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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Time and Time Again
By WilyKat1

 Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday dear
Cheetara!  Happy Birthday to you!  All the Thunder Cats sang.  Now itís time
for the gifts!  Gifts?  You shouldnít have!  Cheetara said.   Well we did and
hereís our gift!  Wilykat said.   She opened the gift and a headband was in
the box.  Thanks Thunderkittens!  Itís beautiful!  Cheetara said putting it
on.   Hereís a gift from me and Tygra!  Panthro said.  A golden bracelet was
in the box.  Lion-o gave Cheetara his gift and a diamond ring was in it.
 Wow!  Lion-o!  The ring is beautiful!  Thank you!  She said.  She picked up
another gift and read the card.  From a secret admirer.  Cheetara has a boy
friend,  Cheetara has a boy friend!  The Thunderkittens said  laughing.
  Iíll be right back!  Lion-o said.   Cheetara opened the gift and Mum-raís
image appeared.  You Thunder Cats are such fools!  The vision said and a
green gas came out of the box.  All the Thunder Cats started coughing.
 Lion-o walked in and the gas was gone.  He stared in horror as he saw
Wilykit and Wilykat sprawled out next to each other,  Cheetara slumped on the
table,   Panthro with his head on his lap,   Snarf and Snarfer  sprawled on
the floor and Tygra, Pumyra and Bengali all slumped on their chairs.  Then
 Lion-o saw a vision of Jaga which only he could see.  The vision said to
Lion that he must travel back in time.  Use the Book of Omens and the sword.
 Call out Sword of Omens,  let my travel from time to time!  Think about
right before you left the room.  Lion-o did as he was instructed and traveled
back through time.  But,  Mum-ra was watching him from his pyramid and he too
traveled back trough time to meet Lion-o.
                 Move Mum-ra!  Iíve no time for you!  Lion-o said.  I know!
 Thatís why Iím stopping you!  I want the Thunder Cats destroyed!  Mum-ra
said.   Hoooo!  Lion-o called out.  A beam of energy shot out and shot out
magic at Lion-o.  Lion-o blocked it with his sword.  That kept going on but
the grueling battle ended with the victory of Lion-o.  He managed to catch
Mum-ra off guard and blasted him with a powerful ray of energy.  Stop!
 Lion-o yelled.  All of the Thunder Cats had a confused look on their faces.
 Two Lion-oís were in the room.  Donít open that box!  Iím Lion-o from  the
future! And that box isnít from a secret admirer!  Itís from Mum-ra!  He
grabbed the box and threw it into the incinerator.  Sword of Omens!  Let me
travel from time to time!  He called and returned back into the future.
               Where were you?  Wilykat asked.  Iím up to my last gift!
 Cheetara said.  Well I sort of lost track of time!  Lion-o said laughing to
himself.  Thunder Cats Hooo!  Everyone yelled.

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