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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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The Two Faces of Evil- Character Guide
By Beth Fuchs

In the first part of this story, aside from a bit of name-dropping, I've dealt
with only familiar characters.  Now I'm introducing a slew of new people,
places, and things, so for readers' enjoyment (and also to alleviate confusion
of who's who and what's what) I've created this handy-dandy character guide!

Please note:  This story is going to get rather bloody as it progresses, so if
that bothers you, stay away.  I wanted to whack people and that's exactly what
I'm going to do!  

Disclaimer thingie:  Thundercats characters are the sole properties of their
creators, namely, Ted Wolf, Telepictures Corporation, and a bunch of other
dudes I can't recall at this point in time.  The Two Faces of Evil (1997) is a
work of fiction and is meant in the spirit of fun.  However, any other
characters are mine and the plot content is mine as well.  Please respect
this, and I won't have to sic Ma-Mutt on you.

E-Mail Me!!!  Gotta question or comment on the story???  Drop me a line at

On To The Character Guide!!!!
(This will be updated as it comes along......)

Jasu (pronounced jay-soo):  Tributary river to New Thundera's Dreary Canal;
its name is Old Thunderian for "path of peace."

General Byron Kembri (kem-bree):  First in command of armed forces under
Claudis on Old Thundera, he is of cougar descent.  Now serving as the leader
of a massive organization named:

Genvironment:  Headed by Kembri, this secret but powerful industry counts some
of the universe's finest scientists and researchers among its ranks.
Genvironment deals mainly with the concepts of altered genetics in the modern
worlds; hence its moniker.

Pepper Spike:  Invented by Genvironment, it is an explosive device shaped like
a railroad spike with a 4-inch orb at its top.  The spike itself is about 7
inches long and carries a trigger on its side.  When activated, the spike
fires its lethal orb into the air.

Sephi-vo-Notar (sef-ee-vo-no-tar):  First assistant to Kembri, this reptilian
scientist from Plun-Darr is partially responsible for the creation and
management of Genvironment's cloning projects. 

Dr. Loen Tradyk (low-en trad-ick):  Second assistant to Kembri, this
Thunderian is also involved with genetic tinkering.

Emanon (em-ah-non):  Engineered by Kembri himself, Emanon is Mumm-Ra's deadly
clone.  He commands the same terrible powers Mumm-Ra possesses . . . and more!

Bolgar the Treacherous:  The reptilian King of Plun-Darr during Claudis's term
as Lord of the Thundercats.

Anquat (ahn-kwot):  The First Ancient Spirit of Evil; god of war.

Anubis (ah-noo-biss):  Second Ancient Spirit of Evil; god of death.

Apophis (ah-poe-fiss):  Third Ancient Spirit of Evil; god of vengeance.

Arkseht (ark-set):  Fourth Ancient Spirit of Evil; god of hatred.

Kingdom of The Jaguar:  In the ancient days of First Earth, this mysterious
Egyptian empire consisted of two provinces divided by the River Nile:  the
Black Land (west) and the Golden Land (east).  

Kings' Court:  Pharaohs' funeral site on the border between the Black Land and
the Golden Land signifying unity of the Jaguar empire.

Heart of Set:  Ancient mystical puzzle box said to contain the evil heart of
the Egyptian god Set.  According to legend, Set was the elder brother of the
good god Osiris, whom he destroyed so that he alone could rule the universe in
pure evil.  Isis, the wife of Osiris, cast a spell on the box and gave it to
their son Horus.  Horus then battled Set, defeated him, and cut out Set's
blackened heart to rid the land of his evil.  It is believed that as long as
Set's madness is imprisoned inside this box, evil cannot completely reign over

Merneptah Seti (mer-nep-tah seh-tee):  Mumm-Ra's great-grandfather.

Phuorbes (foo-or-bees):  Merneptah Seti's wife.

Oanahaptu (oh-ahn-ah-hap-too):  Merneptah Seti's and Phuorbes' daughter.

Sessendriht (say-sen-dreet):  Oanahaptu's husband.

Durakkon (dur-ah-con):  Oanahaptu's and Sessendriht's son.

Malesenkha (ma-lee-sen-kah):  Durakkon's wife.

Rani (rah-nee):  Mumm-Ra's childhood nickname.

Lyana (lee-ah-nah):  Mumm-Ra's wife.

Thaetith (thay-tith):  High Counselor and head priest to the Pharaoh; aided by
dark sorcery, he murdered his younger brother Durakkon to gain control of the
Jaguar empire.

Erkheti (er-keh-tee):  Commander of the Jaguar army . . . and Thaetith's
right-hand man.

Kusephta (coo-sef-tah):  Ruling Pharaoh before Merneptah Seti successfully
challenged him.

Sephetah (seh-fee-tah):  The First Ancient Spirit of Good; goddess of peace.

Sehmesep (seh-may-sep):  Second Ancient Spirit of Good; god of justice.

Hethhatu (hay-tha-too):  Third Ancient Spirit of Good; god of life.

Haphor (ha-for):  Fourth Ancient Spirit of Good; goddess of love.

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