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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: Christmas Blues
By Jesse Morgan

                        Catlani and Cheetara walked down the snowy, 
filled streets.  In their hands they had tons of shopping bags.  They 
watched as kids ran by and adults conversated.  They walked into a empty 
building where Tygra worked.  "I can't believe Tygra is working and 
everyone else is out getting presents.  I should've been going home for 
the holidays but that's a different story" Catlani said as she pressed 
the elevator button.  "Yeah well he's always wrapped up in beating the 
competition.  I don't even know why I decided to work for him.  And then 
he almost didn't give me time off.  I mean we've got two days before 
Christmas and he's working, Lion-o is no where to be found, Wily Kit and 
Kat have gone away with their parents, Panthro is sick, Lynx-o is 
planning for his classes for when classes begin again, Pumyra is gone to 
see her parents, Bengali has gone to see his dad and we are stuck here 
with the work-aholic" Cheetara said.  They entered the elevator and 
pressed the button for the top floor.  When the elevator got to the top 
they entered Tygra's office.  He was steady working at his desk.  "Do 
you ever give up?" Cheetara said as she dropped her bags on the couch.  
Tygra looked up for a second and then continued his work.  "Well don't 
act like your so busy!" Cheetara said as she sat in a chair at another 
desk.  Catlani put her bags down and looked around.  She admired all the 
awards and designs on Tygra's walls.
                        Pumyra awoke in her old room.  She looked 
around, nothing had changed.  She sat up and grabbed her engagment ring 
from her old dresser.  She had taken it off so her parents would not 
think anything.  She had not informed them of her engagement to Bengali 
or her pregnancy.  Ever since she started going to college she had been 
dating Bengali.  She had told her parents of him but they have not met 
him.  She put it on a necklace that Bengali gave her for their 
anniversary.  She put the necklace on and got out of the bed.  She 
walked out of her room and downstairs.  There she saw her mom in the 
kitchen cooking and her dad sitting on the couch.  She walked into the 
kitchen and sat down on one of the stools.  "Hi mom" she said as she 
grabbed a peice of toast.  "Oh hi Pumyra.  How are you today?" she said 
as she kept stirring in the pot.  "Uhm I'm fine.  I need to talk with 
you and dad" Pumyra said as she stood from the stool.  "DAD!  Can you 
come in here?" Pumyra said as she sat at the table.  Her father walked 
in and sat down at the table.  Her mom walked over and sat down also.  
"Yes Pumyra what is it?" her mom said.
                        "Well you guys know how I've been seeing a guy 
named Bengali for awhile now" Pumyra said nervously.  "Yeah, he sounds 
nice.  I wish you would have brought him home so we could meet him" 
Pumyra's father said.  "Well mom and daddy ew have been talking for 
awhile and we've decided that we love each other and we should get 
married" Pumyra said.  "WHAT!" her father said in a loud tone.  Her 
mother got up and hugged Pumyra.  "Congradulations honey" she said with 
a tear in her eye.  "Uhm thanks but there is something else" Pumyra said 
as she whipped the tear from her mother's eye.  "What could it be now!" 
her father said with anger in his voice.  "Well I am going to have a 
baby" she said as she dropped her head.  "WHAT!" her mother said in a 
rage.  "You mean to tell me that that good for nothing boy has gone and 
gotten my little girl pregant and wants to marry her because of it!" her 
father said as he got up from the table.  "DADDY!  He loves me and we 
decided that we should get married.  Me being pregnant has nothing to do 
with it!".  "Well I hope he's the father" Pumyra's mom sai.  "Of course 
he is" Pumyra said as she got up from the table.  "I thought you would 
understand.  I'm eighteen and I am perfectly able to make my own 
choices" she said as she stomped out of the room.
                        Tygra, Catlani and Cheetara exited the high-rise 
building and headed into the streets.  Catlani admired all the beautiful 
lights of the streets while Cheetara watched the snow falling.  Tygra 
looked at his watch and he could see it was getting late.  They 
approached the underground tunnels when they heard a scream.  Quickly 
they looked in the direction of the cry for help.  They saw a man 
running from a woman.  "We have to help her!" Catlani said as she 
grabbed her crystal.  "DEEP SEA CAT TRANSFORM!" she said.  Soon she was 
transformed into her Thundercat uniform.  She pulled a arrow from her 
puch and held the other arm out.  Soon a golden bow formed between her 
fingertips.  She placed the arrow on it and pulled back.  "SCREAMING 
GOLDEN ARROW!" Catlani said as she let the arrow hurl at the man.  It 
flew through the snow dipped air with ease.  Soon it came in contact 
with the ground and caused a tidal wave of golden light.  The theif was 
blindeed by the brightening blaze.  Tygra held up his crystal as did 
Cheetara.  they both transformed and drew their weapons.  The theif 
regained his sight and began to run again.  He dodged through many 
people as he felt a breeze pass him.  He looked forward to see Cheetara 
standing in fromt of him.  She swung her bow around above her head.  "Do 
you really think you ar going to get away with this!" she said with a 
feirce tone.  "I am sure going to try" the theif said with confidence.  
He charged her and Cheetara moved.  The theif feel to the floor, loosing 
his balance.  Unsure of his next move, he tried to regain his 
confidence.  Cheetara quickly took advantage of the situation.  Within a 
second she ran circles around the theif.  She snowflakes that feel gave 
her even more strength then before.  A wirlwind gusted the theif into 
the air.  Cheetara stopped her cyclone and twirl her staff in front of 
herself.  "SWIFT ICE STAFF!" Cheetara said as she hurled the staff at 
the theif.  In a instance of touch, he froze in his spot.
                        The crowd that was onlooking the situation 
clapped and cheered the Thundercats.  Tygra watched as Cheetara walked 
slowly away from the scene.  He walked towards her.  "What's wrong?" he 
said to her.  "Well, I guess that it's just our job to protect those, no 
matter what the small situation" she said quietly.  "Well don't forget 
to be at my house with the others later tonight.  I am wondering will 
Pumyra and Bengali be back then" he said as he walked off.  Cheetara 
looked towards the sky again.  This time there was no snow falling but a 
dark mist throughout the air.
                        Bengali paced around outside.  Just telling his 
father hours ago of his choice to marry Pumyra.  He was now delt with 
the choice to tell his father of the unborn child Pumyra was carrying or 
not to.  He had already packed his bags and he knew he was going to 
Pumyra.  He hated to spend a day without her and it has already been 
three.  He grabbed his keys and said a final goodbye to his father.  He 
got onto his hoverbike and left.  He sped down the streets and watched 
snowflakes hit his helmet, only to be melted away a second later.  
Within an hour he was at Pumyra's parents house.  Outside sitting on the 
snow covered grass was Pumyra.  He quickly got off the hovercraft to run 
to her.  She sat quiet, admiring the snow fall.  He walked silently 
towards her, snow crunching under his shoes.  Pumyra slowly lifted her 
head up.  She smiled as she saw her white covered fiancee`.  "So you 
told them huh?" he said as he sat down next to her.  "Yeah I did" she 
said as she leaned on him.  She put her head on his shoulder and he 
kissed her head lovingly.  He grabbed her head and held it.  "I can't 
believe I did.  They were pretty upset about it" Pumyra said as a tear 
trickled down her cheek.  Bengali quickly grabbed the tear with his 
finger.  He wrapped his arms around her and held her.  "Come on, let's 
go" he said as he stood.  He helped her up and got her bags.  She was 
disappointed that she would have to leave.
                        Tygra walked slowly down the halls of his 
mansion.  He admired old paintings and sculptures that he really never 
cared for.  He pictured his mother telling him all the old stories of 
the paintings.  He slowly quietly walked into the study.  He grabbed an 
old photo album.  He dusted it off and began to reminise on old times.  
"Old things can come back to haunt you" he heard from behind him.  He 
turned around to see Cheetara, in the doorway with a brown trench coat 
hanging off her shoulder.  "Things aren't always what you want them to 
be" Tygra said as he put the old book down.  "I'm sorry, I din't mean 
toi interrupt you but things are not always what you like them to be" 
she said as she entered the room.  "No, you didn't interrupt me, just 
startled me.  I guess I get wrapped up sometimes" he said as he walked 
over to her.  Cheetara gazed around the room.  Tygra looked away from 
her.  "Tygra what's wrong?" she said.  "Well I guess I didn't expect 
such a regat outfit to be on you" Tygra said as he turned to her.  "Well 
I thought it was time for somthing new.  Besides, why should Catlani be 
the only one to have the market on great designs?  And if I'm right, 
Tygra actually gave someone a compliment.  I am flattered by this" she 
said as she approached him.  He grabbed her and huggged her.  "I guess 
things aren't always what you want them to be" Tygra said as he looked 
deep into her eyes.  "What is this suppoused to be then Tygra?" Cheetara 
said as she leaned in.  "I don't know" Tygra whispered to her as he 
kissed her.
                        Panthro walked somely through the dark, snow 
covered park.  He had deep thoughts that went through his mind.  *Why 
was I chosen?  Whay wasn't someone else?* he thought.  He glanced around 
everywhere looking for answers.  With none, he headed for Tygra's.
                        Catlani, Lynx-o and Wily Kit were busy working 
on one of Panthro's latest inventions.  "Os, this is the famous vehicle 
that Panthro still hasn't finished" Wily Kit said as she shined the 
light for Catlani to see.  "Yeah and it could take even more time to get 
this blasted thing to run" Catlani said as she tried to admire all of 
it's finctions.  "With patience dear Catlani" Lynx-o said as he fiddled 
with a braile book.  "After the years I spent trying to have pateince 
with people, I should be the last to have to" Ctalani said as she fixed 
her eye gear.  "Well even now, smarties like Lynx-o should know what 
they are talking about Catlani" Wily Kit said in a intelligent tone.  
Ctalani smirked at her and continued to admire the vehicle.  "Lynx-o, 
you don't look happy" Wily Kit said.  "I'm not, we have some serious 
problems.  I sense something bad" Lynx-o said as he rose from his chair. 
 "Come on Lynx-o, you'd think even this great Mumm-ra would at least 
takie a break for the holidays.  You'd think he was king or something.  
Like we are all going to bow down to him.  Huh, he'll be lucky if I even 
blink an eye for him" Wily Kit said.  Wily Kat soon came sliding down 
the banister, into the basement of Tygra's house.  "HEY GUYS!!!!!  It's 
time for a rousing game of cards!  Who's in!" he said in a fun loving 
mood.  "Well I'm not, I've got things to do" Wily Kit said as she left 
the basement.  "I will join you but I won't play" Catlani said as they 
all walked out.  Lynx-o looked back as they walked out, sesning 
something terrible.
                        Tygra sat in the kitchen watching a Sanrf 
prepare the dinner.  Soon a plump red and yellow feline walked in.  
"Hello Snarf" Tygra said with a smile.  "Hello Tygra, how are the others 
doing?" he said as she sat up on his tail.  "Seems to be fine" Tygra 
said as he tried to sneak a peice of food.  Snarf quickly smacked his 
hand.  "Ah ah ah, no food before dinner" he said with a smile.  Tygra 
laughed and continued watching the snarfs.
                        Most of the Thundercats were seated in the 
living room.  Lion-o, Pumyra, Bengali, Cheetara and Wily Kat sat playing 
cards.  Lynx-o stood behind them.  Panthro stood glancing out the 
window.  Catlani sat at the grand piano playing music.  "Read 'em and 
weep suckers!" Wily Kat said as he threw his cards on the table.  Lion-o 
groaned to the feel of lose to a kid.  Bengali threw his hand on the 
table in a fury.  Pumyra placed her cards down and mumbled.  Cheetara 
glared at Wily Kat and then put her cards down.  Wily Kat laughed and 
boasted as he grabbed the pile of chips in the middle of the table.  "I 
didn't know he could deal from the bottom" Pumyra said to Bengali.  
Cheetara quickly nudged him.  "Uhh, well you can if you are Wily Kat" he 
said to Pumyra.  "You never helped me when I first played with Wily 
Kat's cheating ways.  Believe me Bangali, Pumyra will look back at this 
and laugh" Cheetara whispered to Bengali.  "You didn't when he didn't it 
to you" Bengali whispered back.  "Pumyra is much nicer than I am!' 
Cheetara said as they all began to laugh.
                        Tygra walked into the laughing room.  "Any room 
for another" he said.  "No way old timer!" Lion-o said sarcastically.  
"Well I am getting up, so anyone who wants to replace me can" Cheetara 
said as she stood.  "I will!" Wily Kit said cheerfully as she walked 
into the room.  Tygra and Cheetara walked from the room.  Pumyra and 
Bengali stood beside the piano as Catlani played.  "Well that was a 
surprise.  I never expected Cheetara to fall for someone.  I mean Tygra" 
Bengali said.  "Well he has cared for her" she said.  "I know but did 
you see the way she looked at him?" Bengali said.  "Like a woman in 
love" Pumyra said softly.  "Pumyra, I want you to look at me like that 
again" he said as he slid his hand on hers.  He grabbed her head.  "I do 
too, believe Bengali I do it everyday I see you" Pumyra said.
                        Lion-o sat down next to Catlani as she played 
the piano.  "Look at those two" he said as he pointed to Pumyra and 
Bengali under the mistletoe.  He watched as Bengali kissed Pumyra 
several times, each time more passionate.  "They are in love Lion-o!  
Haven't you ever felt like that" she said angerly.  "Only once, with 
only one person" he said to her.  "Stop trying to flatter me" Catlani 
said with a smile.  Lion-o leaned in and stopped Catlani playing.  He 
turned her head and kissed her.  Wily Kit and Wily Kat watched as 
Christmas was becoming a time for people to renew old loves and new 

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