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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Dark Omens
By Jesse Morgan

                    Jadakiss walked silently down the quiet halls of 
Cat's Lair.  No one was awake but her.  It was only midnight on New 
Thundera but she was restless.  Something was disturbing her and she 
knew that it was not good.  She slid her hands on the marble walls as 
she stepped lightly down the hall.  Her ears perked up as they heard the 
call of the owl.  She approached her own room, yet she did not want to 
enter.  She suddenly jumped as she felt a cold hand on her shoulder.  
She turned around and there stood Bengali.  "Oh, Bengali you startled 
me".  "I am sorry, but I couldn't sleep".  "i know how you feel.  It is 
something about this night.  A dark feeling, like something terrible is 
about to happen".  A sudden crash of thunder fell and Jadakiss was 
startled again.  A storm fled the area and caused many electriacl 
problems in Cat's Lair.  Causing all power to vacnt the lair.
                  Tygra awaoke from his sleep and rose from his bed.  He 
carefully stepped in the room as not to bump into anything.  He found 
his robe and proceeded out of his room.  Outside he saw most of the 
Thundercats and Thunderian survivors talking.  The one person he had his 
eyes on was Catlani.  He was shocked that she even bothered to leave her 
room.  She has been like an outcast ever since her conforntation with 
Lion-o.  Lion-o had still not returned from his mission.  She had not 
spoken to anyone since and she has kept to herself.  He approach the 
crowd and he saw Tygres.  She waved to him and he waved back.  Instead 
of heading directly towards them, he walked towards the window where 
Catlani stood.  "The rain is tearing the ground tonight.  My father used 
to say that was a bad omen" Tygra said to her.  She did not respond.  He 
turned away from her and took a glimpse at Tygres.  He still could not 
figure out why he admired her so much.  Lynx-o suggested that they all 
head to the Council Room and discuss ways for alternative power sources.
                All the Thundercats and Thunderians went into the 
Council Room and took a seat.  They all talked in attempts to find a 
good way to get power.  "I suggest that we all stay in here for the 
night and search for a good power source tomorrow" Panthro said and they 
all agreed.  They all slowly drifted off to sleep in the Council Room.  
In the morning they were all waken by several Thunderian villagers.  
"Thundercats we need your help" one of the villageras said.  "Well what 
is the problem?" Cheetara said.  "All of our children are missing.  It 
is like they were just taken from us during the night" a fimilar voice 
said.  It was the father of Leah, a Thunderian the Thundercats knew.  
All the Thundercats and Thunderians were shocked by this.  "We shall 
begin a search.  Pumyra, Tygra and Catlani will take the eastern front. 
 Panthro, Tygres, Apollo and A'tr'phor take the western front.  Panthro 
and Crowelin take the southern front.  I, Jadakiss and Lynx-o will take 
the nothern front.  The Thunderkittens will stay here and keep watch" 
Cheetara said.  All the Thundercats agreed.
                      As the morning turned swiftly to night, the 
Thundercats contiued their search with no avail.  Tygra walked over to 
the Skycat and reported back to Cat's Lair one last time before setting 
up camp.  Catlaini sat on a tree stump fiddling with her bow.  Pumyra 
set her sleeping bag out upon the ground.  She tied her hair up into a 
bow and sat on the ground.  Tygra put his pack on the ground and sat on 
it.  Catlani stood to her feet and walked towards the fire they built.  
Her face carried that of a lost child.  She slowly sat next to the fire. 
 Pumyra watched Catlani, she knew the pain that she felt.  The wind 
began to pick up where they were.  They all stood to their feet and drew 
their weapons.  Tygra could sense danger in the air.  Pumyra placed on 
of her orbs into her sling.  She swung it with tremendous speed, ready 
for whatever was causing the comotion.  They heard soft, joyful music 
playing from an airship.  As the airship past they saw several hundred 
children followed.  Tygra looked at all of the children.  They all 
laughed and sang as they followed the airship.  He glared into their 
eyes.  Their eyes had no feeling in them, but they looked like they were 
in a trance.  Pumyra and Catlani rushed to stop the children but there 
were too many.  All of the sudden the music stopped and the children all 
fell asleep where they stood.  Tygra noticed two children that looked 
very familar to him.  It was Wily Kit and Wily Kat!  He tried to awake 
them but they would not get up.  He called for Catlani and Pumyra to 
help him.  Just then a boy jumped from the now landed airship.  "Who are 
you?" Pumyra said as she approached him.  "I am Icarisus, the bringer of 
music.  I serve the great Isis, of Trimether.  It is a land for all 
children to laugh and play".  "But you are taking these children from 
their homes and their parents" Tygra said.  "They are going to a place 
where they are loved".
                       Then a hologram appeared taking the shape of a 
woman.  "Icarisus, what is the delay!" she scolded.  "I am having 
difficulty from the great Thundercats".  "Destroy them.  Destroy them 
all!" she said as they hologram disappeared.  Icarisus took some pellets 
from his hand and threw them into the air.  They stayed suspened in the 
air until Icarisus began to play his flute.  They then took the shape of 
guardians.  They formed all around the Thundercats.  Tygra and the 
others moved back to back, anticipating the first strike.  Tygra was the 
first.  He swung his whip in the air and stroke one of the guardians.  
It flew back into a tree and bounced right back.  With speed, it 
approached with force.  Its truck Tygra with double the amount of force 
that Tygra used.  Tygra fell to the ground, crushing all hope for the 
other two.  Pumyra knew that the only way she was going to go, was to go 
fighting.  She leaped from the cricle that trapped her.  Quickly she 
flickered her orb at a charging guardian.  The explotion caught her off 
guard but did not defeat her.  Catlani took on to the idea.  She focused 
all her thoughts on getting the guardians away from Tygra.  She ran to 
her left and three guardians followed.  Pumyra drew another orb from her 
small pouch.  She held it in her pale white hands, thinking of Lynx-o.  
He helped her to learn the ways of fighting and now she would be using 
it to her fullest.  She threw the orb to the sky and caught it with her 
sling.  She swung three quick times and let it fly to the sky once 
again.  "By Jaga" she said as the orb split in air.  It caused a 
hurricane of winds to take over the land.  Several guardians were sent 
flying into trees, causing them to crash to the ground.  Tygra stood to 
his feet still trying to recover from the attack.
                      He slowly limped towards the kids laying on the 
ground.  He called for Wily Kit and Wily Kat but there was no response. 
 Catlani let one of her arrows slice through the air causing two more 
guardians to fall.  Tygra walked closer and closer to the children.  
Then he was knocked from his feet again by another guardian.  Icarisus 
played his flute as he stepped into the air ship.  The children stood to 
their feet and walked into the ship.  The ship took off into the air 
before the other Thundercats had a chance to get to it.  Catlani raced 
after the ship but was not fast enough.  She fell to her feet, feeling 
another defeat.  Tygra laid on the ground and did not move.  He had the 
chance to save the children but he was not strong enough.  He thought to 
himself that maybe Lion-o was right not to leave him in charge.  Pumyra 
leaned upon a tree trying not to cry.  They had lost, lost the one 
chance to save all the children of New Thundera.
                      They returned to Cat's Lair in shame.  Catlani 
stepped into her room, dropping her bow and arrows to the side.  She 
laid upon her bed and turned on her side.  Pulling her legs close, she 
cried sorrowfully.  Once again she messed up the chance to do something 
good.  Not only has she disappointed Lion-o and her father but now the 
rest of the Thundercats.  She laid on her back and stared at the vaulted 
ceiling.  Her tears fell in sure pain.  She coughed a few times and 
stood to her feet.  Pumyra walked slowly across her room.  She opened 
her window to get some cool air.  She was going through a lot of changes 
due to her pregnancy.  The door hissed open and Bengali stood there.  He 
rushed to Pumyra side and held her in his arms.  She pushed her body up 
to him, putting her head to his.  She exhaled slowly trying to savor the 
moment.  "You're leaving aren't you?" she whispered softly.  "We have to 
go after them.  Crowelin and Panthro already maped out the course.  
Thanks to Lynx-o knowledge, we will be able to get to the land of 
Trimether".  Pumyra walked away from her mate.  He wished to follow but 
he had little time.  He walked over to his sleeping son's bed.  He bent 
over and kissed him on his head.  He patted his son's head gently.  "I 
will be back Pumyra" Bengali said as he grabbed his hammer.  The one 
hammer that saved him many times, the Hammer of Thundera.  "I know you 
will, but..." her words were cut short.  Bengali swept her into his arms 
and kissed her.  He kissed her more passionately than he has ever done 
before.  "I will be back for White, you and our un-born child".  Bengali 
left the room and Pumyra sat upon the bed.  She dropped her head into 
her hands and held in her tears.
                          The Feliner took off with Tygres, Jadakiss, 
Cheetara, Pathro, Apollo, Bengali and Crowelin inside.  The Feliner sped 
across the sky.  Thunder crashed as they approached closer and closer to 
Trimether.  They were all feeling nervous but confident.  Tygra, Pumyra 
and Catlani were forced to stay at Cat's Lair on watch.  Cheetara stated 
that they wre not yet rested and ready for this mission.  Panthro 
piloted the Feliner carefully hrough the storm.  Lighting chased the 
thunder as the Feliner edged closer to Trimether.  All of the sudden the 
lightining stroke the Feliner's left roter, causing it to spin out of 
control.   They slammed into the ground of the land of Trimether.  
Jadakiss and Tygrs stepped out of the cockpit.  They looked around and 
noticed no one was there.  Panthro and Crowelin were next, followed by 
the others.  "What is this place?" Tygres said.  Cheetara walked slowly 
over the ground.  "It must be Trimether" she said.  Bengali heard music 
in the distance.  It grew louder as it came closer to them.  Then 
Panthro saw a horde of guardians approaching them.  These figures were 
unknown to them.  The guardians attacked swiftly.  They easly defeated 
the Thundercats and their Thunderian companions.  First to fall was 
Jadakiss, follwed by Apollo.  Cheetara and Panthro fought back to back 
as they wacthed their comrades fall.  So enought their was no one 
standing but Cheetara.  "I will not be deafeated so easily.  I am 
Cheetara, the quick and I will defend the Thundercats honor" she said.  
The ground shook beneath her feet and a flare of fire destroyed several 
of the guardians.  "HO!" came from behind Cheetara.  There stood Tygra, 
Pumyra and Catlani.
                     "I am Catlani, keeper of silence but of just.  
Thundercats HO!".  "I am Pumyra, keeper of the child and of medicine.  
Thundercats HO!".  "I am Tygra, defender of justice.  Thundercats HO!". 
 "Catlani! Pumyra! Tygra! HO!" Cheetara growled as they all jumped into 
action.  Catlani drew her silver arrow and fired it upon the guardians. 
 It blitzed through the air as a dream scream of a lost soul.  It caused 
a wave of energy to destroy several of the guardians.  Pumyra swung one 
of her orbs at the guardians.  It shattered and multiplied into hundreds 
of smaller orbs destroying half of the guardians.  Cheetara and Tygra 
fought the rest back to back.  "I thought I told you to stay at Cat's 
Lair!" Cheetara growled.  "You did but you do not know what you are up 
against" Tygra growled back.  They both destroyed the rest opf the 
guardians.  Then the woman that Tygra saw earlier appeared before them. 
 "You dare enter my kingdom and destroy my guards.  Who do you think you 
are!".  "We are the Thundercats.  Keepers of Justice, Truth, Honor and 
Loyalty" Tygra said.  "Well prepare for your destruction!".  She fired a 
sphere that swallowed the Thundercats.  The were trapped inside of the 
sphere.  "Hwo are we going to get out of here Tygra?" Cheetara said.  "I 
do not know" Tygra said.  Catlani trembled as she felt her end.  She 
gripped her bow and looked to the stary sky.  Then her father, the Great 
Jaga appeared before her.  "Father!  Oh father I have failed you once 
again".  "No you havene't my child" the ghostly figure said.  His body 
drapped in blue.  "You have defended the honor of the Thundercats, just 
as I would have.  You must focus your strength to get out of here".  
"Yes" she said as her father disappeared into the air.
                   "Cheetara, we must focus our energy to get out of 
here".  Cheetara and the others agreed.  They all focused their energy. 
 Then Cheetara's body gave off a strong yellow light, followed by Tygra 
whose body gave off a blue light.  Catlani was next, she gave off a red 
light.  Finally, Pumyra's body glowed pure white.  All of their energy 
focused destroyed the sphere.  The land of Trimether collapsed as Isis 
disappeared, vowing to return someday.  The Thundercats, Thunderians and 
all the Children returned to New Thundera.  The parents joyfully 
welcomed their children back home.  The Thunderkittens were happy to 
back in their home at Cat's Lair.  Later on in the evening Lion-o 
returned.  They all gathered in the Council Room.  Lion-o stood to his 
feet with one thing on his mind.  "What happened?!?".  All the 
Thundercats laughed and rejoiced in the return of the Lord of the 

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