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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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A Change in the Wind
By Jesse Morgan

              Nightfall turned to sunrise on New Thundera.  Lion-o rose 
to the sounds of knocking outside of his door.  His eyes barely opened 
to the noise.  His mind was not on the door but who could be outside of 
it.  He stepped softly towards the door.  He took a deep breath before 
finally answering it.  He was shocked but not stirred by the person 
standing outside of it.  It was Catlani, the daughter of Jaga and Lion-o's
former love.  "May I come in Lion-o".  Lion-o replied with grief "Yes 
Catlani, please come in".  Catlnai stepped into Lion-o's quarters.  She 
looked all around the huge room.  Nothing had changed since last she was 
there.  She sat in a big wooden chair in the corner of the room.  She 
tried to stay away from Lion-o, only in attempt not to be hurt.  "I just 
wanted to come here and resolve our problems.  Last time we spoke you 
surprised and hurt me greatly".  She looked at Lion-o with a hint of 
pain in her eyes.  Lion-o walked over to his bed and sat down.  "I am 
sorry if I hurt you Catlani.  I knew that I had to do the right thing.  
I am tired of people being hurt but Tygra was in sure pain.  I needed to 
do what was right for me and Cheetara is right for me".  Catlani looked 
away from Lion-o.  She told herself if she was going to cry, then she 
wasn't going to let Lion-o see her.  She stood to her feet.  "Then if 
it's over I have to do one last thing".  She walked towards Lion-o and 
kissed him upon the lips.  She gave him one last passionate kiss as a 
remeberance of what love they did share.  She left the room and Lion-o 
sat in confusion.
                     Hours passed as morning turned into the afternoon. 
 Pumyra studied herself in the mirror.  She could see that she was 
already begining to gain weight.  She couldn't believe that she was 
already a month and a half into her pregnancy.  She was so happy that 
Bengali agreed to have a second child.  She admired her slender body.  
She knew within another month that she would no longer have that slender 
body.  "Well look at mommy White, she is just glowing".  Pumyra didn't 
even hear the door open.  She looked at her mate holding their child in 
the doorway.  She gazed at the Siberian with his bright smile.  She also 
admired her son as his smile was even bigger than his father's.  "Well 
where have you two been".  Bengali answered Pumyra's question as she put 
their son on the ground with his toys.  "We were outside playing with 
the Thunderkittens".  Pumyra swiftly walked to Bengali.  She gave him a 
kiss on the cheek and hugged him.  "Well what was that for?".  Pumyra 
gazed into his deep blue eyes.  "That's for giving me the best birthday 
present in the world".  Bengali knew of what his wife was talking about. 
 He caressed her cheek and held her close.  "Let's go out to the 
courtyard and enjoy the breeze".  "But the ground is laced in the white 
of the snow Pumyra".  "What does it matter.  It makes the area all the 
more beautiful".  Bengali smiled at his wife's youthful glow.  "What 
about White?  He is pretty tired".  "We can have Cheetara look after 
him.  Come on Bengali, let me enjioy the snow before it is all gone".  
Bengali did not want to deny his wife's wishes.  He knew that she was in 
a fragile state since she was now with their second child.  "Fine" 
Bengali replied as he picked up their cub.
                      They walked put of the room and met Cheetara down 
in the main hall talking to a few of the Thunderian survivors.  
"Cheetara, I need to ask you a favor".  "Well what is it Pumyra".  "Me 
and Bengali are going outside to look around and I need you to look 
after White".  Cheetara had a slight frown on her face.  "As much as I 
love watching White, I have to meet Lion-o and talk about a few things. 
 I'm sorry".  Pumyra smiled in disappointment.  Then a voice came from 
the side of her.  "I would be happy to look after the young cub".  
Pumyra and Bengali looked towards the voice.  It was the leopard by the 
name of Jadakiss.  She had emerlad eyes and spots that filled her whole 
body.  "Well thank you Jadakiss" Pumyra said.  "Where is Tygra, 
Cheetara?".  "He and Tygres have taken the Skycat out for final checks. 
 They should return soon".  Pumyra gave White to Jadakiss and they 
proceeded out the front doors.  "Tygra has sure spent a lot of time with 
that girl Tygres, Bengali".  "He has said to me that he has some 
feelings for her.  Maybe it's just a rebound of Catlani's rejection.  He 
did take that pretty hard".  Pumyra noded.  She remebered Tygra's face 
when Catlani said she would never love another after Lion-o.  She could 
see the plain pain upon Tygra's face.  She could see the sorrow that 
bled through his orange face.  She figured Tygres was just someone there 
to fill the gap that Catlani left in Tygra's heart.
                       The Skycat flew through the air with much grace. 
 Tygra and Tygres gazed over the clear ivory of the ground.  They landed 
in the courtyard of Cat's Lair.  "That was fun Tygra" Tygres said as she 
kissed him upon the cheek.  Tygra blushed slightly as he looked at the 
young tiger.  "We should head inside and let Bengali know that evrything 
is fine with the Skycat".  Tygres noded but was too distracted by a 
figure walking towards them in the far distance.  Tygra noticed that she 
wasn't paying attention to his words and tried to find out what she was 
looking at.  "What is it Tygres?".  "There is someone coming towards 
us".  Tygra focused his eyes on the silhouette on the figure stepping 
towards them.  "Could it be..." Tygra said as the figure got even closer 
to them.  "It is!  It's Panthro!".  It was clear that it was Panthro as 
he stepped even closer to them.  "Well hey Tygra!" Panthro yelled as he 
walked towards them.  They both shook hands as they were glad to see 
each other.  "Panthro I would like you to meet Tygres.  She is one of 
the Thunderian survivors we found on the Barian..." Tygra cut his words 
short fore he knew of the experience Panthro went through when they were 
there.  "Nice to meet you Tygres".  "Same to you Panthro.  I have heard 
much about you".  "Well who made this vehicle here.  She looks like 
quite a beauty to me".  "Well thanks Panthro" came from behind him.   It 
was Bengali and Pumyra.  "Well great job Bengali.  She looks like she 
could fly well".  "Well I don't know.  You should ask Tygra and Tygres". 
 "She flies good to me Bengali".
                      Cheetara walked into the Council Room and saw 
Lion-o talking with A'tr'phor.  Cheetara had talked much with A'tr'phor 
lately.  He was a very knowledgable Thunderian.  He was old but very 
wise.  "Well Panthro has returned".  "That is great!" Lion-o said as he 
greeted his future mate.  "Cheetara and Lion-o, I have a few questions 
to ask you about all the other Thundercats".  "Well sure, just ask and 
we shall tell you what we know" Cheetara said as she sat down in one of 
the chairs.  "Why was Pumyra in such a rush to have another child?  I 
know that Pumas can not reproduce after their twenty-first birthday, but 
she is not of full Puma blood.  She seems like something from her past 
is bthering her".  Cheetara poured herslef some Thunderian Tea and 
carefully answered the old cheetah's question.  "Pumyra was once under 
the control of the evil tyrrant Vizzar.  When she was but a mere 
thirteen, she was raped by him.  He had his way with her and left her to 
die.  She finally got the strength to leave.  Her spirit was broken by 
that experience.  She was unsure if she could ever have a child after 
that.  When she was pregnant with White, she confided in me that she was 
unsure that she could carryout the whole pregnancy.  She just recently 
told me why she was unsure.  After Vizzar revealed all of Pumyra's past 
to Bengali he did not speak to her for days.  He didn't realize the pain 
Vizzar had caused her.  When Tygra had finally told him everything he 
felt such guilt that he had to make her feel better.  They are having 
another child because she is afraid that she will not be able to have 
any children.  Tygra has been giving her regular check-ups and he says 
that after having White and all of the damage Vizzar has done, she might 
be barron forever".  A'tr'phor held the rest of his questions after 
hearing that.
                     Pumyra and Bengali walked the snowing grounds of 
New Thundera.  "This is such a beautiful place Bengali".  "Yes it is" 
Bengali said as he placed his arm around Pumyra.  He pulled her close to 
keep her warm.  "Bengali, do you really want this child I am carrying?". 
 "What kind of question is that Pumyra?  I love you.  Of course I want 
this child.  I made the decision to be with you and I made the decision 
to have this child".  Pumyra stopped walking for a moment.  "I need to 
rest Bengali" she said as she sat on the white laced grass.  Bengali sat 
next to her on the snow filled ground.  He gazed out to the icey trees 
and the frost covered bushes.  He then looked towards his mate.  She 
seemed to be getting real tired from all the walking.  He carefully 
placed her head on his chest and she nudged up against him.  He placed 
his arm around her to keep her warm.  "Would you like to start heading 
back?".  "No, let's just rest here for a minute".  He laughed at her 
inocence.  Before he could kiss her upn the hceek, a loud crash sent 
them flying in the grass.  Bengali looked up at the same time that 
Pumyra did.  They saw a huge figure before them.  Bengali recognized the 
shadowy figure.  It was Grune the Destroyer.  He quickly got Pumyra out 
of the way of battle.  She called to him to try to stop him from 
fighting.  "So it's the young New Thundercats.  What will you two do to 
Grune the Destroyer".  He swung his hammer into the air and slammed it 
on the ground.  It caused trees to fall and Bengali to fall to his feet. 
 Pumyra fell a tree fell in her direction.  Bengali swiftly got her out 
of the way of the tree.  He drew the Hammer of Thundera and sprung to 
                     Bengali's and Grune's hammers clashed in a feirce 
battle.  The sounds echoed throughout New Thundera.  Pumyra lay on the 
ground clinching her stomach.  "Bengali!" she screamed as she felt a 
sharp pain in her stomach.  Bengali looked over at her.  Though he 
wanted to race to her side, he didn't pay attention to Grune's hammer as 
it hit his chest.  He fell to the ground in intense pain.  He grabbed 
his ribcage and roared as his body doubled up.  "NO!" Pumyra cried as 
she tried to get to him.  Grune lifted his hammer into the air.  "Now 
you shall feel the pain that he feels!" Grune said as he laughed at her. 
 Pumyra stood to her feet in anger.  She took her sling from her side 
and grabbed one of her orbs.  "If you are to kill us, we shall not go 
down without a fight.  We are Thundercats.  We live by the Code of 
Thundera and we will not be defeated by the likes of you Grune".  Pumyra 
swung her sling in the air.  Grune chrged her and she let the orb fly.  
It split into three different orbs that exploded at different times.  
They caught Grune off gurad but he still managed to knock Pumyra off her 
feet.  Just as he was ready to swing his hammer at her, Bengali fired a 
blue laser from the head of his hammer.  This blast made Grune fall to 
his knees.
                  The air shifted in the area as the Thunderstrike 
landed.  Lion-o hopped out of the cockpit and fired a devistating blast 
from the Sword of Omens.  Grune fell to the ground unconscoius.  Lion-o 
then looked to the Eye of Thundera.  "Eye of Thundera, I call upon the 
Portal of Omens to exile Grune from all of New Thundera".  Then a light 
glowed around Grune's body.  He was soon taken from all sight fore he 
was exiled to the Portal of Omens to prevent any furhter harm to anyone 
else on New Thundera.  Tygra quiclkly lifted Pumyra and put her in the 
Thunderstrike.  Apollo and Panthro carried Bengali into the 
Thunderstrike.  They flew back to Cat's Lair.  Hours passed with no word on 
either of their conditions.  Jadakiss and Lynx-o took care of White 
while Tygra and Catlani tended to Pumyra and Bengali.  Tygres stepped 
into sickbay where she saw Cheetara waiting.  "Is there any word yet?". 
 Cheetara stood took her feet and stretched.  "Pumyra is awake but 
Bengali is still unconscious.  Will you wait here while I go check on 
Lion-o".  "Sure" Tygres said as she sat in one of the round chairs.  
Pumyra got to her feet as Tygra approached her.  "How are you feeling?". 
 "I am better.  Tygra was there any damage to my child?".  Tygra looked 
to the floor with grief.  "The cub is still alive but there could be 
complications with the growth.  Grune did knock you around quite a bit". 
 Pumyra's face turned to sorrow.  "Will we have to terminate the 
pregnancy?".  She hoped that he would give her words of relief.  "No.  I 
don't want you putting anymore stress on yourself though.  You have been 
through a lot.  You and Bengali need rest.  Don't worry about White.  He 
is doing fine".  Pumyra felt happy to know that everyone was there to 
help her.  "May I see Bengali now?".  Tygra and noded and led her to 
                  She looked at him as he laid in the bed.  She wiped 
off the sweat from his brow.  She could tell he was running a fever.  
"Will he be okay?".  "He has Rumetary.  It is a Thunderian sickness and 
we are doing all we can to help him.  Right now he is running a fever". 
 Pumyra could tell that he had Rumetary.  She had studied medicine in 
her youthful days and knew the symptoms.  Pumyra tried to hold back the 
tears from her eyes.  She knew he did this to save her and their unborn 
cub.  She knew if the cub died then he would have battled in vain.  "I 
pray that he is allright.  I hope his case is not fatal".  She gently 
kissed his lips and then sat in a chair next to him.  Tygra left them to 
be alone.  "By all of Thundera, let Bengali live.  He is all that I have 
got left" she whispered as she grabbed his hand.  She caressed his cheek 
as he did her so many times before.  She looked outside trying to 
remember all the happy times they had.  The joys and the pains.  The 
battles and the victories that they had shared.  She remebered the 
expression Bengali's face held when he first laid eyes on White.  She 
saw the snow begin to melt.  She knew it was her fault that they were in 
this situation.  If she hadn't pleaded with Bengali to go outside then 
he wouldn't be here.  She watched as the wind changed it's direction all 
over New Thundera.

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