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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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ThunderCats: The Legacy
By Angora Manx

Character Bios

Species:  Half lion, half human
Weapons:  "Silver Claw"  gauntlet equipped with grappling hooks and
retactable claws;  Sword of Omens
Age:  14
Profile:  Lyna is the "hybrid" daughter of Lord Lion-O and Queen Willa. 
Her spunk and wit makes her a formidable leader of the new ThunderCats. 
Although she has a cool temper, Lyna can quickly, and sometimes fiercely,
snap when someone questions her abilities because of her half-human
state, especially when Thundrainium is involved.  Like her father, Lyna
is guided by the wise spirit of Jaga who is often described as a
"spiritual savior".  Though Lyna does listen to Jaga, she does
occasionaly refuse to take his advice despite extreme warnings.  Her
desire to free New Thundera from Gen-Ta is the only thing that
overshadows her obsession to make him pay for the murder of her parents.

Species:  Caracal
Weapons:  Chain whip
Age:  16
Profile:  Kara is the strongest of the new ThunderCats.  Her own super
strength making her unique, she has made a close friendship with Lyna
during their days at the academy.  Proving she's no brute, Kara is also
an expert mechanic and computer wiz from building vehicles to upgrading
systems to creating deadly computer viruses.  Her abilities are nothing
compared to her gung-ho protcol.  She's a team player and willing to work
with others, but when it comes down to proving her bravery, she will
immediately rise up to the challenge, even if it means engaging Gen-Ta
one on one.

Species:  Cougar
Weapons:  Boomerang
Age:  15
Profile:  The fastest of the new ThunderCats, Cougari proves he's no
slowpoke when it comes to outrunning anything that walks, crawls, flies
or swims.   He is often very impatient and goes into a situation
headfirst without thinking of the consequences.  At top speed, Cougari is
almost uncatchable for a short amount of time.  Reckless and determined
to free New Thundera, he tries his hardest to be a team player,
especially with the patient and fierce Kara.  His loyalty to the Code of
New Thundera is almost always very unquestionable.

Species:  Tiger
Weapons:  Crossbow
Age:  17
Profile:  A peaceful young cadet, Tygris is always trying to find a way
to resolve a conflict without resporting to violence.  Though timid at
heart, he does what he must to help his fellow ThunderCats.  Tygris also
has enormous teleknetic potential which he has developed under the
guidance of the ThunderCat psychic Cheetara.  With New Thunder under
Gen-Ta's control, Tygris soon learns he must fight to free his world, but
refuses to use his powers unless truly needed.  Often relied on to calm
down Lyna when her abilities and authority are questioned, Tygris does so
with little chance of sucess if the facts and terms of Thundrainium is
included in the process or if Lyna has truly set her mind on her

Wily Kit  and Wily Kat
Species:  Wildcat
Weapons:  Lasso; pellets containing various gimics
Age:  38
Profile:  Instructors of the ThunderCat Academy, Wily Kit and her brother
Wily Kat are in charge of the training program on Third Earth.  The twins
are the original ThunderCats dating back to the days of Lyna's father. 
Known for their cunning and trickery, these two strive to teach these
cadets the ropes they'll need to battle Gen-Ta and free New Thundera.

Species:  Snarf
Age:  85 (Snarf years)
Profile:  Snarf was once a nursemaid to Lion-O, Lyna's thunderian father
and has been the same for her.  With her parents gone, Snarf tries his
best to help her cope and guides her through the years to come.  Humble
and cowardly, Snarf is a valued ally of the ThunderCats.

Species:  Snarf
Age:  42 (Snarf years)
Profile:  Having escaped from New Thundera with his Uncle Snarf, Snarfer
is a lot like his uncle only with more intellect.  On New Thundera,
Snarfer has been friends with Lyna since childhood and has been able to
help her understand how special she really is.  Now, Snarfer is a valued
aide in running the systems of Cat's Lair with Kara and is the only other
being with access to her special Genesis Program which she uses to create
her viruses.

Species:  Cobra
Weapons:  Energized staff
Age:  Approximately 5,000
Profile:  A powerful demon priest of the Ancient Spirits of Evil, Gen-Ta
was imprisoned within his own tomb by fellow demon priest Mumm-Ra over a
thousand years ago.  However, after Mumm-Ra's defeat by the ThunderCats,
the ASOE released Gen-Ta to carry out their evil work.  Unlike Mumm-Ra,
who draws power from the ASOE, Gen-Ta's power is his own although he
shows extreme devotion to the ASOE since his release plus he has merged
these powers with super advanced technology.  Gen-Ta is a very ruthless
warrior as he conquers New Thundera and destroys the ThunderCats,
something his rival could never accomplish.  Facing the new ThunderCats,
Gen-Ta plans to make them no more than a mere memory.

Speices:  Bear
Weapons:  Electirc-charged claws; optical laser; EMP rifle
Age:  27
Profile:  Ursor is the ruthless leader of a mutant gang on Third Earth. 
He is also arrogant, rash and holds a great hatred for all thunderians,
especially ThunderCats.  After his defeat by Lyna, Ursor sought help from
Gen-Ta, who equipped him and his three minions--Pterra, Rakuna and
Mammoth--cybernetic enhacements on their bodies.  His pride is his
greatest weak point and he will do anything to defend it.

Species:  Pterodactyl
Weapons:  Retractable wings with sharpened edges and mounted lasers;
supersonic screech; plasma pistol
Age:  19
Profile:  Ursor's second-in-command of the Cyber-Mutants, Pterra often
proves to be as ruthless as her commander only with less arrogance. 
Posed with the same hatred for the ThunderCats, yet with a more cautious
instinct, she wonders if the price she and her fellow comrades paid for
the enhancements is worth their destruction.  Wily and resouceful, this
Cyber-Mutant beauty follows orders like second nature and refuses to let
emotions get in the way, most of the time concerning her extreme crush on
Ursor.  Her cautions make her the only one who stands up to Gen-Ta.

Species:  Elephant
Weapons:  Pair of machine guns which fire Thundrainium pellets;
thunderstone-filled grenades; rocket launchers stored in arms; quantum
Age:   32
Profile:  One of the biggest berserkers in mutant history, Mammoth can do
major damage on the battle field making him too tough for either side to
handle.  He has a fuse as short as his enormus length and intelligence
isn't exactly his strong point.  Completely fearless, his attitude didn't
change much after the enhancements.  He is also loyal to Ursor although
he does whatever Gen-Ta tells him to do.  His intense loyalty to the
Cyber-Mutants is often tested when Rakuna insults him, especially about
his strength.

Species:  Raccoon
Weapons:  Photon revolvers; gas bombs; miniature knives; explosive
pellets; data probes inside wrists; finger spikes
Age:  25
Profile:  Rakuna is described as the brains of the Cyber-Mutants as he
learns to adapt his enhancements to certain modifications.  His systems
are the only ones immune to Kara's viruses and are capable of hacking
into any computer system.  Rakuna trusts Gen-Ta about as far as he can
throw him but agrees to play along, for the moment.  Often very
treacherous, Rakuna knows that one day Gen-Ta would make the
Cyber-Mutants his slaves.  He also understands that Ursor's arrogance
will doom them all.  He rarely gets along with Mammoth and he vainly
tries to persuade Pterra to get over her "pathetic crush".  When Mammoth
and Rakuna team up, the two are practically invincible, if they could
stop arguing for one second. 

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