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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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By Jesse Morgan

Here is my new story with a death in the family!!!!!

                     All of New Thundera was not quiet on this early 
morning.  Bengali woke early to glance at the sunlight.  He looked at 
his young wife alying sleep in their bed.  Once again it would be soon 
time for her to give birth to another child.  It has been months and he 
has been through all the changes.  He looked over towards his sleeping 
boy.  White was growing fast and was blossoming well.  The journey 
through life for the past months has been present.  Bengali has watched 
as a life grew in his mate's body.  Pumyra's eyes opened slowly as she 
felt a sharp pain.  She glanced over to whree Bengali was standing.  
"Bengali, I think you should get Tygra" she sadi softly.  "Are you 
having labor pains, Pumyra?".  He walked over to the bed was she was 
still laying.  "Yes I am Bengali".  Bengali quickly walked out of the 
door with hs robe on.  He rushed down the hall to Tygra's room.
                     Tygra glared at Tygres sleeping in his bed.  In the 
past month he had more fun with her than any other woman.  He scratched 
his orange hair.  He walked to the mirror hanging from his wall.  He 
admired himself until he heard a knock at the door.  He put his robe on 
and walked to the door.  Tygres peeped her head to see what the noise 
was.  She heard Tygra and Bengali talking and then Tygra came back 
inside.  "What's wrong Tygra?".  Tygra quickly changed into his uniform 
and looked over at Tygres.  "It's Pumyra, she is having her baby".  
Tygra quickly reached for the door.  "Do you need my assistance?" Tygres 
asked Tygra just as he opened the door.  "I do not have time Tygres.  We 
were not sure if she would have the baby so soon" Tygra said as he 
closed the door.  Tygres laid her head upon the pillow again.  She hoped 
that one day she and Tygra would be able to celebrate such a wonderful 
occasion.  There was a knocking at the door and Tygres got out of the 
bed.  She put on her pink silk robe and answered the door.  "Forget me 
so soon" she said but to her surpirse Tygra was not standing before her. 
 It was Crowelin.  "What are you doing here!" he growled.  "What is of 
your business?".  "I am, well uh was your lover once" he said as he 
stood at the door.  "That was a long time ago, Corwelin and I am trying 
to forget it!" she said as she sat upon Tygra's bed.  Crowelin left the 
room in anger.
                    Hours passed and soon a new life was born in Cat's 
Lair.  Pumyra held her new cub in her arms.  Bengali smiled at his new 
daughter as his wife held her.  "Well what are you going to name her?" 
Tygra said.  "Her name should be Destiny" Pumyra said as she held her.  
Bengali admired her puma form.  His daugther was already begining to 
resemble his wife.  Pumyra gently gave Bengali their new cub to hold.  
He carefull held her just as he did White when he was born.  He sat down 
in a chair and held her close.  Pumyra admired her husband's gentleness. 
 Tygra soon left them to be alone.  While walking down the hall he ran 
into Cheetara.  "Well how is it going Cheetara?" he said.  "I am just so 
excited.  Within another month I will be married to Lion-o".  Tygra 
envied Lion-o, fore he always held a tight bond with Cheetara.  "Where 
is Lion-o now?".  "He is with Lynx-o.  Ever since he went on his journe, 
he has spent more and more time with Lynx-o asking questions.  Now that 
he has found the Heart of Thundera and he knows of it's power, he has 
been more distant from me.  He has planned for all of us to meet him in 
the courtyard later on.  Do you think Pumyra will be able to attend?".  
"Well she is still very weak.  I will check back with her later on but I 
see no problem with it".  "Good" the cheetah said as she went into her 
                  Even more time passed as all the Thundercats and other 
Thunderians all gathered in the courtyard of Cat's Lair.  The 
Thunderkittens sat upon the grass, playfully throwing it at each other. 
 Cheetara sat alone.  The Thunderian survivors talked amongst 
themselves, except for Tygres.  Tygra and Tygres flirted causuley.  
Bengali held White as Pumyra was seated holding there newborn cub.  
Lynx-o spoke with Panthro as Lion-o finally graced there presents.  
"Well I gathered all of you today to say a few things.  One, it will 
soon be time for the wedding of me and my future queen Cheetara.  I hope 
you will all attend.  Second I would like to congradulate Bengali and 
Pumyra on there newborn girl.  She is lovely and her name is Destiny, 
which is what their marriage was meant to be.  Thirdly, I would like you 
all to know that there will be a few changes around here.  Panthro and 
Tygra have already got up the plans for two new fortresses.  We will be 
using them because there will be three teams of us now.  Cheetara, 
Tygra, Tygres, Panthro and myself will stay here at Cat's Lair.  We will 
be called the Alpaha Thundercats.  The Tower Of Omens will be 
reconstructed for Pumyra, Bengali, Lynx-o, Catlani and the 
Thunderkittens.  You will be the Outer Thundercats.  Your assistance 
will be needed in severe battles or situations.  You will watch all of 
New Thundera to make sure that everyone is safe.  The third fortress 
will be for A'tr'phor, Apollo, Jadakiss and Crowelin.  It will be called 
the ThunderStar.  And you will be called the Thunders.  This is to 
insure that we can fight off the Lunatacs and the Eclipses.  Plus the 
threat of Mumm-ra, Grune and our new threat, Vizzar".  Just that name 
made Pumyra shudder.  And last, I would like to give you all new powers 
with better weapons.  With my finding of the Heart of Thundera, I have 
more strength and would like you all to have".  Lion-o raised the Sword 
of Omens and the Heart of Thundera to the sky.  The thunder carackled 
and a bright light sorrounded all of the Thundercats.  They were all 
given special new powers and better weapons.
                      "We will all stay here tonight and get a fresh 
start in the morning.  The Alpha Thundercats and Thunders will be 
working on the ThunderStar.  You Outer Thundercats will scout a location 
for the Tower of Omens".  They all said "HO!" and retired to Cat's Lair. 
 Cheetara rested uncomfortably.  Her mind drifted back and forth.  She 
worried of why Lion-o chose to put Catlani with the Outer Thundercats 
instead of the Alpha Thundercats.  *Was he worried that our love was not 
great enough to withstand her being here.  Maybe it was because he was 
still bitter towards her.  Or was it that he thought that I was still 
bitter towards her?* she thought.  She stood from her bed and walked to 
her door.  She hesitated and decided not to open it.  *I should not 
question his love and feelings towards me.  If he loves me, he will tell 
me* she thought.  She went back to her bed and laid down.  She gently 
pulled the soft, white silk sheets over her fraile body.  She pulled her 
pillow close to her head and laid her head on it.  She pushed her hair 
from her eyes and tried to go to sleep.
                      "And Cheetara gave us this beautiful rattle for 
Destiny to play with" Bengali said to his wife sitting in a chir in the 
corner.  "It was nice of Lynx-o and Panthro to make this chair for you. 
 Look, Jadakiss has given you this great child communicator" Bengali 
said as he admired the object.  He turned to his wife again to see her 
sleep in the finely made wooden chair.  He walked over to her and took 
their sleeping cub from her arms.  He gently carried her to her crib and 
laid her down.  He walked back over to his wife and admired her.  "You 
have had a long day, my dear Pumyra" he said as he kissed her on the 
forehead.  He gently picked her up into his arms and carried her to 
their bed.  He sotly laid her down and covered her up.  He laid next to 
her and held her body close to his.
                       Daylight came and the Thundercats prepared to 
leave on their missions.  The Alpha Thundercats and the Thunders left 
early to start building of the ThunderStar.  Bengali got his team 
together as they prepared to leave.  Lion-o chose Bengali to be in 
charge due to Lynx-o age and senilty.  He put Pumyra second in charge 
because of her courage.  They all got on seperate vehicles as Snarf and 
Snarfer stayed at Cat's Lair to watch White and Destiny.  Lynx-o, 
Catlani and Pumyra took off in thet Thunderstrike.  Bengali took off on 
the SkyCat and the Thunderkittens on their hover boards.  They landed in 
a open grass area that was pretty far from Cat's Lair.  They all walked 
around and looked at the surrounding area.  "Looks good to me Bengali." 
Wily Kat said.  "Me too!" Kit said as she admired the surrounding trees. 
 Bengali scratched his hair and looked towards Pumyra.  "What do you 
think?" he said to her.  "I don't know.  I sense problems" she said.  
Then the sky began to turn black.  "WOW!  Looks like a storm to me." 
Wily Kat said.  "Yes, the readings on the new Braile Board comfirm Wily 
Kat's observation." Lynx-o said so logically.  Ctalani looked at the sky 
as the clouds began to swirl.  "I don't think it's a storm" she said.  
"Wily Kit, get to the communicator and contact the others.  This looks 
bad!" Bengali said pointing towards the sky.  Wily Kit raced to the Sky 
Cat and tried working the communicator.  Then a bright light glistened 
through the area.  A woman appeared when the light began to fade slowly. 
 "ISIS!" Catalni growled.  "Yes, I told you I would return" sahe said in 
a devilish way.  "What do you want!" Bengali said.  "Well to get revenge 
for the destruction of my beautiful palace.  She raised her hand and 
fired a blast of deep red energy.  It caused several trees to fall in 
the area.  All the Thundercats jumped back.  "If it's a fight you want, 
you'll get it".  Wily Kit removed a small sphere from her pouch.  She 
raised it to the sky and it began to glow in her hands.  She threw it at 
Isis and it traveled along the ground towards her.  It began to grow 
bigger, causing a catastrophic explosion.  When the smoke cleared, Isis 
still stood before them.  "WHAT!" Wily Kat roared.  Isis just laughed at 
them.  "Well Thundercats, it is time for you to die" she said.  "I don't 
think so" Wily Kat said as he grabbed his disc from his side.  He pulled 
the disc in towards himself and then threw it towards Isis.  Isis 
grabbed it and it sent an a shock into Isis's hand.  She didn't even 
flinch.  She sent the disc right back at Wily Kat and Wily Kat dodged 
the disc.  Bengali took his hammer from his side.  He took a small 
marble out of the handle of the hammer.  He threw the marble up to the 
sky and shoot a blue laser at it.  It caused a sphere to form around the 
marble.  He caught the blue sphere in his hands and hurled it at Isis.  
Pumyra pulled a orb from her pouch.  She swung it in her sling and 
tossed it at Isis.  The sphere and orb collided, causing them to 
combine.  When it hit Isis, she just fanned away all the power with a 
hand.  All the Thundercats gasped at this.
                     "Now you shall die".  She formed a red orb in her 
hands.  She threw it at the Outer Thundercats.  It exploded before 
reaching them.  Catlani tried to fire one of her arrows into the 
explosion but was unsuccessful.  The hurricanes of winds sent the 
Thundercats flying.  Wily Kit and Wilt Kat both slammed into the ground. 
 Bengali was sent flying into a tree.  Catlani fell to her knees trying 
to resist the power.  She fell back and fell into a water hole.  A tree 
cracked a began to fall on Pumyra.  Bengali was too injured to run to 
her side.  "PUMYRA!" he yelled.  The tree fell.  Pumyra looked and to 
her dissapointment the tree did not fall on her.  Laying upon the ground 
was Lynx-o, crushed by the tree.  Isis laughed at this.  "NO!" Pumyra 
roared as she rushed to her former mentor's side.  Bengali stood to his 
feet and rushed to Lynx-o.  "Oh Jaga, let him be allright" Pumyra said 
with hurt in her voice.  Tears began to stream from her eyes.  Catlani 
got to her feet and helped Bengali as they attempted to move the tree.  
Pumyra looked towards the laughin Isis.  "I shall kill you myself, you 
selfish witch!" she growled.  "Try if you can" she said.  Pumyra pulled 
a orb from her puch.  She began to run in a blitzing speed around Isis, 
causing a gaile force of winds.  All Pumyra heard was the wind whipping 
around her.  She put the orb into her sling and swung it a couple of 
times.  With a quick swing, she released the orb with a deadly 
accurance.  Isis saw as the orb approached her.  The orb stopped right 
in front of Isis's face.  "What kind of trickery is this?" she said.  
Within seconds the orb began richoceting off of everything.  Hit Isis 
several hundred times, leaving her beaten badly.  She had no time to put 
her forcefeild back up.  She had no time to say a anything to save 
herself.  It was over!
                         The others arrived too late.  They saw Pumyra 
holding Lynx-o's body close to hers.  "Why Lynx-o?  Why did it have to 
be you?" she cried.  Bengali tried to comfort her but was of no help.  
Lynx-o said softly to Pumyra "You....take care...of...that new 
child...of yours..teach them...teach th-them....we-well.  
Ben-Bengali....teake care...of Pumyra..keep...her safe" he said as his 
spirit faded away.  He lived a life that no other could have.  At his 
own expenses he saved someone who meant more to him than anything.  All 
the Thundercats greaved as they looked at the dead Lynx-o laying in 
Pumyra's arms.

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