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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Rights of Passage
By Jesse Morgan

                      Bengali paced up and down the halls of Cat's Lair. 
 He thoughts drifted into his mind.  He awaited Pumyra and White to come 
from the sickbay.  He stopped for a moment and scratched his head.  He 
stared out the window and looked into the courtyard.  He saw Lynx-o 
helping the Thunderkittens with their daily work. Lynx-o had been 
working with them ever since Panthro took his quest for destiny.  The 
doors of sickbay slid open and Pumyra walked out.  She carried White 
with a broad smile on her face.  Bengali looked at her with confussion. 
 "So what's wrong with White?".  "Nothing is wrong with White, he is 
perfectly healthy".  "Did Tygra give you your monthly check?".  They 
began to walk down the hall.  "Yes, and he said it will soon be time 
for" her words were cut short as they entered their room.  "Time for 
what?".  Pumyra did not answer him but placed White into his crib.  She 
looked upon the cub's face.  He giggled as his mother brushed his hair 
and smiled.  Bengali walked towards them and placed his hand on his 
mate's shoulder.  "Time for what Pumyra?".  She turned to him with a 
smile.  "Bengali, what would you think about having another child?".  
Bengali was overwelmed by her words.  "Another child but White is still 
so young and so are we".  "White is almost a year old and you just 
turned twenty-two two months ago.  I will soon be turning twenty-one and 
you know what that means for most Puma's".  Bengali knew very well that 
most puma's were unable to reproduce more than once after their 
twnty-first birthday.  He didn't want to deny his wife's wishes but he 
knew that Lion-o and her birthday were both around the same time.  That 
means that the ceremonies will begin.  Lion-o will be turning 
twenty-five and he will comense all the traditional ceremonies.  "Are 
you sure Pumyra that you would like another child running around here?". 
 Pumyra thought for a few moments and then said "If it means that they 
will be as handsome and beautiful as you Bengali, then I do".  Bengali 
smiled at her and kissed her.  They both gazed outside the window.
                     Catlani and Lion-o entered the council room where 
the Thunderian survivors sat.  "Well are you all enjoying your stay 
here?".  One answered "Yes, but we are not suppose to stay here".  "I 
know that and you will all stay at a nearby village.  But before, let me 
introduce you all to Catlani".  Lion-o looked towards Catlani with 
happiness.  He was sorry that he hurt Cheetara but he truely loved 
Catlani.  "Catlani I would like you to meet Tygres, Jadakiss, Crowelin, 
A'tr'phor and Apollo".  They all greeted her as did she.  Tygra entered 
the council room with much dislike.  "The Skycat is now ready Lion-o".  
"Thank you Tygra.  Catlani will you take all of the Thunderians to the 
village.  Tygra I must talk with you".  Catlani and the Thunderians 
walked out of the council room and Lion-o sat down in one of the chairs. 
 Tygra glanced at one of the female Thunderians as she walked out.  He 
seemed to be fascinated by her beauty.  "I know that you are not happy 
with the decsion I made about Cheetara and Catlani but I had to be 
truthful.  I love Catlani much more than I love Cheetara.  Which brings 
me to why I asked you to stay.  I must begin the traditional ceremonies 
and I will need your help".  Tygra looked at Lion-o with much anger.  He 
had so much love for Catlani and he hated how Lion-o hurt Cheetara.  "I 
will need to choose three for the council, choose my future queen and 
soo many other things".  Lion-o's words disturbed Tygra highly.  He knew 
that the one person Lion-o would pick for his queen wuld be Catlani.  He 
was afraid he had lost her forever.  The doors of the Coucnil Room 
hissed open.
                 Bengali stepped into the room and could tell their was 
tension.  "I need to speak with you Tygra, if you don't mind Lion-o".  
Lion-o was puzzled but didn't care.  "That's okay, I have some things to 
do.  I will need your help later on.  Bengali, White will be 
annointed?".  "Of course Lion-o" Bengali asid as he sat down into one of 
the chairs.  "So what is it Bengali?  You look lke Pumyra's words have 
disturbed you".  Bengali looked at Tygra in shock.  "How do you know?". 
 Tygra poured a glass of Balkin tea and took a quick sip.  "So what's 
the problem with having another child.  You guys are doing great with 
White and this might be her last chance".  Bengali's thoughts were of 
what it would be like to have another child.  "I guess I don't see a 
problem except that we are both still young and White is till but a 
cub".  "Sometimes you regret things you never did when you could 
Bengali.  I know from personal experience".  Tygra rose to his feet and 
walked to the window.  He looked outside and saw Catlani walking through 
the courtyard.  He regret not ever telling her that he loved her.  Deep 
down he knew that she knew he did, but there was always something in his 
soul telling him she need to hear it.  "So where is young Pumyra".  "She 
is out in search of Lynx-o's wise words on the situation.  What of the 
Rights of Passage.  Do you know who Lion-o will choose for the High 
Council".  "I know of nothing that Lion-o does!".  Tygra walked out of 
the room with an agred face.  Bengali slumped back into his chair and 
thought about the wiser tiger's words.
                           Pumyra felt the fall's breeze upon her back. 
 She stepped quietly to a log where the old lynx was sitting.  He 
fiddled with some leaves as he sat.  "Ah, it is you Pumyra".  "How did 
you know Lynx-o?".  "Though I am old my child, I still can senses you 
and Bengali from a mile away".  Pumyra giggled and took a seat upon the 
log.  "So what troubles you Pumyra".  She said nothing but looked to the 
sky.  She watched the colored leaves turn from their bright green to a 
dark red.  "Come on Pumyra, you have always been able to talk to me 
about almost anything.  Even those of your unborn child.  Is that the 
problem.  Is Bengali having problems dealing with the fertility lose of 
puma's".  "Well not exactly.  Tygra told me that I have six more months 
before it will be nearly impossible to be pregnant.  He says that I 
should ask Bengali about it but I didn't tell Bengali about the six 
month period.  I do not want him to be pressured".  Lynx-o put his arm 
upon Pumyra's shoulder.  "Do not fear Pumyra.  He will come to a 
decision that is right for both you and White.  Have you asked for 
Lion-o's blessings?".  "No not yet.  He has been busy with the Rights of 
Passage ceremony for tomorrow night.  Will you attend?".  "I will but I 
will not take position on the council".  "But why Lynx-o, you are by far 
the wisest of us all".  "I am too old to be part of the High Council".  
"You know you once told me that a wise Thunderian once said 'All things 
are like flowers.  When they are first bloom, they shower the world with 
their beauty.  As time passes the beauty turns to strength and dark.  
Even when the color falls it is like a star.  It will fall and bring 
life to the young.  It will shower it's wisdom upon the young and bring 
the new leader's of the world.  And they will fall as the others but not 
leave without showering the wisdom they have learned from others".  
Pumyra looked to a tree to see a golden leaf peel itself from the tree. 
 "We must go my child" Lynx-o said as they rose to their feet.
                      The day, past as the morning and soon the sky slip 
from blue to the purple's of the blanketing stars.  All the Thundercats 
gathered in the Council Room of Cat's Lair.  "Well let's come to order. 
 I shall begin the Rights of Passage Ceremony.  I shall begin with the 
members of the High Council.  They are as follows.  Pumyra, high monarch 
of medicine and of the child.  Bengali, high monrach of the blacksmith 
and on the staff of guidance.  Lynx-o, my personal assistant and 
counselor.  Tygra, minister of medicine and of marriage affairs.  And 
finally Cheetara, high monarch of fine arts and all that of the lands.  
I shall now anoint White as a noble Thunderian.  As the annointment 
procees to place, Cheetara couldn't feel joy for Pumyra and Bengali.  
She only felt pain, for she knew who was to be Lion-o's king and she 
felt that she had lost her heatr all over again.  "As for the Royal 
Council, Cheetara, Bengali and Pumyra shall be apart of that for they 
have shown true strength and loyalty to me".  All the Thundercats 
clapped.  "As for my wife, I have taken much thought as to what will be 
of that.  My future queen must be a strong person but a loving person.  
One who will bear me great children and that I will love will all of my 
heart.  There for my queen shall be Cheetara".  All of the Thundercats 
gasped as did Catlani.  "She will be my queen because she has not let 
her pain take over her and she has shown true diversity in all 
situations.  She has overcome everything.  I love Catlani but I do not 
have a bond with her like I do with Cheetara.  Catlani, you told me that 
I hurt you and that you were unhappy.  Cheetara has never once 
confronted me about the whole situations.  Instead she put her own 
feelings aside for the good of me".  Cheetara was shocked by the words 
of Lion-o.  He looked at her with great admiration.  Catlani stood to 
her feet and left the Council Room.  Tygra stood next and ran after her. 
 "Then by the words of Jaga, may we all seek out our own destiny".  With 
that all the Thundercats went their seperate ways.
                       The Thunderkittens proceeded to their room.  
Lynx-o walked the coridors of Cat's Lair.  Lion-o and Cheetara proceeded 
to the courtyard.  "I can't believe you said that".  Lion-o looked into 
her eyes.  "I guess I needed to test your love.  You have never once 
given up, but yet you have learned from the pain and you've become 
stronger".  "I am stronger only by your love my future king".  The 
smiled and kissed each other for the first time.  It was a passionate of 
pure love.  Tygra walked outside and saw a young female sitting in the 
grass.  He approached her.  "Uhm hello, aren't you Tygres".  She looked 
to him.  Her flowing orange heair with the white tipped ends.  "Why yes 
and you are Tygra.  Please sit down".  They talked for awhile and rested 
in the grass.  Tygra couldn't figure out what it was about this girl 
that he liked.  She was so beautiful and so intelligent.  He knew that 
if he couldn't have Catlain, he had found something new.  Pumyra looked 
out the window of the Council Room.  "A coin for your thoughts" came 
from behind her.  She turned to see Bengali standing in the door way.  
"Just wondering about life".  "Yeah and how it's so unpredictable".  
Pumyra sighed and sat into a chair.  "It's a new day.  In fact it is 
your birthday".  Pumyra's faced lit up with that sound.  But she 
couldn't help to think that it wouldn't be long till she couldn't have 
another child.  How she wouldn't be able to give Bengali another child. 
 Bengali sat down in a chair next to her and pulled her close.  "I have 
your present".  She smiled bright to that.  "What is it?".  "Well 
actually it will take awhile.  I say nine months".  "What are you 
talking about you silly tiger?".  "Well Tygra told me everything and I 
talked with Lion-o.  I would be honored to have another child with you. 
 You are my world and to bring another life here would be great".  
Pumyra lightly kissed him upon the cheek.  "I am so happy".  He looked 
into her eyes.  She leaned and whispered into his ear.  "I hope it's a 
girl".  He laughed at her words and held her close.  They both looked to 
the stars.  They watched for awhile and then went to their room.  New 
Thundera had some unexpexted comings that none of the Thundercats will 
be prepared for.

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