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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: Before The Dawn
By Jesse Morgan

***Well here it is, my 24th story!  This follows "Innocence Through The 
Eyes".  Plenty of battles and it will resolve some of the questions 
brought up in the last story.***

                      Mumm-rana stood looking upon the night's sky.  Her 
thoughts were twisted and confussed.  She looked to the star for her 
answers, recieving nothing back.  Her hatred for not knowing her past 
and not knowing her future brought her anger.  She once heard Mumm-ra 
call her his "Celestrial Angel" but why.  What had she brought to him 
that brought upon his coming rule of Thundera?  What had she done?  Now 
she is lost in her own soul's emptiness.  "My Lady Mumm-rana" TugMug 
said as he entered the room.  "Yes what is it?" Mumm-rana said evily.  
"My Lord Mumm-ra has said that his plans to take over the Kingdom of 
Caludus are ready to begin and he is awaiting your word" TugMug said as 
he walked towards her.  "Have we gotten all that we can from Jaga's 
memory" she said as she turned her head towards him.  "Yes, he is know a 
total bag of empty thoughts" TugMug said with a huge grin.  "Will you be 
going with Mumm-ra to attack the Castle?" TugMug questioned.  "Perhaps, 
but that is none of your concern" she said as she walked out of the 
room.  They both walked into the main throneroom of Mumm-ra.  There 
stood all of his faithful followers.  From the three Mutanats to all of 
the Lunatacs to Grune to the future White and Destiny, they all stood 
awaiting Mumm-ra's final word.
                      Mumm-ra sat at his throne, as if he was a phatom 
perparing to be known.  Mumm-ranan walked up to her mysterious consort. 
She looked at him with great mystery.  "What are you staring at with 
such evil Mumm-rana" Mumm-ra said in a low tone.  "Just someone who is 
unsure of what to do next" Mumm-rana said in a hissing tone.  "I am 
perfectly aware of what I need to do next!" Mumm-ra said while standing 
to his feet.  The evil ruler watched his menings carefully.  "S-s-slithe 
give me a erport on the Castle's status at this moment" Mumm-ra said in 
evil tone.
                      The dangerous reptilian walked up to his master 
slowly.  "At thisss moment the Castle isss at normal standards" 
S-s-slithe said.  "I want a double amount of sentinels there and all of 
you will be ready!" Mumm-ra said with authority.  "Yesss" S-s-slithe 
said will withering away.  "Well looks like you may be good for getting 
your helpers together but not for much else.  I have let the Thundercats 
in on what awaits them so they will be too confussed to be able to know 
what is happening on Thundera" Mumm-rana said.  Mumm-ra quickly grabbed 
her arm and pulled her towards him.  "How dare you do that!!!  No one 
told you to tell them what holds for their future!!!" Mumm-ra said in a 
rage.  Mumm-rana arched her eyebrow at him.  She raised her hand to his 
throat.  "How dare you ever lay a hand on me" Mumm-rana said in anger.  
"Your rash and stupid stunt of sending the future twins to battle the 
Thundercats were bad enough but this is even worse!  You may have cost 
my whole plan it's chance of happening" Mumm-ra bellowed.  "If you do 
not remove your arm from from, you will surely wish you had" Mumm-rana 
said in a calm and confident voice.
                      Everyone stood in awe of what was going on.  
"Remember by what I know and what Jaga has told us, we will now be able 
to destroy the Thundercats.  You shood be assured that we will be 
victorious and that I will not be the reason if any for your downfall 
Mumm-ra!" Mumm-rana said as she snatched her hand away.  "Well if this 
isn't a great display of our Lord Mumm-ra's affection" White said as he 
stepped forward.  "Unfortunately life does not turn out to the favor of 
love and affection" Mumm-ra said to White.  "You and your sister need to 
prepare for a coming battle White.  So both of you go to the Gauntlets 
to practice" Mumm-ra said.  White and Destiny left the Throne Room, 
silent in their own thoughts.
                      Luna stepped forward to Mumm-ra.  "Well Mumm-ra, 
you need not worry for the Lunatacs are ready 'spite what your oh so 
beloved Empress may say" she said.  "Silence your words nuet.  You would 
have no power and no meaning had it not been for me giving you that 
mystyical belt you wear so proudly" Mumm-rana said.  Luna smiled at her 
frankly.  "Enough with this meaningless babble.  Mumm-ranan prepare for 
leave.  Mutanats and Lunatacs start the attack with the sentinels and we 
will join you shortly" Mumm-ra said in a commanding voice.  They all 
left to their seperate tasks.
                      The Thundercats and their allies sat in question. 
 The Snarfs had other things to do and left them to do that.  Cheetara 
stood to her feet, with determination in her eyes.  She wanted to know 
the answers to every question that Mumm-rana brought up in their 
confertation.  "There are some serious answers that need to be asked 
from all of us and they need to be answered" she said.  She glanced at 
everyone.  Wily Kat standing in one corner of the room while his sister 
sat in the wooden cair next to him.  Jadakiss sat upon the steps to the 
upstairs and Apollo stood to the side of her.  Lynx-o stood impatiently 
while Panthro sat in a chair.  Tygra sat firmly in his chair, glancing 
at Tygres who was seated next to him.  Lion-o stood staring out of the 
window, Catlani holding his hand as she paid close attention to 
Cheetara.  Pumyra and Bengali sat with their children on a couch and 
A'tr'phor stood behind them.  Crowelin was the last she looked at, he 
satnding behind Tygres with a look of mischeif.
                      "The first question that must be answered is 
Tygres are you really from another time?" Cheetara said as she stared at 
Tygres.  She stared with such a passion that Tygres felt as if Cheetara 
was slicing through her with a knife.  Tygres looked down.  Crowelin 
glanced at her and then at Cheetara.  Tygra looked down at her, wanting 
to know the truth himself.  "Yes" she mumbled.  Pumyra fixed her eyes on 
the young tiger.  Panthro gazed at Cheetara who was know firmly glaring 
at Tygres.  "What do you say?" Cheetara said.  "YES!" Tygres said as she 
looked up.  Small tears formed in her eyes.  Tygra looked away from her. 
 All the Thundercats gasped as they looked at her.  "Me and Crowelin are 
future Thundercats.  Jaga sent us here from the future in attempts to 
stop what might happen, the destruction of the Thundercats as you may 
know it" she said as tears streamed down her face.  "WHY!  What 
destruction!" Cheetara said with more conviction.  "Stop this Cheetara!" 
Tygra said.  Cheetara was shocked by the look upon his face.  "We did it 
because we wanted to save the Thundercats!  We have been here since you 
all were children, before Wily Kit and Wily Kat were even born.  We knew 
what was going to happen but were forced to stay from contact until now" 
Tygres said as she whept.  "This is not a court in which Tygres and 
Crowelin should be juried" Lynx-o said with great wisdom.  "This is not 
a court but some things must be answered" Cheetara said with ease.
                    "She's right Lynx-o" Wily Kat said.  "Yes, you can't 
just come here and make like you are friends.  Tygra they have betrayed 
all your trust in them!" Wily Kit said with as much anger as Cheetara.  
"Now hold on kids" Panthro said.  "We can not be sure for their purpose 
nor reason without Jaga" he said.  "Panthro is right.  With Jaga gone, 
we can not be sure of anything about Tygres and Crowelin" Pumyra said as 
she craddled her baby Bengali Jr.
                    "Fine, then let us move on to the second question" 
Cheetara said as she took her eyes from Tygres.  "What about you Lion-o? 
 Mumm-rana said that you fear Mumm-ra.  Is is true?" Cheetara said 
questionally.  Lion-o did not answer.  He tried to conceal his feelings 
by stairing into the blank sky.  "Do not worry Cheetara, Lion-o is more 
then confident enough to handle Mumm-ra" Catlani said.  She glanced at 
Lion-o who did not look back at her.  "Allright, but what about when 
Mumm-rana said that Bengali and Pumyra's future cubs are here.  What 
does that mean?  Does that mean that Mumm-ra has taken them from the 
future as adults and brought them here, thinking he was good?" Lynx-o 
said.  Pumyra looked at Bengali and then her children.  "Whatever that 
evil Mumm-ra has done that has to do with my babies, he will pay for" 
she said.  "Don't worry Pumyra, we will find out what Mumm-rana means by 
that" Bengali said as he comforted Pumyra.  "Who knows what it meant but 
it doesn't sound good" Apollo said.  "Apollo is right" Tygra said.
                    "What about Jaga being held captive?" Tygra said.  
"We will have to go to Mumm-ra's Pyramid and get him" Panthro said with 
rage.  "No" Lion-o said, his first word since they had been there.  "We 
won't risk anything that is not necessary at this time" he said.  "But 
what about..." Cheetara's words were cut off.  "I said NO!" Lion-o said. 
 Cheetara quickly silenced.
                    "I have a question" Tygres said quietly.  "Yes 
Tygres" Lion-o said.  "Mumm-rana said something that I think affected 
both me and Cheetara.  The question was, do you still love me Tygra?" 
Tygres said more confident.  Cheetara looked at her in rage.  She 
herself would not even dare ask that of Tygra but Tygres felt it upon 
herself to do so.  Tygra looked up somely at Cheetara.  Cheetara did not 
want to look at Tygra but felt compeled to.  She could tell by the 
expression on his face that Mumm-rana was right.  She just wasn't ready 
for what was to come.  "Yes it is true.  I still have feelings for 
Tygres" Tygra said.  Tygres smiled and Cheetara's heart broke.  She 
slumped back into her chair.  Tygra stood, trying to comfort Cheetara 
but she stood to her feet and walked away.  "How could you!" Crowelin 
said with rage.  "Hey cool it bub" Panthro said as he stood to his feet. 
 "He is not the one who has to do the explaining" he said.  "He is right 
Crowelin, you have some explaining to do" Lynx-o said.  "Wait, Mumm-rana 
said that Lynx-o is the key to all our pasts" Tygres said.  "But what 
could he know" Wily Kat said.  "He must know something, maybe something 
that he can not reveal by himself" Catlani said.  "I do not know what 
she meant by that but I do want to know what she ment by Lion-o being 
the son of Caludus" Lynx-o said.  "It could be since I know nothing of 
my mother or my father" Lion-o said.  "I have been an orphan all my 
life" he said.
                    Cheetara had one more question that had to be 
answered.  "A'tr'phor, are you my true father?" Cheetara said aloud.  
All the Thundercats gasped to her boldness.  A'tr'phor looked down to 
the ground.  "It's true isn't it!" Cheetara said with streams of tears 
rolling down her face.  "All these years, you lied to me and didn't tell 
me" she said with more anger.  A'tr'phor had still not answered her.  
Cheetara ran out of the room.
                    "Wait, someone here has betrayed us and I think I 
know whom" Lynx-o said.  The old, blind Thundercat looked over 
everyone's motives and chances.  "It could only be the one who knew we 
would come to rescue Lion-o and Tygra.  The one who knew Lion-o was out 
walking.  The one who knew that the Thunderkittens were outside the 
mansion, so they could be attacked by the sentinels.  Also somene who 
knew that Bengali, Pumyra, Snarfina and the babies were in the Plaza.  
That person who knew me, Cheetara and Tygres would be at Mumm-ra's 
Pyramid.  The only person who is with Tygres or Tygra enough to know 
this, Crowelin!" Lynx-o said with deep conviction.  "It's true!" Wily 
Kit said.  "He knew all of this!" Tygra said as he jumped to his feet.  
All the Thundercats quickly drew their weapons.  "No!  Crowelin would 
never disobey the Thundercat Code of Honor" Tygres said in attempts to 
defend him.  "I doubt it" Tygra said.  "Well you are right Tygra" 
Crowelin said.
                  His hands reached out and his body began to glow.  All 
of the Thundercats and allies stood on guard.  Crowelin knew it was all 
about power and timing.  His hand created a sphere.  "BLACK PANTHER 
HUNT!" Crowelin said as he threw the sphere.  "Watchout!" Wily Kat 
called as he and Lynx-o were hit by the sphere.  Chaos broke out as  the 
Thundercats attacked Crowelin.  "The cubs!" Pumyra called out.  "Got 
them!: Bengali yelled as he swiftly ran to his children.  Crwelin began 
to throw sphere after sphere of pure black energy at Lion-o.  Lion-o 
dodged all of them as they tore the mansion apart.  Crowelin reached out 
for his staff and it began to levitate towards him.  "I don't think so!" 
Tygra said.  He whirled his whip around and said "BLAZING TIGER WHIP!". 
 His whip let fire stream from it, hitting Crowelin's staff.  Crowelin 
ran for it.  Panthro jumped out, knocking Crowelin to the florr.  He 
picked him up.  "I can't believe this!  Somone of my own culture a 
traitor!" he said as he punched Crowelin into the wall.  He then punched 
Crowelin a second time.  "I want an answer!" Panthro demanded.  "Fight 
now and talk later" Crowelin said as he hit Panthro.  Panthro fell to 
the ground, catching his breath.  "Looks like your times up!" Crowelin 
said.  He threw a sphere just as Tygres was jumping in the way, it hit 
Tygres causing her to fall to the ground.  "What have I done?" Crowelin 
said.  Tygres laid in Tygra's arms.  Crowelin was horrified by the site, 
what he had done had now terrified hisself.
                        "TNT SHOT!" Wily Kat said as he threw a pellet 
at Crowelin.  It exploded with the intensity to practically rip the room 
in half.  "DOUBLE KITTEN PELLET!" Wily Kit said as she hurled another 
pellet at Crowelin.  The pellet split into two pellets, exploding 
furiously.  "Wily Kit and Kat stop!" Panthro yelled.  Both the 
Thunderkittens quit and left Crowelin alone.  Tygra laid Tygres down and 
drew his whip, perpaing to swing.  All of the sudden a portal opened, 
pulling Crowelin into it.  On the otherside they could all see two 
fimilar faces.
                      "This is getting too strange" Lion-o said as he 
recovered.  "You got that right" Panthro said.  Panthro couldn't get the 
feeling that he knew those faces from somewhere.  Bengali craddled his 
children in his arms.  "What's her vitals Pumyra" Tygra said as he saw 
her holding Tygres.  "She should be fine with proper medical treatment" 
Pumyra said.  "Snarf, call an ambulance quickly!" tgra yelled.  Snarf 
quickly followed orders.  "Are the kids allright?" Pumyra said to her 
finacee`.  "They seem a little frightened, let's take them for a walk" 
Bengali said.  "Hey guys, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but word 
is that Claudus's kingdom has just been atken over by Mumm-ra while we 
were fighting with Crowelin" Apollo said.  "We have to do something" 
Jadakiss said.  Lion-o looked at the rubble and then thought.  "We 
aren't ready" Lion-o said.  "WHAT!" Catlani said.  "They will wait for 
us to come to them" Lion-o said.  "Listen to him, he is right" lynx-o 
said.  "If this is true then I think we should look after Bengali and 
Pumyra's children.  Since they are suppoused to be brought here and they 
hold some kind of key to Mumm-ra" Panthro said.
                      Pumyra and Bengali walked quietly with their 
children.  "Pumyra, from what I have seen tonight, I know that I love 
you more than anything.  And I promise you sweetheart once we are 
married nothing will pull us apart" Bengali said.  "No Bengali, everyone 
does not live happily ever after" someone said from a tree.  That person 
hopped down from the tree.  "Who are you?" Pumyra said.  "Pumyra back 
away" Bengali said.  "No Bengali, he doesn't look as if he wants to hurt 
us" Pumyra said calmly.  "I can not tell you who I am but I can tell you 
why I am here" the youg man said.  "You look familar to me" Pumyra said. 
 "I am here to tell you that your children are in grave danger and so 
are you.  Do not let yourselves be pulled apart by something that is in 
the past or the future.  You are meant to be.  As for your children, 
well I will handle that part".  He waved his hand in front of the two 
loving parents as he took their children.  Both Bengali and Pumyra fell 
to the gfround unconsciuos.  The young man ran waay with Bengali Jr and 
Destiny in his hands.  Catlani, Lynx-o and Panthro came running to 
Bengali and Pumyra.  "What has happened?" Catlani said.  Bengali and 
Pumyra awoke from their short sleep.  "Where's White and Destiny!" 
Bengali said as he tried to get up.  The time had now come for Lion-o to 
prepare the Thundercats for a battle that would rock all of Thundera.

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