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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Thundercat Troubles: Part 3
By Brandon Rasmussen

                Thundercat Troubles Part 3

        Lion-O just woke up from his being knocked out. It was all
still a blur to him, but he knew that both they were all in the
dungeon, expect the kittens, and he had an encounter with Mumm-ra. It
was very slowly returning to him, but he does remember the titanic
battle. He remembered Mumm-ra coming out of nowhere, and the Lunatacs
returning to consciousness. Now he remembers what had happened. When
Mumm-ra came, he could remember attempting to use the Sword of Omens'
call to give the other Thundercats strength, enough strength to defeat
Mumm-ra and those horrible Lunatacs. Despite the effort, the added
strength was not enough. That's why eleven different people are
chained up in this room. All the Thundercats, except the
Thunderkittens, and the four Snarfs, Osbert, Snarfer, Oswald, and
        The kittens were also having problems. They were in the
Whisker, being chased by Chilla's spare Ice-Runner, Alloro with his
jetpack, and Luna, Amok, Redeye, and TugMug in the new Lunatacker.
‘The Lunatacs have a psyche club, icy breath, and even a Thundranium
cannon in the Lunatacker. We have little pellets and six whiskers on
our vehicle. Great.' Kat thought. Wileykit had the same thought,
although she did not want to tell her twin brother because she didn't
want him to give his hopes up. However, they both had another idea.
Putting their plan into action, they set the Whisker's piloting to
Auto, then they opened the window and threw a couple of dinosaur,
smokescreen, and explosive pellets at the pursuing vehicles.
        Had their throw been a little weaker, it might not of knocked
the Ice-runner out of commission. However, they threw the dinosaur
pellets ahead, for the pellets would then put the fake dinosaurs right
in front of the Lunatacker's path, thus causing it to evade the
dinosaurs and fall into a nearby pit. The Lunatacs were able to escape
the doomed vehicles, where then the Whisker would pick up the Lunatacs
with the whiskers in front of the ship. One whisker was still empty,
and one Lunatac, Alloro, was still pursuing them.
        The kittens did a complete stop, which surprised Alloro and
when he was trying to do a U-turn, his jetpack got flung right into
the back of the craft, and he would of fallen to his death if the duo
didn't apprehend him.
        Happy with a full set, Wileykit set a course for the Old cat's
lair. When arriving, the kittens proceeded to lock up the Lunatacs
into the old prison area. After that, they took Luna, who was now
helpless without Amok, and interrogated her. Luna was forced to tell
the kids where the Thundercats were, their deal with Mumm-ra, and
where the key to the Thundercats' cell was. After the interrogation
was over, Luna was returned to the cell, and the Thunderkittens
proceeded to take both the Whisker and the Feliner to the area Luna
said the Thundercats were.
        Lion-O and the others were beginning to give their hopes up,
when they heard something. They looked at the door, and saw it open,
and then they found out Wileykit and Wileykat were on the other side.
Happy to find out that they got rescued, they soon had their chains
unlocked. Then, they all started running to the vehicles waiting
outside. The kittens and the snarfs got into the Feliner, and
proceeded home. Bengali and Pumyra went in the Circus Train at took
the Lunatacs back to Faroutback. Lion-o, Lynx-O, Cheetara, Tigra, and
Panthro got into the Feliner and started to shoot lasers at the
un-completed Skytomb, and then went to Wayoutback to pick up Bengali
and Pumyra.
        After Bengali and Pumyra got to Wayoutback, they explained
what happened, then awaited their ride, which came quickly. After
arriving at New Thundera, the Thundercats and the snarfs all presumed
their jobs, except the Thunderkittens, who went directly to their
beds, then fell aslepp. They had a long day.

                        The End.

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