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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Twas the Holiday Season
By Mumm-Ra (Me!)

Twas the holiday season, and all through his tomb,
Mumm-Ra was pacing, with visions of gloom.
"No stockings, no presents, no warmth from the flame-
While, I'll even put that old Grinch guy to shame!"

Ma-Mutt was nestled all snug in his bed,
with visions of Snarf being tortured, but not dead! (hey its the holidays!)
He knew his master had a plan up his sleeve,
One that the Tcats would never believe!

The ASOE looked on as Mumm paced,
smiling through statues where they were encased.
"We hope Mumm-Ra comes up with a plan thats not strange-
Destroy all the TCats, and get home for gift exchange!"

Mumm stared at his cauldron, but the water was clear.
"My viewing pool's hurt by all this holiday cheer!"
He then got an idea to end the affair-
"I'll dress up like Santa, and enter Cat's Lair!"

"I'll end their festivities and take that darn Sword...
They'll have a bad holiday - that's my reward!"
But as Mumm-Ra began his chant to disguise,
a knock on the door gave him quite a surprise.

He nervously went to see who would visit-
He got to the door and called out, "Who is it?"
When he got no response he got nervous a bit.
He'd seen those old movies where 'scrooges' had lost it. 

"Are you the ghosts of christmas present, future and past?"
"No," said the group, "It's just us, the TCats!
We're here with gifts to make your holiday bright:
It's a new red cloak, and a skirt thats less tight!"

Mumm-Ra took the gifts with tears in his eyes...
"You've made me feel good, I love all you guys!"
As he smiled at the Cats, he realized a flaw.
"I have nothing to give you, nothing at all!"

"What do you want, a new train, a new car?
How bout some kitty litter, or the Sword of Plundarr?"

"There's one thing we want," said the TCats that night:
"All you should do........... is update your website!"

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