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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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All Must Fall
By Jesse Morgan

                    Whispers of the wind sped across the lands of New 
Thundera.  Silence was not very common among this area.  Cat's Lair was 
a silent piece of land.  Cheetara walked the quiet halls of her home.  
She admired the light glistening window.  She glared at the white snow 
slowly drifting away.  "Cheetara?" Wily Kit said as she approached her. 
 Cheetara recognized the high pitched tone of Wily Kit.  She turned 
slowly to look at the young kitten.  Cheetara realized that Wily Kit's 
kittenhood was slowly drifting into adulthood.  "Yes" Cheetara said in 
a soft, husky voice.  "Pumyra says that the only way we are going to 
help Bengali is to get the D'ysiphian Rose".  Cheetara turned back 
around to stare out the window.  Right now Wily Kit's words meant 
nothing to her.  She did care deeply for Bengali and Pumyra, but she was 
more worried about Lion-o who was out on his Ritual Of Love that was 
required of all Lords of the Thundercats before they chose to be 
married.  "I do not know if that is of the wisest things, but I will 
talk to Pumyra".  Wily Kit was very disturbed by Cheetara's choice of 
words.  "Cheetara, you do not understand.  Bengali could die!".   
Cheetara was not phased nor affected by her words.  "I do understand the 
situation Wily Kit.  Pumyra has also said that there are other ways to 
save him besides going after a rose, that is deep within a valley!".  
Wily Kit walked away furiously.  Cheetara did not apologize but looked 
back to the window.
                        Lynx-o felt around his desk.   He searched for a 
book.  A book that he knew would be helpful to himslef and Bengali.  He 
felt a book and opened it.  He felt the braile writings inside.  He was 
dismayed by the fact that it was not the book he was looking for.  "BY 
JAGA!" he said as he tossed the book at the door.  A knock came to the 
door.  "Who is it!" Lynx-o said as he carefully stood from his chair.  
"It is me Lynx-o, Pumyra." a voice said from behind the shut, wooden 
door.  "Come in" he said as he walked towards his bed.  Pumyra walked 
lightly into the room carrying a covered plate.  She look around at all 
the great objects that Lynx-o owned.  She looked at him sitting on the 
bed and she could tell that something was bothering him.  "What is 
troubling you?" Pumyra said as she slid a chair next to the bed.  She 
placed the plate next to Lynx-o's side.  "Here, eat this.  Snarf says 
you have not eaten in several hours".  "I do not wish to eat." Lynx-o 
said as he pushed the plate away.  "Now Lynx-o, don't be so stubborn".  
Lynx-o scratched his beard and pondered what he was going to do to help 
Bengali.  "How can we help Bengali, Pumyra?" he said as he poured a 
drink from a vlask on his dresser.  Pumyra eased herslef back in the 
chair trying to think of what to say.  "I do not know Lynx-o".  "He 
is like a son to me, as you are like a daughter".  "I believe Lynx-o 
that he will live.  He has a strong spirit.  He would never leave me and 
White".  Pumyra stood to her feet and walked towards the door.  "And 
what of yourself Pumyra?".  "I am going back to Bengali's side.  I am 
his wife and since Tygra is busy when other things, I must take care of 
him".   Pumyra left the room and Lynx-o once again searched for the 
              Tygra walked outside in the courtyard of the lair.  *Who 
am I really in love with.  Do I love Catlani or do I love Tygres?*.  
Tygra closed his eyes as he thought.  He sat upon the grass that was 
turning from it's ivory sheet to it's usual green grass.  Tygra closed 
his eyes again.  When he opened them again Tygres stood before him.  "So 
what are you doing?".  He stood to his feet.  She kissed him on his 
cheeck in an affectionate way.  "I thought I'd return to Cat's Lair and 
check on Bengali".  Tygres looked puzzled.  "Well maybe I can be of some 
help?".  "If you would like to".  "I would love to" she said as they 
began to walk back to the Thundercat's home.  "I also have to give 
Pumyra a check-up.  I do not want her worrying herslef over Bengali.  
That could have a major effect on her pregnancy".  Tygres envied Pumyra. 
 Tygres always wanted a child but never found the right man to have it 
with.  She admired Tygra for being so strong.  She thought that he would 
be the man, but was still unsure.  "You're sounding like a strong leader 
everyday Tygra" Tygres said as she leaned against him.  "Well I don't 
think I will be.  Lion-o is already putting Cheetara in charge and they 
are not even wed yet".  Tygra dreaded being the one always with the 
problems.  He found himself falling in love with a girl he knew little 
about.  They entered Cat's Lair and headed towards the sickbay.
                  Pumyra held one of Bengali's hands in hers.  She 
caressed his gentle hand as tears slid down her face.  She sniffled and 
wiped the tears away.  *I can not let myself lose control.  I know you 
will be okay*.  The doors of the sickbay slid open and Tygra walked in. 
 He was followed by Tygres who was a bit apprehensive about going in.  
"Well how is it he doing?" Tygra said as he laid his hand on Pumyra's 
shoulder.  "He is stablized for now".  Tygra walked over to the sink and 
washed his hands.  Tygres stpped over towards Pumyra.  "I am so sorry 
that you are going through this Pumyra".  Pumyra stood to her feet and 
looked out the window.  "It is not your fault Tygres.  I have not known 
you long but you do show much compassion to those you do not know.  I 
thank you for your concern".  Tygres was puzzled and flattered by 
Pumyra's words.  Tygra was also puzzled.  "Well Pumyra it is time for a 
check up.  I have to make sure that baby of yours is doing fine".  
Pumyra walked over to one of the beds in the sickbay.  The doors of 
sickbay opened once again, this time Cheetara walked in.  She carried 
White in her arms.  "I thought you would like to see your son Pumyra".  
"Not now Cheetara, I am giving Pumyra a check-up" Tygra said.  Cheetara 
wrinkled her brow and carried White towards his unconscious father.  
"Daddy?" White said as he tried to reach for him.  Pumyra jumped from 
her seat and rushed to White.  "Cheetara!  What were you thinking?" she 
said as she snatched White from her hands.  "I thought he might want to 
see his father" Cheetara said as she walked out of sickbay.  "Pumyra I 
must finish your check-up.  Give White to Tygres and come here!".  
Pumyra carefully gave White to Tygres and she sat back down.  "Are there 
any problems?".  "No.  But this constant stress is going to effect the 
pregnancy heavily.  You must get some sleep and food.  I will have Wily 
Kat bring you something".  Tygra left sickbay while Tygres gave White 
back to Pumyra.  "Why is Tygra so stubborn?" Tygres asked as she sat in 
one of the chairs.  "I do not know.  Maybe it is the whole Lion-o, 
Cheetara and Catlani thing.  He is very stressed out trying to keep 
Cat's Lair and everything else under control".  "But I thought Cheetara 
was in charge" Tygres said as she poured a glass of water.  "She is to 
wrapped up worrying abotu Lion-o as I am too worried about Bengali".  
                       Just then the doors of sickbay opened and Apollo 
and Crowelin walked in.  "Tygres, we are going to a nearby village to 
get some food.  Would you like to join us?".  "No I would not" Tygres 
said as she got up from her chair.  "I must speak with you now Tygres!" 
Crowelin said as he walked out of sickbay.  Tygres followed him.  "I 
suppose you are wondering what is going on Pumyra" Apollo said.  Pumyra 
turned to him.  "Well they used to be very close on Thundera.  But they 
broke up and now he is very jealous of her relationship with Tygra.  I 
am worried for them but Jadakiss keeps me otherwise busy".  Pumyra said 
sadly "If they were going through what I am, they would not take for 
granted what love they did have".  Apollo sat down in a chair as did 
Pumyra.  "I am very sorry about this".  Pumyra answered slowly, her 
voice cathcing her tears.  "I just wish I hadn't rushed him to go out 
and explore.  I could have waited".
                      Before Apollo could answer Crowelin came smashing 
through the doors of sickbay.  Apollo and Pumyra got to their feet and 
rushed towards him.  "What's going on!" Apollo said as he went to see 
what was happening.  Pumyra grabbed White and took him into another part 
of the sickbay.  When she returned she saw Apollo and Tygres laying on 
the floor.  She could see a figure that she dreaded to see standing 
before them.  "Well hello again Pumyra" came from the figure.  "VIZZAR!" 
Pumyra shouted.  "I am here to finish the job that Grune could not.  All 
must fall!"  Just then Lynx-o ran into sickbay and jumped onto Vizzar's 
back.  "Get off me old man" Vizzar said as he threw Lynx-o into the 
wall.  Lynx-o slid down slowly and hit the ground.  Pumyra tried to run 
to him but Vizzar caught her.  "I do not think so" he said as he began to 
squeeze her body.  She tried to call out for help but the breath was 
slowly being squeezed out of her whole body.
                      Tygra heard the crashes coming from sickbay and 
raced towards them.  On his way he met Cheetara and Jadakiss who were 
headed the same way.  "We must get there quick Tygra!" Cheetara said as 
she began to pick up her pace.  When they got there they saw Vizzar 
squeezing the life out of Pumyra.  Cheetara attacked quickly with her 
staff.  She lashed out at Vizzar striking him across the head.  She 
helped Pumyra to her feet, but Vizzar recovered quickly.  He grabbed 
Pumyra and threw her towards Bengali's bed.  Cheetara tried to swing 
upon him again, but she was not quick enough this time.  He swung her 
out of sickbay and sent her flying into Jadakiss.  They both fell to the 
ground.  They did not attempt to get up and Tygra began his attack.  He 
swung his whip into the air and craked it on Vizzar's back.  It did not 
phase Vizzar but made him more angry.  He reached for Tygra but missed 
             Just then Panthro and the Thunderkittens ran in.  Wily Kit 
and Wily Kat threw their pellets at Vizzar.  He caught them in one hand 
and with the other hit Wily Kat.  Wily Kat fell to his knees and then to 
the floor.  Vizzar then threw the rest of the pellets at Panthro and 
Wilt Kit.  They were blinded by the dust.  Pumyra tried to get up but 
couldn't.  She could hear White calling for her and Bengali but she 
could not get to him.  "Ah is that the precious child I hear?" Vizzar 
said as he approached the other room.  "NO!" Pumyra called as she swung 
one of her orbs at Vizzar.  It shattered into a wirlwind.  It swept 
Vizzar of his feet but it soon faded.  He stood and began his approach 
again.  Tears began to roll from Pumyra's eyes.  They burned with pain 
as she tried to stand up.  Then she felt a hand on her shoulder.  It was 
a fimilar hand.  It was Bengali's hand.  She looked up to him.  He began 
to stand from his bed.  A smile suddenly touched her lips, as she was 
overcome with joy.  The young puma lowered her eyes to see his feet touch 
the ground.  He stood srong and he grabbed a nearby medical tool.  He 
ran towards Vizzar and cracked him on the head with the tool.  Vizzar 
fell and Bengali began to throw swift punches at him.  Vizzar fell to 
the ground once more.  Then Bengali and Tygra both charged him, sending 
him flying out the window of the sickbay.
                    Jadakiss, Cheetara and Panthro stood to their feet. 
 Wily Kit helped Wily Kat stand as Catlani and A'tr'phor came in.  They 
had been out surveying.  They helped Crowlein and Apollo to their feet. 
 Tygra ran to Tygres and helped her up.  "By Jaga, what happened here?" 
A'trphor said.  "We were attacked by Vizzar" Cheetara said.  Bengali 
walked carefully to Pumyra and helped her up.  He held her in his arms. 
 "Tygra, I want you to check her out.  I think she has been injured 
pretty bad".  "I don't want you to let me go Bengali" Pumyra managed to 
say.  "I won't Pumyra".  He helped her to one of the beds.  Tygra began 
the check-up as the rest of them cleaned up.  Bengali walked into the 
other room and took White into his hands.  "Oh how I've missed you dear 
son".  "Daddy where's mommy?" White said as he clung to his father.  
"She is fine.  Come on I will take you to her".  Bengali carried White 
to Pumyra.  Bengali tapped Pumyra on her hand.  She greatfully welcomed 
his touch.  "There seems to be no problems with the pregnancy at all.  
It is a miracle" Tygra said as he got up from his chair.  Pumyra stood 
to her feet and carefully stretched.  Bengali hugged her and held her 
close to him.  "Well then it is time for a celebration" Cheetara said.  
"We will celebrate the return of our good friend Bengali and the safety 
of Pumyra and Bengali's un-born child".  Everyone cheered as Bengali 
kissed Pumyra passionately.

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