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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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ThunderCats: The Legacy - Viral Warfare
By Angora Manx

        Rakuna was pacing fiercely in his workshop.  Ever since Gen-Ta gave
Cyber-Mutants their enhancements a month ago, things have gravely
changed.  Ursor, who has been extremely arrogant in the past, was far
more concieted and Mammoth, who wasn't so smart and had a bad temper,
felt his rage growing stronger than ever.  It was bad enough to deal with
the ThunderCats without having to rely on a foreign power such as Gen-Ta.
 "Blast it, Ursor."  he said to himself.  "If your pride has gotten us
into some sticky situations then, none of them was anything like this. 
If only I could find a way to overthrow Ursor, then surely I could get to
Gen-Ta as well.  Then I'll be the most powerful Cyber-Mutant in all the
universe."  He went to an old radio and fixed up a frequency.  "Come on,
you obselete piece of junk."  he said.  "Work!"
"Hello?"  a voice from the radio said.  "Is anyone there?"
        Rakuna smiled as the voice spoke.  "Weasel."  he said.  "Weasel, can
hear me?"
"Rakuna?"  Weasel asked.  "By Plunn-Dar, is that you?"
"No, it's the great Rataro."  he replied.  "Of course it's me, you bumble
"Ha, ha!  Rakuna, old boy, it's good to hear from you!  Tired of that
pompous braggart Ursor already?"
"I've been tired of him from the start, Weasel, but we're, or should I
say, I'm in a pretty big jam."
"What kind of trouble did he lead you in this time, old friend?"
"It's a long story, and you wouldn't believe me if I told you."
"Then bring up the monitors so I can see."
"No!"  Rakuna cried.  "No, someone could detect the transmission."
"Alright, let me guess."  Weasel said.  "Does this have to do with
someone you can pulverize?"
"They're part of the problem."  he replied.  "ThunderCats."
"Oh, you're in it big time."  he said.  "How many?"
"Six of them, two grown, four cadets; one of them's a hybrid."
"We heard rumors that Ursor was beaten by a hybrid thunderian."
"Meet me at these coordinates and I'll explain everything."  said Rakuna
as he transmitted data from the radio.  "Come alone, and whatever you do,
make sure you're not followed."  The transmission ended.  "Soon, Ursor." 
Rakuna thought.  "Your days will be numbered."
        At that moment, at Cat's Lair, Kara was working on something on her
computer when Snarfer came in.  "Snarfer, snarfer, Kara,"  he said. 
"What on Thundera are you doing?"
"Can't I have even one nanosecond to myself without being interupted?!" 
Kara cried.  "Oh, hi, Snarfer."
"Sheesh.  You're pretty high strung for someone so calm."
"Sorry, it's just that I've been busy for the past few weeks."
"So I noticed."  Snarfer replied.  "Can I see what you're working on,
snarfer, snarfer?"
"Hmm, okay,"  Kara said as she lifted him to the monitor.  "But not a
word to the others until I'm done."  Snarfer saw a picture that looked
like a giant monster.
"Snarfer!!!"  he shouted.  "Kara, watch out!!!  There's a monster in your
"I know that,"  she said calmly.  "It's mine."
"Yours?"  Snarfer asked as he watched Kara shut down what she was working
on and ejected a platinum disk from the drive.  "What kind of monster was
that anyway?"
"It's not really a monster, Snarfer, it's a computer virus."  Kara
explained.  "I've been working on them for a while.  They're for
something like enemy computer systems or battling robots.  Now that the
Cyber-Mutants are around, I figure this would be important."  She showed
him the disk.  "This is my Genesis program, what I use to create the
viruses.  That virus you just saw was my latest creation, the Beserker
"Are all your viruses the same, snarfer, snarfer?"
"No, I have a variety.  Scouters to probe for data, Robbers and Captors
to steal data and Ninjas to crash certain programs.  The Beserker is
supposed to cause a reaction through the enhancements the Cyber-Mutants
"What kind of reaction?"
"A kind of beserk reaction such as disabling any built-in weaponry." 
Kara said.
"Wow."  Snarfer replied.  "That's amazing."
"Snarfer, I'm going to need your help."  Kara said.  "I have patrol later
and I don't have time to run the Beserker through the final process. 
Could you do it for me, please?"
"Well, I think the others could get along without me for a little while,
snarfer, snarfer."  Snarfer replied.  "What do I have to do?"
"Just access my program and highlight the Beserker.  You'll see a caption
known as "Final Phase."  Click on it and observe the virus for at least
fifteen minutes.  The password for the Genesis is "Brute".  Thanks,
Snarfer."  said Kara as she went out for her duty.
"Don't mention it, snarfer, snarfer."  Snarfer then took the disk and
went towards the council room.  There, Lyna was about to leave for an
important dipolmatic mission.  It was then she saw Snarfer.
"Snarfer."  Lyna said.  "I need your help on something."
"Sure,  Lyna, snarfer, snarfer."  Snarfer replied.  "What is it?"
"I've been summoned to the Ro-Bear Berbil village and I was wondering if
you could show me where that is?"
"Delighted, snarfer, snarfer."  he replied.  "The Berbils have been
friends with the ThunderCats for ages.  Their village is not far from
here, snarfer, snarfer.  I'll take you there, assuming you haven't
introduced yourself to them already."
"Thanks, Snarfer."  Lyna said.  "Let's go!"
"Uh, oh, I did promise Kara I'd help out with her program,"  Snarfer
thought as they began to leave.  "But I can't let Lyna down.  I'll just
do what Kara told me when I get to the village.  Yeah, snarfer, snarfer,
that'll work."
        Meanwhile, in a deserted place in the Lands of the Sinking Sands, a
cloaked Rakuna saw a small ship landing from where he stood.  After it
land, a large weasel-like figure came out of the ship and headed towards
Rakuna.  "Rakuna?"  the figure called.  "Rakuna, where are you?"
"I'm here, Weasel."  Rakuna replied.  "And you came just in time." 
Rakuna removed his cloak to reveal the enhacements he received.
"By Plunn-Dar!!"  a shocked Weasel said.  "What happened to you?"
"I told you it was a long story."  Rakuna replied.
"I can see why."  Weasel said.  "Do all of them look like you do?"
"They have similar enhancements, even Ursor."
"So, about that rumor,"
"True as a ThunderCat."
"No way!!"  Weasel cried.  "Ursor beaten by a hybrid?"
"Twice."  Rakuna replied.  "The first time he lost his eye and the second
was no better, despite the home team advantage."
"He's losing it, I knew it."
"He's lost it all right, all of it.  The defeats have greatly wounded his
pride and he's not thinking clearly."
"Well, is there a way to beat him?"
"That's why I called you."  Rakuna said.  "I discovered that one of those
ThunderCats is a computer expert.  She might have something I could use
to cream Ursor, but I can't get near Cat's Lair without getting slagged."
"So you need a professional thief, like me."
"That, and I can't afford to place suspicion on myself.  This must be
done in discreet."
"Relax, Rakuna."  Weasel said.  "When this is over, we can kiss that
overgrown teddy good riddance."  The two laughed hardily.
        Lyna and Snarfer soon arrived at the Berbil village.   They were
surrounding the two soon enough.  It was then that two Berbils came out
through the crowd.  "Hello, Snarfer."  they said.  "Hello, Lyna.  It is
good to finally meet you."
"Ro-Ber Bill!"  Snarfer cried.  "Ro-Ber Belle!  Long time, no see!"
"How did you know my name?"  Lyna said.
"Much is heard about you, young one."  Ro-Ber Bill said.  "You also look
a lot like your father.  We are sorry to hear about what happened on
"I appreciate your concern,"  Lyna replied.  "So, why did you send for
"We have been having trouble with our people."  Ro-Ber Belle answered. 
"A few days ago, some of us have come under a strange malady.  Each day
afterwards, more sucumbed until a few were left."
"Are they all right, snarfer, snafer?"  Snarfer asked.
"They will live,"  Bill said.  "But this malady leaves them completely
unable to handle themselves.  They required help constantly.  We always
looked up to the ThunderCats for help.  I am sure it is still so."
"We'll do what we can,"  Lyna said.  "But I'm not promising miracles." 
She then turned to Snarfer and pulled him aside.  "A defenseless village
like this is perfect for a Cyber-Mutant attack unless all the Berbils are
activated."  she said.  "I'm going to contact Kara to help us, you stay
here and make sure nothing happens."  She went to a hut with Ro-Ber Bill
to see if she can summon Kara while Snarfer went to talk with Ro-Ber
Belle.  He carried with him the disk Kara gave him.
"Snarfer, what is that disk?"  Belle asked.
"Oh, snarfer, snarfer, this disk?"  he replied.  "It's just something
I've been meaning to work on."
"There is a computer in the square."  she said.  "Why don't we run the
disk there?"
"Well, okay."  The two soon reached the square.  Snarfer inserted the
disk and it began to run.  The monitor showed a picture of a hive and
Snarfer saw the words highlighting a caption box.  "Please enter
password", it said.  Snarfer asked Ro-Ber Belle to cover her eyes while
he typed in the password.  "Thank you,"  the computer said.  "You have
now accessed Genesis.  What do you wish to do?"  Snarfer looked at all
the different viruses in the hive.  "Hmm,"  he thought.  "I'm sure Kara
wouldn't mind if I viewed some of her creations."  He then focused his
attention to the program.  "Computer,"  he said.  "Access Viral Hive."
"Accessing."  it said.  "Viral Hive reached.  Please click on the virus
you wish to work with."
"Virus Scouter, Profile."
"Accessing.  Virus, Scouter; intentions, probing systems; sequences,
abort voice command."
"Wow, talk about detail!"  Snarfer then viewed the profiles on the other
viruses until he had seen every virus in the program.  "Now, to get back
to work."  he said.  "Computer, access virus Beserker."
"Accessing."  it said.  "Virus, Beserker accessed.  Do you want to run
Final Phase?"
        As soon as Snarfer was about to give the command, an explosion filled
the square.  Lyna came out to see Weasel and Rakuna standing at the
square.  "Computer, abort program."  Snarfer said as the computer shut
down and ejected the disk.  He and Ro-Ber Belle soon ran behind Lyna.
"Well, well, if it isn't the royal pain."  Rakuna mocked.
"Well, well, if it isn't the big brain."  Lyna shot back.  "What do you
want, Rakuna?"
"I was hoping to find your computer genius friend here, but I'll settle
for you instead."  Rakuna said.  "Weasel, let's get them."
"What about her?"  he asked.
"She may be a hybrid, but don't underestimate her."  Rakuna replied. 
"Let's rumble!!!"
        The attack commenced.  Weasel scouted out the village while Rakuna
distracted Lyna.  Later, Weasel saw Snarfer carrying the disk.  "Aha!" 
he said.  "Here, little snarf.  Give me that disk."
"Never!  snarfer, snarfer."  Snarfer replied.
"Then I'll just have to take it!"  Weasel said as he tried to grab
Snarfer.  But Snarfer managed to slip from his grasp and sought shelter
from the huts.
"Well, Lyna."  Rakuna said.  "I guess you're not interested in the
Berbils' malady."
"You mean to say their defenselessness is your doing?"  Lyna asked.  "I
wouldn't be surprised."
"Just a little virus I cooked up to lead your friend here."  Rakuna
replied.  "Now, if you want to save the Berbils, you will bring her."
"You'll have to go through me first."  Lyna snapped.  She then raised the
sword above her for battle.  Weasel stared at the sword in shock.  "That
sword,"  he said.  "Is that what I think it is?"
"Yes, Weasel."  Rakuna answered.  "That is the Sword of Omens."
"You're crazy if you think I'm going against that!"  Weasel whispered
"Do you want to be rid of Ursor or not?"  he asked.
"Count me out, old friend."  Weasel cried as he ran off in a hurry. 
"I'll see you back at the meeting place!!"
"Come back here, you coward!!!!!"  Rakuna shouted.
"Well, Rakuna."  Lyna said.  "I guess you better catch up with your
        Rakuna looked around as he saw Snarfer come out with the disk.
so,"  he said.  "But not before I borrow a nice computer program!"  With
that, he tossed a gas bomb at the crowd.  Snarfer and Lyna coughed
horribly as Snarfer dropped the disk he was carrying.  The smoke soon
cleared as did Rakuna.  It was then Kara arrived on the scene.  "Whoa,
what did I miss?"  she asked.  Lyna told her about Rakuna's attack on the
village and how he was responsible for the malady that struck most of the
Berbils.  "I might be able to handle this."  Kara said.  "Snarfer, do you
have the Genesis?"
"You brought that here?"  Lyna asked.
"Of course,"  Kara replied.  "I figured we need it, especially with the
Cyber-Mutants."  Snarfer looked and looked until he came to Kara.  "Kara,
we have a problem, snarfer, snarfer."  he said.  "I lost the disk when
the smoke came up."
"By Thundera, this is not good!"  Kara said.  "Without the Genesis
program, I can't make a counter-virus."
"You don't think--"  Snarfer said.  "Oh, no what have I done?"
"It's not your fault, Snarfer."  Lyna said.  "You didn't know this would
"I'm going to see if I can track Rakuna down."  Kara said.  "It's my
program he stole anyway."
"And suppose he manages to access Genesis?"  Lyna asked.
"He won't."  Kara replied.  "The program has some precautions."
"Do it."  sighed Lyna.  "I'll tell the others what happened.  Snarfer,
keep an eye on the Berbils and report anything that happens while we're
gone."  Lyna and Kara soon left Snarfer alone with his thoughts.
        On Weasel's ship, Rakuna came back with the platinum disk he stole
the Berbil village.  "Weasel,"  he said.  "I think I found the thing that
will solve all our problems."
"What is it?"  Weasel asked.
"I'm not sure."  he said as Weasel inserted the disk into the ship's
computer.  "I picked it up from that snarf.  Maybe it's some important
ThunderCat information."
"Well, you might not have to worry about that part."  Weasel said.  "I
can't access it." 
"This disk is quadruple encrypted.  Boy, Rakuna, when you said this
ThunderCat was an expert, you weren't kidding."
"She's not that smart."
"I can put it in the decoder, but it will take some time."
"Do it."  he groaned.  The decoder went to work soon enough.
        At that moment, Kara followed a trail leading into the jungle.  "I'll
show that Cyber-Mutant no one messes with my program."  she said to
herself as she went on.
"Kara, have you had any luck finding Rakuna?"  Lyna asked on the radio.
"No."  Kara replied.  "He pretty much got away clean, but I'm onto him."
"Are you certain that he can't access your program?"
"Unless Rakuna manages to know the password, I'd give him a
million-to-one chance of hacking his way in."
"I'm not taking chances on this one, Kara."  Lyna said.  "If Rakuna gets
access of that program, we're all doomed."
"Hey, have I ever let you down before?"  Kara asked.  "No, and I don't
plan to start now.  Kara out."
        Hours later, Rakuna was becoming impatient as the decoder did its
"What's taking so long?!"  he cried.  "Shouldn't that decoder be done by
"Give me a break, Rakuna."  Weasel said.  "The hardest thing this
decoder's really done is double encryption which could have been cracked
by now.  I'll assume it's going to take twice as long with this one."
"I'm not waiting any longer!"  Rakuna cried.  A large spike zipped up out
of his wrist and he stuck it inside a plug on the decoder's console. 
"What are you doing?!!"  cried Weasel.
"Getting the job done."  Rakuna replied.  "Computer, run unknown
"Unable to comply,"  the computer said.  "Program is restricted from user
"Identify objective."
"Objective identified.  Program is a creator of various virals."
"Incredible."  Rakuna said.  "Do you hear that, Weasel?  A program that
creates viruses.  This should be useful.  Computer, download all known
viral schematics into present system."
"Acknowledged."  it said.
"Rakuna, don't do it!!"  Weasel cried.  "You're going to get yourself
killed."  Rakuna just looked at him deeply and intensely.  "I'll survive,
old friend."  he replied.  "Relax."   After a few minutes, the computer
was done with the download.  "Hmm,"  Rakuna wondered.  "Computer, can you
download any of the virals onto present system?"
"One viral is accessed from unknown program."  it said.
"Show statistics."
"Virus Beserker; intentions unknown; sequences unknown."
"Upload and run Beserker, then transfer to all computer systems under a
hundred-mile radius via satellite."
"Acknowledged."  The computer then started working on the command it was
given swiftly.
"Have you lost some of your brain cells when you received those
enhancements?!!"  Weasel cried.  "You're going to start a technological
"Don't you see, Weasel?"  Rakuna cried.  "If this virus works, then I can
be rid of Ursor and Gen-Ta once and for all!"
"You're insane."
"I'm not insane, Weasel, just overly ambitious."
        Kara had made her way to the Lands of the Sinking Sands when she saw
energy beam shot out from the distance.  "What on Thundera was that?" 
she wondered.  She followed the beam to Weasel's ship and rammed it from
the hull.  She soon found the bridge where Rakuna and Weasel were. 
"You've got to stop him!!"  Weasel cried out to her.  "He's gone nuts!"
"Out of my way, Rakuna."  she said.  "Where's my program?"
"You're too late, ThunderCat."  Rakuna replied.  "I've just unleashed one
of your creations."
"It's in the decoder."  Weasel said.  "Something's gone wrong."  Kara
made her way to the console and accessed her program from there.  "You
have accessed Genesis."  the computer said.  "What do you wish to do?"
"Computer,"  Kara commanded.  "Identify last virus released."
"Virus Beserker; intentions unknown; sequences unknown."
"Oh, no!!!!!"  Kara cried.  "Identify location of Beserker."
"Location identified."  it replied.  "All systems with hundred-mile
"By Jaga!!!!  What have you done?"
"I've gotten rid of you and your friends once and for all."  Rakuna
replied.  "If that virus can do the job."
"That virus isn't even tested."  Kara said.  "How do you know it will
"I'll take my chances."  he said.  Suddnely, the ship went wild.  Sparks
flew out of every console.  Everything went completely beserk.  "What's
going on?!!"  Weasel cried.
"It's the Beserker."  Kara said.  "Computer, abort Genesis program."  The
computer managed to eject the disk before another spark flew out. 
Luckily, Kara managed to retrieve her disk.
"I thought you said it wouldn't work."  Weasel said.
"I didn't say it wouldn't work."  she replied.  She then looked at
Rakuna.  "Hold on a nanosecond."  she said.  "Everything on the ship is
receiving a hundred percent of the Beserker's attack except for Rakuna's
"He downloaded all the viral schematics into his system before he
unleashed Beserker."  Weasel said.  "It's possible they're serving as an
antibody for the virus."
"He's immune to the Beserker."  Kara said.  "And our only hope of
stopping it."
"If there are schematics of every viral I've made, then there's probably
something I could do to stop it."  She went to Rakuna.  "What do you
want, ThunderCat?"  he said.
"Look, Rakuna."  Kara said.  "This ship is receiving the full burn on
Beserker's attack.  Unless you value your life, you better do something
to help stop it."
"I'll just evacuate the ship before it blows."  Rakuna said.
"Then what about all that technology?"  Kara asked.  "Once the Beserker
crashes everything, you'll have nothing left."
"I can always rebuild once it's all done."
"Did you think about what will happen to the other Cyber-Mutants?"  Kara
continued.  "Their enhancements aren't protected like yours are."
"So what?"  Rakuna snapped.  "You should think about what will happen to
Gen-Ta once the Beserker attacks.  If this virus is as powerful as I
think it is, we could be rid of him once and for all!  Don't you want
that, ThunderCat?  Don't you want to see Gen-Ta fall and free your home
"Not like that."  Kara replied as Weasel snuck up from behind Rakuna.  He
held in his hand a small injector.  He then lunged at Rakuna and injected
him with the substance inside.  "I didn't forget about this, old friend."
 he said as Rakuna began to feel a magnetic surge go through him.  He
fell unconscious as Kara and Weasel carried him out of the ship before it
exploded.  "What was that stuff you shot in him?"  Kara asked.
"The malady he created for the Berbils."  he replied.  "I fixed the
electronic code so he wouldn't detect it."
"Okay, one problem's solved, but what about Beserker?"
"It's going to take some time before it reaches your Cats' Lair."  Weasel
said.  "You better warn your friends before it's too late."
"Thanks."  Kara said as she activated the radio on the ThunderCycle.  "I
thought I'd never see the day a mutant helps me."  The radio soon picked
up the frequency almost barely.  "Kara to Cat's Lair!"  she cried.  "Kara
to Cat's Lair, do you read me?"
"Not exactly loud and clear,"  Lyna said from Cat's Lair.  "But yeah, we
hear you.  Did you find Rakuna and Genesis?"
"Yeah, but he managed to unleash one of my viruses before I got to him."
"Which virus is it?"
"The Beserker, a new virus I was working on.  It crashed the source of
the transmission big time and it's heading your way."
"Is the Cat's Lair protected from it?"
"I don't think so."  Kara replied.  "I asked Snarfer to run the Final
Phase sequence on Beserker for me to test its capacity and the anti-virus
program should give us some protection, but it's hard to say."
"How long before Beserker reaches us?"  Lyna asked.
"I'm not sure, it's programmed to hit all systems within a hundred-mile
radius so I'll assume it'll take a while."
"What are your coordinates?"
"Somewhere in the Land of the Sinking Sands.  I'm going to try and find
it.  It could hit the posts we placed in the Forests of Mists.  Kara
"Let me come with you."  Weasel said.  "It's the least I could do after
all the trouble we caused."
"All right, I could use an extra pair of hands."  Kara replied.  "Hop
"I never thought I'd be helping out a ThunderCat."  Weasel said as he
climed on the ThunderCycle.
"Well, expect the unexpected."  she said.  "And the name is Kara."
"Then you can call me Weasel."
"What about him?"
"Rakuna?  He'll be fine.  Let's hurry before he wakes up."  The unlikely
pair rode off as Rakuna  began to regain consciousness.  "By Plunn-Dar,
what happened?"  he asked.  Then he began to remember everything.  "I
better head to Gen-Ta's pyramid to see if the Beserker did the job."  he
said.  "Then I'll get rid of that meddling ThunderCat and that traitor
Weasel.  No one betrays me and gets away with it."  He started running
for the pyramid.
        Minutes later, Kara and Weasel reached the Forest of Mists.  "Isn't
place hard to navagate in?"  Weasel asked.
"Almost impossible,"  Kara replied.  "But we placed posts inside to guide
us.  We'll be in Dark Side in no time."  Using the posts, Kara navigated
through the forest.  "So far, so good."  she thought.  "The Beserker
hasn't reached the posts yet."  In a matter of time, they were in Dark
Side.  The place looked very gloomy and was not very welcoming.  Weasel
shivered at the sight.  "I believe the Beserker would be heading towards
the most powerful system nearby."  he said.
"Are you sure?"
"Positive,"  Weasel replied.  "I picked up a trasmission here in this
place."  They followed the transmission to a large pyramid on top of a
volcano.  Kara knew this place, she saw this when she tried to sneak over
to Fire Rock Mountain through Dark Side.  She had wondered what was it. 
"Well, let's go inside."  she said.
        In the pyramid, Kara and Weasel saw numerous carvings and paintings. 
They soon came across a pool of mystic water.  "I have a bad feeling
about this."  said Weasel.
"Just the place to make the skin crawl."  Kara added.  She was feeling
the wall when she saw a passageway.  "Hey, Weasel,"  she called out.  "I
think I found something."  They went through the passageway and down the
stairs into a chamber of many technlogical devices.  "Oh, boy."  Kara
said.  "The Beserker is going to have a field day here.  Look at all this
stuff.  Some of these devices haven't even made it off the drawing board
in some galaxies."
"This must the place Rakuna told me about."  Weasel implied.
"What place?"  she asked.
"The place where he and the others received their enhancements.  He also
said it was done by some priest who was actually interested in
technology.  Can you believe that?"
"This priest he told you about,"  Kara said.  "Did he by chance look kind
of like a large snake?"
"I never met him,"  Weasel replied.  "But Rakuna said something about him
being a snake."
"Yes, that was the name he used."
"This must be his pyramid, his base on Third Earth."
"What is so freaky about this Gen-Ta guy besides his interest in
"Weasel, Gen-Ta was responsible for the conquest of New Thundera and the
murder of the ThunderCats."
"What?  The ThunderCats were destroyed?"  Weasel said.  "Even Lord
"Especially him."  Kara said.  "He was the first one to fall."
"But what about you?"
"I was just a cadet at the academy, we all were, except for our
instructors."  Kara told him about how they found out about Gen-Ta's
conquest of New Thundera and how they've been fighting him here on Third
Earth since.  "Whoa,"  he said.  "That must be awful, learning about your
home world taken like that."
"It was really bad."
"You know, if Rakuna is right and the Beserker takes out this place,
maybe your world could be free."
"He'd only retreat to New Thundera."  she said.  They were about to leave
the basement when suddenly, sparks flew out of the machines.  "The
Beserker!"  Weasel cried.  "It's here!"
        Soon enough, Gen-Ta came down to see what the comotion was about.
in the name of the Ancient Spirits is going on here?"  he shouted.  "I
sense a virus in my systems."  Kara and Weasel had managed to hide just
in time.  "Do you think he saw us?"  Weasel asked.
"I don't think so."  Kara replied.  "But keep quiet."
"A virus, a powerful virus."  Gen-Ta continued.  "I could probably use
this."  He summoned his powers and out from the systems rose a black
energy which Gen-Ta contained.  Kara and Weasel raced upstairs as Gen-Ta
managed to collect the energy from the systems.  "What he could be
doing?"  Weasel asked.
"If he's doing what I think he's doing,"  Kara said.  "Then we're really
in trouble."  They had hid behind a pillar and watched Gen-Ta carry the
energy to the pool of mystic water.  He rose the energy above the pool
high above his head.  "By the Ancient Spirits of Evil,"  he chanted.  "I
give life to this digital corpse!"  With these words, the energy formed
into a large creature of terrifying looks and fierce strength.  Kara
looked at the creature in disbelief.  "By Jaga,"  she said in a whisper. 
"I created a monster."
"We have to get out of here."  Weasel said.  "That thing could come and
get us any time now."
"Go, my creature,"  Gen-Ta ordered.  "Destroy Cat's Lair, and all in your
path, starting with the intruders in this pyramid."
"Uh, oh."  Weasel said.  "I think we just wore out our welcome."  The
creature headed straight towards them as the two raced out of the
pyramid.  Rakuna came to the pyramid to see what has happened.  He saw
Weasel and Kara racing out.  "Run!!!"  Weasel cried.  "It's huge!!!"
"What in the name of Plunn-Dar?"  Rakuna asked.  He then saw the creature
heading towards them.  "Oh, no!!"  he screamed and ran towards a hiding
place not far from Kara and Weasel.  She was trying to get a transmission
through to Cat's Lair.  "Kara!!"  Lyna had said from the other end. 
"Where on Thundera have you been?"
"Listen, about that Beserker virus."  Kara started.  "I have good news
and bad news."
"Okay,"  Lyna said.  "What's the good news?"
"We don't really have to worry about Beserker infecting the Cat's Lair
"And the bad news?"
"It tried to infect some kind of machinery in a chamber below a pyramid
in Dark Side.  The pyramid turned out to be Gen-Ta's base here.  He's
absorbed the virus from the systems and turned it into a monster!  Worse
part, it's coming here!"
"Hold on!"  Lyna said.  "I'll be there as fast as I can.  Try to hold off
that virus for as long as you can.  Lyna out."
"Well, we're certainly getting backup."  Kara said.  The creature roared.
 "But I don't how long it'll be!"
"How do we stop that monster?"  Weasel asked.
"I created this virus,"  Kara said.  "I'm certain I could figure out some
way to get rid of it."  She took out a laptop from the ThunderCycle and
inserted her disk.  She soon accessed the Genesis program and the Viral
Hive.  "Computer,"  she said.  "Analyze virus Beserker.  Scan for
"Scanning now."  The computer took its time in its work.
"What do we do till then?"  Weasel asked.
"We distract it."
"You can't be serious!"  Weasel cried.  "You'll get killed!"
"Even so, it's my fault that virus is loose."  Kara said.  "I have to try
my best and stop it.  Keep an eye on the program while I'm gone."
"How do you know I won't steal your program?"
"I don't, but I don't have a choice."  Kara leaped out of her hiding
place and faced the creature.  "Beserker!!"  she cried.  "Abort sequence
now."  The Beserker creature roared loudly.  "I made you, Beserker and I
can break you."  Kara said.
"I believe this Beserker is under my control now, ThunderCat."  Gen-Ta
said as he approached.  "As New Thundera is."
"Not for long, creep."  Kara snapped.
"Very brave of you to talk to me like that,"  Gen-Ta replied.  "And very
foolish!!"  He shot an energy sphere that nearly knocked Kara off her
feet, but she managed to dodge out of its way.  "Kara!" shouted Weasel. 
"By Plunn-Dar, I must be crazy to let her go out like that."
"With any luck,"  Rakuna said as he approached Weasel.  "The two might
destroy each other or the Beserker destroys them both.  Either way, I
"Rakuna, this isn't right!"  Weasel cried.  "What we're doing is wrong."
"Suppose it is?"  Rakuna replied.  "At least I will be the most powerful
mutant in all of history.  Join me, Weasel.  Together we can reshape
Plunn-Dar.  No more taking orders from that fool Ursor, no more debts to
pay to foreign powers, no more ThunderCats.  All we can do is mind our
own business and look towards the future."
"I can't do it."  Weasel said looking up at the sky.  "And neither can
you.  Especially when Ursor finds out about your treachery."
"You don't have the guts to rat me out."
"Maybe I don't, but I know someone who does."  He pointed at the sky and
Rakuna saw Pterra hovering above them.  She floated down towards him. 
"So, you little traitor!"  she said.  "How dare you plot to betray
"Pterra!!  I can explain,"  Rakuna started.
"Slag the excuses!!"  Pterra snapped.  "I heard everything.  Anyone who
betrays Ursor answers to him."
"Well, at least I would've taken over the gang instead of selling us out
to the ThunderCats!!"  Rakuna said.  "Like some people I know."
"Weasel?"  Pterra said.  "Is this true?"
        Weasel began to look nervous, then gave a mischevious glance.  "Of
course not!"  he said.  "Do you really think I'd join forces with a
ThunderCat?  Ha!  She's only a pawn until we get rid of this creature. 
It's very wild, Pterra and I doubt even Gen-Ta's powers would be able to
control it."
"So you were helping him betray our leader!"  she continued.  "It would
be just like you."
"Why would I even risk Ursor's rage?"  Weasel asked.  "I'm not stupid,
Pterra, and Rakuna did ask me to help him, but I played along to see what
he was really up to."
"You liar!!"  Rakuna cried.  "How dare you betray me!"
"You betrayed yourself, old friend."  Weasel said.  "Now it's your turn
to take the wrap."
"There is going to be a reckoning between us, old friend."  Rakuna said
as he tossed a smoke bomb.  "A reckoning where only one will survive." 
Then the sneaky Cyber-Mutant disappeared.
"That little pest!"  Pterra cried when the smoke cleared.  She then saw
the laptop running.  "What's that?"  she asked.
"Something the ThunderCat was working on."  Weasel said.  "It's useless
to us.  I checked."
"I'll give Ursor your good faith then."  Pterra said.  "But that
"It's covered."
"I have to fly now."  Pterra said.  "See ya."  She then flew up in the
air and headed for Castle Plunn-Dar.
"Analysis complete."  the computer said.  "Counter-virus found.  Ready to
"All right."  Weasel said.  "It's showtime.  Computer, upload and run
counter-virus, now."
"Acknowledged."  The laptop shot out a beam from the ThunderCycle that
hit the Beserker monster.  The monster began to shrink.  Kara smiled at
the sight.  "Seems like this monster is going for a downsizing."  she
said.  Gen-Ta looked at the monster and was not happy.  "I'll show you a
real downsizing, you insolent ThunderCat!!"  he shouted.  He summoned his
power to launch a turbo energy sphere when Lyna came in on the Silver
Wings and struck him down.  "This is for all the people you've hurt,
monster!"  she cried.
"Lyna!"  Kara called.  "The Beserker is weakening.  We have to finish
"Right."  Lyna replied.  She held up her sword and shot an energy beam at
the shrinking Beserker who then disintergrated.  "You'll pay for this,
ThunderCats."  Gen-Ta shouted.  "You'll all pay!"
"Let's get him now, while we still can."  Lyna said.  "Our world depends
on it."
"No, Princess."  Gen-Ta said.  "Not today."  He shot up an energy cloud
which swiftly left Dark Side.  "That cloud will accelerate the virus
inside the Berbils."  he said.  "If you hurry, you can still save the
pathetic creatures."
"Lyna, what are you waiting for?"  Kara asked.  "Strike him now, while we
still have the chance."
"I can't."
"Lyna!  Defeating Gen-Ta's the only way to free our world!"
"Not like this."  Lyna replied.  "Not at the cost of innocent lives." 
She looked at Gen-Ta.  "Next time you won't be so fortunate."  she said
as she, Kara and Weasel left Dark Side.  Gen-Ta looked on, worried now
more than ever.
        Tracking the cloud, Lyna and Kara managed to catch up to it.  "Gen-Ta
said it would affect those who have the malady."  Weasel said.  "Surely
not all the Berbils caught it."
"If we don't stop that cloud,"  Kara replied.  "The Berbils will be on
top of the list of endangered species.  By the way, I heard you talking
with that Cyber-Mutant."
"It's not what you think."  Weasel said.  "Come on, if I was actually
with them I would've handed them your program."
"Why didn't you?"
"I have my reasons.  If I've done anything to it, it's planting the
schematics of the malady into your Viral Hive.  All you have to do is
scan for an anti-virus."
"What's in it for you?"  Kara asked as she programed the computer and
found the new viral entry.  She set it to scan for an anti-virus.  "The
jury is still out on that one."  Weasel answered.  "Frankly, I have no
idea.  But you'll owe me one."
"Rule one of dealing with ThunderCats,"  Kara said.  "Never expect a
favor for a favor."
"So much for that."  Weasel commented.  In a matter of seconds, the
anti-virus was found, built and ready for action.  "Computer,"  Kara
commanded.  "Transfer anti-virus to Ro-Bear  Berbil village via
satellite, now."  A beam shot from the ThunderCycle to the Berbil
village.  When the cloud hovered by, none of the Berbils expericenced
difficulties.  Gen-Ta witnessed the action in the pool.  "I must find a
way to destroy them,"  he thought.  "And I must find it fast.  I know the
key to defeating them is their leader.  Perhaps there is a way to stop
        At the Berbil village, Lyna and Kara went to see if all was well. 
Weasel watched them from a distance.  "I'm sorry for the trouble I've
caused, snarfer, snarfer."  Snarfer said.  "I should have never brought
that program out of Cat's Lair."
"It's not your fault, Snarfer."  Kara replied.  "It's mine.  If I didn't
bring Genesis to Third Earth, none of this would have happened."
"If you left it on New Thundera when Gen-Ta attacked then we'd really be
in trouble."  Lyna said.  "It's really no one's fault, but you really
should have told us about the Genesis sooner."
"I know."  Kara said.
"What about the mutant?"  Snarfer asked.
"He's a friend."  Kara replied.  "I hope."
"Well, I hope you're happy."  Weasel said.  "The Berbils are safe, but
what cost will that be to your people?"
"I don't know,"  Kara said.  "But if all mutants were like you, Weasel
then perhaps there's a chance--"
"That mutants and thunderians would live in peace?"  Weasel finished.  "I
pretty much doubt it, several gangs of mutants were formed because of the
hatred of thunderians forged in the past.  But if I ever actually start
to feel friendly towards any of you, just as I did back there in Dark
Side, then it's a pretty good start."
"A start,"  Kara said.  "For a better future."
"Well, I better get going before I get to mushy."  Weasel said.
"What about the Cyber-Mutants?"  Lyna asked.  "Rakuna's not going to
forgive you after what you've done."
"I might fight evil, like you do."  Weasel said.  "But that doesn't mean
I play by your rules.  See ya."  With that, he took off.
"You know, Kara."  Lyna said.  "I think this is the beginning of a
brighter generation."
"Perhaps it is,"  Kara said.  "If it weren't for Weasel, I'd never get a
hold of this new virus.  Check it out."
        Lyna looked at the screen on Kara's laptop.  The computer buzzed with
the profile.  "Virus Paralyzer; intentions stunning robotic technology;
sequences temporary shut down on all cybernetic technology."  it said.
"I made some modifications, though."  Kara said.
"A brighter generation indeed."  Lyna said.  "If only my father could see
what's happened."
"In a way, he can."  Snarfer said.  "This new virus will bring us one
step closer to freeing New Thundera."
"You got that right!"  Kara said.  "Now, what do you say we head back to
Cat's Lair?  I want to put this new viral to work!"


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