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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Born into Marriage
By Lady Lea

                                  Chapter 2

Several months had passed, since her run in with the mutants.
Lea woke just before daybreak she looked over at lion-o who was sleeping peacefully beside her.
 She smiled to herself, sat up on the side of bed and stretched.
A sudden wave of nausea and dizziness hit her. She ran for the bathroom and vomited. 
Lion-o woke up hearing his wife. He jumped out bed and ran to the bathroom. He found lea kneeling on the floor.
” Are you okay?” he asked. 
“ I am now, I am just not feeling well, it must have been something I ate,” Lea said as he helped her to her feet.
 Lion-o went over to the sink and got her a glass of water so she could rinse and cool cloth, while she sat on the side of the tub.
 He touched her forehead, “well you don’t have a fever, but you are very pale”. 
“Feeling better,” he asked as she took a drink of water.
“ Yes much better, you worry to much, it will give you wrinkles” she smiled.
Lion-o laughed, “Yes, you’re feeling better”.
He picked her up, “ you, my love are going back to bed”.
It was noon when lea awoke. Lion-o was already up and gone.
 Lea got up, got dressed, and went down to the dining room.
 Snarf looked at Her “you missed breakfast it’s almost lunchtime,” “Are you hungry” snarf asked.
“ I’m starving” lea replied, “ I have never been so hungry in my life”.
 Snarf served her a big plate of food she cleaned that and asked for more. She ate that and asked if he had any candyfruit. Snarf shook his head.
“ What” lea replied, “I’m hungry”. 
“You eat more than lion-o” snarf said as he went to the kitchen.
 Lea just laughed and left with a bowl of candy fruit in her hand. 
   Lea did find her husband down in the hunger with her father. 
“Good afternoon “ replied lion-o looked up seeing his wife walk over and kissed her cheek.
“Why did you let me sleep so long?” she asked in between bites. 
 Lion-o looked at her” you just got up”. 
“Yes I woke up went down to the kitchen ate two big plates of food and a bowl of candy fruit, poor snarf looked at me like I had two head he said I ate more than you. It is strange I have never been so hungry in my life”. 
Panthro looked at his daughter,” well maybe you should go get that checked out. You are putting on a few pounds their kitten”. 
She gave her father a dirty look.
“ No I’m fine just hungry, so what are you up to today “she asked.
“ Just making so repairs to the thundertank” Panthro replied.
 As her father talked, his voice seemed to be getting farther away and the room was getting darker. 
“Lion-o” lea whispered before she blacked out.
 Lion-o heard a crash and turned just as lea was starting to fall, he caught her before she hit the floor.
When lea woke up, she was in bed, a very worried lion-o pacing the floor and tyrga bent over her with a needle in his hand.
“ What happened?” she asked.
“ You fainted” tyrga said before he stuck the needle in her arm.
“ Ouch, what are you doing,” lea said.
“ I ‘m just taking some blood so I can do some tests to see what wrong” Tygra smiled at her.
“ I ‘m ok now” lea said rubbing her arm.
“Have you fainted before” tygra asked as he put the needle away.
 “No I was sick and dizzy this morning, but nothing serious,” she said. 
“Humm” tygra said, “I will know more in a few hours” and he left. 
Lion-o went over to his wife and sat on the bed.
“ You scared me half to death,” lion-o replied. 
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to,” lea said as she sat up, “ I just haven’t been feeling well”. 
“And why did you not tell me this before” lion-o demanded.
“ I didn’t want you to worry,” lea said softly .you have enough to deal with without worrying about me”.
“ Lea you are my wife, it’s my job to worry about you,” Lion-o kissed her, “ don’t ever hide anything from me again”.
“ I promise” lea said. 
“Now get some rest,” he said as he started to leave.
“ Will you stay with me” lea asked.
 Lion-o climbed into the bed and pulled her close to him. 
With in a few minutes she was asleep. A soft knock came at the door lion-o quietly got up and went to the door it was Maya. 
“How is she, Panthro told me what happened” Maya replied.
 “She is sleeping now,” he whispered.
“ May I talk to you in private,” Maya asked.
“ Sure lets go into my study, so we don’t wake Lea,” 
Lion-o lead Maya to the study and shut the door.
“ What is it?” he asked.
“ I think I may know what is wrong with my daughter,” Maya smiled.
 Lion-o looked at her “is it serious”
“ Well in a way, it is and in a way, it is not, the two of you are happy aren’t you,” she asked. 
“Yes we are very happy, we love each other very much, why do you ask,” Lion-o said looking at her confused. 
“ Has she been irritable lately,” Maya asked.
“ Yes, I asked her about the computer logs in the control room last week and she nearly bit my head off, then kit asked her something and Lea threw a chair at her, other times she looks like she is going to burst into tears over nothing,” Lion-o said. 
Maya laughed, “My dear boy, you have nothing to worry about”.
 She will be just fine, not only are you a proud husband if my guess is right you will also be a very proud father”.
Lion-o blinked as the words sunk in. “father, you mean she’s”. 
“Yes, lion-o I very well think she is, give her mood lately, has she been getting sick in the morning and eating more than normal”. 
“Well yes, she said she has not been feeling well for a few weeks”. “In addition, today she almost cleaned out the whole kitchen,” Lion-o replied. His face lit up a huge grin came across his face; he grabbed Maya, gave her a big hug, and went to go find tygra.

Lion-o ran into the infirmary and found tygra.
“ Have you found anything yet”?
 Tygra turn and saw it was his young lord.
“Well I have run a few tests and I still have a few more to do” tygra replied flatly.
 Lion-o walked over, “I want know if you ran one certain test”.
 “Which one would that be” tygra smiled.
“ You know very well what one I am asking about, I just talked with Maya,” lion-o replied.
“ I was just about to come and tell you and lea about one test I ran,” tygra replied.
“ Well” Lion-o, replied impatiently, “is she”.
 Tygra placed a hand on lion-o shoulder. “Congratulation,” tygra replied, “You are going to be a father”.
The big lion grabbed tygra and hugged him.
“ Thank-you” he said. 
“Do not thank me I just ran the test, it’s lea you want to thank”.
 “Lea” lion-o said realizing she did not know. He turn to Tygra, “ got to go”. And he ran out the door. Tygra just laughed and shook his head.
 He ran back to their room and she was still sleeping. Lion-o climbed back into bed, pulled her close and kissed her forehead.
 Lea opened her eyes; well you are in a better mood, why are you looking at me with that silly grin on your face she said.
“ Thank-you my love he said and kissed her again.
 “For what” lea asked.
 “Oh, lea I love you so much,” he beamed and you have given me a wonderful gift. We are about to become parents,” he said as he placed his hand on her stomach.
“What” lea replied she said with a shocked look on her face, “ I’m pregnant. 
“Yes my love lion-o laughed.
“Oh, lion-o” she said and hugged him.
 Lea propped herself up on one elbow, “we have to tell the others”.
“Later” lion-o relied, and pulled his wife to him.
 Lea climbed on him and let her long hair cascade over him as she kissed him Lion-o wound his fingers into her long hair pulling her closer.
 Lea ran her hands down his well-muscled chest.
 Just as things where getting to the point of no return, a knock came to the door. 
The couple parted, “do we have to answer that” lea purred.
 “If we do not some one may break down the” door lion-o answered. 
Lea got up and answered the door. 
Panthro and her mother were standing on the other side.
 Maya said “well”. Lea nodded. 
Maya hugged her daughter and when she let go her father picked her up and gave her the biggest hug her ever gave her. “Panthro”, Maya said “be careful you will hurt her”.
 “I cannot help it I am just so happy’ the panther beamed.
“ Well put her down before you break her ribs, go hug lion-o he can take it,” Maya laughed. 
That is just what he did; he walked over and gave the lion a big bear hug, leaving him breathless. That very evening there was another grand party celebrating the news of a new heir.

Several months passed and lea was getting tired of being inside she needed to go out and get some fresh air. 
However, how was she going to convince her husband to let her out of his sight? 
He was driving her crazy every time she turned around he was there asking if she needed anything finally one day she threw a pillow at him and told him to get out.
 Lea went to cheetara’s room and knocked softly, there was a rustlings sound then the cheetah opened the door. 
“Cheetara “she said May I speak to you? 
“Sure just a second “and she closed the door.
 She heard voices and a few seconds later cheetara opened the door and came out but before she closed, the door lea thought she caught the glimpse of bright red hair.
“ I hope I was not disturbing you” lea replied. 
“No “cheetara answered quickly. 
“The reason I am here is to ask if you would like to walk to the village of the warrior maidens with me, I just have to get out. I have been cooped out here for months”, Lea said.
 “Sure just let me get my staff” Cheetara replied ok. Once again, the cheetah went into her room and again Lea heard voices. 
“I just have to go find Lion-o and let him know where I am going,’ Lea called out. “Ok” cheetara said. 
Lea went to the inter comm. “snarf do you know where lion-o is”. “He is supposed to be in the control room,” snarf relied. 
“Ok thank-you” lea said as she cut the connection. 
Lea went to the control room and only found tygra.
“ I thought Lion-o was in here,” Lea said.
 The tiger turned around, “no, he has not been here all morning maybe he is in the hanger, I will check”. Tygra pulled up the camera for the hanger. “Nope no one there”. Tygra tried all the rooms.   Lion-o was nowhere to be seen.
 “Oh well” lea said just tell him cheetara and I are going to visit willa”.
 “Ok,” tygra replied, “I will”. 
When lea went back to cheetara, she saw lion-o talking to her. 
“There you are I have been looking all over for you,” lea said.
 “I was in the hanger” lion-o replied.
Lea was about to say something when a strange feeling came over her he was laying. She thought.
“ You where “she said.
“ Yes I just went there from the control room”. 
Lea knew he was lying. Tygra said he hadn’t seen him all morning and he checked all over the lair and lion-o was nowhere to be seen the only rooms that could not be checked where the bedrooms. Cheetara gave Lion-o a strange look. 
“Cheetara and I are going to visit willa, I need to get out for a while” lea replied.
“All right but you be careful” lion-o said “I do not want anything to happen to you”. 
“Do not worry Lion-o I will take care of her, Cheetara replied, besides she is quite capable of taking care of herself. 
“Okay, ladies you have fun” he said and kissed his wife on the cheek. Lea knew something was wrong lion-o would never agree to let her go with out a fight.

Lea really enjoyed getting out in the fresh air. They spent most of the day with Willa. “ So how have you been feeling Lea,” Willa asked as she offered the two women a cup of herbal tea.
 “ Tired, all I want to do is sleep,” Lea replied as she took the cup.
“ That’s to be expected, your body is resting up for the birth,” Willa said as she sat down. “ I am surprised to see you here without your husband.”
“ You mean my body guard,” Lea laughed.
Willa laughed, “ That bad, is he”.
Cheetara nodded her head, “ he follows this poor woman around ever where, like he was her second shadow”.
“ He just being a good husband,” Willa replied.
“ He is being a pain in my backside,” Lea growled.
“ My, we are grumpy today,” Willa, said as she walked over to Lea and knelt down in front of her.
“ May I “ She asked. Lea nodded. Willa placed her hands on lea’s stomach. “ This one has been keeping you awake at night”
“ Yes” Lea answered.
“He, is healthily,” Willa added, stood, and took her seat.
“ He” Lea smiled.
“  Oh, yes this one is a boy, I can tell by the size and the way you are carrying” willa smiled.
Lea sunk back in the chair and closed her eyes for a minute.
Cheetara looked over and seen that Lea had fallen asleep. She got up and placed a blanket over her. 
“ Is she alright,” She asked willa?
“ Yes, the tea I gave her made her relax, she needs it and it won’t hurt the baby” Willa replied, “ she should sleep for a couple of hours”.
Willa stood, “ Come, Cheetara and tell me about you and Tygra,”
The two women left the hut.
“ Lea” Cheetara said quietly.
Lea opened her eyes and sat up. “ Did I fall asleep again, it’s 
“ Yes,” Cheetara smiled,” We better head back, it’s getting late”.
Lea stood and hugged willa,” Thank-you for the tea, sorry I was not much company”.
“ Don’t you worry about it, here take this tea, it will help you sleep and it will also help with the mood swings,” Willa smiled.” I will come visit you soon, have a safe trip back”.
When they returned home lea went upstairs lion-o was in his study working on some paper work lea went in walked over to her husband. 
“Good evening my lord” she smiled.
 Lion-o looked up at his wife, smiled, and pulled her into his lap, “I trust you had a good day”. 
“Yes, I did and what have you been doing all day,” she asked.
“ Just some paper work,” he replied.
 Lea nuzzles against his neck, “sounds exciting” she replied. 
“No. Not really but it has to be done,” he said dryly. 
“Can I help?” she asked.
 “Well there really is nothing you can do” lion-o replied.
“ Oh really” Lea answered as she started kissing his neck she slowly made her way up to his ear and stared to nibble.
 A soft moan escaped him.
 “Your not helping” lion-o replied. 
Lea turned so she was sitting on his lap facing him. 
A wicked smile came across her face, she lean in and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, her body pressing up against his, when they parted she looked at him.
 “So do you still want to do your paper work,” She kissed him again.
“Lea my love” he said pulling her away form him, I so very much want to take you right here and now but I really have a lot of work to do”. 
“Can’t it wait” she replied. 
“No it cannot, I am sorry,” he said in a stern voice.
“ Oh, ok” lea pouted she stared to get up but lion-o pulled her back down on to his lap. 
“Sorry,” he said and he kissed her one more time and let her get up. 
Lea was on the way to her room when she saw Snarf. 
“Is there anything I can get you,” Snarf asked.
“ Yes: she replied handing him the tea, “ Can you make me a cup of tea out of this and bring it up”. 
“Yes, right away” he replied and headed to the kitchen.
Lea was propped up in bed reading a book when Snarf returned with her tea. He set the tea cup on the nightstand.” Is there anything else you need tonight,” he asked.
“ No, thank-you, I fine,” she smiled at him.“ Good night Snarf”.
“ Good night, you know where I am if you need anything” he said as he shut the door behind him. 

Lion-o looked at the clock on his desk, it was 2:00 a.m. he yawned and rubbed his eyes, he was tired. He stretched his neck working out the kink that developed from being bent over his desk for so long.
He switched off the light and headed to bed.
When he walked in the small lamp that stood in the nightstand on Lea’s side of the bed was on.
Lea was sound asleep with a book resting on her chest. He stood there for a moment just watching her sleep. One hand curled up against his cheek. The other over the book she had been reading. The covers where under her legs. She must have gotten to hot and kicked them off her, he thought.
 He went over and carefully moved her hand and took the book and placed it on the nightstand. He carefully lifted her legs, pulled the cover out form under her, and covered her over. She let out a sigh and turned over on her side the best she could, her hand went protectively to her belly. Lion-o smiled to himself, he got undressed and crawled into bed, put his arm around Lea, she moved closer to him, he kissed the back of her neck and went to sleep.
 When Lea woke up it was morning and lion-o was sleeping next to her, his hand resting on her hip, she did not even hear him come to bed. Lea was a little disappointed. Ever since she started getting bigger, lion-o hardly touched her. He always found some excuse not too. 
Lea looked down at the roundness of her belly she was seven and a half months along.
She smiled and ran her hand over her belly, then she felt and saw the baby move, lea ‘s eyes widened.
“ Lion-o” she said wake-up”.
 Lion-o opened one eye, ‘what is wrong” he said his voice groggy from sleep. 
She turned over on her back, took his hand, and placed it on her stomach. The baby kicked lion-o’s eye widened,
 “Your son is saying good morning, Lea smiled.
 Lion-o laid his cheek on her belly and felt the kick. He could hear movement.
“Well good morning to you to little one” he laughed. The baby kicked harder. 
“Well I guess he knows his fathers voice” lea said.
 Lion-o looked up at his smiling wife. 
“Why didn’t you wake me when you came to bed” she asked. 
“You where sleeping so sound and you need your rest I did not want to wake you,” he said as he put his hand on her belly. 
“Well I’m awake now” she replied and pulled him to her. 
Lion-o pulled away “I have to get up I have work to do”. 
“But lion-o” lea protesting.
 “Sorry love but I have a ton of work to do”. He got up got dressed and left. 
Lea lay back down on the bed and cried. Why would he not make love to her did he not find her desirable any more?

Lea got up and went to the kitchen her mother and father where sitting there.
“ Good morning kitten” her father said
 “How are you feeling” Maya replied.
“ Fairly well, Lea smiled, the morning sickness has passed thank jaga, your grandchild has been kicking up a storm this morning it was enough to wake me up”. “I fear the mood swings will drive my poor husband crazy”. 
“May I,” her mother said. Lea nodded 
Maya stood up, walked over to her daughter and placed her hand on lea’s stomach. The baby moved. 
“Oh, my” she said” that is a very good sign that means the baby is healthy. I know you use to kick you a storm like the one that it feels like your inside are being kicked around”.

 Lea gave her mother a small smile.
 “What’s wrong lea” her mother replied. 
“I would rather not say” lea said trying to hide her tears. 
Panthro look at his wife and daughter. “Ok I get the hint, women talk, I am going”, he picked up his plate and put it in the sink and left. 
After panthro left Maya turned to her daughter, “ now tell me what is wrong”.
“Nothing” lea said quietly.
“ Now lea I know you better than that,” lea started crying, I am sorry mother I cannot help it”.
“ It is ok it is just your hormones, now tell me what is wrong, did lion-o do something to upset you” Maya asked.
“ No he has done nothing” Lea replied,
 “Then what’s wrong,” Maya said.
 “No mother you don’t understand that’s the point he has done nothing he has barely touched me in months,” Lea cried.
 “Oh” Maya replied I see have you talked to him about it?”
“No, I try but every time he comes up with an excuse, that he is too busy or he is tired,” She said as she looked down at her belly.
 “Ever since I started getting bigger he has been this way. He is very happy about the baby but I think he has lost interest in me maybe he just wanted me to provide him with an heir and now he will get one then he will be done with me”. 
“I do not believe that for a second lea, lion-o loves you he would never do that to you there must be a reason for his behavior, where is he now” Maya said. 
“In his study,” she said as she wiped away her tears. 
“Well, girl get up and go talk to him,” Maya stated.
 Lea went to lion-o’s study he was sitting at his desk she knocked softly and walked over to him. 
“We have to talk,” she said. 
He looked up at her. “What’s wrong lea are you alright”.  
Yes, I am fine, it is you I am worried about, “ she replied. 
“Me” he said with a confused look on his face “why”. 
Lea sat on the corner of the desk and put her hands in her lap.
“ Lion-o there is no easy way of saying this but to just come out and say it.  She looked him straight in the eyes, “Do you still desire me,”
 Lion-o just looked at her stunned.
Lea why would you ask me such a thing of course I do,” he said. “Then if I may be so bold, why haven’t you made love to me in over two months?” Lea asked
“Lea” he said “I love you with all my heart it just that”. 
“What” she said, now that I am pregnant you no long have need for me”. 
“ Now wait a minute,” lion-o started to get up out of his chair.
 The only reason you made love to me so I would get pregnant and give you and heir, now that I am you do not want anything to do with me, then her voice lowered, “I know you lied to me,” she hissed.
 “What” he said and sat back down. 
“You heard me you lied to me about where you where when cheetara and I went to visit willa, I know you where in the room with cheetara when I knocked on her door I saw you, and I could smell you,” Lea growled.
 “Now lea” Lion-o protested.
“ What where you doing with her, is that who you go to get your pleasure, because you sure do get any from me”.
 Lea turned and ran out of the room. Lion-o jumped out of his chair and took chase, lion-o caught up to her in the hallway and grabbed her arm and turned her around.
 “Lea stop this right now, you don’t understand,” he said. 
Lea looked at him, “so tell me did you lie to me about where you where that morning and where you in cheetara’s room that same morning”.
 Lion-o hung his head “yes” he whispered. Lea drew back and slapped him as hard as she could across the face. 
Ran to her room, she threw open her closet and started packing her clothes.  
Lion-o came in, “what are you doing” he said.
“ What does it look like I’m leaving, oh don’t worry you will have your heir when he is old enough to come and live here but as for me you will never see me again”. 
“ Now lea, think about what you are saying, you can’t leave,” lion-o protested. 
“Do not worry I will not hurt your child” she growled.
“ Lea you cannot do this you do not understand” lion-o said.
“Oh I understand” lea replied. 
“You only married me because you had to and so I could give you an heir, well my lord I hope you are happy, you will get your heir,” lea picked up her bags and left.
 Lion-o was too stunned to move, how could she think that, he loved her, he wanted her more than anything it just that he was scared he would hurt the baby. Yes, he was in cheetaras room that morning only because she was helping him with something. In addition, he did lie about where he was because he was working on a surprise for his her. 
Lion-o sat on the bed he messed things up this time. Lea had every right to be angry with him he didn’t like lying to his wife but it wasn’t what she thought he decided he would let her cool down before he would find her and talk to her.
A few hours had passed and lion-o went to lea’s old room but she wasn’t there he went in and there was no sign of her, panic set in
She must be in the lair somewhere. 
He left the room and found tygra. 
“Tygra” he said “have you see Lea”.
“ She was headed for the hanger the last time I saw her why” Tygra asked. 
“Oh, no” lion-o replied and headed to the hanger with tygra in tow. “Lion-o what is it what happened to your face,” tygra asked? 
Lion-o reached up and touched his cheek.
 I really messed things up big time Tygra,” lion-o said quietly
“ What did you do,” Tygra asked.
“ I drove my wife away, she has left me” Lion-o whispered. 
“What” tygra said? 

Lion-o explained everything to him.
“ Ah, I see, you should of come to me. I could have told you that you would not hurt the baby or lea. I understand you where scared. However, it is perfectly safe. I think you should go find your wife before it is really too late,” Tygra replied.
 Lion-o nodded and pulled out his sword, “sword of omens give me sight beyond sight”. The sword came to life, “show me lea”, he saw lea in the village of the warrior maidens. 
“ She is safe” lion-o said as he replaced the sword in the claw shield. “Go to her” tygra replied.
 Lion-o jumped into the thundertank and headed to the village. 
Lea was talking to willa when she heard the thunder tank pull up
She looked out the window and saw lion-o. 
“Damn sword told him where I was,” she fumed. Lea was so much like her father she had a really bad temper and when she got mad it took a long time for her to calm down and the mood swings didn’t help much either. Lion-o walked through the door.
“I really need to speak to my wife,” he said to Willa.
Lea looked at him.
“What do you want,” she growled
 “I have come to take you home,” Lion-o stated.
“Oh really, lea replied I do not think so”. 
Lion-o walked over to his wife, “we have to talk”.
 “There is nothing to talk about and she said and turned away.
 Lion-o grabbed her arm turned her around, picked her up, slung her over his shoulder being careful not to hurt her, and started for the door. 
“We” my love are going home.” He replied he looked at Willa “Thank-you willa for taking care of my wife,”
 Willa smiled and nodded. 
Lea remained quiet the whole way home. Lion-o knew she was still very angry; lion-o stopped the tank in front of the lair. 
Got out pick up his wife slung her over his shoulder and carried her inside.
 Tygra saw lion-o come in with lea and he had to smile.
“ Well he thought that’s one way of getting her home” he laughed. Everyone in the lair could hear lea shouting at lion-o to put her down. 
He just kept on walking until they entered their bedroom. 
He gently set her down on the bed, she tried to get up. 
“On no, you don’t,” lion-o said and he pushed her back on the bed and held her down. 
Her eyes flared with anger.
“ You, let me up right now” She yelled.
“ No” lion-o said, “Not until you listen to me. First, I want to say how sorry I am for the way I have been acting and to explain to you why I have not made love to you”. 
“I do not want to hear more lies,” lea spat. 
“Oh my love you “WILL” listen to me he roared. I am very sorry the reason I have not made love to you is that I was scared of hurting you and the baby.
“ What” lea blinked?
“ You heard me, I was scared. I do not want to hurt you,” he said. “But lion-o you would not hurt the baby or me,” Lea replied.
 “I know that now, he said. I am sorry I did not say anything sooner”. 
“Why did you lie to me, and why where you in Cheetara’s bedroom” Lea asked.

 “Oh, that I can explain” he got up and went into the other room and came out with a large box, and set it at her feet. 
“Open it” he said.
 Lea opened the box, inside was a beautiful hand made cradle.
“ Oh lion-o it’s beautiful did you make this” she smiled running her hands over it. 
“Yes” lion-o beamed I had cheetara help me paint it that is what I was doing in her room that morning you came there”. 
Lea looked up at her husband. 
“Feel like such a idiot, I am so sorry I ever doubted you, these mood swing are really getting to me she said and stood up and wrapped her arms around him and hugged him.
 Lion-o wrapped his arms around her pulling her close to him as he could.  Lea looked up at him, he bent his head down, and kissed her. All there pent up passion was aching to be released.
 There kisses became more primal this time lion-o did not pull way from her, there was no stopping this time. 
Lion-o stopped long enough to go lock to door and hurried back to her. 
He grabbed her and placed her on the bed they ripped the clothes off their bodies and threw the tatter remains on the floor they did not care.
 Lion-o looked at lea “by jaga you are even more beautiful when you’re angry”.
Lea laughed “ Your foolish enough to put up with me”.
“ Ah. That’s where you are wrong my little wildcat, I enjoy a challenge, I know exactly how to tame you,” he smiled
“Oh, really,” Lea smiled wickedly, “ I show you who can tame who”. 
Turned him on his back and straddled him.
 All the months of pent up passion released in one mighty roar that could be heard half way through the lair.
 Tygra looked at cheetara, “I guess they made up and everything is back to normal”. 
Cheetara laughed “and about time too” she added.

It was near midnight when the couple came out of their room and headed to the kitchen. Snarf was just cleaning up and getting ready to go to bed when they walked in.
“ Is there anything to I get you” snarf replied.
“ No it is ok you go to bed we will find something,” lion-o replied. “Ok but do not make too much of a mess,” Snarf replied as he left the kitchen. 
Lion-o went to the fridge, “so what to you want”.
 Lea came over and poked her head under his arm so she could see what was there. 
“What do we have I am starving,” she said.
 Lion-o chuckled “so am I”. 
Lea smiled at him” you should be you worked up quiet an appetite”. Lea spied a large cake sitting on the shelf. 
“Oh that looks good,” she said.
 Lion-o grabbed it and passed it to her. 
“What else we got,” she said as she sat down.
“Well there are plates full of meats breadfruit and pies”. 
‘Take them all,” Lea replied and we will put back what we do not eat.

 Lion-o couldn’t get over how much lea ate.
 He said to her “snaf was right you eat more than me”. 
“Yea but I am eating for two so, what is your excuse” she smiled. 
“I am a big boy,” lion-o replied
 Lea laughed, “That is for sure, in many ways”. 
“I think snarf is going to kill use for eating all this” lion-o replied. “Just tell him I ate it, what is he going to say,” Lea replied.
“He will say your going to have one fat baby,” Lion-o laughed.
 “Hey now, lea replied watch it I saw pictures of you when you where a baby and you were not that little”.
“ Ok, ok lion-o held up his hands “I give”. 
“Good “lea said and sat back rubbing her quite round belly.
 “I am full, With this little one in there, I did not think there would be that much room for food, To tell you the truth I ate so much I do not think I can move for a while. I hope I do not break the chair I feel so big. 
Lion-o got up and looked at this wife.
“ You are not that big and besides you look very sexy to me,” he purred in her ear. 
“You are incorrigible ” lea laughed.
 “Yes I am so what is your point” lion-o replied.
 Lea just laughed and shook her head. 

Chapter 3

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