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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: When Days Turn To Nights
By Jesse Morgan

                Pumyra didn't sleep allnight.  She sat on Bengali's 
couch, expecting him to open the door.  She held one of his pillows 
close to her body, smelling the cologne he wore.  *Oh Bengali please 
come home*.  She sat up for several hours before drifting to sleep on 
the couch.  Night was swept into morning and she still laid sleep on his 
couch.  Bengali walked up the stairs to his apartment.  His mind was 
doing flips and he couldn't concentrate on anything.  He took his keys 
from his pocket and opened the door to his apartment.  He entered into 
the dark place.  He stubbled over a few things before finding the light 
switch.  The lighrs came on and he saw Pumyra laying silently on his 
couch.  How he wanted to comfort her but he knew her life wouldn't be 
ruined for the mistake they made.  He wished it could be simple but it 
wasn't.  He had no idea what to say to her, to comfort her.  He couldn't 
even believe that there was a life growing in her stomach, something he 
and she created.  He walked passed the couch heading for his room.  He 
stopped, that was the room.  It was the room that started this whole 
mess.  He couldn't even enter his own room.  He went to the closet and 
pulled out some covers.  He walked back to the living room where Pumyra 
was sleeping.  He placed one of the covers over her and sat in a chair 
next to the couch.  He put his head in his hands and thought.  *Why me?* 
he said to himself.
                        He heard a slight moan and looked up.  Pumyra 
was waking up and Bengali still didn't know what to say to her.  She 
lifted her head up and looked around.  There she saw Bengali sitting in 
the chair.  She quickly got up and hugged him tightly.  "Oh thank Jaga 
you are alive Bengali" she said.  He carefully put his hands around her. 
 He held her just as closely as she was holding him.  Then he pulled her 
off of him, not wanting to but he had to.  "Pumyra we have to talk" he 
said.  She slowly sat down on the couch.  She knew this was coming but 
she didn't want it to.  She had always felt that her and Bengali's 
relationship was like a dream, it would never face reality.  Now she was 
having to.  "I am not sure what to do about this baby" he said.  "I am 
not mentally and probably not close to being financly ready to take care 
of a child.  Don't get me wrong but I love you so much and I am happy 
that we created a life together but..." before he could finish Pumyra 
stood and walked to the window.  She gazed out at the streets.  She saw 
all kinds of people walking, laughing and talking.  She wished that she 
could be one of them.  "I won't do it Bengali!" she said.  He stood and 
walked towards her.  "Do what?" he said.  "I won't get rid of this baby. 
 It shouldn't have to pay for our mistake.  No matter what you say I 
won't do it"! she said.  Tears startedto trickle down her face.  "NO!" 
he said.  "I wouldn't want you to get rid of the child".  He put his 
hands on her shoulder.  She moved away.  "Does anyone else know about 
this" he questioned.  "No, this is our problem not anyone elses" Pumyra 
said as she went to sit backon the couch.  She began to cry quietly, 
thunking of all the pain she would cause.  "Whay am I going to tell my 
dad?" Bengali said.  "I don't know but I have to worry about my own 
parents" Pumyra said.  He walked back over to her and whipped the tears 
from her face.  He kissed her lightly on her cheek.  She moved in closer 
to him, laying her head on his shoulder.
                          "So what are we going to do now?" he said as 
he caressed her hair.  "I have a doctor's appointment soon and you can 
come with me if you choose" Pumyra said.  Bengali looked at her 
lovingly.  "Sure I will" he said.  He stood to his feet and helped her 
up.  As he was walking to get his keys, the phone rang.  Pumyra picked 
it up and said "Hello?".  "Pumyra, come dowtown right away!" Tygra said. 
 "Sure Tygra, we'll be right there" she said as she hanged up the phone. 
 "BENGALI!" she called for him.  He came running to her.  "What is it?" 
he said.  "We have to get downtown.  Tygra needs us" she said.  They 
quickly rushed out of Bengali's apartment.
                            They rushed downtown to where they saw panic 
in the streets.  All they could see was a bunch of shadow men attacking 
people.  They were huge shadows and they were causing a blackout all 
downtown.  Bengali and Pumyra pushed through the crowd and spotted Tygra 
and Cheetara.  They ran to them.  "What's going on!" Bengali said to 
Tygra.  Tygra turned towards him and said "It's chaos.  We were going to 
lunch when we saw all of these people running.  Then we spotted these 
shadows.  We have to stop these creatures before the destroy the whole 
city!".  Cheetara heard her cell phone ring and she answered it.  
"Hello" she said.  It aws Wily Kit.  She said "Cheetara, there is chaos 
going on here at the college.  Me and Lynx-o, Catlani and Wily Kat are 
trying to stop it but people are going crazy!".  "The same is going on 
here downtown.  Get in contact with Lion-o and we will get in contact 
with Panthro" she said.  Wily Kit agreeded and they both hung up.  "We 
have to transform and find Panthro" she said.  "Right!" Tygra said.  
"FREEZING CHEETAH TRANSFORM!".  Soon Cheetara was changed into her 
Thundercat uniform.  "WHITE SKY TIGER TRANSFORM!" Bengali said.  He was 
soon transformed into his Thundercat uniform.  "RAGING FIRE TIGER 
TRANSFORM!" he said.  He was soon transformed into his Thundercat 
uniform.  "SWIFT TIME PUMA TRANSFORM!" Pumyra said.  As the others, she 
was transformed into her Thundercat uniform.  "Bengali and me will go to 
find Panthro.  You two fight these guys off until we get back!" Cheetara 
said.  She quickly speeded off.  "But Pumyra what about" he was cut as 
Pumyra kissed him passionately on the lips.  "Just go and get Panthro 
okay" she said.  Bengali shook his head yes and ran off.
                           "BLAZING TIGER WHIP!" Tygra said as he swung 
his whip towards one of the shadows.  Fireballs emerge from the bolas on 
his whip.  The fireballs hit the shadow but had no effect on it.  
"WHAT!" Tygra said in surprise.  Pumyra swung her sling in the air.  She 
said "NIGHTSHADE ORB SPLIT!".  She hurled an orb from her sling into the 
air.  It exploded and caused hurricane winds to blow everywhere.  Things 
flew everywhere and some of the shadowmen fell down.  She ran to Tygra's 
side.  "What do we do Tygra?  We can't fight them by ourselves!" she 
said.  "I don't know but we have to keep on fighting" Tygra said.  He 
swung his whip and said "BOLA FIREBALLS FLARE UP!".  Fire flared up 
around him and spread everywhere.  The streets were raged in an inferno 
and people scattered.  "Tygra we have to be careful of the people!" 
Pumyra said as she tried to fight off more of the shadows.  "I 
understand but how can we" Tygra said.  "By the gates of Thundera, we 
shall.  DEAD ORB SLING!" Pumyra cried.  She swung her sling as the orb 
began to glow bright pink.  She let the orb fly and it began to get 
larger as it approached some of the shadows.  It hit some of the shadows 
but once again it had no affect on them.  Pumyra pulled two more orbs 
from her puch and placed both of them in her sling.  She swung them in 
the air and said "TIME ORBS SCREAM!".  She let them go and the shrieked 
as they headed for the shdows.  The waves of sounds shattered buildings 
and tore up the streets.  They hit two shadows and destroyed them.  
Tygra pulled his whip to the sky but a shadow knocked him off his feet. 
 Tygra slide across the ground in pain.  He tried to stand but another 
shadow approached him.  "IRON OAK CRUSHER!" was heard as that shadow was 
destroyed.  Tygra turned around to see Panthro, Cheetara and Bengali 
standing there.
                       Panthro helped Tygra up as Bengali reached for 
his hammer.  He shot two lasers that caught a shadow off guard.  The 
shadow charged him and Bengali raised him hammer up.  He said "SPACE AND 
SKY QUAKE!".  He slammed the hammer to the ground, which caused tremors 
to head towards the shadow.  The tremors shttered the shadow.  "Where's 
Pumyra!" he asid in a rage.  Pumyra emerged from all the smoke and 
Bengali smiled.  Cheetara said "COLD WINTER TWIRL!" and spun around 
quickly in a circle.  Frost and mist flew from her as she spun around 
faster.  The ice froze one of the shadows just as another one came 
behind her.  He hit her hard and she feel to the ground.  She grabbed 
her head in pain.  Tygra grabbed his whip and said "RAGING INFERNO!".  
His whip flamed up and he threw millions of fireballs at the shadow.  
The shadow caught fire and exploded.  Tygra collapsed to his knees in 
pain from all the fighting.  "We are out numbered!" Panthro said.
                         Soon a man emerged from all the chaos.  He 
raised his hand up and all of the shadows quit fighting.  "I am Red Eye, 
third messenger of Mumm-ra.  You have failed to deafeat my shadows so 
now you shall fail to defeat me.  I shall be the one to destroy the 
Thundercats!" he said.  He wore a red visor and adjusted it to see all 
of the Thundercats.  He pulled a small disc from the center of his chest 
and hurled it at the Thundercats.  They all did their best to dodge it. 
 Bengali pulled a small pellet from his hammer's handle and threw it to 
the air.  He said "SPACE SHOCKWAVE!" and smashed the pellet with his 
hammer.  It caused a catstrophe of light to take over the area.  All the 
light smashed buildings and caused the grouns to quake.  Red Eye adjuted 
his visor again to see all the quakes and dodged them all.  Panthro 
swung his nunchuks around and said "OAK GROUNDS QUAKE WITH FEAR!".  
Bolts of lightining flew from his nunchuks towards Red Eye.  Red Eye 
adjusted his visor again to see the blots more cleary.  With a quick 
move of ease he dodged all of the bolts.  He then shot several missles 
from his chest.  The missles headed towards Bengali.  He had not ime to 
move and no chance.  Pumyra swung her sling and said "DARK ETERNAL TIME 
GATES CLOSE!".  She threw an orb to the sky and all times stopped for a 
few seconds.  The only ones moving were Pumyra and Bengali.  Bengali 
qucikly moved and Pumyra fell to the ground.  Time began once again and 
the missles exploded, casuing a building to collapes.  Red Eye laughed 
as he saw Pumyra laying on the ground.
                               Bengali clenched his chest, trying to get 
to Pumyra.  Several shadows approached him until they heard "SOUL 
SILENCE PELLET!".  A pellet came flying and cracked open.  Small ribbons 
shot from it and sliced all through one of the shadows.  Red Eye looked 
to where the pellet came from.  There standing was Wily Kat, Wily Kit, 
Lynx-o, Catlani and Lion-o.  "WHAT?!  More Thundercats to battle!".  
"That's right!  You are a foolish lackie of Mumm-ra and we will destroy 
you!" Lion-o said as he held up the Sword Of Omens.  All of the 
Thundercats spread out and began to battle all of the shadows.  "SEA 
ARROW WAVE SMASH!" Catlani said as she shot a blue arrow at a shadow.  
The arrow turned into water and crushed the shadow under it's waves.  
Lynx-o removed a disc from his wristband and said "SHADOW ILLUSIONS!".  
Soon he was surrounded by shadows that were similair to him.  They all 
attacked one of the shadows and destroyed it.  Bengali stood to his eet 
slowly.  "PUM..y...r...a..." he said as he tried to walk to her.  She 
did not move.  Tygra stood to his feet and twirled his whip.  His lips 
begin to form words but he was soon attacked by a shadow.  The shadow 
knocked him into the fallen down building.  Panthro hurled his nunchuks 
in front of him and said "BLACK LIGHTING SLICE!".  A bolt of black 
lighininh shot from one of his nunchuks and hit a shadow.  It shadow 
exploded, causing chaos all around.
                       Will Kit helped Cheetara up and they both faught 
off some of the shadows.  "What took you guys so long" Cheetara said as 
she hit a shadow with her staff.  "We had our own problems!" Wily Kit 
said as she threw a pellet at one of the shadows.  "I am getting tired 
of this petty fighting.  THUNDERA MOON SPLIT!" she said as she threw a 
pellet to the sky.  The pellet split into many more pellets and they all 
exploded.  Chaos filled the streets.  Lion-o faught through several 
shadows to get to Red Eye.  He raised his sword up and said "MIGHTY 
THUNDER STRIKE!".  The sword glew golden and he spun around really fast. 
 He stopped spinning and the clouds turned black.  A bolt of lighting 
came from the sky and filled the sword.  Lion-o pointed the sword at Red 
Eye and it let out a stream of bolts at Red Eye.  Red Eye tried to dodge 
them all but he couldn't.  He was soon disengrated into nothing but his 
red visor laying upon the ground.  All of the shadows disappeared and 
the Thundercats felt relief.  Lion-o looked around as he saw that all of 
downtwon laid in ruins.  "What has happened?" he said.  Cheetara 
approached him.  "It's chaos and I think that is what Mumm-ra wanted" 
she said.  Wily Kit and Wily Kat helped the injured Tygra out of the 
wreckage.  He grabbed his head and looked around.  "What is going?" he 
said.  Panthro helped Bengali up and helped him walk over near Lynx-o.  
Lynx-o was holding Pumyra close to himself.  Bengali slowly bent down to 
her.  "Is she allright?' he said.  "I do not know but the ambulance is 
on the way" Lynx-o said.  "I think you should all know that Pumyra is 
pregnant.  It is my baby and I plan to take full responsibility" Bengali 
said.  All the Thundercats stood in amazement.  The heard sirens as the 
ambulance approached them.  They placed Pumyra on the stretcher and 
Bengali got into the vehicle with Pumyra.
                           The next day Bengali woke up with his 
girlfriend in his arms.  He was thankful that she had only gotten a 
minor head injury after using her forbidden power.  He held her closely 
as she woke up.  "Wow, I din't expect to be here Bengali" she said.  
"Well you feel asleep in my arms last ngith" he said.  "I am happy the 
doctor said my baby wasn't hurt" Pumyra said as she slowly sat up.  She 
grabbed her head in pain.  "Are you allright?" Bengali said as he helped 
her.  "Yeah just still a little woozy" she said.  bengali kissed her on 
the forehead as he arose from his bed.  He walked over to his dresser 
and pulled something out.  Pumyra pulled the covers on her and watched 
as he came back.  "I have something for you" Bengali said.  "Well what 
is it?" she asked.  He handed her a small navy blue box.  She opened it 
slowly and saw a small ring with a diamond chipped heart in the middle. 
 Bengali got down on one knee and tears began to slide down Pumyra's 
face.  He handed her a rose and a small bag.  She opened the bag and 
pulled a rattle put of it.  Bengali took her hand and slipped the ring 
on her ring finger.  "Pumyra I love you more than anything.  I am not 
sure I am or will ever be ready for the responsibilty of being a father 
but I know I love you and we would make perfect parents.  So I am asking 
you to marry, not out of obligation but out of pure love for you.  Will 
you?' he said.  Pumyra whipped the tears from her eyes and said "YES!". 
 She got off the bed and hugged him.  He kissed her slowly on the lips, 
making the moment last.  He stopped kissing her and slipped his hand to 
her stomach.  He touched it in amazement.  "I still can't believe that 
we cerated this" Bengali said.  "We did and we will make the best 
parents to our baby" she said.  She kissed him on the cheeks and they 
held each other.

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