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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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By Peter Rasmussen

        It was a peaceful day at new Cat's lair. "Snarf? I need you!" Lion-o 
called, still in his bed. Snarf, replying to the call walked into Lion-o 
room, through the open door. "Yes?" Snarf replied. Just before he could 
talk, Snarfer suddenly ran by, with the Thunderkittens in hot pursuit on 
their space boards. Lion-o, still a little surprised from the incident, 
said "Snarf, the reason I called you is I need to tell you that Captain 
Bragg is returning here to New Thundera this week." Snarf only replied 
with a simple OK, followed by "Snarf, Snarf."
        Elsewhere, at Faroutback, Bragg shouts "Mutants, nap time!" The 
mutants, who have been being loud, felt a little ashamed being treated 
like children. In less then a minute, a meteor streaked over their 
heads, heading for Thundera. At least they thought it was heading for 
Thundera, but they're too far out in nowhere to know where Thundera is.  
While Bragg was looking at the meteor, the mutants decided this was a 
good time to escape.  They quickly got out, and got into the train 
control chamber, and took off.
        In deep space, Ssslithe was trying to find out where Thundera was, then 
asked "Monkian, check our ssstatus." Monkian responded "Hoo, hoo, hoo! 
We're getting low on fuel! If we're going to go somewhere, we better do 
it fast!"
        When they got to Thundera, the engines suddenly cut out, and they 
crash-landed at the polar icecap. "Hmmm. Ssslithe is OK. Jackalman is 
OK. Vultureman is OK. I'm OK, too. Hoo, hoo!" Ssslithe, still stunned 
from the shockwave, said "Monkian, check the perimeter, Yessssssss?" He 
then gets onto the scanning computer, one of the only ones which 
actually work now. "Hmm, there's some snow . . ." Vultureman bolted in 
"Cawwww! Of course there's snow! We're in the arctic!" Monkian continued 
". . . and there's a weird light nearby the tip. What? I think I see 
people." Jackalman said "No, wait. They're monsters!" then cowered like 
the coward he is.
        One of the monsters,  a rather large and muscular creature, said 
"Mutants! Crush to powder!" Another one, this one tall and  having large 
claws, bigger than the others, said "No, Glacier. We may need them. 
Blizzard, chain them." The one they call Blizzard, a female one, spun 
around them in circles, a large amount of circles and it was remarkably 
fast. When she stopped, all four mutants were together in a circle, and 
wrapped tightly in chains as cold as Chilla's breath.
        Back at new Cat's lair, Lion-o, still in his bed, hears the Sword of 
Omens' roar. "The Sword of Omens warns me of danger!" he said. After he 
raised the Sword to his face, he said "Sword of Omens! Give me sight 
beyond sight! I see nothing! Something's wrong!" Lion-o then called for 
Cheetara. When she walked in and responded, he explained what happened. 
Cheetara said "I think we should start a world wide search to find out 
what's wrong." Lion-o responded with "That's what I was thinking! I want 
a full council meeting tomorrow!"
        When the council meeting was assembled the next day, Lion-o explained 
the situation and said to all of them "We have to search for anything 
suspicious on New Thundera. Bengali . . ."  Bengali was silently 
chanting ‘Bengali and Pumyra' in his head. ". . . and Pumyra go to the 
Dreary Canal with the Feliner.' Bengali thought ‘Yes!' Lion-o continued 
"Panthro and Tygra will go to the Turning rocks via the Hovercat. 
Wileykit and Kat go to the Mountains of the Moon in the Whisker. I will 
go with Cheetara to the Jungles of Darkness, with the Thunderclaw. 
Lynx-o, Snarf, and Snarfer, stay and guard the Cat's Lair." All the 
Thundercats left the council chamber. Lynx-o, Snarf, and Snarfer went 
into the control chamber, and the others went to the appropriate 
        Later, Lion-o and Cheetara arrived at the Jungles of Darkness, and 
Lion-o said "Ok, Lets start looking for some disturbances, Cheetara." 
Cheetara responded "Nothing around that could cause the Sword of Omens 
to either be blocked or warn Lion-o. So what do we do now?" "I don't 
know, Cheetara."
        Later at the Arctic, one of the monsters, apparently refereed to as 
Cooler, said "Let's start heading for the southern region of Thundera. 
Let's go!"  They filled the circus train with some spare gasoline and 
kept pressing buttons until it started and then they flew to the Caverns 
of Cold.
        Wilykit and Kat looked around and saw nothing at the base, so they 
pulled out their cliff-climbers and started to climb the Mountain of the 
Moon. When they reached the top, they saw nothing out of the ordinary. 
They then put their gravity boots on, bounced a couple times, then 
bounced their ways down.
        At the Dreary Canal, Pumyra, after a long search spoke  "I see nothing 
so let's get back."
        Panthro and Tygra also found nothing, so they went home too.  It was 
getting close to midnight, so they all went to their beds to sleep. They 
were sleeping soundly when a distress signal suddenly blared over the 
communicator. Snarfer, who was in charge of the night shift, responded 
to it. The message was very blurry, and Snarfer could only make out 
"thunderian refugee", "engines damaged", and "Help!". The other 
Thundercats put on their uniforms and ran to the hanger. They jumped 
into the Feliner and took off. They used a tractor beam and brought the 
refugee ship into the hanger. When the door opened a beautiful female 
thunderian came out, with a bag with supplies in her hand. "Hi. I'm 
Cougress. You must be the Thundercats." Panthro went to the control room 
to log in another successful rescue, while Snarf showed Cougress to her 
new room, and the others went back to sleeping.
        Later, at the Caverns of Cold, the four monsters had constructed a 
place to live that looks a lot like a gigantic igloo. "We've finished 
our home. Now, lock the prisoners in the cell, Glaicer." The one called 
Cooler said, reffering to the large, hulky one. The one they called 
Glaicer locked them in as ordered. "Let's get into the train and start 
searching for those wreched Thundercats that locked us up in the North 
Pole of Thundera. The Frostbites will have their revenge! Well, where 
are them, Icestorm?" The one they called Icestorm, a tall yet small one, 
did a little caculations, and pointed out the general direction where 
Cat's lair should be. Then they flew away in the train, and headed in 
the direction where Icestorm pointed.
        Ssslite and the others were wondering what to do to get out, when their 
eyes set on Vulture-man. "Cawww! Don't look at me, Ssslithe. The key is 
too far away! Only those monsters that call themselves the Frostbites 
can open the door with the key." "I know you have some kind of magnet, 
Yesssssss?" "Cawww! The key is made of ice! The only thing that can get 
it is. . . ." He grinned a long grin. The last thing anyone would see 
would be four mutants going away. 
        The circus train arrived at cat's lair, and the Thundercats opened up 
the hanger because they thought it was Bragg in the train. The train 
came in the hanger and crashed into the wall. Lion-o was confused, 
because Bragg was a good train flier. "Let's go to the hanger and see 
what's wrong." The train door opened up and the Frostbites stepped out. 
Lion-O said "What are those monsters?"  Then Jaga appered and said "They 
are called the Frostbites, Lion-O. They brought terror to Thundera 
centuries ago with their powerful ice related abilites, until your 
great-grandfather, the Lord of the Thundercats back then, banished them 
in the North Pole of Thundera, nearby the core of Thundera." "But, how 
do we defeat them, Jaga?" "Think, Lion-O. Ice related abilites. Think." 
And with that, Jaga dissapered.
        Lion-O started thinking, ‘Hmm. Ice weakness. Ice weakness. Fire! The 
Frostbites' weakness is Fire!' He then aimed the Sword of Omens at the 
Frostbites and said "Hoooooo!" They all got hit expect Blizzard, who 
evaded the blast with a speed remarkebly faster then Cheetara. Lion-O 
then said "Sword of Omens, give me speed beyond speed! Help me defeat 
this Frostbite! Hooooo!" The blast hit Blizzard, despite the fact that 
she was running very fast. They all ended up knocked out.
        Lion-O, Panthro, and Bengali were at the North Pole with the still 
knocked out Frostbites being carried by Panthro and Bengali. Lion-O 
pointed the sword at the ground and said "Hooooooo!" A large and 
extremely deep hole appered, where Panthro and Bengali put the 
Frostbites in. Lion-O used the sword again, and covered the hole. Then 
he said "The Frostbites are now safe again in the core of Thundera, so 
now we can return home in peace. Thundercats HO!" Panthro and Bengali 
joined him in saying "HO!".

                THE END.

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