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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Thundercat Troubles (Part 2)
By Brandon Rasmussen

        Lynx-O, Wileykit, and Snarf found themselves in the Lunatac dungeon 
after waking up from being knocked out by TugMug. They looked around and 
saw Lion-O, Pumyra, Bengali, Panthro, Snarfer, and even Tygra, who had 
been discovered by the Lunatacs, chained to the walls. After trying to 
go after them, they learned that they were in the same situation. What's 
even worse is that the Sword of Omens got taken away from them. ‘Well, 
at least Cheetara is out there, safe.' Wilykit thought.
        Cheetara had escaped from the Lunatac camp. That thought would have 
made her happy, if the Ice-Runner was not chasing her with Chilla at the 
controls through a wide canyon. Cheetara had to admit. Chilla was pretty 
good at flying the Ice-Runner because she was gaining. No matter what 
she tried to do, no matter how fast she ran, Chilla could do it better 
in the Ice-Runner. Cheetara knew that she was in trouble, for she was 
reaching the limit of her speed.
        Just then a yellowish craft zoomed overhead, going too fast to make out 
its design. It turned a half circle and came closer, resuming its high 
speed to not fall behind. She was going at just the right speed to see 
it's shape. ‘It's the . . .' she thought ‘ . . .  Whisker!?!' The 
Whisker went behind the Ice-Runner, then attached its whiskers onto 
Chilla's vehicle. It then slowed, taking the Ice-runner with it. Then it 
actually started going backwards, dragging the captive vehicle along. It 
assumed a position directly above the Ice-Runner, then suddenly detached 
its whiskers, sending Chilla's vehicle careening into the canyon wall. 
Chilla had ejected out just in time to see her vehicle explode. 
Cheetara, feeling victorious, wanted to run off to escape Chilla, but 
also wanted to see who was in the vehicle.
        Curiousity had won in her, so she stayed. Chilla ran away after seeing 
the Ice-runner blow up.
Then the Whisker cockpit opened up. Cheetara was suprised, because the 
one flying it was none other that Wileykat, followed by two snarfs, 
Snarf Oswald and Snarf Egbert. Cheetara was confused, because she never 
knew that Mumm-rana made it to New Thundera, or the two snarfs could 
help fly the Whisker. Nevertheless, she happily agreed when Kat asked if 
she wanted a ride to the Old cat's lair.
        Lion-O, Pumyra, Tygra, and Snarf were forced to work again, along with 
about a dozen Berbils, five warrior maidens, and the Snowman of Hook 
Mountain with them.
        Elsewhere on New Thundera, evil still lurks. . . . Mumm-Ra came to his 
caldron with Mu-Mutt at his side. "So, the Thundercats are having 
problems with the Lunatacs, Mu-Mutt. Little do they know, my putrid 
pooch, that I have been lying in wait, to strike! My plan is almost 
complete!" he had an evil laugh, then continued "One more thing, 
Mu-Mutt." After looking up at the four statues that adorned the pyramid, 
he said "Ancient spirits of Evil, transform this decayed form, to 
Mumm-ra, the Ever-living!" After the transformation took place, he 
looked at the statues once more. "And now, Ancient spirits, Give me all 
your strength, your cunning, your power, and transform me to Mumm-Ra, 
the Ever-living and All Powerful! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!" Responding to 
his words, they all reached out a hand and touched him, thus 
transforming him to his very muscular form. He immediately flew off, 
with Mu-Mutt following him.
        Lion-O and the others were in quite a predicament. Pumyra already tried 
to escape, and now she can't even lift a muscle, due to TugMug's gravity 
carbiner. They knew they couldn't escape TugMug or the other Lunatacs. 
Lion-O could call the Sword of Omens, but Luna and Amok were right next 
to him, and if he tried, Luna would just muffle his lips. Their only 
hope is if Cheetara escaped Chilla's Ice-Runner.
        Suddenly Lion-O's prayers were answered, when the Whisker zoomed above, 
and landed. Snarf was the first to react. "Cheetara made it! She got 
help! Snarf, Snarf!" All the Lunatacs started running for the intruder 
craft, then WileyKat jumped out with pellets in hand. He immediatly 
threw them, surprising the Lunatacs. Luna was the first to recover, only 
to be knocked both unconcusious and off her steed by Snarf Oswald and 
Egbert. WileyKat took a couple more pellets and threw them at the 
Thundercats' chains, which broke apart after being hit by the pellets. 
Lion-O took advantage of both the chains now broken, and Amok and Luna's 
unconcusiousness, and said "Sword of Omens, come to my hand!" The Sword 
of Omens immediatly responded, and flew faster than it would of.
        After reaching it's master, the Sword of Omens was guided by Lion-O to 
cut the remains of his chains, then pointed it to TugMug and said 
"Hoooooooo!" The blue energy beam knocked Tugmug out, and shattered the 
gravity carbiner to bits, thus freeing Pumyra from it's gravity hold. 
Lion-O was about to blast Redeye, then two very familar shapes appered 
before him. "Mumm-ra!"

                        To be continued. . .

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