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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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ThunderCats: The Legacy - Heritage
By Angora Manx

        Lyna and Cougari were on patrol in the forest.  The Cyber-Mutants
been spotted in those areas for the past few days and they could mean
trouble.  "By Jaga, Lyna."  Cougari said.  "What would the Cyber-Mutants
be doing out here anyway?"
"This forest is pretty close to Cat's Lair."  Lyna answered.  "Plus, they
could hurt some innocent people."  It was later on that Cougari noticed a
strange marking carved into a rotting tree stump in their path.  "Hey,
check it out."  he said pointing to the marking.  Lyna took a look at it.
 "We shouldn't press on."  she said.  "This symbol says to stay away."
"Yeah, like you really know."
"It was made by the Warrior Maidens."
"For someone who's spent her whole life on New Thundera, you sure know a
lot about Third Earth, the Warrior Maidens especially."
"They've been close friends with the ThunderCats since my father's time."
 Lyna said.  "Besides, my mother used to be thier queen."
"Queen?"  Cougari asked.  "This is your human side, right?"
"She left the tribe to be with my father.  They've been together ever
since until--"  Lyna could hardly speak.  She started to recall the
nightmare when she and the others learned that New Thundera was conquered
by Gen-Ta who also killed her parents and the other ThunderCats.  "I know
it's hard for you."  Cougari said.  "But in an ironic way, you're pretty
lucky.  The rest of us don't even have a clue on what's happened to our
families.  For all we know, they're either enslaved or with those
ThunderCats.  At least you know about your parents."
"I still think I could've done something to prevent this."
"We all think that, Lyna.  But we can't change what's happened.  The best
we can do now is to defeat Gen-Ta and free our world."
        Suddenly, they heard a scream.  Cougari raced ahead at top speed
he came to a clearing.  He saw Mammoth, in a very bad mood, about to
charge into a young girl who was pushed against a rock.  With no time to
waste, Cougari raced towards the girl and placed her out of the way of
the ramming Mammoth.  "Are you okay, kid?"  he asked.
"You know, I could've handled him myself."  said the girl.
"Yeah, you had the whole thing under control."  Cougari replied.  "Right
up to the point where you were nearly turned into a pancake."
"I am a Warrior Maiden!"  the girl cried.  "I don't need anyone's help."
"Cougari!"  Lyna called.  She had managed to catch up to him when she saw
him with the girl.  "Cougari, what  happened?"
"Mammoth was here,"  Cougari explained.  "He almost made road kill of
this little one when I came.  For all I know, he's ramming his way back
to Castle Plunn-Dar."
"Lyna?"  the girl said.  Lyna turned to see the girl.  "Lyna, it's you! 
It's really you!"  she cried as she knocked the young ThunderCat down. 
"Tisa?"  Lyna said.  "I can't believe it."
"Been a long time, hasn't it?"  Tisa asked.  "Way too long, I'd say."
"Excuse me,"  Cougari said.  "Could someone fill me in here?"
"Tisa, this is Cougari, one of my friends."  Lyna said.  "Cougari, this
is my cousin, Tisa."
"We've met."  Cougari said.  "So, you have relatives here?"
"When my mother left the tribe, her sister took over as ruler."  Lyna
explained.  "She and Tisa used to visit us on New Thundera at least once
a year."  She then turned to Tisa.  "As for you, little one,"  she said. 
"What have you been told about going off into the woods on your own?"
"Don't go into the woods alone."  Tisa said.  "But I had to find you! 
That beast who attacked me and his pack have been attacking us ever since
we heard about New Thundera!  I knew you and the other ThunderCats were
here so I came to seek help."
"Been attacking you since New Thundera?"  Lyna asked.  "How is that
possible?  The early warning system the ThunderCats gave to the Warrior
Maidens would've detected danger before an attack.  Something must be
wrong.  Tisa, I need you to take me to your mother."
"Okay, follow me."  The young Warrior Maiden led the two ThunderCats out
of the clearing.
        Meanwhile, at Castle Plunn-Dar, Mammoth was giving a report to Ursor
after ramming himself into the wall.  "You idiot!!"  Ursor roared.  "I
told you to capture the girl and bring her here so we could get the queen
to hand over her kingdom, not try to turn her into road kill!"
"Sorry, Ursor."  Mammoth said.
"Hmmph.  Leave it to Mammoth to spoil a good plan."  Rakuna commented.
"Are you looking for a rumble, rodent boy?"  Mammoth asked.  "Because
I'll give you one!"
"Mammoth, please."  Rakuna said.  "Ursor, he's going to ruin the whole
plan.  I say take him out before he does anymore damage."
"Are you saying I'm useless?"  Mammoth asked.  "Because if you are, I'll
twist that little neck of yours all the way around."
"That's a pity."  Rakuna said.  "How would you know when it's all
"You're dead meat!"  Mammoth cried.  He was about to send Rakuna into the
next galaxy when Pterra stood between them.  "All right, knock it off!" 
she said.  "Mammoth, save your rage for the ThunderCats.  They'll be sure
to help the Warrior Maidens now that they know we're interfering."
"Pterra's right,"  Ursor said.  "We're going to need a combination of
brains and brawn to get this plan going.  Rakuna, Mammoth, I'm sending
you two into the forest to carry out the plan, together."
"What!??!"  they shouted.  "Me work with him?!?"
"I refuse to work with that bio-mechanical Neanderthal!"  Rakuna
"I do this alone!"  Mammoth argued.  "I don't need that puny wimp's
"Youu two either work together right now, or I'll make both of your lives
unbearable!"  Ursor shouted.  "Now, get going!"  Rakuna and Mammoth
exited the castle for the forest, grumbling and growling at each other.
        At the forest village of the Warrior Maidens, Tisa had arrived with
and Cougari when the locals surrounded them.  A middle-aged woman
carrying a spear walked in front of the crowd.  "Tisa,"  she said. 
"Where have you been?"
"I know I wasn't supposed to go into the woods alone, Mom."  Tisa
explained.  "But I had to get the ThunderCats to help us get rid of the
creatures attacking us.  One of those creatures tried to trample me and a
ThunderCat saved me and--"
"Slow down, Tisa."  the woman said.  "I know you were trying to help, but
the woods are dangerous these days."
"I'm sorry, Mom."  Tisa said.  "But I brought the ThunderCats to help us!
 At least, some of them."  Lyna stepped towards the woman.  "Hello, Aunt
"Lyna?"  Nayda asked.  "Is that you?"  Lyna nodded.  "Lyna, you're all
right!"  she cried.  "When I heard about New Thundera, I feared for you."
"My academy sent me and other cadets to Third Earth for a training
program before the attack."  Lyna explained.  "We didn't know about New
Thundera until the snarfs came to us and told us what happened."
"I'm just glad you weren't lost."  Nayda replied.  "I'm so sorry about
your parents."
"Aunt Nayda, what's going on?"  Lyna asked.  "Tisa said the Warrior
Maidens were under attack."
"We will speak, but in private."  Nayda said.  "Follow me."  Nayda
started to lead Lyna to her hut in the trees.
"Cougari, I need you to report to the others about the Warrior Maidens." 
Lyna said as she followed her aunt.  "If something is happening, we might
need help."
"No problem."  Cougari said.
        In the hut, Nayda told Lyna about how the early warning system had
somehow and ever since then the Warrior Maidens have been attacked.  "We
have no idea what's wrong."  she continued.  "It was like someone wanted
us gone."
"These creatures you talked about?"  Lyna said.  "What did they look
"One was like a bear, another an elephant, a third a raccoon, and the
other was reptilian."  Nayda explained.  "They all seemed to work
"Did some parts of them look like they were made of metal?"
"Metal?"  Nayda said.  "Yes, it seemed so.  What are they, Lyna? 
"Worse, Cyber-Mutants.  Those metal parts enhance their strength.  They
must've damaged the early warning system to gain the element of surprise.
 Don't worry, I'll see if we can scout the woods for anymore of them."
"Lyna,"  Nayda began.  "There's something else you should know."
"What is it?"  asked Lyna.
"I know you've been through a lot, but I believe it's time you took your
place among us."
"Took my place?  What do you mean, Aunt Nayda?"
"With your mother gone, I think it's time you led the Warrior Maidens, as
"Queen?"  Lyna said.  "Aunt Nayda, you know I can't do it.  You've done a
great job leading the Warrior Maidens."
"As the daughter of Willa, the last true queen of the Warrior Maidens, it
is your duty to lead us."  Nayda said.
"As the daughter of Lion-O, the lord of the ThunderCats and king of New
Thundera, it is my duty to lead the ThunderCats to victory and the
freedom of New Thundera."
"Then you must decide which path to lead."  Nayda said.  Lyna felt as if
she was split into two.
        That night, Lyna sat in the window of her chamber.  Kara was fixing
updating the early warning system while Cougari and Tygris patrolled the
forest.  But that afternoon in the village troubled Lyna.  It was
tradition among the Warrior Maidens for the eldest daughter to rule in
her mother's place.  But all her life, she was raised for thunderian
noblity, to follow in the footsteps of her father.  How could she
possibly choose between them?  "If I leave to lead the Warrior Maidens, I
would go against everything I was brought up on."  she thought.  "But if
I stay, my human lineage could be disgraced.  What am I going to do?"
"It is a difficult decision to make,"  a soothing voice said.  "But it is
not impossible."  Lyna turned to see the ghost of Jaga appear to her. 
"Boy, I'm really in a pickle this time."  she said.  "It's not bad enough
I'm of two different species, but royal blood flows in my veins, from
both sides."
"It is never easy to make a decision based on heritage."  Jaga replied.
"Easy for you to say, you were never a hybrid."
"Perhaps not, but I can imagine what you're going through.  Sometimes the
best thing to do is trade one thing for another."  With that, he
disappeared.  Lyna started to feel confused.  It was then that Kara came
"Yo, Lyna."  she said.  "Seeking counsel from the great Jaga?"
"What if I am?"  Lyna replied.  "I still don't know how I'm going to deal
with this."
"You mean deal with the fact that you might have to leave us?"
"How did you--"
"Your cousin Tisa told me when I came to get the early warning system. 
She overheard you talking with your aunt about it."
"I don't want to leave,"  Lyna said.  "How can I refuse one kingdom for
the other?"
"Now that, is the million credit question."  Kara said.  Suddenly the
sword began to glow.  "Lyna, the sword!"  Lyna picked up the sword and
raised it to her face.  "Sword of Omens,"  she said.  "Give me sight
beyond sight."  She then saw the Warrior Maiden village afire.  Rakuna
and Mammoth were attacking, with Cougari and Tygris holding them off,
barely.  "Kara, come on."  she said.  "The others need help."
"What is it?"
"Cyber-Mutants."  she said.  "They're attacking the village."
"We're on it!"
        At the village, Rakuna and Mammoth were having a field day.  Rockets
were launched and photons were shot.  The entire village was in chaos. 
The Warrior Maidens vainly tried to hold back the intruders, but despite
aid from Cougari and Tygris, the fight seemed lost.  "Give it up, you
foolish humans!"  Rakuna called.  "You'll never beat us.  Make it easier
for yourselves and surrender, and no harm will come to you."
"We surrender to no one."  Nayda said.  "We will not sacrifice our
freedom and pride to the likes of you for a life far worse than death
"Queen Nayda,"  Rakuna said.  "How nice of you to show up.  For a minute
there, I didn't think you cared about your people."
"You will leave our village, Cyber-Mutant."  Nayda said.  "One way or
"You know what we are."  Rakuna commented.  "Very impressive for an
inferior species such as yourselves to figure it out."
"Let's crush them now, Rakuna!"  Mammoth cried.  "I want to destroy them
"Stick with the plan, Mammoth."  Rakuna snapped.  "Ursor will have our
heads if we should fail to conquer the village."
"But I want to blow things up!!!"  Mammoth whined.  "Let me blow up a
Warrior Maiden, please, oh pretty please?!"
"Oh, all right, you can blow someone up!"  Rakuna whispered.  "And I know
who.  Wait for my signal."  He then glared at Nayda.  "Well, what shall
it be, Your Majesty?"  he said.  "Do you yield?"
"I will die before I yield to you or whatever master you serve."  she
"And that is your final word?"
"Die before surrendering."  Rakuna said.  He motioned to Mammoth who had
a grenade in his hand.  "If that's what you want."  After that, Mammoth
lunged the grenade in Nayda's direction.  As the grenade was about to
explode, Lyna jumped in and knocked the grenade out of the way with the
sword.  Rakuna and Mammoth looked in despair.  "All right, Rakua!"  Lyna
said.  "Game over.  I sugesst you go back to Ursor while you still can."
"Not in this lifetime, ThunderCat."  Rakuna shouted.  "Mammoth, ram
"All right!!!"  Mammoth cried.  "Now you puny humans are going to get
it."  He charged at the ThunderCats and Warrior Maidens only to have them
move out of his way.  Mammoth instead hit the burning tree behind them
which knocked down the flames from the branches.  A loose flame landed on
Nayda's shoulder and she screamed from the pain.  "Mom!"  Tisa shouted
from the bushes.  She began to race towards her mother when Rakuna
managed to grab her from behind.  "Let me go!"  she cried.  Rakuna just
laughed.  "I'm warning you,"  she said.  "Let me go right now!"
"Mammoth!"  Rakuna called.  "Meet me at the secret spot when you're done
with them."
"You mean the cave we were staying in?"  Mammoth asked.  "The one beyond
that weird symbol thingy?"
"Shut up and finish the ThunderCats."  Rakuna snapped.  "I'll see you
"Lyna!!!"  Tisa screamed as Rakuna dragged her into the woods.  Lyna
turned to see Rakuna retreating with the little Warrior Maiden.  "Tisa!" 
she cried as she started to go after them.  Mammoth soon stood in her way
and attacked.  "All right, you puny little ThunderCat!"  he said.  "Let's
"I don't have time for this."  Lyna said to herself.  She then looked at
Mammoth.  "Oh, Mammoth."  she said.  "Are you saying that you're going to
face me, all alone, by yourself?"
"I'm going to take your puny sword and crush it with my bare hands." 
Mammoth said.
"I didn't think you could even break a twig in two,"  Lyna said.  "Let
alone a sword."
"Are you saying I'm weak, ThunderCat?"  he said.
"What if I am?"  Lyna replied.  Mammoth glared at her and roared.  He
charged at her, but Lyna had flipped over him and he rammed into a tree. 
It gave Lyna time to go after Rakuna, or so she thought as the flames
began to become out of control.  She couldn't reach the forest where they
had retreated.  She began to help with controlling the fire.
        After intense hours of heat, the fire was out.  The wounded were
treated while guards patrolled the area for further attacks.  Lyna sat by
Nayda, who was suffering from a burn on her shoulder.  "Lyna, the
Cyber-Mutants."  she said.  "They have Tisa."
"I know."  Lyna replied.  "We'll get her back, Aunt Nayda.  I promise."
"One of those Cyber-Mutants, the big one I believe."  Nayda continued. 
"He said something about a cave discovered beyond a symbol."
"He must be talking about the warning marking Cougari and I saw
"That area was restricted for a reason.  We have to get Tisa back
"What's beyond the marking?"  Nayda was silent.  "Aunt Nayda, I can't get
Tisa back if I don't know what danger she's in."  Lyna said.  "Now,
what's beyond the marking?"
"When your mother was about Tisa's age,"  she began.  "She and I used to
play in that clearing which is forbidden now.  One day, we stumbled upon
a rock with a strange marking.  I had accidently cut myself on a thorn
and the blood stained the marking.  It released the spirit of an evil
shamaness who terrorized our people many years ago.  She was trapped in
that clearing before she completed her final curse.  Only the royal blood
of a Warrior Maiden could release her so she could complete her spell."
"And that's what happened, wasn't it?"  Lyna said.  "What was the curse?"
"The spirit of the shamaness will drain the soul of anyone who stays in
the clearing after sunset or sunrise and will posess the body to take her
revenge on the descentants of those who had imprisoned her."
"By Jaga,"  Lyna said.  "We don't have much time."
"Lyna, wait."  Nayda said.  "There's more.  It is said that the shamaness
can only be defeated by a Warrior Maiden born of thunder."
"But I'm not a Warrior Maiden."
"You are by blood and you were born of a ThunderCat.  It's a strong
possiblity you could--"  Nayda collapsed before another word was said. 
"I'll tend to the queen."  a Warrior Maiden said.  Lyna left to join the
other ThunderCats and told her about Nayda's story.  "Come on, Lyna." 
Cougari said.  "That's all just legend."
"So was Jaga,"  Lyna replied.  "And he's real."
"The point is that we have to find the Cyber-Mutants."  Kara said. 
"What's the plan?"
"Kara, Tygris, you two aid the Warrior Maidens here.  Cougari, you're
with me.  We're going to find Tisa."
        As the ThunderCats split ways, Rakuna was having a hard time getting
captive Tisa under control.  "You better let me go while you still can!" 
she cried.  "The ThunderCats are going to kick your butt all the way
across Third Earth!"
"Ahh!!"  Rakuna shouted.  "Don't you ever shut up?!"  At that moment,
Mammoth entered.  "And where have you been?"
"Uh, I don't know."  Mammoth answered.  "I got lost when that little
hybrid thingy called me weak."
"Oh,  you're as hopeless as Ursor!"  Rakuna cried.  "Thanks to you, the
ThunderCats know where to find us!"
"Is that bad?"  Mammtoh asked.
"Of course it is!"  Rakuna shouted.  "Oh, I told Ursor teaming us up was
a bad idea, but does he listen?  No!!!  That's because his ego make the
entire universe look small and he doesn't think straight."
"Why do you say bad things about Ursor?"  Mammoth said.  "He's our
leader, we should follow."
"I say these things about Ursor because they're true!"  Rakuna ranted. 
"It's also true he's the only one that's closest to your I. Q. level!"
"At least I'm not a treacherous little weakling like some people."
"Better to be a smart and treacherous weakling than a stupid and useless
"I'll show you useless!"  Mammoth cried.  He lunged at Rakuna who
counterattacked.  As the two fought each other, Tisa had observed them
and crept to the cave's opening and exited.  While she raced from the
cave, Ursor and Pterra had arrived just in time to see their comrades
arguing.  "What in the name of Plunn-Dar is going on here?!"  Ursor
cried.  Rakuna and Mammoth stopped fighting to see their leader in a
rage.  "He started it, Ursor!"  Mammoth said.  "Oh sure, blame me for
everything."  Rakuna commented.
"I thought you two had conquered the village by now."  Ursor said.  "So,
what's the status?!"
"The ThunderCats had interfered with the plan."  Rakuna explained.  "But
at least we got the girl."  He pointed to where Tisa was and noticed her
gone.  "Well,"  Ursor said.  "Where is she?"
"I think I saw something going out of the cave."  Mammoth said.
"You idiots!"  Ursor cried.  "You mean to tell me you let her escape?!"
"Mammoth, why didn't you say anything when you saw her escaping?!" 
Rakuna shouted.
"You called me useless!"  Mammoth exclaimed.
"A slug is more useful than you!"  Rakuna ranted.  "Not to mention
"Oh, yeah?"  Mammtoh said.
"Yeah!"  Rakuna shouted.
"Enough!!!"  Ursor roared.  "Your petty arguing is ruining my plan!  Find
that girl before the ThunderCats do!  Pterra, go with them to make sure
nothing else goes wrong."
"At once, Ursor."  they said as they departed.
        In the clearing, Tisa was abbout to leave when she saw a large cobra
coiled up in a tree.  She looked at it from a distance.  "Do not be
afraid,"  he said.  "I am a friend."
"I am lost."  Tisa said.  "I seek the village where I was born."
"The Warrior Maiden village, correct?"  the cobra said.  Tisa nodded. 
"Oh, it's not far, but tell me, are you the daughter of Queen Nayda?"
"Yes, why do you ask?"
"Oh, you are safe.  I didn't think your mother would last another minute
"What about my mom?"
"She is wounded badly in the fight against the Cyber-Mutants.  The
ThunderCats are trying to find you.  But I can help you save your
mother's life."
"In the center of this clearing, a special flower rises from the ground. 
Its blossom has healing powers so great it is said to revive the dead. 
But it is only effective when it is in full bloom and it is only in full
bloom at sunrise."
"That's almost here.  Can you take me to the blossom?"  As Tisa talked
with the snake, Lyna and Cougari reached her and saw her talking with the
snake.  "Tisa!"  Lyna called.  Tisa looked up to see her cousin coming
forth.  Lyna stopped and saw the snake.  "Tisa, get away from that
cobra!"  she cried.
"The snake is a friend."  Tisa replied.  "It's going to help me save my
mom."  Lyna looked at the cobra and saw a large mark on its chest, a mark
that was unfortunately familiar.  "That snake is no friend, Tisa."  she
said.  "Now, get out of that clearing, now!"
"But my mom--"  Tisa protested.
"Your mother is fine."  Lyna said.  "She'll survive the injuries."  The
cobra began to prepare itself to strike.  Lyna had noticed this and raced
into the clearing.  "Tisa, watch out!"  she cried.  She lunged Tisa out,
but the cobra had bitten Lyna in the process.  "Lyna!"  Tisa cried.
"Stay away from the clearing, Tisa!"  Lyna replied.  "It's a curse that
activates at sunrise or sunset."
"You lied to me."  Tisa said to the cobra.  "You wanted me to stay in
that clearing."
"Cougari, get Tisa out of here!"  Lyna cried.  "Now!"
"The sun's going to rise any minute!"  Cougari cried.  "The curse--"
"I'll be all right,"  Lyna said.  "Now, go!"  As Cougari left with Tisa,
Lyna stared at the cobra.  "You are not taking anymore innocent lives,
Gen-Ta!"  The cobra stared back in disbelief and transformed into Gen-Ta
the demon priest.  "I am impressed, Princess."  he said.  "Not many
mortals see through my veils of illusion."
"Not many cobras bear the mark I gave you."  Lyna replied.
"I know your weakness, Princess."  Gen-Ta went on.  "Ever since I
destroyed your parents, you have become protective of what's left of your
family.  Such compassion is a perfect tool for your defeat.  The sun will
rise any minute, and Shakaki, the shamaness, will take her revenge."
"How do you know she won't fail?  You know the prophecy, only a Warrior
Maiden born of thunder can defeat her."
"Well, if Shakaki doesn't take your life, my venom will."  With that, he
disappeared as the sun began to rise.  A spirit in the form of a woman
wearing a ritual robe appeared before her.  "A mortal dares to appear
before me."  she said.  "Shakaki will take this soul and the body will be
a vessel for my revenge."
"I wouldn't count on it, Shakaki."  Lyna said.  "Your days of terrorizing
the innocent end now."
"Who are you to challenge me?"  Shakaki bellowed.  "I lead a charmed
eternity.  My soul will submit only to a Warrior Maiden born of thunder."
"Well, despair your charm, for I am Lyna, lord of the ThunderCats,
daughter of Willa, queen of the Warrior Maidens and Lion-O, king of New
Thundera.  Thunderian blood runs through my veins as does that of a
Warrior Maiden.  You figure it out."
"You are but a child.  You shouldn't be too hard."  Shakaki attacked with
an energy bolt.  Lyna deflected it with her sword.  "Is that the best you
can do?"  she mocked.
"I will have my revenge on those who imprisoned me!"  Shakaki then
summoned up all her energy and tossed it at Lyna who dodged out of the
way.  "I'll take it forgive and forget is out of the question."  she
said.  "Shakaki, I suggest you surrender before I am forced to hurt you."
"I am dead, child."  she replied.  "I feel no pain.  Submit to my power
and I will spare you."
"Oh,"  Lyna moaned.  The venom was running its course.  "Some prophecy," 
she thought.  "Didn't it say anything on what will happen if the Warrior
Maiden is bitten by a cobra?"  She looked at the thorn on a large rock
and developed an idea.  "This fighting is useless,"  Shakaki said. 
"Submit to me."
"Fine."  Lyna said.  "Take my body, I'll submit."
"Excellent, give me your soul."
"I will, only if you don't draw blood from me."
"Done!"  Shakaki began to wave a swirl of magic around Lyna.  She then
began to prick her finger and draw a drop of blood, thinking it will make
her stronger.  "Shakaki, stop!"  Lyna cried as she felt weaker.  "You
said you wouldn't draw my blood."
"I lied."  Shakaki said as she absorbed the blood into her ectoplasmic
body.  She soon began to feel weak as her power over Lyna diminished. 
"What?!"  she said.  "No!!  This blood is tainted."
"I told you not to draw blood from me, Shakaki."  Lyna said.  "Before you
arrived, I was bitten by the demon priest Gen-Ta in the form of a cobra. 
His venom is in my blood."
"You tricked me!"  Shakaki hissed.
"A Warrior Maiden's blood released you from your prison,"  Lyna went on. 
"Let my blood send you back to where you came!"  With these words, Lyna
shot an energy beam from the sword towards the spirit who was sent
hurling into the rock.  A symbol appeared like the one on the tree bark. 
Shakaki had been imprisoned once again.  Lyna sighed with relief before
she collapsed.  The venom was already halfway through her body.  It was
just then the Cyber-Mutants arrived.  "Well, what have we here?"  Pterra
said.  "The lord of the ThunderCats, completely defenseless.  I don't
know what happened here, but Ursor will be pleased when I bring him your
"In your dreams, Pterra."  Lyna replied.  She began to rise, sword in
hand and in the air.  "Thunder!  Thunder!"  she called out.  "Thunder! 
ThunderCats, ho!"  The great symbol of the ThunderCats glowed brightly
into the sky.  Pterra grinned.  "Your friends will arrive in time to see
you die."  she said as she came closer to the young ThunderCat.  As
Pterra was about to swing the final blow, she felt something cut her
hand.  She turned around to see Cougari in the center of the clearing. 
He tossed a small pouch to Lyna.  "Drink it!"  he cried.  "It should heal
the venom."  Lyna drank the contents of the pouch and felt her body being
cleansed.  She stood proudly and looked at the Cyber-Mutants.  "Let's get
out of here!"  Pterra cried as the Cyber-Mutants fled.  Lyna then fell to
the ground with a feeling of gratitude towards Cougari.  "Are you okay,
Lyna?"  he asked.
"I'll be fine."  she replied.  "The venom sapped most of my strength.  I
was lucky you came when you did."
"Tisa gave me the pouch and told me to give it to you.  When I saw the
signal, I knew I had to hurry.  For a moment there, I thought I wasn't
going to make it in time."
"Well, you did, now let's get out of here!  This place gives me the
        At Gen-Ta's pyramid, the demon priest and the Cyber-Mutants held a
counsel.  "I give you a simple plan to dispatch and you fail me!"  he
"It wan't my fault, great Gen-Ta!"  Ursor cried pointing at Rakuna and
Mammoth.  "These two bundled everything!"
"Excuse me?!"  Rakuna protested.  "It was your bright idea to team me up
with this poor excuse for a Cyber-Mutant to get the job done!"
"If you had gotten along with him better, then none of this would've
happened!"  Pterra argued.
"If Mammoth wasn't such a bolt brain, maybe we wouldn't argue do much!" 
saids Rakuna.
"Well, you shoudn't have called me useless!"  Mammoth replied.
"Well, you should've gotten a new brain with those enhancements!"  Rakuna
snapped.  All of the Cyber-Mutants argued to a point where Gen Ta yelled,
"Be quiet!!"  All of the Cyber-Mutants were silent.  "Good,"  Gen-Ta
said.  "Now, you Cyber-Mutants still owe me for these enhancements.  And
believe me, you all will pay.  Now, we must forge a new plan to rid
ourselves of these ThunderCats once and for all."
        At the village, Lyna went to Nayda.  She was better, but she still
to take it easy.  "The Warrior Maidens can't thank you enough, Lyna." 
Nayda said.  "You saved our village from a grave disaster and have
reimprisoned Shakaki once more.  Now do you realize how important it is
for you to lead us?"  Lyna knew this would come up sooner or later, but
she knew what must be done.  "Aunt Nayda, I know you want me to respect
tradition and take my mother's place,"  she began.  "But I can't do it. 
The ThunderCats need me, I can't abandon them.  That's why, I'm
abdicating the throne of the Warrior Maidens, to you."  Nayda was shocked
to hear this.  "As the sister of Willa, the last true queen of the
Warrior Maidens,"  Lyna went on.  "You will carry on the bloodline when I
can not."  Nayda looked at her with understanding.  "I suppose this is
for the best, for both of us."  she said as aunt and niece embraced.
        Later, when the ThunderCats left the village, Kara looked at her
 "Boy, I'm sure glad we're not losing you."  she said.  "But I guess
something had to be done."
"I know."  Lyna replied.
"I don't get it."  Cougari said.  "Don't you want to live as a human? 
Look into your heritage?"
"I can always see what my human lineage is like,"  Lyna said.  "But my
place is with the ThunderCats.  Hybrid or not, I'm sticking with you
guys.  I'd hate to think on what you'd do without me."
"Really?"  Kara said.  "Well, I guess we'll never find out, thank
"Never."  Lyna said.  She looked into the sky and thought of her parents.
 "I was once told the dead could hear our thoughts when we think of
them."  she thought to herself.  "I hope you can hear what I'm thinking
now, Mother.  I did what I had to do and I promise with all my heart and
soul to you and Father I won't rest until New Thundera is free, and the
two of you could rest in peace."


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