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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: Time's End
By Jesse Morgan

*****This is it, the big conclusion and number 25 for me (^_^)!!!  Lots 
of things will happen in this long story.  Expect battles, wedding, 
resolutions, deaths, break ups and much more.  Find out the truth about 
everything that has happened on Thundera (if you don't know by now, you 
will be really lost).  I hope people like this, being it is number 25 
and it will be long and action (lots of action) filled.*****

***This story would not be possible unless I thanked some very important 
people.  They are Seth C Triggs, Eugene (Darkling), Tigress, Luke, 
Catsy, Sarah, Tracey and NineTiger.  Without them I would be writing or 
have kept writing this series.  Thanks guys, you mean alot to me!  Also 
thanks to, he is the one who started me on these 

                           A place no one wants to be, inside a place no 
one has been.  In childhood experiences, there is always time for 
learning and for discovery.  In this place, all that dieswith a thought. 
 This place holds souls and destroys the good in someone.  As dark as 
the midnight's sky and as cold as the winter's winds.  Reality is 
nothing seen before.  In Mumm-ra's Pyramid.
                           And in it all, the soul of a man who has not 
lived for many years bellows for mercy.  The man who has brought Mumm-ra 
not only trouble but also answers.  Yet the soul of Jaga still wants 
answers himself.  "He deserves each and every moment of this" Mumm-rana 
says in a tone common to her, a tone without feeling.  "Certainly 
Mumm-ra did not want you to put him through this much.  He is just a 
lifeless soul now" Grune says as he overlooks with Mumm-rana.  They 
watch as a machine electifies every pulse and fabric of Jaga's soul.  
"You speak as if you don't enjoy seeing the man who had you sentence to 
a life in exile being given the same pain you suffered" Mumm-rana said 
with a smile.  Grune smiled back at her.  The woman who is now the only 
thing that Mumm-ra has no control over and the Sabertooth who has the 
power to help her watch Jaga suffer.  The alliance is too strong for 
many to battle.  "His life shall now be forever in a lost sense of 
anything" she said.  "I'd do well to remember that" Grune said.  A 
sentinel walked up towards them.  Mumm-rana turned towards it.  "Yes" 
she said with a scowl.  "Your Majesty, Mumm-ra and forces have overtaken 
Caludus Castle and he wishes your presents there" the sentinel said.  
"Fine, me and Grune and the other sentinels shall go there" Mumm-rana 
said as they left the room.
                          The night progressed slowly.  Jaga's soul 
still laid in his torture chamber, given a break from the pain.  The 
door to the room opened slowly.  "Who's there..." he said in a low, 
suffering voice.  "It's nothing for you to be scared of" a girl said as 
she walked in.  "Your not from here, I know your face" Jaga said.  He 
gazed at her longly.  "You are Destiny aren't you.  I know, you are 
Bengali and Pumyra's daughter" he said feeling more confident.  "I know 
nothing of my real parents but I know that Mumm-ra has filled me and my 
brother's minds with lies.  He has said that Mumm-rana is our mother.  
That can not be.  Me and my brother do not have the evil they do but we 
are forced to foloow what they say.  I knew that Jaga, The Wise would 
tell me the truth" she said.  She knelt down towards him.  "Drink this" 
she said as she handed him a cup.  Jaga carefully took the cup from her 
hands.  He drank slowly, savoring the taste.  "The water has helped me 
my child" he said somely.
                          "Can you tell me of my parents" Destiny said 
childishly.  "Yes, they are great Thundercats.  They love you and your 
brother dearly, but I since that it will not last long.  What has that 
evil Mumm-ra planned for Bengali and Pumyra" Jaga said.  Destiny paused. 
 "He has mentioned trying to kill them but I do not know" Destiny 
explained.  "He wants to stop them from being able to raise theier twins 
which must be me and my brother.  He says he plans to make sure their is 
no wedding, so there is no way that me and my brother can become some 
kind of Thundercats" Destiny said.  Jaga's eyebrow arched in amazement. 
 "Of course, he knows you are destined to be great Thundercats.  What a 
name your mother gave you" Jaga said with a smile.  Destiny smiled 
shyly.  "Let me get you out of here so we can meet my brother" Destiny 
said as she began to free Jaga's arms from their bonding.
                          Mumm-ra looked upon his new empire.  His faced 
was filled with pleasure.  "You have done well for yourself" Luna said 
as she looked out on Thundera.  "The troops have already begun to attack 
the cities" Alluro said as he stood behind Luna.  "Very good, but we are 
not finished" Mumm-ra said as he walked away from the view.  "What do 
you mean?" TugMug said.  "Bring Claudus here" Mumm-ra said as he sat 
down on the throne.  The throne that did not belong to him by any right. 
 Red Eye dragged in Claudus.  He fell to hgis knees, beaten and 
helpless.  "What do you want" Claudus said without breathe.  Mumm-ra 
laughed at him.  The rage of the streets filled the halls of the castle. 
 Mumm-ra stood from the throne.  He stared upon the fallen king.  
Mumm-ra grabbed hold of his chin and forced Claudus to look at him.  
"You and your kingdom has fallen.  I am now riler and soon enough I will 
destroyed your son" Mumm-ra said with evil in his voice.  The intense 
heat that filled Thundera, now filled Claudus's mind.  "My son?" Claudus 
said questionably.  "Oh do not act like you do not remember him" Mumm-ra 
said as he let go of the king.  "Your great first-born, so lovingly that 
your wife thought he was dead" Mumm-ra said.  He laughed at the king as 
he knelt on the floor.  "It can't be true, you evil being" Claudus 
remarked truthfully.
                          The fact that Jaga had taken Lion-o when he 
was young drifted from the kings mind.  He knew that one day the 
Thundercats would arise again.  He knew that his son would lead them but 
he never knew that it would happen while he was alive.  "The Thundercats 
will want to save you but it is a same that we will destroy them before 
they even get here" Mumm-ra said.  Luna put her hand on Claudus's 
shoulder in reassurance.  Her grin gleaming misery.  "Never!" Claudus 
said as he snatched his shoulder away.  "Let him be Mumm-ra" Mumm-rana 
said in a clear voice.  She stood at the top of the long staricase 
flowing into the Throne Room.  "Ah my Queen, what took you so long to 
make an appearance" he said.  "Don't presume that I will favor to your 
words easily" Mumm-rana said as she gracefully walked down the steps.  
"I do not try to presuade you in any way for any reason" Mumm-ra hissed. 
 Mumm-rana walked over to King Claudus.  "You poor man, your son shall 
die a miserable death" she said in a prophetic tone.  Claudus looked 
away from her.  "We must get to the Thundercats.  It is time that they 
saw their first and final battle with the new empire" Mumm-rana said in 
a hateful tongue.  "That is true" Mumm-ra said.  "Luna, prepare all the 
forces for the battle" Mumm-ra said as he reurned to his seat in the 
throne.  "What about the twins?" Mumm-rana said.  "Well from what you 
told me, they sould be trying to free Jaga" Mumm-ra said.  Mumm-rana 
just stared at him viciously.
                          Destiny tried her hardest to drag Jaga's body 
through the tombs of Mumm-ra.  "You must go on by yourself child" Jaga 
said in a dying voice.  "No, will get there" Destiny said in a 
determined voice.  Her adolescence was taken from her, so now she does 
things to make sure nothing else is taken from her or her brother.  In 
the cold light that streamed from a crack in the wall, Destiny felt 
hope.  "Stop" she heard from behind her.  She turned slowly to see three 
sentinels standing behind her, ready for battle.  "Why do you stop me" 
she said.  "Lord Mumm-ra has said you are not permitted to leave her 
alive" one of the sentinels said.  "Well if you want a batlle" her words 
were cut off.  "Then you'll get one" White said as he stood atop a 
fallen beam.
                          There he stood holding hisself and his sister 
in this reality.  White made no move for first attack.  Destiny gentley 
put the body of the old Thundercat upon the ground.  White, without 
hesitation, jumped from the beam.  He landed with ease beside Destiny.  
Jaga look in disbelief.  There stood two future Thundercats who were in 
exact likness of there parents, from physical to ability.  "Shall we?" 
White said as he gently handed the twins to Jaga.  "Hmmm" Destiny said. 
 They both glimpsed at each other and then sprung like wild cats.  
"LIGHT SPLITTING STRIKE!" White said, with no complexity.  He raised his 
fist with a fury and crashed it upon the sentinels head, cracking and 
shattering the robot.  "LIGHT FLAMING ORB!" Destiny said as she threw an 
orb at another sentinel.  The orb exploded, shattering the sentinel to 
ashes.  "TWIN ARCH LIGHT!" Destiny and White both said as they hit the 
last sentinel with a giant orb, a combination of both their powers.  
                          Jaga stared dumbfounded.  Destiny and White 
btoh smiled at each other.  "Where have you been?" Destiny said.  "Can't 
you tell" White said as he pointed to the two young cubs in Jaga's arms. 
 "Good, you got them" Destiny said as she ran over to Jaga.  She picked 
both the babies up into her arms.
                          Jaga looked at the two great warriors before 
him.  The young man stood porud, his broad body resembling his father's. 
 His hair was tan with an ivory stripe in it.  His arms were broad with 
light white stripes that gave him his name, resembled his father.  His 
eyes were brown like his mother's were.  And the young girl, looking as 
lovely as her mother.  She had amber brown hair with ivory ends.  She 
had deep blue eyes like her father but a face like her mother.  Her 
hands were white and she knew that she resembled her mother more then 
her father.  And the children in her arms were that of her past.  The 
way her and her brother looked when they were children, playful and 
happy.  That meant nothing in her life now.  "We might want to get 
moving" her twin brother scolded as he helped Jaga up.  Jaga seemed to 
recover more strength as he went along.  "Right, we have to get to the 
Thundercats" Destiny said as they began to make their way out of 
Mumm-ra's pyramid.
                          At Tygra's mansion, all was quiet but yet the 
people occupying the mansion had other things to think of.  There stares 
at each other did enough talking for anyone.  Tygra sat in the medical 
center of his mansion.  A small yet adducite place for someone to get 
well.  And that was exactly what he was hoping, that Tygres would get 
well.  She laid sleep in a bed near the window, her body motionless 
except for her breathing.  Tygra admired the tigress as she laid 
quietly.  He was not the only one who occupied the room.  Panthro 
watched from a corner.  Despite the past revalations and lies that have 
be revealed, his heart still feels for her.  Unfortunately, thanks to 
the betrayel of the man she had loved for years, she lays a sleep in 
pain.  Tygra and Panthro would willing give their life for this girl, 
but neither knows that they may have to go to that extreme.
                          The other Thundercats and allies sit in what 
was once the living room of Tygra's mansion.  They all sit watching the 
monitor as they see the streets filled with madness.  They watch as the 
people trample each other in in attempt to get away from Mumm-ra's 
forces.  Snarf, Wily Kit and Wily Kat cringed at the site.  Catlani 
leaned back in her chair, her face filled with disguist.  Pumyra stood 
next to her estranged fiancee1, their thoughts on their missing 
children.  Cheetara's mind was also occupied with other things.  That of 
her somewhat boyfriend Tygra.  Lynx-o, though blid could feel the 
tension that was building in the room.  A'tr'phor nestled his eyes away 
from the monitor and onto Cheetara.  Jadakiss and Apollo sat in chairs, 
trying to keep their eyes from what was happening on the monitor.  All 
of them still awaited the word of their Lord.  Lion-o stirred in his 
seat from his dreams.
                       "I know you all think we are ready to go out and 
battle Mumm-ra, but we aren't" Lion-o finally said.  "Why" Apollo said 
furiously.  "Because Apollo, there are some issues that need to resolved 
first.  If we go into battle with our minds on everything else but the 
battle at hand, we will surely lose" Lion-o said while looking at 
everyone.  "So while we sit here like stubborn fools, all the people of 
Thundera die" Wily Kit said in protest.  "Hush Kit!  Lion-o is right" 
her brother said.  "You all have issues that need to be resolved quickly 
before we go into this battle" Lion-o said.  "And what of your issues" 
Catlani said softly.  "I hsall handle those too" Lion-o said to his 
love.  Catlani looked into his eyes, once again seeing the lion that she 
fell in love with.  He had surely grown from that little cub she met 
years ago.
                     Tygra walked into the room.  Cheetara walked over 
to him and then past him.  He could feel her anger as she walked past 
him.  He followed her outside.  Cheetara stood looking at the firey sky. 
 A memory of what it was like to be in love crossed her mind.  "I see 
what I have said earlier has affected your mood" Tygra said as he put an 
arm around her shoulder.  She moved, letting his arm fall to his side.  
"Are you going to just igonore me" Tygra said arrogantly.  "Is that what 
you want?" Cheetara said huskily.  "NO" Tygra said as he approached her 
again.  She turned towards him.  The tiger she knew for such little time 
was no longer the tiger she wanted to know.  "What do you want Tygra" 
the cheetah said while trying to avoid crying.  Tygra studied her face. 
 "I want you" Tygra said.  "Then why didn't you tell me you were still 
in love with Tygres.  It is clear that you want to be with her" Cheetara 
said as she could no longer hold back.  The tears slid down her face 
like raindrops on a window.  Tygra did not want to see her cry.  "When I 
said I loved her I meant it.  But that does not mean I would leave you 
for her.  Me and Tygres share a special love that me and you will never 
share.  But we share a special love that she and I will never have.  
Cheetara I love her but that doesn't mean I love you any less" Tygra 
said.  He reached his arms out to her and grabbed her.  He wrapped her 
in his arms, comforting her as she cried on his chest.
                     Pumyra sat in a chair, fiddling with a silver 
bracelet Bengali gave her on the say that their children were born.  She 
remembers how cleary the day she told him she was pregnant.  She 
remembered the moment he proposed to her and how happy she was.  A tear 
formed in her eye.  She would never leave him for any reason.  When she 
found out she was having twins, Bengali was by her side.  Throughout all 
the months she and him shared many moments.  He took well care of her.  
"It takes a lot of strength and love to nuture life" he once told her.  
She adored the bracelet because it meant that Bengali loved her always. 
 Even after her parents told her their judgement against their getting 
married and her being pregnant, he stood by her side.  From the moment 
they began to shop for baby clothes to the moment she gave birth to the 
two cubs he adores, she knew it was love.
                     Bengali walked over to the chair that Pumyra sat 
in.  He placed his arms around the puma's body.  "We'll find them" he 
said in her ear.  "I know we will" Pumyra said without hesitation.  
Benagli looked in her eyes and still sensed something was wrong.  "Then 
why do you look so sad?" he whispered to her.  Pumyra shrugged sadly.  
"I guess I am still wondering when we will get married" Pumyra said as 
she turned her face away from Bengali.  She had never told him that she 
had doubts.  She looked at the chipped heart ring that rested upon her 
finger.  Bengali looked at her nimbly.  "The only promise I will make to 
you Pumyra is that we will get married when all this is over.  I know in 
my heart we love each other and you trust me enough to know that I will 
be the first one down that at that alter" Bengali said with a smile.  
Pumyra looked back at him happily.  They kissed one last solomn kiss, as 
if sealing an agreement and promising each other they would.  The kiss 
also meant that they know the danger they may enter but they would do it 
together.  They parted, with hope in their eyes.
                     Cheetara and Tygra still sat outside.  A'tr'phor 
walked outside.  "Tygra, may I be alone with Cheetara?" he asked.  Tygra 
nodded and walked back inside.  Cheetara looked at the old cheetah that 
stood before her.  "I am sorry" is all he said and could say to her.  
"But why?" Cheetara asked sadly.  "Why did you let me grow up with 
different parents when you were my father?  I knew you" Cheetara said in 
an angry tone.  A'tr'phor must have misjudged the cheetah.  He expected 
her forgiveness right away.  "I knew that you were meant for greater 
things and that I could not take care of you" A'tr'phor said trying to 
comfort her.  "That is no reason" Cheetara hissed.  "But I loved..." he 
tried to say.  "Just go away from me, you didn't love me then and you 
don' love me now" Cheeata said, her face filled with rage.  A'tr'phor 
did not try to reach out to her, but yet instead walked back into the 
mansion.  Cheetar did not shed a tear this time, but just walked back 
into the mansion to see Tygra.

                     Catlani and Lion-o sat together in the medical 
center.  "Well, do you fear him?" Catlani said to him.  "Not anymore" 
Lion-o said confidently.  "Then why are you putting off fighting him?" 
Catlani asked with more conviction.  "I am afraid that all of us are not 
strong enough and not just me.  You didn't fight him Catlani, he knows 
your weak spot" Lion-o said.  They heard a groan and looked at Tygres.  
She had awakened.  Panthro raced towards her and picked her up in his 
arms.  Tygres giggled and told him to put her down.  he placed her 
softly on the bed.  "So that is who she dumped Crowelin for" Catlani 
whispered to Lion-o.  Panthro kissed Tygres on the lips softly and 
looked at her.  "I guess so" Lion-o said softly.  "What about your 
father?" Catlani whispered to Lion-o.  "He must be my father but that 
would make me royalty" Lion-o said discreatly.  "Does that mean you will 
leave and go to live in the castle?" Catlani said.  "That question will 
have to be answered when all of this is over" Lion-o said.  :Do you 
think I make a good price" Lion-o said jokingly.  Catlani elbowed him in 
and stomach.
                     They both arose and looked at Panthro and Tygres.  
"It is good to see you are okay Tygres but permit a snarf to check you 
out" Lion-o said.  "Okay" Tygres said aas she laid back down on the bed. 
 Panthro walked from the medical center.  "Let's go upstairs and see how 
everyone is" Catlani said.  Lion-o nodded and they walked upstairs.
                     Just as Lion-o and Catlani got upstairs they saw a 
flash of light, a flash that was of great demeanor.  They ran into the 
living room to see something that no one believed.  There stood Destiny, 
White, Bengali and Pumyra's twins and Jaga.  All the Thundercats stared 
in amazement.  "It can't be" Pumyra said.  "Yes it is" Wily Kit said.  
Panthro couldn't believe his eyes either.  The same young man he had 
battled not to while ago was holding baby Destiny in his arms.  "Hello 
mother and father" White said as he walked towards them.  "No..." 
Bengali said as he looked at the young man.  There was no doubt in his 
mind that it was the future White, the future Bengali Jr.  Pumyra raced 
towards him and hugged him.  "You kept my babies safe" she said as she 
took her arms from around him.  "I did" White said as he handed Destiny 
to Pumyra.  Bengali walked over tp the future Destiny.  He couldn't 
believe how grown she was and how she cradled Bengali Jr.  She handed 
Bengali Jr to his father.  "So you are what my daughter will look like" 
Bengali said as he took his infant son.  "Yes" Destiny said with a 
smile.  "Well I know she will be pretty" Bengali said.  "And a gifted 
warrior" Jaga interupted Bengali.  "Thank you both" Jaga said.  White 
and Destiny stepped back.
                      "From what these two have told me, all of you are 
in for a great battle" Jaga said as he looked at that occupied the room. 
 "Lion-o you must lead them well.  None of you can turn your back on 
each other no matter what" Jaga said.  Lion-o looked at him with 
admireance.  "We must go, me and the twins but we will be with you" Jaga 
said.  Pumyra and Benagli looked the two people who have saved their 
childrens life and their own.  "Mother, father, stay together.  Keep 
thatpromise" Desinty said as she faded away.  Bengali and Pumyra looked 
at each other in astonishment.  "Don't let Mumm-ra pulled you apart" 
White said as he faded away.  Jaga walked over to Lion-o and Catlani.  
"He is your father Lion-o, save him" Jaga said.  Lion-o nodded.  "I am 
your father Catlani.  I know you never knew me, but know that I love you 
and will look at for you" Jaga said with sincerity.  Catlani look in 
amazement.  She never knew her father but her mother spoke highly of 
him.  She now knew why.  "Love her with you heart and not your mind 
Lion-o" Jaga said as he faded away.  Lion-o hugged Catlani as her father 
dissapeared from her life again.  She did not shed a tear but instead 
                     Just a Jaga faded, a crashed was heard.  Mumm-rana 
appeared before them.  "Mumm-ra awaits you Thundercats" Mumm-ranan said. 
 "Here's a little preview of what will happen to all of you" she said as 
she let a ball of energy fly at Cheetara.  Tygra ran for her but was not 
fast enough.  Just as the light came within her presense someone jumped 
in front of her.  A'tr'phor fell to the ground.  Mumm-ranan dissapeared 
laughing at them.  Cheetara grabbed hold of her father's body.  "No..." 
she cried out.  "Don't cry my Shiatrezel" A'trphor said.  That is what 
he always called her.  "I will always be there for you no matter what 
you say" he said with his last breath.  Cheetara did not cry on the 
outside but she was dying on the inside.  Tygra walked over to her.  "I 
will avenge you" Cheetara whispered into his ear.  She laid him down on 
the ground.  "It is time" Lin-o said as all the Thundercats and their 
allies gathered together.  "It's time Mumm-ra met his match" Lion-o 
said.  "Snarf, take care of Bengali and Pumyra's children" Lion-o said 
as he walked outside of the mansion.  Everyone followed him.  They all 
got into the Sky Cat, Panthro's finished vehicle for the Thundercats.  
As the aircraft took off, Snarf said a small prayer for the Thundercats.
                     As the Sky Cat came upon the catsle that was once 
Claudus, all the Thundercats said thir final goodbyes to each other.  
This was the moment where they were all unsure of any of them were 
coming out of this alive.  Mumm-ra looked out from the window. He oculd 
see the Sky Cat coming upon the castle.  "Well looks like we have 
compnay" Mumm-ra said.  "If anyone wants to see me, please let them in. 
 Otherwise, kill the Thundercats" Mumm-ra said.  All of his meanings 
split, preparing to destroy Thundera's only hope.
                     Grune looked at the Sky Cat.  "What a pity" he said 
as he threw his mace at the vehicle.  The mace cut through the air and 
hit the Sky Cat, destoying it.  All of the Thundercats and allies fell, 
landing on their feet on the ground.
                     Panthro pulled his nunchuks out.  "you destroyed my 
work" Panthro said as he walked towards Grune.  Grune grabbed his mace 
and picked it up.  "Are those fighting words" Grune mocked.  "I am not 
one to turn a good battle" Panthro said as he stood in fighting 
position.  "Good" Grune said as he raised his mace.  Grune slammed his 
mace on the ground, causing a tremendous earthquake.  Panthro leaped, 
avoiding the tremors.  He landed upon the ground, swinging his nunchuks 
furiously.  "That was nothing" Panthro said.  "OAK GROUNDS QUAKE WITH 
FEAR!" Panthro said andhis nunchuks let bolts of energy travel upon the 
ground.  They caused the grounds to split as they raced towards Grune.  
Grune raised his mace again and said "DESTROYER WAVE!".  His mace let 
out a hurriacen of energy.  The energy reflected Panthro's attack right 
at him.  Panthro was hit and fell to the ground.  Panthro tried to 
stand.  Tygres looked at him.  Panthro looked at her and he kenw he had 
to keep fighting.  "Giving up so soon" Grune said with a smile.  He 
kicked Panthro several times.  he laughed and mocked Panthro.  Panthro's 
eyes were filled with fire.  WILD PANTHER!" he said as he dropped his 
nunchuks.  He raced towards Grune, his body glowing green.  Grune raised 
his mace again but Panthro's fist hit his face before he had the chance. 
 Panthro's fist was filled with energy, shattering Grune's jaw.  Grune 
dropped his mace and fell back.  "BLACK LIGHTINING SLICE!" Panthro said 
as he swung his nunchuks at Gune.  A bolt of pure black lightining hit 
Grune, almost crushing his eternal body.  Grune tried to get up but was 
too weak.  "Now who's giving up?" Panthro said in mockery.
                    Tygres turned her attention from Panthro and 
started running for the castle.  She ran as fast as she could when she 
was tripped.  She fell face first into the mud.   She raised her head, 
dirt spots on her face.  She looked up to see Jackleman laughing at her. 
 She stood slowly, preparing for a good battle.  "So, a Jackle dare 
challenges me" Tygres said as she drew two spears from her pouch.  "Niha 
ha, that's right" Jackleman said.  "Well then let's go" Tygres said as 
she leaped into the air.  Jackleman drew his club and prepared for her. 
 Tygres flipped behind Jackleman and swung at him.  Jackleman ducked and 
hit her in the stomach with the club.  Tygres fell to her knees.  
Panthro saw her and headed for her but he was stopped by five sentienls. 
 They attacked him, stopping him from getting to her.  Jackleman struck 
at her again but Tygres dodged him this time.  She swiftly leaped into 
the air with ease.  She grabbed hold of a spear and said "OMEGA TIGER 
STORM!".  She let the spear go and it headed for Jackleman.  The spear 
shattered, slicing through the club like a knife.  Tygres grabbed 
another spear and ran towards Jackleman.  he looked at her, dumbfounded. 
 "ORBITAL SPEAR SHATTER!" she cried as the spear glew a light pink.  
With all her might she threw it at Jackleman.  A portal opened and 
sucked Jackleman inside, teleporting him to a pile of mud.  "Now who's 
wearing the mud?" Tygres giggled.  Just as she had defeated the Mutant, 
two sentinels attacked her.
                     Lynx-o and Apollo split up as they headed for the 
steps to the castle.  Lynx-o ran, using his all of senses to guide him 
to the castle.  "Where you going old man?" S-s-slithe said as he tripped 
Lynx-o.  Lynx-o fell to his knees, hurting his nakle.  He cringed as he 
felt the pain.  "Looks like the poor old Thundercat can't fight, yesss" 
S-s-slithe hissed.  Lynx-o listened to S-s-slthe's words, using them as 
a compass to find him.  "I wouldn't say that" Lynx-o said as he grabbed 
S-s-slithe's broad leg.  he pulled S-s-slithe to the floorm using the 
leverrage to help himself stand.  S-s-slithe stood to his feet and swung 
his axe at Lynx-o.  Lunx-o moved back with ease, dodging every strike on 
him.  His ankle began to throb, causing him more pain.  "You still can't 
win Thundercats" S-s-slithe said.  "SPEED SHADOWS!" Lynx-o said with 
determination in his voice.  He formed a black orb between his tan 
hands.  He threw the orb at S-s-slithe, cathcing the Mutant off balance. 
 S-s-slithe dodged the ball of fury.  Lynx-o took this moment to his 
advantage.  He grabbed hold of his small reflective sheild and said 
"GOLDEN LYNX BALL!".  His sheild began to glow and forma small golden 
ball.  The ball grew as it shot out towards S-s-slithe.  S-s-slithe was 
hit by the extreme energy, falling to the ground.  He did not move, 
almost lifeless.  Lynx-o fell also, clinching his ankle.
                     Apollo ran up the steps to be greeted by Red Eye.  
Red Eye adjusted his visors to see the lynx.  "Where do you think you 
are going?" Red Eye said.  "To get rid of evil like you" Apollo said as 
he grabbed three balls from his side.  "Well you will have to get 
through me first" Red Eye said.  "I kinda figured that" Apollo said as 
he fiddled with the three balls.  "Well you're elimination will be easy" 
Red Eye said as he removed his disc from his chest-plate.  Apollo leaped 
back, landing at the bottom of the steps.  "FIRE EYE CUTTERS!" Red Eye 
called as he he threw the disc at Apollo.  The disc split into two 
projectiles, flying towards Apollo.  Apollo doged one but the other 
caught him in his attempt to get away.  Apollo fell to the ground, 
clinching his body.  Red Eye laughed as he grabbed his projectlies.  
Apollo grabbed hold of his mystical balls and held them in his hands.  
"BOMB BLASTS!" Apollo said as he stood to his feet, letting all three 
balls fly at Red Eye.  They all exploded, providing the perfect 
distraction for Apllo.  Red Eye adjusted his infared eyes to see Apollo 
but he was too late.  Apollo raised his fist at Red Eye, the fist 
surrounded by light.  "BURSTING SHADOW!" Apollo cried as he slammed his 
fist into Red Eye's glasses.  Red Eye's special "eyes" shattered on 
contact with Apollo's fist.  Red Eye was blind without them.
                     Apollo ran into the castle to be confronted by 
TugMug.  TugMug shot a bolt from his gun at Apollo, causing Apollo to 
fall to the ground.  TugMug laughed at Apollo.  "What will you do now?" 
he said as he rolled over to him.  Apollo looked up to see TugMug's 
face.  TugMug raised his gun and aimed it at Apollo's face.  Apollo 
closed his eyes, preparing for the end.  "FLOWER FAN!" Jadakiss said as 
she threw one of her fans at TugMug.  The fan knocked the gun out of 
TugMug's hands.  Jadakiss leaped towards Apollo.  "Are you allright?" 
she said.  Apollo opened his eyes and looked at her.  "I am now that you 
are here" Apollo said with a smile.  TugMug recovered fromthe attack.  
"So, you think you can handle TugMug, huh?" TugMug said as he approached 
Jadakiss.  "Jade, back up" Apollo said as he tried to stand.  "That's 
okay, I got this one" Jadakiss said to Apollo.  TugMug raised both his 
fists and said "RUMBLING GRAVITY!".  He slammed his hands down, causing 
the ground to loose gravitation pull.  The floor began to come up 
beneath them.  Jadakiss grabbed two fans from her backside.  "DRAGON 
FLAME FANS!" Jadakiss said as she hurled the two fans at TugMug.  The 
fans caught fire as the heat from the air attracted towards it.  The 
fans hit TugMug, burning his face.  His concentration was broken, 
returning all the gravity.  Jadakiss ran towards Apollo.
                     Rain poured over Thundera, falling upon Tygra's 
face.  He stood in front of Crowelin, the battle he had been waiting 
for.  "Are you ready for me now?" Crowelin said in mochary of their last 
battle.  Tygra swung his whip into the air.  "I guess you are" Crowelin 
said as he twirled his staff.  Crwelin and Tygra both charged each other 
at the crackle of the thunder.  "DARK SPARROW SLICE!" Crowelin said.  
His staff let out a dark energy shaped like a bird.  Tygra swung his 
whip and said "FIRE SLASH!".  His whip sliced all through the bird with 
fire.  Crowelin and Tygra both swung their weapons at each other, 
crackling like the thunder above.  Crowelin jumped back and said "BLACK 
PANTHER HUNT!".  He let his staff go and charged Tygra, his body 
transforming into a black panther.  Tygra swung his whip back, turning 
his body invinsible.  The rain formed his hape but Tygra was still 
ready.  "PRESSURE STORM!" he said while spinning around in circles.  His 
body let off heat currents that were too hot for Crowelin's body.  He 
was burned sevearly as he fell to the ground.  Tygra stepped over him, 
not even looking down at the fallen panther.
                     Bengali and Pumyra raced for the castle steps, 
doding all the sentinels that got in their way.  They came to Alluro and 
Chilla.  "Well, looks like two Thundercats want to get inside" Chilla 
hissed.  "Yes, the cute little couple" Alluro said.  Pumyra and Bengali 
looked at each other.  "Well shall we" Pumyra said as she pulled her 
sling from her waist.  "Let's" Bengali said as he pulled out his hammer. 
 The rain poured on Pumyra hair as she pulled an orb from her pouch.  
Pumyra placed the orb in her sling and began swinging it in the air.  
"Don't swing it unless you plan to use it" Chilla said.  Pumyra swung it 
around her head one more time and said "BUTTERFLY ORB!".  She lt the orb 
swing from her sling.  The orb flung towards Chilla and she froze it in 
mid-air.  She laughed devilishly.  She raised her hands and said "DRAGON 
ICE WAVE!".  An ice wave shaped like a dragon headed for Pumyra.  Pumyra 
leaped backwards into the air trying to avoid the attack.  Her timing 
was off and the wave hit her, sending her to the ground.
                     Pumyra grabbed her head, she could feel it 
throbbing like her heartbeat.  She grabbed another orb from her pouch, 
not giving up as easily as Chilla thought.  With a fluent motion she 
threw the orb to the sky, her sling catching it.  She twirled her sling 
swiftly and said "DARK BUTTERFLY ORB!".  She let the orb go and it 
multiplied into several black orbs, all bombarding themselves onto 
Chilla.  Chilla fell to the ground, nearly living and nearly dead from 
the attack.  Pumyra looked to Bengali as he said "SIBERIAN SPIRIT!".  He 
gathered all his strength and his body glimmered light blue.  All his 
energy was used for this one attack as he swung his fist at Alluro, 
blasting enough energy to level two buildings.  Bengali fell to his 
knees.  Pumyra ran to him, the rain falling past her.  "Are you 
allright?" she said as she helped him up.  "Yeah, I just have this 
splitting headache" Bengali said smiling.  Pumyra smiled back and they 
headed for the castle again.
                     Wily Kit said "THUNDERA MOONS SPLIT!" and Wily Kat 
said "THUNDERA CRESCENT SPLIT!".  They both threw a pellet at Monkian 
that caused an explosive light, blinding the monkey.  They both began 
running for the castle.  On the way they saw Catlani battling Luna.  
They watched as Catlani drew an arrow and placed it on her bow.  Luna 
raised her mace and said "QUEEN OF PLUNDARR!".  Her mace caused a 
tornado of intense force.  Wilt Kit and Kat grabbed hold of a pole as 
things around them began flying.  Catlani stood her ground.  She raised 
her bow and said "THUNDER WATER CASCADE!".  Little drops of water formed 
around the arrow as it launched towards the leader of the Lunatacs.  The 
water sremaed out around Luna sa the arrow hit her, causing a tidal wave 
the wash her away.  Catlani whipped the hair from her eyes.  She began 
her desent onto the castle with the Thunderkittens.
                     Cheetara twirled her staff expertly as she stood 
before Mumm-rana.  "So you want to avenge your father" Mumm-rana said as 
she stepped towards Cheetara.  "You will pay!" Cheetara said as she 
stopped spinning her staff.  "How do you expect to beat me if you 
couldn't even defeat Grune" Mumm-rana said, trying to sike Cheetara out. 
 Cheetara raised her staff and said "COLD WINTER TWIRL!".  She began to 
spin around rapidly in circles, letting frost and mist fly at Mumm-rana. 
 Mumm-rana.  Mumm-rana raised her hand, forming a force feild.  Cheetara 
stopped her attack.  Mumm-rana opened her hand, sending a bolt of energy 
at Cheetara.  Cheetara fell to the floor.  She grabbed her staff and 
said "SPIN FALL!".  She let the staff fly, the staff causing a shockwave 
to attack Mumm-rana.  Mumm-rana fell to the floor.  Cheetara ran with 
the others to Mumm-ra.
                     When all the Thundercats got to Mumm-ra they saw 
Lion-o laying on the floor and Mumm-ra standing before him.  "Look at 
your precious Lion-o, he wasn't good enough to defeat me" Mumm-ra 
laughed.  "Never!" Cheetara said.  All the Thundercats drew their 
weapons.  Mumm-ra looked in surprise.  All he heard was the attacks of 
the Thundercats come at him.  TIGER RAGE!, ROCK BREACH!, COLD TYPHOON!, 
BLAST! and DEADLY FLAME KISS! Mumm-ra heard as the combined assalut of 
the Thundercats came upon him.  Mumm-ra fell back, distracted by the 
                     Lion-o stood to his feet, feeling the strength of 
Jaga inside of him.  "I don't lose so easily Mumm-ra" Lion-o said.  He 
raised the Sword of Omens to the sky.  Mumm-ra looked at him with rage. 
 "THUNDERBOLT RAGE!" Lion-o said as the Sword of Omens let yellow 
streams of light hit Mumm-ra.  Mumm-ra stumbled back as Lion-o came at 
him again.  "BURNING LIGHT!" Lion-o said.  His fist glew blue as he 
struck Mumm-ra.  Lion-o prepared for his final attack.  "DEEP LION 
TYPHOON!" Lion-o said as he spund around in a fury of winds.  The wind 
shattered the walls of the castle.  Mumm-ra was hit so hard by the 
impact that he fell from the castle.  Lion-o ran to the window to see 
him fall but no one was there.  All of Mumm-ra's helpers had disappeared 
and Thgundera laid in catastrophe.  Lion-o looked at Catlani and she 
smiled.  All of the Thundercats gathered together as King Claudus walked 
into the room.  He walked to Lion-o and gave him a hug.  "It is great to 
see you son" he said.  Lion-o smiled at him.  "If there is anything I 
can do for any of you for saving Thunedra, let me know" Claudus said.  
"There is" Lion-o said.
                     All of Thundera gathered in Tygra's courtyard.  
Cheetara walked down a long white aisle with Tygra on her arm, followed 
by Catlani and Lion-o and Jadakiss and Apollo.  They all seperated as 
they got to the alter.  There the guys met Bengali, who stood happily in 
a tuxedo as he awaited Pumyra.  He looked out into the crowd to see his 
father sitting with Tygres and Panthro who were holding his children.  
In front of them sat Lynx-o, smiling happily at him.  Bengali then 
turned his attention to Wilt Kit and Wily Kat.  Wily Kit came down the 
aisle, spreading flowers onto the floor and Wily Kat followed carrying a 
pillow with two rings on it.  After them came Pumyra and her father.  
Bengali was shocked that her parents decided to show up at the wedding 
and see their grandchildren for the first time.  After all this time, 
Bengali and Pumyra were finally getting what they wanted.  Pumyra's 
father gave her away and sat down nect to Pumyra's mother.  The ceremony 
went as Pumyra and Bengali had hoped.  At the end there was nothing left 
to do but kiss.  Bengali carefully lifted her white vail and looked deep 
into her eyes.  They kissed, like they had never kissed before.  All of 
Thundera clapped for them as they ran down the aisle.  Bengali and 
Pumyra gave their children to Bengali's father.  As they headed for 
theit honeymoon, they knew that time would never end for them.

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