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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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A New Revelation
By Lady Lea

It was another beautiful summer day on third earth. However, unknown to the thunderian residents there was someone that was watching their every move, studying them, watching and waiting for the right time to strike. She sat on the small grass knoll with her high powered field glasses Studying the large building the lay a few thousand yards away. She had been doing this for almost two weeks keeping track and making notes in her book of everyone that came in and out of the huge cat shaped building. 
Lea had the morning shift in the control room, she looked up and the monitor for the sixth time in the past five minutes. She had the uneasy feeling of being watched. Yet, she saw nothing on the screen. Must be just my imagination she thought to her self as she looked over the data logs. Lea was deep in thought chewing on her fingernail when kit walked in. “You should not do that, you know it’s a bad a habit’ kit said as she jumped into the chair next to lea.” Oh hi kit” lea replied “I was just thinking I didn’t realize I was doing it, anyway here are the data logs that I just finished, everything is quiet for a change”. “Now if you do not need me I have to go check on my family.” Go ahead ‘kit said waving her hand to lea, “Tygra will be here shortly”. 

Lea got out of her seat and was on her way to the door when she hear. “Ma we go now “ four year old Leo came running through the door and jumped into his mothers arms. “Well little man we are impatient” she said smiling at her son. “Moreover, how did you get away from poor snarf and where is your sister?” Leo turned around and pointed at the door, “faa got her”. Sure enough, lion-o walked through the door with two-year-old Liana sitting on his shoulders. Liana was the spitting image of her father but with her mothers jet-black hair. Lea walked over to her husband, “hi “she said when did you get back. Lion-o kissed his wife on the cheek, that made Leo climbed down from his mothers arms, and run over to kit, he jumped into her lap. “I got back an hour ago” Lion-o replied” Hi kit,” Leo said “hey kiddo” kit replied ruffling his hair, where you going today. “Play in the water and have picnic’ he said gleefully. Sounds like fun kit replied. “You come to,” Leo asked. “Not to day kiddo, I have to stay here”. “No you come to,” Leo pouted. “Leo’ lion-o replied “she will come another time right now she has work to do ok”. Leo looked up at kit. “Ok kit” Leo asked. Kit smiled at him “ok” I promise but you had better get going if you want play”. Leo jumped down off her lap. “We go now’ he said to his mother. “Yes we can go now” lea replied. And they left the control room.

Back on the grassy knoll with her field glasses in hand she watched as the two thundercats came out the door. “Good god’ she thought to her self, they have young too.
She put her field glasses down and made a note in her book. “Two cubs “She put the book down and watch them go down to the small pond near the lair where she had earlier observed the big male setting up a picnic area. 

“Have the new thunderains settled in”, lea asked as she struggled to keep a hold on Leo’s hand .a few months ago lion-o had started having nightmares about the explosion of thundera. He kept seeing three people being left behind, he would wake up shouting, and it scared Lea half the death, she finally convinced him to go and talk to the others about the nightmares. It was thanks to Cheetara that the three thunderians where found. They were enslaved on board a berserkers ship and where rescued and brought home safely.

 “Yes they have” Lion-o said as he shifted his daughter to his other Arm.” I have called a meeting later this afternoon”. That way it gives our new friends a chance to rest up. As they neared the pond, Leo slipped his mother grasps and started running. ”Leo” lea called after him but he just kept running. Lion-o handed Liana to lea and ran after his son. Leo saw his father running towards him, started laughing, and ran faster. Lion-o easily caught up with the tike and grabbed him.” Got yea,” he laughed as he picked up his son. Leo let out a screech of laughter as his father threw him in the air and caught him.
” You should not run off like that young man’ there could be something dangerous out there his father replied. ”Sure scare him now” Lea replied as she caught up to them. “He has to learn lea that he just can’t run off” lion-o said as he put his son down. “I know that, but”. “But what he is only little” Lion-o finished. “Your right “ Lea said. Besides did you really have to bright that she said gesturing to the sword and claw shield. ”You know me I never leave home without it”. Beside I would rather be on the safe side. “Your too overprotective” Lea laughed. “When it comes to my family I most certainly am,” Lion-o said as they reached the pond.
The woman on the knoll watched as the family settled down on the blanket. She watched in discuss as the children played with their parents. “That should be me with my parents,” she thought. Thanks to those so-called Thundercats, I have no parents. “it’s their fault they are dead”. The woman packed up her bag and headed toward the pond.
Lea was watching Leo as he played by the water edge. Liana was sitting between her parents playing with the claw shield. Suddenly the eye came to life and growled, Liana looked up and her father ”ooo’ her eyes widened with surprise. Lea quickly turned her head toward lion-o as he removed the sword and held it to his face. ”What is it?” she asked as she grabbed her daughter. “ A stranger approaches” was his reply. Leo heard the sword growl and ran to his mothers side he looked at her wide-eyed ”ma” he said.
“It’s ok sweetie,” Lea said trying to reassure him.
 The couple got to their feet as the young woman approached them.”Leo take your sister and stay behind me” lea whisper to the cub. Lion-o gave her a sideways look; ”you call me overprotective”he whispered and turned back to the approaching stranger. The young woman smiled at the couple as she approached. “Hello” she said smiling she was trying very hard to hide her anger. “ My name is Tina” I think I am lost. She said shyly.” Oh ‘ Lion-o replied.” Where are you headed?” he asked as he placed the sword back in the shield. Something did not seem right; Lea thought, why would the sword give them a warning. She stayed a few feet away listening to her husband talk to his woman. 

Something in her mind told her “run, grab the cubs and run”. “ I am looking of the village of the warrior maidens,” Tina said trying to hide her eyes. “ I have a map but I think I took a wrong turn” Tina replied as she reached into her bag the hung over her shoulder.
Instead of pulling out a map, she threw a dart straight at lion-o, hitting him square in the chest. “ Lion-o” Lea shouted she wanted to run to him but she had to protect her cubs.
Lea was helpless as she watched her husband struggle to stay on his feet. He turner and reached out his hand to her before he fell to the ground. “Now it’s your turn” Tina replied as she threw a dart at lea.” No” lea shouted and put up her hand. Tina looked at her and smiled. The smile was replaced by surprise as lea’s eyes glowed and the dart bounced off an invisible barrier. Lea quickly grabbed her bow and fired an energy ring that trapped Tina’s legs and pinning her arms to her body. Lea turned to her cubs “stay here” and she quickly ran over to her husband. “Lion-o “ she said as pulled the dart out and checked his pulse and breathing.
Lea looked over at the woman who was struggling to get free.’ Struggle all you want you can’t break free” lea replied as she stood by her side looking down at her.” who are you and what have you done to him and why”. Lea said pointing to an unconscious lion-o.
“It’s all your fault” Tina hissed. “What is?” lea asked with a confused look. “ That my parents are dead, you killed them” Tina cried. “What!“ Lea exclaimed. “ I have never taken a life”.
 “Lea” someone shouted from behind her. It was Tygra , Panthro and Cheetara they had seen what had happen and came running. Tygra seeing Lea had things under control ran over to lion-o. “Are you alright Lea” Cheetara asked as she checked on the two frightened children. “ Yes I am ok it’s lion-o he’s been hit with a dart of some kind” lea answered as she walked over to Cheetara and her children. “ Who is that?“ Cheetara nodded her head towards the woman who attacked the couple. “ Her name is Tina that’s all I know” Lea replied as she held a crying Liana and Leo, which enraged her further.
 L ea turned back to the woman and grabbed her. “ Have injured my husband and scared my children” Lea growled. “ Lea no” Panthro replied as he put her hand on lea’s shoulder.“ lion-o is ok, he just unconscious “ Tygra replied as he checked on lion-o. “ but we do have to get him back to the lair”. Leo ran over to his fathers side” faa wake up” Leo cried as he tried to shake his father wake. “ He’s ok Leo.“ Tygra replied putting his hand in the cub’s shoulder. “ He’s just sleeping”. Leo looked own at his father. “ He sleeping” Leo replied with tears rolling down his face. “  She hurt him, bad lady” Leo said pointing at Tina. “ Come Leo “ lea replied as she held out her hand,” we’re going home now”. The cub did as he was told he picked up the sword and claw shield, walked over to his mother and handed them to her. Panthro and tygra carried lion-o and Cheetara took Tina as Lea carried her children back to the lair.
After snarf had taken the children, lea went to check on lion-o. Just before she entered the room, Tygra came out with a Thunderian woman she had never met. “ Ah lea I’m glad you’re here, this is Pumyra” Pumyra this is Lea “ Tygra replied.  “ My Lady, I am happy to met you” Pumyra bowed. “ Please call me Lea, I am glad to met you to, I just wish it was under happier circumstances “ Lea replied with a half smile. “ how is he” lea asked. 
“Awake and very concerned about you and the children ” Tygra smiled. “ Oh my, Good mood or Bad mood” lea asked. “ He will be much better once he sees you” Pumyra added. Fierce 
Lea walked into the room and saw a very unhappy lion-o sitting on the bed. “ Lea “ he exclaimed. “Thank jaga your all right are the children ok”. “ Yes we are fine,” she said as she sat down on the side of the bed. “ The question is how are you”. “ The only thing hurt is my pride’ lion-o said. “ she caught me off guard I was not expecting her to throw a dart at me”. L ea could see a small bruise the dart had left on his chest. “ The last thing I remember is the horrified look on your face as I blacked out”. “ All that matters is we are all safe’ Lea said softly wanting to forget the whole thing. “ are you well enough to go talk to this woman” Lea asked. “ Just try and stop me. I want to get to the bottom of this” lion-o said has he started to get out of bed. Lion-o ‘s head still spun from he effects of the dart, but if Lea knew, she would make him stay in bed. He wasn’t about to let that happen.
Tina was sitting in a large room surrounded by the other ThunderCats and looking very unhappy about it. No one said anything to her, they where waiting for lion-o and Lea to arrive. Their wait was over, the door opened and the couple walked in. Lion-o introduced his wife. “ Lea this is lynx-o, and Bengali they both bowed. “I am very happy you are here” lea said and took her seat net to her husband. Lion-o turned his attention to Tina. “ Now do you mind telling us who you are and why you attacked me and my family” lion-o said his gaze never leaving her face. “ I already told you who I was and I told her why” Tina snorted at Lea. “ Then why don’t you tell me considering I was out cold” Lion-o said trying not to get too angry. “ My parents are dead because of you, it’s all your fault” Tina cried. “ If you hadn’t come here and brought the mutants with you my family would still be alive”.
Lion-o anger quickly faded.” Tina I am sorry about your parents” lion-o said as he walked over and sat beside her.” But you don’t understand, we never came here of our own free will, all those you see here in this room are what is left of our kind, from a planet that was destroyed and left us homeless, we crash landed here because our ship malfunctioned”.” We didn’t know the mutants had been following us, we found out later they had also landed here.” “We have sworn that as long as we are here, we will protect those who need it.” Lion-o said softly.” The mutants have also killed many of our countrymen, I should know they killed my mother“.  Tina’s posture and eyes softened. Pumyra looked over to Lea “ he’s good” she whispered. Lea smiled and nodded in agreement.
Tina looked at lion-o what he had told her hit home,” they killed your mother ‘ she whispered. “ Yes I was not much older than my daughter, when they killed her right in front of my very eyes”. Lion-o said softly “ so I know how you feel”. Tina began to cry. 

 Lea stood and walked over to her and kneeled beside here and wrapped her arms around her. Tina did not pull away from the embrace, she pulled lea to her and held on tighter and just let the tears and the years of pain come flooding out of her. When she finally stopped crying she looked up at the woman who was holding her. After a closer look, she realized that Lea was not much older than she was. “ I am so sorry “ Tina said to lea as she wiped away her tears, “ I realize now that you are not to blame for my parents death, if anything you are all as much a victim as I am”.
 “ We are here to protect this planet, from the mutants, and others who wish to terrorize the people who live here’ lea said in a soothing voice. “I just wish we could of saved your parents”. “ Come and meet the others” lion-o said. “ You will see we are not as bad as the mutants”. For the first time in many years, Tina smiled. “ He’s very good” Pumyra whispered to Lea. “ yea I know, that’s what won me over, I will tell you the story sometime’ Lea smiled. While lion-o was introducing Tina to the other snarf came running in. “ lea “ he said, “ You have to come”. ‘ what is it snarf” lea replied as she followed snarf down the hall. “ it is the children, they will not settle down they are very upset even kit tried and you know how much Leo loves kit.” snarf replied.
Lea walked into the children’s room, both cubs where sitting in a corner holding each other crying. “ Hey, it has ok my little ones, everything it all right now” she said as she pulled them into her lap. Leo looked up at his mother ”faa’ he said in between sniffs. “Oh, I see, you want to see your father”. Lea replied. Both cubs nodded their head. “ Well then lets go” lea said as she took them down the hall.
Lion-o was talking to the others when lea returned with the children. Leo spotted his father and ran to him” faa “ he yelled gleefully and jumped into his father awaiting arms. Leo threw his arms around his father’s neck and hugged him as hard as he could. “ I think someone missed you” Pumyra said as she watch the cub give his father a bear hug. “ So did someone else” lea replied as she brought liana over. Liana already had her arms open waiting for her father to take her. Both children held on him tight. Leo spotted Tina and started to whimper ”bad lady” he said as he hid his face in his father shoulder. “ No Leo she is not a bad lady, she was a very sad lady” lion-o said to his son. Leo looked up at him “ she good now” he said. “ Yes Leo she is a good lady now”. “ Ok “ Leo replied.
“Children are also forgiving “ lea said to Tina. “ thank-you are all you have done for me’ Tina replied but I must be going, I promise the next time we met, it will be as friends.
“I am happy to hear that” lea said smiling at her.

                                                        THE END

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