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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: Cold Winter's Month
By Jesse Morgan

                           All of Thundera was filled with snow.  The 
streets were covered in ice and the building were drapped with white.  
Bengali and Pumyra walked together down a street.  They were headed 
towards Tygra's design firm.  "Gezz it's getting real cold out now a 
days" Bengali said.  "I know what you mean sweetie" Pumyra said as she 
moved closer to her boyfriend.  He put his arm around her shoulder and 
pulled her close.  They admired all the couples walking down the steets 
and all the kids running all around.  "One day I want to bring my own 
child out to play in the snow" Bengali said. Pumyra smiled at him but 
she had thoughts of her own right now.  "So why are we going to Tygra's 
job?" Pumyra said.  "I don't know but after this do you want to go to 
lunch" Bengali said as they slowed their walk.  "Well I can't Bengali.  
I have a doctor's appointment" she said.  "Well what's wrong?  Do you 
want me to go with you?" he questioned.  "No that's okay.  This is 
something I have to do by myself" Pumyra said.  "Well then how abour 
dinner tonight?  I got Panthro to let me off" Bengali said hugging 
Pumyra closer as for encouragement.  "well okay" she said.  She lightly 
kissed him on the cheek and he blushed.  Before they could reach Tygra's 
building, they heard a loud shriek.  It was from a construction site.  
They heard screams of people and saw people scattering everywhere.  
Bengali and Pumyra looked over to the site, where they saw a steel iron 
about to srop from a crane.  "We have to do something Bengali" Pumyra 
said.  "You are right.  Let's transform!" he said as they pulled out 
their Thundercat gems.
                          Bengali held his gem up and said "WHITE SKY 
TIGER TRANSFORM!".  He was soon transformed into his Thundercat uniform. 
 Pumyra did the same and said "SWIFT TIME PUMA TRANSFORM!".  She was 
soon transofmred into her Thundercat uniform holding her sling and an 
orb from her pouch.  She threw the orb up and caught it in her sling.  
She swung the sling around and tossed it at the crane.  On contact it 
suspended the steel iron in place asif she stopped time.  Bengali 
reached for his side and drew his hammer.  He fired two quick shots from 
the head of his hammer at the crane.  It fixed the broken peice on it 
and everyone was okay.  Then they heard and loud bang and turned around. 
 Pumyra and Bengali saw ten shadowy snowmen standing behind them.  "Who 
are thses guys?" Pumyra said drawing her weapon again.  "I don't know 
but I don't like them" Bengali said.  "They are my creations" a man said 
standing on top of a building nearby.  "I am Alluro, second messenger of 
Mumm-ra the Ever Living.  He is another step closer to Thundera and I 
will be the one to destroy the New Thundercats.  So prepare for your 
doom" he said as he disappeared.  Soon the snowmen were charging Pumyra 
and Bengali.  "Pumyra, clear the people from the streets and I will get 
rid of these guys!" Bengali said feircly.  Pumyra shook her head in 
agreence and left.  Bengali raised his hammer to the sky and said "WHITE 
TIGER STRIKE!".  Soon the head of his hammer was turned into a Siberian 
Tiger.  The tiger attacked some of the snowmen while Bengali faced the 
                            Pumyra rushed to get all the people out of 
the streets.  "COME ON!!!  MOVE IT PEOPLE!!" she yelled.  She saw that 
Bengali was becoming out numbered and rushed back to him.  She drew her 
sling and took an orb from her pouch.  She swung it in the air a couple 
of times and said "PUMA NIGHTSHADE ORB SPLIT!".  She let go of the orb 
and it caused a typhoon of winds to gulp the streets.  Buildings 
shattered and so did some of the snowmen.  Soon the other snowmen were 
multiplying to double the amount they had before.  Bengali and Pumyra 
stood back to back with their weapons.  "What do we do now?" Pumyra said 
while swining her sling.  "We'll have to fight them off till others 
come" he said preparing to shoot another laser.  He didn't have to, they 
heard a noise in the distance.  "SCREAMING GOLDEN ARROW!" was shouted 
and a golden arrow hit two of the snowmen.  It shattered them into a 
million peices.  Pumyra and Bengali turned their heads to see Catlani, 
Tygra and Cheetara standing their.  Tygra quickly pulled his whip from 
his wristband and swung it in the air.  "BLAZING TIGER WHIP!" he yelled 
and let three fireballs fly from his bolas.  They burned three more 
snowmen.  Pumyra swung her sling and said "DEAD ORB SLING!".  Her orb 
began to glow pink and she let it fly.  The orb got larger and hit four 
more snowmen.  They were instantly disenegrated.  Cheetara began 
fighting the snowmen with her staff.  She hit a couple of them before 
saying "COLD WINTER TWIRL!".  She quickly spun around in circles several 
times, letting out winds of mist and frost.  The frost spread out and 
hit several other snowmen, they were frozen solid.  Bengali raised his 
hammer up and said "SPACE AND SKY EARTHQUAKE!".  He slammed the hammer 
down on the ground and it caused an earthquake all around them.  It 
shattered the rest of the snowmen.
                           "We're glad you guys came" Pumyra said 
catching her breath.  "Yeah well we were in the neighborhood waiting on 
you guys when we heard the chaos" Cheetara said while placing her staff 
back in her armband.  "Yeah well who were these guys" Catlani said while 
admiring the shattered ice on the ground.  "They were creations of 
Alluro" Bengali said.  He helped Pumyra to her feet and hugged her 
closely.  "Don't ever come back when I don't tell you to" he said 
lovingly and kissed her on the lips.  "Hey lovebirds, who's Alluro?" 
Catlani asked.  "He said he was another messenger of Mumm-ra" Pumyra 
said.  "Well we had better get with the others and figure out what we 
are going to do about this Alluro" Tygra said while putting his whip 
back in his wristband.  "You're right.  We will all meet at your agency 
Tygra in one hour" Cheetara said as she blitzed off in a raging speed.  
All the others left and prepared to meet later on.
                          Bengali was hard at work on Panthro's new 
vehicle while Panthro was in his office doing paperwork.  "So Panthro, 
do you think that the Thundercats could use this vehicle" Bengali said 
as he wiped the sweat off his face.  He walked over to the sink and 
began washing oil off his hands.  "Yeah well I think that is why I made 
it.  I had seen it in the dream that I had been having.  And now that 
you told me about this Alluro guy we will probably need it" he said 
while placing some folders in a file cabinet.  "So why are you here 
instead of with Pumyra?" Panthro asked, coming back into the shop.  "She 
had a doctor's appointment.  She says she's fine but I'm not sure" 
Bengali said while changing out of his work clothes.  He came out and 
they left Panthro's shop.
                           Pumyra sat impatiently on a bad in the 
doctor's office.  She hated the feel of the doctor's office.  She looked 
around at the cold room with a bunch of metal instruments.  She sat in a 
small green robe, feeling cold and uncomfortable.  The doctor finally 
came back in to the office.  "Well Pumyra, you're monthly check-up seems 
fine.  The test results you wanted came back posotive, now we can get 
you some things.  Maybe some pamflets and stuff like that.  Do you plan 
on telling your parents?" the docotr said as he sat on his stool.  "Uhm 
yeah.  Thank you doctor, that's all I needed to know" she said with a 
hint of fear in her voice.  She quickly changed and left rhe doctor's 
office.  She walked down the filled streets in silence.  She had so much 
going through her mind at one time.  She ran into Bengali and Panthro 
while walking.  Bengali quickly grabbed her and picked her up.  He 
kissed her on the lips and hugged her close.  She knew that she was 
going to miss having him hold her.  A tear dropped from her eye and slid 
down her face.  He looked at her and said "Is there something wrong 
Pumyra?".  She wiped the tear from her face.  "No Bengali, there is 
nothing wrong" she said while controling herself.  "I'm just cold that's 
all" she said.  He pulled her close to him and they all began walking.
                       They headed towards Tygra's agency, where they 
met Wily Kit and Wily Kat standing outside.  They entered the tall 
building, admiring all the great pictures on the walls.  They entered 
the elevator and headed to the top floor.  They exited the elevator in 
silence, to worried about their next mission.  They entered Tygra's 
office where they saw him and Cheetara talking.  They looked to the 
otherside where Lion-o, Catlani and Lynx-o were.  They all came in and 
sat down wherever they could find a seat.  "So how do we find this 
Alluro character" Panthro said.  "I don't know but we should transform 
and be ready for anything" Cheetara said while pulling out her crystal. 
 Tygra looked at her with admirance.  *She's so tough and so beautiful* 
he thought to himself.  They all transformed in a sereis of lights and 
extravigance.  They all stood in their Thundercat uniforms awaiting the 
next move.  They didn't have to wait long, soon a hologram of Alluro was 
standing before them.  "So you are looking for me" he said.  All of the 
Thundercats stood ready for action.  "Well then prepare to battle 
yourselves in combat" he said.  With a move of his staff, an orb was in 
the room.  It spun around fastly and shined bright green.  All of the 
Thundercats were swiped into the orb and brought to a dark palace.  
Inside the throneroom, Alluro was seated in a throne covered with small 
orbs.  All of the Thundercats stood in amazement.  "Where are we?" Wily 
Kat said while looking around.  "You are in my palace.  The Palace of 
Wonders" he said.  
                     Alluro stood from his throne and approached the 
Thundercats.  "Since this will not be a long conversation, I will tell 
you why you are here.  I hear that the Thundercats are the protectors of 
Thundera.  The great saviors when Mumm-ra comes to Thundera.  I also 
here that Lion-o is your leader and you all must protect him.  But it 
just happens that the Thundercat Guardians are Lion-o's main protectors. 
 Well I know that the others must be a little jealous of the Guardians. 
 So I have brought you here to combat aginst each other to see who is 
stronger.  Thundercats if you kill the Guardians and Lion-o, Mumm-ra 
will make you his sole generals.  Now kill them!" he said as he waved 
his orb in front of the Thundercats.  Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra and the 
Thunderkittens eyes began to glow deep red.  They drew their weapons and 
ran towards the other Thundercats and Lion-o.  "What is going on?" 
Lion-o said as he drew the Sword of Omens.  "Whatever it is, we must 
protect Lion-o" Lynx-o said as he put on his special glasses.  He 
adjusted them so he could have a good sight of the Thundercats coming at 
them.  "Well looks like we will have to defend ourselves.  I'll take 
Panthro" Bengali said as he pulled out his hammer.  "Well I guess I will 
battle Wily Kat" Lynx-o said as he prepared himself.  "I've got Wily 
Kit!" Catlani said while pulling out an arrow and placing it in her bow. 
 "Well I guess I'll take Cheetara" Pumyra said.  "Then leave that Tiger 
to me" Lion-o said.  His eyes began to glow golden.  They all attacked 
each other.
                      "KITTEN LOVE LARIOT!" Wily Kit said as she slung 
her lariot in circles around herself.  She threw it at Catlani and it 
wrapped itself around her.  Wily Kit laughed as Catlani struggled to get 
out.  "BOLA FIREBALLS FLARE UP!" Tygra said.  He swung his whip in 
circles above his head.  Fire surround him and flared up all around the 
place.  Lion-o quickly didged all the fire.  "SWORD AND CLAW SHEILD!" he 
said to protect himself from the rest of the fire.  The sword gave off a 
strong force feild that surrounded him.  "OAK GROUNDS QUAKE WITH FEAR!" 
Panthro said.  He let several bolts of lightining fly from his nunchuks 
at Bengali.  Bengali dodged several before getting hit and crashing into 
a wall.  Panthro laughed and swung his nunchuks some more.  The grounds 
shook around the area, tearing up everything.  Bengali stood to his feet 
again and ran out of the way.  A wall collapsed to the ground.  Alluro 
laughed at all the chaos that was happening.  Cheetara swung her staff 
at Pumyra.  Pumyra flipped out of the way and swung her sling at 
Cheetara.  It wrapped around Cheetara's leg and Pumyra pulled on it.  
Cheetara fell to the ground.  "SILENT SHADOWS AND BLIND OMENS!" Lynx-o 
said as he let several ribbons fly from his wristband.  They headed 
towards Wily Kat.  He tried dodging them but he wasn't fast enough.  
They hit him, causing him tremendous pain.  He tried to stand but he was 
too weak.  Bengali swung his hammer around and said "SPACE AND SKY 
EARTHQUAKE!".  He slammed his hammer to the ground and caused quakes and 
tremors to head towards Panthro.  Panthro swung his nunchuks around to 
cause a forcefeild from the quakes.  The ground shook all around.
                            "THUNDERA MOONS SPLIT" Wily Kit said while 
throwing a pellet to the sky.  It split and multiplied into a lot of 
pellets.  All of the pellets exploded causing chaos and Catlani to be 
thrown all around.  She tried to stand to her feet.  She grabbed an 
arrow and said "DEEP SEA'S OF THUNDERA COLLIDE!".  She shot an arrow 
that turned into a tidal wave.  The tidal crushed Wily Kit and Catlani 
passed out onto the floor.  Bengali looked around to see people dropping 
left and right.  He pulled his hammer out and began shooting lasers at 
Panthro.  Tygra swung his whip at Lion-o.  He said "BURNING TIGER WHIP!" 
and let fireballs shoot from his bolas.  Lion-o dodged them but he was 
already tired from all the action.  "Pumyra I need your help!" he yelled 
in Pumyra's direction.  Pumyra tried running to his side but she was 
wrapped up fighting Cheetara.  "SWIFT ICE STAFF!" Cheetara said as she 
threw her staff at Pumyra.  Pumyra dodged the staff as many times as she 
could.  She finally took an orb and said "DEAD ORB SLING!".  She let the 
pink orb hit the staff.  The staff went back at Cheetara and knocked her 
down.  Pumyra ran swiftly towards Lion-o.  "You have to stop time long 
enough to let me get to Alluro!" he said while dodging more fireballs.  
"But Lion-o, if I stop time it could have a serious effect on me and the 
Thundercats" she said.  "Well then you are the Lord.  I will do what you 
say" she said.  She began to swing her sling around in circles.  She 
began to spin around while swinging the sling.  "DARK ETERNAL TIME GATES 
CLOSE!" she said and threw a giant orb to the sky.  It shined brightly 
and all time was stopped except for Pumyra and Lion-o.  Lion-o charged 
Alluro.  He swung his sword in the air and said "SWORD OF LIGHT AND 
JUSTICE, DESTROY!".  The Sword of Omens caused a golden light to slice 
right through Alluro's orb.  Pumyra said "GATES OF TIME, OPEN!" and time 
began again.  She fell to the ground and Alluro's palace disappeared.  
He screamed as his body was disenegrated, having no power.  All of the 
Thundercats stopped fighting each other.
                                Lion-o helped Pumyra up and he felt a 
pain in his chest.  Soon Jaga appeared before them.  "Understand that is 
it Pumyra's job to keep the gates of time.  She only closed them because 
you told her to.  Lion-o you are the Lord of the Thundercats, you must 
know that she is to follow your commands.  Do not use her power to 
likely, you will end up destroying her and yourself" he said as he faded 
away.  "I am sorry Pumyra" he said.  "I understand Lion-o" Pumyra said 
as they all changed back into their regular clothing.  "Well looks like 
we got a little out of hand back there" Cheetara said as she approached 
Lion-o.  "I think you made the right descision" she said to him as she 
gave him a kiss on the cheek.  He blushed and walked away.  Bengali held 
Pumyra close to him.  He turned her around and said "I have got 
something to ask you".  "Wait!  I am something to ask and tell you 
first.  Would you love me no matter what the situation" she said.  "Yes! 
 Of course I would.  Why?" he said.  "Bengali I am pregnant and it's 
your baby" she said.  Tears began to fall from your eyes and Bengali 
stood in shock.  He did not know what to say.  The snow began to fall 
again and Pumyra walked away sad.

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