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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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ThunderCats: The Legacy - Retribution
By Angora Manx

        Lyna looked out at the window of her dorm.  It was a quiet night, yet
she couldn't sleep.  Tomorrow was the big day at ThunderCat Academy. 
Tomorrow was when she and three other cadets would go to a special
training program on Third Earth.  Tomorrow was when she would find her
place.  It wasn't easy being the only hybrid thunderian in school, and
the whole enire universe as well.  That's what happens when your mother's
a human and your father's a thunderian.  As if that wasn't enough, he's
also one of the ThunderCats, one of the high nobles of all of New
Thundera.  And the icing on the cake is that he's not just a ThunderCat,
but the Lord of the ThunderCats and ruler of all New Thundera!  Lyna was
certain she didn't fit in with the other thunderians because of this,
especially with all the years of intense teasing.  She made a few
friends, and it's a good thing, they're the ones going to Third Earth
with her.  She was thinking about all this when her room mate and best
friend, Kara, started poking her arm.
"Hey, Lyna.  We have a big day tomorrow.  Try to get some rest."
"Sorry.  I'm just excited."
"Lyna, if you think you're going to find something diffrent on Third
Earth, think again."  Kara  replied.   "There's a chance you'll be
treated the same way as you are here."
"Kara, I'm hoping to find where I belong.  Surely you know how that
        Kara did know how that felt.  She was also different from other
thunderians, stronger than them, much stronger.  She's felt alone until
Lyna came.  "I know what it's like to be different."  she said.  "I just
don't want you to get your hopes up."
        Lyna shrugged.  "Well, with all the new training, there's bound to be
challenge."  she said as she went to sleep.
        The next day, all the cadets were up at first light.  Lyna and Kara
heading to the docking bay.  On the way they ran into Tygris, who was one
of their friends.  "Morning, Tygris."  Lyna called.
"Hey.  Ready for the big day?"  asked Tygris.
"You bet!"  replied Kara.  "Wait a minute!  Where's Siam?  I thought we
were going to the docking bay together."
"He's not coming."  Tygris answered.  "He's caught a very bad flu."
"How awful!"
"Don't worry, Lyna, they're not cancelling the trip."
"I guess it's just us."
"Not exactly, Kara.  There is someone coming with us."
"Oh, great!  He's probably at the docking bay by now!"  Kara  complained.
"Well, let's get there, then."  Lyna said.
        As the three got to the docking bay, they saw Cougari with two
instructors.  The young cadet ran to them and was nearby in a second. 
"What took you guys so long?"  he asked.
"You probably didn't realize we were supposed to go to the docking bay
"Well, I waited, but you were just too slow."
"You waited only ten seconds for them, then took off."
"Well, excuse me for trying to be patient."  replied Cougari.  "By the
way, those two instructors over there, they're from the Cat's Lair on
Third Earth.  They'll be in charge of our training."
"Thanks for the details."
"Attention Third Earth transfers!"  The male instructor called.  "We are
now shipping to Cat's Lair on Third Earth.  Please board the ship
"Well, that's us!"  Cougari said.  "Let's go!"
"Yeah!  Third Earth, here we come!" they all shouted.
        As the cadets boarded the small space craft, Lyna just couldn't help
wondering that something was wrong.  "Oh well," she thought.  "I'm
probably just nervous."
        While they were heading towards Third Earth, the instructors
the details.  "Okay, cadets,"  the female instructor started,  "let's get
started.  I'm Wily Kit and this is Wily Kat.  We will be your instructors
on Third Earth."
"Oh great."  Lyna mumbled.
"Don't tell me, let me guess."  Cougari whispered.  "They know your dad."
"Who doesn't?"  she answered.  "Those two are brother and sister, twins. 
Don't bother pulling any tricks on either of them,  they've invented most
of them."
"Now that we're all done chatting amongst ourselves,"  Kat said sternly. 
"It's time we got ourselves settled in armor and weapons.  Third Earth is
a dangerous place if you're not careful.  There are pirates, rogues and
especially mutants.  Most of your training will be on the field but you
will also learn standard technical skills.  Now, dismiss! "
        Each of the cadets went to the back of the ship and started picking
the supply closet.  Lyna drew out a silver gauntlet shaped like a cats'
paw.  "The Silver Claw gauntlet."  Kit said.  "An excellent choice of
"How does it work?"  asked Lyna.
"The claws on the fingers retract and the gems on the knuckles serve as
grappling hooks.  Your father had a similar gauntlet to this one."
"Hey!  Look at this!"  Cougari shouted as he showed an odd angle-shaped
board.  "This weapon is perfect for me."  Cougari tossed the board around
the ship.  The board then returned to him.
"Careful!"  shouted Kat.  "The boomerang is not a toy."
Tygris was looking over the weapons inside.  "Hey, Tygris."  Cougari
said.  "Is the great peacemaker having trouble finding a weapon?"
"Can it, Cougari."  Kara snapped.  "I know you don't like fighting, but
it's best to choose something."
"Well, only for for precautions."  Tygris soon drew out a stick with a
bow on it.
"I know what that is. "  Lyna said.  "That's a crossbow, an effective
distance weapon."
"Very good, Lyna."  Kit said.  "Now--"
        Before another word was said, the craft was attacked.  Each of the
cadets and instructors looked out the window to see a group of energy
spheres burrowing their way into the hull.  The ship swiftly fell towards
Third Earth.  "What in Thundera--"
"Looks like someone doesn't want us around."
"Oh, no!"  Kara said.  "We need to tilt the ship by twenty degrees or
we're toast!"
"Well?"  said Cougari.  "Do it then."
"It's not that simple.  Those energy spheres short-circut the controls. 
I'll need to recalibrate the main engine's power to get them back
"That's going to be a problem."  Tygris replied looking out the window. 
"We're leaking fuel!"
        Kara was already setting the controls.  "I'm going to have to
the reserve energy to the engines."  she said.  "Cross your fingers." 
Within minutes the space craft was at the proper trajectory and landed
safely on Third Earth.
"That was extreme."  Cougari said.
"It's a good thing I passed advanced computer tech with flying colors." 
Kara replied.
"The important thing is we're still alive."  Kit said.  "Now, what do you
say we get inside and rest?  We have a big day tomorrow."
        Little did they know that there was more to the attack that meets the
eye, for at that moment inside a large pyramid, a tall cloaked figure
stood over a pool of mystical liquid surrounded by four large statues. 
"Ah, it is done."  the figure said as his snake-like face smiled with
satisfaction.  "After over a thousand years, I am free!"
        Then the statues rumbled.  "Gen-Ta!"  they bellowed.  "You have been
freed for a reason!  Remember that!"
"Do the Ancient Spirits of Evil finally desire a real demon priest to
fulfill their plans instead of that weakling Mumm-Ra?"
"Much has happened since your imprisonment by Mumm-Ra!"  they said as a
vision appeared in the pool.  "A quarter of a century ago, he was
defeated by a valiant warrior who was pure of heart."
"A mortal?"  Gen-Ta laughed.  "Mumm-Ra must have been worse off than I
thought.  Defeated by a mortal!"
"No ordinary mortal!  This warrior has also defeated our champion as
"What?!  Pyron defeated by a mortal?!  Mumm-Ra I can imagine, but Pyron?!
 Impossible!  No warrior of Third Earth is that strong."
"He is not from this world.  He comes from a distant planet called New
"Interesting.  But tell me, oh Ancient ones, why summon a lowly servant
such as myself?"
"Your power is yours alone and it has built up in strength over the
centuries.  You have the strength to destroy Lion
-O, lord of the ThunderCats, king of New Thundera."
"It shall be done, my masters."  Gen-Ta replied.  "I will take Lion-O and
his realm."  Gen-Ta removed his cloak to reveal his full form.  His body
was muscular and his large hood streched out as he took his staff and
worked his magic.
        Days had passed and the cadets were progressing in their training
nicely.  They couldn't believe all the wonders of Third Earth.  It was a
rich and beautiful planet with its dangers.  The cadets and their
instructors were on a tour in the Tower of Omens when a group of mutants
were spying on them.  An elephant man, raccooon man and saurian woman
were at a distance.  "I don't think your energy cannon made ashes of
them, Rakuna."  the elephant man said.
"Oh, and what makes you so sure, Mammoth?"  Rakuna snapped.  "The fact
they're still standing?!"
"Calm down, boys."  the saurian woman said spreading her wings between
them.  "So they survived our little trap.  Big deal.  We can always have
fun with them before we destroy them."
"Gee, Pterra, you are so smart."  Mammoth replied.  "Much smarter than
"A rock is smarter than you, peanut brain."  Rakuna said.  "Anyway, I
don't see why Ursor wants us to destroy a few cadets.  They're nothing."
        Just then, a large bear man came behind them.  "Have you forgotten
the thunderians have humiliated our kind?"  he asked.  "Especially those
pathetic ThunderCats?!"
"Of course we hasn't forgotten, Ursor."  Pterra interuppted.  "Rakuna is
just bored from lack of challenge.  We all are."
"Leader's pet."  Rakuna mumbled.  "She'll do anything to get his
"Yes, I can understand that, especially with two ThunderCats and four
measly cadets."  said Ursor.  "But we must destroy them for the sake of
mutant pride!  Mutants, attack!"  The mutants started swarming the Tower
of Omens with energy blasts and explosives.
"What's happening?"  Tygris asked.
"Mutants.  They're attacking the tower!"  Kit replied.
"Let's go get them!"  shouted Kara.
"No.  You cadets stay here.  We'll handle this."  Kat said as he and Kit
exited the tower.  Rakuna and Mammoth faced the twins two to one while
Pterra continued an air raid on top of the tower.  Eventually she crashed
into the tower and faced the cadets.
"Now, perhaps there's a peaceful solution to all this."  Tygris said.
"You can't reason with mutants."  Kara said as she snapped her chain
whip.  Pterra caught the whip on her arm and started pulling.  The two
were in a tug of war with Kara pulling Pterra into a console.  "Come on,"
 she said.  "The others might need help."  The cadets soon made their way
out of the tower until Ursor came upon them.
"Puny little thunderians."  he said.  "How pathetic you all are."  He
raised his large rifle.  "For the glory of Plunn-Dar!"  he shouted as he
fired a powerful pulse.  The cadets managed to dodge the shot.
"By Jaga!!"  gasped Kara.  "Watch out for those pulses!  They're
"Now, which one of you do I kill first?"  growled Ursor.
"How about none of us?!"  cried Lyna as she lunged at the large mutant. 
Ursor grabbed her and tossed her aside.
"Lyna, are you all right?"  Cougari called.
"Yeah, I'll be just fine."
"A brave little twit, aren't you?"  Ursor said to Lyna.  "I may as well
start somewhere.  Eat EMP!"
"Sorry, that's not in my diet."  With that, Lyna tangled a grappling hook
around Ursor's legs and tripped him.  The rifle went off and shot the
ceiling.  "The tower's collapsing!"  Lyna shouted.  "We're out of here!"
        As the cadets fled the falling tower, Ursor managed to break down a
for his escape.  "Wretched thunderians!"  he roared.  "No one does that
to me!"
"Ursor!"  Pterra shouted.  "The tower!  It's about to explode!  We have
to retreat or we're toast!"
"We're not leaving until the thunderians are destroyed!!!!"
"Are you insane?!"  Rakuna said.  "If we don't fall back, we'll all be
        It was just then a small explosion occured and hit Ursor in the face.
Ursor started to growl.  "You haven't seen the last of me!"  he said. 
"Mutants, fall back!"
"Come on,"  Kit said.  "Let's move!"  They managed to grab a safe
distance when the tower exploded.
"That was close."  said Kat.  "How in Thundera did the tower explode like
"One of the mutants got inside and attacked us."  Lyna explained.  "We
were going out to help you when their leader jumped us.  I was forced to
fight him.  I'm not sure if they escaped, though."
"We're glad you all got out safely,"  Kit said.  "but the mutants managed
to escape as well.  They'll be back."
"You're not mad at us for disobeying you?"  Lyna asked.
"Not this time."  Kit answered.  "I must admit, you cadets really handled
yourselves in there.  Now, let's see what we can salvage and take it back
to Cat's Lair."
        They searched through the wreckage and found a super-large aircraft. 
"The ThunderStrike!"  Kit cried.  "It's a good thing we didn't lose this
or we'd have to walk home."  After finding several good circuts, they all
headed back to Cat's Lair.
        Meanwhile, at Castle Plunn-Dar, Ursor was ranting about the failure
the attack.  "How could that little twit defeat me?!!?  AHH!  I had
everything under control, and I get vanquished by a little brat!"
"Perhaps we should tell Ursor about the scan we did."  Mammoth said.
"What scan?!"  Ursor shouted.  "Are you hiding something from me?!"
"Well,"  Rakuna started.  "We did a genetic scan on the cadets, and
you're not going to like this......"
"The thunderian who defeated you,"  Rakuna hesitated.
"Is some kind of weird thingy."  Mammoth finished.  "I think Rakuna
called her a hydra or something, but he said it kind of funny like a
grid, only it was said like the word had a b in it--"
"Rakuna.  Are you telling me that the thunderian who did this is a
hybrid?!"  Ursor pointed at the patch over his right eye where the
explosion hit him.
"Yeah, that's what Rakuna said!  Hybrid!  The thunderian is a hybrid!" 
Mammoth exclaimed.  "Uh, what's a hybrid?"
"It means, my incomitent friend, that she's weaker than the others!" 
said Ursor.  "It also means my defeat shouldn't have happen!"
"She must be related to the ThunderCats in some way."  Pterra said. 
"Wait a minute.  Doesn't their leader have a daughter?"
"Yes, and she's the only hybrid known on New Thundera."  said Rakuna. 
"That must be her."
"Mutants!"  Ursor bellowed.  "I believe we should come up with a plan to
rid ourselves of these pests once and for all, starting with the hybrid."
        That evening, as the sun sank into the horizon, Lyna stood guard at
entrance.  Kara was going to upgrade the Cat's Lair systems with the
chips salvaged from the Tower of Omens.  It was then that she saw
something fall from the sky.  She examined the falling object.  It looked
something like a suspension capsule.  "But those haven't been used since
my father was a child."  Lyna thought.  It was just then that Cougari
came to relieve Lyna of watch duty.  "Cougari, I saw something fall from
the sky."  she said.  "I'm going to investigate it.  "
"Are you sure you're not imagining it?"  Cougari asked.
"Possitive."  she replied.  "Tell the others what happened.  I'll be back
"No way.  I'll investigate it, you tell the others."
"You can't abandon your post!"
"Relax, I'll be back in a nanosecond."  With that Cougari sped off. 
Tygris soon came to see what the comotion was about.  Lyna told him what
happened and Tygris went to fetch the others.  When they came back out
Cougari returned with some news.  "It was some strange craft."  he said. 
"Hardly space worthy.  It looked like it was built from a suspension
capsule.  There's something inside."
"We should bring it in."  Lyna said.  "It could be important."
"It fell north of here."  Cougari said.  "Let's go!"
        In a matter of hours, the capsule was recovered and brought into the
council room.  Kara tore the lid open and found two Snarfs wounded
inside.  "Oh great."  Cougari said.  "A pair of Snarfs."
"We better get them to the infirmary immediately."
        It was only a matter of time before the Snarfs would recover.  Lyna
the instructors were looking very concerned.  "What could they be doing
here?"  Kat asked.  "They haven't left New Thundera since the Gold Age
"You know these Snarfs?"  Cougari asked.
"Snarf and Snarfer,"  Kat said.  "They're friends of the ThunderCats."
"For how long?"  Kara asked.
        Lyna started to look very worried.  "Snarf's been a nursemaid in my
family since my  father was born and Snarfer's his nephew."  she replied.
 "They usually don't travel outside the planet unless to meet relatives. 
Something must be wrong."
"Oh,"  Snarf groaned.  Everyone rushed into the recovery room.
"Easy,"  Tygris said.  "He's had a hard day.  One at a time."
"Snarf?"  Lyna said.  "Snarf, can you hear me?"
"My head, snarf, snarf."  he said.  "Lyna?  Snarf!  Lyna, look how much
you've grown!  Oh, I'm definitly getting old, snarf, snarf."
"Uncle Osbert?  Snarfer, snarfer.  Are we alive?"
"Yes, Snarfer, you're alive."  Lyna said.  "Thank Jaga you are."
"Snarfer!   What happened?  One minute we're fleeing New Thundera, the
next we're here."
"Fleeing New Thundera?"  Kat said.  "Why were you fleeing New Thundera?"
"Oh, you won't believe what happened, snarf,snarf!"  Snarf said.  "It all
started the day after you left for Third Earth.  A large demonic army led
by a giant cobra attacked New Thundera.  Snarf, snarf, it still creeps me
"The cobra then led his army to Cat's Lair, snarfer, snarfer."  Snarfer
continued.  "He then destroyed all the ThunderCats and anyone who opposed
"Impossible."  Kit said.  "How could anyone destroy the ThunderCats?"
        Snarfer brought out a large item wrapped in cloth.  He unwrapped the
cloth to reveal a majestic sword with a cat's eye carved in between the
blade and handle.  All were in shock.
"The Sword of Omens!"  Kat cried.  "Oh, no."
        Lyna looked at the blade at disbelief.  "My father's sword."  she
"He would never separate from it, unless---"
"Lyna,"  Snarfer said.  "I'm sorry, snarfer, snarfer.  Your parents were
the first ones he destroyed."
"NO!!!!!!!"  she cried.  "This did not happen!"
        She raised the sword until the helm met her eyes.  "Sword of Omens!" 
she called.  "Give me sight beyond sight!"  With the sword's second
sight, she saw New Thundera in ruins.  All the thunderians were enslaved
and those who were dead were left on the field surrounding a pyramid.  It
was then that she saw the bodies of the ThunderCats, left on stakes to
set an example.  It was there she saw her parents.  Her human mother, her
thunderian father, and the creature who took their lives, laughing in
triumph.  Lyna then lowered the sword and tears flooded her eyes.  "What
Snarf and Snarfer said,"  she whispered.  "is true.  Everyone is either
destroyed or enslaved.  The bodies are surrounding a fortress of some
kind.  They were all ThunderCats, and with them, my parents."  All the
thunderians were in greater shock.
        That night, Lyna couldn't sleep.  She kept replaying the images she
in the sword in her mind.  She kept the sword by her side and looked at
it.  It was then she started to cry.  "Oh, Father!"  she sobbed.  "If
only I was there with you.  Perhaps there was a way I could have
prevented this."
        Kara and Kit were standing outside the door.  "Boy, she's taking this
pretty hard."  Kara said.
"Yes."  Kit agreed.  "We need to decide what to do about New Thundera
first thing in the morning.  We all need some time to recover."
"Why did this happen?"  Lyna asked herself.  "I thought Father destroyed
the evil years ago.
"It was never destroyed, young Lyna."  said a soothing voice.  "But
merely delayed."
"Who's there?"  she asked.  "Show yourself!"
"I am a friend of those who have come before you."
"Who are you?"
        It was then a ghostly figure appeared before Lyna.  "I am known as
Jaga."  he said.
"Jaga?  The spritual savior of Thundera?  But you're just a myth."
"I am no myth, Lyna."  said Jaga.  "But New Thundera is in great peril."
"Tell me something I don't know."
"The creature who conquered our world is a demon from Third Earth known
as Gen-Ta."  Jaga explained.  "He serves the Ancient Spirits of Evil who
have freed him from his tomb."
"Who trapped him in the first place?"
"His rival, Mumm-Ra the Ever Living, for satisfaction from the spirits,
over a millienium ago."
"But my father defeated Mumm-Ra twenty-five years ago."
"After Mumm-Ra's defeat, the Ancient Spirits of Evil began to plot their
dominance over the universe.  But they needed someone to do their
bidding, thus they released Gen-Ta."
"What can I do to save my people?"
"You must lead any survivors to defeat  Gen-Ta and free our homeworld." 
Jaga said.  "But be warned, he does know of you and the other cadets and
will try to destroy all of you."
"How can I lead when no one will listen?"  Lyna cried.  "Do you think
anyone will follow a hybrid?"
"They will follow whoever has the strength to fight.  Follow your heart,
young Lyna.  Follow your heart."  As the ghost disappeared, Lyna went to
sleep with a lot on her mind.
        At that moment, Gen-Ta was resting in his pyramid when the statues
rumbled.  "Gen-Ta!"  they shouted.
        Gen-Ta rushed to the pool and the statues.  "You summoned me, oh
ones?"  he said.
"We have an important job for you."  the statues replied.
"Whatever you command, my masters."
"There are thunderians on Third Earth who seek to free their homeworld. 
One of them is the daughter of the lord of the ThunderCats.  She will
surely lead them to victory."
"If you wish them destroyed, it shall be done."  Gen-Ta said.
"We wish them destroyed,"  they answered.  "Do not underestimate them as
Mumm-Ra had with their predecessors."
"As you command,"  Gen-Ta said.  He raised his staff high.  "By the
powers of the Ancient Spirits of Evil,"  he chanted.  "I rise from this
mortal shell to Gen-Ta, the All-Eternal!!!"  His cloak removed, Gen-Ta
headed straight for Cat's Lair.
        As Gen-Ta approached Cat's Lair, the cat's eye on the Sword of Omens
glowed brightly.  Lyna picked it up and looked.  "When the sword glows
like that,"  she recalled.  "It usually means danger."  She rose the
sword as she had done earlier.  "Sword of Omens,"  she called.  "Give me
sight beyond sight!"  She saw Gen-Ta headed for them.  "It's Gen-Ta!" 
she said.  "It looks like he's headed straight for us!  I have to warn
the others!"  Lyna immediately rushed from her room and into the
corridor, but then she paused.  "Wait a minute,"  she thought.  "If I
start telling the others what Jaga told me, they'll think I'm nuts.  He
said I should lead them against Gen-Ta, but if I fight and defeat Gen-Ta
on my own, I just might prove myself as a leader.  Yeah, that could do
it."  She clutched the sword tightly.  "All right,"  she said.  "This
guy's toast!"
        Gen-Ta had just reached the entrance to Cat's Lair when Lyna came out
face him.  "Thunderians!"  shouted Gen-Ta.  "Prepare to meet your doom!"
"I don't think so!"  Lyna shouted.
"And who might you be, young one?"  he asked.
"I am Lyna, daughter of Lion-o,"  she replied.  "Lord of the ThunderCats,
king of New Thundera!  I take it you must be Gen-Ta, the man who
conquered my world!"
"Yes, young child, I am the one you speak of."  Gen-Ta said.  "But I
would hardly describe myself as a man, as you can see."
"I know why you're here.  You want to destroy me and the other cadets so
your control of New Thundera would be unchallenged!  Well, I got news for
you, pal, it's not going to happen!"
"Such language for someone your age.  Hardly appropriate for a princess
as well.  Very well, I shall fight you.  This should prove amusing."
        Gen-Ta summoned energy spheres to strike Lyna down, but she managed
dodge them easily.  Then, Gen-Ta used a tracking laser to fry her, but
then she used the sword to block it.  "If that's how you do with distance
attacks,"  she  called.  "I'd hate to see you up-close."
"So, you wish to battle me hand-to-hand,"  Gen-Ta replied.  "That could
be arranged."  With that, he swung his staff towards Lyna, only to have
her block the blow with the sword.  Both weapons glowed intesively.  Lyna
then struck back with a sweeping kick, but Gen-Ta leaped away from it. 
"Not bad,"  he said.  "For a mortal."  He then aimed an energy sphere at
Lyna, only to have her explode as soon as she leaped from it.  She was
knocked to the ground almost immediately.  Gen-Ta started walking towards
her.  "Well, that was fun."  he said.  "Now, to finish you off!"
"Oh, what was I thinking battling him on my own."  Lyna thought.  "I
can't defeat him by myself.  What would Father do in a situation like
this?"  She then looked at the sword next to her.  "Now I remember,"  she
said to herself.  "Father would use the Sword of Omens to call the other
ThunderCats for help.  It's a long shot, but I have to try."
"Now you shall see the wrath of Gen-Ta, the All Eternal!"  he said.  As
he was about to make a final blow, Lyna quickly rolled away and grabbed
the sword just as an energy sphere hit the ground.  She stood tall, sword
in hand.
"All right, Gen-Ta!"  she cried.  "Now let's see how you do against a
group of thunderians!"  She raised the sword high above her head, with no
hesitation.  "Thunder!  Thunder!"  As she spoke, the blade grew larger. 
"Thunder!  ThunderCats, ho!"  With that, a large emblem glowed from the
sword and onto the black sky.
        At that moment, in Cat's Lair, the others looked at the sky.  "I
believe it."  Kat said.
"It can't be."  said Kit.
"What is it?"  Cougari asked.
"It's the ThunderCat singal."  Kit replied.  "I haven't seen it in a long
"Hold on,"  Kara said.  "Didn't Lyna have the sword earlier?"
"That's right."  Kat answered.  "She must be in trouble."
        As they began to exit the lair, Gen-Ta was staring at the glowing
emblem.  "Nice parlor trick,"  he said.  "A pity I'll see it once."
"A pity indeed!"  shouted Lyna as she charged Gen-Ta.  She managed to cut
his chest with the glowing sword.  Gen-Ta immediately fell to the ground
as the others came to the scene.
"Lyna, are you all right?"  Tygris asked.  "We saw the signal and--"
"I'm fine, Tygris."  Lyna replied.
"Who's the snake guy, Lyna?"  Cougari asked.
"Gen-Ta, the creature who conquered New Thundera and massacared the
ThunderCats and my parents!"  Lyna replied.  "But he's not much of a
threat now."
        Gen-Ta began to shutter because of the wound.  "You may have won this
round, thunderians!"  Gen-Ta shouted.  "But be warned, I shall return!" 
He then turned to Lyna.  "We will have a reckoning, Princess Lyna."  he
said to her.  "Count on it!"  With that, he disappeared to his pyramid. 
Inside, he began to treat his wound as he placed a hot wax suppliment on
it.  He knew the wound would leave a scar on his chest for the rest of
his long life.  "A reckoning indeed,"  he said.
        When the others asked Lyna what happened the next morning, she told
everything about Jaga and the sword.  "I know you all think I'm crazy," 
she said.  "But I saw what I saw."
"Lyna, we don't think you're crazy."  Cougari said.  "Well, at least I
do.  Jaga's a myth told to us by our parents."
"Cougari!"  Kara scolded.
"Oh, right, sorry."  he answered.
"Lyna, I think you should know something."  Kit said.  "When your father
was lord of the ThunderCats, he used to see Jaga's ghost as well."
"Really?"  asked Lyna.
"We couldn't see or hear him like your dad, but we did feel his
presence."  Kat added.  "We knew that Jaga was there to guide him as a
"Jaga told me that the only way to free New Thundera was to defeat Gen-Ta
here.  He also said I should follow my heart and lead us into victory. 
Now that sounds a little far fetched."
"Lyna,"  Kat said gently.  " I have seen you in battle.  You have the
courage and determination of a leader, and after last night, your father
would be proud."
"You really think so?"  Lyna asked.
"Believe me,"  Kit said.  "We know so."
"All right!"  Lyna said.  "If we're going to defeat Gen-Ta, let's do it
as ThunderCats!"  She raised the sword high.
"You've all definitely earned it."  Kit said.  "Well, Lyna?"
"Let's do it."  Lyna said.  She saw that the ThunderCat symbol had
appeared on her armor.  She aimed the eye on the sword to each of the
other cadets.  "ThunderCat Kara!"  she said.  "ThunderCat Cougari! 
ThunderCat Tygris!"
"Tell me I'm dreaming."  Cougari said.
"Together, we'll all fight Gen-Ta,"  Kit said.
"And keep alive the Code of Thundera!"  Kat added.
"Truth!"  Cougari said.
"Justice!"  said Tygris.
"Honor!"  Kara called.
"And loyalty."  Lyna finished.  "Kit, Kat, will you still help us, even
though we're ThunderCats now?"
"Hey!"  Kat cried.  "We're ThunderCats, too, you know!"
"Yeah!"  Kit finished.  "We'll be there to guide you all, especially you,
        It was just then that Snarf and Snarfer entered the Council Room. 
"Snarf!  What's this all about?"  Snarf asked.
"Yeah, snarfer, snarfer.  What's all the racket?"  Snarfer finished.
"I take it you're helping us as well, you two?"  Lyna asked.
"Snarfer!  Help you with what?"  Snarfer asked.  "What's this all about,
snarfer, snarfer?"
"We're going to free New Thundera!"  Kara exclaimed.  "As ThunderCats!"
"Snarf!  You're all going to face a tough fight, that's for sure."  Snarf
replied.  "That cobra makes Mumm-Ra look like a teddy bear, snarf, snarf.
 But you have our help, right, Snarfer?"
"Yeah, snarfer, snarfer, you have our help."
"Then it's settled."  said Lyna.  Everyone piled hands in a circle. 

The legacy continues...

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