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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Broken Spirit
By Lady Lea


It was late in the afternoon before Lea woke-up, she felt better after some rest, but as she moved her, body felt battered and bruised. She looked up as Cheetara entered the room,   “ Lea, how are you feeling “ Cheetara replied as she sat down on the side of the bed.
 “ I feel like someone ran over me with the Thunder tank and then threw me off a cliff” Lea replied as she looked down at the bandages. Cheetara gave her a small smile. “ I have to change your dressings”.  As cheetara worked Panthro walked in. “ Hey kitten, how you doing” the panther replied as he walked over and kissed her forehead. “ I am okay, can’t these damn things stay off, I look like a mummy” Lea asked. “ Not for a few days” Cheetara smiled at her

“ Do you want me to go put a pounding on him” Panthro smiled. Lea could not help but smile. “ See I knew I could get a smile out of you” the panther laughed. “ You will not beat the living daylights out of my husband” Lea replied trying not to smile.
 “ I would you know, if it would make you feel better” panthro whispered. “ Oh I know you would, but you will do no such thing ” Lea replied trying hard not to laugh. “ Don’t make me laugh it hurts to laugh” Lea replied holding onto her ribs. 
Then she looked at her father, something in his face changed. “I know there is something wrong, I don’t need her, she said nodding to Cheetara, sixth sense to know it, what is it, you two have been walking on eggshells around me”. 
 “ Lea, There is something you have to know” Panthro replied his voice took on a serious tone. “ What is it, she replied as she sat up, has something happened to Lion-o”.
“ No, it’s your mother” Panthro answered quietly. “ While you where gone we where attacked, the mutants gained access inside, Lea they where in Leo’s room”.
“ But he is all right, I seen his myself” Lea said interrupting him. 
“What you don’t know is your mother was there also. He stopped for a moment to regain his composure.  She was protecting him” Panthro looked at her and took her hand. “ She is gone, they killed her”. Lea just sat there for a few moments, she never moved or said anything, she sat there trying to wrap her mind around what he just told her, and then it hit her.
 “ NO,” Lea screamed, “ You’re lying, she can’t be dead, and I don’t believe you”. She jumped out of bed and ran to her parent’s room.
 She opened the door, the bedroom totally ransacked, clothing thrown everywhere, and the dresser draws ripped out and destroyed. The only thing that was not touched was the two pictures that sat on the dresser of her and her mother. She knew her father’s temper gotten the better of him and this was how he dealt with his grief he lashed out.
Lea slowly turned around as Panthro and Cheetara entered the room. “ Where is she “ Lea asked quietly. “ I want to see her”.
“ No, Lea you don’t want to do that” Panthro replied as he walked over to her and put his arm around her.” It’s better to remember her the way she was”.
 “ No, I want to see her” Lea protested. “ Lea “ Panthro said softly, “there is nothing to see, the only thing left of her is her ashes”. “ You mean they “ Lea couldn’t finish what she was about to say Panthro just nodded. She stood there horrified; thinking of what her mother went through. The image was too much for her. Everything around her turned black as she collapsed on the floor.
Tygra was sitting at a desk writing up a report on the repairs that where still required to bring the lair to full capacity, when Cheetara came in.” Snarf wanted me to let you know that supper is ready. She looked over his shoulder, “ How is it going?” She said nodding to the report. “ We should have everything done within the next few days” Tygra replied glancing at the paper.  
“ I am really worried about her and Lion-o” Tygra said as her looked over at Lea.
 “ I know, I am too” Cheetara replied as she tried to rub the stiffness out of the tiger’s shoulders. 
“I just don’t know what I can do to help them” Tygra said s he rested his head against Cheetara. “ Give them time, that is all we can do for now” Cheetara said putting her arms around his neck. “ Come and eat before Snarf comes in here and has a fit,” she said as she nuzzled his cheek.

 The next day Lea was out of the infirmary, much to Tygra’s protest. He wanted her to stay there for a few more days. She would not hear of it and left on her own. She was in the gym standing in front of the punching bag, taking her anger out on it. Sweat rolled down her face as she landed punch after punch. Oblivious to the pain in her shoulder as she pounded away at the bag.
 Then she stopped. “ I know your there Tygra, I don’t need a watch dog“ Lea replied as she turned around and wiped the sweat off her face with the back of her hand. The tiger had been keeping an eye on her for the past fifteen minutes, he became visible and walked over to her.
 “  I was concerned that you might tear some of your stitches out, besides how did you know I was there,” he said as he moved beside her. She looked at him and shrugged her shoulders. “ Who where you fighting” Tygra asked. “ No one” she replied quietly.
 “Lea, the way you where punching that bag, you where fight something or someone”.

 Lea turned away and resumed to take her anger out on the bag. “ You know you will have to face him sooner or later, or do you plan on living the rest of your life locked up in this shell you have put yourself in’ tygra replied trying to get a response out of her. 
“ He loves you, you know, he is being eaten alive by guilt ”. “ Lea” He said putting his hand on her arm to stop her.“ You have to do something before it’s to late.”
“ Do you love him?” Tygra asked. She stopped and looked at him “ Yes” Lea whispered.
 “ Then take your anger out on him, let him help you through this” Tygra said then he took her by the shoulders and looked her straight in the eyes and said “Lea you must of known this would happen sooner or later”.
 ‘So your telling me to just forget about it” Lea’s eyes flashed with fury. Tygra nodded he knew that got a response out of her.
 “ How dare you” she snarled and lunged at him. Tygra grabbed her and pinned her to the floor. “ That’s it let it out, you can’t keep it side forever” Tygra replied as lea struggled.
Lea froze with fear as she looked up at the tiger.
 “ Get your hands off me “ lea snarled,  “ Your hurting me Lion-o” lea roared then she realized what she said. Tygra let her go and helped her to her feet. “ Lea, go and talk to him please,” Tygra said as she ran out of the room.

Later that night Lion-o returned to his bedroom, without turning on the lights he got undressed and climbed into bed. As soon as he lay back, he felt familiar warmth next to him, then she moved, an arm draped over his chest.
 He did not realize that she was there. He did not move, he did not know if he should say something or even if he should touch her. 
He moved on his side so he was facing her. Which made her naturally curl up closer to him; he put his arm around her so she was resting her head in the crook of his arm. “ Lea” he whispered. She nestled herself closer to him, her need for warmth came out of instinct. He did not try to wake her instead rested his chin on the top of her head and fell asleep.
 It was near dawn when Lea started screaming, lion-o startled, grabbed her arm to awaken her. She opened her eyes and looked at him, she suddenly pulled away from his touch. “ Please don’t “ Lea whispered.
 “ Lea, I am sorry I didn’t mean to alarm you” Lion-o replied as he let go of her arm. She turned away from him, “ Lion-o “ She said quietly keeping her back to him.” I blame myself for all this, I should have been more cautious, I should of left sooner, I  “ lea replied and stopped and got out of bed and went to the bathroom. 
When she returned she was fully clothed and on her way out the door. “ Lea, where are you going, please don’t shut me out“ Lion-o relied as he sat up. “ Go back to sleep” was all she said as she walked out.
With her crossbow in hand she went out side, the sun was just starting to rise, it had rained during the night, giving the air a fresh clean smell, she needed to get out. She took off running she envied Cheetara’s speed, she wished she could run so fast that everything would be left behind in a blur.
 She ran until she felt she would drop, she found her she in the middle of the woods. She sat down on a nearby log and cried, why did this have to happen now, with the trouble the mutants having been causing the past few months, why couldn’t her body just have waited a little while longer. 
She knew their enemies would not stop until they where all dead. She wished she could just take her son, leave this planet, and find somewhere safe to live. What kind of a future did her son have, if he survived long enough to grow into an adult?
 Why couldn’t she still be living in the cabin with her mother? They where happy there, no one bother them and her mother would still be alive. As long as they lived here, they would forever be hunted like animals’.
 She looked down at the insignia on her belt, tore it off, and threw it as hard as she could. A sound caught her ear. She jumped and turned as a voice said. “ Well, who have we here”. The figure walked out of the shadows, it was alluro.
 “ My, dear are you out here all alone” he replied as he stepped closer. Lea raised her crossbow and growled. “ Come now, you do not have to be like that,” Alluro replied in his hypnotic voice. “ Stay away from me” Lea growled. You cannot resist me” He replied as he raised his psych club. The ball on the end flew over Lea’s head bathing her in a bright blue light.
 “ Now put down your weapon and tell me your name” Alluro replied as he walked up to her. Lea’s crossbow dropped to the ground by her feet. “ My name is Lea”.
 “ Ah Lea, by the look of it, you have had a brutal time of it lately” He replied as he looked at her wounds. “No matter, I will take care of you” he replied as her touched her cheek.” You will come will me,” He said. ‘ I will come with you” Lea obeyed.
Lion-o could not get back to sleep, he was concerned about Lea. Suddenly the sword growled. He knew that could only mean one thing, Lea was in danger. He grabbed the sword and raised it to his face. Sword of omens, give me sight beyond sight. The sword obeyed and showed lea being taken by Alluro. Lion-o quickly sounded the alarm. On his way down the hall, he met up with Tygra. “ Lea has been taken by Alluro awaken the others”. 
 Alluro arrived back at sky-tomb with his prize. “ What have you got there “ Luna replied as she tried to look pass alluro. “ This is the Lady Lea” Allruo replied as he stepped aside
Allowing lea to walk in front of him. “ The Thundercats Lords wife, are you nuts “ Luna replied.
 “ You do realize they will come for her” Chilla replied as she got a closer look at Lea. 
“ What happened to her?” Chilla replied as her looked Lea over.” Did you do this to her”.
 “ No’ Alluro replied. “Her mate did his to her”. “ They must have had a falling out”. Luna replied.  I didn’t know he was a woman beater,” Chilla laughed.
 “ He isn’t, you could say, that they still heed their ancient animal instinct at certain times ” Alluro replied. The two women recoiled in disgust. “ I kind of feel sorry for her, no wonder there are so few of them, if they go through that “ Chilla replied. “Oh, believe me, from what I read of her mind, he is not like that at all, is he my dear” Alluro said looking at lea. “ Lea shook her head no.
“I really don’t need to or want to hear about what goes on in their marriage bed. So what are you going to do with her?” Luna asked. “ I have a plan that the thundercats would never be expecting” Alluro replied as he looked at Lea.
 Lion-o and the others where heading to sky-tomb. “ I will kill them if they hurt her” Panthro growled. “ Panthro, stop” Lion-o yelled. The tank stopped, lea was standing in the middle of a clearing. 
Lion-o jumped out and ran to her. “ Lea, are you all right” he asked. She did not answer; she just stood there not moving her face completely vacant of any emotion. “Lea” lion-o replied as he placed his hands on her shoulders.
 He noticed her insignia was gone, he gave her a confused look, She looked up at him; her eyes became dark, then something metal flashed. Lion-o’s eyes widened in disbelief, he dropped his hands from her shoulders and looked down at the dagger that was in her hand, she had stabbed him in his stomach just below his ribcage. 
 “Lea” he whispered before he dropped to the ground, Lea just stood there not moving. Panthro and the others ran over.
 “ What have you done, Lea” Panthro growled as he grabbed her shoulders shaking her. However, she never moved or said anything. “ Tygra ran over to lion-o. “ Don’t move,” he told him as he ripped off a piece of cloth to stop the bleeding.
 Cheetara spotted alluro hiding behind a tree. “ Panthro it’s alluro” she whispered.  “ He has gone to far this time,” Panthro growled. “ Tygra you and Panthro go after alluro, I will stay here” cheetara replied as she checked on Lion-o. Lion-o’s wound was deep and bleeding profusely. Cheetara grabbed the sword.
 “ Lion-o you have to summon the sword to give fire so I can cauterize the wound.” It’s the only way to stop the bleeding”. He nodded and summoned fire; cheetara took his hand and guided the sword to his side, lion-o cried out as the flaming sword touched his body sealing the wound.
Lea was in a deep haze, she could hear voices but she was unable to respond. Cheetara stood in front of Lea after she finished attending to Lion-o. She placed her fingertips on lea’s temples and closed her eyes. She reached into Lea’s mind trying to find her, she reached out to her trying to break the hold that Allruo had on Lea.
 Then suddenly something snapped, Cheetara knew that Panthro and Tygra had destroyed the club, thus breaking his hold over Lea. Lea gasped like a swimmer coming up for air. “Cheetara “ she replied confused. “ where am I “ Then she looked down. She saw the bloody dagger that was still in her hand, dropped it on the ground over, and saw Lion-o lying on the ground. “ Lion-o” she gasped as she ran to his side. She looked up at Cheetara, “ What happened”. Cheetara walked over and placed her hand on lea’s shoulder. “ You did this” she replied. “ What” lea gasped as she looked up at her. Cheetara nodded her head. Lea turned back to lion-o. “ No I could never do this,” she cried in disbelief. 
. Then she spotted Alluro; she remembered coming across him in the woods, she knew he made her do this, She let out a long scream, one of pent up pain, fear and rage. She grabbed the dagger and took off in a dead run straight for him.
 She leapt in to the air and land both feet into his chest knocking him to the ground. She then jumped on him and starting punching him in the face and body which reopened some of her stitches. “ You bastard” she roared. Panthro tried to pull her off but she kicked him hard enough to knock him to the ground. 
She had lost control. All of the anger and pain she had pent up inside of her came out as she pounded Alluro. She raised the dagger ready to plunge it into his chest. Tygra had no choice he had to stop her or she would kill Alluro.
 He took out his whip and with one flick of his wrist, he had wrapped the whip around Lea’s wrist and with one yank he pulled her off Alluro and ran over to her. “ Lea stop, it is not our way,” he said softly. “ NO” she growled and kicked at tygra. She turned back to her prey. However, before she could reach him tygra grabbed her with his whip and pinned her to the ground.
“ Listen to me” he growled, “ You must calm down”. Lea stopped struggling and looked at him.” Now I am going to release you,” he said calmly. He helped her to her feet and unwrapped the whip. As soon as she was free she went back after Alluro. Panthro stepped in front of his daughter. “ I can’t let you do it kitten ”he replied ready to stop her.
 She made a lunge for Alluro, panthro managed to take hold of her arm and pull her to him. He held on to her tightly as she struggled.
 “Let go of me,” she growled. ‘LEA” he growled, a tone that only a parent could use, he commanded her obedience. She stopped struggling and began to cry. Panthro held her as she cried. “ It’s okay little one, I’m right here” he said as he soothed her. 
Lea did not go back to the lair; instead, she decided to stay with willa for a while. Willa had told Panthro that she was there and she would look after her.
 A week had passed and she never spoke to anyone, She just sat in the hut alone. Willa walked in to the tiny hut and quietly went over to lea and offered her some food. Lea turned it away.
 “ You must eat Lea” Willa pleaded. “Just leave me be” lea replied quietly. Lord lion-o is alright, tygra wanted me to let you know” “willa replied before she left.
 “I don’t know what to do Tygra; she won’t eat, she hardly sleeps, she scarcely speaks to anyone” Willa told the tiger over the communicator.” Maybe you should come and speak to her“. “ I will be there shortly” Tygra replied.
When tygra arrived, Lea was sitting on a small cot in the corner. She no longer wore her uniform, she now was dressed in clothing willa had given her. Tygra walked over and sat beside her. He noticed she was shivering; he grabbed a blanket and wrapped around her.
 I don’t deserve that” Lea replied quietly.” What makes you think that” Tygra asked as he sat down beside her.
 “ It is my fault my mother is dead, I tried to kill my husband, it’s because of me everything has gone wrong, my mother would still be alive, lion-o would never have gotten hurt. ” Lea replied.
” You cannot help what happened to Lion- o or your mother lea, just remember she gave her life to save someone very special or do you wish your son had never been born” Tygra asked.” No, of course not, it just I am so angry that we have to live like this, we can never let our guard down, I can’t even take my son outside unless a full security sweep is done first.” Lea replied. 
“ No one said life on this planet would be easy, we just have to make the best of it.” Tygra said and reached behind him and handed Lea her insignia. “ I think you dropped this”. Tygra smiled. Lea took it and held it in her hand, running her fingers over the black cougar head. 
“ That is who you are Lea, be proud of it, the ThunderCats have made a big change since we have been here. Many have been freed, and many lives have been changed for the good, we have chosen to be there protectors, that is what we do.” Tygra replied putting his hand on lea’s shoulder.” Now come back home where you belong, we need you”. 

“ What if I don’t want to go home,” Lea replied quietly. “Tygra I can’t go back, not after what I have done, Go back and tell your Lord that his wife will not be coming home”.
 “ Lea, are you sure you want to do this” tygra asked. “ Yes” she replied flatly as she handed him her insignia and uniform.
After Tygra left Lea pulled on a cloak, that willa had given her, pulled the hood over her head and headed to the tiny cottage where she grew up.

Chapter 3

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