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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: Innocence Through The Eyes
By Jesse Morgan

***Notes: This happens a week after the inccidents in "The Past Has 
Nothing To Do With The Future" and reveals a lot of information for 
coming stories!***

                       Thundera was no longer a quiet place for rest and 
relaxation, but more a place where danger was on every corner.  Lion-o 
walked the streets always.  But today was different.  It was storming, 
rain pouring down on his face.  His hair washed over his eyes and 
falling down his back.  His trenchcoat just covering his body.  He 
wondered lonely, thinking of all of the Thundercats problems since his 
last battle with Mumm-ra.  It was a tough battle and Lion-o knew in his 
soul that he had not or even come close to beating Mumm-ra.  He wasn't 
strong enough, he didn't have enough confidence.  He feared Mumm-ra but 
he couldn't.  He was Lord of the Thudnercats, he must be tough.  And 
after talking with Cheetara, he knew that Jaga had been defeated and 
captured by Mumm-ra.  He also knew that Grune had to be half of what 
Mumm-ra is and he defeated Cheetara and Panthro, two of the strongest 
                       He stopped, rain still streaming down his face.  
He sensed danger.  "Who's there?" he said.  He looked around and could 
see the silhouette of someone ahead of him.  He heard a laugh, a very 
familar laugh.  He heard someone step out a of the dark alley.  He was 
huge.  "Well well, if it isn't Lion-o" the person said.  Lion-o knew 
that voice.  Then Mumm-ra stepped out of the shadows  "NO!" Lion-o said. 
 "Well, looks like you were not expecting me again" Mumm-ra said.  "I 
wanted to see the true power of the Lord of the Thundercats" he said.  
Lion-o jumped back and removed his trenchcoat.  "I won't go down without 
a fight" Lion-o said in rage.
                       Lion-o charged Mumm-ra, fist first.  With 
blinding speed, Mumm-ra disappeeared.  Lion-o was puzzled and felt a 
hand grasp his head.  The hand lifting him from the ground.  He could 
hear laughing from behind him.  "Is that your best!" Mumm-ra said.  
Lion-o kicked free and jumped forward.  *How could he move that fast as 
big as he is* Lion-o thought.  Lion-o charged again, but this time 
Mumm-ra punched him with force in his stomach.  Lion-o slid back into a 
wall.  His body almost crushed back the impact.  "Ha, what is this!  
This can't be the great Lion-o, he would have more will to fight!" 
Mumm-ra said.  Lion-o panted and recovered quickly.  "You're right!" he 
said with enthusiasm.  He charged once more and said "BURNING LIGHT!".  
His fist glowed with blue as he charged Mumm-ra.  Mumm-ra caught 
Lion-o's fist quickly, the strength of Lion-o's blow shattering the wall 
that was behind Mumm-ra.  Lion-o struggled to get his fist free from 
Mumm-ra's grip.  Rain drizzled down his face as he finally broke free.  
He swung several more times at Mumm-ra, each one missing him.  Mumm-ra 
quickly grabbed Lion-o's head again.  He lifted him even further off the 
ground this time, laughing at him.  "Come on and give me a fight man!" 
he said.  Lion-o kicked Mumm-ra in the head, breaking free of the death 
grip that pratically swallowed his head.
                        Lion-o flipped backwards a ouple of times, 
trying to get away from Mumm-ra.  Lion-o panted heavily, rain falling 
down even harder then before.  He knelt on the ground trying his best 
not to fallout.  The water created puddles of water, just as Lion-o's 
sweat was.  *I can't beat him with my strength and speed.  I have to get 
him somehow.  I have got to put everything into my power and hope it 
gets him.  It's killed or be killed time* Lion-o said to himself.  He 
stood to his feet.  He pulled his sword from his sheild and held it in 
front of him.  He concentrated as gusts of wind formed around his body. 
 "So that's how you do it" Mumm-ra said.  Furies of wind began to form 
around his body too.  "This can't be!" Lion-o said.  Mumm-ra laughed as 
he prepared to attack.  "DEEP LION TYPHOON!" Lion-o cried as he spun in 
the fury of winds.  Mumm-ra did the same as they charged at each other. 
 The winds shattered the walls around them.  Lion-o was unable to take 
the force that Mumm-ra was giving him.  Lion-o quit his attack, feeling 
the full force of Mumm-ra's.  He flew into a wall, cracking every brick 
as he hit it.  He fell to the ground face first, not moving at all.  
Mumm-ra laughed vicously.  "You are no true opponent, just a weakling.  
When you are strong enough to face me then come to my pyramid!" Mumm-ra 
said as he disappeared from the area.  Rain poured down on Lion-o's 
unconscious body.
                        Lion-o woke up with a rush, having a nightmare 
of being defeated by Mumm-ra.  He gripped his chest as he srpung up in 
the bed.  "It wasn't a dream" he said.  "No it wasn't" Cheetara said.  
She walked into his room and sat down in a chair next to the window.  
"What happened?" he said.  "You were nearly killed by Mumm-ra!" she said 
in rage.  She stood from the chair ina rush.  "What were you thinking" 
she said angerly.  "I remember now" he said as he tried to stand.  He 
grunted, feeling extreme pain all over his body.  "There you go again" 
she said as she sped over to him.  He din't blink his eye before she had 
him laying back down in his bed.  "You can't do everything by yourself" 
she said.  "But I" he was cut off by her.  "You are Lord of the 
Thundercats but you are not invinsible!  You can be killed just like the 
rest of us!  You aren't strong enough to just attack Mumm-ra!  You 
should have contacted us" she said.  "I know but I thought I coud handle 
it.  It's not like you were strong enough to defeat Grune!" Lion-o said. 
 Cheetara walked out of the room, not even considering what he had just 
said.  He slumped back down in his bed, trying to block out his fear of 
                        Cheetara walked down the hall and then into the 
Control Room.  In there she found Tygra, Panthro and Snarf looking at 
the monitor.  "What's up guys" she said as she walked over to them.  
"We've got trouble outside" Snarf said as he sat up on his tail.  "What 
kind of trouble" Cheetara said.  "Looks to me like Wily Kit and Wily Kat 
have spotted some of Mumm-ra's sentinels out front" Panthro said.  
"Maybe we should check it out" Cheetara said.  "Negative!  You and 
Panthro have not fully recovered from your battle with Grune!  This is a 
chance for the Thunderkittens to handle something on their own" Tygra 
                        Wily Kit and Wily Kat watched as three sentinels 
approached.  "Well well, looks like fun to me" Wily Kat said.  Wily Kit 
giggled at her brother's enthusiasm.  "Let's take them" she said as she 
pulled some pellets from her puch.  Wily Kat nodded and pulled some 
pellets out.  The sentinels charged them.  "Well here goes nothing!  
LOVE RIBBONS!" Wily Kit said as she threw a pellet at one of the 
sentinels.  The pellet exploded, letting pink ribbons of energy attack 
the sentinel.  She quickly flipped out of the way as the sentinel 
exploded.  "Huh?  That was too easy" she said.  Wily Kat raised his 
hand.  "TRIPLE LIFE ILLSUIONS!" he said as he let his pellet fly at one 
of the sentinels.  It exploded created a smoke effect.  When the msoke 
cleared, the sentinel saw three Wily Kats.  They all attacked the 
sentinel, tearing it's robotic body apart.  Wily Kat moved swiftly, 
avoiding the debris.  His other counterparts soon faded.  "Well we got 
them" Wily Kat said.  Before Wily Kit could answer, the third sentinel 
grabbed her.  "Help Wily Kat" she screamed as the sentinel began 
squeezing her harder.  "FLOWER FAN!" was heard from behind the sentinel. 
 All of the sudden the sentinel was hit by a flaming fan.  Wily Kit 
jumped briskly from it's clutches.  "BOMB BLASTS!" Apollo said as he 
threw three small marbles at the sentinel.  The three marbles exploded 
with force that ripped the robot apart.  Wily Kit caught her breath as 
she looked up to see Jadakiss and Apollo.  "Wow!  Thanks!" she said as 
she stood up.  "Anytime" Apollo said.  "Yeah, we're here to help too" 
Jadakiss said.
                        "Well, looks like they got help anyways" 
Cheetara said.  Tygra walked out of the room.  Cheetara watched him, 
worrying about him.  "I think that Apollo and Jadakiss are becoming 
great help to the Thundercats" Panthro said.  "I agree snarf snarf" 
Snarf said.  "Yes but I am worried about Tygres and Crowelin" Cheetara 
said.  "Yeah, it seems that they have a bad past with Tygra" Panthro 
                        Bengali sat patiently in the Cafe`.  He tapped 
his fingers on the table, pondering how much longer Pumyra would be.  
"Well it seems that you are getting a bit annoyed waiting on me" Pumyra 
said as she sat down.  Bengali looked up at her.  "Nah, just wondering 
if you decided to live in the store" Bengali said sarcastically.  Pumyra 
giggled at him.  "Where is Snarfina?" Bengali said as he took a sip of 
his drink.  "She and the twins are in the toy store" Pumyra said as she 
looked around.  "OK, so let's order something to eat" Bengali said.  "I 
want to go shopping first" she said in a soft tone.  "But we can't shop 
all day and not eat" Bengali said.  "So don't!  You order something to 
eat and by the time Snarfina gets back with the twins I will be back" 
Pumyra said as she stood.  "But I wanted to eat with you" Bengali said. 
 "Allright, I will go look in one shop for a few minutes and come right 
back" she said.  "Promise" Bengali said as he grabbed her arm.  "I 
promise" she said as she kissed him on the lips.
                        Pumyra walked down the steps of the plaza.  She 
walked by a clothing shop and looked into the window.  She admired a red 
nightgown.  *Hmmm, I know Bengali would want me to buy that* she 
thought.  She all of the sudden saw the reflection of three people in 
the window.  She quickly turned around.  "So, here is the pretty Puma 
that created our new help" one of them said.  "Who are you and what are 
you talking about?" Pumyra said.  "The name is S-s-slithe and here is 
Monkian and Jackleman.  We are Mutanats who help Mumm-ra.  We have come 
to take you to him and your little boyfriend" Jackleman said.  They all 
laughed.  "I don't think so" Pumyra said.  She jumped into the air and 
into a tree.  She grabbed her sling and jumped back down.  She whirled 
her sling around Monkian's neck and yanked.  Monkian went flying into a 
wall.  He fell to the ground.  "I'll get you Pumyra" S-s-slithe said as 
he swung his axe at her.  She jumped out of the way.  She swung her 
sling around and grabbed S-s-slithe's axe with it.  She yanked the axe 
from his hands and tripped him.  She flipped backwards and kicked 
Jackleman with force in the face.  She flipped off of Jackleman and 
landed with ease onto the ground.  "Ha, I'm the only one!" she said.
                        Clapping came from behind her.  She turned 
around quickly.  Alluro stood behind her.  "Well, it seems that you gave 
them a fight.  I knew that they were too stupid and weak to fight you"  
Alluro said.  "Well, you want a good fight then you have come to the 
best place" Pumyra said as she caught her breath.  "I warn you Pumyra, 
my skills are far past any of the other Lunatacs" Alluro said.  "Well if 
you want me to follow you, just say so" Pumyra said.  "Fine, this way" 
Alluro said.  Pumyra walked in front of him, paying attention to where 
she was going.  She discreatly dropped an orb on the ground.  They 
continued their walk.
                        They came upon a place of accient ruins.  "Well 
what a place for a first date" Pumyra said.  "Now woman, don't toy with 
me" Alluro said.  Pumyra turned around.  The clear water that filled the 
ruins shining at her back.  "I don't plan on playing, but I will give 
you a great fight" Pumyra said as she leaped into the air.  She tore her 
regular clothes away to reveal her Thundercat uniform.  With serenity 
and grace, she landed ontop of a old ruin.  "Well it seems you are ready 
for anything" Alluro said.  "Don't doubt me because I am a woman" Pumyra 
said.  She jumped from the ruin and said "BUTTERFLY ORB!".  She let two 
orbs fly from her sling.  Alluro swung his long staff around in front of 
him, his forcefeild slicing the two orbs into nothing.  While distracted 
by the orbs Pumyra quickly makes her move.  "PUMA TIME WHIRL!" she says 
and she spins quickly at Alluro.  A blaze of fire burning Alluro as she 
completes her spin.  Alluro cries out as he falls on the ground.  Pumyra 
flips back.  "Ha, was that just too hot for you" Pumyra said while 
giggling.  Alluro stood back up.  "I'll show you Puma" he says as he 
swings his staff at Pumyra several times.  She dodged barely each time. 
 She quickly ran, bright light trailing behind her.  She stopped, hiding 
behind a fallen column.  She panted heavily, trying to catch her breath. 
 Suddenly she saew Alluro on the otherside of the column.  She tried to 
jump but Alluro caught her.  She fell into the water.  She got up and 
Alluro stood in front of her.  "What will you do now!" Alluro said.  
Pumyra panted while starring at him.
                        Bengali sat waiting again.  *Where is she?* he 
thought.  Soon Snarfina came up to him, pushing his two cubs in a 
stroller.  "Snarfina, have you seen Pumyra?" he said as he stood.  "No I 
haven't.  Do you think she is in trouble?" Snarfina said.  "I hope not. 
 Stay here with the cubs while I go look" he said.  Bengali rushed down 
the steps that his fiancee` had walked down not too long agao.  He 
looked around when he noticed one of her orbs on the ground.  "She must 
have dropped it" he said as he picked it up.  He ran with speed towards 
the ruins.
                        He ripped off his regular clothes to reveal his 
Thundercat uniform.  "PUMYRA!" he called.  Then he looked to one of the 
columns.  Pumyra was hanging from it, unconscious.  "PUMYRA!" he called 
to her again.  She blinked her eyes and realized where she was.  
"Bengali" she said as she tried to free herself from her bonds.  "Well 
looks like her acompise is here" Alluro said as he stood.  "What have 
you done to her!" Bengali said in anger.  "Well you are no chance 
against" Alluro's words were cut off by Bengali's attack.  "BLUE 
BLITZING FIST!" Bengali said as he slammed his fist into Alluro's face. 
 Alluro fell back, trying to recooperate.  "QUICKSILVER BLAZE!" Bengali 
said as he wrapped his body in a blue blaze of fury.  He sent Alluro 
flying into one of the columns, splitting it in half as it fell to the 
ground.  Bengali pulled his hammer from his side and shot two lasers 
from the head of it.  The lasers slice the ropes that held Pumyra.  She 
fell and Bengali caught her.  "Well thatnk Jaga you are allright" 
Bengali said.  "Are you sure" Pumyra said.  She leaned in and kissed 
him.  "Now I am" she whispered in his ear as he carried her away.
                        Crowelin stood, SIMS robots lying on the ground. 
 He didn't even break a sweat in his battle with them.  He heard a crack 
of a whip and turned around slowly.  "Well it's just you and me 
Crowelin, right now!" Tygra said.  "If that's what you want Tygra" 
Crowelin said as he twirled his staff.  "Then come and get me!" he said. 
 They ran towards each other, wind carrying their strides.  Tygra 
whilred his whip.  "FIRE SLAH!" he said as fire flew from his whip.  
Crowelin dodged the fury of the fire.  "BLAZING TIGER WHIP!" Tygra said. 
 Fireballs flew from the whip, heating the air with the rage.  Crowelin 
jumped from the fire.  They both attacked each other, whip cracking at 
staff and staff slice at whip.  Both sweating with the intensity of the 
blows.  "DARK SPARROW SLICE!" Crowelin finally said.  The staff let out 
dark energy bolts.  Tygra flipped into the air, dodging the best he 
could.  "Is there really a reason for this" Crowelin said.  Tygra landed 
onto the ground.  "Well you tell me!  You are mad at me because Tygres 
and me once had something you will never have.  And if you can't deal 
with it too bad!  I am here with the Thundercats and I won't let you 
control me or try and replace me" Tygra said.  "I am not trying to be 
you in any way.  In fact Tygres broke up with me today!  She has somehow 
fallen for someone that she won't tell me who!  But I am not hurt for me 
and Tygres shared many moments that you will never take from me!" 
Crowelin said.  "We need to work together Tygra, so we can defeat and 
destroy Mumm-ra as a team" Crowelin said as he reached his hand out.  
Tygra gladly shook his hand, letting all his hatred go.  Crowelin smiled 
evily, knowing the true nature of his plans.
                                Tygres, Cheetara and Lynx-o scouted the 
area near Mumm-ra's pyramid.  "We have got to find some way of beating 
him" Cheetara said.  "I don't think we should be out here.  Cheetara you 
are still on sick lsit and Tygres has been preoccupied" Lynx-o said.  
"Don't worry about me Lynx-o" Tygres said.  "Nor me, I will be fine" 
Cheetara said.  "I would worry" a woman's voice said.  They all turned 
around to see who it was.  A woman stood, wearing a white and black 
outfit with red garments blowing in the wind.  Behind her stood Chilla 
and Red Eye.  "Who are you!" Cheetara said as she drew her staff.  "I am 
Mumm-rana, wife and sworn protector of the Great Mumm-ra.  You are 
trespassing in our kingdom, so you shall be destroyed" Mumm-rana said.  
"What gives you such rights" Lynx-o said.  "I know things that you don't 
old man.  I know that Tygres is not from this time.  I know that with 
every moment that Lion-o fears Mumm-ra.  I know that Bengali and 
Pumyra's precious cubs are here, their future selves that serve Mumm-ra. 
 I know that Jaga is being held captive by Mumm-ra.  I know that Tygra 
still loves Tygres.  I know that Lynx-o could be the key to all of the 
Thundercats mysterious pasts.  I know that Lion-o is actually Prince 
Lion-o, son of Claudus.  I know that A'tr'phor is actually your father 
Cheetara.  I also know that someone that is close to all of you will 
betray all of you.  I also know that Pumyra and Bengali won't be alive 
long enough to get married if Mumm-ra has anything to say about it" 
Mumm-rana said.  All the Thundercats were shocked by her words.  "You 
are lying" Tygres said in rage.  "Ask these questions of others and find 
out the truth.  Now dare to challenge me" she said.  "No!" Lynx-o said. 
 "We must regroup and find out the truth to these questions, she may be 
right" he said.  He raised his hand and said "HURRICANE STRIKE!".  He 
caused a hurricane to camouflage their escape.  Mumm-rana laughed as the 
fled from Mumm-ra's domain.
                          They returned to Tygra's mansion, calling a 
meeting of all the Thundercats and allies.  This was going to decide the 
true nature of the Thundercats and what was to come for the rest of 
their time.

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