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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Thundercat Troubles
By Brandon Rasmussen

                (Note: this comes after the Book of Omens episode)

        It was a beautiful day at Cat's Lair. Most of the Thundercats had 
something to do but Lion-o. He has been thinking heavily and had not 
moved off his bed all morning. ‘Mumm-ra, the mutants and the Lunatacs' 
absence can be boring at time.' he thinks. ‘Maybe I can just find 
something to do.'. After thinking a while, he decides to get up and do 
        The halls were empty because everybody else is doing something. Snarf 
is in the kitchen fixing up lunch. Panthro is fidgeting around with 
something for the Thundertank. Cheetara out on her runs. Even the 
Thunderkittens were busy in the library studying many books to get ready 
for the time when they become Thundercats. Lion-o was the only 
Thundercat not doing anything.
He decides to talk to Panthro.
        Meanwhile, at Faroutback with Bragg's circus train, Luna has been doing 
some very careful thinking for about an hour then when Bragg left 
temporarily she spoke "Cheer up Lunatacs! I just thought of a way for us 
to escape! Now listen to my plan carefully . . .  " Later, Bragg said 
"OK, Lunatacs and Mutants, We have to go to another planet. However, 
they don't allow trains in the planet for some reason, so we have to 
switch vechiles. Lunatacs, you switch first." He opened the roof of the 
Lunatacs cell. Luna quickly said "NOW!" TugMug superjumps at Bragg, but 
Bragg evaded it, enough to notice the Sidewinder coming his way. The 
disc then knocks him out quickly and falls off the train. TugMug said 
"He was not much to worry about after all." The Lunatacs pop over to the 
control room. Sssslithe said "Wait a minute, Luna. Releassse usss. We 
can help. We will destroy the Thundercatsss if we work together. 
Yessssssss?"Luna replies "We do not need your help to conquer Third 
Earth" "Third Earth? Thundercatsss are on New Thundera! Not Third 
Earth!" "We know the Thundercats are on New Thundera. Third Earth has no 
Thundercats!" Then Chilla says "Third Earth will be easy to conquer!"
        Back at Cat's Lair, Lion-o's voice blares over the intercom. "I want a 
full council meeting now!"
        When they assemble the council, Lion-o says "Panthro noticed that we 
are dangerously low on Thundrillium. We must start searching for some. 
Most of us will split in pairs to find some. Snarf and I will check 
nearby the Turning rocks. Bengali, you and Pumyra head to the Jungles of 
Darkness." Bengali smiles at the chance to be with Pumyra. Lion-o 
continues "Linx-o and Snarfer will examine the Dreary Canal. Wileykat 
and Wileykit will scout the canyons of Youth, and, finally, Cheetara and 
Panthro explore the Mosslands. Tigra, stay here to guard Cat's Lair. 
There, that's what we do. Bengali, Pumyra, Wileykat and Wileykit, report 
to the equipment chamber for supply. Oh, yes, I almost forgot, We cannot 
use vechiles, except in extreme emergencies, because our status on 
        At the supply chamber, Bengali and Pumyra get some Cat's eyes, while 
Wileykat and Wileykit. Drank down a Youth potion (Something Panthro made 
to cancel the effects of the Canyons of youth for 12 hours.)
They all headed for the exit.
        Now, back to the Lunatacs, Redeye was at the trains control muttering 
"How do these blasted controls work?!?" "Allow me to try, Redeye" Alorro 
stepped behind the controls and with just a couple presses of some 
buttons he gets the train running. "It is never too hard for Alorro." He 
bragged. Luna bolts "Stop your bickering Alorro! We must get to Third 
Earth whenever possible!"
        Over at the Canyons of Youth, Wileykat is way ahead of Wileykit. "Can 
you stop, Wileykat? I'm getting tired." Wileykit said. She was breathing 
hard. She's been running for quite a while. "Please take a break, 
Wileykat. I need to catch my breath." She replied. Wileykat looked 
around and noticed something. He said "I found some weird bush. It has 
berries on it." "So?" Wileykit responded. Wileykat said "Maybe the 
berries are good!" "I not quite sure, Wileykat . . ." Wileykit paused. 
Wileykat said "Come on, what could happen?" "What if the berries are 
dangerous? " "They are just a couple of berries. " "Wileykat, Lion-o 
won't like this. " She sees her brother picking berries despite her 
warnings. Wileykit said "You may want some, but I'm not going to have 
any. " "Suit yourself. You won't know what you're missing. " He bites 
into a berry, then drops it unexpectedly. "I don't feel so well, 
Wileykit. " Wileykat said, then dropped unconscious suddenly.

        At the cat's lair, Tigra is in the main chamber when he suddenly gets 
an incoming transmission.
"Yes?" He says while starting the monitor. It's Wileykit. He said 
"Hello, Wileykit. What's the problem?" Kit answers "It's Wileykat! He 
found some berries, then ate one, and now he's unconscious!"
Tigra responds "I'm on my way!" With that he deactivates the monitor, 
gets into the equipment room, quickly gulps down a Youth potion, then 
runs to the first hanger, jumped into the Thundertank, and drives away.
        Tigra finally reached Wileykat and Kit, and Wileykit helped Tigra take 
Kat into the Thundertank. Tigra said "Don't worry Wileykit. I called the 
other Thundercats before I reached here. They should be at the Cat's 
lair already." Then he revved up the Thundertank and drove to Cat's 
        When Tigra got to Cat's lair, He noticed that Cheetara and Pumyra were 
already there, and the other Thundercats were on their way. He took 
Wileykat to the sick bay then begin his testing. After a while, He 
notified the other Thundercats (who already arrived by the time he 
finished) "Tests show that Wileykat is suffering from a highly severe 
poison. The berries would normally be all right, but being in the 
Canyons of Youth altered its genetic structure. We must recover the 
Totem of Dera to heal him." Snarf said "Isn't the Totem of Dera with the 
Book of Omens? Snarf, Snarf." Snarfer replied "We just have to go in and 
get it back. Yup, Yup. Snarfer, Snarfer."
        Just then the warning light blared. Lion-o and the other Thundercats 
rushed to the control room. Tigra, Wileykit, and Snarf stayed to watch 
over Wileykat. When Lion-o responded the call, he saw Willa, Queen of 
the Warrior maidens and Nada. Willa talked, sounding urgent "Lion-o, 
Come here and save us! We are under attack by the Lunatacs!" Lion-o 
responds "Lunatacs! But they're. . . . We're on our way!"
        The Thundercats all get into the Feliner and start revving it with 
Panthro in the front and Lion-o right by him. While flying to Third 
Earth, Panthro says "I almost forgot. During my search I found some 
Thundrillium and I carried a load back here. Excuse me while I load it 
into the Feliner." He jumps out and loads in the Thundrillium. A minute 
later he hops back in and they take off, while Wileykat and the others 
stay. (Wileykat gets to stay too.)
        Over at Wayoutback, (I just felt I had to put this in) Captain Bragg 
and Crow-nin (the wonder crow) were just sitting there, doing nothing 
but thinking. They both had the same thought on mind. ‘I wonder if that 
other planet will charge us a late fee.'
        Over at Third Earth, The Lunatacs had already taken prisoners of the 
Berbils, Wollos, Bulkans, Warrior maidens, Brute men, and other Third 
Earthlings and was making them rebuild Skytomb. The Lunatacs were even 
taking parts from the old Cat's lair and whatever was left of the Tower 
of Omens. (See the "Last Day" episode.) It was clear that it would have 
been a while until the Thundercats got there.
        When the Thundercats did get there, they landed at the old Cat's lair, 
which they were surprised to see that it was missing several base plates 
and most of the head. The Lunatacs clearly scavenged this area greatly. 
Lion-O spoke "We have to split up. Bengali and Linx-O . . ." he paused 
after seeing Bengali's reaction. "Fine. Bengali, Linx-O and Pumyra take 
the Feliner to Dark Side to see if the Lunatacs returned to their 
original home. I will take Cheetara, Panthro, and Snarfer to respond to 
the Warrior maidens' call. We regroup here." They all group hands, shout 
"THUNDERCATS HO!"and run off to do their job.
        Lion-o, running with the others to the Tree Top village, suddenly has 
to stop to answer a call from New Cat's lair. It's Snarf. "The Book of 
Omens says that he will not return the Totem of Dera, and says we must 
get help from the opposite of an old enemy." After Snarf deactivated the 
intercom, Lion-O needed to rest for a thinking break. ‘Hmmm, Mutants are 
old enemies, but no opposites there. Lunatacs are not so old enemies, 
but no opposites there either. Then comes Mumm-ra, very old enemy, with 
an opposite, MUMM-RANA!' Then he spoke "Okay. We will have to split up 
again. Panthro, you take Snarfer and go to the White Pyramid. Tell 
Mumm-rana about Wileykat's situation."
        When Bengali, Pumyra, and Lynx-O reached Dark Side, they found evidence 
of a Skytomb in mid-construction, but no Lunatacs. They immediately 
started returning to Old Cat's Lair as instructed.
        Lion-O and Cheetara arrive at the Warrior maiden's village, only to see 
it set aflame, and the Lunatacs chasing after the rebel Warrior maidens. 
Lion-O was just about to call the other Thundercats with the Sword of 
Omens, only to be knocked out by Amok.
        When Lion-O awaked, he notices he's in some sort of dungeon. It can't 
be Skytomb's, because Skytomb is still in mid-construction. It doesn't 
even have any sort of familiarity. After looking around, He noticed 
Cheetara in the room with him, awake but woozy. He tried to go to her, 
but noticed his hands were shackled to the wall, as were Cheetara's. 
Lion-o tried to escape, but the chains were too strong, and the Sword of 
Omens was missing. He could only hope the other Thundercats would rescue 
        Elsewhere, Panthro and Snarfer were returning to Old cat's lair with 
Mumm-rana. Then Tug-Mug came out and said "Make things easy on yourself, 
Thundercats, and give up!" Panthro's only response was "Thundercats 
never give up, shorty!" Tug-Mug, enraged with the insult, shot his new 
gravity carbine, set at heavy mode, and Panthro and Snarfer. He knew 
Mumm-rana was with them, so he took the precaution of making his gravity 
carbine extra shiny. He shone it at Mumm-rana, revealed her reflection, 
and left her weak and otherwise surprised. She stumbled on the ground 
while Tug-Mug carried Panthro and Snarfer off.
        Lion-O and Cheetara were now both fully awake, then TugMug came in with 
Panthro and Snarfer, brought them to a wall, and shackled them up, 
making sure they were nowhere near each other or Cheetara or Lion-O. 
Lion-O said "Well, at least Bengali, Pumyra, and Lynx-O are out there." 
Just then, Chilla came walking in followed by Luna and Amok, holding 
Pumyra and Bengali, frozen in ice cubes. Chilla thawed out the two 
Thundercats and Amok chained them to the wall, on opposite walls, to 
mock them.
        Lion-O smiled at the thought that at least Lynx-O was out there, safe.
        Lynx-O knew that Mumm-rana was outside her pyramid, and weakened, so he 
got into the Feliner to go to her. When he got to her, he brought her to 
her pyramid and, after she energized, brought her to New Thundera to 
heal Wileykat.
        Back at the cell where Lion-O and the other Thundercats were, they were 
exchanging what they learned, when Alorro walked in at hypnotized them 
all with his psyche club and brought them to work at Skytomb.
        Lion-O, Panthro, Bengali, and Snarfer had to work the most while 
Cheetara and Pumyra brought them lots of supplies. The construction was 
overseen by all the Lunatacs. After several hours, Skytomb could be 
marked as half done. Whenever one tried to escape, Alorro just 
hypnotized them back. Chilla had also taken the precaution of freezing 
the Sword of Omens and the Claw Shield, and hid them on the other side 
of the planet. Lion-O and the others could not escape.
        When Lynx-O and Mumm-rana reached New Thundera, they went at once to 
the sick bay. During the trip, Mumm-rana had been told what happened to 
Kat. Mumm-rana, once at the sick bay, started casting a very complex 
spell that only one such as Mumm-rana or Mumm-ra could remember. After 
finishing, she said "Wileykat is now healed, but you must let him rest 
alone." Lynx-O then said "Now that Wileykat is healed, all the rest of 
us must save Lion-O and the others." Lynx-O, Tigra, Snarf, and Wileykit 
left in the Feliner while Mumm-rana teleported back to her white 
        At Third Earth, Redeye was standing watch, and he heard something, he 
switched to infrared to look around. He noticed four different heat 
sources nearby him, one of which small. He thought it was normal, so he 
switched off infrared vision and continued looking around, but got 
blinded by Lynx-O's light shield and knocked out by one of Kit's 
        With Redeye out, Tigra knew that the Lunatacs cannot sense him 
invisible, so he wrapped his whip around himself and snuck into the 
Lunatac camp, while Lynx-O, Kit, and Snarf start searching for the Sword 
of Omens.
        Tigra tiptoed silently to avoid detection, and Cheetara knew he was 
there because of her sixth sense. Cheetara told Pumyra, who when she had 
a chance, told Lion-O and the others. Tigra stood perfectly still, 
because after listening to the Lunatac's conversation, He learned that 
Chilla will be taking over guard duty sometime soon. He snuck back to 
where Redeye was, and when it was Chilla's turn for guard duty, and when 
she roamed out of the other Lunatac's sight, Tigra ambushed her. She was 
knocked out at almost fell right on Redeye.
        Lynx-O, Wileykit, and Snarf, were still searching for the Sword of 
Omens, and when they found it, it was still frozen in a block of ice. 
Wileykit threw a fire pellet at it to melt the ice, then they all 
started running back to the Lunatac camp.
        On the way, they encountered TugMug, who, after being momentarily 
surprised, knocked them out on sight, then started hauling them to the 
Lunatac camp.

                To be continued . . .

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