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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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ThunderCats: The Legacy - Slow and Steady
By Angora Manx

	"No!  Absolutely not in a million years!"  Kara told Cougari.
"Aw, come on, Kara."  Cougari pleaded.  "Just one little spin?"
"Forget it!"
"Look, it's just a recon mission, nothing else."
"Cougari, how many times do I have to tell you?  That area is
"But we need some knowledge on the territory!  Besides, it's been
abandoned for years."
"I don't care; you're not going!"
"Who died and put you in charge?  Last time I checked, Lyna was leading
"Well, she's on patrol and until she gets back, we wait for her so we
settle this."
"Wait, wait, wait!"  Cougari cried.  "That's all we ever do around here!
If there was less waiting and more action, we'd free New Thundera by
"Or be destroyed."  Kara commented.  "You know the minute we attempt to
get back home, there's a risk Gen-Ta will attack.  We're no good to
anyone dead."
"What's wrong, Kara?  It's not like you to be afraid!"
	Kara turned to face him, her eyes mixed with hurt and anger.  "What did
you say?"  she growled.
"You heard me,"  Cougari snapped.  "or is your super-thick skull causing
"Why do I even bother trying to reason with you?!?"  she cried.  "You're
never patient, you never listen to anyone, you act before you think and
when you do think it's always about yourself!"  She turned back to the
control console and continued her work.  "That was way harsh, Kara."
Cougari said.  "Even for you."  With that, he stormed out of the control
center, almost ramming into Tygris in the middle of the corridor.  "Hey,
Cougari."  he said.
"What--"  Cougari asked and looked at Tygris.  "Oh, hey."
"What in the name of Jaga was going on in there?"  Tygris asked.  "It
sounded like a battle from the Thunderian war."
"Why don't you ask Kara what started it."  he replied as he left the
corridor.  "Always thinking of myself, she says.  I'll show her."
looked on; Cougari wasn't exactly the easiest person to get along with.
He entered the control room in hopes of finding out what went wrong.
"Kara?"  he asked.  "I couldn't help but notice the racket in here."
"Ask Cougari what happened, if he has time to talk."  she replied.
"I did, and now I'm asking you."
"That boy is beginning to try even my patience these days.  Who does he
think he is calling me a coward?"
"Whoa, Kara, I'm sure he didn't mean it.  You know Cougari; his mouth
acts before his brain does."
"So do his actions, and that can be dangerous."
"What were you two arguing about this time?"
"He wanted to use the ThunderCycle to perform a recon mission, I said
"Look, Kara, I know you don't trust him with the vehicles and
but you could've given him a chance."
"Yeah, right!  Not where he was planning to go!"
"Where was he going?"
"To Castle Plunn-Dar."
"Castle Plunn-Dar?  But that's a restricted area!"
"That's what I told him!  But he insisted we needed knowledge on the
"What did you say?"
"I told him to wait for Lyna to get back so we could make a decision,
he refused to wait and had the nerve to accuse me of being afraid to try
going home."
"Kara, I know you're upset, but maybe it's best that you try and talk to
"I've been trying to talk with him ever since we got here, but he never
listens."  Suddenly a realization struck her.  "He never listens.  You
don't think--"
"He wouldn't!"
"Knowing Cougari he probably would!"  The two ThunderCats immediately
rushed down to the cargo bay; the ThunderCycle was still there.  "OH,
thank Jaga it's still there."  Tygris sighed.  "It looks like Cougari
changed his mind about Plunn-Dar."
"I don't know, Tygris."  Kara said.  "What are the chances of Cougari
changing his mind?"
"Slim to none, but there's always a chance, right?"  They then went back
up to the control room.
	Meanwhile, Cougari was racing at top speed.  ThunderCycle or not, he
exploring Plunn-Dar.  He went on until he could see a grotesque castle
from the distance.  Its beast-like towers loomed over the valley.  "So,
that's Castle Plunn-Dar."  he said to himself.  "Not too shabby for
something that's over two and a half decades old."  He began to get
closer to the castle.  He soon saw that the castle looked more modern
than expected.  The structure had a stronger form than usual.  Cougari
examined the metal on the tower.  "I know this alloy."  he said to
himself.  "Either some mutant scientist discovered it before it became
public or someone's living here."  He then looked around and saw a large
moon-like structure on top of the main tower.  "That piece looks like
something from Sky Tomb, the hideout of the Lunataks!"  He then looked
and smiled.  "Real cute,"  he laughed.  "The instructors must've fixed
the old place to make it look non-vacant and discourage trespassers.
Clever, but not good enough."  Before he could get any closer, Cougari
fell unconscious.
	When he awoke, Cougari noticed he was inside a room with laser bars at
the opening.  "This looks like the castle's dungeons."  he said as he
examined his surroundings.  "But how did I get in here?"
"We'd be happy to provide you with an explanation."  said a gruff voice.
Cougari turned around to see Ursor and the Cyber-Mutants looking at him
through the bars.  "Okay, so much for how I got here."  he said.  "Next
question, what are you creeps doing here?"
"None of your business, you puny ThunderCat."  Mammoth answered.
"Rakuna, what are we doing here, anyway?"
"We live here, you dolt!"  Rakuna snapped.
"That's right,"  Pterra said.  "And this ThunderCat was trespassing."
"Of course, what better place for a mutant gang than Castle Plunn-Dar,
home of the last warrior mutants to battle the ThunderCats?"  Cougari
asked himself.  "Listen, I'm sorry for intruding, didn't mean to, I
how was I suppose to know someone was living here in this old place?"
"Don't cats ever get tired of being stupid?"  Rakuna mocked.
"Don't Cyber-Mutants ever get tired of being pathetic?"  Cougari mocked.
"At least I'm not trapped in a cage like a little rat."  Ursor said.
"Better a rat in a trap than a bear with a large ego and a larger gut
full of hot air."  Cougari replied.
"Oooh."  The other Cyber-Mutants went.  No one has ever insulted Ursor
like that, at least, no one alive.  Ursor started to go for Cougari in
his usual rage.  "I'm going to make you eat those words!"  he shouted as
Pterra pulled him back, barely.  "Ursor, calm down!"  she begged.  "We
need this ThunderCat."
"She's right, Ursor."  Rakuna added.  "At least this one didn't wipe the
floor with your face."  Ursor began to hesitate.  They could see he was
calming down.  "The ThunderCat lives,"  he said as he began to head
towards the roof.  "Now."
Pterra started to follow.  "You two guard him."  she said.  "I need to
make sure our leader is focused."  Rakuna rolled his eyes as she left.
"I'll never get what she sees in him."  he said.
"See what?"  Mammoth asked.
"I rest my case."
	On the roof, Pterra went to Ursor as he gazed at the scenery.  "Shall I
prepare a ransom note for the ThunderCats, Ursor?"  she asked.
"Not necessary."  he replied.  "We destroy their leader first and then
that little runt.  Afterwards, the rest will fall."
"How do you know if she'll come for him?"
"As I have learned about thunderians, my dear, is that the lord of the
ThunderCats always knows when one of his own is in trouble.  Summon
Rakuna, I want us to prepare for anymore uninvited guests."
"At once, Ursor."  she replied as she left.
	Meanwhile, Lyna was patrolling on the Silver Wings when the sword began
to glow.  She raised it to her eye.  "Sword of Omens,"  she said.  "Give
me sight beyond sight."  Through the sword, she saw Cougari in the cell.
"Oh, no."  she said.  "What has Cougari gotten himself into this time?"
The sword then showed the exterior of the whereabouts.  "Castle
Plunn-Dar?  What could he be doing there?  I better get to him, and
fast."  She sped on the Silver Wings.
	In the cell, Cougari began pacing about; being cooped up like this was
practically torture for him.  "Man, why did I even try to get near this
place?"  he thought to himself.  "I wouldn't be in this mess if Kara had
just let me go off.  Why did I bother with Plunn-Dar?  Because Gen-Ta
the Cyber-Mutants always had the upper hand when we faced them and I
wanted us to get an advantage on them.  I mean, maybe it wouldn't be
a big deal if New Thundera wasn't conquered.  Just once, I wish we had a
head start on them."  He then paused, and threw himself against the
 "Great, I must be going crazy."  he said.  "I'm actually thinking about
my actions, like Kara was always lecturing me to do."  He began to
remember all the arguments he had with her, especially their recent one.
"Boy, I was pretty mean to her.  I better find a way out so I can
apologize."  He watched as Pterra came down, called Rakuna to her, and
the two left him alone with Mammoth.  A plan began to form.  "Hey,
Mammoth."  he called.
"What do you want, you puny ThunderCat?"  he asked.
"Oh, nothing."  he replied.  "It's just that, well, tell me, who is the
strongest of the Cyber-Mutants?"
"Me!!!  No one's stronger than me!"
"Well, Rakuna seems to think so if Pterra asked him to come meet up with
Ursor and not you."
"No!!  I'm the strongest!  Me, Mammoth!"
"I guess Ursor doesn't think so, and neither does Rakuna."
"So that little puny rodent thinks he's stronger, does he?"
"Why else would he insult you so?"
"I'll show him who's stronger!"  With that, Mammoth raced up the stairs
leaving a small metal card near the bars.  Cougari reached for the card
and smiled to himself.
	On the roof, Rakuna, Ursor and Pterra were going over the trap they
planning when Mammoth raced up and tackled Rakuna.  "Mammoth, what are
you doing?!"  Pterra cried.
"This little rodent thinks he's stronger than me!"  Mammoth replied.
"I'll show him better."
"You believe that Rakuna thinks he's stronger than you?"  Ursor
"Why else does he insult me?"  Mammoth answered.
"You lunk-head!"  Rakuna cried.  "Get off of me now!"
"See?!"  Mammoth pointed.
"Did that ThunderCat say those things?"  Ursor asked.
"Yeah,"  Mammoth replied.
"Mammoth,"  Rakuna started.  "Where's the key card for the lower
"What key card?  Oh, you mean that little card thingly I left in the
dungeons to clobber you."  The other Cyber-Mutants looked at each other
and raced down the dungeons.  By the time they got there, all that was
left was an empty cell.  "What?"  Mammoth asked.  "What did I miss?  Did
I do something?"  Ursor dragged Mammoth to the empty dungeon cell.
"Mammoth,"  he stared.  "What do you see here?"  Mammoth looked into the
cell, deeper and deeper until he could stand it no longer.  "Uh,
nothing."  he said.
"That's right,"  Ursor said.  He began to shake Mammoth.  "Because the
key card you left here allowed the ThunderCat to escape!"
"That's bad, isn't it?"  Mammoth said.
"Whatever!"  Ursor shouted.  "Let's find that ThunderCat!"  The
Cyber-Mutants began their search.  Cougari came out of his hiding place.
"Whoa,"  he said to himself.  "Patience IS a virute.  Hmm, as long as
here, I may as well explore."  He started to get to the lower level, the
key card granting him access all the way.  As he went lower, Cougari
heard a humming sound.  "I must be near their generator room."  he
thought.  He followed the sound; louder and louder it got until he came
across a large machine that seemed to be the source of it all.  "All
right."  Cougari said.  "Let's blow this thing up!"  As he went closer
the machine, Cougari felt weaker.  He noticed a small rock on the floor
beside the generator.  "I don't believe it."  he said.  "I better get
of here."  He noticed a vent which he used to get outside of Castle
Plunn-Dar.  He started to race from the castle when Pterra saw him from
the roof.  "Now I got you."  she said as she began to swoop towards him.
Cougari looked back and saw her; he managed to dodge her.  She flew into
the air and gave out a supersonic screech to stun him.  "Ahh!"  he
shouted in pain as Pterra came up from behind him, her lasers powering
up.  "Say good-bye, ThunderCat."  she said as she aimed the lasers at
"Good-bye!"  cried Lyna as she lunged at Pterra from the Silver Wings.
The two tumbled on the ground as Cougari began to regain his senses.
"Oh, no."  he said as he saw Lyna.  "Lyna, get out of here!  They're
expecting you!"
	Suddenly, a laser shot out of nowhere and barely missed Lyna.  Pterra
leaped away towards Ursor and the other Cyber-Mutants.  "I knew you'd
come."  Ursor said.  "So glad you'll be staying."
"Yeah, right."  Lyna replied as she and Cougari prepared to attack.
"Let's see, four Cyber-Mutants against two ThunderCats, I like those
"All of you, get the speed brat."  Ursor ordered.  "The hybrid's mine!"
They engaged in fierce combat.  Cougari managed to outrun Rakuna and
Mammoth, sending them in a tangle of each other.  Pterra attacked him
from the air as Cougari dodged her laser shots.  She eventually stopped
and flew from him.  "Alright, Cougari."  he said to himself.  "For once
in your life, try and think.  That Cyber-Mutant wouldn't stop attacking
unless--"  He then saw Pterra fly close to where Ursor was battling
 She waited until she was right behind the ThunderCat lord.  Realizing
what's about to happen, Cougari charged with all his speed and managed
tackle Pterra just as she was about to fire her laser.  Lyna took care
Ursor quickly and the two retreated from Castle Plunn-Dar.
	At Cat's Lair, Cougari received a harsh lecture on how Plunn-Dar was a
restricted area and how he shouldn't have disobeyed orders.  "You
could've gotten yourself and Lyna killed!"  Kit finished.
"I know, I'm sorry."  Cougari said.
"Well, now we know why Castle Plunn-Dar was forbidden in the first
place."  Lyna said.  "The Cyber-Mutants made themselves quite
"Actually, we didn't even know that someone was living there."  Kat
replied.  "About ten years ago, we had gotten readings of extreme
Thundrainium at Plunn-Dar.  That's why it was off-limits."
"Thundrainium?  The generator!"  Cougari remembered.  "The Cyber-Mutants
have this generator that uses Thundrainium as fuel."
"If so, then why would it be found around the castle?"  Kara asked.
"There must be some gas pockets filled with Thundrainium fumes to keep
out."  Tygris suggested.
"That would explain why I got caught so easily."  Cougari mentioned.  "I
must've stepped on one of those gas pockets and the Cyber-Mutants found
me.  Boy, that is really sneaky."
"Tell me I'm hallucinating."  Kara said to Tygris.  "Cougari is actually
"I heard that, Kara."  Cougari answered.  "I am thinking before acting.
I learned my lesson."
"Well,"  Kit said.  "You can review the lesson while sitting at lair
defense for a month."
"A month?!"  Cougari exclaimed.  Then he paused for a minute.  "Okay,
serves me right."  Then he smiled.
	As soon as the meeting was over, Cougari went to catch up with Kara.
"Hey!"  he said.  "Listen, I think we need to talk."
"About what?"  she asked.
"All right, I'm not very good at this, but...."
"Kara, I'm sorry I called you a coward this morning.  I should've known
that you'd never be afraid to face Gen-Ta, but like you said, we're no
good to anyone dead.  It's not that I don't want to wait, but I--"
"Care about New Thundera and worried about your family?"  she finished.
Cougari nodded.  "We all are, Cougari."
"You know something, right here and this whole thing?"  he asked.
"This talk about New Thundera is the first thing we actually agree about
since we got here."
"You mean the first thing we agree about ever!"
"That, too."
"Come on, we better get the lair set for defense."
"You sure you can handle me for a whole month?"
"I've handled you for two years, Cougari, I can handle you a little
longer."  They then walked off into the control room.


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