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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Lunar Apocalypse
By Brandon Rasmussen

        Wileykat gets out of his bed and yawns. He and his twin sister had 
slept for several hours, and when he turned around, he learned that 
Wileykit was still in dreamland. After a little thinking, he sneaks over 
to Kit's radio, and fidgets with a couple buttons. ‘Just a while 
longer,' he thought, ‘and she'll be awake.' He secretly giggles, then 
sneaks back over to his bed, and lays down, pretending he never woke up.
        "Aaaaauuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh!!!!" Wileykit yelled, right after the radio 
turned on, with the sound level set at deafening. She turns the thing 
off, and gets up. "That was a sneaky, underhanded trick, Wileykat!" She 
shouted, facing her brother. She got even angrier when she noticed a 
grin forming across his face.
        "Did you hear that?" Lion-O asked Tygra, who was working on some design 
for a new piece of equipment. Tygra nodded, and said "Those kittens 
won't ever grow up." Lion-O laughed, and typed some more commands into 
the computer.
        Wileykit stormed into the control room, followed by a pointing 
Wileykat, laughing crazily. "When will we get separate rooms?" She 
asked, seeming impatient. "Aww, what's the hurry?" her sibling said, 
trying to tease her. "When I get a hold of you, I'll . . . " Kit 
threatened. Her threat was interrupted with the warning lights and 
alarms blaring all over the lair. "What's wrong?" Pumyra said, running 
into the room, followed by Bengali. "Switch on the monitor!" Lion-O 
yelled, trying to stay louder than the warning noise that was all over 
the place.
        What Lion-O saw in the monitor made him quiver in fear. "What?" Snarfer 
asked, after entering the room. "Lunatacs." He said under his breath. 
This word made everyone else quiver in fear. Snarf said "Lunatacs? 
Ssssnnnnaaarrrffff. How are we going to beat them this time? And how did 
they escape from Captain Bragg?" Lion-O replied with "That's not 
important right now, Snarf! What's important now is the Lunatacs are 
back and that they are attacking us!"
        TugMug was the first to attack. He did a triple jump right up to the 
lair's mouth, and bounced inside. He hopped to the control room, and 
slammed the door down. "Nobody move, or I'll zap you with this." He 
said, showing them his Gravity Carbiner Version 2.0.
        Pumyra tried to remove her sling and one of her orbs, but TugMug 
blasted her with his new, gold plated, weapon. Pumyra, now helplessly 
floating in midair, dropped the orb she was holding, and the room filled 
with smoke. TugMug jumped out the window, and slammed into Alloro 
attempting an aerial attack. The two hit the ground, and Luna commanded 
Amok to knock the door down.
        After clearing away the smoke, the Thundercats tried to get Pumyra 
down, but the alarm sounded, and Snarf tripped on a cable and fell on 
the console. "Now you've done it, Snarf!" Panthro yelled. He was going 
to say something else, but was interrupted by the very annoying warning 
voice going "Intruder alert. Intruder alert. Intruder alert. Intruder 
alert." nonstop.
        "Conquering this place will give us complete control of New Thundera!" 
TugMug said after regaining consciousness. Redeye then snapped "Wrong, 
TugMug! You are thinking that all the Thundercats are there! Cheetara, 
Tigra, and Lynx-o are gone! They just took the Feliner!" Alloro, after 
hearing this, boasted "Even if they find out, I will be able to control 
them with my psych club!" waving his weapon right in front of Luna's 
face. Luna did not say anything, but her bodyguard did. "AMOK SAY SHUT 
UP!" the burly beast said, scooping all the other Lunatacs with his 
massive arms and dropping them in a pile. "NOW SHUT UP!"
        Panthro finally got the computer to shut up, and he got Pumyra down. 
Bengali fastened a rope around her waist, and the kittens giggled. 
Bengali said "You two should start paying some respect, or you'll NEVER 
be full Thundercats!" This caused the duo to stop their giggling.
        The Feliner flew gracefully through space. Lynx-o typed some commands 
on his braille board, which he hooked up to the navigation system. The 
Feliner was flying to Wayoutback Island. Tigra thought that maybe Bragg 
could tell them how the Lunatacs escaped, and that might help the 
Thundercats defeat them.
        Panthro gave Pumyra a potion Tigra made to reverse any gravity effects, 
which included TugMug's Gravity Carbiner, and Two time's own gravity 
system. The effects weren't immediately working, instead her problem 
slowly faded away. Eventually, she was on the ground, as is she never 
got blasted. "There, now that it's settled, we've got another problem." 
Panthro said. Lion-O did some thinking, then said. "Wait, I know what to 
        He ran to the mouth of the Cat's lair, and executed his plan. "Sword of 
Omens! Eye of Thundera! Give me power to teleport the Thundercats! 
Thunder, THUNder, THUNDER, THUNDERCATS, HO!" The "HO" echoed throughout 
New Thundera, then the signal appeared. It flew through many lightyears 
in space, than focused itself on the Feliner.
        Lion-o's plan was working. The Feliner started dematerializing, and 
rematerialized right outside the New Cat's Lair. Lynx-O and the others 
were stunned for a second, but started flying after the Lunatacs, lasers 
firing to scare them. It scared them far away from New Cat's Lair, then 
returned to dock. The Thundercats all ran to the Lair's mouth, and 
joined Lion-o in a "Thundercats, HO!"

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