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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: Crossing Barriers
By Jesse Morgan

**Note: Pumyra has already had the baby in this story but don't worry, I 
will go back soon and have a two-part story about it!  Also (ooppps) 
Bengali and Pumyra are not officially married so please don't get mad 
cause it will be soon.  Lion-o is starting a relationship with Catlani 
and Cheetara is dating Tygra (please don't get mad about that either).  
The rest will be revealed in this story shortly.  It will be apart of 
what I would like to call an multi-part epic in the Thundercats lives.  
Now here is part one to it all**

                             The sun shines brightly, as a new day began 
on Thundera.  Pumyra slowly turned in her sleep.  She felt a head, 
resting on her shoulder.  She moved her head to look behind herself.  
Their was Bengali's head, sleeping soundly on her shoulder.  She gently 
removed his head and put it on one of the white pillows.  She removed 
the covers and slowly stretched.  She knew she had to get moving soon.  
She felt two strong hands rub her back and then someone kiss her on the 
cheek.  She turned around to see what she loved to see, Bengali.  She 
smiled brightly at him.  "Hello sunshine" Bengali said to her and kissed 
her on the lips.  "Good morning to you too, sweetie" she said with a 
smile.  "WHHHHHAAAAAAAAA!" the baby cried.  "Well looks like we have 
somebody's up" Pumyra said qwuietly to her fiancee`.  Bengali smirked at 
her.  "I'll get him" Bengali said.  He walked to a corner in their 
apartment.  "Hurry up Bengali.  We have to get showered up and get to 
Tygra's.  We have Training today" she said to him.  "Oh man, we've go 
S.I.M.S. today" he said with a bit of sorrow in his voice.  He carefully 
leaned down and picked up his baby cub.  "Well thank goodness that 
Bengali Jr. didn't wake up baby Destiny" Bengali said as he craddled his 
son.  "We'll later sleep on the way there" Pumyra said.  After having 
twins, Pumyra and Bengali were ready for anything.
                             Bengali locked the door of their apartment 
with Destiny sleep in his hands.  "I can't believe that we won't be here 
after today" he said.  "Well Lion-o made the decision that it would be 
safer and more wiser to stay at Tygra's manison and use that as a 
Headquaters.  Besides, at least we will all be together" Pumyra said as 
they walked down the steps of the apratment building.  They walked to 
the streets and headed for the mansion.  When they got to the gates, 
Bengali pulled out a silver card with the Thundercats insignia on it.  
He placed it in a slot and it scanned.  It opened the gates and they 
walked in.
                             Bengali and Pumyra walked down the busy 
halls of Tygra's mansion.  Snarfs ran back and forth down the halls.  
Some moving in the other Thundercats things, others helping with Tygra's 
business.  "Well we had better put the babies in the nursry.  It was 
nice of Tygra to build it for them" Pumyra said as she held her son.  
Bewngali smiled at her and they headed for the nursury.  As they walked 
in they saw Snarfina cleaning things up.  "Hello Snarferina, how are 
things going?" Bengali said as he headed for one of the craddles.  
Snarfina jumped when she heard Bengali's voice.  "OH!  I am sorry I 
didn't mean to scare you" Bengali said in attempts to comfort her.  
Pumyra walked over to the other crib and put Bengali Jr in the crib.  
"Well how are we doing today Mr Bengali and Miss Pumyra" Snarfina says 
as she looks at Destiny.  Destiny cooed when she saw Snarfina.  "We are 
doing fine Snarfina" Bengali said as he put the baby bag down by 
Destiny's crib.  "We'll be in SIMS for about an hour today.  So we will 
try and see the kids when we can.  Can you be sure to feed them and make 
sure that Bengali JR gets a nap" Bengali said to Snarfina while watching 
Pumyra.  "Yes Mr Bengali I will.  Is there anything else?" the small 
Snarf said as she covered Destiny.  "No that'll be fine" Pumyra said.  
They kissed their kids goodbye and walked out of the room.  "We had 
better get changed" Bengali said as he wrapped an arm around Pumyra's 
shoulder.  "Don't forget Bengali, we have to pick up my cousin Jadakiss 
and her boyfrined from the station today" Pumyra said as she leaned her 
head on his shoulder.
                             After getting changed into their SIMS 
suits, Bengali and his fiancee` headed for the computer room.  The halls 
were still busy with Snarfs running back and forth and others from 
Tygra's office.  "HEY BENGALI!" was heard from behind them.  Bengali and 
pUmyra turned around quickly to see Wily Kit and Wily Kat coming.  Thye 
were hovering on their new space boards.  Wily Kat speed past Bengali, 
nearly knocking him off of his feet.  "Hey watch it where your going!" 
Bengali yelled at Wily Kat, but Wily Kat was going to fast to hear him. 
 Wily Kit hopped off of her board and ran to them.  "Hey are you 
allright Bengali?" she said while helping him up.  "Uh yeah.  Your 
brother needs to watch where he is going!" he said.  "I know, but he's 
careless like that" Wily Kit giggled.  "We need to get to the computer 
room to sign in for our hours" Pumyra said as she pointed to the door at 
the end of the hall.  "Didn't you hear?  Today is team battles" Wily Kit 
said exstatically.  "Oh no" Bengali said.  He dreaded when they had to 
work in teams.
                             They headed down the  hall where Bengali 
was waiting.  They all entered the door and saw Tygra get into his SIMS 
station, Cheetara looking at the monitors, Panthro adjusting his 
station, Lynx-o fixing his armpeice, Catlani putting on her headpiece 
and Lion-o sitting in a chair pouting.  "Snarf, are you and Snarfer 
ready to monitor this?" Tygra called from uptop.  "Yes Tygra, snarf 
snarf" Snarf said as he guided his nephew through the process.  Snarfer 
hadn't been with the Thundercats long, but he knew what to do.  "I never 
do agree with Tygra's methods of letting children do these things.  They 
just aren't ready for this" Cheetara said as she looked at Snarf help 
Snarfer.  "We have to beilieve that they are ready.  After all they are 
Thundercats too Cheetara" Snarf said as he fixed some of the safety 
programs.  "That is true.  Allright guys let's get to our stations and 
get ready.  The teams are Alpha and Omega.  Alpha will be Panthro, 
Lion-o, Catlani, Lynx-o and Wily Kit.  Omega will be Bengali, Wily Kat, 
Tyra, Pumyra and myself.  Pumyra you are still on medical one so BEngali 
lookout for her.  We are going level five people!  Allright let's do it, 
HO!" Cheetara said as she sped off to her station.  Everyone got to 
their stations and placed their headpeices on.  Snarf pushed a button 
and the simualtion began.
                             Lynx-o walked quietly in the forrest.  He 
felt the breeze at the back of him.  He listened to everything 
carefully, not to be suprised attacked.  He heard a branch snap.  He got 
into battle position.  He suddenyl felt the earth begin to shae with 
enough intensity to make the tree fall.  He heard it snap and quickly 
moved out of the way.  The ground shook more and Lynx-o lost his 
balance.  He fell into a nearby lake and tried to swm to the top.  His 
bald head reached surface and he gasped for air.  He reahces for land 
and grasps it.  He pulls himself onto land and coughs up water.  He 
gradually regains his breath.  He senses danger but is too weak to move. 
 A pellet hurls his way and he hears it.  Exhausted he quickly moves.  
The pellet his the lake and explodes.  It sends water flying everywhere. 
 Lynx-o starts running.  Another pellet is hurled at Lynx-o and in 
attempt to get away, Lynx-o trips again.  He falls face first into mud 
and the pellet explodes.  With a fury, the land is torn up from where 
Lynx-o is.  Lynx-o's body is sent flying intoa tree.  He tried to get up 
but can't.  He hears someone laughing and Wily Kat jumps from a tree.  
"We are playing hide-n-seek Lynx-o.  Guess what?  Tag your it" Wily Kay 
laughs.  He pulls another pellet from his pouch.  Lynx-o tries to think 
of a way to get away.
                             "TEMPEST WOOD!" Panthro said as he swung 
his nunchuks.  It sent a furry of winds at Wily Kat.  Not being 
prepared, Kat didn't have enough time to dodged the winds.  He flew 
across the green feild.  His body slid across the grass.  "Got him!  
Well the rest is yours Catlani" Panthro said as he looked at the frisky 
feline.  "Thanks for the 'left overs'" she said as she ran at Wily Kat. 
 She drew an arrow and placed it in her bow.  Wly Kat groaned and 
grabbed his head.  he tried to get up but couldn't.  Catlani said "DEEP 
WATER FURY!" amd let the bow fly.  It split into water droplets which 
turned into a wave of water.  Wily Kat was washed away.  Catlani smiled 
and turned to Panthro.  He was helping Lynx-o up.  Catlani heard a 
change in the wind and turned back around quickly.  She saw a blaze of 
light pass her.  "WHAT THE?!" she said.  Cheetara tapped her on the 
shoulder and Ctalani quickly jumped away.  She flipped in the air and 
landed on the grass.  "Should've known it was you Cheetara" she said in 
a rage.  "Be prepared Catlani" the quick cheetah said as she twirled her 
staff.  "Oh I am" Catlani said as she drew an arrow.  The both waited in 
                             A blink of an eye and they were running 
towards each other.  "DEEP WATER FURY!" Catlani said as she shot her 
arrow.  Cheetara dodged the water and said "COLD TYPHOON!".  She spun 
around once and a furry of ice flew at Catlani.  Catlani was hit by the 
ice and fell to her knees.  Panthro ran to her aid but was intercepted. 
 Pumyra came jumping from a tree and said "PINK FIRE BESS!".  She hurls 
a orb at him that caused a severe explosion.  Panthro fell to the ground 
and Pumyra landed on the ground.  Lion-o came running at her but was 
stopped by Bengali.  He yelled "SONIC TIGER SPLIT!".  Two blue beams of 
energy flew at the Lord of the Thundercats.  He quickly dodged one and 
reflected the other with his sword.  They charged each other.
                             All of the sudden the program ended.  "WHAT 
HAPPENED!" Panthro yelled out as he took off his headpeice.  All of the 
sudden the room got dark and a red light began to flash.  "We;ve got a 
problem on the premises people!" Tygra said as he got out of this gear. 
 He raised up his crystal and was soon turned into his Thundercat 
uniform.  All of the others changed quickly.  "What's going on!" 
Cheetara yelled out to Snarf.  "We've got an interuder!" Snarf yelled as 
he pinted to one of the monitors.  "They are heading for the nursery 
area!" Snarfer yelled out.  "THE BABIES!" Pumyra cried out.  Bengali ran 
with speed towards the nursery.  He saw TugMug headed for the nursery.  
"STOP!" he yelled out.  TugMug turned to him, his face filled with evil. 
 His eyes glew red.  He wasn't the same TugMug the Thudnercats fought 
weeks ago, he has been changed to something even more evil.  "I can see 
that the young Siberian wants to challenge of warrior of Mumm-ra" TugMug 
said as he raised his new staff.  It glowed with a fury of fire.  
Benagli ran at him with his Hammer of Thudnera.  "Not so fast 
sppedster!" TugMug said as he hit Cheetara.  Bengali stopped dead in his 
tracks.  How did he knew that Cheetara was there.  Cheetara lead knocked 
out on the floor.  "Prepare to die Bengali!" TugMug said as he swung his 
staff at him.  Bengali fell to the ground after being hit by it.  He 
clecnhed his chest in agony.  The others came down the hall.  Wily Kat 
pulled out a pellet and said "MOON CRESCENTS SLPIT!".  He threw the 
pellet which formed three more pellets.  The explosion tore the hallway 
to peices.  TugMug still stood, without a scratch.  "How can this be!" 
Wily Kat said.  Pumyra ran to Bengali and craddled hiom in her arms.  
"It's going to be allright Bengali, just hold on" she whispered to him. 
 TugMug raised his staff and a fury of fireballs shot out at Wily Kat.  
He dodged the first two but was hit by the third.  He went, screaming 
into the wall.  "Catlani, get to Wily Kat!" Tygra yelled.  She ran to 
him quickly.  Tygra raised his whip and said "BURNING FIRE WAVE!".  His 
whip let a stream of fire fly at TugMug.  TugMug ducked and Wily Kit was 
hit by the attack.  She fell to the ground in sure pain.  "OH NO!" Tygra 
screamed.  Bengali faintly said to Pumyra "Help the others, I'll be 
fine".  She nodded her head and stood to her feet.  She took one last 
look at him and went into battle.  She wasn't fighting just for her 
life, but for her children's and love's lives.
                            By this time Lynx-o and Tygra had already 
fallen.  Only Lion-o, Panthro and Catlani remained standing.  Panthro 
pulled his hands together and his body illuminated green.  "ACIENT ROCK 
IVY!" he roared as a energy beam streamed from his hands.  The surge of 
energy headed for TugMug.  He swung his atff in front of him, cause the 
surge to reflect.  It exploded, ihtting Catlani and Panthro.  "NO!" 
Lion-o screamed as Catlani fell to the ground.  Pumyra blazed into 
action, swinging her sling with power.  She screamed "BUTTERFLY ORB!".  
With the beauty and grace of a the Puma, she let the orb fly.  The orb 
flew through the sky, light as the wind that carried it.  It shattered 
into a pink glow of a butterfly, sonically sending blasts everywhere.  
TugMug dodged the fury.  But he wasn't smart enough to watch for Lion-o 
this time.  Lion-o lifted his sword up and said "THUNDERBOLT RAGE!".  
The Sword of Omens let streams of yellow light fly at TugMug.  TugMug 
fled from the hall and escpaed with injuries.
                            The Thundercats didn't bother chasing the 
evil menace.  All the Thundercats recieved immediate medical attention 
from the Snarfs.  They all gathered in the Hall of Omens an hour later. 
 "This is exactly why we have SIMS.  Luna said that we would have a 
greater battle now that Mumm-ra's Kingdom is near.  We must prepare for 
any and everything.  All of us should have our stuff here and ready for 
anything by the moon's set tomorrow" Cheetara said.  "You are right and 
we will" Lion-o said as he put on his trench coat.  "The only problem 
is, we aren't ready for what may lay ahead for King Claudus" he said as 
he walked onto the terrace.  Pumyra craddled BDestiny in her arms.  
"Pumyra, will you and Bengali be fine with the kids here?" Lynx-o asked. 
 "Yes, we will be" she said.  "Me and Pumyra have got to be going.  
There is still more packing to do and we have to pick up her cousin.  
Tygra, are you sure that it is okay if Pumyra's cousin and her boyfriend 
stay here with us?" Bengali said as he stood.  "Yes of course, they are 
her family and are welcomed here" he said as he gazed off to Lion-o.  
Catlani arose from her seat and went outside.  Bengali and Pumyra left 
the room and left the mansion.
                            Lion-o felt an arm around his shoulder and 
turned around.  He was happy to see Catlani.  She kissed him on the 
lips.  "What was that for?" he said.  "For actually caring for someone. 
 You are growing up Lion-o, thank you" she said.  "No thank you, for 
showing me that I can.  Being the Lord of the Thundercats is a tough 
thing.  I just wouldn't be able to do it withouth you" he said.  They 
hugged each other and looked out at the stars.
                           Pumyra and Bengali waited patiently.  Soon 
they saw two people headed towards them.  One was a female Jaguar with 
brown hair and the other was a male, a Lynx.  "Hey Pumyra!" the girl 
called out to her.  Pumyra ran towards her.  They embraced, joyous to 
see each other.  "How are you doing Jadakiss" Pumyra said as they 
seperated.  "I'm fine.  Where are the babies?" she said.  Pumyra and 
Jadakiss walked over to Bengali.  "Jade, I'd like you to mett the one 
man in my life Bengali".  Bengali reached a hand out to her and she 
abliged.  "It's nice to meet the man who makes my cousin happy.  And I'd 
like you guys to meet Apollo, the man who makes me happy".  Apollo 
greeted both of them.  Pumyra showed Jadakiss the twins that she gave 
birth to.  "So how are things here?" Jadakiss asked.  "Not to good, not 
good at all" Pumyra said.  They took them back to Tygra's mansion and 
they all talked about the strange occurances on Thundera.

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