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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Born into Marriage
By Lady Lea

                                           CHAPTER 3

Snarf walked into the control room looking angry, he stood in between Tygra and a very pregnant Lea crossing his arms over his chest.
“ I need someone to go to the berbil village and get supplies, because someone ate the pie I was saving for today,” he said looking right at Lea.
“ Sorry, but you do make a very good pie,” She smiled.
“ But did you have to eat the whole thing,” Snarf complained.
“ I am eating for two,” lea said. 
“ But if you make another one, I will go,” Lea replied sweetly and patted Snarf on the head.
 “Are you sure that is wise, you have been restricted to the lair” Snarf replied. 
“Tygra will go with me snarf if it will make you feel better,” Lea said.
 Snarf shook his head,” But Lion-o said you are not to leave the lair”. 
 “He’s not here is he” Lea said
“ No, he is helping panthro with the survey near Hook Mountain,” Snarf replied. 
“Well then, what he does not know won’t hurt him, lea laughed.” Beside it is not that far and I need the exercise, we will be back in an hour, Lets go tygra”. 
Lea and tygra made it safely to the village, they got there supplies and where on there way back home. Lea looked at tygra, “ You know it been quiet around here lately.”
“Yea” tygra said, it has been quite, almost too quiet”.
Lea stopped for a moment and doubled over.
“ What’s wrong,” Tygra asked taking Lea’s bag.
“ I’m okay, this one is kicking up a storm,” Lea replied rubbing her stomach. “ It’s not pleasant having a foot jam under your ribs”.
“ It has passed,” Lea replied taking the bag from Tygra.
“ I had better get you home,” Tygra said as they started walking.

 A sound caught lea attention. “Tygra, what was that”? She said looking around.
Tygra motioned to lea to keep quiet. 
“Stay here” he said. 
 Lea put down her bag and readied her crossbow. Something was not right. 
“Tygra” she whispered, Nothing. Lea listened no sound.  
A twig snapped behind her, she turned quickly around their stood slithe, and monkian.
 “So we meet again,” Slithe said. 
Lea readied herself,” I owe you one from the last time you snuck up on me” lea hissed. 
 The two mutants advanced on her. Lea brought her crossbow up, and hit Monkian Square in the jaw. 
“Tygra where are you” she thought to herself, as if he heard her, all of a sudden the tiger appeared out of no where, while tygra was handling slithe, monkian was after lea. 
“So pretty kitty, we are alone at last,” Monkian replied.
 “No knock out gas this time” lea said. 
“Do not need it I can handle you myself” monkian said as he moved closer. 
She did not see vulturman sneaking up behind her. She did not know he was there until he grabbed her from behind. Tygra saw what had happened.
“ No,” he shouted, “let her go”. 
He tried to make a run for Lea
Slithe took a swing at tygra with his axe.
 Tygra ducked but was hit with slithe tail knocking him to the ground.

Mean while panthro and Lion-o where on their way back, when the sword let out a fierce growl, Lion-o pick it up, “sword of omens give me sight beyond sight”.
“ What is it lion-o” panthro asked.
“ It’s tygra he is being attacked by mutants and LEA he shouted, lea is with them they have her”. 
Panthro gunned the thundertank. 
“We must hurry, “ Lion-o shouted over the roar of the tank. “Sword of omens go to lea,” the sword few from lion-o hand.
“Let go of me” lea squirmed trying to get free of vulterman. 
She tried to kick monkian when he got close to her, she could not flip vulturman off her back because of her belly.
 Just then, Lea felt familiar Warmth she looked up and saw a glint headed towards her at full speed. 
The sword landed at her feet growling and battle ready. Monkian backed up he knew Lion-o was not far away. 
“Let me go,” lea said vulturamn refused and the eye opened and bathed them both in a bright red light.
Lea closed her eyes and held out her hand the sword flew into her hand. Vulturman let go, Lea swung around with the sword in her hand.
 Vulturman laughed, “What can you do with that, that only works for the Lord of the thundercats”. 
“Who do you think taught me how to use a sword, it will work of me, I carry a part of him with in me” lea smiled.
She felt the energy start from the bottom of her feet, working it’s way up her body to her hands. Her eyes flashed gold.
 A bolt of energy came out of the sword and hit Vulturman Square in the chest knocking him to the ground, lea turned to monkian. With her free hand punched him square in the jaw.
“ That’s for last time,” she said. 
Lea looked and saw the thundertank stop and Lion-o and her father jumped out
“ Lion-o” lea shouted. 
He ran over to her, “Lea are you hurt”.
 Then the sky overhead turned black. 
A figure appeared in front of them, it was mumm-ra. 
Lion-o moved Lea behind him, using his body as a shield.
Slithe made a swing at Lion-o. 
Lion-o deflected it with the sword.
Mumm-ra appeared in front of Lea.
mumm-ra put up his hand and a bolt of energy came flying out.
Lea had no choice but to dodge it.
She didn’t realize Mumm-ra was forcing her to move away from the others.
  He sent two bolts of energy at her; she was not fast enough because of the added weight to dodge the second attack. It hit her, knocking her hard to the ground. 
Mumm-ra picked her up. 
Lion-o looked back in time to see mumm-ra vanish with Lea.
“ NO,” he shouted, and then they where gone. The mutants ran off knowing they completed their mission. 

Lion-o turned and grabbed tygra but the neck.
“ Why didn’t you protect her?” he growled. 
Panthro stepped in, “Lion-o it wasn’t his fault” he said. 
“Lion-o I’m sorry,” tygra replied. I tried to protect her there was just to many of them”. 
Lion-o let out a fierce roar and let him go.
“ If they hurt her I will kill them with my bare hands. Lion-o said I’m going after her,”
“Lion-o” panthro said as he stepped in front of him, “you can’t go alone that’s what he wants”.
 “We go together and if he hurts her I will rip that mummy limb from to limb until there is nothing left but a pile of old dusty rags,” panthro growled.
“Your right panthro,” Lion-o stepped back with sword in hand. THUNDER.THUNDER, THUNDER, THUNDERCATS HOOOO the sword roared and the cat signal flew high in the air.
 Back at cats lair cheetara and the twins saw the signal and took off knowing there was trouble. 
When they arrived cheetara saw Lion-o and Panthro talking to Tygra, but where was Lea cheetara thought, she looked at Lion-o she could tell by the look on his face something was terribly wrong.
 “Lets go” Lion-o commanded and they all jumped into the thundertank. “Mumm-ra has taken Lea,” tygra told cheetara what happened.
When lea awoke, She was aware she was laying on the hard cold, damp ground her hands tied behind her back, attached to the wall by a thick heavy chain. , The smell of decay filled her nostrils, and her stomach lurched.

She found she was very week. 
The chain was made from thundranium. Her only concern was for her cub she hoped that the poison did not reach her cub. 
The longer she was exposed to it the more dangerous it was.
 “So what shall we do with her after we kill Lion-o and the others,” vulturman replied. 
“Ooh let me have her for a while,” monkian hooted, “I will teach her a few things”.
 That made leas skin crawl.
“ Why would you want that pregnant she-cat,” vultureman asked 
“ Oh I plan on killing the cub she carries first, right before Lion-o’s very eyes I can wait to see the look on his face when I do it,” monkian replied looking over at Lea.
“That’s enough,” mumm-ra shouted, you make even me sick just the thought of you wanting that she-cat.
Lea tried not to think about what monkian said. She only hoped the others would arrive in time, mumm-ra turned and looked at her. 
“So we meet at last thundercat,” the demon priest said as he walked over to where she was sitting, it won’t be long my dear before you will watch as I kill your beloved lion-o and the other thundercats.
 “Lion-o will kill you,” lea hissed. 
Mumm-ra laughed, “not this time my dear because I have you, he will give me the sword or watch you and that cub with in you die”. 
“Lion-o will never give you the sword of omens, I would rather die than let that happen,” Lea growled.
“You foolish girl he will have no choice,” Mumm-ra replied.
 Suddenly the pyramid shook.
 “Let her go” a voice boomed.
“ Lion-o” lea said quietly.
“ Give me the sword or she will die,” mumm-ra said. Monkian ran over to lea. lion-o looked at lea. 
“No lion-o don’t do it I would rather die than see the sword in his hands,” Lea said
“Very well,” mumm-ra replied nodding to monkian.
 Monkian drew back and punched her in the face; lea’s head flew back.
A loud crack echoed as her head hit the wall. monkian grabbed her by the hair, “such a shame to mess up that pretty face,” he said.
Blinding rage threatened to over take Lion-o, before he could do anything Panthro launched himself at monkian knocking him to the ground. He grabbed him and punched him as hard as he could knocking him cold,
“You filthy mutant, I will kill you, Lion-o take him out I got lea,” Panthro shouted. 
“You have gone too far this time mumm-ra,” Lion-o roared.
 There was something different about Lion-o this time when he spoke, mumm-ra seen the look in Lion-o eyes it was pure cold blinding rage.
“I should rip you apart with my bare hands,” Lion-o said just before he hit mumm-ra with a blast from the sword.
 Mumm-ra flew back slamming him against the wall, the power form the sword reacted with Lion-o rage. Mumm-ra got to his feet and threw a blast at lion-o. 
Lion-o quickly dodged it and fired another shot again with the sword, this time mumm-ra retreated.
 Lion-o ran over to lea and cut the chain with the sword. Lea slumped sideways. 
Panthro stepped back as Lion-o knelt down.
“ Lea he said, “it’s ok, I’m here, your safe now,” she moaned as he picked her up. “lets get her home”.

Back at the lair, Tygra was trying to counter the effects of the poisoning. Lea was in a deep coma.
“ How is she,” Lion-o asked. 
Tygra shook his head, ‘it’s not looking good Lion-o, I won’t lie to you, she has a skull fracture and the pressure is building up on her brain, it’s to dangerous to operate because the thundranium poisoning has gone into her blood stream”
“ And the baby,” lion-o asked.
“ I do not know if the cub will survive,” Tygra said quietly. 
Lion-o closed his eyes, “is not there anything you can do”. 
“I am doing my best Lion-o I will know more in a few hours, Tygra replied placing his hand on Lion-o’s shoulder.
 Lion-o walked over and looked down at Lea, she looked so pale, there were wires hooked up to her that measure her heart rate brain activity and a monitor lay on her stomach so Tygra could keep an eye on the baby’s’ heart rate, there was a large bruise forming below her right eye where monkain had hit her. A large bandage covered her head.
 Lion-o bent down and kissed her forehead, “Lea my love wake up, please wake up, I need you. Do not leave me, our child needs you,” Lion-o whispered.
“ Lion-o,” tygra said go get some rest”. 
“No,” he roared, “leave me I need to be alone with her”. 
Tygra nodded and left the room.
 Lion-o climbed on the bed beside lea and held her in his arms tears rolled down his face. 
“Please my love,” he begged. “Come back to me, I need you”. 
For the first time since he was a small cub and he saw his mother murdered Lion-o cried.
Suddenly the monitor started beeping wildly.
 “Tygra” Lion-o yelled.
 The tiger came running in and check the monitor, “I was afraid this would happen”. 
“What’s wrong tygra,” Lion-o asked.
“The poisoning has caused her to go into shock and it is making her go into premature labor, the baby if it is to survive must be taken now,” Tygra said as he check Lea’s breathing and pulse. 
“But she is not due for another six weeks,” Lion-o replied. 
“It is dangerous, but if you want to give your child a chance to survive, then it must be done,” Tygra said looking at Lion-o.
 “What about lea, how will affect her,” Lion-o said with a worried tone. 
“To tell you the truth I don’t know, if we don’t remove the baby they both could die, you must decide Lion-o,” Tygra replied.
 Lion-o nodded,”do it”. 
“Go get cheetara, I will need her help,” Tygra replied as he began to unhook the monitors.
Panthro and Maya sat outside while Lion-o paced the floor. 
“You’re going to wear a hole in the floor,” Panthro said.
 Lion-o turned and looked at him, “sorry I’m just worried,”
 Maya stood up and walked over to him placing her hand on his arm,” I know we all are but she is very strong and a fighter,”
“I just feel so helpless," Lion-o whispered. Here I fought many of my share of battles, I helped so many people, I have the power of the sword, yet there is my wife, and child in there and there is nothing I can do”. 
“What about the sword, can’t it be used to heal lea,” Maya asked. 
“Not until the baby is born, I do not know what affect the sword would have on the baby. It’s never been used on a pregnant woman before,” Lion-o replied quietly. 
An hour later Tygra came out, he had smile on his face. Lion-o jumped to his feet. 
“How is she,” he asked.
 “Resting, I relieved most of the pressure off her brain and the poison is slowly making its way out of her body,” tygra replied. 
“And the baby,” Lion-o asked holding his breath.
 “Congratulation, you have a healthy son,” the tiger beamed. He is small, a little over five pounds but his lungs are developed enough that he can breath on his own, You can go in and see him Cheetara is cleaning him up now. “Thank-you, Tygra for all you have done,” lion-o replied.
They all went inside to see the new addition to the Thundercats family. Cheetara had just finished bathing the infant and was wrapping him and a blanket when she saw the them walk in.
“ Congratulations my Lord, you have a fine healthily son,” She smiled. 
Lion-o looked down at the infant that lay in the cradle that he had made. The baby started to fuss.
‘”He’s so small,” Lion-o said.
“Would you like to hold him?” Cheetara asked. The look that Lion-o gave her made her laugh. 
“Don’t worry,” she replied, “he won’t break”.
She picked up the infant and placed him in his father’s arms.
 Pride over whelmed him as he looked down at his son.
“ He is a beautiful baby,” Maya replied.
“ He sure is,” Panthro beamed. 
He looked just like his mothers accept for the full head of bright red hair. The infant looked small in his large hands.
 He held the baby against his cheek drinking in his scent, he smelled so good.
 His wife may have come into this marriage unwillingly, but she was young and scared and with time and patience, she grew to love him.   
The child he held in his arms was proof of that, Lion-o looked into his son’s tiny face, “your mother and I have waited so long to meet you,” he whispered.
He turned to Maya, “take him there is something I need to do”. 
He handed the infant to Maya and left the room.
 Lion-o returned a few seconds later with sword in hand and went over to Tygra who was standing at lea’s bedside. 
“Do you think the sword can heal her,” Lion-o asked 
“Well it’s like I told you earlier the poison is slowly making it way put of her system, it’s the skull fracture I’m worried about. The pressure has come down a lot, but she is still in danger. The sword maybe her only chance of pulling out of this,” Tygra replied.
Lion-o looked down at his wife she was still so pale and she still had monitors hooked up to her, he leaned over and took her hand and kissed her.
“Our son is beautiful, you have to wake up now because our son needs you and so does his father,” Lion-o said as he stepped back and held the sword over lea’s body.
 Using all concentration and strength he commanded the sword to heal his wife. The sword came to life letting out a growl and bathed lea’s body in its powerful warm red glow.
 “Wake up lea” he thought, “Wake up”. 
He concentrated harder sweat rolled own his face, just when he felt he couldn’t hold on any longer a moan escaped Lea’s lips. 
Lion-o put down the sword and rushed over to her grabbing her hand.
 “Lea it’s me, wake up,” he whispered.   
Lea opened her eyes. “Lion-o,” she whispered.
 “Hello, my love,” he smiled. 

“Oh my head, I have such a head ache. Suddenly her eyes flew open, oh no the baby, I can’t feel the baby,” She said as she started to panic. 
“Lea calm down, it’s ok the baby is just fine,” he said putting his hands on her shoulders, “we have a fine healthy son”. 
“ Your not angry with me are you,” Lea said as she sat up.
“ I should be, you did leave the lair after I told you not to,” Lion-o replied as he sat down beside her. “ I know you hated being cooped up here, but I did it for your own protection,”
“ Yes, I know, I just felt so useless, sitting around doing nothing, it was driving me nuts, I felt like a prisoner in my own home” Lea said quietly.
“do you have any memory of what happened?” Lion-o asked.
“ Yes to a point, I remember you coming in to the room, he wanted the sword, you had a look in your eyes I have never seen before, it was like someone possessed, it kind of scared me,” Lea said sitting up.
“ I was angry” Lion-o replied.
“ Angry,” lea replied, that was more than anger, you looked like you could of ripped the whole building apart with your bare hands,”
 “I was only protecting my mate,” Lion-o replied. 
“Remind me in the future never to get you that angry again, then I remember monkian”. 
Then she stopped. ”Wait, that damn monkian hit me, you wait until the next time I see him; I’m going to open up a can of something on his mutant hide,” Lea fumed.
 Lion-o laughed. “That’s my girl, you sound so much like your father when you get mad”. 
Lea smiled at him, “yea I do, don’t I”. 
Lion-o hugged her. “I thought I would never see that beautiful smile of yours again”. 
“Where is our son,” she asked.
 “With his grandparents, I will go and get him,” he said as he headed out the door. 
“Good luck trying to take him away from his grandparent’s,” lea laughed.
“ I am the lord of the thundercats, I will command it,” lion-o replied laughing.
 Lea just laughed and shook her head. 
The trio returned with the baby, Lea noticed that her father was carrying him. She looked at her husband.
 “Told you so” she whispered to him.
 “Father” lea said. 
Panthro looked up, “what” he replied. 
“ May I have my son please, he’s too little for you to teach him how to build and repair things,” Lea smiled.
“ But he will someday,” Panthro beamed and handed the baby to his daughter. 
“Were going to have to keep an eye on him, he will have our son down in that hanger with him as soon as he can crawl,” lea said.
 “Come on Panthro,” Maya said “let’s leave them alone,”
“ But Maya,” Panthro protested.
“ Now” Maya growled, “you will have plenty of time to spoil him, they need time as a family”. She took the panther by the arm and dragged him out.
Lion-o had to laugh that was the first time he saw anyone get the last word in with the panther and drag him out of a room.
 Lea looked down at her son
“ Oh lion-o he’s so beautiful and perfect,” she said stroking the infants face.
“ He looks like is mother,” Lion-o replied, but he has my red hair I was hoping he wouldn’t”. 
“Why,” lea replied “I love you red hair, don’t you know that red is my favorite color.
 Lion-o smiled at her as he sat down on the bed beside her “looks as if you have two red heads to love”. 
Lea looked up at him, “I would not have it any other way”.
Tygra came into the room.
“ Sorry for interrupting but I wanted to check on lea,” the Tiger said. 
Lion-o stood and went over to him.
 “I wanted to thank-you for everything you have done, you saved my wife and child without you they would not be here”. 
“Your welcome, you are a very lucky man, “ Tygra smiled. 
Lion-o looked back at his new family, “I know” and he left the room.
Several days had passed and lea and the baby where allowed to return to their own room.
 The baby was healthy and growing. Lea showed no side affects from the poisoning and thanks to the sword, which healed her.
 That evening Lion-o was in his study. While Lea was resting he had brought his son in with him, he heard him starting to fuss.
 He went over and looked down at the infant who was now fully awake.
 Lion-o bent down and picked him up. 
“What are you doing awake little one, you cannot be hungry your mother just fed you a little while ago,” he said as he carried him back to the chair and sat down. 
“ You just wanted some attention, didn’t you,” He smiled.
The infant looked at him, blinked and yawned, he tried to put his fist in his mouth.
“ Well if your hungry, I afraid I can’t help you in that department, your food is in the other room sleeping.”
 But I can promise that I will never let any harm come to you as long as I can draw a breath,” Lion-o said as he gazed down at his son.
“You are very special you know, you and I are part of something that is bigger than the both of us, we where both born with our destiny planned for us and one day it will be your turn to be Lord of the thundercats and that my son is your destiny”. 
Lea walked into the study and went over to her husband and son.
“ I thought I heard him wake up,” Lea replied trying not to yawn. 
 “He did just a few minutes ago, He pulled lea onto his lap, “You know,” he said, “We have to give him a name”.
 Lea took her son, held him up, and looked at him.
 “Well good evening little lord Leo, what are you doing awake, are you hungry ,” She looked at her husband, “what do you think”.
“ Leo, I like” he said and he kissed her. 
Leo started to cry. 
“Hey how, you have to share your mother you know, she was mine first,” He replied. 
“You know something, I think we are going to have our hands full with this little one,” lea replied.
“ Yes, you wait until he is mobile, he will drive poor Snarf crazy, I know I did when I was little,” Lion-o laughed
“ Well, it seems you turned out okay, and Poor Snarf hasn’t pulled out all his fur yet,” Lea smiled.
“ Come on little one, you will have your feeding and then it’s off to bed,” Lea said as she stood.
 She turned to Lion-o “ don’t stay up to late,” Lea said as she walked to the door. 
“ I will be along in a few minutes,” he smiled.

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