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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Born into Marriage By Lady Lea
                              Chapter 1
It was near midnight when a large storm was brewing, Lea rolled over and slipped the covers over her head and tried to go back to sleep. She could hear the thunder roaring off in the distance. However, Sleep did not come easily to her. 
She kept dreaming about the night they left their home, Lea was asleep in her bed, her father came running in grabbing her and telling her she must keep quiet, they ran to a ship, the ground under their feet shook violently.
 They made it to the ship where they where met by another man that Lea did not know. 
“ Quickly, Panthro hide them before the others arrive” the man said. Panthro took them and hid her and her mother away in a secret compartment.
 Then next thing she knew was here. Her father always warned her; “what ever you do, do not stray away from home. “Never let anyone see you”.
 Lea hardly got to see her father, but he would come to see them as often as he could and lea always asked him the same questions, “where he was and why she couldn’t go with him”. He would always say “it’s not safe yet kitten, but soon you can come with me but I need you here with your mother.” 
Lea couldn’t get back to sleep, she threw the covers off and got out of bed and went into the living room. she sat and looked out the window as a bolt of lightening lit up the sky.
 There was something about the power of the lightening that fascinated her, it was as if she seen something like it before only more powerful.
 Lea turned at the sound of her mother’s bedroom door opening. Her mother Maya came out hearing her daughter up, the older lioness walked over to lea and asked.” Did the storm wake you”? 
“No, I just can’t sleep tonight for some reason, I just have a feeling that I am suppose to go somewhere, but I don’t know where” Lea replied as she looked out the window.
Another bolt of lightening lit up the sky, then a sharp pain pierced her temple. Lea’ s hand flew to the side of her head.
“Lea are you okay,” he mother asked rushing to her side.
“ A voice,” Lea said as she clutched her head  “Mother” she said “ it said come home”.
Maya smiled at her,” so it is time”. 
“ Time for what” Lea said as the sharp pain suddenly stopped. 
“It is time to go see your father”, Maya replied we will leave at day break, go back to bed you will need your rest”.
 Maya returned to her room, she walked over to her dresser, and pulled out the communicator that panthro had given her, that would only contact him.
Back at Cat’s Lair Panthro was on night watch, he was checking the monitors when a soft beep caught his attention, he looked around to make sure that Tygra had not returned yet before he answered it. He typed in a code that would allow the call to be answered. 
“ Maya, what is it” he whispered.“ Panthro, it is time” Maya replied quietly.                                                     
“ I will meet you at the village of the warrior maidens” Panthro replied. “Very, well, we will leave at daybreak” Maya answered. 
Just as he cut the connection Tygra returned. “ Everything quiet” the tiger asked. “ Yes, but things are about to get a little interesting around here” Panthro smiled, “ Go get Lion-o, there is something he needs to know”. Tygra gave him a strange look.
 Panthro smiled ” we, got company coming”.

At first light, the two women packed up a few things and headed to the village of the warrior maidens. Lea had so many questions but she knew it was no use asking because her mother would not answer them. 
Maya looked at her daughter and smiled to her self, she knew her daughter was curious, but she made a promise to lea’s father that she would not tell lea anything until the right time. 
If mumm-ra found out that she and lea where alive, they would be both killed. She knew when the eye of thundera called to lea it was safe to go.
 Keeping lea hidden was very hard, with the help of lea’s father and the eye of thundera, lea was kept hidden from mumm-ra not even the other thundercats knew of their existence. 
 They arrived at the village just before dark. They where greeted by willa . 
“ Good-day Maya, we where told to expect you, Panthro said that he would be arriving shortly” Willa replied as she led them to one of the huts, “ Please sit and eat, you must be tried after your long journey”.
”Lea” Maya replied as she led her daughter over to the chair. “there is something you should know before the others arrive”.
 “As you know we are not from this planet, lea nodded. “ we where not the only ones who where on that ship,” Maya continued.
” We knew that the mutants followed the ships as we tried to escape, and many of our countrymen where killed.  We were hidden away on the flag ship, only Jaga and your father knew we where there, they made me promise to hide you until you where old enough to join the others”. 
“ There are others” Lea exclaimed
‘’ Yes, there are five more besides your father,” Maya smiled. 
 “They are here,” Lea, said as she jumped up as the thunder tank approached she knew that sound anywhere.
Maya handed her a change of clothes. “Here” she said “put these on and stay here until I call for you”.
“ All right mother” she replied. Lea looked at the clothing her mother gave her, there was a sleeveless red top and a belt with a symbol of the cats head she seen her father wear.
There was also a pair of black boots and a short skirt, after changing her clothes, She walked over, looked out the window, and watched as her mother went to greet the others.
  Six people jump out of the thunder tank. There where four adults and two children. 
They greeted Maya with open arms. She could not hear what they where saying but she knew they where happy to see her mother.
 Lea caught sight of her father.
Then one thundercat caught her attention, he was taller than the others had bright red hair. 
He looked familiar, he reminded her of someone she had seen before along time ago when she was but a child. 
When he turned his head and looked in her direction, a sharp breath caught in the throat, she saw that he was of the lion clan. 
“Lea” she hear her mother call.  Lea made her way down to the others.  “This is lea our daughter “she replied.
 Lea looked up the two younger ones ran up to her “hello I am wily-Kit and this is my brother wily-Kat” the young girl beamed.
” Hello” Lea replied. 
Lea looked at the others. “Lea” her mother said, this is Tygra, Cheetara and Lord Lion-o. 
 The tall lion walked over to her. 
“Hello, Lea it is good to see you again.” He said as he sized her up. She had grown since the last time he had seen her, she was a little shorter then cheetara, she came to just below his chin. 
Long jet-black hair, which came from the panther clan, hung in a long braid down her back to her hips. Dark green eyes, he remembered the dark green eyes. 
 She bowed to him, and then a flash of memory came to her, a young boy with bright red hair playing in the courtyard.
 He was playing with a few other children, they where playing Snarfball. The young boy threw the ball, Lea got in the way, and it hit her in the back of the head. She subconsciously rubbed the back of her head.
“ I remember you” Lea replied looking at him,” Or should I say the back of my head remembers you”. 
Lion-o gave her a sheepish grin,” It was an accident, and I remember, you got so mad you flattened the ball”.
Lea laughed.  “You were lucky it was only the ball I flattened and not your head”.

 Just then, the sword started to hum and the eye opened, lea looked at Lion-o. 
‘ May I “ she replied gesturing to the sword. Lion-o nodded and removed the sword and placed it in her hand.
 “Hello old friend” lea said quietly as she touched the blade.
 The eye growled and closed, lea handed it back to lion-o who had a strange look on his face.” the sword has never done that before” Lion-o said. Lea just shrugged her shoulders.

 Panthro walked over to lea, threw her arms around him.” So this is where you where going all those time you said you where going out for a patrol on your own” Lion-o said smiling at him.
 “ Yea, but I did do my patrol” Panthro said as he detached his daughter from him after he had given her a hearty hug.
”Come kitten lets take you to your new home” he replied. Gesturing to the tank

When they rounded the hill lea, saw the great head of cat’s lair. Her eye grew big with wonder at the sheer size of it. Lion-o turned to the two women and said,  “Welcome home”. 
“It looks as it did, back on Thundera ” Maya said as she took in the view.
“My lord, this very beautiful place” Lea replied as she took in everything around her.
  “Please, Lea you don’t have to address me that way just call me lion-o” he replied as they walked down the hallway. 

Lea followed lion-o down the long hallway.” a person could get lost in here” she thought to herself, it was much bigger than she was used to after all she grew up in a small cottage that her father had build.
 Lion-o stopped in front of a door.
 “This will be your room” he replied as he opened the door.
 It was larger than she expected. There was a large bed under a window. There was also a large dresser and bathroom with a large tub and shower.
“Call if you need anything” he said as he turned to her. Lea nodded and lion-o left.
 It had been a very long day for lea she crawled into bed, which was much bigger than she was use to and was soon asleep. 

The sound of shouting woke her a few hours later. Lea jumped out of bed and ran to the door. She opened the door slowly. The shouting came across the hall. “Will you keep your voice down” lion-o commanded.
“Why are you scared I will wake Lea? Cheetara said.
“I have already explained it to you, it is out of my hands  ”. Lion-o replied. 
‘But it was agreed, Lea is but a child” Cheetara replied. 
Lea heard enough and went back to her room. Lea thought to herself I am not a child I am a grown woman I am 20 yrs old. Why would they even be talking about me?
Cheetara kissed lion-o. “No”, he shouted and pushed her away “get out of my room, this will stop right now, you can find your fun with someone else”.
“ I am sure tygra would love your company". 
Cheetara did not like that comment, and left slamming her fist against the wall on her way out.
 Lion-o sat on his bed wondering if lea heard anything. He got up and went to the door walked across the hall and softly knocked on lea’ s door.
Lea got up and opened the door,” I am sorry did I wake you”, he replied. “No”, lea answered.
 “I would like to explain” lion- started to say before Lea cut him off. “There is no need “lea said and she went to shut the door but lion-o stopped her. 
“Please let me come in and explain” he said. “There is no need to explain anything to me my lord” Lea answered. 
“What you do in the privacy of your room is no concern of mine, now I bid you good night” Lea replied as she shut the door. 
Lea was awake at first light; she got up and explored the lair. She found herself standing on the outside steps. That is when she saw panthro outside in the courtyard.
 She stood in silence and watched as Panthro finished his morning exercises. 
He turned and saw his daughter. “Good morning” he replied. “Good morning, father” she smiled at him. 
“Did you sleep well,” he asked. “Yes, thank–you” lea said. 
“ Well we have sometime before breakfast, now seems like a good time to start your training, go tell Tygra to expend the bridge” panthro replied. 
 When lea returned panthro led her across the bridge to a wooded area near the Lair. He turned and said, “I want to test your speed and agility, and the record for the course is three minutes”. Lea looked at panthro “may I walk around the course first to get a good look at it?” 
“Sure go-ahead” panthro replied.
The course he had set up was very challenging lea went over it in her mind and walked back. Panthro said “anytime your ready.” Lea nodded and bolted. The first part of the course was a set of ropes that she had to swing herself over to the end.
The second part of the course she had to do back flips off a beam. 
The third part of the course was the most challenging there was another narrow beam with large swinging sand bags and near the end panthro waited with his weapon ready.
 Lea made it passed the sand bags and now stood facing panthro. He took his nu-ckucks and swung at lea who leapt in the air did a back flip, he made another swing, he caught the back of her leg, her knee buckle and she went down. 
She planted her hand behind her, flipped back wards and kicked the weapon out of Panthro’s hand.
Panthro bowed. “Very good lea you did a great job”. 
“Thank-you father”, lea replied. “That was fun, but I think you where being too easy on me”. 
Panthro smiled at her “ Have you been using the practice weapons I left for you” Lea nodded. “ Good, now come with me” Panthro replied as he lead her over to another area of the course he had set up.
”Before we, start there is something I must ask you” Lea replied as she stopped in front of him. 
“ Oh” Panthro said as they stopped in front of a stump. 
 “Why does Cheetara feel that I am a threat to her, I over herd her and Lion-o arguing about me last night, she said that it was decided that she was to be his choice, is there something going on that I don’t know about” lea asked.
“Don’t you worry about it ” Panthro replied, “Now, He said gesturing to the stump,” choose your weapon”. 
Lea walked over and picked a wooden Daito training sword. 
“ I have been practicing with this” Lea replied as she weighted the object in her hand. “ However, I never had a sparing partner”.
“ I think I know the perfect sparing partner for you, Panthro grinned “our resident master swordsman, and as luck would have it here he comes.”
Lea turned and saw Lion-o walking towards them. Lea turned to Panthro, “ You had this planned, didn’t you” Lea whispered.
The panther winked at her. “Good morning Lion-o, you are right on time.”
“ Good morning Panthro, Lea” Lion-o smiled as he looked at Lea 
“ I have been watching, your moves are a little bit sluggish, but I am sure they will improve in time”.
Lion-o walked over and picked another training sword. “ Do wish to wear body Armour” Lion-o asked as her stood in front of her.
“ No, I do not need to”, Lea replied as she positioned her self.
“ Okay, now show me what you can do with that” Lion-o replied as he made himself ready.
Lea took a deep breath before she made her first strike. “ I will show you sluggish” she hissed and she made a swing for his head. 
Lion-o blocked her and pushed her back. She brought the sword around and tried to strike his body, her moves where fast, but with each attack, Lion-o had a counter attack. He bent low, swung around and caught her on the shin.
She winched but never cried out, she swung around and struck him on his shoulder. He moved his sword twisting it with her and flipped it out of her hand, it flew up in the air and he caught it with his other hand and tossed it back to her
He made another swing at her; she just managed to back flip out of the way. 
As she tried to reposition her self, Lion-o bent low and kicked her legs out from under her sending her hard to the ground.
Lion-o went in for the last strike, as he swung the sword, lea brought her sword up in both hands and blocked him, she leaned back, made a sweep with her leg and caught him in back the knee, he went down hard on the other knee.
Lea rolled out of the way and got to her feet. “ So my Lord am I still sluggish,” she replied dusting her self off and trying to catch her breath.
“ You done very well, but you do let your emotions rule your actions, you had better put some ice on that shin” Lion-o replied as he stood.
“ I think that will be enough for now Lea, you had better head back and get some breakfast before Snarf comes out here, I will never hear the end of it if I work you on an empty stomach” Panthro replied as he took her sword.
“ Okay” she replied and ran back to the lair.
As she entered, the main foyer tygra was coming down the stairs.
“ Good morning Lea” the tiger replied “ where are you headed”.
“ The dining room, but I don’t know where it is,” she said.
“ Come with me, I will show you, I was headed there myself” Tygra replied as the started down the hall way.
 As they walked down the hall he showed her the library, “we managed to save quite a collection of books before we left thundera” he said, 
“You can come here anytime and read them, I also have my personal collection, and you can read those anytime you like”. 
“Thank-you Tygra I will take you up on that some time,” lea said as they entered the dinning room.
 When they arrived, snarf was waiting. Lea smiled at the furry little creature. “You must be lea”, Snarf replied. “ Yes” She replied and sat at table. Snarf placed a plate of food in front of her; she did not realize how hungry she was.
 ‘ This is very good Snarf” Lea replied between bites. “ Why thank –you, it’s nice to get a complement so early in the morning’ Snarf replied as he headed back to the kitchen.
 Tygra just snickered and shook his head.
 Lea looked at him “What” she said. 
“ You better be careful, you will give him a swelled head”, Tygra replied as he turned back to his food. 
As she was eating, Lion-o walked in and took a seat across from her. 
“Lea, I was wondering if you where doing anything later” he said as Snarf set a plate in front of him. 

 ‘Actually, I am, tygra told me about his collection of old books, I want to see them, now gentlemen if you will excuse me,” she said as she stood.
 Lea spent the day in the library curled up on the window seat reading the old books of thundera, she noticed that one of the books that belonged to tygra had the cover missing.
 It was the same book she had in her room that her mother had given her when she was a child.
 She could tell that tygra tried to repair the book the best he could but it was in poor shape, she picked up the book and went back to her room. 
 She laid tygra’s book on her bed and walked over to her trunk, it was a small trunk but it held her few precious mementos of her life. Among them was the same book that tygra has so lovingly tried to repair.
 She picked up the book; it was just as if new being kept in the small trunk kept it in good shape even the leather it was bound in was not even cracked. 
She knew it was growing late and she should wait until morning but she promised tygra she would have the books back to him tonight. She turned and picked up both books and went to the tiger’s room. She softly knocked at his door. 
A few moments later, a sleepy tygra opened the door. 
“Oh, tygra I am so sorry I did not mean to wake you; I will come back in the morning” Lea replied felling a little embarrassed.
 “No it’s ok” he said and opened the door further to let her come in. she turned and looked at him.” I just wanted to give you your books back. I noticed there was one that was in quite bad shape, and here,” she said as she held out the book. 
Tygra took it from her and looked at it opened the cover and looked up at her. “Well thank-you lea, where did you get this” He asked, as he looked it over.
“ It is mine my mother gave it to me along time ago” Lea smiled. “Are you sure, you want to give it to me lea” tygra replied. 
“Yes I am sure, I know you will take great care of it” lea said.
“Well I thank-you again lea this will be very special too me”, he said as wrapped his arms around her and gave her a hug.
 “Your very welcome tygra” she said as she returned his hug.
“ Now will let you go back to bed,” she said as she head for the door.” good night lea” tygra replied.
 “Good night tygra” she said and left. 
When she left the tigers room her exit did not go unnoticed cheetara saw her go in and out of tygras bedroom.
 “I wonder if Lion-o knows about this she thought to her self, if not he will”.
Cheetara kept an eye on the young lioness.
 She went up to lion-o and said “do you know who I saw coming out of tygra’s bedroom late last night”. 
“No and I do not care cheetara” Lion-o replied.  
“Well you should it was lea” cheetara said. “I don’t believe you,” Lion-o said as he walked away from her.
“ You should go ask tygra then he will tell you what I saw was true”, she shouted after him. 
Lea was spending most of her time with tygra; he saw them in the council room that afternoon. 
Tygra was showing her the blueprints of the lair. Lea was sitting in the chair and Tygra was standing behind her, leaning over her showing her different things.
 Lion-o was worried she was getting to close to tygra. 
He went to see Panthro, “ Does she know “ Lion-o asked the panther.
“ No, not yet, we plan on telling her tonight” Panthro replied.
“ Good” lion-o replied as he left the control room. 
The night that Panthro told him that Lea was still alive. Lion-o was surprised to say the least. 
He knew about the arrangement, it was tradition. but that was years ago, he thought that she and her mother died on the planet.
 If they still been on Thundera, He and Lea would have been married by now and had children.
As soon as Panthro finished his shift, he and Maya went to find Lea.
They found her in the library sitting in her favorite spot.
 “ Lea “ Panthro said as they walked over to the window seat, 
“Your mother and I need to speak with you”. 
  Lea put down the book she was reading and sat up. 
“ Tell me, what do you think of Lion-o”? Maya asked sitting down beside her.
  Lea shrugged her shoulders, “ He seems nice, why” Lea asked.
“ Do you like him,” Panthro asked. Lea gave him a strange look.
“ Why are you asking me this, ” Lea replied. “ It’s just a simple question kitten,” the panther replied.
“ Yes,” Lea said eyeing her parents. “ Well don’t you think you should spend some time with him, get to know him better,”
Maya said.
“ I have know Lion-o all his life, he can be a little impulsive and hot headed but he will treat you well,” Panthro added.
“ Wait a minute,” Lea replied standing up. “ What are you two talking about”?
         “You are to be his wife” her mother replied. 
     “What” lea exclaimed, “I don’t want to get married, you cannot force me to do this, I won’t do this. 
“LEANNA”, Her father growled. She knew he was serious when he used her full name. 
“From the day you where born, you where promised to Lion-o, he is to be your husband,” Panthro said gently. “ Why do you think you where kept hidden until now”.
Lea just sat there for a moment, trying to absorb what she had just been told. Now it all made sense. The argument that Lion-o and cheetara had about her, the way he would look at her.
“ He knows doesn’t he” Lea asked quietly. 
“ Yes, he has always known about the arrangement, he thought you had died back on Thundera, until I told him the night before you came here, that you where still alive.” Panthro answered. 
“ What about Cheetara, she is quite upset about this, I know she won’t even speak to me” Lea said.
“ That is a whole different story, you do not need to worry about that,’ panthro replied.
“ No, I want to know everything” Lea protested.
“ Alright then, you do have the right to know,” Panthro replied as he sat down by Lea, “by our laws, Lion-o being Lord must marry by a specific time, it was decided that Cheetara would be that choice, I was sworn to keep you a secret, I was prevented from saying anything”.
“ That’s not fair to Cheetara” Lea replied. “ Why can’t she marry him instead of me”.
“ You don’t remember do you,” Panthro asked.
 “ Remember what” Lea replied. He took her left hand, turned it over and touched the faint scar on her palm.
“ You and Lion-o are bound by blood, he has the same scar on his left hand, when you where six.  Both of your palms where cut in the same place. Together you and he place your hands upon the blade of the sword of omens bonding you forever, you are a part of him and he a part of you,” Panthro replied. “ You understand now”
 “Yes, “ Lea whispered. She stood and left the room
“We are in for a tough time with that one,” panthro replied. 
“Yes” Maya replied “she has your temper”. 
“Me have a temper, go on with you woman I am as gentle as a pussycat” Panthro smiled. 
Maya laughed, “Yea right and I have a tail.
 Lion-o found lea in the gym working out. He sat a watched her as she worked out on the punching bag, she gave it a few round house kicks, then did a back flip. 
She then took off running towards the padded wall, using her momentum she jumped planted her feet on the wall and did a high back flip, spun in midair, landing on all fours.
 He stepped up to the mat. “How’s your shin” he asked, he seen a nasty bruise forming.
“ It’s nothing” Lea replied not quite looking at him.
 He was trying to judge her mood, she did not look angry, she looked defeated.
She walked up to him and stood in front of him.” May I” She asked as she reached for his left hand. Lion-o nodded and wondered what she was going to do.
She took his left hand and turned it over, she looked at the faint scar that ran across his palm. Then she looked at hers, they where the same. 
She held up her hand and looked at him as she raised his hand, she placed her palm against his, her hand looked so small in contrast to his. Then she dropped her hand without saying anything.
 “I want to see how you are coming along in your training, lion-o said breaking the silence.
 Lea nodded and readied herself. Lion-o made a lunge for her; lea did a back flip and managed to avoid him.
 Lea positioned her body and lunged at lion-o but instead of moving, he let lea jump him he wrapped his arms around her and let his body fall to the mat and quickly turned over and had lea pinned under him. Her face just inches above his, 
He drank in her scent she smelled of wild flowers, he wanted so badly to kiss her. Her body was soft, warm and very inviting, he gazed into her dark eyes, there was something about her scent, then something in the back of his mind told him, she was soon to come into season. 
His body told, him take her now leave your mark on her, but his is mind said no. 
“Lea don’t you think you are spending too much time with tygra” lion-o replied. 
“Why would you ask me that tygra and I are good friends,” Lea replied.
 “I just wish you would spend some time with me” he whispered in her ear. 
She shuddered as his breath tickled her ear; she unknowingly turned her head offering him the soft skin of her neck.
 Lion-o had to restrain himself, 
“Please let me up,” she gasped.
“ Lea” He whispered. 
 “Please let me up Lion-o,” Lea half begged. He helped her to her feet.
 “ Lea, I am sorry” Lion-o said as he watched her leave.
Lea went back to her room to take a shower, the hot water felt so good running down her body. 
She was trying to understand the feelings that started to stir within her when lion-o had pinned her down. 
 Her heart nearly jumped out of her throat when he whispered in her ear. She had felt so drawn to him; maybe that was part of the bond.
 Something told her she was being watched. She peeked her head out the shower door nothing. After rinsing all the soap off her body, she grabbed a towel wrapping it around her body and took another one to dry her hair. 
When she came out lion-o was sitting on the side of the bed looking at her. Lea started. “Lion-o what are you doing here I thought I locked the door”.
 “You did he said but I have a key”. 
“What do you want” lea said.
 “Just to talk to you that’s all” Lion-o replied. 

“ What about cheetara, this is not fair to her she is to be your mate not me” lea sighed. 
Things have changed lion-o replied, you are here now. 
Before he left, he turned and looked at her.
 “You know he said you should wear a towel more often, it suits you” and he left.
 She realized what he meant she forgot she was only wearing a towel around her she quickly got dressed.
 Lea felt bad for cheetara and she left her room to find her. 
Cheetara was in the hanger with Panthro when she found her.
“ Father I must speak to cheetara alone” Lea replied. 
Panthro nodded and left. 
The cheetah looked at the young lioness. 
“Cheetara I just wanted to say I am very sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen, I didn’t know, I don’t want to get married but I have no other choice” Lea said. 
Cheetara looked into her eyes and said “I understand you have no choice in the matter, Panthro was kind enough to explain the situation to me, but Lion-o should still make a choice and she left. 
Cheetara knew where lea would go and she went to find lion-o, she told him to go to tygra's room that there was something he needed to see.
 Lea went to find tygra, he was the only one she could talk to she found him in his room, lea knocked softly on the door, and the tiger bid her enter.
 “Tygra may I talk to you” she said. 
“you know you can talk to me about anything lea, Please sit down” tygra replied. Lea sat on tygras bed.
 “Now what troubling you,” the tiger replied?
“ It is lion-o and cheetara I think I have destroyed their happiness.  Cheetara is upset with me, tygra” she cried, “what am I going to do, I am bound to something I have no choice over”.
“ Its all right lea” tygra replied and put his arms around her. 
Tygra looked at the young lioness something inside him stirred .
He reached up and touched her silky hair.
It had been a long time since he had a woman in his arms, he knew what he was about to do was wrong. He knew she belong to Lion-o but he could not help it she seemed so helpless. 
 He reached down and tilted her chin up towards him he was about to kiss her when lion-o waked in and saw lea in tygras arms.
“ What in thundera is going on here”? Lion-o demanded 
“Nothing”, tygra replied, “She is just upset”.
 Lion-o looked at tygra and said “you will remove your hands from her now”, 
“But lion-o” tygra said 
“NOW “lion-o roared.
“ YOU ” he said to lea, “you will leave this room and never come in here again”. Lion-o’s commanding voice sent shivers down her spine and she ran out of the room. 
“You know jealousy dose not suit you” tygra replied. “She came her because she thought she hurt your and cheetaras chances of being together”. 
“She felt she had to turn to me because I don’t hound her
 and follow her around like a impetuous cub. “My advice to you is leave her alone for a while, just let her get use to you and then talk to her. 
“I am sorry tygra I don’t know what has come over me” lion-o replied feeling like a fool.
“You where protecting your future wife, that is what wrong with you, besides lea is young enough to be my daughter and panthro would kill me” tygra replied. 
Lion-o laughed “yes you are right he would”. 
The next day lea was still shaken but lion-o demand she decide she needed to get out side into the fresh air she knew there was a small pond nearby that she could go to just to be by herself to think.
 she told snarf where she was going and she left. 
It was a beautiful afternoon, the sun was shining and there was a slight breeze in the air, a perfect day for a walk it felt so good the get out into the fresh air lea soon found her self at the pond. 
The water looked so inviting as she sat down on the bank and pulled off her boots and stuck her feet in, she could feel tiny fish nibble on her toes as she moved them around she had to laugh because it tickled. She leaned her head back closed her eyes soaking in the sun. 

Meanwhile back at the lair lion-o went looking for lea., he felt bad about the way he reacted to seeing her with tygra last night. He wanted to apologize to her. 
If only he had of kept his temper under control he wouldn’t be in this mess he thought to himself.
 no wonder she ran off like a scared rabbit every time she saw him. He wasn’t paying attention to where he was going and almost ran into poor snarf. 
“Oh gees snarf I am sorry” lion-o said as he stopped short of knocking the furry creature down.
“ It’s ok lion-o no harm done, where you off to in such a hurry anyway” snarf replied. 
“ I was looking for lea have you seen her” Lion-o asked. 
“Yea” snarf replied, she went down to the pond”.
“ Good, thanks Snarf lion-o turned to leave. 
“wait “snarf shouted after him,” here take this with you”  he handed him a basket “since you both missed lunch I thought you might be hungry” 
Lion-o took the basket and laughed “you had this planned did not you old friend”. 
“Well “snarf replied, “It doesn’t hurt to be prepared”.
 Lion-o made his way to the pond the whole way he was thinking of a way to make lea more comfortable around him, he thought if he could get he alone out here in the open where she wouldn’t feel trapped she would relax and open up and talk to him.

Lion-o spotted lea sitting at the ponds edge she had taken off her boots and had her feet in the water the was a smile on her face something he hadn’t seen in awhile. 
She had loosened her long hair from it’s braid and it was gently blowing in the breeze she looked totally relaxed.
 Lea hear someone approach and quickly turned her head her smile faded when she seen who it was.
 Lion-o walked over to her, “may I join you”, 
Lea nodded. Lion-o set the basket down beside him and sat down.
 “The water looks warm,” he said. 
“It is” lea replied. She had her feet in the water up to her calves; his eyes followed her long legs up her body until he was looking at her face.
 He decided to do the same; he removed his boots and put his feet in the water too. 
“Humm” he said “that feels good”. 
He looked over at lea, “I brought some lunch with me incase you where hungry” he reached over and placed the basket between them and opened it up. 
He handed her a sandwich, which she quietly ate. 
“Thank-you” she said, “so you decided to me nice to me,” she replied. 
Lion-o knew she was hurt.
 He turned to her and said in a low voice. “I want to apologize to you for last night, I really did not mean to yell at you, it’s just that went I walked in and saw you and tygra jealousy got the better of me”. 
“I hope you apologized to tygra too,” she added.  
“Yes, I did and he set me straight on a few things too”. He reached down, picked a blade of grass, and held it between his fingers. “Apology accepted” lea turned to him, “Lion-o, I am sorry too”. 
He was taken back by her apology. “You have nothing to be sorry for lea,” he said. 
“Oh yes I do Lea replied, I have treated you badly and we are going to get married and we hardly know each other and that is my fault I have never given you a chance to know me”.
Lion-o looked at her. “You” he said look very pretty with your hair down like that”. 
Lea blushed “thank-you”. 
“Your welcome, Leanna” he smiled at her. 
     “ Oh, please don’t call me that” she laughed, “My father calls me that when he is mad at me”. 
“ Ok, Lea”, Lion-o replied.
“ My father was right about one thing about you” Lea said
“ Oh, what would that be” Lion-o asked.
“ You can be quite hotheaded” Lea laughed.
 He just arched his brow at her and then started laughing.
“What do you say we head back it’s getting late and the others will wonder where we are, heaven forbid your father sending out a search party to look for you”. 
“No I do not want that, lea had to laugh, lets go”. 
They packed up their basket and walked back to the lair, on the way back Lion-o tap Lea’s arm “ Your it” he took off running.
“ You impetuous cub” Lea said as she took chase. She caught up to him and tags his shoulder. 
“ Now, your it” she laughed and took off in a dead run for the bridge. before she could reach the bridge, she felt an arm go around her waist and she was lifted off the ground. They both tumbled to the ground, landing in a bush, lea ended up on top of him.
“ Okay, first you hit me in the head with a snarfball, now you throw me in a bush” Lea laughed, “ what else are you going to do to me, throw me in the moat”.
“No,” Lion-o replied as he pulled her to him and kissed her.
Lea’s eyes widened in surprise. She pulled away from him quickly
“ Slow down there big boy” Lea replied trying to catch her breath.
“ I’m just being impetuous” Lion-o smiled as he reached up and pulled a leaf out of her hair.
Panthro was in the control room and seen what happened, he turned to Tygra, “ I think those two will get along just fine” he replied laughing.
The weeks went by quickly. Lea did not want to get out of bed this particular morning, it was her wedding day and she was not happy about it at all.
 Forced to do something she did not want to do. Lea decided that she would make the best of it after all she was born into this and had no way out.
 She would never tell lion-o what might have happened if he had not of walked in on them that night in tygra’s room.
 Maya came into the room with a tray of food,“time to get up and get ready my daughter”. 
Lea groaned and got out of bed. 
“ Come on lazy bones, you have a big day ahead of you,” Maya replied as she push her daughter towards the bathroom. 
After she had her shower, she sat down and started eating her breakfast as her mother dried her hair.
“Nevertheless, mother why must I marry a man who does not love me. He even told me that if I had not showed up he would of married Cheetara” Lea replied as she finished eating.
 Maya looked at her daughter “don’t worry your self about such things, you will grow to love each other, it will take time, and Cheetara will not interfere in your marriage to Lion-o, she will respect you as lion-o’s wife now lets get you ready”. 
Mean while lion-o had been up for a few hours.  He was glad he had a chance to get to know a different side of lea. she was a lot like her father tough on the outside but with a soft heart, that day at the pond she actually warmed up to him. He smiled to himself, he would have to work on her softer side.
 Maya smiled as lea turned round in her wedding dress. 
“You look beautiful,” her mother said. Lea’s dress was the same color as her eyes a dark emerald with gold trim with bell sleeves. Maya walked over to her daughter and picked up a box. Your gown would not be complete with out this; Maya opened the box and inside was a silver necklace, the charm on the end was two intertwining hearts. 
“There now you are ready” Maya said as she stepped back and looked at her daughter. 
Lea left the room with her mother she could see from the window that there was a large crowd gathered at the lair. Thousands of people gathered to witness the marriage of lord lion-o and lady lea. 

“You look beautiful” came a gruff male voice from behind her lea turned to see her father coming. 
“Thank-you father you look handsome your self in your dress uniform”. 
“Well I come to let you know we are ready for you we are about to start” Panthro said as he gave her a kiss. 
“Am I ready” lea thought to herself the music started and lea walked out to join Lion-o who indeed looks very handsome dressed in his finest dark blue dress uniform and red cape. Lea took her place beside lion-o. 
 “Good people of third earth” tygra began “we are here to witness the joining of lord lion-o and lady lea”. 
 Lion-o lead Lea though to great steel door of the entrance. Tygra signaled the pair to join hands and face each other. Lea reluctantly took lion-o’s hand. 
“By the laws of thundera and all witnessed here do you Leanna swear to up hold the sacred laws of thundera and to honor Lion-o as your husband”?  
“ Yes, I swear,” Lea replied as Lion-o slipped a sliver band on her finger. 
“By the laws of thundera and all witnessed here do you Lion-o swear to up hold the sacred laws of thundera and to honor Leanna as your wife”?
“Yes, I swear,” Lion-o smiled as Lea placed a sliver band on his finger.
Lion-o turned to Tygra, and took silver crown from the pillow he was holding. 
Lea bent to one knee as Lion-o placed the crown on her head. 
Tygra motioned lion-o to with draw the sword. The eye grew to life as Lion-o took her hand, lea stood and placed her hand on the hilt above lion-o’s .
I declare Lord Lion-o and Lady Lea, husband and wife, with that the sword reacted with a roar and a display of raw power, The Thundercat signal rose high into the air as Lion-o turn to Lea and kissed her.

The crowd let loose a thunderous cheer. 
There was a large reception that followed that they thought would go on until the wee hour of the morning.
 Lea looked around at the large crowed of people most of them she did not even know, she met people form all over third earth. 
All the women saying she was a very lucky woman she would just smile at them when they told her that. 
Lion-o walked up to his new bride music started playing 
“Excuse me ladies, but I must steal my wife away for our first dance”. Lion-o took lea’s hand and lead her to the middle of the dance floor.
 He pulled her close to him , lea looked up at lion-o he smiled down at her.
 something was happening that she did not understand, being in lion-o arms made her feel safe, and something else was stirring deep inside her.
 Something she had never felt before. The feel of his body pressing against her, having his strong arms wrapped around her, his scent filled her nostrils; she was beginning to feel light headed. 
Lion-o leaned down and gently kissed her, this sent a jolt through her body. Her knees went weak, and then the sword growled a warning.
Lea looked at him as he removed the sword from his side and held it to his face.
“ Sword of omens give me sight beyond sight”
“ What is it lion-o “tygra replied as he and the others ran over.
“ Mutants are attacking the wollos village, let’s go” Lon-o replied as he removed his crown and cape and handed them to Lea.
“ I’m going to” Lea replied.
“ No, you stay here, I won’t be long” Lion-o replied as they ran out to the hanger.
“ Come on” Kit replied we have to get to the control room.
 Lea handed her mother lion-o cape and crown, picked up the hem of her dress and took off running after kit.
“ Just as things where getting fun, those damn mutants had to go and spoil everything” Kit replied.
“ Kit , watch your tongue” Lea replied.
“ oops , sorry” kit blushed. 
Lea just shook her head trying not to laugh. She watched as kit brought up the scanner. 
“ There they are” kit replied.
Lea sat and watched as the thundertank pulled up to the wollo village. There where six mutants again four Thundercats.
“ They are outnumbered” Lea replied.
“You have never seen them go into battle have you” ” kit smiled.
“ No” Lea answered
“Watch and learn, your in for a treat,” kit replied. 
 Lea sat in amazement as she watched as the four ThunderCats quickly drove off the mutants.
Cheetara ran in a blur around one of them and took her staff and knocked him to the ground, the mutant ran off.
Tygra used his whip to turn himself invisible; he came up behind one of the mutant, appeared and with a crack of his whip sent the mutant flying.
Panthro used his nu-chucks to dispose to two of them that came at him.
Lion-o fired a blot of energy from the sword at the last mutant.
Kit turned to Lea, “told you that you would be in for a treat”.
Lea smiled, “I just wish I could of gone with them to help”.
“ Better get down stairs, they will be returning soon” kit replied. 
By the time she made it down stairs the large crowd had thinned out, only a few dozen reminded. 
She met up with her mother, “ they are on their way back” Lea replied as they entered the large dining hall.
Lea was talking to willa when they came back.
Lion-o walked over to her “sorry about that, but when duty calls” he smiled.  
Lion-o heard Panthro call to him; “ I will be back” Lion-o replied and went over to panthro.
Several hours passed and still no sign of Lion-o. Lea was starting to get tired. It was near two in the morning, the last of the guest had left hours ago. Lea finally grew tired of waiting and went up to her room.

She got undressed and went to bed; she soon fell asleep, she was vaguely aware of someone coming into the room, and then leaving. 
It was morning when lea woke up lea stretched, rolled over on her back.
 She got dressed and went down to the kitchen; tygra was sitting at the table.
“ Did you sleep well?” he asked. “Yes,” lea said it’s so quietly where is everyone,”
 Tygra said, “Still sleeping I guess I have not seen no one beside you this morning are you hungry”.
“ No “she replied. 
“Is everything all right?” Tygra asked.
“ No, have you seen Lion-o this morning” lea replied. 
“Well, no” the tiger said “Lion-o is an early riser, he most likely up and gone”. 
“Oh, okay,” lea replied she went to leave then she suddenly stopped and turned back and sat down. 
“Tygra we need to talk,” she said as she took a seat next to him. Tygra put down his cup and looked at her he knew what she was talking about.
 “Lea before you say anything I want to say that I was way out of line that night I had no right” lea put her hand on his. 
“Tygra it is ok I am not mad at you. You have a kind and gentle soul with a heart of gold you have done nothing wrong” lea smiled at him. 
“Nevertheless, something could have happened” he said. 
“Don’t think of what could of happened tygra, we must move passed that. I am lion-o ‘s wife now and that is something I have to make the best of. You where there for me when I needed a friend and I thank-you for that” she said as She stood and kissed him on the cheek.
 “We will always be friends, and besides if lion-o knew he would rip your head off”. 
Tygra smiled, “yea I know he would and so would your father”.
 Lea nodded in agreement and left.
 She was so confused over her feeling for lion-o, a man she hardly knew was now her husband, at this moment she thought of him as a good friend, she knew he wanted more. 
She was not ready for that next step yet
In addition, she felt badly for hurting Cheetara.
 She just wanted everyone to be happy. 
Lea went back to her room and since she could not get back to sleep, she grabbed her crossbow, hooked it to her belt and headed out the door. 
She met up with Cheetara on her way downstairs. “Have you seen Lion-o his morning” Lea asked. 
“ He and panthro went to the wollo village to help clean up” Cheetara replied.
“ I’m going hunting, would you like to join me,” Lea asked.
“ Okay, just a second,” Cheetara answered as she went over to the wall panel. “ Tygra, extend the bridge, Lea and I are going hunting”.
The two women left the lair, as they headed to the hunting plains Lea turned to Cheetara.
 “ Cheetara, I want to” Lea started to say before she was cut off. 
“ Lea, if you apologize to me one more time I’m going to have to slap you silly” Cheetara smiled. “ To tell you the truth, I am actually quite relieved, don’t get me wrong, I like Lion-o, it’s just I have known him all his life, and well to be frank, he is not my type”.
Lea just stood there with her mouth open.
“ Besides” she whispered, I have my eye on a certain tiger”.
“ Now lets see how good you are with that crossbow” Cheetara replied as the entered the hunting plains.

By the time the two women returned, Panthro and Lion-o where already back.
Panthro said “ Lion-o look”.
He turned and saw Cheetara and Lea coming across the bridge with a large deer tied to Cheetara’s staff, that they carried on their shoulders.
“ Well boys, will eat good tonight” Cheetara replied. As they walked up to the two men. “Thanks to our resident sharp shooter” Cheetara said nodding back at Lea.
“ Now, we caught him, you guys get to clean him” Lea replied as they set the deer down and untied it from the staff. 
“ Do you know your bleeding” Lion-o replied looking at the wound on Lea’s forehead.
“ Yea, he caught me with his horn” Lea replied looking down at the deer. “It’s just a scratch”. 
Lion-o gave her a disapproving look. “ You should be more careful”.
“ Look, I don’t tell you how to use the sword, so don’t tell me how to hunt” Lea snapped as she headed inside.
Lion-o looked at Panthro who threw up his hands and said 
“ Women, go figure, one minute they can be so sweet and the next minute, they will tear your head off”.

Weeks went by, Lea hardly spoke to Lion-o, she acknowledge him if he asked her something, but that was about the extent of the conversation.
It was midnight when Lea finally went to her room. She opened the door and walked in ,the room was filled with flowers. They where, the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen. They covered the dresser, the nightstand, the floor was littered with red and yellow roses, different color wild flowers.
 The bed was full of soft red, yellow and blue petals.
 She walked over and scooped up a hand full, and drank in their scent. She smiled to herself. A soft knock on her door drew her attention. 
Lea opened the door. Cheetara stood on the other side, she peeked around lea.” Wow,” she replied as she walked in to the room.
“ You want them, you can have them, “ Lea replied dryly.
 “ Now Lea, how can you stay mad at him when he does something like this,” Cheetara said, as she smelled the flowers.
“ He is trying you know, he does care about you,” Cheetara added.
“ Maybe, but he won’t let me go if there is trouble somewhere, I am very capable of holding my own, but no, I have to stay here, he treats me like, ”Lea said as she plunked herself down on the bed.
“His wife,” Cheetara finished, “ he can be too overprotective, it’s just his nature, he’s a man. By the look of this room, I think he is trying to tell you something, oh before I forget I have something for you”. She handed Lea a gift wrapped box.
“ Now Lady Leanna, I bid you goodnight,” Cheetara replied as she walked out the door.
Lea placed the unopened box on her dresser, cleaned the flowers off the floor and the bed and went to sleep.
         She was asleep for about an hour when she heard her door open.
She could hear movement, the rustling of clothes, feel the covers being lifted and the shifting of the bed as Lion-o lay down, she lay there not moving, wondering and waiting, once he got comfortable and settled, she went back to sleep.
When she woke up, it was almost daylight.
She felt a weight against her back; she could not move her leg or her head. Lion-o had his arm wrapped around her waist, his hand over hers, he was half laying on her back his left leg thrown over hers. If she had been completely on her stomach, he would have been laying on top of her. He had his face buried in her hair, she could feel his breath on the back of her neck. She tried to move.
“ Do not move, I am comfortable “ came a groggy voice behind her, go back to sleep, it’s not time to get up yet” he said as he pulled her closer.
Lea did fall back to sleep, he may have been comfortable but she wasn’t, she was not use to sharing her bed, having someone that close to her made her uncomfortable. Nevertheless, he did have the right to be here.
When she did wake up Lion-o was gone, she never heard him leave.
She was just getting up when he walked in. 
“How did you sleep?” Lea asked.
“ The bed is too lumpy and small” He smiled at her.
“ Well, sleep where ever you feel comfortable” she replied.
“Oh really”, Lion-o said with a smile on his face, “good” he said as he opened her closet door and started to remove her clothing.
“What are you doing” Lea asked.
“ Your moving in my room, I told you that bed was too lumpy and small” He replied as he gathered her clothes and headed out the door.
 She slipped on her robe and followed him. 
He opened his closet and hung her clothes in there. “ Now go get the rest of your things,” he said as he started to leave the room.
“But” Lea started to say.
“No buts, you are my wife and you will sleep in my bed, end of discussion, oh by the way this is yours,” Lion-o handed her the gift wrapped box and left.
She just stood there for a moment, looking at the box before she went back to her room. She knew it was no good arguing with him, she started packing up the things.
Cheetara walked by and saw Lea packing her clothes. “Need some help,” the cheetah asked. Lea nodded.
“ So I take it you are moving to another room” Cheetara smiled.
“ Don’t be so coy, I know you know about his little display this morning” Lea replied as she carried a box down the hall.
“ Well, I say it’s about time” Cheetara said as she followed Lea.
“ You have been married for over a month now and if I may be so bold and ask, have the two of you”.
“ No” Lea half shouted.
“ Ah, I see” Cheetara said giving her a half smile.” That would explain why he has been so irritable lately”.
“Did you open the box I gave you last night.” Cheetara asked as they entered Lion-o’s bedroom.
“ No, it’s over there on the dresser,” Lea replied.
“Well, you should,” Cheetara replied as she put box the last of Lea’s things.
“ I will later,” Lea replied putting her clothes in the closet.
Lea finished packing her things and was now in her new room unpacking.
 She looked at the box that sat on the dresser, she picked it up, went over to the bed and sat down. She placed the box on her lap and lifted the lid. Her hand encountered something soft and silky. She pulled back the thin paper and picked up a deep red night gown. She stood and held it up. The neck line was cut low, it was backless with thin shoulder straps. A note fell to the floor. She picked it up and read it. 
“ Lea,
“here is something to get the passion burning as deep as the color of this gown”

Lea smiled, “that sneaky little cheetah” 

 Snarf knocked on the door.
 “ Lea it’s time to eat”.
“ Thank-you Snarf, I will be right down,” Lea called to him as she put the nightgown on the bed.
Lea entered the dinning room, Cheetara looked at her and winked as she took the only chair that was left beside her husband. She ate in silence as the others talked about the events of the day.
“ Lion-o, have you finished the night shift rotation for the week?” Panthro asked. 
“ No, I will leave that for Lea to do” Lion-o replied as he looked at her.
“ I will get on it after supper” Lea answered.

Lea head to the library to work on the shift rotation, she was surprised the she was given the job. After an hour, she finished and went to find Lion-o.
Lea found him in his study; she walked over and placed the paper on the desk in front of him. 
“ Does this met with your approval?” she asked.
He picked up the paper and studied it. “ No” he replied looking at her. “ According to this you are on duty tonight”.
“ Well, it is my turn,” Lea replied as she headed for the door. “I bid you good night”.
Lea flinched as she heard something crash against the wall. She headed for the control room.
It was past midnight when her mother walked in.
“ Lea, what are you doing here?” Maya asked.
“ I’m on duty” Lea replied dryly.
“ You should be with your husband” Maya said as she took the chair next to her. “ You know you can’t avoid him forever”.
“ I know” Lea said softly.
“ Go to him Lea” Maya said as she placed her hand on Lea’s arm.
“ I can’t, it’s too soon” Lea whispered.
“ Lea, go” Maya said. “ I will take over until Cheetara arrives”.
Lea stood in front of Lion-o’s bedroom door; she quietly opened the door and went in. 
The moon was especially bright it gave off enough light that she did not need to turn on a light. She let out a sigh of relief when she seen that he was sleeping.
 She quietly went into the bathroom; she saw the gown that Cheetara had given her hanging on the back of the door. She put it on,
It barely covered her. She switched off the light and stood in the doorframe.
“ Lea” Lion-o whispered.
She looked at him as he propped himself up on his elbow.  He pulled back the covers; she went over and climbed into bed. He reached out and touched her cheek with the back of his fingers.
  He lean over and very slowly kissed her. His hand pulling her closer to him, her body was so warm. Her lips resisted of a moment but something inside her began to melt.
 She opened her mouth and kissed him deeply. Her arms wrapped around his neck. Her body tingled. Her heart raced. Lion-o drew back. “ I love you,” He whispered. “ I love you too” Lea smiled

He knew he had to be gentle; this would be her first time. 
Slowly he kissed her, she responded by running her fingers over his jaw. 
He started to kiss her neck and nibble on her ear a soft moan escaped her lips. 
His need grew he could not stop even if he wanted to, he let out a quiet growl to see if she would accept him.
 She responded she was ready for him. 
His hand slowly ran up her side. Lea responded by pulling herself closer to him. 
Her head felt like it was about to explode as she drank in his scent.
He was now fully on top of her, he kissed her and looked into her eyes. 
Her eyes where full of passion. She wanted him as much as he wanted her.
 He started to kiss her neck she ran her claws gently down his back.  He gently kissed her neck to help distract her from the pain she was about to experience; there was a sharp intake of breath from lea. 
He knew he caused her pain so he stopped for a moment,” are you alright” he asked. 
 “Yes I think so,” Lea whispered.
 “I promise it will not hurt anymore” he said and began to kiss her and touch her to make her forget about the pain. 
Slowly the pain started to disappear, replaced by pleasure.
Lea dug her claws into his shoulder a growl came from her lips. Lion-o had brought her to her pleasure a roar escaped him and he bit down on her neck marking her as his as he reached his release.  He kissed her deeply. 
He rolled off her pulling her with him and into his arms. Both lay breathing heavy and exhausted. They both fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.
 It was it was morning lion-o was the first to awaken; he looked down at his wife curled up in his arms, her hair covering her face. 
He moved her hair away from her face. 
Lea stirred and lion-o closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.
 Lea tried to move but lion-o’ s arm was around her holding her tightly to him. 
She slowly unwrapped her self from him. He stirred slightly. She lay there for a moment. 
Lion-o opened his eyes. “Good morning my love, did you sleep well?”
Lea smiled at him “yes” she replied as she snuggled closer to him. “However, we do have to get up”. 
“Not really”, lion-o replied “we could stay here all day if we wish”. “ That sounds so tempting, lea laughed “ but don’t you think someone would come looking for us”. 
“ Not if they valued their life” He smiled as he pulled her to him.

Snarf was just about to open Lion-o‘s door when Tygra spotted him.
“ I wouldn’t do that if I where you” Tygra warned.
“ I wanted to let them know that breakfast was ready” Snarf replied as he started walking down the hall.
“I think they are busy right now” tygra smiled.
“ Too busy to eat, I don’t think so” Snarf replied. 
“I’m telling you Snarf, Lion-o left orders last night that they where not to be disturbed” tygra said.
The sound of laughter and a squeal came from Lion-o’s room.
Snarf ‘s face turned red he looked at Tygra and said “ Ohh, oh okay, I will keep it warm for them”.
“ I would not count on them coming out for a while,” Tygra grinned as they made their way back to the dinning room.

It was after lunch before they couple emerged for the room and headed to the dinning room.
 Only Panthro and Maya where there. Maya looked at her daughter, smiled, and went back to her conversation she was having with panthro. 
Snarf came in “ Are you hungry” he asked. 
“ We are starving” Lion-o grinned. Lea blushed.
 Lea sat quietly eating while lion-o talked to panthro and Maya.
 After finishing her meal, Lea excused her self.
 “Where are you going” lion-o asked.
“ Hunting of course,” she replied. She picked up her crossbow and started out panthro stopped her.
“ Lea he said I have something for you”. He went around the side of the table, pick up a package, and handed it to lea. 
 Lea opened the package it was a beautiful silver crossbow. 
“Oh father it is beautiful. It is much better than my wooden one,” she said examining the crossbow. 
The panther smiled “I made it the way you wanted, I also added the features you asked for. Take it out and try it”. 
“I will thank you very much”, Lea said as she started to leave.
“ You are not going out alone” lion-o stated. Lea turned and looked at him.
“ Why not I am very capable of looking after myself,” she replied. “You will not go alone, it to dangerous”, Lion-o stated.
“That never stopped me before,” Lea protested. 
“No” Maya replied you could be in danger from mutants or the others”. 
“Mother”, Lea said we have not heard anything from the mutants or the others in almost month what are the chances they would try something now”.
“ I do not want to take the chance” lion-o replied.
“ Good grief” lea replied. You both treat me as if I am a cub, Father you tell them how well trained I am”. 
Panthro held up his hands “oh no, your not dragging me into this”. 

“I do not care who comes with me, I am going out hunting,” Lea said as she turned and walked away. 
Lion-o jumped in front of her. 
“Move please” she replied.
 Lion-o smiled down at her,” you are a stubborn one,” he said.
 Lea turned and looked at her mother who was trying not to laugh.  Lea turned back to her husband.
“ Come here” she whispered. Lion-o bent lower.
“ Closer” lea whispered. Lion-o leaned closer.
 That’s when she gave him the most passionate kissed she could muster, what he did realize was that as lea was kissing him she was also turning his body so when she pulled away from him she could run out the unblock door way. 
“Bye,” she said and ran off laughing leaving a stunned Lion-o shaking his head. 
“That little minks” he grumbled.
 Panthro laughed “her mother pulled that same trick on me once”. “You have to watch them there sneaky that way”. 
“Hey now” Maya protested.
“ Thanks, I will keep that in mind,” Lion-o said as he took chase after lea. 

Lea went to the hunting grounds where she knew she could find game. Lea sat in the bush watching a heard of deer.
 She watched and waited for the right moment to draw her bow. 
A sound caught her attention; “if Lion-o scares off my game, I will kill him,” she thought to herself.
 She smelled the air no it was not her husband the scent was wrong. The smell was male, But who. 
Lea peered between the brushes and saw nothing but she knew someone was there. She went to turn around and two mutants jumped out at her. 
 A voice said “ well, well what do we have here, another annoying thundercat”. 
One was reptilian and the other monkey like.
“ Ooh slithe I never seen this one before,” Monkian replied,” She is a pretty one,”
“ I would leave if I where you,” lea growled “unless you want to get hurt”. Both mutants started to laugh. 
“You are making a threat little one, you are all alone,” Slithe laughed. Those words struck home lion-o was right she should not have come alone.
“ I will show you little” lea spit back. She readied herself, monkian made a grab for her she easily did a back flip and jumped out of his way.
With one touch the cross bars of her bow folded and the shaft lengthened, turning into an Escrima. She took a defensive pose and readied the short staff.
 “ Oh she is a nimble little thing,” Mankian replied as he made another lunge for her.
She struck him in the back of the legs sending him hard to the ground.
 She turned just as slithe made a swing at her with his axe, she ducked Struck him in the leg, spun around and kick him in the gut sending him flying to the ground. 
“You will pay for that my pretty” came a voice from behind her.
 She made a run for the trees. She made a leap for the branch; before she could grab it large, a large net was thrown over her. 
She fell to the ground and struggled to escape but the more she struggled the tighter it got.
“ I wonder who she is” monkian asked slithe.
   “I know who she is,” said a third voice.
 Lea looked and saw two more mutants come out from the bushes. 
“Who is she vultureman? “ monkian asked.
“ This is Lion-o ‘s new bride,” he sneered. 
“Oooh what a prize” said Monkian, “Lets take her to mumm-ra”. While the mutants where deciding what they where going to do with there prize lea touched a button on her crossbow, a small blade emerged, she started to cut through the net. 
“Dumb mutants” lea thought to herself.
 Just as she was starting to free herself Monkian saw her and shot her with a powerful knock out gas. Before lea blacked out, she called to Lion-o. However, Lion-o knew she was in danger, he was following her when the sword had warned him, he called the other thundercats. 

Monkian had an unconscious Lea slung over his shoulder, her feet tied, her hands bound behind her back. They where headed down a path when a voice said “ get your filthy hands off her”.
They stopped and turned around and saw Lion-o standing there with sword in hand ready to fight.
Monkian dropped her to the ground.
“ If you want to see this pretty kitty again you will give us the sword”, slithe replied. 
“I don’t think so,” lion-o growled.  
“ I will make you change your mind,” Slithe replied as he went over to lea and chopped her long braid in half, held it up, and nodded to Jackelman.
Jackelman held his studded club over lea’s head ready to hit her with it. 
“ Now give me the sword boy or the next time it will be her head,” Slithe hissed.
Suddenly without warning, there was a golden blur, jackelman and Vultureman went flying, Cheetara had knocked them out cold.
 She went over and starting to free lea.
 slithe and monkian turned back to the other thundercats, Lion-o had his sword pointed at slithe’s head.
 The sword growled waiting for its masters command to unleash its power.
“ Now do you wish to fight” lion-o replied. The two mutants looked at each other and took off running.

Lea opened her eyes and saw cheetara cutting the last of her bonds away.
 Lea looked up at her. 
“How mad is he,” she whispered to Cheetara.
 Lion-o walked over to his wife. “Are you alright,” he asked.
“ Now before you say I told you so, yes I am ok and you where right I should have listened to you,” she replied.
“ Where are those blasted mutant any way, “ Lea said as she stood and looked around.
“ I want a piece of there hide, they dare sneak up on me and drop a stupid net on me, then they hit me with a knock out gas,” lea fumed she was furious. Then she noticed that half of her hip length hair was chopped off.
 “That son of a,” Lea growled and she started to run after the mutants. 
Lion-o grabbed her around the waist and lifted her off her feet, “ oh no you don’t, I think they have enough for today,” he said.
Lea crossed her arms over her chest and scowled. 
 Lion-o just smiled and shook his head” lets go home”. 

Chapter 2

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