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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: Epic Battle
By Jesse Morgan

Author's Notes: This is a new series that I have started with the 
Thundercats in a '90's kind of profile on Thundera.  Thundera never 
exploded but yet it fluxed through time.  All the Thundercats are 
present (including Catlani).  This is before the marriage of Pumyra and 
Bengali and before Catlani and Lion-o's relationship.  Cheetara and 
Lion-o are dating in this time.  Pumyra and Bengali are attending 
college and the Thunderkittens are attending high school.  Cheetara is a 
professional lawyer and Panthro is a mechanic.  Lynx-o is a professor at 
the college Bengali and Pumyra attend.  Lion-o is a basic street kind of 
kid and Tygra is an owner of a design firm.  Lion-o is in no way 
rmemeberence of his father King Claudus.  Jaga is already dead and is 
the watcher of the Thundercats.  Bengali and Pumyra are already dating 
in this story.  Catlani is a designer who quit school when she was 
young.  They have new powers and special transformations.  Each one has 
a unique kind of attack (or more than one) that they can use in battle. 
 This is the begining of something I hope people like......

                           A shadowy figure traced the streets of 
Thundera.  He was in search of ten lost souls who were in need of their 
destiny.  He knew that if he did not find them soon that a great evil 
would destroy Thundera.  He looked long and hard, in search of the 
people who would surely save this world.  Who would be it's late hope.
                           He came upon a design agency, a tall glass 
buliding with a big sign that said All Tiger Appareal.  He entered the 
building through a nearby wall.  He was ability as a ghost to move 
through anything.  He headed to the top floor, where he entered an 
office.  On the outside door it said CEO Tygra.  Inside were people 
moving all around and doing lots of things.  Phones were constantly 
ringing and people were all surrounding a man sitting in a chair.  The 
people cooed and cheered at the man.  The figure passed all of the 
people to see a tiger sketching a design for something.  He watched as 
the man sketched a finely made vehicle.  "I saw this in my dream" the 
man said.  The figure was shocked by this.  *It is him* the figure 
thought.  Tygra though hard as he tried to rememeber the vague dream he 
ahd been having for many nights.  *What does all this mean* he thought 
as he looked over all the sketches he has been doing.  The figure could 
tell that Tygra was getting close to figuring out what his past was.  He 
quickly snatched up the guy from his chair.  They left the building, 
leaving everyone is shocked.
                       They traveled to a law office, where they saw a 
woman sitting in an executive's office.  She was a well built woman with 
shoulder length blonde hair, that had Cheetah spots speckled throughout 
it.  She sat calmly in a tailored black, femine suit.  "I am sorry to 
tell you that your services are no longer needed Cheetara." the man 
said.  "Who can this be!  I have worked here for four years, ever since 
I passed the bar exam.  You have hounded me and I have taken all the 
hard tasks and now you want to fire me!" the woman said as she stood 
from her chair.  She walked from the man's office and slammed the door. 
 She was shocked and hurt by this news.  She had worked so hard to make 
the law firm the best there was.  Just as she was walking to her desk, 
the figure swiped her up and away.  They flew off and in search of the 
                        Panthro was working hard on a new vehicle he 
wanted to try out.  He hammered and tried his best to fix the control 
panel.  "I hope this new vehicle will work better than the last one.  
I've worked real hard on it.  Well look at the time.  I sure hope 
Bengali isn't late to work today" he said.  He heard a noise and turned 
around to see nothng, or at least nothing his eyes could see.  He went 
back to his hammering.  He was sweating and trying hard to make it look 
right.  He heard the sound again and turned around.  Once again, there 
was nothing.  Just before he tuned around, the figure picked him up and 
the sped away.  Wily Kit and Wily Kat closed their lockers and headed 
towards their third period class.  "So what happening with that Algebra 
work we had to do?" Wily Kit said as they walked down the crowded halls 
of Claudis High School.  "It's pretty hard but I really couldn't 
concentrate on it.  I have been thinking about this dream, a dream where 
we were in another time." he said.  "I know what you mean, I've had the 
same dream" Wily Kit said.  They both stood in shock.  "I wonder what it 
means?" Wily Kit said.  "I don't know but it seems like that's were we 
belong" Kat said.  They continued their walk.  Before they could enter 
into the class room, the figure took them too.
                    Pumyra and Bengali walked hand-and-hand on the 
feilds of Alterian College's campus.  The two enjoyed what time they had 
together.  With him being a sophmore and she being a freshman, they had 
little classes in common.  Plus he was studying to be a engineer and she 
was studying ti be a doctor.  "Hey are you hungry Pumyra?" Bengali said. 
 "Sure" Pumyra said and the headed towards a food stand.  They ordered 
some food and sat down on some grass.  "So what time are you going to 
pick me up tonight?" Pumyra said as she took a bite of her sandwich.  "I 
can't tonight Pumyra.  I've got to work and Panthro will jump on my case 
if I'm late" he said as he sip his drink.  He wished he could take her 
out but he was working hard for a certain reason.  He wanted to get as 
many hours in as he could.  Pumyra frowned and continued to eat her 
sandwich.  Bengali reached his hand over to Pumyra's and held her hand. 
 "I promise I'll make it up to you" he said with a smile.  She smiled 
and leaned over towards him.  They kissed and headed towards a buliding 
that said SCIENCE on it.  They headed into a class filled with people 
and a man at the front.  This man was blind but very aware of his 
surroundings.  He was famous and known as Professor Lynx-o.  He was 
known all over Thundera for being able to do many things even though he 
was blind.  He was blinded trying to find a chemical in a Thundrilium 
mines.  A blast of red dust got into his eyes and the doctors said he 
would be blinded for life.  He began teaching his Physics class and the 
figure swiped up Pumyra, Bengali and Lynx-o.  All of the students stood 
in amaze, not knowing what had just happened.
                     Catlani walked down the street and ran into Lion-o. 
 She was shocked, they had only met once at a club.  She was a drop out 
and he was a street kid.  "Well hey cutie, how are you?" Lion-o said 
arrogantly.  She smiled and continued walking.  "Hey wait up" he said as 
he tried to catch up with her.  "Is there a particular reason you are 
stopping me Lion-o?" Catlani said.  "Well at least you remembered my 
name, but you were the one who bumped into me" he said.  "Well that was 
definetly my fault and I will make sure to NEVER do it again" she said 
as she contiued to walk again.  Just before Lion-o could say something, 
the figure swiped both of them up.
                       He carried all of them to a open feild with no 
other people their.  All of them were shocked and wanted to know why 
they were here.  "What is going on!" Tygra demanded to know.  The figure 
made himself known to them.  "I am Jaga, sworn protector to the 
Thudnercats" he said.  "Who are the Thundercats?" Cheetara questioned.  
"The greatest heroes of this time.  They will save Thundera when the 
greatest evil shall come.  That time is now!" Jaga said.  "What evil are 
you talking of?" Bengali said.  "The evil of Mumm-ra, the greatest 
villain.  All of the evil has been released since his awakening.  The 
first wave of battle will come soon".  "You have all had the same dream. 
 Dreams in which you are Thudnercats but you do not know.  Those are not 
just dreams but apart of your destiny.  You will be the ones that will 
save Thundera from Mumm-ra" he said.  He raised his hand to the air and 
each one of them recieved a crystal in their hand.  "Each one of you has 
unique powers to help you in your battle against the evil.  All you have 
to do is rememeber your power" he said as he faded away.  "What is he 
talking about rememeber" Panthro said.
                         "Well I have no idea what he's talking about 
but I think this is all fake" Lion-o said.  "I don't think it is fake at 
all" Cheetara said.  "Yeah well who cares what you have to say" Lion-o 
said as he began to walk away.  "Show a little respect towards the lady, 
street punk" Tygra said as he grabbed Lion-o by the collar.  "Why don't 
you mind your business man" he said.  They began to holler at each other 
until Panthro intervined.  He pulled them apart.  "Look we have to find 
out what these crystals do so we can help save Thundera!" he yelled.  "I 
think I've got it!" Wily Kat said happily.  "In my dream I had one of 
these crystals.  He knows that we have all had the same dream, where we 
save Thudenra.  We have to think towards the dreams we've had" he said. 
 He held his crystal tightly in his hand and thought deep.  Soon the 
crystal glowed and he said "As Twin Thundercat of the Moon of Thundera, 
Life is my destiny.  I am a Thundercat".  After saying that his body 
glowed and his clothes were removed.  He was soon surrounded by shining 
stars and his body was dressed in a Thundercat uniform.  He wore a red 
and black outfit with an ensignia of a Thundercat on it.  He swung a 
lariot with a hook on the end around.  On his sides were two puches with 
small pellets in them.  The others stood in shock to what they were 
witnessing.  Wily Kit got the idea and clutched her crystal.  It began 
to glow and she said "As Twin Thundercat of the Moon of Thundera, Love 
is my destiny.  I am a Thundercat".  Soon her body glowed and her 
clothes were removed.  Hearts incircled her body and she was soon 
dressed in a Thudnercat uniform.  She too carried a lariot and pellets. 
 Instead of the pellets being on her sides, they were around her wrists. 
 The rest of them got the idea.
                        Tygra grabbed his crystal and held it close to 
his heart.  He said "As great Tiger of the Star of Thundera, Fire is my 
destiny.  I am a Thundercat".  His clothes were removed and he was 
surrounded by fire.  It spiraled all around him and his body glowed 
scarlet red.  His clothes turned into a Thundercat uniform and he held a 
whip that extended from his wristband.  "WOW!  This power is soo cool" 
he said.  Cheetara raised her crystal to the sky.  "As fast Cheetah of 
the Pararies of Thundera, Ice is my destiny.  I am a Thundercat!" she 
said as her suit disappeared.  Her body was soon glowing and ice 
surrounded her body.  When the ice left her body, she was dressed in a 
Thundercat uniform.  She wore a armband for her long staff and the 
insignia of the Thundercats.  She wore thigh high boots and had holes on 
each side of her outfit.  Panthro did the same as the others.  "As 
strong Panther of the forrests of Thundera, Wood is my destiny.  I am a 
Thundercat" he said.  His worker's overalls were replaced by his glowing 
body.  It glowed green and he was surrounded by lightining and green 
leaves.  He was dressed in a Thundercat uniform.  His arm became 
mechanical and he too had the insignia of the Thundercats on his 
uniform.  He wore goggles around his neck and carried nunchuks on his 
                 Lynx-o held his crystal and was hesitant about what he 
was about to do.  "As blind Lynx of the shadows of Thudnera, Silence is 
my destiny.  I am of the Guardian Thundercats.  Our job is to keep the 
Lord of the Thundercats safe" he said.  His labratory coat and suit was 
removed.  His body began to turn black and he was surrounded by shadows. 
 Soon he was changed into a more fighter-like outfit with special 
glasses to help his sight.  He also wore the insignia of the 
Thundercats.  Pumyra held her crystal in her pale white hands.  She 
admired it before saying "As swift Puma of the Gates of Time, my people 
have always kept the order of time on Thundera.  Time is my destiny, I 
am of the Guardian Thundercats who protects the Lord of the 
Thundercats".  Her clothes were removed and she began to glow as white 
as her hands.  She was surrounded by a portal or a dome-like creation.  
She was soon dressed in a halter top with a small brown mini skirt.  She 
wore her hair up and had a golden choke around her neck with a small gem 
in the middle.  She had a small pouch and a sling around her waist.  
"Now this is stylish" she said.  In the middle of her halter top was a 
Thundercats insignia.  Bengali held his crystal to the sky and said "As 
feirce Siberian Tiger of the Skies, Space and the Clouds are my destiny. 
 I am a Guardian Thundercat".  His clothes were removed and he glowed a 
bright blue color.  His body was soon surrounded by clouds and mist.  He 
turned into a cool looking Thundercat uniform with a hammer.  It was the 
great Hammer of Thundera.
                         Catlani twiddle with her crystal and said "As 
gentle Lioness of the Waters of Thundera, the Seas are my destiny.  I am 
a Guardian Thundercat here on Thundera".  Her clothes fleed from her 
body and her body glowed aquamarine.  Water splashed all around her and 
she turned into a tough looking Thundercat outfit with a bow and arrow. 
 She smiled as she admired her new clothing.  Lion-o was the last to do 
his transformation.  "As the Lion and Lord of the Thundercats, King was 
my destiny.  I am the leader of all the Thundercats" he said.  His eyes 
glowed golden and his clothes left his body.  He turned in circles as 
ribbons spun around him.  He had a cape on his back and it covered him. 
 He yanked the cape off and he turned into his Thundercat uniform.  A 
claw formed around his hand and the great Sword of Omens formed in his 
other hand.  They all gathered around him in amazement.  "So you are the 
one that we must protect" Pumyra said.  "Yes, I guess I am" he said in 
                  Just before they could say anything else a dark woman 
formed appeared.  "I am Chilla, the cold messenger of Mumm-ra the Ever 
Living.  He is coming to Thundera to reclaim his rule from you 
Thundecats but first you must face his seven evils of Kamonna.  I am the 
first and the last since you will not defeat me.  I have killed many of 
you and I do enjoy it.  Do you dare face me?" she said in a devilish, 
hissing voice.  Lion-o stepped forward.  "We accpet your challenge and 
are ready to face you" he said.  All of the Thundercats stood in 
fighting stance.  "Then let the battle begin" she said as she threw some 
ice at them.  They quickly dodged as she went head on head with each of 
them.  She blew cold ice at the Thunderkittens.  They quickly moved and 
drew their pellets.  Wily Kat threw three of them at her, they cracked 
in seconds.  It caused a sonic explosion and left a crater were she was 
standing.  He laughed as he thought he had her.  She came behind him and 
froze his body with one single touch.  Panthro charged her with his 
nunchuks.  He swung them rapidly towards the ground, causing the grounds 
to shake around him.  "I've got to try something on her" he said.  He 
swung them in the air and said "Panther Nunchuks, give me the power I 
need.  OAK GROUNDS QUAKE WITH FEAR!" letting out a blaze of lightining 
came from his weapon.  The bolts charged her and shattered all over the 
grounds.  The went everywhere but she evaded the attack.  Cheetara 
jumped right into action, believing that "fighting fire against fire" or 
ice against ice would work.  She swung her staff in circles in front of 
her.  "SWIFT ICE STAFF!" she yelled letting her staff go.  The staff 
headed towards the girl, leaving streams of ice behind it.  She caught 
it in her hands, with no effect.  She threw it back at Cheetara, 
freezing her and Panthro.
                         Tygra pulled his whip from his wristband and 
swung it at Chilla.  He said "As fire as my destiny, burn!  BLAZING 
TIGER WHIP!" he yelled.  His whip had three bolas at the end and they 
let out three fire balls at Chilla.  She caught each one in her hands 
and turned them into ice balls.  She threw them back at Tygra, hitting 
him, Wily Kit and Lynx-o.  They all froze in their place.  Pumyra swung 
her sling and Bengali handle his hammer.  They combined their attacks of 
DEAD ORB SLING  and WHITE TIGER CRASH.  Both attacks missed Chilla.  
Lion-o raised his sword to the sky and swung it at the cold lady.  "I am 
the Lord of the Thundercats.  The Sword of Omens is my weapon.  I shall 
not be deefeated" he said.  The sword began to glow.  All of the 
Thundercats had a sinal glowing in the middle of their forehead.  They 
souls eneterd the sword and he said "SWORD OF LIGHT AND JUSTICE, 
DESTROY!" causing the light coming from the sword to shatter everywhere 
around the evil being.  It sliced through her body, causing her to 
                           All of the Thundercats cheered, but they were 
tired.  They transformed into their normal clothes.  "Well that was a 
tough battle.  We must all stay in contact with each other, there is no 
telling when we will be attacked again" Lion-o said.  All the 
Thundercats returned to their normal lives, not knowing when the next 
attack would come.  A dark creature laughed as he watched the 
Thundercats.  His laughed echoed through space.  A new danger was coming......

Next Part...

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