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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: Midnight Hour
By Jesse Morgan

*** For all those that do not know, I'M BACKKKKKKKKKKKKK.  There are 
rumors that this series has ended but it has just begun.  In the coming 
stories, look for as much action, drama, romance and excitement as any 
other story I've done, but MORE!!!  New twists and turns in the 
Thundercats lives that will leave everyone wondering what will happen 
next.  Plus new outfits, new transformations, new attacks and new 
characters are to follow in the new stories.  To qoute from others: 
"You're in for a long haul" ***

** This story is mainly to get the Thundercats back to the way they 
were.  Not much fighting at all. **

                        Dark clouds scattered all over Thundera.  People 
slept peacefully in their houses, awaiting the morning.  A cold wind 
fell upon the streets.  Lights dimed, with flickering shines disguising 
the shadows.  Insects filled the streets with the music of the night.  
Water dripped from alleys and trash scattered the corners.  The moon 
provided the sight for all those who walked the lone streets.  But 
tonight, it's light was filled with the blood of the past.  A deep, dark 
past that could not be changed.
                        A lone man walks down the streets, injured, his 
moans filling the air like wind.  He grips hisslef closely as he limps 
down the forgotten alleys.  Howls of lost souls fill the streets as he 
tried to find somewhere to go.  All that was once his he gave up because 
of his lust for power.  His life and his love are now just a faded 
memory to what he has experienced.  All of that life died when he 
betrayed people who believed that he was their friend.  And now after 
the great battle that he has just dawned.  He can still feel the rain 
falling upon his face as he battles his once great love's old flame.  He 
can still feel his heart in his throat as he watches all that was on his 
side fall, one by one.  The picture flames his eye as he loses, a battle 
that brought shame to his lust.
                        The moon does not provide any love nor power for 
this man no longer.  Shadows become his enemies as he walks mercilessly 
down the street.  His eyes dims as a street light flickers back into his 
vision.  His eyes squint as he sees a young woman ahead of his path.  
"Who .... who are you?" he murmurs out as he stopped his motion.  The 
young woman's face is hidden in the shadows she stands in.  He can 
vaguly see her, drapped in a white shirt and pants.  He catches a glimsp 
of her eyes as they flutter in the darkness.  He senses nothing good can 
come of this woman.  He feels the danger that may hit him at any second 
but yet his intrigue and curiousity leads him closer.  She turns around 
slowly, letting her white shirt slips on her shoulders.  Her eyes once 
again flicker in the night.  "Hello Corwelin" she speaks, with her voice 
flowing like the seas.  "Who are you?" he repeated softly.  "Someone who 
is here to take you back to where you belong" the woman says.  She 
walks, her body gliding on the cool breeze.  As her body catches the 
street light's yellowish beam, Crowelin moves back.  "It can't be" 
Crowelin says as he begins to re-think his decision of finding out who 
the mysterious woman is.  Her eyes hypnotized him, holding him from 
movement.  "No, you can't still be alive" Crowelin said, desperately 
trying to get away.  "Yes, Mumm-ra may not be fully well, but Mumm-rana 
is" Mumm-rana said as the street light faded away.  With a movement of 
her hand, they were quickly swept into the darkness.  Never feeling the 
light to dim their eyes again.
                        Daylight cast the shadows of night away as a new 
morning feel on Thundera.  Dew sat upon windows and flowers everywhere. 
 Some rest while others are already starting their new day on Thundera. 
 Bengali packed his clothing into his bag while his new bridge slept 
quietly in bed.  He quietly packed away the few memories of their stay 
at their hotel.  It was now time for them to return to their lives, as 
parents, as Thundercats, as students and now as husband and wife.  
Bengali walked sfotly towards the window and lightly tugged on the 
string suspended from the blinds.  The blinds open, rattling carefully 
as streaks of light beamed into the room.  He adjusted his eyes to the 
light and quickly glanced at his watch.  "Time sure does go by fast" he 
said as he walked towards his bag.  He grabbed his keys from a table as 
he snatched up his bag.  He proceeded to the door with caution, giving 
his wife the few minutes she needed of sleep.  He slowly turned the knob 
and slipped out of the door without waking up his precious wife.
                        Streams of light passed across Pumyra's eyes as 
she awakened from her slumber.  Seh carefully brushed her hair back as 
she arose from her bed.  Eyes her adjusted to the light in the room just 
enough for her to notice that Bengali wasn't there.  She yawned deeply 
and pulled her covers back.  She shifted her body slightly as she 
slipped out of the bed.  Walking towards the mirror, she stepped light 
as the wind.  When she reached her destination, she guided her hands 
through her hair.  As she did she noticed her ring and she smiled.  Her 
gleaming smile was from the fact that she and Bengali had pledged their 
eternal love and now they were married.  She walked into the bathroom 
and closed the door.
                        Bengali stepped back inot their room, hearing 
the water sliding off the walls of the shower.  He looked at the bed 
notcing that Pumyra was no longer there.  He walked to the dresser, 
opening one of the drawers slightly.  He grabbed a locket that he gave 
Pumyra out of it.  The heart shapped necklace glimmered in the sun.  As 
the water stopped it's flow Bengali placed the necklace on the dresser. 
 He could smell the sweet aroma of Pumyra's perfume from outside of the 
bathroom.  Soon Pumyra emerged from the bathroom, dressed with her hair 
up in a ponytail.  Her hair flowed to her shoulders, the white tips just 
gracing her neck.  Bengali's brow slainted and then he smiled.  "Are you 
ready to go?" he said.  Pumyra smiled back at him.  She walked into the 
room, pacing herself carefully.  "What's wrong, no hello or good morning 
for your wife?" she said as she walked to the dresser.  She carefully 
pecked him on the cheek and looked into his eyes.  The blues eyes always 
seemed to shine when he was looking at his wife.  "How long do I have?" 
Pumyra said as she picked up the locket.  "Long enough" Bengali said 
with a smirk.  "I'll be ready soon.  I can not wait to see White and 
Destiny again" Pumyra said as she began packing her bags.  Soon enough 
they will be able to see their children again.
                        Gold, blue, purple, pink and yellow flowers 
danced in the graden of Tygra's mansion.  Wily Kit chased the flowers 
somely as her twin brother sat in the yard watching.  Their age has 
remained but their attitudes have matured since they have become 
Thundercats.  Wily Kit glanced upon the flowers as the dangled in the 
air and then floated to the grass.  She glanced upon the street as she 
saw two familar faces walking towards the mansion.  Wily Kat also 
watched as the two people approached.  "Wily Kat, it's Jadakiss and 
Apollo" Wily Kit said to her brother as she waved at the two approaching 
friends.  Apollo and Jadakiss entered the courtyard of Tygra's mansion. 
 "Long time no see" Wily Kat called as he ran up to them.  "I guess you 
could say two days is a long time, huh?" Apollo said as he looked 
genorously as Jadakiss.  "Stop fooling Kat" Wily Kit said as she elbowed 
him.  "So have Pumyra and Bengali returned?" Jadakiss said as she looked 
around the courtyard.  "Nope.  But they are returning someitme today" 
Wily Kat said as he picked up a round ball.  "Hey Apollo, care to take 
me on in the SIMS room, I've gotten pretty good" Wily Kat said.  Apollo 
looked at Jadakiss for a moment.  "Go ahead Apollo, I have some business 
to take sare of" Jadakiss said as she began walking for the house.  
"Well alright, let's go.  Care to join us Wily Kit?" Apollo said as he 
and Wily Kat began to walk towards the house.  "Sure" Wily Kit said with 
glee and followed.
                        Jadakiss entered the house in which not too long 
ago she was battling for her life.  She stared down the almost empty 
corridors of the halls.  A few snarfs were still at work and others were 
busy trying to rebuild the part of the house that was destroyed in their 
encounter with Crowelin and Mumm-rana.  She walked swiftly down the 
halls and outside to the back of the mansion.  Her eyelids adjusted to 
outside light as she exited the mansion.  Jadakiss listens to the light 
breeze as in pulls through her hair.  She listened carefully as she 
heard the sounds of a twirling staff.  She walked further into the open 
feild to find Cheetara praticing while Tygra looked on.  Cheetara spun 
her staff gracefully around, letting the wind speed it's current.  She 
lifted the staff into the air and let it fly.  Her eyes fixed upon it as 
it slowly fell back to the ground.  She bent down slowly, getting enough 
breath.  She quickly leaped into the air, with nothing but a flash of 
light following her.  As she leaped, she snatched up her staff, flipping 
in the air quickly.  Jadakiss and Tygra awed at the spectacular as she 
landed upon her feet.
                        Tygra quickly clapped in happiness as Cheetara 
caught her breath.  Jadakiss approached them and sat next to Tygra.  
"Well, where have you been?" Tygra said to her as she sat.  "Well me and 
Apollo have been looking for a place to stay and enrolling ourselves 
down here at Alterian College" Jadakiss said.  Cheetara walked over to 
them and also sat on the green grass.  The light breeze continued as did 
their conversation.  "I am just curious to know what happened to Mumm-ra 
and the Lunatacs" Cheetara said as she laid back in the grass.  "Don't 
forget about the Mutants" Tygra said.  "No one has seen nor heard from 
them since the battle" Jadakiss said as she looked to the sky.  "Has 
Lynx-o recovered from his sprain" Jadakiss asked as she looked at Tygra. 
 "Yes, he is doing fine now.  But we do worry about him and Panthro for 
the injuries they suffered during the battle" Tygra said as he glanced 
at Cheetara.  "Lion-o does seem to being doing well though" Cheetara 
said as she sat back up.  She ran her hands through her hair as she 
prepared to stand.  "Where is he?" Jadakiss said.  "Who?" Tygra said as 
if he was not keeping up with the conversation.  "He is in his room, 
quietly sleeping" Cheetara said as she stood.  She stretched and walked 
away from Tygra and Jadakiss.  "Where are you going" Tygra said as he 
watched her leave.  "I have some business to attend to" Cheetara said 
without turning around.  Tygra's brow arched in disbelief as she left 
                        Bengali stared at the mansion as he and Pumyra 
approached it.  The Siberian's thoughts trailed to what problems and 
joys he has faced at this mansion.  His wife walked hand and hand with 
him as they approached.  They entered the empty corridor with ease.  
"Looks pretty empty" Bengali said as they reached the doorstep.  "I 
don't care if anyone's here, just as long as I see my babies" Pumyra 
said as she smiled at Bengali.  He smiled back at her.  Everytime he 
smiled at her, his heart grew warm knowing everything would be allright. 
 The bright sun drapped the outside in light as they opened the door.  
To their surpirse waitning upon them as they entered was Lion-o.  "Well 
it's good to see you two" he said as he hugged Pumyra.  Bengali shook 
Lion-o's hand as they entered the house.  "So how was the honeymoon?" 
Lion-o said as he helped them with their bags.  "It was great!" Pumyra 
said as she sat down on the couch.  Bengali placed their bags down and 
sat next to her.  Lion-o proceeded to a chair across from them.  "So how 
are things here?" Pumyra questioned, feeling a bit of tension in the 
air.  "They are going real good" Lion-o said as he looked away from 
them.  "I had better put our stuff up" Bengali said as he arose from the 
couch.  "Alright, I'll be up in a few Bengali" Pumyra said.  Bengali 
left the room sensing that Lion-o's words were not the truth.
                        "What's really happening here?" Pumyra said as 
she stared at Lion-o.  Lion-o huffed a moment and cleared his throat.  
"Well it's a long story.  My father has asked that I stay at the palace 
instead of here and learn about my past.  I am not sure I should though 
because I belong here with the rest of the Thundercats.  As for everyone 
else, tension is thick.  Tygra and Cheetara seem to be parting more and 
more.  Tygres and Panthro have spent a lot of time together much to 
Tygra's dismay.  Kit and Kat have been at school and with their parents 
until today.  Things between me and Catlani have been fine though.  She 
has been a little depressed with her father being gone, though she 
really didn't know him.  And you know about me reciving the Thundercats 
Key of Life, so now we must all cope with new powers that we are unsure 
of how to use.  I am more worried the Thundercats all together" Lion-o 
said.  Pumyra's didn't change postion, knowing that she too knew the 
Thundercats had more problems then Lion-o knew of.  "Well I need to go 
see my babies, but I'll talk to you later Lion-o" Pumyra said as she 
left the room.  Lion-o looked out the window, trying not to let his mind 
get o confussed.
                        Pumyra walked slowly up the steps.  As she got 
closer to the top, she felt her excitment get to her.  She was 
anticipating to see her children.  As she reached the top, her 
anticipation finally got to her.  She swiftly walked to her and 
Bengali's room.  She reached for the knob slowly and turned it.  The 
wind caught the door and opened it.  She slowly peeked in to see Bengali 
in a chair by the window craddling their children.  She smiled happily. 
 She walked into the room and automatically White and Destiny sensed her 
prescence.  Bengali turned to see her walking towards them.  Pumyra 
quietly leaned in and picked up Destiny.  Destiny smiled with glee as 
she saw her mother.  "Hello sweetie" Pumyra said as she smiled at her 
daughter.  Bengali stood, holding their son.  Bengali wrapped his arm 
around Pumyra and they held their twin children.  "It's good to be home" 
Bengali said as he kissed Pumyra on the cheek.
                       Cheetara and Catlani stood before two graves.  
Their faces were filled with anger and sadness of lives taken out in 
blood.  Cheetara looked away from her now deceased father's grave, 
trying to hold back her tears.  Catlani placed her hand on Cheetara's 
shoulder in hopes of comforting her.  "We should go" Cheetara said as 
she wiped the tear away from her eye.  Catalani nodded her head and they 
both left the cemetary.  The walked back to the mansion in silence. As 
they came upon the mansion, Cheetara's eyes focused on the courtyard.  
There she saw somehting that made her eyes burn with tears.  In the 
courtyard stood Tygra, holding Tygres in his arms.  The wind caught 
Cheetara's hair as she sped her walking up.  "Cheetara, slow down!" 
Catlani hollered at to her.
                       Cheetara was far from hearing her now.  She 
continued her speed, her feet moving faster as she neared the courtyard. 
 The wind was no force against Cheetara now as her feet touched the 
grass in the courtyard.  She leaped into the air swiftly, her clothing 
being stripped from her body as light surrounded her.  Tygra was shocked 
by the phenomenon.  Tygres moved back from Tygra and Tygra tried to 
grabe her hand.  Cheetara landed, dressed in a dark orange leotard with 
a dazzling new staff.  She swung the staff swiftly around as the wind 
built a forcefeild around her, Tygres and Tygra.  "Cheetara?" Tygra said 
as he stared at her.  Cheetara dropped her staff.  The staff landed on 
the grass softly.  The blades of the grass froze as the staff hit the 
ground.  Tygres moved back hoping to escape.  Cheetara leaped in front 
of her with ease.  "How dare you" Cheetara said.  Tygres jumped back and 
swiftly changed clothing with a hand movement.  Her body glowed like a 
burning white flame.  She was soon dressed for battle.  "If it's a fight 
you want, I'll give it to you!" Tygres said as she drew two spears from 
her backpack.  "Good" Cheetara said with an evil grin.  Tygres charged 
Cheetara quickly.  She hurls two baldes at Cheetara as she charges her. 
 The blades cut the airs silence as they head towards Cheetara.  
Cheetara moves quickly within a blink.  Cheetara now charged Tygres.  
"COLD FIST!" she screamed as she let a blue flame of ice fly at Tygres. 
 Tygres tried to move but the ball of energy hit her.  She froze in 
place.  Cheetara jumped away from her.
                       A heatwave filled the air as a fireball hit the 
ice, melting it.  Cheetara looked towards Tygra with anger.  "That's 
enough Cheetara" Tygra said.  Tygra ran to Tygres and lifted her from 
the ground.  The color began to return to her body as she regained 
consciousness.  "Are you alright" Tygra said as he caressed her face.  
"Y-uh-eah" Tygres said as she began to shiver.  "I should get you to med 
lab" Tygra said.  He looked at CHeetara, who's tears flooded her face.  
"I will speak to you later" Tygra said.  Catlani ran up to them.  "What 
happened" he said as she looked at all of them.  "Nothing" Cheetara said 
as she walked away.
                       Hours filled the day with people becoming 
aquinted with each other once again.  Wily Kit and Wily Kat exited the 
SIMS Room with Apollo.  "That was a great fight" Wily Kat said.  "Yep" 
Wily Kit said.  As they headed down the hall they saw Tygra pacing 
outside med lab.  "Tygra what's wrong?" Wily Kit said.  Just as she said 
that Cheetara peeped around the corner.  "Tygres is pregnant" Tygra said 
softly, not noticing Cheetara.  "NO!" Cheetara said.  Her head felt 
light as she fainted.  The Thudercats prepared for the worst as time 
faded from their hands.

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