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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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The Lord and His Queen
By Dennis

note: this story is when wilykat and wilykit are gown 19 years and i dennis am
19 and wilykit and i are to be married and i am going to be the lord of the
thundercats the sun glowed bight in the thundera sky a wonderful day two from now i
will be named lord of the thundercats and marryed to wilykit i am in love
and i go to the dinning room i look and then allura walks to me dennis she yes
i said you happy to be marryed and be the new thundercats lord i said yes.i
love her then i walked out hoping to get over this fear of soon being a marryed
man lion-o and wilykit are in the living room wilykit lion-o said i hope
this day will come i am proud how you grown and i hope you and dennis love each
other forever and have great kittens oh lion-o said wilykit i will be happy i
love dennis so much yes said a vioce from behind it was nanny nanny lion-o
said i was with wily kit and.... lion-o said neversly lion-o said wilykit 
you are sad a little that i am grown up and i am to be marryed wilykit nanny
said you are a petty girl and i think that you would be a great mate to
dennis thanks nany wilykit said huging her later that night i stood up and
looked at the full blue moon the next moring i was busy like every one else
that night the boys and i had a bachelor party and wilykit and the girls
had a bacheloette one no more fredom said lance yep said snarf lets get some
food yelled moltar yes a beer for me said coran oh boy that was good said
said pidge then we got into the thunder tank and sang our self silly oh
guys i said this is great well than crashed into cats lair oy said keith too
much to drink hay guys you okay? said cheetara yes sais snarfer. hup. it's the
next day the entire planet of thundera is coming and from arus ghost planet
and 3rd earth and others. i was in my fine cothes and i looked in
the mirror oh i said here's another 6 beers is a lot for me. wilykit was in
the next room and she was in a fine weddeing dress she was a sight for
sore eyes she is a knock out as lion-o was geting ready to wed us i walked
up to him lion-o i said i'm happy that me and wily kit are geting marryed i
will be a great lord i swear it dennis lion-o said you made me proud before this
i know that things will be great. then the wedding begain i was shaking but
before you knew it lion-o said now i pronounce you lion and mate and it was a great
time later wilykit and me had twins boy and girl they were wily and kitty
we loved them with are hearts and thundera and the thundercats had a lord
and a queen
     the end

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