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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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ThunderCats: The Legacy - Cyber-Mutants Attack
By Angora Manx

        It was a busy day at Cat's Lair.  Systems were running top-notch and
looked like no one had time to breathe.  The new ThunderCats had to be
ready for anything.  Not too long ago,  they learned their homeworld, New
Thundera, was conquered by Gen-Ta, a powerful demon priest of the Ancient
Spirits of Evil.  They also had to watch out for mutants.  They had
already  destroyed the Tower of Omens and who knows what else could
happen.  Lyna, the new lord of the ThunderCats had entered the cargo bay
when she spotted two strange vehicles.  One was a small air craft painted
in silver and the other looked like a bike with some cybernetic
enginerring.  "Well, how do you like them?"  asked Kara from behind.
"What are they?"  asked Lyna.
"My new inventions!"  Kara said.  "We can't rely on that ThunderTank or
the ThunderStrike all the time, so I built some new stuff."  She went
over to the technologic bike.  "This is the ThunderCycle, perfect for
scouting and outrunning mutants."
"Don't tell Cougari."  Lyna joked.
"Oh, it's not that fast,"  Kara replied.  "But it's much faster than the
ThunderTank, and just as armed."  She then went to the silver craft. 
"The Silver Wings are a three-in-one vehicle."  she explained.  "Watch." 
Kara ajusted the controls and the craft became a small plane and then a
sub and then a land glider.  "It's perfect for those hard-to-get to
terrains."  she bragged.  "Though I like the ThunderCycle much better."
"Kara, this is great."  Lyna said.  "We'll need more vehicles.   After
all, if Gen-Ta doesn't attack soon, the mutants might."
"I don't think Gen-Ta will be after us too soon."  Cougari said as he
entered the cargo bay.  "Not after the message Lyna sent to him."  His
attention was then focused on the ThunderCycle.  "Hey!  Nice bike, Kara!"
 he said as he started to go near it.  Kara stood in his path.
"Don't even think about it, Cougari."  she said.  "You are not touching
that ThunderCycle."
"Aww, come on, Kara one little spin?"  Cougari begged.
"Yeah, right!"  Kara snapped.  "The last time you used one of my
inventions, you nearly blew up the academy back home!"
"But that was an accident."  Cougari said.  "Anyway, it wouldn't have
happened if you told me how it worked."
"Maybe if you were more patient you would have heard my directions." 
Kara said.
        Lyna stood between them.  "All right, cool it you two."  she said. 
"It's bad enough we're fighting Gen-Ta without fighting amongst
ourselves.  Cougari, Kara, I'm counting on you two to get along."
"Well,"  Kara said.
"Please, guys."  Lyna said.
"All right, Lyna."  Kara replied.  "I'll try, but it would be a lot
easier if his feet were glued to the ground!"
"I'm with you on that, Lyna!"  Cougari said.  "Say,  I'm bored here.  Why
don't we take these new vehicles for a test drive?"
"Someone has to stay in Cat's Lair in case something comes up."  Lyna
said.  "With the twins spreading the news on New Thundera, we're pretty
much on our own."
"So, let the Snarfs guard the base."  Kara said.  "I want to test these
"We can't leave them here alone."  Lyna said.  "They're not fighters."
"Well, where's Tygris?"  asked Cougari.  "He could guard the base."
"No good,"  Kara said.  "He's out placing posts in the Forest of Mists. 
They're for in case we need to enter there and get out."
"I'll do it."  Lyna said.  "Besides, I need to know more about how the
Snarfs escaped.  You two go ahead."
"With him?!"  Kara shouted.
"Kara,"  Lyna began.
"Oh, all right!"  Kara said.  "I'll take him."  She turned to Cougari. 
"Follow my instructions this time."
"Will do!"  Cougari said.  "I get the Silver Wing!"
        As Kara and Cougari sped off in the new vehicles, Lyna went back to
command console where she found Snarf.  "Snarf, can you tell me
something?"  Lyna asked.
"Anything, snarf, snarf."  Snarf replied.
"After Gen-Ta took over New Thundera,"  she started.  "How did you and
Snarfer manage to escape?"
"Snarf!  Is that a long story.  When Gen-Ta attacked the Cat's Lair,
Lion-O was the first one he went after.  When Gen-Ta couldn't be
defeated, Lion-O gave me the sword and bid me pass it on to you.  Snarfer
was working on a space craft from a suspension capsule when the attack
stared.  So we boarded the craft, but there wasn't much fuel so Snarfer
activated the boosters to get us to Third Earh as fast as we could." 
Lyna looked deeply in the Sword of Omens.  It belonged to her father,
Lord Lion-O, who was one of the victims of Gen-Ta's rage.
"Do you think I could be as good a leader as my father was?"
"Snarf!  Lyna, everytime I look into your eyes, I can see your father." 
Snarf said.  "You'll be a wonderful leader, snarf, snarf.  Just don't get
into too much trouble."
"I hope you're right, Snarf."  Lyna said.  "By Jaga, I hope you're
        Meanwhile, in a distant part of Third Earth, the mutants were
Dark Side.  They had been walking for days when Rakuna and Mammoth
finally collapsed.  "Oh,"  they groaned.
"Get up, you two!"  Ursor shouted.  "No one is resting until we find what
we're looking for."
"And just what are we looking for, oh mighty leader?!"  Rakuna said. 
"Some new eye to replaced the one you lost?!?!  We have walked miles
around here and I don't see the point of continuing!"
"Hold your tongue, Rakuna!"  Pterra snapped.  "Ursor knows what he's
doing!"  She looked at the large mutant admirably.
"She'll never learn, will she?"  Rakuna mumbled to himself.
"Uh, what are we looking for, Ursor?"  Mammoth asked.
"Someone to rid us of these annoying thunderians once and for all!" 
Ursor said.  "According to the Chronicles of Plunn-Dar, the great mutant
warlord Rataro once came close to defeating the ThunderCats with the aid
of a local demon priest.  Rumor has it that the priest was destroyed a
long time ago, but if there was a new priest, more powerful than the
"He could help us destroy the thunderians!"  Pterra finished.
"Correct, my dear."  Ursor said.  "Now, according to my sources, he lives
around this valley."
"Look!!!"  Mammoth exclaimed pointing at a vast pyramid.  The others
looked at what he was pointing at.
"By Plunn-Dar, Mammoth, I think we found it!"  Ursor said.  "The key to
revenge and pride."
"Ursor, I have a funny feeling about this."  Pterra said.
"You're not afraid of a little inferior structure, are you, Pterra?" 
Ursor asked.  "Cowardliness is so unlike you."
"No, it's not like that."  Pterra replied.  "I just think we should
reconsider, after all, who knows what a being such as the one you
described is capable of."
"We will be prepared for any treachery that comes."  Ursor said.  "Come! 
To the pyramid."
"I hate it when his pride's wounded."  Pterra said as they walked towards
the pyramid.  "It makes him so rash."
"It wouldn't have happened if that hybrid didn't take out his eye." 
Mammoth said.
"As I recalled,"  Rakuna stated.  "It was the explosion that took out his
"Well, who do you think caused the explosion?"  Pterra snapped.  "Plus,
she was the last  one to face him in battle."
        Inside the pyramid, the mutants came across Gen-Ta, the demon priest.
Gen-Ta looked at the mutants.  "Who dare intrude upon Gen-Ta, the All
Eternal?"  he asked.
        Ursor boldly stepped towards him.  "I, Ursor, leader of the mutants,
dare."  he replied.  "Are you the demon priest we've heard about?"
"Maybe."  Gen-Ta replied.  "To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit,
strong Ursor?"
"Well,"  Ursor started.  "Pterra, tell him why we're here."
"We seek the help of a demon priest against the thunderians."  Pterra
said.  "We heard the last one was terminated years ago."
"Your information is correct."  Gen-Ta said.  "There was a demon priest 
before me, but not as powerful, or he would be here today."
"I knew it!"  Ursor said.
"He would have also took over New Thundera and destroyed most of the
ThunderCats as I have."  Gen-Ta bragged.
"What?!"  Rakuna cried out.  "Impossible!  No one's ever defeated the
ThunderCats before, ever."
"Well, I was the first to do so."  Gen-Ta said.  "However, there are
those who would defy me as you have noticed."
"Okay, so where's the sword?"  asked Mammoth.
"What sword?"  Gen-Ta asked.
"Surely you would have known about the Sword of Omens."  Ursor said. 
"The weapon passed down generations in the royal family."
"This sword you speak of,"  Gen-Ta said.  "Did it have a cat's eye carved
between the blade and handle?"
"You speak of the Eye of Thundera,"  Ursor explained.  "It shows things
beyond a person's normal sight and can be used to call for help when
"So that was the sword the Princess used against me."  Gen-Ta thought to
himself.  "No wonder Mumm-Ra was defeated.  Hmm, these mutants might be
of some help.  I'll play along with their game, then when it is all over,
they'll be my slaves as the thunderians are."  He turned to face the
mutants.  "My dear friends,"  he said to them.  "Of course I will help
you.  They are my enemies as well as yours.  However, they are now
ThunderCats led by their new lord, the Princess Lyna."
"That's the hybrid who defeated you, Ursor."  Pterra said.
"I can grant you and your comrades power beyond your wildest dreams." 
Gen-Ta continued.  "Follow me."
        The mutants followed Gen-Ta into a lower chamber with many
contraptions.  "For a priest,"  Rakuna commented.  "You have much
"I like to keep up with the times."  Gen-Ta explained.  "I also merge my
powers with these wonderous machines."
"Interesting."  Ursor said.  "So, where is this power you promised us?"
"Step into the chambers."  Gen-Ta said.  "You'll get your power."
"I don't know about this,"  Pterra stated.
"I assure you, it is completely safe."  Gen-Ta assured her.
"Pterra, we need this power."  Ursor said.  "It's the only way we'll
defeat those ThunderCats."
"All right, but no tricks."  Pterra said as the mutants stepped into
individual chambers.  Gen-Ta worked the control console like magic and
used his own power to charge the machine.  Within a matter of minutes, he
was done.
"The process is comlete."  Gen-Ta said.  "You may emerge."
        The mutants exited the chambers, shocked at their new appearances. 
Parts of their bodies were metal instead of flesh.  "What in the name of
Ratilla have you done to us??!?!?"  Pterra cried.  "We wanted power, not
a make-over!"
"This is it."  Gen-Ta said.  "These are the next stage in
"Bio-cybernetics?" Rakuna wondered.  "Impressive.  I've heard of
experiments done in the far galaxies, but no one's ever been able to make
them work right."
"My eye."  Ursor said.  He was feeling the spot where his lost eye was. 
It was replaced with a metal patch with a small lens.  "I can see through
it again.  This is amazing!"  A laser shot out of the lens and scorched
the wall.
"Careful!"  Gen-Ta cried.  "My machines replaced your injuries with a
fresh model.  The optical lens shoots out a laser charged with the finest
"Whoa!"  Mammoth said.  "I feel stronger!"
"The enhacements have made all of you a hundred times stronger, a hundred
times faster."  Gen-Ta said.
        Mammoth then went through the wall.  "Uh, how do we get out of here?"
he asked.
"Yet for Mammoth, a hundred times dumber."  Rakuna moaned.
"Excellent!"  Ursor exclaimed.  "The ThunderCats won't stand a chance."
"If you wish to test out your new powers,"  Gen-Ta said.  "Two of the
ThunderCats are out on the valley."
"What are we waiting for?!"  Ursor said.  "Let's get them!"
"I believe this is the beginning of a wonderous alliance."  Gen-Ta said
as the mutants left.  "Now, to deal with that sword."
        At a valley beyond Cat's Lair, Kara and Cougari were racing the new
vehicles.  "Hey, Kara!"  Cougari cried out from above.  "Watch this!"  He
then did a loop de loop on the Silver Wings.
"Cougari, be careful!"  Kara cried out.  "The Silver Wings weren't made
so you could break them!"
"Aww, lighten up, Kara."  he said.  "You've been serious about these
vehicles since we left."
"Lyna said we should work together."  she replied.  "That doesn't mean I
have to like it."
"Well, excuse me, Ms. Serious."
"At least I don't need my feet glued to the floor like you."
"So, when do we test out the weapons?"
"As soon as we reach the mountains."  Suddenly, a blast came out of
nowhere and knocked Kara down.
"Kara!"  Cougari called as he circled around towards her.  "Are you all
"I'm fine!"  Kara groaned.  "What on Thundera was that?"
"Funny you should ask."  Ursor said as he and the mutants came towards
"Mutants, I should have known."  Kara said as she got up.  When she
looked at them, she couldn't believe what she saw.  "By Jaga."  she
gasped.  "Cougari!  Watch out!  Mutants!"
        As soon as he heard the warning, Pterra flew towards Cougari and
the Silver Wings by the nose.  "Going down."  she said as she tossed him
from the vehicle.  Cougari managed to flip himself to safety until he
"Are those the same mutants that attacked us at the Tower of Omens?" 
asked Cougari.
"I think so."  Kara replied.  "What do you think happened to them?"
"We are improved."  Rakuna said.  "And you, are dust!"
"I think not!"  Kara shouted as she snapped out her chain whip.  She
managed to trip Mammoth, but  then Pterra grabbed the whip and flung Kara
into the air.
"That was for last time, ThunderCat."  Pterra said.  She turned to
Cougari. "Now, for you!"
"Try and catch me!"  Cougari cried as he tossed the boomerang.  Mammoth
caught it and crushed it into tiny pieces.  Kara came around and managed
to flip out of the way of rockets that shot out of Mammoth's arms.
"This is not good."  Kara said.  "The mutants seem to have been equipped
with cybernetic enhacements."
"Great."  Cougari said.  "So, what do we do?"  Ursor shot a laser at
their feet.
"We run!"  Kara shouted.  The two ThunderCats boarded the ThunderCycle
and fled.  The mutants then gave chase.
        Meanwhile, at Cat's Lair, Lyna was monitoring scans when the sword
to glow.  "Danger."  she said.  She raised the sword.  "Sword of Omens," 
she called.  "Give me sight beyond sight!"  She saw Cougari and Kara
being chased by the mutants.  She was surprised at what the mutants
looked like.  "What in the world?  Mutants?  No time to figure out what
happened!  Cougari and Kara need me."
"Snarf!  You can't go out on your own, snarf, snarf."  Snarf said.
"I have no choice.  Keep watch of Cat's Lair."  Lyna replied.  "If any of
the others contact you, tell them what's happening."
"What about you, snarf, snarf?"
"I'm not losing anymore of our people.  I'll be back soon."  Lyna then
left and headed towards the valley.
        Gen-Ta watched the action in the pool of mystic water.  "Yes,
 he said.  "Go and save your people.  My plan is working nicely.  Soon,
the ThunderCats will join their predicessors."  He then held up his
staff.  "By the Ancient Spirits of Evil,"  he chanted.  "I rise from this
mortal shell as Gen-Ta, the All Eternal!"  Powered up, he headed after
        At that moment, Cougari and Kara managed to hide from the
mutants in a cave.  "Whew!"  Cougari sighed.  "I thought we'd never lose
"They're a lot tougher than before."  Kara said.  "We have to hang on,
"Listen, Kara."  Cougari said.  "You seem to know a lot about what
happened to the mutants.  So, fill me in on the details?"
"The mutants' biological structure has been enhanced by cybernetics." 
Kara explained.  "However, the technology is too advanced for them to do
this on their own."
"So, you're saying they had help."
"Exactly, the question is, who?"
"I can think of someone in particular."
        At that moment, Mammoth had punched into the wall and attacked.  The
other mutants later joined in.  Ursor let loose an electric shock from
his metal claws which stunned Cougari.  Pterra screeched at a supersonic
level too much for anyone to stand.  Mammoth and Rakuna then teamed up
for a double attack starting with a thunderstone grenade and finishing
with an explosive pellet.  Kara and Cougari didn't know how much longer
they could survive.  "We have to do something!"  Cougari cried.
        Kara looked at the mutants closely.  "Cougari!"  she cried.  "I have
"I'm dying to hear it, Kara!"  Cougari replied.
"Distract them!"  Kara cried.  "Run around them until they're in a
"And then what?"  asked Cougari.
"You'll see."  Kara replied.  "I hope this works."
        While Kara and Cougari battled the mutants, Lyna came to the valley
where they were attacked.  She then saw the Silver Wings in otherwise
good shape.  "Those Cyber-Mutants sure know how  to rumba."  Lyna
thought.  "I have to find Cougari and Kara before--"  Just then, Gen-Ta
came across her.  "You!"  she cried when she saw him.
"So, we meet again, Princess."  Gen-Ta said.  "This time, you won't
escape me."
"I've handled you before, Gen-Ta."  Lyna replied.  "This time won't be
"Yes, I still carry the mark from our last battle."  he said refering to
the scar on his chest.  "But I'm afraid you'll be the one defeated."
"What makes you so sure?"
"Your friends, the ones attacked by the Cyber-Mutants.  What were their
names?  Kara, wasn't it?  And Cougari.  Such brave warriors to champion
you, Princess."
"It was you."  Lyna said.  "You're the one who made the mutants like
"Their leader Ursor wanted power for him and his group."  Gen-Ta
explained.  "I simply offered it."
"Get out of my way."  Lyna demanded.  "I don't have time for you."
"Oh, but you do."  Gen-Ta said.  "I can stop the Cyber-Mutants.  After
all, I created them.  But payment is required.  I'll simply settle for
your Sword of Omens."
        Lyna grasped the sword fiercely.  "Your offer is too cheap."  she
answered coldly.  "The Eye of Thundera will not follow an evil command."
"Then your friends are doomed for sure."  Gen-Ta replied.
        Lyna then took the sword and shot an energy beam at Gen-Ta.  Gen-Ta
flipped out of the way, giving Lyna time to get to the Silver Wings.  She
started it; it still worked.  "You took my father's life!"  she cried. 
"You won't take his sword!"  She then flew into the air with Gen-Ta
giving chase.
        As soon as Cougari had the cyber-mutants surrounded, Kara signaled
to get out of the way.  She then fired a magnetic field around them from
the ThunderCycle, leaving them helpless.  "That was sure genius." 
Cougari said.
"Cybernetics and magnetics never did mix."  Kara replied.
        Just then, Lyna came up in the Silver Wings with Gen-Ta on her tail.
soon as she saw them, she came down and saw the Cyber-Mutants knocked out
cold.  Gen-Ta was in a great shock.  "Your Cyber-Mutants are defeated,
Gen-Ta."  Lyna said.  "Seems you won't be getting the Sword of Omens
after all."
"You've only won the battle, ThunderCats."  Gen-Ta exclaimed.  "But I
will win the war."  He and the Cyber-Mutants disappeared.
        At Gen-Ta's pyramid, all were upset by the way things turned out.
this Sword of Omens is more powerful than I took it to be."  Gen-Ta said.
"We don't stand a chance."  Rakuna said.
"Someday, I'll get my hands on those ThunderCats, and when I do, they'll
all pay!"  Ursor cried.
"You had better hope so, my mutant friend."  Gen-Ta said.  "Their
destruction will be your payment for these enhacements, so I pray you
make good on your word."
        At Cat's Lair, the ThunderCats held a council meeting.  "Great job,
guys."  Lyna said.  "We're definitely on a roll today.  See, Kara? 
Sending you out to Cougari wasn't so bad."
"I guess not."  Kara said.  "We did beat the cyber-mutants together."
"Yeah!  We toasted their metal hides for sure!"  Cougari added.  "So,
does that mean I can drive the ThunderCycle?"
        Kara gave him a serious look.  "Don't push your luck."  she said.
"You two are never going to get along, are you?"  Tygris asked.
"Only  when we need to."  Kara replied.  "Which will be most of the
"Well, keep that kind of teamwork up and we'll free New Thundera from
Gen-Ta in no time."
"Yeah!!"  they all shouted.

The legacy continues...

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