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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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ThunderCats: The Legacy - Honor's Nobility
By Angora Manx

        Wily Kit and Wily Kat were on scouting patrol in the desert one day when
they spotted a charred field.  It was as though a large blanket of fire
has just swept over this field.  Kit went in for a closer look.  "What is
it?"  asked Kat.
"I don't know,"   replied Kit.  "This place isn't near any volcanoes so
it couldn't have been lava."
"Perhaps a fire breathing monster did this?"
"I'm not sure."  Suddenly, Kit caught a gleam in the distance.  She went
towards it and noticed, sticking out of the ground, a sleek sword with a
blade as white as snow.  Kit stared at it, then went ahead and noticed
someone unconscious and charred.  It was a samurai warrior, one who she
found awfully familiar.  "Kit?"  Kat called out.  "You find anything?"
"Kat."  she replied.  "You have to come and see this."  Kat came to where
his sister was and noticed the warrior unconscious.  "Is that who I think
it is?"  Kat asked.
"I think so."  Kit answered.  "We better get him back to Cat's Lair and
fast."  The two ThunderCats carried the warrior and barely managed to
balance him between them while traveling on their space boards.
        "So, who is he?"  Cougari asked when Kit and Kat returned with the
samurai warrior.  He was placed in the infirmary to recover from whatever
caused his present state.  "Come on,"  Cougari went on.  "I'm all in for
defending the helpless here, but--"
"He's a samurai."  Kat said.  "A valiant warrior who follows a code of
honor much like our Code of Thundera, but way more strict."
"Come again?"  Cougari replied, confused.
"These warriors are like us, but they would sooner be dead than
dishonored."  Lyna explained.  She turned to the twins.  "What do we know
of him?"
"His name's Hachiman."  Kit said.  "He's an old friend, and a good
"So, does he have a master?"  Cougari asked.
"What?"  Kit replied.
"Don't samurai have people who they report to?"
"Not all of them."  Lyna answered.  "From the looks of him, he's a ronin,
a master less samurai."
"Oh."  Hachiman moaned.  He awoke to find himself stared at by the group
of thunderians.  "Where am I?"  he asked.
"It's all right, snarf, snarf."  Snarf said as he treated his wounds. 
"You're safe here."
"How did I get here?"  Hachiman asked.
"We found you injured."  Kit explained.  "You're in Cat's Lair."
"ThunderCats?"  he said.
"Yeah,"  Lyna replied.  "That's us."
"You."  He looked at Lyna.  "You look familiar."  He was still a bit
dizzy and couldn't see well.  "Lion-O?"
"No,"  she said shaking her head.  "Lyna.  Lord Lion-O was my father."
"I heard rumors that he was--"
"Yeah, it's true."
"You look so much like him."  he replied.
"You need to rest."  she said.
"No, I have message from Taichi to ThunderCats."
"What message?"
"The lord of Taichi, Mysogha, decrees the lord of the ThunderCats and his
warriors to come to Taichi at once."
"I thought you said he didn't have a master."  Cougari commented to Lyna.
"I don't,"  Hachiman answered.  "But Mysogha knows of your father and he
sent me to fetch him, knowing of my friendship with him."
"Why does Mysogha want the ThunderCats to come to Taichi?"  Lyna asked.
"A monster has invaded the lands of Taichi."  Hachiman explained.  "All
of Mysogha's warriors were powerless to stop it.  Even myself, with the
Thundercutter, has been unable to stop it.  Please, the ThunderCats are
our last hope."  He then fell unconscious.  "We'll do what we can."  Lyna
said.  "Kit, Kat, summon everyone to the counsel room at once."
"No problem."  the twins said as they and Lyna left the infirmary.
        In the counsel room, Lyna explained the problem.  "We have to find a way
to deal with this monster."  she continued.  "It could destroy all of
Third Earth."
"So, do we have any ideas on how to deal with it?"  Cougari asked.
"As soon as Hachiman wakes up, I'll ask him what we're up against."  she
"It did seem kinda tough."  Kit commented.  "You saw how he looked when
we brought him."
"I know, but we'll need specifics."  It was then Hachiman entered. 
"You're awake."  Lyna said.  "That's good, I was about to ask you about
the monster."
"All I know is that it breathes fire and has the strength of a thousand
battalions."  Hachiman said.  "His skin was impenetrable, even the
Thundercutter could not dent it."
"Thundercutter?"  Lyna asked.
"His sword."  Kat explained.  "It's no Sword of Omens, but it's pretty
"Well, Hachiman, Lord Mysogha sent for the lord of the ThunderCats and he
shall get her."
"Wait, there's something you should know..."  Hachiman said.
"Oh, yeah, Kara, Snarf, you're with me."  Lyna said to her friends.  "I
could use the backup and some knowledge on the territory.  The rest of
you stay here and protect the lair."
"You got it, Lyna."  Kara said.
"Yeah, snarf, snarf."  Snarf added.  "We'll help you out."
"Wait, I--"  Hachiman watched as the three ThunderCats went out.  He
followed them, worried about the outcome.
        The group had arrived at Taichi hours later.  Lyna looked all around the
city.  It was Asian and the people looked really friendly.  "Whoa."  Kara
whistled.  "I never thought I'd see anything so....old-fashioned."
"Yes, Lord Mysogha is very traditional."  Hachiman explained.  "He
believes in the power of heritage and honor."
"Okay, which way to his palace?"  Lyna asked.
"Uh, speaking of traditional--"  Hachiman began.  Suddenly, the streets
were filled with screams as a large monster flew from the sky.  It was
serpentine and looked as though it had three heads, each spitting out a
different color flame.  The flames began to have different effects
besides burning.  A blue flame froze the livestock and the ice burned
with it.  A red flame was burning the crops and an orange flame cut
through the walls like acid.  Lyna and Kara teamed up against the beast,
who soon turned their way.  Kara attacked two of the heads while Lyna was
busy with the middle head.  The monster seemed to back down, then the two
ThunderCats were tossed to the ground.  Hachiman tried to help, but it
was no use.  Just when things seemed to look bleak, an arrow flew into
the monster's right eye on its center head.  The four turned to see a
samurai all dressed in black armor.  The mysterious samurai would have
called attention to the monster had it not flew into the sky as far from
the city as possible.  Lyna began to go towards the samurai only to find
no one.  "Strange."  she said.  "I could've sworn I saw someone."
"Whoever it was, I'm glad he stopped that monster when he did."  Kara
replied.  "Now, which way was the palace?"
"Follow me."  Hachiman sighed as the ThunderCats resumed their journey.
        Hachiman led the ThunderCats to a large palace.  They walked into what
looked like a throne room.  A tall man was standing along with a young
girl and several guards.  Hachiman bowed to the man.  "Lord Mysogha,"  he
said.  "I have brought the lord of the ThunderCats as you have
requested."  Mysogha looked at the group with a critical eye.  "Hmm,"  he
said to Snarf.  "You look rather small and furry for a great lord such as
yourself."  Hachiman gulped.  "Uh, pardon, Lord Mysogha."  he said.  "I
do believe you are mistaken."  He brought Lyna in front of him.  "THIS is
the lord of the ThunderCats."
"Her?"  Mysogha asked.  "Surely there is someone who is older.  Where is
her father?"
"Dead."  Lyna answered.  "I'm the last of the royal thunderian family."
"I see."  he replied.  "Well, then, this I did not expect."  He mumbled
to a nearby guard, "We were better off planning to surrender to the
monster."  Kara heard him and glared.  Mysogha turned to his guests. 
"Are these your warriors?"  he asked.  "Some of them,"  Lyna said.  "The
rest are at our Cat's Lair should anything happen."
"Can you help us defeat this monster?  It is very powerful as you have
"Heard?  We ran into the beast on the way here."  Kara spoke up.
"You will speak when spoken to!"  Mysogha snapped.  "Insolent girl!"
"Excuse me?"  Kara replied.
"Kara, enough!"  Lyna ordered.  "Perhaps we should continue this later?"
"Yes, I believe that is a wise choice."  Mysogha replied.  He motioned to
the girl next to him.  "Laia will show you to your chambers."
"Thank you, Lord Mysogha."  Lyna said.
"My apologies, Lord Mysogha."  Kara said.  The two followed Laia out. 
Mysogha looked at them as they left, then to Hachiman.  "I thought you
said you would get us the lord of the ThunderCats!"  he cried.  "Not
these girls."
"They are skilled warriors, my Lord."  Hachiman said.  "They are possibly
our only chance of defeating the monster threatening Taichi."
"I'll feed Taichi to the beast before I let women fight my battles!" 
Mysogha snapped.  "Dismissed!"
        At the chambers, Lyna and Kara found themselves in a simple room.  Snarf
had told them he would catch up as he made his way to the kitchen.  "I
trust this is to your liking?"  Laia asked. 
"It will do, thank you."  Lyna replied.
"Please excuse my father for his behavior."  Laia said.  "He does not
find it proper for a warrior below his ranking to speak to him like
"Your father?"  Kara started.  "That miserable--"
"Kara, don't."  Lyna said.  "It's not nice to talk of people like that."
"Unless people talk of surrendering the monster rather than seek help
from us, especially behind our backs!"
"I must admit, it is a surprise that someone such as yourself would lead
a band of warriors."  Laia said.
"I guess it is a shock,"  Lyna said.  "After all, I am half-human."
"Half-human?"  Laia asked.
"Yes, a thunderian-human hybrid."  Kara replied.  "What, does that not
surprise you?"
"You surprise me more and more, Lady Lyna."  Laia said.  "Father always
believes that a female is the most inferior of all living things."
"What?!"  Now Lyna was in shock.  "Judging from others by race, I can
understand, but by gender?  That's pathetic!  Why must it matter if
you're male or female?  Why didn't Hachiman tell me Mysogha was like
"I tried, believe me."  Hachiman said as he walked in the door.  "I'm
sorry, I couldn't help over hearing."  He looked at Laia, who began to
leave.  "Well, this is a surprise."  Kara said.  "He doesn't believe we
can beat that monster because we're female!"
"Mysogha is traditional in all aspects."  Hachiman explained.  "He
believes that females are useful as servants, and--"
"And what?"  Kara demanded.
"As breeders to the next generation of warriors."
"Breeders?"  Kara said.  "Is that what he sees us as?  BREEDERS?!?!"
"Kara, calm down..."  Lyna began.
"That conceited shogun has the nerve to find us inferior because of our
gender!  I've been through this with other thunderians because of my
strength!  We're being seen as mere fodder, and you tell me to calm
"We're just going to have to prove Mysogha wrong."  Lyna replied.
"Easier said than done."  Hachiman replied.  "He is very stubborn."
"Well, we have to try."  Lyna said.  The sword then began to glow.  "By
Jaga, as if things couldn't get any worse!"  She lifted the sword to her
face.  "Sword of Omens,"  she called.  "Give me sight beyond sight." 
Through the sword, Lyna saw the monster again, this time it was attacking
a wing at towards the palace, and at Snarf, who was trying to hide. 
"Snarf's in trouble."  Lyna said.
"What else is new?"  Kara replied.  "Let's go."
        As they reached the kitchen, Hachiman, Kara and Lyna attacked the
monster with all their might.  The fight looked bleak as the monster
barely broke a sweat fighting the vailiant warriors.  The beast seemed
unstoppable until the mysterious samurai appeared again, shooting arrows
at the beast until it started to fly away.  "Let's follow it!"  Lyna
said.  But the mysterious samurai had unleashed a gas bomb.  "The beast
is mine."  the samurai said as smoke came up.  By the time the smoke
cleared, the samurai was gone.   "We lost it!"  Lyna cried.  "Why won't
that samurai let us cream the beast?"
"Maybe he doesn't believe we could do it."  Kara mumbled.
"Kara, we've been through this."  Lyna replied.  "Mysogha is going to
have to see us in battle before he changes his mind about females."
"Well, we don't have to worry about tracking the beast down."  Kara said.
 "I managed to plant a tracking device onto it before it went off."
"Then we can start hunting for the monster ourselves."  Mysogha said as
he entered.  "I believe your work is done."
"Do you have any idea how powerful that beast is?"  Lyna asked.
"Powerful enough to stop weak girls such as yourselves."
"I believe that your arrogance has blinded you to the task at hand.  If
this beast is not stopped, then the next time it attacks Taichi will be
the last!"
"Oh, it will be the last, because a samurai warrior will put an end to
"This is ridiculous, Mysogha.  You have to let us stop it!"
"I didn't release that thing to be stopped by a mere girl!"
"What?  Are you saying that you unleashed this monstrosity?!"
"So?  What better way to choose a husband for my daughter?  Now, if you
will excuse me."  As Mysogha exited, Lyna looked at Hachiman.  "You knew,
didn't you?"  she asked.
"I knew that Mysogha declared that whoever brought one of the monster's
three heads would be brought forward to him as a potential choice for a
canidate for his daughter's hand."  Hachiman explained.  "It didn't
matter who it was, as long as it was a samurai.  I had no idea that
Mysogha brought the beast upon Taichi from the start."
"So when the monster began to go out of control to a point where hundreds
were dying, you sent for us."  Lyna finished.
"Mysogha knew of my friendship with your father, that's why he sent me. 
Lady Lyna, I swear on my honor, that I never realized that Mysogha would
do such a thing."
"It seems Mysogha's plan worked, if you were seeking his daughter's
hand."  Kara replied.
"You don't understand."  Hachiman cried.  "Mysogha staged this to pick
out an heir for his throne, most people would want that.  But I was in
love with Laia, and would've done anything to have her."
"If you really loved her, you wouldn't be trying to force yourself onto
her affections!"  Kara snapped.
"Kara, don't."  Lyna said.  "We got more important things to do than
squabble over this.  Come on, we got a beast to catch."
        On a mountain, inside a cave, the beast laid its serpentine body to
rest.  It then heard a voice from inside its lair.  "You have done well,
my pet."  it said.  "Not only will we gain a providence of Third Earth,
we will also destroy the ThunderCats as well."
"Why?"  the serpent said.  "Why do you seek the destruction of these
cats, Master?"
"I have my reasons, Hydran, reasons you can not begin to comprehend."
"I found this on me, Master."  Hydran said showing the shadowed figure a
small device planted on its back.  The figure stepped out of the shadows
and examined it.  "A tracking device,"  he said.  "We are expecting
intruders.  You know what to do when they come, my servant."
"Yes, Master Gen-Ta, I will destroy all of your enemies."  Gen-Ta looked
at his servant and smiled.  He was certain that he would win this time. 
"Soon, my control on New Thundera will remain unchallenged."  he thought
to himself.
        Kara, Lyna and Hachiman soon came to the base of a large mountain.  "The
signal from the device seems to  be coming from the top of the mountain."
"That beast really looked big."  Lyna replied.  "We should split up. 
Hachiman and I will take the other side of the mountain.  Kara, you'll--"
"Take this side.  I'm on it."  The group then split.
        Kara had gone a long way up the mountain when it began to shake.  Kara
almost fell off when the mysterious samurai helped her up.  "Thank you," 
she replied.
"Are you all right?"  the samurai asked.
"I will be, once I figure out who you are."  Kara reached for the
samurai's helmet, the samurai backed away.  The samurai tripped, causing
the helmet to reveal a river of black hair.  Kara could only stare at the
now unmasked warrior.  "Laia?"  she gasped.  "You're the mysterious
        Laia looked at her, then bowed her head.  "Yes."  she replied.  "I need
to defeat the beast so that my father could cease this foolishness of
finding me a husband."
"But, why didn't you say something?"
"I can not, my father, he wasn't always like this."  Laia explained.  "My
mother was a great warrior.  She taught me everything I know.  When she
was killed in battle years ago, my father went into grief.  He then
forced all of Taichi to return to old ways.  He said he would not lose
more of our family like he lost my mother.  I secretly trained myself to
the ways of a samurai, but now, he seems to forget why he took the action
he has taken."
"Do you know anything about the beast threatening Taichi?"
"His name is Hydran, the Demon Serpent.  Many years ago, he was
imprisoned and tamed by my ancestors.  If the lords only had a daughter,
then Hydran was released and whoever brought back one of his three heads
was a likely choice for an heir and husband.  Afterwars, the head would
return to the body.  This went on for thousands of years until, one time,
Hydran nearly destroyed all of Taichi.  He was then imprisoned for good,
until now."
"Is there a way to defeat Hydran, forever?"
"My mother once told me that the only way to destroy Hydran was to remove
all three heads, then freeze his body before the heads returned, then the
heads would burn off.  I have a formula which can freeze Hydran, but I
see I will need your help in removing his three heads."
"I'll do what I can."  Kara replied.
"Hydran dwells in a cave on top of this mountain."  Laia said as she
placed her helmet back on.  "Kara-san, I beg you, do not tell anyone who
I am."
"This pretty much goes against the truth part of my teachings,"  Kara
said.  "But since this is for the best, your secret's safe with me."
"Thank you so humbly, Kara-san."  The two continued up the top of the
        At the top, Lyna and Hachiman noticed a large cavern.  "Why do I get the
feeling someone's living here?"  Lyna asked.  Suddenly, Hydran was seen
from the cavern's view.  Lyna and Hachiman took cover behind some rocks
and watched as Hydran settled himself into its lair.  "Do you think he
saw us?"  Hachiman asked.
"Survive a few more seconds and we'll see."  she replied as she saw a
shadow going towards Hydran.
"Have you done as I asked, Hydran?"  the shadow asked.
"I am sorry, Master."  he replied.  "I was only able to cause one of them
to go over the cliff."
"Really?"  The shadow came into the light, his full figure seen by all. 
Lyna growls softly because of it.
"Somehow, I'm not surprised, Gen-Ta."  she whispers softly.
"Do you know that demon, Lyna-san?"  Hachiman asked.
"All too well."
"And now, my servant, a reward for your work."  Gen-Ta brought behind him
a wounded Mysogha.  "Revenge is a dish best served cold, of course."
"Yes, Master.  I recall his ancestors enslaving me."  Hydran replied. 
"Now, foolish one, you shall die!"  As Hydran was about to strike
Mysogha, Lyna came out of her hiding place and attacked.  Hydran backed
away as Hachiman managed to grab Mysogha.  "Why don't you pick on someone
more of a challenge, Hydran?"  she asked.  Hydran was about to attack
when Gen-Ta stopped him.  "This one is mine."  he replied.  "Do what you
will to the others."
        Gen-Ta began to battle Lyna while Hydran attacked Hachiman and Mysogha. 
The two warriors ducked in a crack in the wall.  "When I get out of
here,"  Mysogha said.  "I will make that snake demon pay."
"I believe he is already paying, Lord Mysogha."  Hachiman replied as he
pointed to Lyna who was fighting Gen-Ta.
"It seems you will lose the battle this time, Princess."  Gen-Ta hissed
as he dodged Lyna's attack.
"Don't count on it!"  Lyna replied as she reflected an energy orb with
her sword.  The orb hit Gen-Ta in the face, blinding him for a short
time, but gave Lyna enough time to tackle him.  "That was for my father."
 she said.  "This is for my world!"  She charged at him, but Gen-Ta
leaped over her.  He landed right behind her.  He was about to swing his
staff when something tugged at it.  Gen-Ta pulled his staff, Kara
reteacted her whip and leap beside Lyna who had made some distance from
Gen-Ta.  "Well, I hope I'm not late for the party."  Kara said.
"Nope, you're just in time."  Lyna replied.
"By the way, I brought a friend."  Kara pointed as Laia, in her armor,
came out.  "We decided to work together to cream Hydran."  she explained.
 "The samurai has a plan.  Where's Hachiman?"
"Protecting Mysogha."
"We may need his help too."
"He's injured.  What's the plan?"
"We need to chop off all three heads, at the same time."
"All right, I'll get to it."  Lyna made her way to the crack where
Hachiman and Mysogha were while Kara and Laia kept Gen-Ta busy. 
"Hachiman!"  she called.  "We have a plan to defeat Hydran!"
"I do not need help from a girl!"  Mysogha cried.
"Let's get one thing straight, Mysogha!"  Lyna replied.  "It was your
arrogance that got us into this mess in the first place!  Now, there's a
way to beat Hydran, and unless you have a better idea, I suggest you
listen to me!  Maybe I am a little young for a leader, and maybe I am
female and maybe I am a hybrid thunderian, but I'm also the only chance
you got of saving your city.  DO we understand each other?"
"There is only one way to defeat Hydran,"  Mysogha said.  "All three
heads must come off at the same time."
"That's what we're going to do."  Lyna said.  She looked at Hachiman, who
nodded, then focused her attention on Mysogha.  "Are you with us?"
"Even if I can use my sword, it would be useless unless the body is
frozen before the three heads return to it."
        Lyna looked at Kara, who was keeping Gen-Ta busy.  "I think it's
covered."  she said as the three warriors faced Hydran.  "Kara, get
Mysogha out of here."  she called.
"No!"  Mysogha cried.  "I will do my best to save my honor."  He charged
towards Hydran, sword in hand.  Hydran swung at Mysogha, sending him into
the wall.  "No!"  Laia shouted as she went towards Hydran and took one of
the heads, then tended to Mysogha.  "We must hurry!" Hachiman said to
Lyna.  "Before the head returns to the body."  They then took off the
other two heads.  Kara saw this as did Gen-Ta.  "This will not be!" 
Gen-Ta shouted.
"The formula, quick!"  Kara shouted.  Laia heard her and tossed a small
vial at Hydran's feet.  A large blanket of ice surrounded him, keeping
him frozen for all time.  The three heads burned away to ash.  Gen-Ta
looked at them all and sneered.  "You may have won the battle, Princess."
 Gen-Ta said.  "But only I will win the war."  He then teleported out of
sight, to figure out his next plan.
        At the palace hours later, Mysogha looked at the warriors.  "Well, young
samurai."  he said to Laia.  "You have saved our city.  By  destroying
Hydran, you are perfect for an heir."
"Don't tell me he's going through with this."  Lyna commented.  "After
all we went through."
"Oh, it's better than you think, Lyna."  Kara replied.  "You'll see."
"Do you really mean that, Lord Mysogha?"  Laia asked.
"Of course.  You will marry my daughter, and become my heir to the throne
of Taichi."
"Suppose your daughter does not like me?"
"I have not thought of that."  Mysogha replied.  "Ever since I lost my
wife, I thought Taichi would only survive with the old ways.  But as I
have seen, they almost destroyed us.  Perhaps, if my daughter met you,
and a proper courtship has taken place, then there is a chance that will
be.  I declare, from this day forward, to change the old laws to the ways
of modernization.  That, I shall swear on my honor."
"Then my life is my own!"  Laia shouted as she removed her helmet.  Most
of them were shocked at the sight.
"Laia?"  Mysogha whispered.
"Laia?"  Lyna and Hachiman said.  Lyna looked at Kara, who was smiling
the whole time.
"See?"  Kara asked.  "I told you there's nothing to worry about."
"But, how--"  Lyna started.  "You knew?!"
"I foud out not long before we reached you."
"Laia, you were, all this time,"  Mysogha said.
"I had to prove myself to you, Father."  she replied, bowing.  "I had to
show you the old ways were not working."
"Laia, I was wrong to place our city into old ways."  Mysogha said.  "You
have your mother's spirit.  Can you ever forgive me my arrogance?"
"Of course, Father."  Laia replied.  "As long as you keep your word."
"Which is more important, Mysogha?"  Lyna asked.  "Your word of honor or
"I suppose you are right, Lady Lyna."  Mysogha said smiling.  "I can
understand now why you are leader of your people."
Lyna smiled at the thought.  As she watched Mysogha and Laia embrace, she
couldn't help but feel sad, recalling memories of her own father.  "IF it
would please Lord Mysogha,"  Hachiman asked.  "I would like to court
"I believe that is Laia's decision."  he replied.
        Laia looked at the samurai.  "I suppose I will."  she said.  "I thank
you, and you as well, Lady Lyna, for saving our city."
"It was no problem."  she replied.  "You let us know when you need us
"I know your father would be very proud of you,  Lyna-san."  Hachiman
"I suppose he would be.  Come on, Kara, let's get back to Cat's Lair."
"All right!  Later, Laia!"  The two ThunderCats then returned to their

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