Fighting off tears, the twins doubled their speed and headed towords their destination. “Sssso, the Thundercats want a fight, do they?” Slythe snarled, after being blasted with a reversal to the gravity carbine that Vultureman had cooked up, “Well, we’ll give them a fight!!! Everyone, pay attention! This will be the attack plan, yesss!” The alarm systems at New Cat’s Lair went off. “It is time.” Lynx-o announced, climbing into the Feliner. Cheetara and Bengali took the sides, and the battle plane lifted into the air, joined by the other two air fighters, Pumyra and Tygra. The Lunatacker and Thundertank took off with TugMug, Luna and Amok following close behind. On the screens of the control center, a horde of mutants could be seen marching and flying at great speeds. “Panthro, plow into as many of them as you can as fast as possible!” Lion-o ordered, “If we can avoid being lifted up, we should be able to get them down.” “On, it, Lion-o.” Panthro said, pushing down the acceleration. “Fire, Alluro!” RedEye shouted. “Hah! Got one of them!” Alluro said triumphantly, as a Simian mutant caught on fire. “Look out!” RedEye shouted, as the horde of ground mutants turned on them. RedEye Started spinning the Lunatacker around, trying to knock down the mutants, while Alluro warded them off with fire. In the sky, the feliner split, sending Cheetara and Bengali out to attack with the weaker laser fire, while Lynx-o fired missiles from the jaw. Pumyra and Tygra joined their effort, trying to push the reptilians away from New Cat’s Lair so that they could not disrupt the force field. The Lair itself was being handled nicely, all of the gigantic lasers were hitting many targets, pushing back the advance. However, this situation was at best, a stalemate. Though the warriors fought bravely, very little damage was done to the collosal mutants. And then, just when it seemed things could not get any worse, Monkian rode in on a newly-upgraded fist pounder. With this technological advantage, the retaliating forces started to lose valuable ground. “Blasted mutants!” Panthro cursed, “I’ll take out that pile of scrap metal!” Manuvaring the Thundertank to the side of the fist-pounder, Panthro attempted to ram the gigantic machine once more. “Hoo Hoo, we won’t have any of that, Thundercat!” Monkian laughed. He pressed a button and missiles launched from the side of the fist pounder at the Thundertank. Barely managing to avoid it, Panthro began to lose hope. “What are we going to do? They only have one vehicle yet we can’t beat them!” Panthro growled. In response, Lion-o opened the top of the tank. “I’ll take care of it.” He told his friend, leaping out. Climbing to the top of the Thundertank, Lion-o pulled out his sword. “Thunder.” He shouted, “Thunder, Thunder! Thundercats! HO!!!” The Eye of Thundera was projected into the sky, building up the hopes of the Thundercats, angering the mutants. The entire mutant group turned to attack Lion-o. Pointing his sword at the fist-pounder, Lion-o shouted “HO!!” and blasted Monkian off. He then lept off of the Thundertank, and ran closer to New Cat’s Lair before turning, lifting his sword up, and creating a force field. All of the mutants began to pound and blast at the field, except for the four generals, who watched in amusement. “What doesss he think he’sss doing,” Slythe uttered, “He can’t ssstand the force of all of them, yesssss.” “CAAAAWW!!!” Vultureman shouted, as he suddenly fell to the ground. The other three looked to see Amok, holding Vultureman’s legs togethar, and TugMug, gravity carbine aimed and ready to fire. “This is not a spectator’s sport, Mutants.” Luna hissed. TugMug fired at Slythe, who lept into the air. Vultureman kicked Amok off, and flapped his wings as well. Monkian and Jackalman charged at Luna and Amok, who responded by ducking down and tripping the two generals. Slythe and Vultureman lunged down at TugMug, who jumped up and dodged them. “Mutants have never stood a chance against Lunatacs.” TugMug growled. “Snarfer, Snarfer! Would you look at that!” Snarfer announced, “They’re all in one place! Except for four of them, but Luna and TugMug seem to be handling them fine, yep, they sure are, yep, so I’ll just fire the net...” Tygra’s eyes went wide. “THEY’RE FIRING THE NET!!!” He shouted. “But, Lion-o’s in there!!!” Pumyra exclaimed, “They must not be able to see him in that crowd of mutants.” Lion-o, however, was warned of the oncomming net by the Sword of Omens, which managed to pull him free...just as the net started to come down. However, he was not quite out, and one of his feet would have been crushed by the weights...if Lynx-o hadn’t dived down and driven him out. The net dropped, with all the mutants inside. The shield to New Cat’s Lair dropped, and an electrical current poured into the net, stunning all the mutants contained within. “NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” Slythe howled, “YOU’VE RUINED USSSS!!! YOU CANNOT DO THISSS, WE ARE INVINSSSIBLE!!!!” Amok’s fist suddenly came down on his skull, making him stumble forward. Turning, with hatred in his eyes, he kicked the unfortunate beast, sending Luna flying. TugMug tried to attack, but the angered reptilian swatted him with his tail. He then grabbed Monkian and Jackalman, and flew off. “COME ON, YOU FOOL!!!” He shouted to Vultureman, “I THINK THAT IT’S TIME FOR MUMM-RA TO PAY HIS DUES!!!” Following suite, Vultureman rushed after him. Lion-o stood up, feeling greatly weakened, and sheathed his sword. All of a sudden, Luna landed in his arms. Surprised, Lion-o almost dropped her, but instead waited for Amok to come to set her down. “We’ve got to stop meeting like this, Luna,” Lion-o chuckled, “People will talk.” Luna growled, but said nothing. “Man, that smarts,” TugMug said, rubbing the back of his head, he grinned, “But we won! We got those Dirty Mutants and sent their masters running to their mummy...hehehe...” “I only hope that Mumm-Ra doesn’t decide to help them.” Bengali said, “Or we’ll be in real trouble.” “I think the question right now is; what do we do with all these mutants?” Lion-o pointed out. “We’ll have to design some sort of prison ship and send them in exile.” Panthro said thoughtfully. The Lord of the Thundercats then looked at the Lunatacs, as Alluro and RedEye got out of their vehicle. “Uggh...I’ve got to vomit...” Alluro said, clutching his stumach. “So, what will you do now?” Lion-o asked. The Lunatacs thought for a moment. “We’ll decide when this is over,” Luna said craftily, “Which it won’t be until the last of the mutants have been captured.” The other lunatacs quikely agreed. Crashing through the pyramid wall, Slythe looked quite furious. The others followed behind him nervously. “Mumm-Ra!! Show yourself you worthless undead mummy!!!” He growled. Mumm-Ra got out of his sarcophagus, smiling. “Yes, Slythe?” He asked politely. Slythe’s face was contorted with rage. “You will come with us to destroy the Thundercats, NOW!” Ordered the reptilian, “Or we will destroy you!” Mumm-Ra burst out laughing. “Oh, a bit cocky, eh, mutant?” The Demon Priest asked, “Think that you can defeat me now that you’re stronger? Well, perhaps you should this...” Mumm-Ra pulled out a wooden talisman with a double-headed black horse-head. The talisman contained heiroglyphics on it. Slythe, annoyed, charged at Mumm-Ra, but the Talisman began to glow a black energy, and Slythe was blasted backwards and paralyzed. “What trickery is this?!” Demanded Slythe. Mumm-Ra chuckled. “No matter how strong you are, Slythe, so long as you are on the side of evil, you will be the servant of Mumm-Ra.” The demon priest laughed, “And don’t you ever forget it.”


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