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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Broken Spirit
By Lady Lea

Chapter 3

Lion-o was outside overseeing the repairs when he spotted Tygra coming towards him. 
“Where is she, did Lea come home” Lion-o asked. “ No, she told me to tell you she would not be returning and to give you this” Tygra replied as he handed Lion-o Lea’s uniform and insignia. “What was her reason for not returning” Lion-o asked as he held the items tightly in a clenched fist. “ She has given up, she blames herself for what happened to you and her mother” tygra said.
“ But that wasn’t her fault, the mutants and Alluro took advantage of a situation that no one a any control over” Lion-o said as he gazed back at the lair.” I tried to tell her that, but you know how stubborn she can be, right now she is so lost in guilt and grief that I don’t know what will bring her back” Tygra replied.
“ I know what will bring her around, Lion-o said and smiled at tygra. “she will be coming home no matter if she likes it or not.” if I have to drag her back kicking and screaming.”
“ Lion-o“ Cheetara called as she came running down the stairs of the main entrance.
“I just got a call form willa, Lea is gone, she has left the treetop kingdom, she was spotted heading north east towards the deepest part of the jungle”.
“ Where would she be going” Lion-o wondered. 
“ North east did you say “ Panthro asked. “ Yes” Cheetara replied. “ Do you know where she could be headed?”
“ I know exactly where she is going” Panthro stated, “ She is going home”
“ That’s it I’m going after her” Lion-o fumed. “ No, it would be better to leave in the morning” Panthro replied.” It would be late tonight before you got there, and you would never find it in the dark”
“ Very well, I will leave at dawn” Lion-o replied as he headed inside.

It was late in the evening when the cottage soon came into sight. It was surrounded by large green ferns, vines clung to the metal roof, it was in slight disrepair, but it was still livable, it was so well hidden amongst the trees that if you didn’t now what to look for you would miss it. She went inside, the power cells still had enough energy to turn on the lights. She looked around, once she cleaned away the dust and cobwebs, it would be as good as new. 
As Lea walked thought the cottage, so many memories flood her mind, she could almost hear her mother singing as she went about sweeping the floor or was cooking something. She went to her mother’s old bedroom, curled up on her bed, for the first time in almost two weeks she fell into a peaceful asleep. At dawn Lea was awake, she felt well rested. She needed to go hunting before she started her cleaning. With crossbow in hand, she left the cottage and headed to her old hunting grounds. 
It was a few hours later where she returned with enough food to last her for a few days. After cleaning and putting away her kill, She went and got a bucket of hot water, tied her hair back and started cleaning. She walked bare foot through the cottage opened all the windows and doors to air it out. It was late in the afternoon when she finished cleaning. She stood back, observed her work, and smiled.

 When she turned around, Lion-o was standing there, his tall frame filled the doorway, he was furious. Her smile quickly faded, “ How did you find me?” She asked as he walked over to her. “ Locator beacon on your crossbow, we have to talk, right now” He replied. It was not a request it was a command.
 “ Now, why in the hell did you tell Tygra you are not coming home” Lion-o asked.
 “ Because I am home,” lea replied.
 “ Do have any idea of what I was thinking when I found out you did not return” He yelled. Lea shook her head. “ I have had enough of this, you will return home with me and you will wear this or do I have to drag you ” He replied as he handed her the insignia
.”I will not, I tried to kill Alluro, then I almost killed you” Lea replied. “ Nobody’s perfect” Lion-o replied. “ What, have you lost your mind” Lea gasped.” You will not address your lord in that manner,” Lion-o said. “I was not, I was speaking to my husband” Lea replied flatly. “Damn it woman, sometime you make me so crazy I just” Lion-o fumed.” You just what” Lea said. 
“ I just want to take you and shake some common sense into that thick skull of yours” lion-o yelled. “ Oh, you’re a fine one to call someone thick headed, you have to be the most stubborn man I have ever met and don’t you yell at me” lea yelled back.
 “ You are more stubborn than Panthro ever thought of being” lion-o growled. Don’t you bring him into this” lea yelled as she got in front of him. “ You know he coddles you too much, he treats you like a cub, even though some times you act like a cub” Lion-o said. Lea’s anger rose.
 Lion-o knew he was getting through to her, even if he had to make her so angry she would strike out, at least it would prove she was still in there some where.
” Do you want him to tuck you in at night too” Lion-o replied. Lea looked at him and growled. “Don’t push it” she replied.”Oh, so now you want to hit me, come on then, you know you want too” Lion-o replied taunting her.” Or are you to afraid “he replied
“ No, I am not, you want to trade insults, at least I do not act like some impulsive cub who has his nurse maid follow him everywhere.” she said as she lunged at him knocking back against the wall. “ You should have stayed away” She replied as she tried to strike him with her fist but he caught her wrist. “ Your holding back  “ Lion-o replied. She elbowed him in the ribs with her free arm and quickly got free. 
 She picked up a lamp that was sitting on a small table next to the couch. “ Go home where you belong” she yelled as she threw it at him, just missing his head by a few inches.” Your loosing your touch, and I am not leaving here without you” Lion-o laughed. She picked up the broom and made a swing at him, he caught it with his hands and pulled her to him. “ Why can’t you just leave me alone?” Lea said
 “ Come on you can do better than that,” Lion-o laughed, “ your not even trying, you know you look kind of cute in those clothes, what there is of them, they don’t leave much to the imagination, that skirt does make your behind look big”. Lea backed up. Now she was mad. She tried to take another swing at him. 

Lion-o ducked and made a halfhearted lunge at her; she caught his arm and flipped him on to the floor. Then pounce on him, he started to laugh, “ Okay, I yield” he said laughing. Lea looked down at him, with one move he flipped her on her back and started to tickle her
‘” Please stop,” she replied in between laughter. When he did stop her rolled him on his back and sat on him “ Boy, you really are hard headed” Lion-o laughed. “And you don’t play fair, telling me I have a big butt” She said.” You do not have a big butt, you are filled out nicely in all the right places” Lion-o replied as he gave her behind a squeeze. She playfully punched his arm as she laid her head on his chest trying to catch her breath. Lion-o ran his fingers through her long hair that came loose during their scuffle. She lay there for a moment, just listening to his heartbeat.
 ”Lea” lion-o replied playing with her hair. “What “ she replied softly not wanting to move. “ Are you going to lay on top of me all day,” Lion-o asked.” I just might, you make a very comfortable bed” Lea replied as she looked at him and smiled. “ I may make a comfortable bed. However, this floor does not” lion-o replied.
 She ran her hand down his side and came across the dagger wound. She sat up to take a closer look. “Don’t you think we have done enough damage to each other to last a life time?” Lea said. “ Yes, I think we have, but mine has already healed but it does itch sometimes” he said. She traced her fingers over the scar, bent, and kissed it. She looked up at him. “Does that feel better?” she asked. “ A little “ he smiled.
 A wicked grin crossed her face; she once again kissed the scar, running her hands under the top of his uniform pushing it up as she made her way up his chest and slipped it over his head. “ How about now, does that feel better” she purred in his ear. “ Much better” he replied as he pulled her close and kissed her.
She pulled away from him and said. “ I am all covered with sweat and dirt, I have an idea come with me” Lea replied as she stood. They left the cottage.
 Lion-o followed Lea down a small slightly overgrown path. As they walked, he could hear the roar of a waterfall. They clear the path and before them stood a large lagoon with a waterfall that stood about thirty meters high. The water was a deep green in color.
 “ Come on” Lea replied as she ran a path to the top of a small cliff that was about ten meters from the water below. By the time he reached the top, she had shed her clothes and dove in.” Come on the water is warm” she called from below. He soon followed suit.
 Lea turned as he dove in beside her, she turned to see where he would surface. She felt him grab her leg and pull her under. She wrapped herself around him as they surfaced. “We better be careful or we will drown” Lea laughed and pushed him under and swam away.
“Is the water always this warm” lion-o asked as he swam over to lea. “ Yes, even in the winter, there are lava tubes a few miles underground that keep it at this temperature all year round” Lea smiled.
” This would make a great vacation spot, just to be able to get away from everything” lion-o replied as he looked around.
” No one around for miles, we have this place all to ourselves, there is only one person who knows where it is besides me, and you never did tell me how you got here” Lea smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck.
 “ I borrowed Wily Kat space board, you know I would of given up my title if that’s what it took to get you back” he said as he held her close to him. “Don’t ever say that, you are a great leader, I would never allow you to do that, I would kick your tawny backside if you ever thought of doing that.” Lea replied seriously, then she smiled” And you know I can ”.
 The sound of something running up the path made them turn and look. “ Get behind me” Lion-o whispered. Lea moved behind him holding onto his shoulders.
 Tygra and Panthro appeared, “ Oh, sorry” the panther replied as he spotted the couple in the water.” We seen the mess in the cottage and wanted to make sure the two of you where okay” Tygra replied with a grin.
“ What the hell are you doing here” Lion-o fumed as he started to make his way out of the water, but lea pulled him back.” Well, you ran out of the lair in such a rage, we wanted to make sure nothing happened” Panthro said trying not to laugh.
 “We are just fine” lion-o replied looking back at lea. “ Yea, I can see that “ Tygra snickered” Will you be returning home tonight”. 
We will see you in the morning” Lea replied looking over Lion-o’s shoulder. “ We thought you might say that, so we brought supplies, there inside the cottage “ Tygra replied. ”Well, you two have a good evening, someone will be by in the morning to pick you up, and you”. The panther replied pointing at lea, “ Take it easy don’t go destroying anymore of the cottage”.
 “ I promise we will behave ourselves, now goodbye” Lion-o smiled. 
When lion-o turned around lea was gone, he looked around and saw her heading to the cliff to retrieve her clothes.” Hey, where are you going” he asked as he swam to the edge of the lagoon.
” I am going to start supper, take your time I will call you when it’s done” La replied as she made her way down the path to the cottage.
 Lion-o swam around for another hour until his stomach started rumbling. He got out retrieved his clothes, dressed and made his way down the path. When he neared the cottage the smell of food wavered through the open door. 
As he entered Lea had just finished setting the table.” Smells good” he replied as he walked up behind her and kissed her cheek. “ I was just about to come a get you, here sit down’ she said as he sat, she took his bowl and filled it full of stew she had made and placed it in font of him.
 “ Snarf is not the only one who can cook” Lea replied as she started eating. “ You will have to teach snarf how to make this” Lion-o replied after he finished his second bowl full.” You my love have been holding out on me”.  
“ No one ever bothered to ask me if I could cook” Lea smiled.” What other talents do you have that you are not telling me” he grinned. Lea stood and grabbed his hand.       
 “ Come with me and I will show you” Lea replied.
 The bright sunlight brought the lion out of his slumber. He too finally had a peaceful night sleep. He turn over and found he was alone, he open one eye and looked around the tiny bedroom but lea was nowhere in sight. He seen that lea had retrieved his clothing, neatly folding them on the chair near the door, he smiled to himself. He lay there for a moment debating if he should get up or turn over and go back to sleep for a little while longer. The smell of breakfast wavered form the kitchen made him change his mind. He decided to get up; after he was dressed and washed up, he went out into the kitchen. Lea was sitting quietly at the table.
 “ Good morning” he said as he kissed the top of her head. When he sat down beside her he seen she had tears in her eyes. “ I really miss her, it not fair, they stole her away from me, I never got a chance to say good-bye” lea replied as she wiped away her tears. 
“ I know you do “ lion-o replied as he took her hand and pulled her onto his lap. “ I miss your mother too, just remember part of her lives within you, if it’s wasn’t for her our son would be dead,” he said as he held her.
 “I am afraid for our son, how can we be sure he will be safe here, and now we will be bring another life into this world, want kind of future do they have” lea said as she looked up at him.
“ I can tell you, that we will protect our children with our lives, I will do everything possible to insure they are safe” Lion-o said as he hugged her closer.” Is that why you fought me that night in the cave”. 
“ Yes, but promise me one thing lion-o” lea asked. “ Anything” lion-o replied. “ Promise me that we will come back here again”, Lea said. “ That we will, I promise” Lion-o replied as he wiped away her tears, “ And I want you to promise me something”.
 “ What”? Lea replied.
“ I want you to promise me that if something is bothering you or if I have upset up, please talk to me about it, instead of keeping it inside” Lion-o replied as he looked at her.
 “ Okay, I promise” lea smiled. 
“ Do you need any help cleaning up “ lion-o replied as lea got up. “ No, you stay there, I made you breakfast, besides I like being able to take care of you, just don’t tell Snarf that” Lea said as she walked over to the stove. “You eat while I get things ready to go” Lea replied as she started to clean up. It was not long before they hear the roar of the thundertank outside.
 “ Well are you ready to go home” lion-o said as he turned to lea. “ Yes, I want to go home” she said. Lea looked out the window, Tygra and Cheetara jumped out of the tank. “ You know” lea said turning back to lion-o” I think another couple could use sometime alone here too”. Tygra came to the door and knocked. 
Lion-o opened the door. “ Are you ready to go” Tygra asked. “ We are, but your not” Lea replied. Tygra gave her a confused look. “ I think that maybe you and cheetara could use some time off” lion-o said. “ Besides this place is good for the soul” Lea added. “ There is lots of food, so enjoy your selves”.  
“ But “ Tygra started to say. “ No buts about it, that is an order” lion-o said trying not to smile then took the tiger aside and he whispered something in his ear that made the tiger blush and look at lea. Tygra looked at cheetara then back at lion-o. Lion-o nodded his head and winked.
 “ Okay we better get going, we will return in a few days to get you, have a good time” Lion-o replied as they jumped into the tank. As the headed home, lea turned to her husband and said. “ What exactly did you tell him”. He looked at her and gave her a sheepish grin. “ You didn’t tell him about, “ she gasped. He started laughing,  “You did, now I will never be able to look at him again, you are in so much trouble when we get home”. He looked at her and winked ” oh, you promise”. Lea just shook her head  “That, my lord I guarantee”. 

The end….

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