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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: The Past Has Nothing To Do With The Future
By Jesse Morgan

***Picks up where "Crossing Barriers" left off, with a battle that is 
just a small part of what is to come!***

                           Tygra looked out from his design building.  
It was a sunny day but yet he was bothered.  "Mr Tygra, Mr Croweling and 
Miss Tygres are here to see you" came from the inercom on Tygra's desk. 
 He turned around and walked from the window.  He pressed a button on 
his intercom and said "Send them in".  Soon enough the door to his 
office opened.  In walked a tall, built Panther.  Behind him was an 
attractive, slim Tigress.  "Well Crowelin, it's not great to see you" 
Tygra said as he sat in his big, black office chair.  Crowelin sat down 
and so did Tygres.  "Well Tygra, I see you still have a little humor in 
that dull body of yours" Crowelin said sarcastically.  Tygra laughed at 
Crowelin and let his eyes glance at Tygres.  She sat quietly, as if a 
caged bird.  "So how are you Tygres?" Tygra said.  She dropped her head, 
not wanting to look into his eyes.  "She's fine" Crowelin replied.  
Tygra looked at her, still feeling past hurt.  "So what are you here 
for?" Tygra said, trying to hold back his fire.  "Well we are here to 
buy out Tygra Designs" Crowelin said humbely.  "WHAT!" Tygra said as he 
jumped from his chair.  "Tygra please calm down.  Crowelin's Thundera 
Vesaile will happily pay more then enough for this business" Crowelin 
said as he tried to calm down Tygra.  "NO WAY!!!  I am not selling my 
business!" TYgra said in a fury.  "Well then, looks like we will have to 
close the market on this business" Crowelin said as he rose from his 
chair.  He began to walk out and so did Tygres when Lion-o busted in.  
"Tygra, we have a problem" he said.  Lion-o stopped in his tracks, 
admiring Tygres.  She turned from him as Crowelin growled.  "What is" 
Tygra's word's were cut off by an explosion.
                           A steel beam came crashing through the 
window.  Everyone drops to the ground, avoiding the shattering shards of 
glass.  Tygra stands up and looks outside.  The building across the 
street is collapsing before them.  "We got to get there" Tygra says as 
his Thundercat uniform appears on him.  Lion-o changes too and heads 
towards Tygra.  They both jump from the towering building, free falling 
towards the ground.  Lion-o pulls out the Sword of Omens and says "Light 
Omens!".  The Sword creates a barrier around the two and they float 
towards the ground.  "RISING LIGHT!" Lion-o said as he swung a bolt of 
energy at the building.  "Tygra get everybody out of here" Lion-o 
yelled.  "RIGHT!" Tygra said as he rushed to the streets.  Lion-o held 
the sword in hand and said "THUNDERBOLT CUT!".  The sword let a bolt of 
energy shoot from it's tip.  It hit the falling building, holding what 
it could together.  "Everyone's clear Lion-o!" Tygra yelled.  Lion-o let 
the forcefeild that was holding the building together go.  He dropped to 
the floor, trying to cath his breathe.  He had used too much energy to 
hold it togetehr.  "Lion-o look!" Tygra called.  Lion-o looked up, 
standing before him was four robots.  "They must be Mumm-ra's men!" 
Lion-o said as he jumped back.  Lion-o drew his sword and Tygra drew his 
                           One of the setinels went flying at Tygra, 
traveling at fast speeds.  The sentinel hit Tygra, sending him flying.  
Lion-o raised his sword just as another sentinel came at him.  The 
sentinel knocked Lion-o down and took his sword.  Lion-o quickly stood 
to his feet again.  He prepared for another attack when he heard "FIRE 
EYE CUTTERS!".  Two projectile discs hit him and he fell to the ground. 
 Tygra stood, grabbing his chest in pain.  He saw Red Eye, Chilla and 
Alluro standing before him.  Next he saw Lion-o, unconscious on the 
floor.  "What have you done!" Tygra said in rage.  Red Eye laughed at 
his anger.  All of the sudden he saw two spearlike daggers hit a wall 
then explode.  Tygra jumped back, still clutching his chest.  When the 
smoke cleared he saw Crowelin and Tygres standing in front of him.  
"WHAT THE?" Tygra said.  "We're here to help, see we were sent by Jaga 
from the future in ways.  We have been watching you for years, all of 
the Thundercats" Crowelin said.  "Well you'll have to defeat us, the 
Lunatacs, messngers and warriors of Mumm-ra!" Chilla said.  She raised 
her hand and said "DRAGON ICE WAVE!".  Soon a wave of ice shaped like a 
dragon was headed their way.  Tygres jumped out of the way as Crowelin 
pulled out a long staff.  "DARK SPARROW SLICE!".  The staff let out a 
bolt of dark energy shaped like a bird.  The bird cut though the wave, 
but not enough to stop it.  Crowelin was hit by the ice and frozen.  
"NO!" Tygres screamed.  She pulled two daggers from the pouch on her 
back.  She twirled them around several times before saying "ORBITAL 
SPEAR SHATTER!".  The spear began to glow pink and she threw it at 
Chilla.  The spear cut through the air like a knife.  Chilla dodged it, 
but it exploded into a portal.  It caused quakes everywhere as Tygres 
helped Tygra up.  "Oh no you don't!" Alluro yelled as he threw one of 
his orbs at them.  The orb stopped them in thier tracks as the portal 
                           Pumyra and Jadakiss walked in the gates of 
Tygra's mansion.  They headed down the walkway, carrying shopping bags. 
 "That was fun" Jadakiss said.  "Yeah.  I haven't went shopping like 
this in a long time.  Bengali is not one to go shopping at every blink 
of the eye" Pumyra said.  The both giggled.  They saw Snarf sweeping the 
outside steps.  "Where's Bengali?" Pumyra asked him.  "He's out in the 
courtyard studying" Snarf said.  "Are the babies with him?" she asked.  
"No, Snarfina is taking care of them" he said as he continued to work.  
"Go on and see Bengali, I'll watch the babies" Jadakiss said as she took 
the shopping bags.  "Thanks" Pumyra said as she rushed out to the 
                           Bengali sat quietly, reading one of his 
English books.  He heard something head towards him and with quick 
reflexes caught it.  "What's this?  An orb?" he said.  He stood to his 
feet looking around.  "Nice catch Bengali" Pumyra called from a tree.  
She jumped down, flipping in the air.  "Hi Pumyra?" he said.  She 
nsatched the orb from his hands.  "Hi?  Is that what you have to say!" 
she said ina fury.  "What do you mean? he questioned.  "Snarfina could 
use a break from watching the babies all the time and you are supposed 
to be entertaining Apollo" she said.  "Well Apollo went out with Panthro 
and Snarfina offred to watch them" Bengali said as he sat back down.  
Pumyra looked at him and then gave him a long, sweet kiss.  "You're the 
best Bengali" she said.  He smiled back at her.  "Hey Bengali!" Lynx-o 
called.  "Huh, Lynx-o" Bengali said.  "Lion-o is in trouble!  He and 
Tygra were beat by the Lunatacs over by Tygra's building.  We have to 
find them!" Lynx-o said as he walked over to them.  "He was beat, but 
how?".  "Word has it that Mumm-ra has enhanced the Lunatacs with new 
powers to beat us" Lynx-o said.  "But Lion-o is too powerful to be beat 
by them" Pumyra said.  "We have to go find them, go to the Black Isle 
where Mumm-ra's fortress is" Bengali said.  "No way am I letting you go 
there" Lynx-o said.  "He's right Bengali, please don't go" Pumyra said. 
 "But Pumyra, I have to, and so do you.  It is our duty as Guardian 
Thundercats" Bengali said as he stood up.  "He is right but you'll have 
to defeat me before I'll let you go.  Lion-o should be able to habdle 
himself and so should Tygra" Lynx-o said.
                           Apollo, Cheetara and Panthro came waliking 
into the courtyard.  "We heard there is trouble" Cheetara said.  "Where 
are the Thunderkittens?" Pumyra asked.  "They are with their parents, we 
won't need them" Panthro said.  "Look, I accept your challenge Lynx-o" 
Bengali said with a fire in his eyes.  They all gathered around as the 
battle began.  "I may be old but I am still a great fighter" Lynx-o said 
to Bengali.  Lynx-o attacked Bengali with all he had, as did Bengali.  
Pumyra watched Bengali like a hawk, hoping he wouldn't lose.  "SPEED 
SHADOWS!" Lynx-o cried.  He shot a black orb at Bengali.  Bengali dodged 
it and pulled his hands back.  "SONIC TIGER SPLIT!" Bengali yelled as 
two blue balls flew from his hands.  They hit Lynx-o with intensity to 
send him flying.  "I guess I win" Bengali said as he helped Lynx-o up.  
"Now we split into two teams" Bengali said.  Snarf, Catlani and Jadakiss 
came running outside.  "Lynx-o, Grune is attacking downtown with the 
help of sentinels" Sanrf yelled.  "What, not Grune" Lynx-o said.  "Who's 
Grune?" Cheetara said.  "One of the most powerful beings on Thundera.  I 
researched him in the library.  He is more powerful then anything.  He 
almost surpasses Mumm-ra's strength!  He will be tough to defeat" Lynx-o 
said.  "Fine, Cheetara, you take Panthro, Jadakiss and Apollo with you" 
Bengali said.  "NO I am going with you!" she protested.  "No, you can't! 
 We will get Lion-o and Tygra but you have to stop Grune.  You know what 
to do" he said.  "But Apollo and Jadakiss aren't powerful enough to 
help" she said.  "I know they are" Bengali said.  "Fine" Cheetara said. 
 "The Guardian Thundercats will go to Mumm-ra and get the others.  Be 
safe and may Jaga be with us all" he said.  They all agreed and planned 
for leave.
                           Cheetara and the others arrived downtown to 
chaos.  People ran everywhere avoiding Grune's attack.  "Look, I'll take 
Grune and the rest of you handle the sentinels" she said.  "Are you 
sure?" Panthro said as he pulled out his nunchuks.  "Yeah" she said as 
she ran towards Grune.  The others split up and headed for the 
sentinels.  Apollo pulled out three marble-shaped spheres.  He threw 
them all at two sentinels, they exploded on cpntact but did not defeat 
the sentinels.  "WHAT!" Apollo said.  He was caught off guard as one of 
the sentinels threw three bombs at him, with the same force as his.  He 
flew down the street, his body dragging on the ground.  Jadakiss pulled 
out her two red fans.  She swung them in front of herself as she 
prepared to fight three sentinels.  She said "FLOWER FAN!" and threw one 
of her fans at one sentinel.  It caught it and threw it back at her.  
She doged it and threw the otherone at another who caught it.  It threw 
it back at her.  She dodged the fan both was caught by one of the 
sentinels.  It grabbed her by the hair and threw her aside.  "She 
groaned as she was in pain.
                           Panthro raised his nunchuks in the air.  He 
said "TEMPEST WOOD!".  He nuchuks let a fury of winds fly at the 
sentinel.  The sentinel exploded on contact with the winds.  "Would you 
like to challenge me?" came from behind Panthro.  Panthro turned around 
to see an unfamiliar face.  "Who are you?" Panthro said.  He looked hard 
and he knew he had seen that face somewhere before.  The man came 
running at Panthro and Panthro charged him.  They both fought tough, 
hitting each other fist to fist.
                           Cheetara raised her staff before Grune.  
"It's time that you were defeated Grune" Cheetara said.  "Ah, a 
Thundercat.  I have been looking forward to this" he said.  He raised 
his mace as Cheetara raised her staff.  They swung at each other, 
knocking each other back.  "ICE TYPHOON!" Cheetara said.  "DESTROYER 
WAVE!" Grune said.  Both attacks hit each other, causing a catastrophe 
in the streets.  Cheetara tried to dodge the attack but couldn't.  She 
fell to the ground, barely moving.  "Jaga" she whispered and then she 
passed out.  Jaga appeared before her.  "I shall not let you down 
Cheetara" he said.  "GRUNE!" Jaga said.  Grune turned around to see Jaga 
standing behind him.  "Ah, my old friend Jaga the Wise.  How are you 
after all of these centuires of Thundera Moons" Grune said.  He laughed 
as he raised his mace.  Jaga put his arm out and a sword appeared in it 
hands.  He raised the sword, ready to strike at any moment.  They both 
charged each other.  They caused a earthquake from their attacks.  
"DESTROYER WAVE!" and "THUNDER FURY!" was all that was heard from their 
                           Panthro fought tirelessly with the man.  He 
soon became weak from all of the fighting.  He fell to the ground, too 
weak to continue.  "Now I end this" the man said as he raised a sword, 
perparing to kill Panthro.  "NO!" a woman cried as she shot a laser from 
her blaster.  The man looked to see a police woman standing there.  "The 
name's Officer Mandora, and you won't kill no one on my time" she said. 
 The man laughed and ran from the area.  Jaga swung his sword one last 
time and knocked the mace from Grune's hands.  Grune punched Jaga and 
aga fell.  Grune raised his hands and came down hard on Jaga's back.  
Jaga laid on the ground, motionless.  "I have failed Cheetara" he said. 
 Grune laughed at the fallen Jaga.  The man came running to Grune.  "Ah 
good you have returned.  Grab Jaga and contact your sister" Grune said. 
 The man picked up Jaga and pressed a button on his wristband.  Soon a 
portal opened and a young girl stood there.  She looked as if she was 
the young man's age.  Grune and the man entered the portal and they 
transported away.
                           Apollo and Jadakiss ran to Panthro and 
Cheetara just as Grune escpaed.  "We are too late" Jadakiss said.  
"Let's just hope that Bengali and the others aare successful in getting 
Lion-o" Apollo said.
                           Bengali and the others freed Lion-o, 
Crowelin, Tygres and Tygra easily.  Maybe a little too easy.  Thye 
walked through Mumm-ra's main hall, with statues of being everywhere.  
They saw a huge staute at the end, of Mumm-ra.  "We have to get them out 
of here" Lynx-o said.  "WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU WILL" came an evil 
voice from behind them.  They turned around to see a large being, 
lightly blue with huge muscles.  His body was wrapped in golden armor 
with a red cape flowing from behind him.  It was Mumm-ra.  He laughed at 
them as he approached.
                           "Get Tygra and the others out of here" Lion-o 
said.  Lion-o charged Mumm-ra.  He said "BLAZING LIGHT BOLT!" and 
prepared to kick Mumm-ra with a fury of light.  Mumm-ra placed his hands 
together and a bolt of energy flew at Lion-o.  Lion-o fell to the ground 
and Mumm-ra flew into the air.  Mumm-ra flew back down, his leg streched 
out prepared to crush Lion-o.  Lion-o moved with reflexes out of the 
way.  Mumm-ra pulled his hands together again when he was hit by a 
blast.  "WHAT!" he said.  "You get away from him you evil devil!" 
Bengali said.  He charged him and said "BLUE BLITZING FIST!".  Mumm-ra 
caught Bengali's fist but was not ready for Pumyra.  She jumped into the 
air.  "BUTTERFLY ORB!" she said and let two orbs fly at Mumm-ra.  
Mumm-ra's forcefeild blocked them.  Bengali got ready to attack him 
again but Mumm-ra threw him to the side.  Pumyra came down at Mumm-ra 
but he used his forcefeild to block her away.  "Pumyra, get Lion-o!" 
Bengali called out to her.  "Right!" she said and ran towards Lion-o.  
"SHADOW..." Lynx-o was cut off from his attack when Mumm-ra pucnhed him 
in the stomach.  "Lynx-o" Catlani called out.  "Uh, don't worry about me 
cause we Thundercats are tough" he said as he ran back into battle.
                        "You're right!  Even if Mumm-ra is some kind of 
powerful being, we won't gve up" Bengali said with rage.  "Take this.  
QUICKSILVER BLAZE!" he said as he dove in, his body wrapped in a ball of 
pure, blue energy.  Mumm-ra quickly shot a ribbon of red energy, 
repeling Bengali.  Mumm-ra flew to the air, letting two more bolts of 
energy fly at Bengali.  Bengali dodged the blasts and went back at 
Mumm-ra with the same attack.  Mumm-ra fire an nergy bolt directly on 
Bengali.  "AHHHHH!" Bengali screamed as he fell to the ground.  Mumm-ra 
prepared to follow when a torando of enrgy blocked.  "Don't get to 
hastey Mumm-ra.  Lynx-o is prepared to give you the fight of your life" 
Lynx-o said.  Mumm-ra smiled at him eviley.
                         "Lion-o" Catlani said.  Lion-o blinked his 
eyes.  "I think he's coming though.  Lion-o?" Catlani said.  "Hello 
Catlani" Lion-o said wuzzily.  "OK.  I'll leave the rest to you" Pumyra 
asid as she stood.  Lion-o grabbed Pumyra by the arm.  "No Pumyra, this 
isn;t a fight you'll win" he said.  "But..." she tried to say.  "Go on 
Pumyra.  Get Catlani and the others out of here" he said.  "Don't you 
worry Catlani, I'll come back to you" he said as he walked away.  
Catlani looked with fear in her eyes.  She didn't want to lose her one 
chance at love.
                           Lynx-o fell to the ground after being hit by 
Mumm-ra.  "LYNX-O" Bengali yelled from the floor.  "Ah, looks like my 
time as a Thundercat is up" he said.  Mumm-ra raised his hand, preparing 
to let out another fireball.  Lynx-o prepared for the worst when he 
heard a attack.  "THUNDER WAVE!" Lion-o said as he hit Mumm-ra with his 
sword.  The attack had a fury of light and explosion.  "LION-O!" Bengali 
called.  Lion-o ran over to them.  "Come on Bengali and Lynx-o, let's 
get this guy!" he said.  Pumyra helped Catlani outside.  "But Pumyra, I 
can help" she said.  "No Catlani.  You have to get Tygra and the others 
out of here.  You know you do.  As for me, my love for Bengali will see 
me through this".  Pumyra adjusted her belt and ran back in.  "NO!" 
Catlani called.
                            A rage of energy came flying at the three 
Thundercats.  They all dodged it.  Mumm-ra flew at Bengali but was 
stopped.  "PINK FIRE BEES!" Pumyra said as she hurled an orb from her 
sling.  Mumm-ra threw the orb back at her, sending her screaming into 
the air.  Bengali jumped up and caught her, just as Mumm-ra shot more 
fireballs at them.  Bengali avoided the first two but was hit by the 
third.  He fell to the ground with her in his arms.   "Bengali, don't 
you dare go getting killed on me" she said as she passed out.  "Pumyra" 
he said as he passed out.  "HURRICANE STRIKE!" Lynx-o said.  He threw a 
tornado of energy at Mumm-ra as he passed out.  Mumm-ra's forcefeild 
protected him from the attack.  "STREAMING AQUA ARROW DANCE!" Catlani 
said as she let a bolt of waves slash at Mumm-ra.  "I'm not leaving you 
that easily!  Everyone's out!" Catlani said to Lion-o.  "Then we're 
getting out!  THUNDER WAVE!" he said.  He threw a sphere of energy that 
expanded as it approached Mumm-ra.  All of the others ran out, fleeding 
for safety.
                             As the smoke cleared, Mumm-ra stood 
unharmed.  He laughed as Grune and the others walked in.  "Well looks 
like they are not ready for the power of Mumm-ra.  Lunatacs, S-s-slithe, 
Jackleman, Monkian be prepared for anything".  A woman walked from the 
shadows.  "Ah if it's not my precious Mumm-rana" Mumm-ra said.  All of 
the others bowed to her as she walked to Mumm-ra.  "We are ready for 
full scale attack now my love" she said.  Then th young man and young 
woman walked in.  "TugMug, make sure that you get Bengali and Pumyra's 
children next time.  For the future White and Destiny shall rule" he 
said as he pointed to the future White and Destiny.

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